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  • A 1-2-3 Bounce In Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A cycle swing sets up a short-term low in unhedged gold mining stocks. The 1-2-3 trend reversal helps traders and speculators take advantage of it.

  • A 2B Bottom In December Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As gold slides toward a cyclically bullish period, is this reversal pattern signaling the all-clear?

  • A BIG Symmetrical Triangle In Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This 30-year gold chart has some interesting implications revolving around the largest symmetrical triangle I have ever tried to analyze.

  • A Bull Market in Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The spring of 2002 should feature a battle between a year-old bull and a six-year old bear.

  • A Gold Momentum Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Given that the S&P 500 has had a good run from 2009 to present, its volatility is expected to increase. Here's an investing strategy to allow you to diversify over simply holding the market, and how you can backtest it

  • A Look At Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In 1985 I was told by a fundamental gold analyst that there is more gold out of the ground than in the ground throughout the world. What does this mean for gold investments?

  • A Short-Term View Of Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A number of Fibonacci levels are nearby that may affect the price of gold.

  • A Target For Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has become a hedge against the drop in the US dollar. But how high will gold rise -- how far will the dollar fall?

  • A Trade For Harmony Gold Mines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In fiscal year 2008, Harmony produced 1.55 million ounces of gold, making it one of the world's largest gold mining companies. How do the shares look?

  • A Volatility Trade In Gold by David S. Landry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Volatility Trade In Gold by David S. Landry, CTA Large moves often follow low-volatility environments. Here's one method of combining volatility indicators and pattern recognition along with trend-following methods to capture a breakout in the 1997 go

  • Allied Nevada Gold Corp. Rocketing Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Allied Nevada Gold Corp. have staged a sharp turnaround, with many other gold/silver stocks following suit.

  • Allied Nevada Gold: Solid Base For Next Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by nearly 93% in less than 14 months, shares of Allied Nevada Gold have formed a major base prior to a new rally phase.

  • Ambushing Gold, Silver, And Platinum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold, silver, and platinum are often positively correlated. Their prices can move in a predictable manner, and price patterns are often present that can be spotted and taken advantage of. Here is one such pattern

  • An Early Trend Failure For Gold Or A Bounce Setting Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders who anticipated the likelihood of a possible double top move towards the troughline test were rewarded.

  • Anglogold Leading Gold Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the price of gold seems to have found a bottom, some gold mining stocks have shown strength and are worth buying.

  • Another Look At Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is usually a hedge against inflation and global turmoil.

  • Another Look At The Gold Price

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the recent name calling and threats between President Trump, North Korea and Iran, another look at the gold price is necessary. Historically, gold has traded inversely to the US$ but this is no longer the case. Gold is becoming a hedge against world

  • Another Look at the Amex Gold Bugs Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On October 29, 2002, I wrote the article "Anyone for Gold?" In it, I used a triangle formation to help determine not only a target price, but a time target as well. Here's a look at what has happened since.

  • Anyone For Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my previous article "Risk/Reward Using Point and Figure" (posted 10/24/02), I showed you how to determine a target price using the horizontal and vertical count strategies of point and figure. In this article I will show you how to use a tr

  • April (Fool's) Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Measuring the progress of the yellow metal's first-quarter bounce.

  • Are Gold Shares On The Way Back?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold shares are slowly starting to look like a good investment once again.

  • As Gold Stocks Peak, A Possible Short Play With UXG

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume is an oft-overlooked technical tool, one that traders can use to help anticipate turns in any market.

  • Barrick Gold Shining Brightly

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Following the company's earnings results, Barrick Gold ended the week with a bang as it broke out of a recent consolidation zone and threatened to break further away in the weeks ahead.

  • Barrick Gold Stalls At Key Retracement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Barrick Gold (ABX) suffered a sharp decline in January and the current advance looks like a corrective rally.

  • Bema Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the price of gold looking interesting again, here is a share worth watching.

  • Bema Gold is Poised to Run Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As safe an investment as there is in the current market? The charts show why.

  • Bids In Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reversals in the MACD histogram in gold, gold stock indexes, and mining shares suggest yellow metal leadership in the market's next leg up.

  • Black Gold Is Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakouts in oil stocks appear as the group moves toward a seasonal sweet spot.

  • Bullish Shakeout Pattern For Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's recent sell signal could actually be a reason to buy.

  • CAN SLIM II: The Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that you have the CAN, try rearranging your alphabet.

  • CBOE Gold Index: Triangle Breakout Failure

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This gold index has failed to break out from an ascending triangle formation, developing a high-volatility move to the downside.

  • COT Stats For Gold Suggest Caution Is Warranted

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a nearly 10-year bull run, does gold have enough steam left to make yet another nominal high?

  • Calling The Tune In The Gold Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Just about everyone seems to be aware of the longrunning uptrend in the gold market, one that is now about 10 years old. Gold market traders, on the other hand, realize that the shorter-term swings and cycles in this highly emotional commodity are

  • Cambior (CBJ-T) Is Another Solid Gold Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The medium-term prognostication for this equity will be to eventually reach the resistance area in the $6.50 area. Here's how to watch the chart for an advantageous entry point.

  • Campaign: April '90 Gold by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Campaign: April '90 Gold by Robert Miner Every trading action must be made in accordance with the trader's trading plan. Unfortunately, most traders are very disorganized. One of the most useful habits I have developed for trading is to keep a daily tra

  • Can Gold Make Upside Target $420?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As previously discussed, gold did run up to test the $350 zone. If this area holds, I see $420 potential.

  • Channel Breakouts In Kinross Gold Corp.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that the projected cost of the "New Deal, Part II" is rising by the day, some analysts expect the entire precious metals (PM) complex to soar. Here's a potential channel breakout setup in Kinross Gold Corp.

