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SCCO And The Unnoticed, Unloved
Billy Williams -- 05/20/21
The tectonic plates of the market are shifting, and the once unnoticed and unloved sectors are beginning to emerge with Southern Copper leading the way....(more)

Shoals Technologies - The New Solar Kid In Town
Matt Blackman -- 02/25/21
Company goes public facing strong industry headwinds....(more)

Hyliion Holding Corp - Another Low Emissions Truck Manufacturer Starts Trading
Matt Blackman -- 11/12/20
The company entered an increasingly crowded space using different technology. Can it survive?...(more)

Mind The Gap
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 10/15/20
Gaps are periods on charts during which no trading has taken place. They are represented by blank spaces. They can form on any time frame and represent periods when high buying or selling volume, ofte...(more)

Ballard Power - Hydrogen Fuel Poster Child?
Matt Blackman -- 07/23/20
This company has a 41 year history developing hydrogen power. Its stock chart speaks volumes....(more)

Twitter Will Lead The Next Rally
Billy Williams -- 08/01/19
Naysayers say the bull market will end but Twitter just keeps shrugging off their predictions and will help lead the next bully rally....(more)

Hannon Armstrong Profiting From The New Economy
Matt Blackman -- 07/11/19
In my never-ending search for companies that will prosper in the new renewable energy and technology economy, I came across this momentum stock. And it looks to be breaking out to new all-time highs o...(more)

A Quick Look at CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 06/01/16
A look at CF's chart will show that it topped on June 17, 2015, reaching a high of 68.10 in a buying climax marked by unusually high volume. This marked the start of its sustained and protracted downt...(more)

AAPL: Spotting Potential Reversal Zones In Advance
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/11/15
Learning to spot high-probability support/resistance zones in advance can help intraday traders gain a valuable edge in the markets....(more)

Overcoming Overconfidence Bias
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 12/04/14
Overconfidence is a cognitive bias which results in our overestimating our abilities to perform a skill or task. In so doing, we see ourselves as better than average and we rate our abilities higher...(more)

LUV: Warning Of Decline Ahead?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/28/14
Shares of Southwest Airlines suddenly reverse after hitting a major supply zone....(more)

SLB: Heavy Supply Zone Overhead
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/22/14
Now rebounding from a steady, multimonth decline of 28%, shares of Schlumberger Ltd. must deal with a heavy overhead supply zone....(more)

Convergence Of Bullish Signals In HCLP
Billy Williams -- 09/17/14
HCLP has been on the rise but has recently stalled so is it time to exit or go long? The answer may surprise you....(more)

CMG: Market Chipping Away At Recent Gains
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/22/14
When a fundamentally sound stock experiences violent daily price action, a closer look is in order....(more)

General Motors Chart Speaks Volumes
Matt Blackman -- 04/01/14
GM used to be a stock market bellwether and what it's saying now has decidedly bearish implications....(more)

A Share To Keep An Eye On
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/24/14
Every now and again, a share captures your attention as an indicator triggers a buy or a sell....(more)

Visa And Stock Leadership
Billy Williams -- 10/03/13
The market sold off on a huge spike in volume but one stock shrugged it off and is trading higher....(more)

VIPS, IPO's, Price Volume
Billy Williams -- 09/23/13
IPOs launch with lots of fanfare and almost never perform as advertised, but China's version of is the exception to the rule....(more)

Price, Volume, And The Road Ahead
Billy Williams -- 07/15/13
The market is showing some interesting price action and looks like it's making an attempt to trade higher but, like everything in life, you have to consider the context surrounding certain events....(more)

Large Cap Play In CL
Billy Williams -- 04/10/13
Trade volume seems to be weak but is rising in large-cap stocks such as Colgate-Palmolive (CL), which appeals to both investors and traders....(more)

Market Leaders Tell A Tale Of Woe
Matt Blackman -- 11/19/12
These previous market darlings pulled the market higher in good times. But now they are doing the opposite....(more)

Dow Chemical Volume And Price Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/22/12
After nearly six months of sideways to declining price movement, shares of Dow Chemical may have finally caught a bid, ready to rise strongly into early November 2012....(more)

Accenture Price/Volume Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/03/12
Shares of Accenture roared higher late last week, gapping higher on wide range and big volume; technicals warn the move could be short-lived, however....(more)

Amazon Breaking Higher From Consolidation
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/03/12
After three months of mostly sideways price action, shares of Amazon broke decisively higher on July 27, 2012 -- and on big volume....(more)

NOV Price And Volume Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/02/12
Shares of National Oilwell Varco leaped higher on Thursday -- on massive volume....(more)

Honeywell Price And Volume Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/23/12
Shares of Honeywell International leaped higher on Wednesday, July 18, with a massive volume increase to boot....(more)

