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US Stock Bull Market Could End in December 2021
Mark Rivest -- 11/24/21
Time cycles and momentum indicate a major top could be forming.


VIX Cycles
Mark Rivest -- 06/05/20
See how the VIX performs in bull and bear markets....(more)

Stock Market Momentum Cycles
Mark Rivest -- 12/20/19
How strong is the current US stock market rally?...(more)

End Game for the Stock Market?
Mark Rivest -- 08/23/18
Time cycles and momentum hint the bull market could be nearing an end....(more)

A Look At The Presidential Cycle
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/04/18
President Donald Trump has served his first year in office. What does the year ahead hold for him?...(more)

Netflix: Powerful Rally Stretching Limits?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/22/15
Netflix, Inc. shares are surging in the wake of a one for seven stock split — but for how much longer?...(more)

China Large Caps Set For A Rebound
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/15/15
The major selling panic seen in large-cap Chinese stocks since April 2015 is over — for the next few weeks, anyway....(more)

AAPL: Monthly Five Wave Elliott Pattern
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/30/15
Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) stunning 12-year old bull run may finally be reaching its exhaustion stage; as this stock is often considered a bellwether for the US economy as a whole, major moves up or down in...(more) Bullish Breakout Setup
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/24/15 stages a weekly chart breakout after an eight-week consolidation....(more)

Multiyear Bull Run Terminates At Coca-Cola Co.
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/17/15
After a 69-month long bull run, shares of Coca-Cola Co. have finally entered a major corrective pattern....(more)

AVY: Too Far, Too Fast?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/04/15
Shares of Avery Dennison Corp. have surged sharply since mid-April 2015, but now appear to be pausing and/or preparing for a correction....(more)

Cigna Corp: Surging Into Unsustainable Territory?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/28/15
Up by more than 1,600% since November 2008, shares of Cigna Corp. are now closing in fast on a major monthly cycle high....(more)

BLUE: Overextended On Weekly And Monthly Charts
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/20/15
Up by nearly 800% in the past year, shares of BlueBird Bio, Inc. have issued a major weekly sell signal....(more)

WYN: Monthly Sell Signal At Major Cycle High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/12/15
After a stunning 3,600% rally since November 2008, shares of Wyndham Worldwide are primed for a major correction....(more)

LUV: Nosebleed Altitude?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/24/15
Shares of Southwest Airlines are up five-fold in only 30 months; cracks are now appearing in this epic bull run, however....(more)

Costco: Weekly Sell Signal Triggers
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/15/15
Costco's mammoth, six-year rally may be at or very near its termination point....(more)

ANTM: Cycle Highs On Three Time Frames
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/06/15
Up by as much as much as 199% between November 2012 and March 2015, shares of Anthem, Inc. are now in prime position to stage a proportional correction....(more)

Apple: Intial Stages Of A Sizeable Correction?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/31/15
When a weekly and monthly cycle top at around the same time, expect a tradable correction to soon follow....(more)

EW: Getting Overextended On Upside?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/24/15
Shares of Edwards Lifesciences enjoyed a good week of gains last week but cycles analysis says the majority of this current upswing may be complete....(more)

AAPL: Weekly Cycles Say More Downside Possible
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/18/15
Shares of Apple, Inc. are still in corrective mode, per its key weekly price cycles....(more)

OCR: Major Cycle High In Place
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/11/15
After enjoying a 33% rally in late 2014/early 2015, shares of Omnicare, Inc. are moving lower as its dominant cycles turn bearish....(more)

VZ: Cycle Swing CD In Process
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/04/15
Shares of Verizon Communications are setting up for a high probability swing buy trade that has many technical dynamics working in its favor....(more)

NKE: New Wave V Buy Setup Playing Out
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/26/15
Shares of Nike Inc B are moving higher in a wave V rally, with weekly price cycles in full agreement....(more)

SPY: Fresh Weekly Cycle Low, More Gains Likely
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/18/15
The widely followed S&P 500 index may soon challenge or even exceed its December 2014 all-time high....(more)

USO: Multimonth Decline Fading, Reversal Due
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/02/15
After declining by more than 58% since late June 2014, shares of the United States Oil Fund are getting close to a major multicycle low....(more)

Kroger Co: 20-Week Cycle High Approaching
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/27/15
Up by more than 91% since February 2014, shares of Kroger Co. are flashing numerous warning signs that a correction is approaching soon....(more)

TWTR : Potential For Bullish Reversal
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/21/15
Twitter shares may be prepping for further gains, now that a solid basing pattern is in place....(more)

Stock Market Contraction Begins
Alan R. Northam -- 01/16/15
The expansion and contraction indicators suggest the stock market cycle has now entered into a period of contraction indicating a weakening of the stock market....(more)