  • Diverging The Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative stochastic divergences anticipate softness in prices for the yellow metal.

  • Does Gold Still Have Room To Run? by Teresa Fernandez

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many investors are hesitant about investing in gold. Memories of the stratospheric and unexplained rise to the unchartered territory of the high $800s in January 1980, followed by several limit-down days, still haunt baby boomers, many of whom ha

  • Dundee Precious Metals And A Play In Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of gold has become a US dollar play, and with the US dollar expected to drop a further 16%, gold should rise. Here's a stock worth looking at.

  • Eldorado Gold At All-Time High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock in a hot industry group makes an all-time high, should you jump on the momentum bandwagon and take your chances, or should you take a different route, one that stacks the probabilities of a winning trade in your favor?

  • Eldorado Gold Tops Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 23% in one month, shares of Eldorado Gold Corp. are outperforming .HUI and GDX by a wide margin.

  • Eldorado Gold Tops Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 23% in one month, shares of Eldorado Gold Corp. are outperforming .HUI and GDX by a wide margin.

  • Elliott Wave And Gold by Horatio Miller

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Elliott Wave And Gold by Horatio Miller Ask any Elliott Wave analyst about the outlook for gold, and he will without doubt say that the precious metal is on its way down to the $100-200 range. A divergent-Elliott Wave interpretation, however, suggests t

  • Euro Pain, Dollar Gain, Gold Disdain

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Things heat up in this ever-present love triangle.

  • European Decline's Impact On Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Never before in the history of the market has there been four back-to-back sessions of 400 points going up and down, but the reasons for it are not what is really happening.

  • Evening Star In December Gold Awaits Bearish Confirmation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic support potential for correction in the yellow metal.

  • FSAGX Gold Stocks Do An About-Face

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having risen by more than 275% between October 2008 and December 2010, shares of the Fidelity Select Gold mutual fund now appear to be seeking firm support after such a powerful rise.

  • Fibonacci, Stochastics and Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since the September 11th global events, gold investors who believe the precious metal is due a day in the sun, once again have been vocal.

  • Fidelity Select Gold A Lagging Fund?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the price of gold has been hanging on to the majority of the gains made during its massive decade-long run, the values of gold stocks have already begun a significant corrective process.

  • Fidelity Select Gold Still Outperforming

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Based on longer-term relative strength rankings, the Fidelity Select Gold fund appears to be on track for further gains.

  • For Gold, The High Is In - For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the gold bull market dead? No one knows, but the probabilities favor at least a corrective move down toward $1,150 -- at a minimum.

  • Forex Focus: Is Gold A Hedge Against A Falling Dollar? by John L. Momsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:2 (14-18): Forex Focus: Is Gold A Hedge Against A Falling Dollar? by John L. Momsen Access to foreign exchange trading has opened up exciting trading options for the retail trader. You can now trade alongside corporations and

  • Frontier Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investors go to gold when uncertainty exists, but in today's market, with gold ETFs readily available, far less money goes to gold mining shares than in the past.

  • GOLD SWINGS REVISITED by Jesse H. Thompson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...GOLD SWINGS REVISITED by Jesse H. Thompson Review In the March 83 issue of TA, in an article entitled ""Gold: Bull or Bear Market?"", a simple yet very effective trend tool, the swing chart, was used to analyze the greater trend of gold. The monthly sw

  • GSS Top Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Of the 18 precious metals mining stocks that are outperforming their parent ETF over the past four weeks, none are stronger than shares of Golden Star Resources.

  • Go With Gold Or Gold Stocks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes gold outperforms gold mining stocks and sometimes it's the other way around. What might be the next moves in these different venues of the precious metals markets?

  • Go With Gold Or Gold Stocks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes gold outperforms gold mining stocks and sometimes it's the other way around. What might be the next moves in these different venues of the precious metals markets?

  • Going For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bema Gold Corp. is a gold exploration and mining company. Holding it looks like a good idea.

  • Going For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If the bear market becomes a reality, should you invest in gold?

  • Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From gold bugs and gold standards to massive derivative speculation, the yellow metal is back.

  • Gold $1,000 Per Ounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Such a high number seems absurd. but then so is oil near $100 per barrel. With gold prices hitting a record high of $848 (continuous contract), breaking above a decades-old record, how much higher can it go?

  • Gold & Silver Index -Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is a widely followed and important commodity in the financial market jigsaw puzzle. While a popular trading vehicle in its own right, it also has a strong inverse relationship with the US dollar. Unravelling the direction of gold can provide traders

  • Gold & Silver Index Could Be Topping Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold & Silver Index has been chugging higher the last several months but the technicals are indicating a potential reversal in the near future.

  • Gold & Silver Index Enters Fresh Downtrend?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The corrective rally of the gold & silver index has breached its trendline support. Will the index establish support or plunge further?

  • Gold & Silver Index In Bearish Mood?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The technical charts of the Gold & Silver Index have the potential of short-selling as well as for a long-term buy setup.

  • Gold & Silver Index Move In Narrower Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The symmetrical triangle on the $XAU chart is likely to contract the Index range.

  • Gold & The Yen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Different financial markets can be related in ways you least expect. Here, we'll look at the relationship between the gold market and the Japanese yen

  • Gold - An Unexpected Sale

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is regarded as a safe haven in times of an uncertain market, but when a strong sale occurs out of the blue?

  • Gold - Is it All Glitter?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where's the middle ground between buy & hold and short-term trading? If you find it, it could help you trade gold better

  • Gold And Candlesticks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can profit in gold as long as you keep a careful eye on the chart.

  • Gold And Silver Miners Prepare To Reverse Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...They've been sold off mercilessly for the past few months, but a tradable bottom reversal may soon be at hand for the stocks in the precious metals mining industry group.