Newmont Mining Price And Volume Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/11/12
After making a major swing low in mid-May 2012, shares of Newmont Mining have begun to accelerate higher....(more)

Is Facebook Disaster Or Opportunity?
Matt Blackman -- 06/04/12
The Facebook (FB) initial public offering (IPO) was launched with a broad range of opinions. Some (mostly the underwriters and promoters) loved it and analysts for the most part hated it. After a disa...(more)

NetFlix Outlook Looking More Negative
Matt Blackman -- 03/06/12
After putting in what looked like a strong base, Netflix has broken trend. But how far will it drop from here?...(more)

With CERN, A Powerful Price And Volume Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/13/12
When a stock breaks higher on big volume -- and during a major bull run in the broad market -- chances are the smart money has found a new home in which to invest their trading capital....(more)

Volume And Trends
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/01/12
Volume tends to precede, predict, and confirm future trends....(more)

RDC Price And Volume Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/20/12
The MetaStock price and volume breakout exploration has identified shares of Rowan Cos. as a strong price/breakout candidate....(more)

Four Types Of Trading Volume To Use For Higher Gains
Billy Williams -- 01/18/12
Technicians use price action to dictate their trading decisions, but that is a waste of time if you don't understand how to use volume, the fuel for price movement, to trade well....(more)

ROST Blasting To A New 52-Week High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/06/12
When stocks blast to a new 52-week high on wide range and heavy volume, there's probably a good reason. Ross Stores is an example....(more)

Kepple Corp. Worth A Buy?
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/29/11
The share price of Kepple Corp. has made a strong V bottom. Is it worth a buy?

Spotting Accumulation In A Quiet Market
Billy Williams -- 10/20/11
Don't look at volume now to spot emerging bullish trends or you'll miss the next big move....(more)

Two Key Factors In Spotting Distributions
Billy Williams -- 03/21/11
Selloffs can sometimes seem to come suddenly, but if you know two key concepts to spot distribution, you can protect yourself and still profit....(more)

Moving Averages And Volume Reveal Strong Trades In Cotton
Billy Williams -- 03/16/11
Cotton is ginning up some serious profits in its current bull run, and using both volume and simple moving averages can show you when to enter and profit if you know how....(more)

Trading With The Major Players
Billy Williams -- 03/08/11
If you want to profit big in the market, then make sure that you are trading along with the major players....(more)

TLT May Change Direction
Ranjan Jha, CMT -- 11/18/10
Price and volume action of TLT shows it's ready to reverse its short-term downtrend....(more)

Inverse Head & Shoulders?
Alan R. Northam -- 10/04/10
What looks like an inverse head & shoulders pattern does not mean it is. Through the analysis of how volume relates to price it is possible to make a distinction between what looks to be an inverse he...(more)

Turn Up The Volume
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/29/10
Most traders use some form of volume analysis; here's a look at a unique way to measure the current momentum of the volume trend in your favorite markets....(more)

Apple Is Ready To Turn Lower
Alan R. Northam -- 09/20/10
Apple looks to be in a topping process. By looking at price patterns, price momentum, and volume, we can come to a clear understanding about the technical condition of this security....(more)

How To Use Price And Volume To Trade Profitably
Billy Williams -- 08/31/10
To gauge a stock's strength or weakness, study price and volume....(more)

Volume Helps Identify Gold Trend
Alan R. Northam -- 08/23/10
Volume is not always included in the analysis of a security or market index, but when it is, it provides valuable insight into the analysis that can affect the outcome. In the analysis of GLD, volume...(more)

Adding Volume To The Analysis
Alan R. Northam -- 08/17/10
The whole purpose of technical analysis is to use past price and volume data to determine the future direction of a security or market. An analysis that does not include volume, however, is not a comp...(more)

Russell 2000 Rally To Continue?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/14/10
The Russell 2000 has just completed a successful 38% retracement of the March 2009 to April 2010 bull run, and now, two volume-based indicators suggest that this key small-cap index may have another f...(more)

Which Momentum Indicator Should You Use?
Alan R. Northam -- 07/13/10
To arrive at a correct analysis of volume momentum, the analyst must use the correct momentum indicator....(more)

As Gold Stocks Peak, A Possible Short Play With UXG
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/12/10
Volume is an oft-overlooked technical tool, one that traders can use to help anticipate turns in any market....(more)

Why Is Cognizant Technologies Going Up?
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/08/10
From $1.50 to $50-plus in 11 years, and still going strong. Why?...(more)

FTEK Ready For Another Drop?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/22/10
Down by 50% since October 2009, shares of FTEK have recently managed a feeble bounce higher. Is this stock bottoming out, or is this another chance at a low-risk short sale?...(more)

A Stock Market On The Verge Of Collapse
Alan R. Northam -- 11/30/09
There are four basic analytical tools an analyst uses to measure the health of an individual stock or the stock market as a whole. One is price patterns, one is momentum, another is volume, and the fi...(more)