BBBY: Getting Overly Extended?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/14/15
Although still in a rising mode, shares of Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. are at or near a high probability stall or reversal zone....(more)

MAC: Bearish Divergence As Cycle High Nears
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/09/15
Up by more than 36% in the past 14 weeks, shares of Macerich Co. are near an important cycle high....(more)

20-Week Cycle Still Bullish In Diamonds?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/07/15
Now that the Dow 30 industrials have cleared 18,000, how much higher can it run?...(more)

AU: Bullish Cycle Action Into 2015
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/02/15
Shares of Anglogold Ashanti are basing/reversing as a major weekly cycle low finishes bottoming....(more)

EA: Still Powering Higher
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/29/14
Shares of Electronic Arts, Inc. are up by more than 52% in the past nine weeks, with even more upside possible before a reversal....(more)

XLF: More Downside Into Cycle Low
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/17/14
Shares of the S&P Select Financial SPDR fund are declining fast — right into a strong support area....(more)

GS: Failure Swing Hints At Bigger Pullback
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/02/14
After hitting a five year high in early November 2014, shares of Goldman Sachs are reversing lower in the wake of a failure swing....(more)

Workday, Inc.: Proportional Pullback To Cycle Bottom
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/26/14
After making a measured correction into a key cycle bottom, shares of Workday, Inc. may be ready for a sprint toward $100 per share....(more)

XLE: Energy Stocks Set For Rally
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/25/14
Energy sector stocks are now in a prime position to recover even more of their recent losses....(more)

TQNT: Important Trend And Cycle Juncture
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/21/14
Up by more than 40% since the October lows, shares of Triquint Semiconductor may be set to go even higher....(more)

LMT: Cycle Low Right On Time
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/17/14
Shares of Lockheed Martin make a picture perfect cycle low, rallying on a chaotic day in the broad markets....(more)

ORLY: Divergences Near Cycle High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/12/14
Up by 23% in the past four weeks, shares of O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. are at a key cycle high....(more)

CAT: Low-Risk Short?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/06/14
Shares of Caterpillar, Inc. may be preparing for another decline as a daily cycle high meets with weekly chart resistance....(more)

Home Depot: Near-Term Overbought, Long-Term Bullish
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/26/14
Although Home Depot shares are a bit toppy near-term, the longer term picture looks exceedingly bright....(more)

BP: Near Major Multicycle Lows
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/22/14
When three significant price cycles bottom simultaneously, a tradable bullish reversal may soon appear....(more)

The Election Cycle: Bad News - Good News Story
Matt Blackman -- 04/30/14
The Election Cycle has been called the most powerful short-term stock market cycle and it's saying stocks are headed lower. But there is some light at the end of this tunnel if history is any guide....(more)

As Goes January... Part 2
Matt Blackman -- 02/07/14
In my last article, we looked at the January Barometer which says that stock performance in the first month is important in determining what stocks will do for the remainder of the year. As it turns o...(more)

As Goes January...
Matt Blackman -- 02/05/14
"Every down January on the S&P500 since 1950 without exception has preceded a new or extended bear market, a flat market or 10% correction." 2014 Stock Trader's Almanac...(more)

The Solstice
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/31/13
December 21st is the solstice and in the Northern Hemisphere, December 22nd is the start of Winter....(more)

SPY: Approaching Minor Cycle Turn?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/25/13
Despite a recent bit of turbulence, the S&P 500 index appears to be holding up well, and may soon be expected to make a 10- and 20-day cycle low....(more)

Micron Technology: Close To The Summit?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/23/13
Shares of Micron Technology have been going like gangbusters since the fourth quarter of 2012, but it's due for another correction soon....(more)

S&P 500 Index Preparing For Sell-Off?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/13/13
Price cycle and money flow analysis both agree that the S&P 500 may be due for another correction soon....(more)

HBI: Descending Into A 40-Day Cycle Low?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/21/13
Still up by more than 170% since January 2012, shares of Hanesbrands, Inc. appear to be dropping toward a major support zone....(more)

QQQ: Nearing A Major Multicycle High?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/13/13
The great 2009-2013 bull market continues onward in the Nasdaq 100 index, but is a significant correction just ahead?...(more)

MDY: Closing In On A Major High?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/25/13
Just like its large and small cap peers, this key mid-cap stock ETF has been very strong but may be near to an important cycle high....(more)

Russell 2000 Index: Cycle High Due In April 2013
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/18/13
Small cap stocks just keep on rising, and with the Russell 2000 index now at fresh multiyear highs, now is a good time to estimate when its next cycle high will appear....(more)