  • Gold And Silver Stocks Outperforming Metals ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold prices are about 28% higher than they were one year ago, but even that rise pales in comparison with the gains made by many precious metal mining stocks.

  • Gold And The Business Cycle by Martin J. Pring

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold And The Business Cycle by Martin J. Pring Well-known market analyst Martin Pring takes a look at the relationship between the price of gold and the business cycle. Why do major swings in the price of gold occur? Over the years, many views have be

  • Gold And The CRB Index by John J. Murphy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold And The CRB Index by John J. Murphy John Murphy, the leading proponent of intermarket analysis, closes the current circle of tradable interrelationships by examining how gold and the CRB index interact. The gold market plays a key role in intermar

Gold And The Corrective Phase by Gary S. Wagner

  • Gold And The DJIA by Richard C. Forest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold And The DJIA by Richard C. Forest Gold has its own cycles. How best to interpret them? STOCKS & COMMODITIES contributor Richard Forest illustrates that gold cycles can be best understood when analyzed and compared to the DOW Jones Industrial Aver

  • Gold And The European Debt Crisis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ever since the Swiss franc was pegged to the euro, gold became the only safe haven investment in times of crisis. Here is a system to profit from the next crisis.

Gold And The New Technical Triad by Gary S. Wagner

  • Gold And The U.S. Dollar by John J. Murphy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold And The U.S. Dollar by John J. Murphy Last month, intermarket analyst and veteran technician John Murphy explored the relationship between interest rates and the U.S. dollar. This month, he progresses to the interrelationship between the U.S. dolla

  • Gold Anyone? Cup and Handle Formations Say No

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a previous article (Anyone For Gold?" Oct. 29, 2002), I looked at the Amex Gold Bugs Index ($HUI) and argued that the index is forming a triangle that could break out upwards by about 91%. In spite of this analysis, I still cannot become enthusi

  • Gold Approaches Key Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market technicians use a variety of leading and lagging indicators to ascertain the technical state of any given stock or commodity. Right now, two reliable leading indicators are suggesting that $1,200 may prove to be a formidable resistance level for g

  • Gold Approaching Possible Breakout/Breakdown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold quadrupled in price from late 2001 until early 2008. Since then, gold is still about 7% below the highs attained early last year, but the chart suggests that big changes may soon occur in this market.

  • Gold At Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold & Silver Index has been trading in a wide range over the past few months. The index rally has benefited a few gold equities like Gold Fields and Kinross Gold. Do chosen stocks and the index go hand in hand?

  • Gold Below $1000

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See what factors could bring Gold below important support.

  • Gold Below $1000 - Part Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why Gold could be entering a new bear market.

  • Gold Bounce Halted By Pitchfork Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index was enjoying an upleg until it ran into overhead resistance best shown on a pitchfork chart.

  • Gold Breaking Out From Weekly Flag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's corrective move may finally be over, and a bullish breakout from its weekly flag pattern may imply substantially higher prices.

  • Gold Breaks Upward

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold Index has veered downward in a narrow range over the past few months. The bullish breakout has brought back the lost glitter of the precious metal. How long can we stay positioned on gold?

  • Gold Bugs Bide Their Time

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a window of opportunity for a significant low beginning to open, patience may be a gold bug's best friend.

  • Gold Bugs Index Nearing Possible Support?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by 40% in little more than six months, the ARCA gold bugs index is now in the vicinity of two important support areas.

  • Gold Bugs, Corrections and Comebacks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the long-term bullish case for gold built on the back of the short-term bearish case?

  • Gold Consolidates But Remains In An Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold moves into a medium-term consolidation but maintains its uptrend. If it can move above 445, it could then move to 496.

  • Gold Cycle Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On June 18, 2003 I presented a daily chart of the London PM Gold cycle with observations. Has gold stuck to that cycle?

  • Gold Equities Power To The Forefront

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An update of the Fidelity Select Sector funds reveals a significant changing of the guard. Gold equities are now the top dog, with other stocks from the materials and natural resources groups also vying for the top rankings.

  • Gold Falling Like A Ton Of Lead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a modest relief rally, gold has resumed its major monthly cyclical downtrend. At what support level might this metal finally bottom out?

  • Gold Futures System Music To The Ears?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some markets tend to trend intraday, while others look more like financial market meat grinders. Using the right kind of trading system can help you exploit the potential in nearly any kind of market.

  • Gold Hiccup Or Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an inside look at the reversal now under way in the gold futures market, through the eyes of a system trader.

Gold Hiccup or Reversal? by Donald W. Pendergast Jr.

  • Gold In Strong Bull Run

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The gold continuous contract is likely to overlook the bearish formation.

  • Gold In The RSI Danger Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold plays a key role in the intermarket jigsaw puzzle. Given its high negative correlation with the US dollar -- particularly evident in recent months -- the weekly relative strength index highlights the overbought condition of gold.

  • Gold Index Bouncing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After suffering a big decline from the highs of last November, the Philadelphia gold & silver index is showing signs of another bounce.

  • Gold Index Looks Rangebound, Waiting For Triangle Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's choppy action may continue until we get a decisive move via a triangle break or a reversal off trendline.

  • Gold Index Showing Mixed Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive action in the main indices has brought the golds understandably down and gold traders are in a quandry as to their next move.

  • Gold Is The Big Picture

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having turned the corner, gold is headed back down.

  • Gold Isn't In A Bubble, But It Is Overbought

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While gold trading hasn't reached a bubbly high, it could be time for a pullback.

  • Gold Likely To Remain Sideways

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold seems to be in a $60 range for the foreseeable future, with both the daily and weekly charts showing weak trends. As long as there are the opposite pulls and pushes from interest rate hikes and global terror, gold is likely to remain sideways.