Looking At Futures With Volume-Weighted MACD Histogram
Mike Carr, CMT -- 10/19/09
Combining volume with momentum is a tool used to spot trend changes in stocks that can be applied to futures markets as well....(more)

CRR Has Strong Volume On Channel Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/09/09
When a fundamentally sound stock makes a major breakout on heavy volume, it usually pays to take a closer look....(more)

Russell 2000 Emini Futures
Austin Passamonte -- 06/16/09
The S&P 500 futures are the king of emini index markets. But popularity as measured by volume does not always mean superiority of profit potential. Other emini markets exist for valid reasons -- some...(more)

Broad US Markets Break Higher From Consolidation
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/02/09
After a month of sideways price action, the broad US stock indexes have finally tipped their hand, breaking higher on big volume and wide ranges....(more)

Gartley 222 Pattern Taking Shape For Ford
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/26/09
After staging a powerful rally from its bear market lows, shares of Ford Motor Co. (F) have been correcting on declining volume. A distinctly bullish price pattern is now evident on the chart, one wor...(more)

A High Tight Flag For LNC
Arthur Hill -- 12/17/08
After a sharp advance with big volume, Lincoln National formed a high and tight flag that acts as a consolidation before a continuation higher....(more)

High-Volume Surge For Broadcom
Arthur Hill -- 12/10/08
Broadcom surged off support with high volume and looks poised to break its 50-day moving average for the first time since August....(more)

Further Downside Risks Lurk Over The DJIA
Ron Walker -- 11/20/08
The intraday charts could be suggesting that there is further downside risk for the DJIA. The one- and 15-minute time frames have now gotten a lower high and lower low. There is still hope for the bul...(more)

Is China Set To Bounce?
Matt Blackman -- 11/19/08
China and India still enjoy respectable growth rates even as their industrialized counterparts in the US and Europe enter recession. Is now the time to jump across the bamboo curtain?...(more)

Is The Market Building A Bottom?
Matt Blackman -- 11/19/08
One good overall measure of the market is the Vanguard Total Market ETF. What is it telling us about the market?...(more)

Is This The Bottom For The NYSE Composite?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/17/08
After making a new low today, the NYSE Composite index staged a major turnaround. But is this truly the end of the major downtrend that began a year ago?...(more)

Ralcorp Bucks The Bears
Arthur Hill -- 11/14/08
The pickings are slim during a bear market, but Ralcorp is bucking the bear with relative strength and a bullish engulfing on high volume....(more)

Wal-Mart Firms At Support
Arthur Hill -- 10/23/08
After a sharp decline to support, Wal-Mart formed a triangle consolidation, and traders should watch these boundaries for the next signal....(more)

Skywest Poised For Takeoff?
Arthur Hill -- 10/17/08
Relative strength, good volume, and a potential double bottom point to higher prices for Skywest....(more)

CME Holds Its Breakout
Arthur Hill -- 10/07/08
The CME Group bucked the market in September with a breakout and continued relative strength points to further gains....(more)

An ABC Correction For Linear Tech
Arthur Hill -- 09/25/08
After tracing out an ABC correction, Linear Technology surged with good volume, and this could foreshadow a breakout that ends the correction....(more)

A Momentum Upturn For Arthrocare
Arthur Hill -- 09/18/08
Arthrocare shows signs of strength with improving momentum and good upside volume on its recent breakout....(more)

Weyerhaeuser Pumps Up The Volume
Arthur Hill -- 09/18/08
Signs of relative strength and increased buying pressure point to a resistance breakout in Weyerhaeuser....(more)

Humana Breaks Flag Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 09/12/08
Humana broke flag resistance with good volume, and the next resistance level marks the neckline of a larger head & shoulders reversal pattern....(more)

Delta Forms A Bullish Pennant
Arthur Hill -- 08/06/08
Delta Airlines surged in mid-July with a sharp advance on high volume. A pennant formed to signal a rest along the way, and traders should watch for a continuation breakout....(more)

ExxonMobil Surges Off Support
Arthur Hill -- 08/04/08
After a rather sharp correction from mid-May to July, ExxonMobil found support and surged on good volume. A little follow through would trigger a breakout....(more)

Wal-Mart Under Distribution?
Arthur Hill -- 07/22/08
Despite holding up well over the last two to three months, Wal-Mart sports a potential head & shoulders pattern that could mark a distribution phase....(more)

A Breakout For Biogen Idec
Arthur Hill -- 07/18/08
Biogen Idec has been moving higher with good volume since late June, and a recent triangle breakout opens the door to even higher prices....(more)

ANN Breaks Wedge Support
Arthur Hill -- 06/26/08
Ann Taylor Stores rallied the first five months of the year, but the advance formed a bearish wedge and a recent support break ended the rally....(more)