FCX : Close to a Major Turn?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/01/13
Down by 50% over the past two years, shares of Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold may be closing in on an important multicycle low....(more)

Halliburton Breaks To New 52-Week High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/15/13
After three weeks of range-bound price action, shares of Halliburton have just made a decisively bullish breakout....(more)

Do You Buy Now?
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/15/13
Some indicators are looking overbought. Do you buy now when you receive a buy signal, or do you wait?...(more)

For Bank Of America, Cycles Warn Of Near-Term High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/14/13
Shares of Bank of America continue to trend higher, but two key price cycles are warning of a near-term reversal....(more)

A Sharp Selloff Into Major Support For NOV?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/07/13
Shares of National Oilwell Varco have been performing poorly compared to its oil services group peers, but a tradable multicycle low may soon be at hand....(more)

AAPL Bullish Reversal Setting Up?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/22/13
After enduring a four-month long decline, shares of Apple Inc. may finally be approaching a key bullish reversal zone....(more)

Does Macy's Lead The Dow?
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/17/13
With the US economy expected to recover in the years ahead, is it time to buy Macy's?...(more)

Visa International Near-Term Peak Approaches
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/16/13
Shares of Visa International are up by more than 110% in the past 28 months, but signs of distribution are clearly evident....(more)

Cisco Systems Running Out Of Fuel?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/17/12
Shares of Cisco Systems have enjoyed a solid rally for the past five weeks, but the rally appears to be treading on thin ice....(more)

Wyckoff, Market Cycles, Working Models
Billy Williams -- 12/17/12
The early 20th century gave us master traders who contributed greatly to the study of technical analysis, which is more relevant today than it has ever been....(more)

APC Surging Toward A Multicycle High?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/14/12
Up by nearly 16% in the last six weeks, shares of Anadarko Petroleum continue to charge higher, seeking its next multicycle high by mid- to late December 2012....(more)

A Possible Swing Trading Method For Pfizer
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/11/12
Shares of Pfizer, Inc., have been surging higher since mid-November 2012. Can the stock break above its previous high of 26.09 sometime between now and late January 2013?...(more)

Is The Four-Year-Old Bull Run In .SPX Fading?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/07/12
With the .SPX still trading within a few percentage points of its post-crash highs, might the impending fiscal cliff be the triggering event prior to a major decline in the US stock indexes?...(more)

Newpark Resources Charging Higher Into Year-End 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/05/12
Shares of Newpark Resources have enjoyed a strong rally since late June 2012, with more gains likely into mid-December 2012....(more)

Kinross Gold Setting Up For More Gains?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/29/12
Shares of Kinross Gold Corp. have been rising after making two successful tests of support during November, but is this rally destined to fail?...(more)

Bank Of America Bullish Continuation Possible?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/27/12
Up by more than 45% over the past six months, shares of Bank of America may be setting up for yet another surge higher into December 2012....(more)

Intel Overdue For A Rally?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/26/12
Down by nearly 31% since early May 2012, shares of Intel Corp. may be getting ripe for a bullish trend reversal....(more)

Hewlett-Packard: Are We There Yet?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/21/12
Down by more than 76% over the past 31 months, shares of HPQ may soon test a major support level....(more)

OXY Getting Too Oversold?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/19/12
Down by more than 21% in the past two months, shares of Occidental Petroleum Corp. may be getting into a historically oversold zone....(more)

Devon Energy Closing In On A Major Low?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/16/12
Shares of Devon Energy appear to be getting close to an important price reversal area, and with numerous technical dynamics aligning in bullish fashion, the anticipated rally in this large-cap energy...(more)

Is Apache Corp. Preparing For A Reversal?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/15/12
Now trading at a new 52-week low, shares of Apache Corp. may be approaching a significant bullish reversal zone....(more)

Major Low Coming Up For DD?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/13/12
Down by more than 17% since September 21, 2012, shares of DuPont are likely getting close to completing a significant multicycle low....(more)

National Oilwell Varco Significant Reversal Likely?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/12/12
Shares of National Oilwell Varco have fallen significantly since mid-September 2012, but a bullish reversal may be due soon....(more)

AAPL Nearing Major Support?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/09/12
Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) have sold off hard since topping nearly seven weeks ago, but this key tech issue may be getting very close to a significant reversal point -- and possibly a great low-risk...(more)

Starbucks And Its Powerful Breakout, Doubtful Near-Term Trend
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/05/12
Shares of Starbucks Corp. leaped higher by more than 9% on November 2, 2012, but how much more room to run does this bellwether large-cap stock really have?...(more)