  • Gold Losing Luster

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After the gold runup of last year, this precious metal has lost some of its luster. How much more downside can we expect?

  • Gold Making A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the first time this summer, the price of gold is back above $410 and gold bugs are hopeful of a good move developing.

  • Gold Meets Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are the gold stocks saying something important about the potential for new highs in gold?

  • Gold Miners ETF Remains In Strong Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that the Market Vectors Gold Miners exchange traded fund remains in a strong long-term upward trend but also shows some early signs that the end may be near.

  • Gold Moves Sideways, May Be Distributing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Except in extraordinary cases, tops and bottoms take time to form. This is because large traders and investors tend to distribute their holdings to retail traders just when these retail traders expect prices to hit new highs again.

  • Gold Moves to the Big Round Numbers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After drawing some trendlines on a long-term chart for gold, it's striking to see how gold gravitates to the big round numbers.

  • Gold Moving Toward Overhead Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold successfully bounced off $390 support and now has upside resistance to tackle.

  • Gold Nears Peak

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold bugs are getting excited about buying gold once again since the precious metal is so close to making a new high, but caution is the order of the day. According to the Elliott wave theory, gold is about to go down and not up.

  • Gold Outperforming Crude By Wide Margin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though each of these inflation-sensitive commodities has fallen from their respective highs, gold is outperforming crude oil by a wide margin.

  • Gold Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The gold price challenged a previous high several weeks ago and promptly came back down. What patterns are evident?

  • Gold Pennants, Breakdowns, Washouts, Reversals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Take an intraday trip through the gold futures market, using the three- and fifteen-minute charts as a road map.

  • Gold Prepares For Assault On March 2008 Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's taken a full 19 months, but gold appears to be on the verge of exceeding the all-time highs made in March 2008.

  • Gold Rally Cools Amid Impressive Resilience Of Stock Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold goes in consolidation mode after recent sharp gains as investors await direction from stock markets and central banks, with the coronavirus lockdown measures easing a little in a few places.

  • Gold Remains In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This long-term statistical analysis shows that gold remains in a long-term uptrend.

  • Gold Remains In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows gold remains in a strong long-term uptrend.

  • Gold Retesting Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will gold sustain support or initiate a fresh bearish rally?

  • Gold Rolling Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has potentially put in an intermediate-term top.

  • Gold Rush Playing Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Expanding diagonal formations often show up on the price chart after a substantial price rally or at the end of a correction and are known as ending formations that signal a forthcoming reversal in trend.

  • Gold Rush: NEM Breaks Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After gold's big breakout in the summer and the recent bullish consolidation, I have been drawn to gold miners, and one that has caught my attention now is called Newmont Goldcorp Corp (NEM), which has broken out.

  • Gold SPDR Set Up For A Trend Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Besides the pitchfork, Alan Hall Andrews developed many other lesser-known methods of technical analysis. Among these is the sliding horizontal line. The sliding horizontal line along with the pitchfork shows that the Gold Shares ETF is now set up for a

  • Gold Standard

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's the midterm price outlook for Comex gold and silver futures.

  • Gold Still Bullish But Due For A Breather

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The XAU gold index and most golds have had quite the run since the successful pullback test. Daily charts and a softening of spot price both suggest a small retracement is likely before the next upthrust.

  • Gold Still Golden

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold still appears to be in an intermediate-term position for buying. The channel helps determine the future price target.

  • Gold Still Shining, But For How Much Longer?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold seems to have upside potential left, but how far will it go?

  • Gold Stock Looking To Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many gold stocks are looking anemic but this Canadian gold company is due for an upleg attempt as suggested by this chart.

  • Gold Stocks And Silver Outperforming Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Metals -- are they at some sort of a top, or are they destined to run still higher through year-end? No one really knows, but right now, silver futures and gold equities are substantially outperforming gold futures.

  • Gold Stocks And Silver Outperforming Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Metals -- are they at some sort of a top, or are they destined to run still higher through year-end? No one really knows, but right now, silver futures and gold equities are substantially outperforming gold futures.

  • Gold Stocks Seeking A Multiyear Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ARCA gold bugs index is in the midst of its largest selloff since 2008, but it may soon meet with a formidable support level.

  • Gold Stocks by RICHARD J. MATURI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold Stocks by RICHARD J. MATURI Can the average investor successfully participate in the gold market without knowing the intricacies of commodity trading, and without having to deal with the problems associated with owning precious metals? The answer i

  • Gold Support And Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This past week has seen gold finally rise to briefly touch the $400 barrier for the futures (Comex) traders while the spot price reached a high of $398.

  • Gold Tests The Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After returning to broken resistance with a sharp decline in July, the streetTRACKS Gold ETF formed a small consolidation, and there is a big test at hand.

  • Gold To Crude Ratio Still Favoring Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making a breathtaking, parabolic move toward 25, the gold/crude oil ratio has consolidated, tracing out what could be the early stages of a pennant or wedge pattern.

  • Gold To Crude Ratio Still Favoring Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making a breathtaking, parabolic move toward 25, the gold/crude oil ratio has consolidated, tracing out what could be the early stages of a pennant or wedge pattern.

  • Gold To Currencies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The belief that the price of gold has been moving inversely to the US dollar is now a wrong belief. Why?

  • Gold To Fall 34%?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Elliott wave analysis we can calculate that StreetTracks Gold Trust Shares should fall approximately 34% from current price levels.

  • Gold Tops: Then And Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at the 1987 peak in gold suggests that the barbaric relic remains in bull market mode in 2005.

  • Gold Tries A Daring Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The TSX Gold Index shows a potentially powerful pattern developing.

  • Gold Tries Again

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Friday was a big day for most gold stocks and the various gold indexes.