Imax Readies For A Breakout
Arthur Hill -- 05/22/08
IMAX Corp. sports a bullish continuation pattern, and signs of accumulation point to a breakout in the stock....(more)

ANN Hits A Wall
Arthur Hill -- 05/09/08
Ann Taylor Stores bounced over the last few weeks, but weak volume and nearby resistance suggest that this bounce will end sooner rather than later....(more)

A Big Breakout For Labranche
Arthur Hill -- 05/02/08
After basing for eight months, Labranche & Co. broke through resistance on big volume to signal the start of a big uptrend....(more)

eBay Battles The 200-Day Moving Average
Arthur Hill -- 05/02/08
After a surge in March 2008, eBay consolidated around its 200-day moving average in April, and a consolidation breakout would signal a continuation higher....(more)

A Big Outside Reversal For Southern
Arthur Hill -- 03/18/08
Southern Co. forged a huge outside reversal with big volume. This solidifies support and opens the door to further gains....(more)

Lubrizol Stalls At Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 03/13/08
After stalling within a key retracement zone, downside volume is picking and Lubrizol looks like it is putting in a high....(more)

A High-Volume Breakout For Xilinx
Arthur Hill -- 03/12/08
Xilinx broke through ascending triangle resistance with a gap on good volume to signal a continuation of the January surge....(more)

Comcast Holds The Gap
Arthur Hill -- 03/07/08
Comcast gapped up and broke one resistance level, but the stock stalled over the last two weeks and the on-balance volume is not promising....(more)

Brazil iShares Has Strong Breakout
Chaitali Mohile -- 02/29/08
Brazil iShares has moved above its previous high resistance on its third attempt on strong volume and may develop a fresh uptrend with this breakout....(more)

A Rectangle Top For Apollo
Arthur Hill -- 02/28/08
Apollo Group broke rectangle support with high volume, and the long-term outlook is now bearish....(more)

Alaska Air Flies Higher
Arthur Hill -- 02/08/08
Alaska Air is bucking the trend of the overall market with a resistance breakout on good volume....(more)

An Island Reversal For Amgen
Arthur Hill -- 01/30/08
After forming an island reversal on high volume, Amgen looks poised to break resistance and head higher....(more)

Millennium Bucks The Market
Arthur Hill -- 01/17/08
While the broader market falls apart, relative strength and good upside volume point to higher prices for Millennium Pharmaceuticals....(more)

Seeing Double At Xerox
Arthur Hill -- 12/10/07
Xerox successfully tested its August low in November, and a double bottom is taking shape. Strong upside volume points to a breakout....(more)

Accumulation In Ross Stores
Arthur Hill -- 12/07/07
Upside volume is surging for Ross Stores, and prices could be poised to follow suit....(more)

Breakout Fails In Analog Devices, Inc.
Chaitali Mohile -- 12/03/07
The upside breakout failed due to previous range resistance, though the surge was supported by good volume....(more)

IBM Breaks Wedge Support
Arthur Hill -- 11/06/07
IBM failed to take out resistance, and the high-volume decline looks like the start of an extended down move....(more) Climbs Up On Lower Volume, Overheated ADX
Chaitali Mohile -- 10/12/07
New high on Amazon stock was achieved with reducing volume and slow price momentum....(more)

Yahoo! Gaps Off Support
Arthur Hill -- 09/26/07
Yahoo! had a rough summer, but the stock found support from last year's low and a gap-up kick started a breakout on good volume....(more)

Consumer Staples Bounce Back
Chaitali Mohile -- 08/16/07
XLP moved smartly above resistance with strong support and heavy volume....(more)

Ryder Fuels Up On Big Volume
Arthur Hill -- 08/03/07
Ryder Systems bounced off support with big volume, and a resistance breakout looks imminent....(more)

A Big Breakout For Cisco
Arthur Hill -- 07/13/07
The Cisco Kid is back with breakouts on both the daily and weekly charts. Volume reinforces these breakouts, and higher prices are in the offing....(more)

A Massive Base For Eli Lilly
Arthur Hill -- 05/08/07
After forming a large base over the last two and a half years, Eli Lilly & Co. surged to resistance on expanding volume. A breakout would be long-term bullish....(more)

Bowne & Co. Comes Out Roaring
Chaitali Mohile -- 04/18/07
BNE moves out of a long consolidation period with a huge increase in volume. Will this breakout lead to a bullish rally?...(more)

Tech Stocks And A Distribution Phase
Paolo Pezzutti -- 04/16/07
The money flow and the on-balance volume indicate that investors are cautious about investing in tech stocks after the selloff at the end of February....(more)

A Breakout For eBay
Arthur Hill -- 04/16/07
Relative strength and a resistance breakout on good volume point to higher prices for eBay....(more)