Lockheed Martin Ahead Of Schedule?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/29/12
Shares of Lockheed Martin reached a new multiyear high on Wednesday, October 24, and may be setting up to move even higher....(more)

HAL 40-Day Cycle Low By Mid-November?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/25/12
Shares of Halliburton, Inc., enjoyed a solid rise from late June until mid-September 2012, but the second stage of a proportional correction is already under way....(more)

Capital One Financial Pullback Just Ahead?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/25/12
Shares of Capital One Financial have enjoyed a steady, yet choppy uptrend since early June 2012, but a significant pullback may be imminent....(more)

EBAY's Sudden Surge Higher
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/24/12
Shares of eBay, Inc., have surged to another multiyear high and may be on track for even more gains into mid-November 2012....(more)

For Citigroup, A New CEO But The Same 80-Day Cycle
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/23/12
Shares of Citigroup have made a new yearly high, celebrating a change in the banking giant's top brass, but its key price cycles warn of a sharp correction soon....(more)

.SPX Multicycle Low Rapidly Approaching?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/18/12
The Standard & Poor's 500 has had quite a bullish run since early June 2012, and now four different price cycles are suggesting that more gains are possible once another multicycle low is complete....(more)

SLV Continuation Move Soon?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/17/12
Shares of the iShares Silver Trust rose by more than 34% between late June and late September 2012, with even more gains possible over the next few weeks....(more)

For ExxonMobil, A New High, Then A Cycle Low?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/15/12
ExxonMobil stock has enjoyed a steady uptrend for more than 17 weeks now, but a pullback is likely due soon....(more)

BK Final Push To A Cycle High?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/10/12
When a stock's long-term money flow trend is deteriorating, wise traders and investors take notice....(more)

Google Approaching A Major Multicycle High?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/09/12
Shares of Google have soared since mid-June 2012, up by more than 38%. But an important swing high may be approaching, one that could cause a significant correction....(more)

More Downside For AEM, Then A Rally?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/28/12
Shares of Agnico-Eagle Mines, Ltd., rose more than 66% between early April and mid-September 2012. Is this party finally over?...(more)

More Pullback Due For eBay?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/27/12
Ebay has had a terrific bull run for nearly a full year now; after it completes a further pullback, will it rise yet again?...(more)

Medtronic Multicycle High Approaches
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/26/12
Shares of Medtronic Inc. are up by more than 21% since early June 2012. Cycle studies indicate a major multicycle high is soon to appear, however....(more)

Time Warner Peaking Before Pullback?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/25/12
Shares of Time Warner have enjoyed a steady rally since early June 2012. Is this bull run nearly over?...(more)

Visa Multicycle Low Due?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/14/12
Shares of Visa, Inc., have enjoyed a terrific bull run since early 2009. What might be in store next for this major financial sector player's stock price?...(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: September 11, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/11/12
The .OEX reversed course on Monday, confirming that its five-day price cycle has made a top; the 20- and 40-day cycles are still forecasting higher prices for the next one to two weeks, however....(more)

More Gains To Come For Bank Of America?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/11/12
Price cycle studies suggest that Bank of America shares may be due for more gains in the weeks ahead....(more)

AMZN Multiyear High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/10/12
Shares of Amazon have once again surged to a new all-time high. Are more gains in store, or is this party soon to end?...(more)

DELL Multicycle Low Approaches
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/07/12
Shares of Dell are down by more than 80% from their all-time highs but may be preparing to stage a minor rebound soon....(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: September 5, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/05/12
The .OEX closed a tiny bit lower on Tuesday; cycles analysis suggests that one more thrust higher by mid- to late September is due....(more)

Apache Corp. Topping Soon?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/29/12
Shares of Apache Corp. have managed to make a chaotic, yet reasonably steady rise since early June 2012. Is this rally destined to go higher?...(more)

Eldorado Gold Tops Relative Strength Among Gold Miners
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/28/12
Up by more than 23% in one month, shares of Eldorado Gold Corp. are outperforming .HUI and GDX by a wide margin....(more)

AAPL Close To The Summit?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/27/12
Shares of Apple Inc. are at all-time highs again, but this latest rally is fast approaching a likely cycle high....(more)

Lockheed Martin Close To A Top?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/27/12
Shares of Lockheed Martin are up by nearly 40% since August 2011; cycles and money flow analysis suggest that a pullback is due soon....(more)

Oracle Approaching A Multicycle High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/24/12
Shares of Oracle Corp. have been on a three-month long bullish tear, but cycles analysis suggests that the move may be entering its terminal phase....(more)

Positive Long-Term Cycles For ExxonMobil
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/23/12
Now that shares of ExxonMobil have moved above recent highs, what's next for the stock price of this global energy giant?...(more)