  • Gold Turning Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold made a bull market top in March 2008. Since then, GLD has been consolidating its gain from its 1999 runup, forming a double ABC zigzag corrective wave pattern. The target price for the completion of this wave pattern is calculated at $65.

  • Gold Turning Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is gold putting in an intermediate top?

  • Gold Turns Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...GLD made a bull market top in March 2008. Since then, GLD has been consolidating its gain from its 1999 runup. The target price for the completion of the consolidation in GLD is calculated at $66.

  • Gold's Bearish Rising Wedge and The London Gold Fix

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This one-year gold chart shows the recent weakness in gold markets via a rising wedge failure.

  • Gold's Bullish Short-Term Flags Explain Gold Confusion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many gold traders are perplexed by the apparent sluggish action of gold lately relative to the diving main indices.

  • Gold, A Charming Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In recent days, a few stocks from the gold & silver industry were on the verge of entering a new uptrend. In particular, gold looks promising.

  • Gold, Whither Goest Thou?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's ahead for gold? Here are some facts to remember.

  • Gold: Bull or Bear Market? by JESSE H. THOMPSON

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold: Bull or Bear Market? by JESSE H. THOMPSON How to use a monthly swing chart to determine major trend. Before you attempt to answer the question, it is imperative to first define which trend you consider to be the greater trend. For in the crosscur

  • Gold: Pressure Building For Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been stuck in a sideways range recently, but the pressure is building, and it could be about to pop higher soon.

  • Gold: Protection From Market Crashes?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are many sayings and wisdoms about the markets, and many of them exist for good reason. But technical analysts never assume; rather, they put things to the test. Here's a quick analysis on whether gold retains its value during market downturns

  • Good Times For Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Signs point to a significant bottom in March, which suggests near-term corrections may be excellent opportunities to the long side.

  • Goodbye, Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does June gold's retreat from its January highs mean the end of the yellow metal's bull market?

  • Greenbacks And Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Weekly directional movement suggests upside for the former and downside for the latter.

  • Harmony Gold Mining's Major Quarterly Cycle Low

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cycle analysis can sometimes help time a successful stock trade; a potential quarterly cycle low in Harmony Gold Mining appears to offer traders a buying opportunity.

  • Has Gold Turned Bearish?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the bearish range-bound price action and breaching of the support line highlighting bearish days for the gold spot price?

  • Has The Gold Vein Dried Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many investors have given up on gold at these extended levels, thinking that it is all tapped out. But certain technical signs suggest that we may soon be ushered into the next phase of the gold rush.

  • Has the Gold Bough Been Broken?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As gold stocks soar toward resistance, gold futures appear to have topped out for the time being.

  • How I Won My Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This is the first in a series of articles analyzing winning trades at SpikeTrade is a group of 20 professional and semiprofessional traders involved in a weekly competition. This time, we will review the winning trade for the week ended O

  • How Now Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been demonetized. In the past, world economies based the strength of their currencies on the price of gold. For the past ten years or so, this has no longer been the case.

  • How The U.S. Dollar Relates To Gold And Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The dollar is going through an upward technical correction while in a downtrend, whereas gold and crude oil are going through a downward correction in an uptrend. Has the downtrend ended for the dollar and the uptrend ended for gold and crude? I don&ap

  • IAG Weakest Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of IAMGold Corp. are attempting to hammer out a double-bottom pattern against a heavy tide of selling pressure.

  • Intermarket Analysis With Canadian Stocks And Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Canadian benchmark index is showing signs of weakness, and potential weakness for gold.

  • Intermediate-Term Price Prediction For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This statistical analysis predicts the price of gold over the intermediate-term time period.

  • Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is rising astronomically, but holding shares in a mining company can be risky, especially if the company is selling their production forward. Are there alternatives?

  • Is Gold A Buy Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US dollar is strong, which is one of the many reasons gold has fallen.

  • Is Gold A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold was a safe haven to a falling US dollar, but is it still one if the US dollar were to strengthen?

  • Is Gold A Safe Haven For Your Money?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the stock market now officially entering into a bear market, traders are looking to gold as a safe haven for their money. However, gold may not be the safe haven that traders think it is.

  • Is Gold Do Or Die?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is a US$ play. Take a look.

  • Is Gold Going Parabolic?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With gold on track to demolish a key resistance level this week, traders and investors have to wonder: How high will gold go?

  • Is Gold In Need Of More Fuel?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Attempting to pick a market top is foolish, but many times a market nearing a significant cycle high is kind enough to issue an early warning of a possible trend reversal.

  • Is Gold Losing Its Luster?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been on a tear recently. Where are the primary resistance points?

  • Is Gold Losing Its Shine?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a strong start for gold in 2012, the precious metal is facing a convergence of Fibonacci levels that could cause a pause in its upward move.

  • Is Gold Ready To Test New Highs?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Gold BUGS Index says it is.

  • Is Gold Restarting Its Bull Run?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Flags are often pauses in ongoing trends. They offer a good place for traders to book profits or enter into the trends. Is gold breaking out of one such weekly flag?

  • Is Gold Still Golden?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold appears to be in a prime spot for a reversal.

  • Is Gold Still a Barometer by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the gold market still an indicator of other trends? Here's a look at the past relationships of gold to the dollar, the Consumer Price Index and the CRB. Analysts often cite intermarket relationships when touting a market's prospects. An analyst migh

  • Is It Over For Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cycles and the futures volume open interest indicator will tell you.

  • Is It Time To Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...W.D. Gann's time cycle count seems to think so.

  • Is It Time To Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the past, when the economy and the stock market looked bad, money moved to gold.

  • Is It Time To Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is a protection and a hedge. Countries whose currency is depreciating are slowly buying gold, but with the London gold price falling from a high of $1887 is gold still protective?

