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  • $10 Price Tags On $5 Shirts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Beware of the rampant ripoffs in retail!

  • $CRX On Reverse Track

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Commodity Related Equity Index is likely to lose the previous gains of the recovery rally.

  • $NYA Returns On Bullish Track?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NYSE Composite Index completed its black crow formation. What's next?

  • 3D Printers - Is The Game Back On?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain

  • 3M Teeters On The Edge Of The Abyss

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...3M led the way lower in April, and further weakness would confirm a large bearish pattern that has been working since November.

  • A Big Short On Big Lots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a strong upward move over the last few months, is BIG in a position to short?

  • A Candlestick Hammer Arises On BAC

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A candlestick hammer is a sign of a trend reversal. What's it say about Bank of America?

  • A Conservative Bet On Oil By Buying Russia

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While OPEC economies are almost entirely dependent upon oil, Russia offers a way to profit from high oil prices with a margin of safety offered by a more diversified economy.

  • A Cyclical Formation On FTI Consulting

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you stand on the beach and watch the waves splash at your feet, you are watching a cycle caused by the gravity of the moon.

  • A Double Low Chart Pattern On eBay

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After testing support, eBay's stock is now consolidating.

  • A Gamble On Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Summer holidays are approaching, and the price of gas has started rising. Is it time to buy energy shares?

  • A Head & Shoulders Top Awaits Confirmation On The Russell 2000

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head & shoulders top on the Russell 2000 could be hinting that a major top is setting up in the market.

  • A Head And Shoulders Top On The NASDAQ A/D Line?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The A/D line is an effective gauge in determining the overall strength of the stock market. It is by far the most commonly used measure of market breadth.

  • A New Slant On Head And Shoulders by Charles E. Miller

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A New Slant On Head And Shoulders by Charles E. Miller Here's a detrending technique that will help you visualize slanted head and shoulder top patterns more clearly. When the good old reliable head and shoulders (H&S) pattern emerges simultaneously in

  • A Share To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every now and again, a share captures your attention as an indicator triggers a buy or a sell.

  • A Share To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the present craziness in the stock market, having a list of shares to keep an eye on for a future buy is a must.

  • A Share To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the chart of a share rises strongly over a number of years, it becomes a share one should own for the long term.

  • A Shining Star On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A morning star candlestick is shining brightly on the S&P 500, which might be a "shining star" for the market.

  • A Short-Term Buy Setup On Chevron

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A combination of setups provides guidance for a short-term trade.

  • A Stochastic Breakout In December Coffee: Better Late On The Break Than Never

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A BOSO play in the stochastic helps traders climb on board a fast-moving market post-breakout.

  • A Stock Market On The Verge Of Collapse

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are four basic analytical tools an analyst uses to measure the health of an individual stock or the stock market as a whole. One is price patterns, one is momentum, another is volume, and the final one is breadth. By using these four tools we can n

  • A Stock To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shopify empowers entrepreneurs from all over the world.

  • A THIRD Take on March Sugar's Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A failed 2B test of top and a severe trendline break suggested sugar was headed lower. But somebody forgot to tell sugar.

  • A Trader Catches A Bottom Reversal On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Catching tops and bottoms is difficult but can be rewarding/punishing depending on the outcome.

  • A Trading System To Build On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is no holy grail trading system, but there are real-world mechanical methods that can make decent money over time. Here's a look at one system that shows a great deal of promise.

  • A Triangle On The U.S. Dollar Index Futures: Will It Flatter Or Deceive?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The U.S. Dollar is perhaps the instrument most directly affecteted by an actual hike or indications of a hike in U.S. interest rates. The U.S. Dollar Index Futures chart is showing that traders expect a hike in interest rates soon.

  • A Twist On The Arms Index by Harley D. Wilbur

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Twist On The Arms Index by Harley D. Wilbur The Arms index, which was originally known as TRIN (for trading index), utilizes up and down volume and advancing and declining issues for calculation. The indicator, which aims to identify possible turning

  • A Warning On American Express

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...American Express stands at a critical Fibonacci retracement level, but will it hold?

  • ALXN, The New Kid On The S&P 500 Block

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ALXN has been added to the Standard & Poor's 500, and it has arrived as the new kid on the block, along with a lot of profit potential.

  • ALXN: Getting Overextended On The Upside?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Alexion Pharmaceuticals recently gapped sharply higher -- right into a key resistance zone.

  • AMEX Oil Index Coming Up On Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Oil Index is quickly approaching key overhead resistance but the longer-term picture still indicates higher prices to come.

  • AMMD On Reverse Journey?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...American Medical System Holding has reached the historic high.

  • ANTM: Cycle Highs On Three Time Frames

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by as much as much as 199% between November 2012 and March 2015, shares of Anthem, Inc. are now in prime position to stage a proportional correction.

  • APA: Elliott Wave, Keltners, and Fibs Agree On Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by 18% since its July 31, 2014 high, shares of Apache Corp. are homing in on a high probability bullish reversal zone.

  • ARCW: Zeroing In On Tomorrow's Big Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Questioning some of your basic trading assumptions can help you hone in on opportunities that you would otherwise miss, such as this potential big winner.

  • AVGO: Smart Money Moving On?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by 130% since April 2013, shares of Avgo Technologies appear to be setting up for a correction of some degree.

  • Alltel Struggles on the Upside

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rising wedge for AT reflects a feeble recovery that looks destine to fail.

  • Altera Corporation Looks Weak On A Weekly Basis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Altera's daily chart looks bullish with a possible ascending triangle but the weekly chart shows bearish possibilites.

  • Climbs Up On Lower Volume, Overheated ADX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New high on Amazon stock was achieved with reducing volume and slow price momentum.

  • American Express (AXP) On The Slide

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...American Express, like so many other equities at this point, is getting ready to make a move downwards.

  • Amex Composite On Reverse Journey?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Amex Composite has hit near-term resistance. Will the index go through a serious correction, resulting in a trend reversal?

  • An Update On Honeywell International

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, Honeywell bounced off key support this week. Now the stock faces short-term resistance.

  • An Update On Plains Exploration & Production

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, Plains Exploration and Production held support at lower levels but is now running into potential resitance.

  • An Update On Silver Standard Resources And The Underlying Commodity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A potential bottom in silver prices and a similar setup in Silver Standard Resources could point to a good buying opportunity.

  • An Update On Talisman Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Talisman Energy is bumping up against downtrend resistance once again.

  • An Update On The Oil Services Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A test of this month's high will likely lead to an upside breakout for the Oil Services Index.

  • An Update On The Precious Metal Bullish Percent

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The precious metal bullish percent continues to hover below the 30 percent level. As such, the sector has yet to give a buy signal.

  • Andrew Corporation Working On A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The weekly chart shows this stock at a key level with upside implications.

  • Another 35% Dip On The Horizon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Watch out below! Markets took a dive early on Monday, May 22, 2000 following a week of selling due to interest rate woes created by the Federal Reserve Bank. Hold on tight- this could be a bumpy ride.

  • Another Bearish Sign On SPY?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last week it was market leader Google. This week, the S&P 500 ETF SPY put in a bearish head & shoulders top pattern. Another bearish omen for US stocks?

  • Another Long-Term Stock Indicator Stuck On The Ceiling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There has been a debate raging over the last year about whether stock prices are getting too expensive. Here is another indicator that says they are.

  • Apache Corp. on the Verge of Breaking Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apache Corp. looks to be completing a bullish triangle formation, indicating a potential break to the upside. However, I would wait for confirmation before jumping in.

  • Apollo Group Rallies On Gap Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A gap breakout has generated buying opportunities and has also broken out of a trend reversal pattern.

  • Arbitrary But True: Hidden Influences On The Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...However exhaustive your research, there are forces at work that you may not expect.

  • Are 3D Printers On The Ropes?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though the overall market has been relatively strong, the same can't be said for 3D printers.

  • Are Gold Shares On The Way Back?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold shares are slowly starting to look like a good investment once again.

  • Are Higher Interest Rates On The Horizon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (iShares) is showing signs of breaking down, which could signal higher interest rates down the road.

  • Are Railroads Still On The Fast Track?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It may have been a challenging year for the economy but you would never know it by looking at railroad stocks.

  • Are You Trading On Borrowed Time?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market party peaked at midnight and it's now 4:00 am. Someone has just arrived with a fresh round of drinks. But here are some sobering thoughts for those getting their second wind.