Google To Pull Back?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/22/12
Google shares have experienced a substantial gain since putting in a minor double bottom pattern in mid- to late June 2012. Can the stock continue to rise near term?...(more)

SBUX Rebound Under Way?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/20/12
Shares of Starbucks Corp. increased by more than 770% between November 2008 and April 2012. Is its current decline just the start of a major reversal lower, or is this a good buying opportunity?...(more)

.OEX Current Cycle Outlook
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/14/12
The S&P 100 has enjoyed a bullish run since early June 2012. Can this rally continue much longer?...(more)

A Drop Before A Pop For Comcast CL A?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/10/12
Shares of Comcast CL A may be ready to turn lower, but only for a brief retest of support before turning higher....(more)

More Rebound Ahead For CAT?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/08/12
Shares of Caterpillar Inc. are up about 6% after making a major multicycle swing low in mid-July 2012. Is there more of a rally in store?...(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: August 7, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/07/12
The .OEX ekes out yet another gain; cycles suggest more upside....(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: July 30, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/30/12
The .OEX rocketed higher on Friday as the indexes' key price cycles begin to reexert control....(more)

Where To Next For FCX?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/27/12
After enduring a multimonth decline, are shares of Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold close to an important bullish reversal point?...(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: July 24, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/24/12
Despite a deep intraday pullback, the .OEX staged an afternoon rebound as higher-degree cycles provided support....(more)

Major Cycle Low In Place For IEZ?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/13/12
Having endured a major correction since late February 2012, shares of the iShares oil equipment/services ETF may be at or near a major multicyle turning point....(more)

GLD: Which Way for Pennant Break?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/05/12
With a major pennant formation well under way on the daily chart of gold, can price cycle analysis provide some guidance as to which way price will break?...(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: July 5, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/05/12
Powerful, rising cycles appear to have a major role in propelling the .OEX up toward a major cycle high by early October 2012....(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: July 2, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/02/12
The .OEX rocketed higher on Friday, confirming the bullish strength of two of its key price cycles....(more)

Major Support Test Soon For FCX?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/29/12
Being aware of major price cycles and key areas of support and resistance in your favorite stocks can help you stay abreast of potentially profitable price moves....(more)

BRKB Breaking Badly?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/21/12
Still in a trading range, will the latest RMO sell signal in shares of Berkshire-Hathaway B lead to a tradable decline?...(more)

ALL Heading For A May Cycle Low?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/09/12
Will shares of Allstate Corp. manage another run higher after its recent consolidation, or is the downward pull of multiple price cycles going to be the determining factor in the stock's near-term dir...(more)

Finally A Bottom For Stillwater Mining?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/02/12
After retracing 80% of the last major rally, shares of Stillwater Mining may finally have made a major multicycle low....(more)

Long-Term Cycles Offer Short-Term Warnings For Stocks
Mike Carr, CMT -- 04/26/12
Cycles point to a correction and then strong gains in stock prices through the end of the year....(more)

Can AAPL Make A New High?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/25/12
Price cycle analysis correctly anticipated the recent 11% decline in shares of Apple Inc. So what are the cycles in this stock predicting next?...(more)

Exco Resources Bottoming Soon?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/24/12
There's something unsettling about a stock that has shed nearly 75% of its value in less than a year. Can such stocks -- like Exco Resources -- manage a rebound after all?...(more)

CELG New Buying Opportunity Soon?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/17/12
Having already risen by nearly 56% in less than eight months, is the current decline in Celgene Corp. setting up a new buying opportunity?...(more)

For PCLN, End Of The Line For Current Rally?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/16/12
Shares of have enjoyed an epic runup in price over the past few months. Is the current decline a buying opportunity or the start of a major trend reversal?...(more)

Newmont Mining Closing In On A Low?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/12/12
After enduring a 35% selloff in five months, might shares of Newmont Mining be ready to make another significant low?...(more)

SVU A Better Buy At Lower Prices?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/09/12
Shares of Supervalu, a major regional grocery chain, have been falling for the past three months. Is a turnaround finally at hand?...(more)

CAT Jumps Down From Here?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/05/12
Earnings are good and Caterpillar's long-term prospects appear to be bright, but cyclical analysis suggests that the stock may be due for a significant pullback in the near term....(more)

For Hecla Mining, A Rising Price Cycle?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/05/12
Shares of Hecla Mining made an important multicycle low on March 22, 2012, and are now attempting yet another move higher....(more)

FCX Sliding Toward A Bottom?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/02/12
For a large-cap stock, Freeport McMoran can really make some aggressive moves. Will its latest slide soon find meaningful support near $34?...(more)