Deere Breaks Down On Big Volume
Arthur Hill -- 04/03/07
After two months of flat trading, Deere & Co. established a directional bias with a support break....(more)

A 30-Minute Breakout For Pfizer
Arthur Hill -- 04/02/07
Pfizer broke channel resistance with good volume on the 30-minute chart, enough to reverse the short-term downtrend....(more)

A Bear Flag For ManPower
Arthur Hill -- 03/29/07
A weak rally over the last few weeks for a bear flag for ManPower and weak volume flows point to a downside break....(more)

Biovail Makes A Breakout
Arthur Hill -- 03/21/07
A resistance breakout on good volume points to higher prices for Biovail....(more)

Innospec, Inc. Breakout Fails
Chaitali Mohile -- 03/16/07
Low volume and an overheated ADX results in a failed breakout of an ascending triangle. The trend remains strong, but the ADX in a weekly time frame affects the breakout....(more)

Trident Bucks The Market
Arthur Hill -- 03/14/07
The major indexes fell sharply on March 13, but Trident recorded a sharp gain on good volume and the January breakout is holding....(more)

Signs Of Accumulation In Tektronix
Arthur Hill -- 02/22/07
Tektronix fell off a cliff in December 2006, but immediately firmed and now shows signs of buying pressure over the last two months....(more)

Intel Gears Up For A Move
Arthur Hill -- 02/06/07
Intel consolidates and prepares for its next move. Its on-balance volume points to a breakout, but the stock must first fill a gap....(more)

JDS Uniphase Lacks Volume
Arthur Hill -- 01/31/07
JDS Uniphase surged and consolidated over the last two weeks, but weakness in on-balance volume decreases the chances of follow-through and a breakout....(more)

RadioShack Gaps Higher
Arthur Hill -- 01/16/07
A gap and breakout on big volume point to higher prices for RadioShack....(more)

EchoStar Breaks Out Of An Ascending Triangle
Chaitali Mohile -- 01/15/07
A breakout of an ascending triangle on good volume gives good reason to be long this stock....(more)

Amgen Surges To Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 01/10/07
Amgen surged on big volume but stalled at resistance, and bullish consolidation formed on the intraday chart. The next few days are critical....(more)

Mind The Gap For Home Depot
Arthur Hill -- 12/05/06
A resistance breakout with a gap and high volume open the door to higher prices for Home Depot....(more)

Halliburton Takes A Rest
Arthur Hill -- 11/14/06
After a big surge on high volume, Halliburton took a breather over the last two weeks. Traders should look for a breakout to signal a continuation higher....(more)

XM Satellite Traces Out A Double Bottom
Arthur Hill -- 11/07/06
XM Satellite gapped up on high volume to solidify support and open the door to a double-bottom reversal pattern....(more)

CheckPoint Makes A Big Breakout
Arthur Hill -- 11/01/06
After turning rather boring in September and most of October, Checkpoint Systems came back to life with a resistance breakout on big volume....(more)

Eli Lilly Breaks Resistance On Good Volume
Arthur Hill -- 10/19/06
The health-care sector has been strong lately, and Eli Lilly is doing its part with a consolidation breakout on good volume....(more)

CH Robinson Confirms Double Top
Arthur Hill -- 10/19/06
CH Robinson broke double-top support on big volume, and the forecast is for lower prices in the coming months....(more)

Alaska Air Making Bid To Break Out
Arthur Hill -- 09/27/06
Alaska Air likes the sound of falling oil prices as the stock moves to channel resistance and readies for a breakout....(more)

Chevron Gaps Off Support
Arthur Hill -- 09/06/06
A gap off support and an advance on high volume increase the odds of a flag breakout for Chevron....(more)

On-Balance Volume Overview
Paolo Pezzutti -- 08/15/06
This well-known indicator can help traders assess the market's conditions....(more)

The Tide Is Turning At Tidewater
Arthur Hill -- 08/02/06
A recent gap off support with big volume and a strength in two key indicators point to higher prices for Tidewater....(more)

Signs Of Accumulation In WMI
Arthur Hill -- 07/27/06
Despite a decline over the last three months, key volume indicators have remained strong for Waste Management (WMI) and the correction may be nearing its end....(more)

Anticipating A Breakdown In Coach
Luis Ferro -- 06/15/06
A strong medium-term correction in Coach was accompanied by a substantial increase in trading volume. This highly bearish pattern, combined with a long-term triple top, forecasts lower prices for the...(more)

Disney Tests Resistance
Paolo Pezzutti -- 05/22/06
The stock is in an uptrend and is outperforming the stock market....(more)

Coca-Cola: Bullish Head & Shoulders
Paolo Pezzutti -- 05/11/06
After the breakout of the neckline on heavy volume, the stock gains momentum to the upside....(more)