  • Are you bidding on EBAY?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The resilience of eBAY (EBAY) is evident in the chart over the past year. Even in the bad times it flourished. . . somewhat. Now it's time for EBAY to correct.

  • Arms On Arms by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Arms On Arms by Thom Hartle STOCKS & COMMODITIES readers may already be familiar with the work of Richard Arms, inventor of the Arms index and Equivolume charting, author of many books, a 30-year veteran of the stock market and contributor to STOCKS & C

  • Ascending Triangles: The General Keeps on Marching

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An early warning for Dollar General (DG) shows up in an ascending triangle and fan line formations.

  • Assessing Risk On Wall Street by Robert W. Hull

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Book Review: Thomas A. Rorro's Assessing Risk on Wall Street. By Robert W. Hull Thomas A. Rorro Sobaro Publishing Company, 1984 Price: $17.95 (202 pages) Thomas A. Rorro's book, Assessing Risk on Wall Street , is indeed a bridge between the investment

  • Assessing risk on Wall Street by Thomas A. Rorro

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Assessing risk on Wall Street by Thomas A. Rorro We have discussed the Random Walk theory as a philosophy of investing and its technical implications. This final article in the series presents the framework for spreadsheet implementation of the concepts

  • Assessing risk on Wall Street part 2: Applying the Random Walk by Thomas A. Rorro

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Assessing risk on Wall Street part 2: Applying the Random Walk by Thomas A. Rorro The Random Walk theory lets the investor evaluate the risk of an investment before the investment is made. In the first article in this three-part series, the potential pr

  • BID On A Bullish Head & Shoulders?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This is a first, certainly for Sotheby's.

  • BLUE: Overextended On Weekly And Monthly Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by nearly 800% in the past year, shares of BlueBird Bio, Inc. have issued a major weekly sell signal.

  • BMC Bounces On Good Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...BMC Software shows signs of accumulation, and a consolidation breakout looks increasingly likely.

  • Baker Hughes Turning On The Afterburners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Incredibly, some stocks, even after a sustained run higher, still appear to have plenty of fire beneath them, propelling them higher.

  • Bands Narrow On Yahoo!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yahoo! has been in a trading range the entire year, but narrowing Bollinger Bands suggest that this situation is about to end.

  • Bank Index Closing In On Another Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The last time this index look precarious, the markets hit a downleg and now it's showing another interesting juncture.

  • Banking On A Double Bottom For XLF

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ailing financial sector successfully derailed and shelved the recent market rally off the November lows. The market has become important from the weakening financial sector. XLF has helped lead the assault on the bulls, but now that XLF is testing i

  • Banking On A Recovery?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An old market adage purports no rally can sustain without leadership of financial and cyclical sectors. During market turns from a bottom and continuation ahead, these leadership sectors must perform or especially outperform the general "market&quot

  • Basic Materials? Come On Down!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breaking out above the 50% retracement level, basic materials stocks show more room to run.

  • Bearish Candlesticks Gang Up On Home Depot

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The mid-November gap has become a battle zone for Home Depot, and the two-week trading range will decide the stock's fate.

  • Bearish On Microsoft - Is An Industry Shake-Up At Hand?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Earnings for companies in the personal computer space have been under pressure lately. But is this a temporary setback or lasting trend?

  • Bearish Pattern Setting Up on Facebook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Less than four months after its IPO, Facebook bottomed at $22.67 before rallying 140% to hit a peak of $54.83 on October 18, 2013. But now the stock looks set to post a pattern that should concern anyone who thinks the stock is a hold.

  • Bears Falling on Cotton

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since breaking down in the spring of 2004, cotton futures have lost a third of their value in four months.

  • Betting On An Oil Rebound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the recent drop in oil prices, is USO a good short-term buy?

  • Betting On Biotech

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What happens when you combine the promise of cutting-edge technology with the insights of 21st-century biology? How about a biotechnology sector that is primed for growth?

  • Betting On Bonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bonds have had a huge price spike over the last few weeks. Is there more upside left?

  • Betting On Crude Oil, With Favorable Odds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On December 5, 2008, front-month crude oil closed below $41, the lowest price in nearly four and a half years. Does the bear market in oil have more downside, or is selling an out-of-the-money put a relatively safe bet?

  • Betting On Financials

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If the market continues higher, and the financials move with it, Washington Federal would be a smart way to play the rebound.

  • Betting On Strength With ALXN

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a combination of fundamental and technical factors, you can spot tomorrow's high-flying stocks today.

  • Betting On The Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 50-plus point decline in the S&P 500 leaves traders looking for clues on when to climb back in.

  • Big Blue Is On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM has recently broken above its $90.00 resistance area. How far will it go?

  • Biotechnology Index On Reverse Journey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the index plunge to its lowest support?

  • Boeing On A Long-Term Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Boeing has been in a strong uptrend for many months. The ascending triangle on the daily charts gives us the target of $74.

  • Bollinger Band Signal Brewing On The Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq advance since mid-August is beginning to stall out and the index is on the verge of a Bollinger Band sell signal.

  • Bollinger Bands Narrow On Palladium

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Palladium has been lagging gold lately, and the resolution of the current consolidation holds the key to the future.

  • Bollinger Bands Tighten On UPS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading has gotten quiet in United Parcel Service, and such periods often precede a sizable directional move.

  • Broad US Markets On Track For Further Gains

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Today's action in the broad US market indexes should leave little doubt that they've all embarked on a meaningful bear market rally.

  • Building studies based on psychological matrices by Walter T. Downs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's how the psychological terms that technicians employ to describe the markets are transformed into technical tools. It is possible to transform psychology from a subjective interpretation into an objective tool. By creating a psychological matrix,

  • Buy On The Dips

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Elliott wave theory states that after a major WAVE V, an ABC correction occurs. A WAVE A on a daily chart usually corrects in five waves down to the low price of WAVE IV.

  • Buy On The Dips

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sell in May and go away. That is the rule, but this May, you may want to stay at home and buy as the market corrects.

  • Buying Into The Nasdaq On A Dip

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the key elements of swing trading and the lowest risk method of trading is buying on a retracement to the main trend. The Nasdaq composite has been correcting for the last few days -- at which levels should you buy back in?

  • Buying Pressure Wanes On Qlogic Advance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a marvelous run since mid-August, Qlogic shows signs of fatigue and a bearish pattern is emerging.

  • CLB On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A year ago, this stock fell apart and was dismissed by Wall Street but, now, the Street is taking notice again and so should you.

  • CRR Has Strong Volume On Channel Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a fundamentally sound stock makes a major breakout on heavy volume, it usually pays to take a closer look.

  • Canadian Solar Energy Is On the Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the last year, CSIQ jumped more than 4000%. To paraphrase the great Winston Churchill, is this the end, the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning for this solar powerhouse?

  • Capitalizing On Sector Rotation Strategies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders can always learn something from investors and vice versa. Typically, investors put more weight into outperforming sectors. But is that the best way? Let's find out

  • Carry Trade On The Comeback Trail?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back in the good old days before the financial crisis hit head-on, the financial media was rife with stories of how international players were winning big in the carry-trade game. That all changed when the meltdown came, but there are signs that the much

  • Cashing In On Money Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sick and tired of low returns from savings accounts? You might want to try money market funds.

  • Check Your Options Before You Put On A Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Buying at-the-money puts with favorable vega to theta ratios can make sense, but only in certain circumstances.

  • Checking In On The 1929 Dow Jones Analog Debate

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In October 2013 a financial media debate began about how the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been behaving in a strangely familiar manner to 1929. Stocks have yet to repeat the massive collapse.

  • Citigroup Weighs On S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The chart for Citigroup (C) is developing a short-term reversal pattern.

  • Classic Trading Signals On The NASDAQ Composite

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are some very clear trading signals, including two reversal patterns.

  • Closing The Sale On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the last 10 weeks, the S&P 500 has been carving out a complex head & shoulders top-reversal pattern. But is the pattern starting to slip away from the bears? Are they laying the ground work for a summer selloff, or will the bulls rehabilitat

  • Coca Cola Should Be On Your Buy List

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the last few days, when most stocks were falling, one stock on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) showed great performance. Technical analysis tells us that there is room for more upside.

  • Coke Gets A Leg Up On Pepsi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Coca-Cola performed poorly in 2004, but the stock has recovered in 2005 to fill a gap and start outperforming Pepsi.

  • Comcast Corp. Waits On Apple Rumors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's a rumor going around that Apple TV, when it is available, might be accessible via the Internet and not cable. How's Comcast reacting to those whispers?