  • Is It Time To Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold crashed through $1,300 an ounce earlier this month. Is it time to start buying gold?

  • Is It Time To Nibble At Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The XAU i-Share is close to thinking so.

  • Is It Time To Start Buying Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is a currency hedge. When the US dollar weakens, gold shares should rise.

  • Is It Time To Start Nibbling At Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has said, "buy gold."

  • Is Newmont Mining A Signpost For Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Newmont Mining is the largest gold mine in the world at the moment. By studying its chart, can we determine gold's movement?

  • Is Newmont Mining Leading The Gold Price?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Newmont Mining is regarded as one of the premium mining stocks. It is beginning to show some very interesting chart patterns. Is this a prelude to a rise in gold prices?

  • Is The Dollar And Gold Decoupling?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Normally, the US dollar and gold move in opposite directions. However, in recent days they moved in the same direction. Is this a sign that the dollar and gold are decoupling, or is this just an anomaly?

  • Is The Gold Rush Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The gold trust shares have had an incredible run since mid-August, but is there still future upside potential? The answer lies in its trendline.

Jay Kaeppel On Trading Futures, Options, Gold, Sectors by J. Gopalakrishnan and B.R. Faber

  • June, 1984 Gold: Studies in Price Action by Jesse H. Thompson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...June, 1984 Gold: Studies in Price Action by Jesse H. Thompson The recent March trend reversal, as represented by the activity of the June 1984 Gold contract, is an excellent study of the interaction of price with natural resistance levels, as well as il

  • Key Reversal Week For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's mid-week reversal (5/15/2019) is a prime example of the topic I discussed earlier this month, namely the failure of technical patterns.

  • Kinross Gold Has Short Strangle Op

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Option volatilities are still high, and here's an interesting trade setup in one of the gold mining industry's better-performing stocks.

  • Kinross Gold Setting Up For More Gains?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Kinross Gold Corp. have been rising after making two successful tests of support during November, but is this rally destined to fail?

  • London Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Weekly gold has found its support and resistance levels. Can it help us predict the future?

  • Long Dollar, Short Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-anticipated turn in the US dollar appears to be underway. But is this a tradable move?

  • Long Term Gold Hitting Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last month gold finally closed above $400, something it hasn't done since 1996.

  • Looking At A Gold Nibble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of gold has fallen dramatically over the past year. Is it time to start loading up on gold shares?

  • Looking At Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last week, analyst after analyst interviewed on Canadian television was bullish on gold for the long term. Why, then, am I long-term bearish?

  • Looking At Gold Through The Eyes Of Gann

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been making new highs as the market has been falling.

  • Looking For A Gold Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been battered lately so it's time once again to consider buying the next gold bounce.

  • Lower Before Higher For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does a long-term sideways correction in gold need more downside?

  • Lower Prices Ahead For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been working its way higher since early February. However, a negative divergence has developed over the last month, forecasting that this market could see lower prices ahead.

  • Millennium Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Near-term to mid-term outlook for gold futures index.

  • Mini Gold: Setup for a Major Fall?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This may not be 'the' top in the gold market, but the balance of the technical evidence still suggests that traders should be prepared for the possibility of more downside.

  • Mining For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's how you can use the Commitment Of Traders report to help in trading commodities.

  • Monthly Chart Shows Gold Upside Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been very bullish on the daily, weekly and monthly charts.

  • More Gold Out Than There Is In

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Today, there is more gold out of the ground than is in the ground.

  • My Problem With Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the world in recession, common belief is that investors should flock to gold to protect their wealth. Research suggests otherwise.

  • Negative Divergences Enjoin The Gold Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While more upside is still likely, the easy money might already have been made in gold stocks.

  • Nelson Resources Chases Black Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This former gold miner now is breaking out on this weekly chart.

  • New Gold Upleg?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The gold price made a sizeable upswing from April to June where it ran from $322 - $375. After a healthy retracement, it may be ready to climb back up.

  • Newmont And The Gold Bugs Are Very Oversold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After enduring months of record selloffs, Newmont Mining and the Gold Bugs index may be close to a reversal zone.

  • Of Gold And Bonds, Gold Is The Leader by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Of Gold And Bonds, Gold Is The Leader by Alex Saitta Does gold lead the bond market, or is it the other way around? Previously, we uncovered strong coincidental relationships between gold and the dollar, inflation, bonds and the CRB index. As bond trad

  • Of Gold And Bonds, Gold Is The Leader by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Of Gold And Bonds, Gold Is The Leader by Alex Saitta Does gold lead the bond market, or is it the other way around? Previously, we uncovered strong coincidental relationships between gold and the dollar, inflation, bonds and the CRB index. As bond trad

  • Oil, Gold, Debt, And The Future

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are three key areas of the markets that are undergoing change right now -- oil, gold, US debt -- that offer the promise of tomorrow's above-average returns while at the same time inspire tomorrow's warnings as well.

  • Oil, The Dow, And Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The weakening price of oil has been causing the Dow to fall. Where does Gold come into the picture?

  • Petrifying Pattern In Gold & Silver Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold and Silver Index has produced a stealth-like rally from early May this year; is its luster fading?

  • Playing Both Sides Of The Gold Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For traders who are unsure of market direction, selling high-volatility, deferred-month options can be an interesting and potentially profitable alternative.

  • Playing The Gold Bug Swings

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Amex Gold Bugs Index has been range-bound the last 12 months, but the swings within this range offer a way to play and anticipate a bigger breakout.

  • Playing The Gold Game

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After years of relative obscurity as an investment and trading vehicle, gold has made a dramatic comeback. Here's what you should watch out for when trading gold or gold stocks.

  • Playing With Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the probability that gold could start rising strongly, here are two shares one could play with.