Trend Conflict In Franklin Resources
Luis Ferro -- 05/10/06
Franklin Resources broke below a well-defined congestion on strong volume. The subsequent pullback to the breakout level and the formation of a dark cloud cover suggest that this would be the perfect...(more)

ISSI Shows Signs Of Accumulation
Arthur Hill -- 05/09/06
Integrated Silicon Solution has been consolidating in 2006 and is showing signs of buying pressure....(more)

Avaya Continues Higher
Arthur Hill -- 05/09/06
A recent neckline breakout on good volume points to higher prices for Avaya....(more)

Bear Trap Bodes Bull For Massey
Arthur Hill -- 05/03/06
Massey Energy was poised to move lower after a support break, but managed to firm and recover with a gap on good volume....(more)

BMC Bounces On Good Volume
Arthur Hill -- 04/24/06
BMC Software shows signs of accumulation, and a consolidation breakout looks increasingly likely....(more)

Flextronics Flexes Its Muscle
Arthur Hill -- 04/18/06
A gap and breakout on big volume point to higher prices for Flextronics....(more)

Mind The Merck Gap
Arthur Hill -- 04/12/06
Merck had a great run, but a gap down on big volume signals a shift in opinion....(more)

Wal-Mart Is Off To The Races
Arthur Hill -- 03/21/06
After a correction and consolidation, Wal-Mart broke resistance on big volume and is ready to challenge its 2005 highs....(more)

UPS Starts Outperforming
Arthur Hill -- 03/08/06
UPS ignores market weakness with a breakout on good volume....(more)

Trendlines, Light Volume, And Live Cattle
David Penn -- 03/01/06
A trendline break and a bounce on light volume spell reversal for February cattle futures....(more)

Coke Finds Some Fizzle
Arthur Hill -- 02/28/06
Coca-Cola has been lagging for a while, but things are starting to look up with price and volume breakouts....(more)

Dell's Double Bottom
Arthur Hill -- 02/09/06
Dell bounced off support from its prior low with big volume, and now, a potential double bottom is taking shape....(more)

Starbucks Trying To Perk
Arthur Hill -- 01/31/06
Starbucks broke above flag resistance, but low volume suggests that this breakout may lack caffeine....(more)

Inco Breaking Out To New Highs
Arthur Hill -- 01/26/06
Inco's recent breakout on big volume argues for continued strength over the next few months....(more)

John Ehlers And The Fisher Transform
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/28/05
I bought the first MESA program sold by John Ehlers sometime in 1985-86 when I was looking for something other than Gann fans and Fourier analysis to determine cycles. That's when I first learned abou...(more)

Bears Engulfing Cocoa
David Penn -- 10/06/05
Bearish engulfing candlesticks and volume contractions marked tops in cocoa rallies this year....(more)

Semiconductor HOLDRS Barely Holding On
Arthur Hill -- 09/19/05
A failed breakout and a waning on-balance volume point to lower prices for the semiconductor HOLDRS....(more)

On-Balance Volume Variation
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/15/05
Anyone who calls him- or herself a chartist knows about Joseph Granville and on-balance volume. Here is a variation on his original formula, applied to Bema Gold....(more)

SPY Forms Harami At Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 09/13/05
After a sharp rally, the Standard & Poor's 500 EFT formed a harami at resistance and on-balance volume sported a large negative divergence....(more)

Alexander Elder: The Force Index
Paolo Pezzutti -- 09/12/05
The force index combines price and volume to provide you with the strength of bulls and bears both....(more)

Xilinx Attempts Head And Shoulders Reversal
Arthur Hill -- 09/09/05
Xilinx formed an inverse head & shoulders over the last few months, but volume is not impressive and resistance is close at hand....(more)

Coke Shows Some Fizz
Arthur Hill -- 09/09/05
Coca-Cola has consolidated the last few months, but volume and momentum favor an upside breakout....(more)

Barrick Makes A Big Break
Arthur Hill -- 08/09/05
Barrick Gold has been outperforming most gold stocks and recently broke to a new 52-week high on good volume....(more)

A Bullish Pattern For Large-Cap Growth
Arthur Hill -- 07/18/05
The July surge in IVW completed the right shoulder of a bullish continuation pattern, and volume patterns are pointing to a breakout....(more)

Mind The Gaps In Centex
Arthur Hill -- 06/24/05
Centex, a leading home building stock, recently gapped higher on big volume, and this gap is close to becoming an exhaustion gap....(more)

Xilinx Testing Critical Support
Arthur Hill -- 06/22/05
Weak relative strength and a new low in on-balance volume point to a support break in Xilinx....(more)

iShares Financial Services ETF Holding Big Gap
Arthur Hill -- 06/16/05
Even though a consolidation formed over the last few weeks, high volume shows that a battle is raging and the next break is crucial for the iShares Financial Services ETF (IYG)....(more)