  • Computing Expected Returns On Options Strategies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the many strategies you can trade, computing expected returns can be tedious. Using one strategy as an example, we look at how calculating maximum profit and loss plus factoring in the probability of profit can identify profitable statistical arbitr

  • Conflicting Signs On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The intraday 60-minute chart on the S&P 500 has developed a bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern, while its daily chart has formed a bearish rising wedge. Moreover, the daily chart is in an uphill battle as it approaches the 200-day simple m

  • Consol Energy Intraday Play Based On A Daily Swing Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the wake of Consol Energy's 84% plunge, the stock of one of the US's largest coal miners is setting up for a low-risk intraday move.

  • Consol Energy: Bearing Down On Key Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Consol Energy are down markedly in the last five weeks and are now approaching a major support level.

  • Continental Resources On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Basic materials and commodities are experiencing a boom while the rest of the market remains lackluster. One stock is showing great strength and is on the move, so don't miss out.

  • Counting On Consumers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As an economy moves from expansion to contraction, savvy investors move from smokestacks to cupboards and cabinets.

  • Cue On Big Blue

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a surge in mid-July and consolidation in August, IBM traders should cue off the 50-day moving average for a continuation breakout.

  • Cup With Handle On Grant Prideco

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The formation of a cup with handle pattern indicates that the price of this oil-drilling pipes manufacturer will probably continue to rise.

  • DELL Recovery May Be On Horizon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The name is synonymous with computers. Charts are suggesting the company, recently in the doldrums, may have found a path upward.

  • DJIA Close In On Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average has now hit the 10,000 market again. Now, will the market continue higher or will it reverse and move lower? The Elliott wave theory is calling for a market top.

  • DJIA Reversal On The Horizon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This statistical analysis shows that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is very close to an intermediate-term trend reversal from up to down.

  • Dean Barr On Artificial Intelligence by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dean Barr On Artificial Intelligence by Thom Hartle Barr explains the differences between expert systems and neural networks and some of the keys to successfully applying neural network technology to trading. He also looks at the future of neural netwo

  • Decker Outdoor On Track For Its Best Annual Performance Ever

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2012 was the toughest year ever for DECK, even worse than 2008. But lately, the chart is looking downright bullish. Could this be the company's best year ever?

  • Deere Breaks Down On Big Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After two months of flat trading, Deere & Co. established a directional bias with a support break.

  • Defense Stocks On The Offensive

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The defense stocks are showing resilience despite on and off talk of budget cuts.

  • Defense Stocks On The Offensive

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the Philly Defense stocks index rallies to new 52-week highs, a number of defense stocks--including the much-beleagured Boeing--look poised to bounce.

  • Dell On Sale, 50% Off

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We love buying big-ticket items on sale, but stocks offered at a big discount are sometimes viewed as not worth it. Will the stock be discounted even more?

  • Devon Energy Closing In On A Major Low?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Devon Energy appear to be getting close to an important price reversal area, and with numerous technical dynamics aligning in bullish fashion, the anticipated rally in this large-cap energy player's stock could provide plenty of opportunit

  • Do Weak Sector Funds Have A Head Start On The Summer Selloff?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the broad US markets prepare for a summer corrective move, traders shorting the stocks from the weakest industry groups might have a distinct market edge.

  • Do You Buy On A Share Split?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whenever a company announces a share split, my ears perk up.

  • Dollar Index On Reverse Journey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index is likely to initiate a bullish reversal rally.

  • Dollar On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US dollar may be starting to move up within a Fibonacci arc pattern.

  • Dollar Tree On Short Watchlist

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dollar Tree is in a strong intermediate-term downtrend but could be setting itself up for a short-term corrective bounce. A shorting opportunity exists once the short-term downtrend resumes.

  • Double Bottom On UPS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What has "Brown" done for you lately? How about a double bottom with a pair of positive stochastic divergences?

  • Double Top Formation on the Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...April proved to be a tumultuous month for the technology-based Nasdaq Composite Index. From a charting standpoint, the sharp April sell-off within the index followed a picture-perfect double top formation.

  • EW: Getting Overextended On Upside?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Edwards Lifesciences enjoyed a good week of gains last week but cycles analysis says the majority of this current upswing may be complete.

  • Effects Of Volatility On Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can trading results be similar to those of roulette betting? Find out here.

  • Eli Lilly Breaks Resistance On Good Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The health-care sector has been strong lately, and Eli Lilly is doing its part with a consolidation breakout on good volume.

  • Entering The S&P 500 On Retracements

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Entering a trend on a retracement is a low risk strategy. But how do you know when a retracement will end? There is no one method that gives the exact answer but a variety of methods give a fair idea of where it could end.

  • European Decline's Impact On Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Never before in the history of the market has there been four back-to-back sessions of 400 points going up and down, but the reasons for it are not what is really happening.

  • Evoqua Water Technologies ̶ Coming On Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks have been recovering after the drubbing they took in March and some clean technology companies are leading the pack. Here is one.

  • Five-Year Study On Soybean Price Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ever thought of trading commodities? This may give you some insight.

  • Focus On The Positive With Brett Steenbarger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Brett N. Steenbarger, PhD, is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. He works as a performance coach for traders and portfolio managers at hedge funds and other financial ins

  • For MAS, Two Systems Agree On A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by a mind-boggling 296% in less than six months, two powerful trading systems have both fired new long entry signals for Masco Corp., a leading home-improvement and building supply company.

  • Freeport McMoran: Closing In On Near Term Support?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold have sold off hard since the start of 2014 and are down more than 18% in just over three weeks.

  • Fuelcell Is Supercharged, But What Else Is Going On?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oil is heading higher, and it is pulling a whole array of stocks with it. Here is one stock that also has some compelling technicals in its favor.

  • Further To Fall On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As I write this, the S&P 500 is down more than 3% to 1172. With the broad market continuing to fall, when might we see some relief?

  • GE On My Radar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This statistical analysis shows General Electric in an upward correction that when exhausted will reverse the short-term trend downward.

  • Gann analysis on point and figure charts by Douglas Arend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gann analysis on point and figure charts by Douglas Arend Of the many analytical techniques attributed to W.D. Gann, perhaps none is more widely followed than the so-called geometric angles. Although applied generally to historical and intraday bar char

  • General Dynamics Bullish On Three Fronts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the same trading system issues simultaneous buy signals on the same stock in three separate time frames, something big may be about to happen.

  • Genuine Parts Breaks Out On Good Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long consolidation, Genuine Parts (GPC) broke resistance to confirm a bullish continuation pattern.

  • Get A Hold On Investing Volume Basics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How is volume used in technical analysis and what can it tell us?

  • Getting Real On Inflation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On March 17, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland reported its 10-year expected inflation rate of 1.88%. What does that mean? The bank expects that the consumer price inflation rate will average less than 2% over the next decade. What if they're wr

  • Getting Real On US Stock Market Gains

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since the US program of quantitative easing began in earnest in October 2008, stocks and gold are up -- that's no surprise. But how have your stocks performed if we measure them against gold instead of the usual dollar terms?

  • Gold Prepares For Assault On March 2008 Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's taken a full 19 months, but gold appears to be on the verge of exceeding the all-time highs made in March 2008.

  • Goodyear Tire On the Road Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a tough four years for the tire company but the chart is showing signs that the worst may be over.

  • Hammers On High Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recently, I suggested higher prices for semiconductor stocks in the near term. By hammering in a bottom on high volume, KLAC is one stock among many that delivered.

  • Heavy On The Hog

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bearish implications of a double top tip the scales toward a breakdown in July hogs.

  • Hewlett-Packard is on the Slide

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hewlett Packard (HPQ) is completing another very nice head and shoulders pattern.

  • Historical Perspective On Bull Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A major bull run may form in the next six to 18 months, and you need three things to succeed.

  • Home Depot On Fast Track

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Home Depot has moved above some resistances, recovering from its previous losses on correction.

  • Home, Home On The Range by Andrew Tomlinson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:8 (70-73): Home, Home On The Range by Andrew Tomlinson Price ranges are used in signaling both reversals and breakouts. Looking at how stochastics perform in breakouts sheds light on several key characteristics of the indicato

  • How To Stay On Top Of The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders move from euphoria to terror as markets that were once on a bullish run turn bearish at the drop of a dime. But if you understand a few concepts, you won't be caught flat-footed.