  • Profiting From Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If gold continues higher, smaller mining companies offer superior potential.

  • Prospecting With Gold Mutual Funds by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Prospecting With Gold Mutual Funds by Jay Kaeppel Gold. In the past, it inspired rushes and revolutions, passion and poetry, but in recent times gold mutual funds have been distinctly lackluster. The emotion that the precious metal inspired may have dwi

  • Relative Strength In The Gold Mining Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold mining shares continue to show weakness. Should traders focus on the gold exchange traded fund or on individual gold stocks?

  • Revisiting Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the International Monetary Fund deciding to sell more than 13 million ounces of gold, is now the time to take a short position?

  • Revival Of The Gold Myth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the dollar weakens, gold prices tend to rise, since a plummeting buck means it takes more dollars to buy the same ounce of gold. Can changes in the US interest rate serve as an important mediation? Here's how you can trade the shiny metal

  • Rising Gold Price, Crouching Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you be bullish on gold and the dollar at the same time?

  • Royal Gold Outperforming Its Peers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is back, screaming upward in the wake of even more government bailouts, which many believe will lead to much higher inflation in the years to come. Royal Gold is the leader of the pack in the gold mining industry group, currently outperforming every

  • S&P/TSE Canada Gold Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the anticipated rise in the gold price and gold shares should there be a war in Iraq, many gold shares are beginning to look promising. One of the 'shares' that has already given a buy signal is the XGD or S&P/TSE Canada Gold Index tha

  • Sell Stocks And Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With most financial writers today becoming more and more bearish about the market, is it time to sell everything and buy gold?

  • Short Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) indicator has recently risen to its zero line and is now turning back down, setting up an ideal short-selling position for gold.

  • Short Term Opportunity in Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The $XAU gold index collapsed with a triple failure and this has set up a possible trading opportunity.

  • Short-term Trouble for Gold Bugs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A retracement in the Gold Bugs Index suggests patience for owners of gold stocks.

Sidestepping Risk In Gold Futures by Anthony Trongone, PhD

  • So Far, So Good For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, gold prices found a bottom in spring and have proceeded to move higher. However, prices are coming up on key resistance now.

  • So, Is It Time To Start Buying Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Iranian nuclear threat seems to be fading.

  • Solid Earnings Growth Driving Gold Miners Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Solid earnings growth and a rising weekly price cycle implies further gains for this group of 11 gold mining stocks.

  • Sometimes A Gold Notion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What if the March highs represented the end of a cyclical bull market in gold?

  • Supporting Gold and the Greenback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making major bullish moves January and February respectively, both the dollar and gold find support.

  • Swing Time for Currencies and Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold often swings with the US dollar and the Euro, and it looks like this dance may continue.

  • The Canadian Gold Index Gives Clear Clues

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The TSX Gold Index is giving clues to gold traders via its trend channel and 200-day exponential moving average.

  • The Dollar Firms Up And Gold Melts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The U.S. interest rate scenario has a profound effect on the U.S. dollar as well as gold. As the Fed changed a couple of words in its policy statement, the effect on the charts is clearly visible. While the U.S. dollar has started to firm up, gold has

  • The Glitter Of Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has made a bullish move the past week. It's time to consider what the longer term charts are saying.

  • The Gold Bug Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the mid-March lows hint at a bottom in gold, gold stocks head higher.

  • The Gold Bug and the Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The triangle in the gold bugs index ($HUI) is the best thing going for gold bulls. But the index's bearish divergence with the MACD--along with a declining gold price--give plenty of pause for thought.

  • The Gold Bugs Index And The Bullish Weekly Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After jumping more than 100% since making the major October 2008 low, the Gold Bugs Index has spent several months in a bullish consolidation pattern.

  • The Gold Bugs Index Hits Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The December decline in the Amex Gold Bugs Index hit support and recent firmness could foreshadow a break higher.

  • The Gold Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Divergences tell the tale of the March bounce in June gold.

  • The Gold Miner And The Pitchfork

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the useful aspects of the Andrews pitchfork is that it can be drawn from any series of three alternating high and low pivot points. With each pitchfork drawn, a story about the trend is told. With each of the pitchforks drawn as seen here, the sto

  • The Gold Rush Is Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Through the use of Elliott wave theory, we can see that the market trend for gold has clearly reversed from one of bullishness to one of bearishness.

  • The Gold Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical triangles, the "McTeer Put," and the battle for reflation.

  • The Gold and Silver Bond Fund System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold And Silver Bond Fund System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D. Building on his previous Gmi system article, this Contributing Editor develops a system using the Philadelphia Stock Exchange daily gold and silver stock index to trade a long-term government

  • The Long And The Short Of Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whereas my long-term view for gold is not that positive, my short-term forecast is very positive. What do I mean by long term and what do I mean by short term?

  • The New Gold Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are gold bugs mis-reading EWT in order to arrive at a bullish outlook for gold?

  • The Reverse Journey Of Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The technical chart of SPDR Gold Trust is likely to retrace toward its lower support.

  • The Role Of Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What are gold and gold shares telling traders and investors about the current environment?

  • The i-Unit That Is Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Tuesday, February 7, the morning fix of the London gold price dropped suddenly from $568.25 to $548.65, a drop of 3.45%. What happened?

  • The last wild ride of the gold bears is upon us by Joseph Holleman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The last wild ride of the gold bears is upon us by Joseph Holleman Holleman, a CTA and CPO, offers his opinions on where gold prices may be headed. These predictions demonstrate how positions in the market are developed and show the factors that shape a

  • This Gold Index Hints At Retracement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold prices have been advancing nicely since breaking above $430 several weeks ago. Now there is a hint of weakness.

  • This Gold Index Shows More Upside

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With gold prices reaching more than 20-year highs, it is easier to determine possible upside targets from gold index charts as they are below their 10-year highs.