Waiting For Volume
David Penn -- 06/14/05
The rally in shares of Forest Labs has everything a bull might want ... except for more bulls....(more)

Generals Lead The NASDAQ Charge
Arthur Hill -- 06/10/05
The NASDAQ advance/decline volume line has sharply outperformed the A/D line over the last few weeks, showing leadership from the generals....(more)

Rallies On Weak Volume
David Penn -- 05/31/05
The higher the May rally climbed, the lower the volume got....(more)

Signs Of Accumulation In Millennium
Arthur Hill -- 05/31/05
Millennium has been in the dog house since January 2004, but some key volume indicators show buying pressure over the last three months....(more)

Lifeway Foods Bottoms Out (Rounding Bottom)
Ashwani Gujral -- 05/27/05
After an extended period of falls, Lifeway Foods went into a dull rounding bottoming process. The stock recently exploded on the upside on heavy volume, indicating that strong hands have been accumula...(more)

Novell Breaks Neckline Resistance On Good Volume
Arthur Hill -- 05/25/05
Novell diverged from NASDAQ in March, and a recent breakout on good volume points to higher prices in 2005....(more)

CIEN: Double Bottom Or Dead Cat Bounce?
Arthur Hill -- 05/20/05
Volume and momentum suggests that the recent bounce in Ciena may be more than the dead cat variety....(more)

Pharma HOLDRS Consolidate Above Resistance Break
Arthur Hill -- 05/19/05
After a breakout in mid-April, the Pharma HOLDRS formed a triangle above resistance, and volume flows pointed to an upside breakout....(more)

Hammers On High Volume
David Penn -- 05/19/05
Recently, I suggested higher prices for semiconductor stocks in the near term. By hammering in a bottom on high volume, KLAC is one stock among many that delivered....(more)

Nokia Breaks Triangle Resistance On Good Volume
Arthur Hill -- 05/09/05
In another positive sign for tech stocks, Nokia gapped up on good volume and broke triangle resistance to signal a continuation higher....(more)

Time For Intel To Hold Or Fold
Arthur Hill -- 05/04/05
A recent breakout on good volume bodes well for Intel as long as key support holds....(more)

Fiserve Has A Mind Of Its Own
Arthur Hill -- 04/26/05
While the Nasdaq wallows near its lows for the year, Fiserve (FSIV) is breaking resistance barriers on good volume....(more)

Nasdaq Breadth Joins Oversold Chorus
Arthur Hill -- 04/21/05
Nasdaq breadth has become oversold, but a low in the index may still be a few days away....(more)

CME Euro FX Continuous Contract: Is The Trend Over?
Paolo Pezzutti -- 04/18/05
The study of relationships between range and volume provides a valuable insight to market conditions....(more)

FedEx Drags Transports Lower
Arthur Hill -- 04/11/05
Volume is expanding as FDX declines and a bearish reversal pattern is taking shape....(more)

Software Looking Soft
Arthur Hill -- 03/21/05
After a period of indecision and consolidation, the iShares Software Index Fund appears to have made up its mind....(more)

PLUG Powers Higher
Arthur Hill -- 02/24/05
Alternative energy should benefit from high oil prices, and it looks as if money is moving into Plug Power....(more)

CheckPoint Is Feeling The Heat
Arthur Hill -- 02/17/05
With the recent news that Microsoft will enter the market for security software, Checkpoint Software filled a gap and momentum turned negative....(more)

Declining Volume + Rally = Reversal?
David Penn -- 02/04/05
The bounce at the end of January in the QQQQ had everything a bull would want--except for strong volume trends....(more)

Kodak Bucks Market Weakness
Arthur Hill -- 02/04/05
January has been a difficult month for the broader market, but Eastman Kodak managed to find some buyers and forge a breakout....(more)

Volume And Momentum Turn Sour On Best Buy
Arthur Hill -- 01/28/05
Best Buy spearheaded the retail group, rising from mid-August to early November, but waning momentum and increasing volume on the downside may spell trouble ahead....(more)

3M Is Starting To Stall
Arthur Hill -- 01/06/05
3M has been a top performer over the last four years, but low volume and a potential bearish reversal pattern could end that streak....(more)

A Breakout For The Dow Diamonds
Arthur Hill -- 12/21/04
After a consolidation above broken resistance, the Dow diamonds broke out on good volume and appear to be headed higher....(more)

Cocoa Pops
David Penn -- 12/07/04
Volume clues a dip-buying opportunity in cocoa....(more)

Down Goes Disney!
David Penn -- 09/29/04
Big volume on a 2.5% down day does not bode well for the guardians of the Magic Kingdom....(more)