  • How W.D. Gann tipped me on R.H. Macy by Hans Hannula

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How W.D. Gann tipped me on R.H. Macy by Hans Hannula A lot of people have heard of W.D. Gann's work on angles of support and resistance, but not much on his other works. I would like to tell you a story about how some things he said in Successful Stock

  • Hunting Down Stocks On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At first glance, it seems like the market is gathering support and trying to mount another bull run, but a closer look reveals that all is not what it seems.

  • IBM On The Verge Of A Big Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM failed to hold onto its early January gains and is on the verge of a major support break.

  • IBM: Bullish On Daily, Bearish On Weekly?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of IBM are down by 20% since March 2014 and are now near a major make or break point.

  • IBM: Bullish On Daily, Bearish On Weekly?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of IBM are down by 20% since March 2014 and are now near a major make or break point.

  • IMAX On The Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IMAX doubled its gross box office to $546 million in 2010, and it's building an even better overall lineup for 2011.

  • IWM On Bullish Track?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 i-Shares has gained a few points in the current rally. Will the upward movement continue and open one more buy setup?

  • If On An Intraday Correction A Divergence ...

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How much of a surprise was the August 16th "surprise" rally?

  • Impact Of Junk Bonds On Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When should you be in equities and when should you hold cash and stay on the sidelines? Here's a simple system that can help to answer that question

  • Infosys Shows Conflicting Head-And-Shoulders Pattern On Daily And Weekly Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Infosys bottomed out on the daily chart, breaking out of a bullish head-and-shoulders pattern. On the weekly chart, it seems to be forming a bearish head and shoulders, unconfirmed as of yet. The weekly chart is defining a $60-80 range for the stock.

  • Insider Buying On The Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Insider selling greatly outstripped buying for the six-month period from September 2003 to February 2004 but it looks like the trend is changing. Could insiders now be telling us that it's time to buy?

  • Interview: Cari Lynn: Life On The Trading Floor by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:5 (56-59): Interview: Cari Lynn: Life On The Trading Floor by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Cari Lynn is a Chicago-based journalist and the author of ""Leg The Spread: A Woman's Adventures Inside The Trillion-Dollar Boys' Club Of Co

  • Interview: David Norman On Market Technology by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V. 22:3 (76-83): Interview: David Norman On Market Technology by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Trading's come a long way since the days of the bucket shops, and now, technology and trading have become virtually inseparable. Here's someone who can tell us all

  • Interview: David Stendahl On Seasonal Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With over 25 years of experience in trading and designing pattern and momentum-style trading systems, David Stendahl understands risk management. Stendahl is founder and president of Signal Trading Group ( and focuses on trading th

  • Interview: Denham Ward & Marge Sherald On Machines That Think

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How can the intelligence of machines help you in your trading? As it turns out, with the help of neural networks, you can use your software to mimic how you think. To help shed light on the subject, we picked the brains of two people who have the knowled

  • Interview: Deron Wagner and Rick Pedicelli On Swing Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A former hedge fund manager, author of several swing trading books, and frequent guest speaker at various trading and investing conferences, Deron Wagner founded Morpheus Trading Group (MTG), a trading newsletter and education service, in 2002 to share s

  • Interview: Ed Dobson On Transitioning To Independent Trader

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Former futures broker, book publisher, and author Ed Dobson always had a calling for the markets. He never lost that interest or stopped trading, despite becoming busy with his brokerage career and publishing business, knowing that one day he'd get back

  • Interview: Glen Ring And His View On Futures by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:8 (48-54): Interview: Glen Ring And His View On Futures by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan One of the nation's most respected market analysts with 34 years of experience in the commodity industry, Glen Ring brings a broad-based perspe

  • Interview: Hersh Shefrin On Behavioral Finance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Biases Of Traders Hersh Shefrin On Behavioral Finance Technicians became interested in behavioral finance because it could explain behaviors that previously they had tried to capture in the forms of charts, indicators, and trading rules. Academic st

  • Interview: John Netto, On Trading And Inflection Points by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview: John Netto, On Trading And Inflection Points by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan John Netto is the president of One Shot -- One Kill Trading, LLC, and the author of the book One Shot -- One Kill Trading (McGraw-Hill). He is a principal in Triple Witch M

  • Interview: Larry Connors On How Markets Really Work by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 22:12 (74-79): Interview: Larry Connors On How Markets Really Work by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Laurence Connors is chairman and chief executive officer of, a financial markets information company he founded in 1

  • Interview: Trading Communities On The Web: Doug Fairclough by J. Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Communities On The Web: Doug Fairclough by J. Gopalakrishnan Doug Fairclough was in the midst of a two-year stint as database guru at HotWired, the pioneering website of Wired magazine, when he became aware of the possibilities of the Internet t

  • Iris International Is On The Edge Of A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Iris international is on the support/resistance zone of the retracement level, so the strong bullish indicators could pull the stock above that area.

  • Is A Correction On The Horizon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Why is it that the bears hug the TV networks and the newspaper reporters? Is the fear of losing money the reason?

  • Is Facebook On The Comeback Trail?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most would agree that the Facebook IPO was nothing short of a disaster, especially for those who bought shares right at the beginning. But if the pattern taking shape is any indication, those who waited to buy in early June could be in for a handsome rew

  • Is Google On The Firing Line?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Not long after its launch in 2004, Google became a market leader. That trend remained intact through good times and bad. In 2010, it flashed a bearish head & shoulders top pattern that failed to hit the target, but it was a good trade nonetheless. It

  • Is It Time To Keep An Eye On The Nikkei?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei seems to have bottomed out for a while; look to enter a breakout for a decent move.

  • Is Juniper Networks on the Brink of Breaking Out?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A triangle formation on Juniper Nerworks (JNPR) chart has a bullish tendency but it will not break out unless the volume continues to increase.

  • JAVA Shares Jump On IBM's $6.5 Billion Offer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sun Microsystems stock rose 79% on word that IBM had offered $6.5 billion in cash to acquire the Silicon Valley tech giant.

  • JDSU On The Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For those who like to trade the small cap stocks, JDS Uniphase looks like it's trading like a small up and coming company.

  • JOE Rallying On Weak Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...St. Joe Corp. is trying to break out on weaker notes.

  • JRJC Stands On Toes To Break Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...China Finance Online Co. Ltd. is likely to break out of a long consolidation range.

Jay Kaeppel On Trading Futures, Options, Gold, Sectors by J. Gopalakrishnan and B.R. Faber

  • Jeffrey Hirsch on Seasons, Cycles, and Super Booms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jeffrey A. Hirsch is editor-in-chief of Stock Trader's Almanac and the author of several books. A 25-year Wall Street veteran and president of the Hirsch Organization since 2001, he appears regularly in the financial media. We spoke with him about using

  • Jim Owen On Professional Investment Managers by Mike Takano

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jim Owen On Professional Investment Managers by Mike Takano Jim Owen is managing director of NWQ Investment Management Co. and author of The Prudent Investor, published by Probus Publishing Co. He is co-founder and executive vice president of the Invest

  • Kaufman on commodity trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Kaufman on commodity trading Perry Kaufman's first book, Commodity Trading Systems and Methods, was probably the second book I read on trading. I later discovered it to be a classic and it's been an indispensable reference ever since, particularly aroun

  • Keep Your Eye On The Moving Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Target's significant bottom reversal and potentially bullish trading range could point to higher prices ahead.

  • Keeping An Eye On Avnet Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The chart suggests keeping an eye on Avnet Inc.

  • Keeping An Eye On The Janus Mutual Fund Family

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Founder and CEO Tom Bailey has always maintained a positive, hands-on approach that focuses on teamwork and camaraderie.

  • Kroll on futures trading strategy by Dr. Alexander Elder

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Kroll on futures trading strategy by Dr. Alexander Elder Author: Stanley Kroll Publisher: Dow Jones-Irwin 1818 Ridge Road Homewood, IL 60430 Contents: 203 pages, hardbound Price: $29.95 Stanley Kroll is reputed to have taken seven-figure profits o

  • LGND On Bullish Path?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ligand Pharmaceuticals is heading towards major resistance. Will it continue its bullish journey?

  • LMT: Cycle Low Right On Time

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Lockheed Martin make a picture perfect cycle low, rallying on a chaotic day in the broad markets.

  • Life On Hold by Adrienne Laris Toghraie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Life On Hold by Adrienne Laris Toghraie If you have put your trading on hold, you undoubtedly have a compelling reason. To support your case for being stuck, you can find countless others who will nod in agreement and understanding as they wait to tell

  • Long-Term Perspective On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders often focus on short-term charts but could benefit from looking at weekly and even monthly charts to identify the long-term trend.