National Oilwell Varco Consolidating Before A Drop?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/30/12
With a drop below $76.60 set to resume the downtrend in shares of National Oilwell Varco, price cycle analysis suggests that a run toward $73.00 may be a high-probability event....(more)

For Stillwater Mining, A Drop, Then A Pop?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/29/12
Cyclical analysis suggests that shares of Stillwater Mining may soon fall, reaching a tradable low in the near future....(more)

Election Cycle Bearish For Stocks And Bonds In The Short Term
Mike Carr, CMT -- 03/27/12
There is a well-documented cycle in markets related to Presidential elections. This pattern suggests stock and bond market weakness in the short term....(more)

JPM Pullback Toward Expected Cycle Low Due?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/26/12
After plunging by 45% between February and October 2010, shares of JPMorgan Chase have rebounded sharply. However, prices may soon be due for a pullback over the next month or so....(more)

Is The Cycle High For .RUT?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/22/12
The R2K just broke higher out of an inverted head & shoulders pattern, but is this rally attempt too little, too late?...(more)

Market Taking A Bite Out Of Apple?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/20/12
In a mammoth runup, how much higher does Apple really have left to run?...(more)

Looking At Cycles Through Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/30/11
W.D. Gann left so much material behind when he died that nobody is quite sure what strategy he used to amass his fortune. Here is one strategy he may have used....(more)

The Puzzling Paget And His Cycles
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/03/11
Cycles can be something of a mystery....(more)

When To Buy
Koos van der Merwe -- 08/31/11
The consumer confidence index has dropped, and stock prices have fallen. When do you get back in?...(more)

A Cyclical Formation On FTI Consulting
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/28/11
When you stand on the beach and watch the waves splash at your feet, you are watching a cycle caused by the gravity of the moon....(more)

The Election Nears
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/29/10
Always anticipate the election cycle....(more)

Does The Cycle High Approach For the Russell 2000?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/13/10
The Russell 2000 stock index is up by more than 110% since March 2009. Is this jig up?...(more)

Is R2K Cycle Low in Place - Or Not?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/19/10
Cyclical analysis of the broad stock indexes can be a useful and rewarding endeavor for the astute technician. Here's a look at the current weekly price cycle pattern in the Russell 2000....(more)

Bounce Likely In The R2K: Fact Or Fib?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/09/10
Now that the market's fear factor is back in force, skilled technicians can use Fibonacci time cycles and EMA support to locate low-risk countertrend trade setups....(more)

Canadian Dollar Futures Descending Toward Support
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/29/10
Canadian dollar futures enjoyed a nice bull run in 2009, but the technicals now suggest that it may take a while for the loonie to meet or exceed its October 2009 highs....(more)

Gold Falling Like A Ton Of Lead
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/22/10
Despite a modest relief rally, gold has resumed its major monthly cyclical downtrend. At what support level might this metal finally bottom out?...(more)

Russell 2000 Cycles And Supports
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/07/09
Since peaking late last month, the Russell 2000 index has been moving progressively lower toward an anticipated daily cycle low....(more)

Paget Cycles Revisited
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/29/09
In 1982, at a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, I met a man named Roger Paget. He taught me two cycle strategies I still use today....(more)

Russell 2000 Weekly Cycle Target Hit
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/24/09
Market predictions are risky business, but when sound logic, based on repetitive patterns, is used to make a price target calculation, the results can be surprising....(more)

What's Next, More Rally Or A Major Stall?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/13/09
Even the strongest bull market rallies need time to pause and regroup before continuing higher. Is the current action in the broad markets a consolidation or a major top?...(more)

More Cyclical Evidence S&P 500 To Reverse Higher
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/10/09
The S&P 500 is due to make a 20-week cycle low near the end of this month; this is further supported by the current action of the 20-day cycle, also anticipated to bottom near the end of the month....(more)

Southern Copper Nearing Major Weekly Cycle Low
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/09/09
Southern Copper, one of the big winners during the basic materials sector bull run (2001-07), now appears to be on track to complete an anticipated 20-week cycle low, with bullish implications for dai...(more)

S&P 500 Descending Toward Major Cycle Low
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/26/09
The weekly cycle in the major US stock indexes are all heading lower for now, but expect a major reversal once the swing lows are established, probably within the next three to six weeks....(more)

A Month Till A Major Turn For Russell 2000?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/19/09
Despite bullish monthly and quarterly price cycles in the Russell 2000 index, the weekly cycles are beginning to exert a minor corrective influence....(more)

GDX Approaching Key Support
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/17/09
Gold mining stocks have pulled back recently, but now they may be setting up for a short-term reaction move higher....(more)