  • Time Out For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Correction or reversal, December gold takes a break from its recent run higher.

  • Time To Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders seem obsessed with timing buys in gold. But there might be better investment opportunities in the metals that get overlooked.

  • Time To Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After reaching a high of $725 on May 12, the price of London gold has fallen dramatically to $586.50 by June 14. What can we expect next?

  • Time To Look At Gold Again

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is gold gearing up for a breakout?

  • Timing the Next Gold (XAU) Upleg

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's time to take another look at the XAU gold index.

  • To Gold Or Not To Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to buy gold? My charts are saying, "Not yet."

  • To Gold Or Not To Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to buy gold? My charts are saying, "Not yet."

  • To Invest (Or Not) In Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite what some investors say, find yourself a real investment, because the yellow metal is not it. What’s that, you say? Gold isn’t a real investment?!

Tracking Gold With Elliott and Gann

Trading Forex Gold And Silver by Gary S. Wagner

  • Trading the I-Unit S&P/TSE Gold Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I-Units are exchange traded funds that are traded like stocks on the Toronto stock exchange. They mirror the underlying index.

  • Treasury Bonds And Gold by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Treasury Bonds And Gold by Alex Saitta Intermarket analysis, the comparison of price relationships between two different markets, is a valuable tool for traders and investors. Regular news reports often account for one market's trend for the day as rea

  • Triple Top and Bottom Formations in Gold and the US Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of gold's main influences is movement in the US dollar.This can be readily seen comparing the long term charts of the gold index (XAU) and the US dollar index (USD).

  • Two Gold Stocks, Two Breakouts, And Two 52-Week Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold stocks have shown good strength over the last few weeks and months, but two in particular stand out from the crowd.

Using The Euro To Trade Gold by Anthony Trongone

  • Variations On The Gold Momentum Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We saw good results from a simple momentum strategy where the investor switches between investing in the S&P 500 and a gold ETF. Could that strategy be improved upon?

  • Volume Helps Identify Gold Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume is not always included in the analysis of a security or market index, but when it is, it provides valuable insight into the analysis that can affect the outcome. In the analysis of GLD, volume sheds a whole new light on the direction of gold.

  • Wave Of RMO Buy Signals In Gold And Silver Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When 10 of the biggest stocks in the precious metals mining industry group flash simultaneous RMO swing buy signals, there's good reason to expect significant follow-through.

  • Waving The Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Competing theses on gold nevertheless suggest going lower before higher.

  • Weekly Chart For Gold Shows Danger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of gold violates a major pattern. Unless it bounces immediately, more downside is in store.

  • What Is It With Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A reader of applied the cycle strategy I used of previous articles (Nasdaq And Cycles of December, 2002) to the London Gold price, and emailed it to me for comment. Below is my analysis.

  • What W.D. Gann Says About Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is gold to be used as a hedge against inflation?

  • What's The Best Way To Play The Gold Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting bottom in late June, gold and precious metal prices have posted impressive gains. But the best way to play this rally may be to not buy the metals themselves.

  • Where Are You Going, Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is plenty of talk about gold going to new highs. What do the charts tell us?

  • Where Is Gold Going?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is regarded by many as a safe haven when the stock market collapses.

  • Where Is Gold Going?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investor money flows to gold shares as a safe haven. With gold shares and ETF's starting to look attractive, what are they telling us?

  • Where Should You Buy Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is showing signs of a short-term top, but weakness should be bought.

  • Which Way Goes StreetTracks Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When in doubt, buy gold.

  • Whither Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is about taking a sample of data, analyzing that data, and making a future forecast from that data.

  • Why Aren't These Gold Stocks Smiling?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With gold ramping to historic highs, many gold stocks remain less than enthusiastic.

  • Will Gold Finally Break $1300 Hurdle?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We are nearing the end of January already, so it might be a good time to wonder what the rest of 2019 will bring for investors. In this report, I will share my thoughts on metal prices.

Working Money: CAN SLIM II: The Gold At The End Of The Rainbow by S. Yamanaka

Working Money: Gold and Candlesticks by Gary S. Wagner

  • Working Money: Gold by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: Gold by David Penn From gold bugs and gold standards to massive derivative speculation, the yellow metal is back. All that glitters is not gold, goes the saying. But as far as investors are concerned, gold seems to be the only asset clas

Working Money: Has The Gold Vein Dried Up?

Working Money: How I Won My Gold by Alexander Elder, MD

Working Money: Playing The Gold Game by Matt Blackman

Working Money: To Invest (Or Not) In Gold

  • XAU Gold Index Attempting Another Upleg

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the second time in the past two weeks the gold sector is trying for another upleg. This time it may succeed.

  • XAU Gold Index Bounces Off Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Just as the price of gold falters, the gold index and gold stocks bounce to confuse traders.

  • XAU Gold Index Caught Between Support And Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This widely followed index of gold stocks finds itself at a level where the next move can go either way.

  • XAU Gold Index Ready To Surpass Pullback Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many gold stocks are surging higher as the XAU beats the 200-EMA resistance level.

  • XAU Gold Index Tries A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This gold index is leading several other gold indexes in an apparent breakout attempt. This could be an early bullish signal.

  • XAU's (Gold Index) Bold Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Early in the year when gold neared the $430 mark, the XAU Gold & Silver Index also peaked at 113. This index has made a classic retracement on their weekly chart as the price of gold also slipped.

  • Yen-Denominated Gold Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold priced in US dollars has been and remains in a strong bull market. However, gold priced in Japanese yen only recently has broken resistance to continue its bull run.

  • iShares Gold Trust: Triple Bottom Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by about 25% since October 2012, the iShares Gold Trust ETF is now close to a major support zone.

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