  • Looking At Pfizer On A Shorter Time Scale

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a short-term outlook to Pfizer, using short-term indicators.

  • MDY: Closing In On A Major High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Just like its large and small cap peers, this key mid-cap stock ETF has been very strong but may be near to an important cycle high.

  • MMS-Technical Research Money Market Services on Telerate by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MMS-Technical Research Money Market Services on Telerate by John Sweeney MMS -Technical Research Money Market Services on Telerate 490 El Camino Real Belmont, CA 94002 (800)227-7304 (415)595-0610 Price: $145 per month on already installed Telerate

  • Medicals On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish engulfing pattern in Zimmer Holdings is confirmed by positive divergences in both the stochastic and the MACD histogram.

  • Meeting Parameters On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every morning I look for certain stocks to buy, but they have to meet certain parameters. What does it mean if for the past three days, not a single stock has come up that meets those parameters?

  • Meritage Homing In On A Breakout?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Meritage Homes appears to be breaking out of a long-term downtrend. Is now the time to buy?

  • Michael Sheimo On Dow Theory by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview: Michael Sheimo On Dow Theory by Thom Hartle Take a look around: Technology is changing the face of trading and investing before your very eyes. Computers, information acquisition and trading are all getting faster and faster, sometimes at bre

  • Micro Cap UTS Energy Corporation on the Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recognizing a cup and handle formation can be a difficult task. Here are some steps for identifying cup and handle and rounding bottom patterns.

  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals On Upswing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock appears to be coming off a bottom, similar to a double bottom in some regards.

  • More On Cycles And The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can technical analysis foretell the future? I don't believe it can, but I do believe that technical analysis does encompass everything that is out there, and by this I mean fundamental and emotional actions and projections - facts and feelings.

  • More on the Dollar and Commodities

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How strong is the secondary correction in the commodity bear market?

Moving Averages: Long On Talk, Short On Action by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D.

Moving Averages: Long On Talk, Short On Action by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D.

  • Never Buy On Hype

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tilray, Inc. (TLRY) is a cautionary tale of why it is never a good idea to buy a stock on hype.

  • New Wave Of Selling On The Way For LLY?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock gaps sharply lower after a substantial gain, the party may be over.

  • Newmont Mining Closing In On A Low?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After enduring a 35% selloff in five months, might shares of Newmont Mining be ready to make another significant low?

  • Newmont Mining On The Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Newmont Mining is setting up to a breakout of a multiyear resistance level.

  • Night trading: the impact on technical charts by Heidi Schmidt

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Night trading: the impact on technical charts by Heidi Schmidt The new night trading session at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is causing worry among technical chartists. Should technical analysts adopt the new child at first sight and incorporate th

  • Nokia Breaks Triangle Resistance On Good Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In another positive sign for tech stocks, Nokia gapped up on good volume and broke triangle resistance to signal a continuation higher.

  • Noose Tightens On Nikkei

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei Composite has been consolidating over the last 10 months, and the next break should produce a significant move.

  • Nortel on the Move - Time to Snag this Bottom Fish?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are both fundamental and technical clues that Nortel's worst trading days may be behind it. It would be a gutsy move but one that could reap handsome rewards if the telecom dog days are finally over.

  • Nortel on the Move All Right!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Scottish poet, Robbie Burns once said, "the best laid plans of mice and men come oft t'glay." It is something traders can never forget. As we see from my last alert on Nortel, it is imperative to have a 'plan B' close at hand and

  • Not So High On The Hogs: Divergences And Breakdowns In The October Contract

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences in the stochastic and the MACD histogram anticipated a late summer correction in lean hog futures.

  • Notes On Gold's 3-3-5 Flat

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Higher prices sooner, lower prices later ... if the Elliott wave flat proves an accurate description of the recent moves in gold.

  • Novavax Rallies On Bird Flu Scare

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...News that cases of human-to-human transmission of the deadly avian flu may have been discovered sent biotechnology stocks, including Novavax, higher.

  • Novell Breaks Neckline Resistance On Good Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Novell diverged from NASDAQ in March, and a recent breakout on good volume points to higher prices in 2005.

  • Oil Index On A Slippery Slope

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Oil Index (Amex XOI)has enjoyed a 10-year uptrend as witnessed on its weekly chart. There are signs of weakness appearing, which bears monitoring.

  • Oil On The Verge Of A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Oil Fund ETF (USO) surged off support over the last few days, and the exchange traded fund is on the verge of a breakout that would signal a continuation of the prior advance.

  • Oil Service Holders Living On The Edge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Oil Service Holders has been clinging to near-term support but will this price level hold?

  • On Building Point & Figure Charts by Daryl Guppy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Building Point & Figure Charts by Daryl Guppy Point & figure charting is one of the classic techniques of technical analysis. Here's a refresher look at the basics. Point and figure (P&F) charting concentrates on price and its changes by eliminatin

  • On Composite Sentiment by James P. Martin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Composite Sentiment by James P. Martin Despite all the powerful technical tools available, even the savviest technicians are susceptible to emotion and on occasion succumb to psychological influences that prevent them from taking appropriate action,

  • On Developing Trading Systems by Jeffrey Owen Katz, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Developing Trading Systems by Jeffrey Owen Katz, Ph.D.,with Donna L. McCormick This neural network developer details steps in developing a trading system using advanced technology. STOCKS & COMMODITIES readers have one thing in common: We have all t

  • On Index Funds by Stephen Littauer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Index Funds by Stephen Littauer Do mutual funds underperform the market? Statistics would indicate so. Index funds may better suit investor needs. Most mutual funds underperform the market. Over the past 10 years, CDA/Wiesenberger Mutual Funds Updat

  • On Moving Averages by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been around forever, and it's a tried-and-true favorite. It's also the source of great frustration. How can anything end up as both? Here are the basics for using moving averages to identify the trend in the market. No technique is more frequently

  • On Oil: Reversals, Candlesticks, And Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recent developments in the light crude oil price charts may give us a hint of what's to come.

  • On Option Theta by Lawrence D. Cavanagh

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Option Theta by Lawrence D. Cavanagh Options traders use various measurements to calculate an option's risk, the calculations of which are denoted by Greek letters. One example is theta, which is the measure of how much an option's price decreases fo

  • On Profit-Taking by Perry J. Kaufman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Profit-Taking by Perry J. Kaufman Taking a profit should be so easy, but it never seems to be. Why is that? Veteran market analyst Perry Kaufman explains the whys and hows and also explains how profit-taking has advantages over straight trend-followi

  • On Range Trading by Joe Luisi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Range Trading by Joe Luisi Markets move from trading ranges to trends and back into trading ranges. Presented here are methods to identify the trading opportunities based on identifying trading ranges. Each time you look at a chart, you probably see

  • On Rising Wedges by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Rising Wedges by Thomas Bulkowski As your stock rises and sector rotation becomes more pronounced, it's wise to be alert to a chart formation called a rising wedge. Rising wedges can get you out at the top before your stock tumbles. Here's a refreshe

  • On Symmetrical Triangles by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Symmetrical Triangles by Thomas Bulkowski You might have seen triangle formations and wondered what they were all about. You might have been caught on the losing side of a descending triangle and wondered what happened. For those of you who've wonder

  • On Synergy and Strategy: Tom Bierovic Of Synergy Futures by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Synergy and Strategy: Tom Bierovic Of Synergy Futures by Thom Hartle Thomas Bierovic is president of Synergy Futures, a research, trading, and education company. He also writes Synergy Fax, a daily advisory service for futures traders, and he wrote t

  • On System Development Part 1 by Mark Vakkur, M.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On System Development Part 1 by Mark Vakkur, M.D. Here's one for the first-time developer of a trading system, or someone who's thinking about developing a system. Here are the basic steps this author took to develop a system for the stock market. Suc

  • On System Development; Part 2 by Mark Vakkur, M.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On System Development Part 2 by Mark Vakkur, M.D. Last month, this author introduced the initial steps that someone, novice or veteran, should take when developing a stock market system. This time, he explains the final steps. Last time, I posited that

  • On The Battlefield by Mike Burk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On The Battlefield by Mike Burk In Elliott wave theory, the A, B and C waves refer to the reaction following the initial decline from a cycle top: The A wave is the initial decline, the B wave is a slight advance after the initial decline and the C wave

  • On The Bull Market Of the Century: Louise Yamada by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull market of the end of the 20th century has been going on for some time now. How did this happen, and how much longer is it going to last? To get some answers, we turned to Louise Yamada of Salomon Smith Barney, whose recent book, Market Magic: Ri

  • On The Precipice Of The Nearest Dollar Increment by A. Trongone, Phd, CFP, CTA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On The Precipice Of The Nearest Dollar Increment by A. Trongone, Phd, CFP, CTA In a bear market, any piece of information that will give traders a slight edge in performance is always welcome. Here's how a stock performs when it is trading in the vicini

  • On The Rebound Train

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With covid-19 restrictions being lifted, betting on stocks that will run has become a favorite past time. This stock is flying.