Is The Cyclical Turn At Hand?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/16/09
Despite today's selloff in the broad US markets, Amazon shares managed to produce a potentially significant, bullish reversal bar....(more)

Sell In May And Go Away?
Koos van der Merwe -- 05/28/09
This maxim is on everyone's lips at the moment. Is the market going into a quiet phase over the next few months because of the start of the summer holidays? Or is there something else involved?...(more)

Monthly Price Cycles Show Bullish Signs Of Life
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/27/09
Many industry groups are manifesting rising monthly price cycles, implying that more gains may be seen after a period of further correction and/or consolidation in the US markets....(more)

Solid Earnings Growth Driving Gold Miners Higher
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/20/09
Solid earnings growth and a rising weekly price cycle implies further gains for this group of 11 gold mining stocks....(more)

Harmony Gold Mining's Major Quarterly Cycle Low
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/19/09
Cycle analysis can sometimes help time a successful stock trade; a potential quarterly cycle low in Harmony Gold Mining appears to offer traders a buying opportunity....(more)

Hecla Mining Has More Gains Possible
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/28/09
Hecla Mining, despite recent sales growth and earnings woes, has just completed a daily cycle low, rising after a successful test of support....(more)

DJ Vu: Where Is the Next Top?
James Kupfer -- 03/12/09
Continuing an exploration of the similarities between today's market environment and the Great Depression leads to a price target for this move up....(more)

DJ Vu, Part II
James Kupfer -- 03/11/09
History may be happening again in more ways than one....(more)

James Kupfer -- 02/18/09
Looking back in history may show us what the future will look like for the Dow Jones Industrial Average....(more)

Two Pathways To Potential Profits For PWE
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/09/09
Canadian energy trusts took a tumble in the wake of the Canadian government's Halloween Surprise announcement in October 2006 regarding the tax treatment of these high-yielding securities. Here's a lo...(more)

CM Has Short Swing Setup
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/05/09
Financial sector stocks are still weak, and here's a look at one that looks ready to fall further....(more)

Two Ways To Play Hecla Mining
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/21/09
After forming a solid-looking nine-week base, Hecla Mining may be forming a cycle low, one that short-term traders may wish to investigate....(more)

A Cycle Peak And An Intraday Setup
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/15/09
After rising more than 105% since the October 2008 lows, USEC may now be offering an intraday short setup....(more)

Silver Standard Resources Has Short-Term Setup Based On Long-Term Cycle
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/12/09
Gold and silver stocks have rebounded strongly since making a major low in October 2008. Here's a look at a fundamentally intriguing stock that's currently offering a fairly low-risk trade setup....(more)

Aqua America Close To A Buy?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/10/08
Aqua America, one of the strongest stocks in one of the strongest industry groups, is getting close to a buy setup as it pulls back in a strong uptrend....(more)

A Harmonious Relationship: HMY and XAU
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/04/08
Harmony Gold Mining, one of the better-performing gold stocks in the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index, may have fairly low-risk trade setups going for both long- and short-term traders....(more)

With IEO, Calculated Bet On A Technical Rally
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/03/08
With crude oil off by $100 since its all-time high and natural gas cut in half, some technicians believe a technical relief rally is all but inevitable for the energy sector....(more)

Getting Ready For A Bottom
James Kupfer -- 10/20/08
Does history say anything about the potential for a bottom, given that the Dow Jones 30 is down more than 20% this month?...(more)

Yes, The US Is In A Recession
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/11/08
So when will the Dow Jones bottom?...(more)

Does Hasbro Have A Cycle To Trade?
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/13/06
This toy manufacturer's chart shows an interesting cycle....(more)

SimpleTech A Stock To Watch
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/29/06
Why has the price of this stock, a designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of custom and open-standard memory solutions, jumped?...(more)

The Four-Year Cycle
Koos van der Merwe -- 07/12/06
How accurate and consistent is the four-year cycle? Judge for yourself....(more)

John Ehlers And The Fisher Transform
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/28/05
I bought the first MESA program sold by John Ehlers sometime in 1985-86 when I was looking for something other than Gann fans and Fourier analysis to determine cycles. That's when I first learned abou...(more)

Looking At Canada Through i-Shares' MSCI Canada Index Fund
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/29/05
Canada is in the throes of a political crisis. How is this reflected in the market?...(more)

A Wild Six Months for Crude Oil
Kevin Hopson -- 07/14/04
Even though crude oil prices have been up and down this year, predicting the various cycles has been easier than you might think....(more)

Nasdaq And The 53-day Cycle
Koos van der Merwe -- 07/02/04
In my article, "Nasdaq And Its Cycles" (posted December 16, 2002, Advantage), I showed that a simple 53-day cycle would predict the Nasdaq's cycle lows. I concluded that you should not us...(more)