  • On Trendlines, Money Flow Index And The Elliott Wave by Brian D. Green

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Trendlines, Money Flow Index And The Elliott Wave by Brian D. Green Here's an example of wave and indicator analysis using the money flow index, trendlines and Elliott wave. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the years is to appro

  • On Using Stops by Joe Luisi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V. 14:1 (45-49): On Using Stops by Joe Luisi Stop orders are used to manage risk and to enter and exit positions. But what are some of the methods you can use to do so? For a look at the basics plus some of the finer points, read on. Say your favorite

  • On Using Volatility Bands by Ahmet Tezel, Ph.D., and Suzan Koknar-Tezel, M.S.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We've all seen a stock break out of its trading range and trend to new levels. The initial surge will appear as a sudden increase in activity, pushing the price higher. The higher prices often reach levels that indicate the stock is temporarily overbough

  • On an All Time High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the S&P 500 new high the end of the bull market or the beginning of an upside breakout?

  • On the Aerodynamic Trader: Constance Brown by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On the Aerodynamic Trader: Constance Brown by Thom Hartle Aerodynamic may seem like a peculiar description for a trader, considering what the word brings to mind at first glance: smooth and sleek, streamlined to minimize resistance. And yet, think about

  • On the Fundamentals of Technical Analysis Andrew Lo by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Andrew Lo, Harris & Harris Group Professor of Finance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Sloan School of Management, director of MIT's Laboratory for Financial Engineering and founder of Sloan's Track in Financial Engineering, is a radi

  • On the Intuitive Trader: Robert Koppel by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Phenomenology and existentialism and trading? Oh, my! Nothing in Robert Koppel's background as a philosophy academic could have given the slightest clue that he would end up as a floor trader for 17 years before giving that up for yet another career usin

  • On the Principle of Parsimony: James O'Shaughnessy by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On the Principle of Parsimony James O'Shaughnessy by Thom Hartle I wanted to understand why certain stocks went up and why others went down. I went looking for literature that would explain what I could see happening in the marketplace. I found that a l

  • On tips and tipsters by Vincent Cosentino

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On tips and tipsters by Vincent Cosentino Charles Schwab, of discount brokerage fame, was quoted as saying: ""I don't give (stock) tips."" While Mr. Schwab may not, it seems just about everybody else does. Turn on your TV, pick up the local newspaper, g

  • Online? On Guard!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's easy. It simplifies your lifestyle in so many ways. But is it safe? Here's what you should know about Internet security.

Option Credit Spreads On Commodities by Sam Bhugaloo

  • Options On Futures by John Jay Norris

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Options On Futures by John "Jay" Norris Here's how to identify the appropriate underlying conditions and timing for option strategies. The first two things industry insiders will tell you about options on futures is that more than 80% of them expire wo

  • PBG Scores New High On Buyout News

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pepsi Bottling Group's shares rocketed to a new six-month high on news that PepsiCo wants to buy the remainder of the shares in the bottler that it does not already own. What are the charts saying about today's price spike?

  • PCS On Verge Of Powerful Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of MetroPCS Communications have just broken above a key resistance area, even as a new mechanical buy signal has been issued.

  • PFG: Running On Fumes?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is a stock running higher on if it has bearish money flow, is under heavy distribution, and also belongs to a fundamentally weak industry group?

  • POT.TO On Fire

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...PotashCorp raises second quarter guidance, spurring the share price near the highs of 1998.

PR: Bollinger On Bollinger Bands: The Seminar by David Penn

  • Part 1 Assessing risk on Wall Street A philosophy of investing by Thomas A. Rorro

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...part 1 Assessing risk on Wall Street A philosophy of investing by Thomas A. Rorro The goal of investing is to make a profit. To achieve this goal, the investor places his money at risk--with the hope of increasing his wealth. Whether by buying real estat

  • Participation On The NYSE Narrows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NYSE Composite moved to new highs in September, but not as many stocks participated as before -- not a good omen.

  • Paul Merriman On Mutual Fund Timing by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Paul Merriman On Mutual Fund Timing by Thom Hartle Paul Merriman, founder and president of The Merriman Investment Management Company, manages the portfolio of the Merriman Mutual Funds. He also publishes a newsletter and hotline service called ""Fund E

  • Pelletier on PDI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pelletier on PDI Bob Pelletier is a distant but favorite figure to us at Stocks & Commodities. He's distant, residing in Florida while we are in Seattle. He's a favorite because for years he has supplied us with data and software for trading. We've wat

  • Perry Kaufman On Market Analysis by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V13:06: (260-268): Perry Kaufman On Market Analysis by Thom Hartle Perry Kaufman began his career in the field of trading and market research in 1971. Since then, he has been a money manager, consultant and author of six books, including the popular Com

  • Playing the Range On Sun Microsystems

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sun Microsystems has been range bound for almost two years and recently moved into a reversal zone.

  • Portfolio Strategy Based On Accumulation/Distribution

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whether you are an individual trader or an asset manager, your main goal in reading a chart is to detect the intentions of major institutions, large operators, well-informed insiders, bankers and so on, so you can follow them. Here, we'll build an automa

  • Prechter on the Elliott Wave Theory By Melanie Bowman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Prechter on the Elliott Wave Theory By Melanie Bowman The Elliott Wave Theorist's Robert Prechter discusses his views on Elliott analysis and how he thinks the markets work. At age 36, Robert R. Prechter Jr. is, without a doubt, one of the youngest ma

  • Price projections on point and figure charts by Luis Ballesca Loyo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price projections on point and figure charts by Luis Ballesca Loyo One of the great advantages of point and figure (P&F) charting is its well-defined features: price formations, buy and sell signals, trendlines and price projections. The P&F method est

Product Review: Bollinger On Volume Indicators by David Penn

Product Review: Window on WallStreet Day Trader

Product Review: Windows On WallStreet by John Sweeney

Product Review: Windows on Wall Street, version 4.0.3

  • Pulling The Plug On Pool Corp.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pool Corp. broke triangle support over the last few days, targeting further weakness into October.

  • Put/Call Ratio On Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The put/call ratio is simply the number of put options contracts traded in a given day divided by the number of call options contracts traded that same day. The put volume divided by the call volume yields the put/call ratio.

  • Puttin' On The Ritz With Kohl's

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a fundamentally strong stock at a support level, signs of a bullish reversal may mean it's a good time to sell a put.

  • Putting The Top Down On Convertibles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As bonds or stocks, convertible securities can provide investors with the security of fixed income or the growth of equities. Can they work for you?

  • QQQQ On Last Leg Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...QQQQ is now on its last leg upward of its ABC zigzag bear market corrective rally. Once the market correction has completed, look for the next lower price target for QQQQ to be around 24.77.

Quick Scan Daedalus Add On 2.0 by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

Quick Scan: Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis on CD-ROM

Quick Scan: The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 1

Quick Scan:Cash In On Chaos

Quick Scans: McMillan on Options

Quick Scans: What Works on Wall Street

Quick Scans: What Works on Wall Street -- The Software

Quick-Scan: Schwager on Futures: Technical Analysis

Quick-Scans: Report on Tax-Deferred Annuities

  • R2K On The Way To 200-Day EMA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every market finds an enduring bottom at some point. Here's one way to help identify the start of a new bull market.

  • Radware Stands On Crucial Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...RDWR is ready to give a bearish moving average crossover signal and also stand on the support, which when violated may lead to a downtrend.

  • Rallies On Weak Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The higher the May rally climbed, the lower the volume got.

  • Reflecting On Price Mirrors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can we use prior price movement to predict the future? Where will price be a week or a month from now? Here is a simple technique that will give you an answer. I call it a price mirror

  • Relative Weakness Weighs On Cymer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cymer has been underperforming the market for months, and the stock is on the verge of a support break that would signal a continuation lower.

  • Renewable Energy Group on a Tear

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock suffered a big drop in 2019 but looks to be reaching for new highs.

  • Reversal Pattern: A Candlestick Bullish Engulfing On Dupont

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pattern started a reversal to the upside in the short term.

  • Reversal Pattern: A Candlestick Hammer On Emini S&P

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pattern failed, squeezing the last bulls before the market reversed to the upside to find a balance at higher levels.

  • Right On Target by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Right On Target by Richard W. Arms Jr. I used to buy stocks and commodities in the same manner in which Columbus sailed to the New World: I didn't know where I was going when I started out, and when I got there I didn't know where I was. It was a great

  • Rival Energy: A Play On Oil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The former energy advisor of US President George W. Bush predicts oil prices could reach as much as US$250 per barrel over the coming years.

  • Robert R. Prechter Jr. on the Elliott Wave Principle by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V14:1 (37-42): Interview: Robert R. Prechter Jr. on the Elliott Wave Principle by Thom Hartle It's inevitable: Anyone who enters into the realm of technical analysis runs into a reference to the Elliott Wave Principle sooner or later. Whether you're an

  • Ruby Tuesdays Rising On Positive Earnings Estimates

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ruby Tuesday's common stock has been on a near-vertical rampage for the last two months, but why? Is the stock ready for a rest, or is there more upside in store?

  • Ryder Fuels Up On Big Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ryder Systems bounced off support with big volume, and a resistance breakout looks imminent.

  • Ryland Group Looking For A Move On Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hard to believe, but some homebuilding stocks are actually on a tear.

  • S&P 500 Fails on the Third Fan Line (The Power of Three)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The power of three is pervasive throughout many forms of technical analysis. Triple tops and bottoms, head and shoulder formations, fibonacci retracements (occurring in one third increments), three white soldiers and three black crows in candlestick term

  • SBC Works On A Bullish Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SBC traced out a falling wedge and has yet to reverse the current decline, but signs of a reversal are starting to appear.

  • SIDEBAR: Chaos on CompuTrac

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chaos on CompuTrac A version of the chaos equation systems, programmed as a user study in CompuTrac is below.

  • SIDEBAR: Four-year cycles on a mathematical basis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SIDEBAR: Four-year cycles on a mathematical basis The mathematical basis for the four-year cycle is found in many types of analysis. A good demonstration is the standard deviation of a market average as a risk parameter.


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MEASURING ASSOCIATION BETWEEN RETURNS ON TWO ASSETS The covariance between the total returns on two assets X and Y is defined as the average over the entire period of the products consisting of asset X's return in a given subperiod less its average retu

  • SIDEBAR: More on optimization

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More on optimization It may seem a daunting prospect to find the optimal combination of 10 trading parameters over an eight-year quote file on a personal computer, but it's not as bad as it sounds. What Strategist does is to start with an initial strat

  • SLV Bullish On Both Daily And Weekly Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a wild ride for the silver market since 2003, but the charts now appear to point toward the possibility of further gains this year.

  • SPY: Bearish On Two Key Intraday Time Frames

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 index may be setting up for its next swing trade move - down toward the 1,810.00 level.

  • Sandisk On The Verge Of A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sandisk (SNDK) held support in February and looks poised to break resistance, but low volume still haunts the stock.

  • Semiconductor HOLDRS Barely Holding On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A failed breakout and a waning on-balance volume point to lower prices for the semiconductor HOLDRS.

  • Sense On The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's the near-term price direction for the US Dollar Index.

  • Shine On Silver Diamond?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond pattern forming in the wake of silver's sharp December correction threatens to send prices even lower.

  • Shining A Light On Petrobakken

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...PetroBakken Energy Ltd. operates as a light oil exploration and production company in western Canada. Worth a look?

  • Silver Lining For Metals On Coronavirus Outbreak As Yields Decline

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Silver looks ready to break higher again after its recent consolidation inside a falling wedge pattern.

  • Silver Standard Resources Has Short-Term Setup Based On Long-Term Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold and silver stocks have rebounded strongly since making a major low in October 2008. Here's a look at a fundamentally intriguing stock that's currently offering a fairly low-risk trade setup.

  • Six Stocks On The Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Just when it looks like the entire world is coming apart, the markets stage a nice rally. Go figure. Meanwhile, here are six short- to medium-term momentum stocks that may merit further investigation by savvy traders.

  • Slope Divergence: Capitalizing On Uncertainty

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's a classic chart pattern and many traders use it, yet divergence patterns that could generate profits are easy to miss. Here's one way to automate identifying profit-making divergence patterns.

  • So Do You Cash In On H1N1?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the H1N1 flu continues to make headlines across the world, GlaxoSmithKline is responding to the flu pandemic.

  • Southwest Airlines On Approach To Lower Altitudes?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the last few months, the selling pressure in the shares of Southwest Airlines has been relatively mild yet persistent. Will the newest swing sell signal in the stock precipitate a plunge to lower price levels?

  • Speculating On Safeguard Scientific

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Safeguard Scientific may be in a position for a speculative purchase.

  • Spinnaker Exploration Coming Up On Significant Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spinnaker Exploration looks to have completed the final leg of its one-year downtrend. With the technicals indicating a potential downside reversal in the near-term, investors should consider future weakness as a good buying opportunity.

  • Spying On The SPY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most of the signals that traders rely on for the equities market are derived from the equities market itself (such as price, patterns, volume, and breadth indicators). But there's another dimension you can use. Get an independent window into the stock ma

  • Stepan Company On Bearish Track

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the corrective rally of SCL forming a bottom or will the shares continue moving downwards?

  • Steve Nison On Candlestick Charting by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Steve Nison On Candlestick Charting by Thom Hartle Thanks to Steve Nison of Merrill Lynch, the Japanese candlestick formation method has become international. Nison's first article on the candlestick formation in December 1989 triggered a flood of inter

  • Support and Resistance on QCOM

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ready to move up or just sideways?

  • Surprising Research On Mid-Caps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is well known that small-cap stocks outperform large-caps over the long term. A recent analysis showed that mid-caps are actually the biggest long-term winners, and technicals support taking a position now.

  • Swing Trading With Momentum On Your Side

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seeing a simple breakout may convince you to place a trade, but how do you know if a breakout is really a breakout? Here's one way you can jump into a trade and not get caught off-guard.

  • Sysco Corp. Marks A Bottom On Its Daily Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sysco Corp. has been on a downtrend since slipping below its 200-day exponential moving average last August.

  • TSO Movin' On Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Tesoro Corp. are poised to make an attempt to make a new multimonth high -- if the broad market cooperates.

  • Tandem Studies On Market Movement by Dima Vonko

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tandem Studies On Market Movement by Dima Vonk Here's a tool that analyzes the structure of the market and anticipates market developments for the immediate future. Market movements are often referred to as trends, sideways movements, and consolidation

  • Tax Breaks On Investment Expenses

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's never too early or too late to start thinking about your taxes. Here's a start.

  • That's One Way To Bet On A Falling Market Without Having To Sell Short!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Borrowing stock to sell short has limited upside if you get it right but unlimited downside if you're wrong. Here is a way to bet on a correction while limiting risk.

  • The 411 On 911 Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Protect your standard of living and pave the way for your investment plan. How? Set up an emergency fund using staggered certificates of deposit.

  • The Broadening Formation On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In an article I wrote in July 2009, I addressed the need for closure in order to confirm the complex head & shoulders pattern that was setting up. That pattern failed due to an 11th-hour decision to change course by the bulls. So the deal was never o

  • The Copper Road To China And Impact On Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Copper, a powerful indicator of global manufacturing demand, has been falling and not by just a little. Why and what does it mean for markets?

  • The Effect Of Elections On Stock Market Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do elections influence the stock market? Is there a pattern that investors can take advantage of? This author's statistical research suggests that there is one pattern that produced more than 60% average returns during the election periods in countries a

  • The Effect Of Tilt On Mutual Fund Investing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Overcome invisible limits and find your own positive tilt.

  • The FTSE Bottoms Out On The Weekly Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The FTSE is consolidating between 4360 and 4520. A breakout above 4520 could lead to 5000 for the FTSE in the medium-term. Indications are this could happen soon.

  • The Fan Principle On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The fan principle can be applied to corrective swings to help determine when an intermediate reaction has concluded. The breaking of the third fan line signals a reversal and that a new uptrend is about to begin.