Playing The Presidential Cycle
Matt Blackman -- 06/18/04
Incumbent presidents have shown an incredible propensity for shamelessly pumping up the economy in election years. Knowing when is the essential first step to profiting from it....(more)

Hello Ruby Tuesday
Matt Blackman -- 03/29/04
This stock has been marching steadily higher since before this bull began. It has also been showing a regular cycle for those who know what to look for....(more)

Gold Cycle Revisited
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/29/04
On June 18, 2003 I presented a daily chart of the London PM Gold cycle with observations. Has gold stuck to that cycle?...(more)

Rest Time Again For The S&P 500
Matt Blackman -- 10/13/03
Every rally has its cycles. In a bull, prices move up for a period, take a rest and then continue to move higher. Its rest time again for the S&P 500 and traders are watching to see if it will be a br...(more)

Is the S&P 100 Cycle Confirming A Recovering U.S. Economy?
Koos van der Merwe -- 08/14/03
I have written many articles on cycles, and shown how a simple cycle can be a reliable arrow in your quiver of technical analysis weapons. Here is another one....(more)

What Is It With Gold?
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/18/03
A reader of applied the cycle strategy I used of previous articles (Nasdaq And Cycles of December, 2002) to the London Gold price, and emailed it to me for comment. Below is my analysis....(more)

QQQs Updated
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/16/03
The Nasdaq 100 Shares (QQQ), is an index tracking stock that trades on the AMEX (AMEX:QQQ). It is the first financial product created by the Nasdaq-Amex Market Group.

More On Cycles And The S&P 500
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/03/03
Can technical analysis foretell the future? I don't believe it can, but I do believe that technical analysis does encompass everything that is out there, and by this I mean fundamental and emotional a...(more)

Forecasting the HIGH of a Cycle
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/31/02
Forecasting the date for a cycle low is relatively easy as I have shown in my two previous articles, "Cycles and the S&P 500 Index" (12/13/02), and "Nasdaq and Cycles" (12/16/02), but forecasting a cy...(more)

Nasdaq And Cycles
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/16/02
Even though there are sophisticated programs available that determine cycles and their future projections, I still prefer the simple approach, namely counting the number of days between lows, and proj...(more)

Cycles and the S&P 500 Index
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/13/02
In all the years I have been a student of technical analysis, and I go back as early as 1967, using cycles to forecast an index's turning point has always fascinated me....(more)

Cycles & Patterns: A Look at Microsoft
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/12/02
Microsoft has always reported good earnings and met their earnings whisper number, yet, before every earnings announcement, there has always been speculation that 'this time they will miss.' Now that...(more)

Gann Analysis and Nasdaq
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/02/02
W.D. Gann was probably one of the most controversial market gurus. Rumor has it that he made millions of dollars trading the market with his mathematically-based trading systems. When he died, he left...(more)

Random Walk Index
Dennis D. Peterson -- 04/02/02
A statistical approach for finding persistent cycles also works to find trends....(more)

Cyclicals At Support?
Austin Passamonte -- 12/06/01
Cyclical stocks can be a good place to start when looking for an economic recovery....(more)

Keys To Predicting Economy Cycles
Austin Passamonte -- 09/06/01
Predictable patterns exist within the cycle of rising and lowering interest rates to help us gauge where in the economic process equity markets are. When shifting from an environment of rising to lowe...(more)

Trading The Presidential Cycle
Han Kim -- 06/14/00
It's another election year but can we expect the market to perform well?...(more)

Jason K. Hutson -- 04/02/00

Download these PDF pages on CYCLES.

V.5:3 (93-98): In search of the cause of cycles by Hans Hannula, Ph.D.
People have, for centuries, noticed cycles in many things, including the stock market. This author presents the unorthodox view that the planets are the cause of cycles. By Hans Hannula, Ph.D., page 93-98.

V.5:11 (350-351): Cycles without tears by Hans Hannula, Ph.D.
Readers who hate mathematics will enjoy this simple method for tracking repeating market cycles. If you can use grid paper, a pencil and straightedge, you can master this technique in five minutes. By Hans Hannula, Ph.D., page 350-351.

V.10:9 (385-389): Are There Persistent Cycles? by E. Michael Poulos
Most technical indicators use a fixed lookback length based on the idea that cycles are present in the price data. Should the same fixed lookback length be used for all markets? Are there persistent cycles present to justify the use of the same lookback length for evaluating the market? Mike Poulos searches through a number of markets for persistent cycles and offers his solutions. By E. Michael Poulos

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