  • The Housing Market Bubble: Impact On Mortgage And Bank Sectors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although the housing sector presents negative conditions currently, the mortgage and bank sectors should remain in a trading range environment.

  • The Lowdown On LoJack

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With headlines like "$150,000 of Hijacked Fish" and "The Great Cookie Caper," this company draws attention to its niche of vehicle recovery.

  • The Noose Tightens On Sandisk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Bollinger Bands are narrowing on Sandisk, and traders should prepare for a directional move as volatility contracts.

  • The Rally Rolls On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Transports, triple bottoms, and third waves: the three Ts of higher stock prices in the near term.

  • The Rap On REITs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a bull market since May 2004, REITs have been the real rally kings. So what can traders make of recent weakness in the group?

  • Through The Stratosphere On The @NQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A system that gives you exceptional results is a keeper. But when you come up with one that gives even better results, it becomes a "keeper to the power of two." Find out how this author came up with this stellar strate

  • Time Warner Coming Up On Key Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though a significant resistance area is approaching, Time Warner may have the power to break through.

  • Trading Forex: More On Charting

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the fourth part of this six-part series, we'll look at some of the more common chart patterns, moving averages, indicators, and Elliott wave theory.

  • Trading On Bad News

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Equifax (EFX) confirmed a data hack affecting over 200,000 of its customers on July 29, 2017. But the full extent of the breach was not revealed until September 2017, when EFX announced that the data breach had exposed the personal information of about 1

  • Trading On Price Perception

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the most important factors to consider when trading stocks is price perception.

  • Trading The Turtle System On Currencies by Guy Brys, Anja Struyf, and Luc Van Hof

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Turtle System On Currencies by Guy Brys, Anja Struyf, and Luc Van Hof The system was developed two decades ago on the basis of a bet, but since then, it's been a proven winner. The Turtle system was developed on daily data but it has some pr

  • Trending on a Historical Basis by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V.13:08 (345-347): Trending on a Historical Basis by Alex Saitta The question is as old as technical analysis itself: Does the market trend? Here's a method to determine the degree to which markets trend historically. In addition, there's a comparison o

  • Tupperware Snaps Higher On Breakout Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tupperware may not be involved in the most glamorous of businesses, but apparently many traders and investors see the stock as a great place to put their trading capital.

  • Twitter - On The Comeback Trail But For How Long?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since its launch in 2013, Twitter (TWTR) has had its ups and downs. But could the worst now be over for this newest Internet poster child?

  • Two Takes on March Sugar's Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 1-2-3 Reversal and a 2B test of top both suggest that the rally in sugar is over.

  • US Dollar Index: Bull Flag On Hourly Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After printing a beautiful "bear to bull" double bottom transition pattern, the US dollar index is testing support before another leap higher.

  • Union Pacific On Track To More Gains?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Union Pacific Corp. have rallied steadily since breaking higher from an 18-week long consolidation pattern.

  • United Rentals Moving On Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of United Rentals continue their march higher, and the technicals suggest further upside is possible.

  • Uranium Miner On An Upleg

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Denison Mines, trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is one of only two publicly traded companies involved in uranium mining and production in Canada.

  • V.14:7 (294-297) Three Turns On The Pivot Point by William Greenspan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V.14:7 (294-297) Three Turns On The Pivot Point by William Greenspan This floor trader updates his previous article on the pivot point technique with additional insight on how he uses the method for day trading S&P futures. Several years ago, I wrote a

  • Variations On The Gold Momentum Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We saw good results from a simple momentum strategy where the investor switches between investing in the S&P 500 and a gold ETF. Could that strategy be improved upon?

  • Verizon Communications On A Downward Track

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Verizon Communications consolidated after its head & shoulders bearish breakout. The stock is likely to resume its breakout journey and may open good short-selling opportunities.

  • Vodafone On Hold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wireless behemoth Vodafone (VOD) has rallied sharply since late July and is closing in on an important resistance level that could make or break the current rally.

  • Vodaphone and On Balance Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using my on balance volume setup, Vodaphone is giving a sell signal.

  • Volume And Momentum Turn Sour On Best Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Best Buy spearheaded the retail group, rising from mid-August to early November, but waning momentum and increasing volume on the downside may spell trouble ahead.

WM: Arbitrary But True: Hidden Influences On The Stock Market by James A. Maccaro

  • WMB: Weak On The Hourly Time Frame

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After setting a fresh five-year high during the last week of 2013, shares of Williams Companies are reversing lower.

  • WPI On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The third-largest generic drug maker just got a shot in the arm that could take it higher -- and the market with it!

  • Waiting On Wellcare Health Plans

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the reelection of President Obama, should we start looking at stocks with ties to health?

  • Walter Industries, With Buying Based On The Long-Term View

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As this stock moves out of a long-term base, shareholders may enjoy long-term profits from this diversified company.

  • Warren Buffett Speaks: New Thoughts On Investing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Berkshire Hathaway annual report brings forth insight from one of the world's richest men, and this year's is no exception.

  • Wells Fargo Latest Breakout Is Low On Fuel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Banking stocks staged major bullish rallies after the Federal Reserve decided to add more liquidity to the banking system on Thursday. But will some of this money find its way into Wells Fargo shares in time?

  • West Marine Moves On With Bullish Mood

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Downtrend ends for West Marine, with three white soldiers formed on three black days for US indexes.

  • When Mutual Fund Managers Move On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does changing mutual fund management improve performance?

  • Why Is Atmel Coming On So Strong?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Atmel Corp,, founded in 1984, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors -- so why is it going so strong right now?

  • Why The Downgrade On MGI Pharma?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MGI Pharma focuses on oncology and acute care product acquisition, research, development, and commercialization. Why the downgrade?

  • Will ParaSar Be On Target?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The tried-and-true ParaSar system is at it again, churning out yet another low-risk buying opportunity, this time in Target Corp., the Minneapolis, MN-based retail giant.

Winning on Wall Street

  • Winning on Wall Street by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Winning on Wall Street by John Sweeney Author: Martin Zweig Publisher: Warner Books 666 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10103 Price: $20 This is a good book. It has a very reasonable approach to trading the market, or even individual stocks. It's a compe

  • With IEO, Calculated Bet On A Technical Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With crude oil off by $100 since its all-time high and natural gas cut in half, some technicians believe a technical relief rally is all but inevitable for the energy sector.

  • With Tesoro, Buy The Strongest Stocks On The Dips?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 may have already made an enduring, multimonth high, but the permabears are likely disgusted with the very slow rate of descent in the broad US markets. Here's a quick look at the top relative strength stock in the .SPX, for those con

  • Working Money: $10 Price Tags On $5 Shirts by Bruce Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: $10 Price Tags On $5 Shirts by Bruce Faber Beware of the rampant ripoffs in retail! "Put the $10 price tags on the $5 shirts and we'll mark them down to $7 for the sale." That was the caption on a cartoon I saw in a magazine about 50 yea

Working Money: Are You Trading On Borrowed Time? by Matt Blackman

Working Money: Counting On Consumers by David Penn

Working Money: On Oil: Reversals, Candlesticks, And Gaps by Chris Manuell

Working Money: Tax Breaks On Investment Expenses by Paul C. Adair

Working Money: The Rally Rolls On by David Penn

  • XOMA Ltd. - A Biotech Play On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This biopharmaceutical development company is showing several interesting formations on its daily and weekly chart.

  • Yahoo Consolidates Before Moving On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If people thought the Internet stocks were dead and buried long ago, think again. Yahoo and Amazon are two stars rising from the rubble.

  • Yahoo On Watchlist

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This statistical analysis shows Yahoo in an upward correction that when exhausted will send price in a bear market selloff.

  • Yahoo! Maintains Uptrend On Their Weekly Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even in choppy markets certain stocks show strong uptrends. These are the stocks that create wealth for investors and traders. But care should be taken to buy them on declines.

  • Yahoo!? Now Hold On Just A Minute

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yahoo gapped up 14% from $48.35 to close at $56.21 in the wake of better than expected earnings. But this looks like a better short than long candidate and proof that markets are more emotional than efficient.

Zack's Analyst Watch on Internet

  • Zero In On The MACD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you find that you trade more than you'd like to while a market is trending? Here's a variation on the moving average convergence/divergence you can use to keep you in trending markets longer so you can capture more of a trend

  • Zeroing In On Winning Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ability to filter out winning stocks from losing stocks can make or break your trading efforts.

  • eBay Closing In On Key Retracement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...eBay is approaching a key retracement and a potentially bearish wedge is forming.

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