Schwab Looking For Volume
Arthur Hill -- 09/16/04
After a big move in August, Schwab finds itself with a nice reversal pattern in search of volume for confirmation....(more)

UPS Forms Bearish Failure Swing
Arthur Hill -- 08/19/04
UPS has been one of the top market performers, but waning volume and momentum could foreshadow a reversal....(more)

The Copy Book Recovery Of Xerox
Koos van der Merwe -- 07/28/04
Xerox Corporation raised its full year outlook, citing second quarter performance and strong demand for Xerox's new technology and value-added services....(more)

Volume Indicators Differ for Newmont
Arthur Hill -- 07/14/04
Here is Newmont Mining (NEM) with two volume indicators singing from different song books....(more)

Exelixis, Inc. Breaking Out Of Ascending Triangle
Steven Coffey -- 06/29/04
Exelixis, Inc. (EXEL) has been rising in an ascending triangle since October 2002, and is just beginning its breakout on strong volume....(more)

Breakout For CKE Restaurants
Steven Coffey -- 06/25/04
CKR recently made a strong volume breakout above its April 2002 high. What's more, it's just slightly above the breakout point....(more)

Charles Schwab Bottoming Out Near Shakeout Day
Steven Coffey -- 06/14/04
After a four month downtrend, Charles Schwab (SCH) had a high volume day which seems to have gotten rid of the final sellers. Now it may be ready to start moving up again....(more)

PetMed Express Inc. Breaks Down
Ashwani Gujral -- 06/11/04
PetMed Express Inc. (PETS) broke down from a double top, then had a relief rally only to find resistance again near the double top and selling on heavy volume. If you missed the double top breakdown,...(more)

Semi's Drag Nasdaq Lower
Arthur Hill -- 04/29/04
The Nasdaq broke above 2040 with a surge on high volume, but lack of help from the semiconductor group is weighing....(more)

Using The Lower Low Strategy Plus Volume
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/27/04
Finding a share out of the many thousands listed on the exchanges that could be a profitable trade is a matter of determining a trading strategy to use. There are many out there, and I have written a...(more)

Vaxgen Inc. Has Breakout Potential
Gary Grosschadl -- 04/19/04
Vaxgen (VXGN) is looking bullish -- provided a breakout on good volume ensues....(more)

Swiss Franc Futures Give Contrary Daily And Weekly Signals
Ashwani Gujral -- 04/08/04
When the weekly and daily charts show contradictory signals, weekly patterns generally prevail. The Swiss Franc futures shows a bearish daily chart and an upward channel on the weekly chart. The fir...(more)

Using An Inverted Put/Call Ratio To Trade The QQQs
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/08/04
The Put/Call ratio is simply the number of put options contracts traded in a given day divided by the number of call options contracts traded that same day. The put volume divided by the call volume...(more)

Sandisk On The Verge Of A Breakout
Arthur Hill -- 04/02/04
Sandisk (SNDK) held support in February and looks poised to break resistance, but low volume still haunts the stock....(more)

Bud Bubbles Over
Arthur Hill -- 03/08/04
Anheuser Busch (BUD) is one of the leading stocks in the Consumer Staples sector and the recent breakout speaks volumes on the state of the overall market....(more)

Microsoft Trend Change
Gary Grosschadl -- 02/17/04
Microsoft slid under its 200-day moving average on higher than average volume. That should send alarm bells ringing....(more)

Genuine Parts Breaks Out On Good Volume
Arthur Hill -- 02/12/04
After a long consolidation, Genuine Parts (GPC) broke resistance to confirm a bullish continuation pattern....(more)

Retail HOLDERs Heading for Neckline Test
Arthur Hill -- 02/10/04
The Retail HOLDRs (RTH) kept pace with the broader market from March to October, but the stock has faltered over the last three months. Volume is increasing on the downside and a potential head and sh...(more)

CNET Breaks Out To New 52-Week Highs
Ashwani Gujral -- 02/09/04
Stocks breaking out of consolidation or continuation patterns are always the surest trades. In this example, CNET breaks out of a flag pattern on very heavy volume to hit new 52-week highs....(more)

A Head And Shoulders Consolidation And Reversal
Ashwani Gujral -- 01/15/04
A head and shoulders pattern can be both of the consolidation and the reversal variety. American Medical Systems Holdings Inc. has one of each in its daily and weekly chart, with both suggesting the...(more)

CompuDyne Corporation Breaks Out Of An Ascending Triangle
Ashwani Gujral -- 01/08/04
Ascending triangles are different from other triangles. They give an indication of the direction of their breakout before the event. An ascending triangle breakout on heavy volume is a good reason to...(more)

Nortel - Something To Look At?
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/23/03
The period before Christmas, especially when Christmas falls on a week day, means days of low volume and much volatility as traders take profits before the long weekend, and mutual funds adjust their...(more)

Thunder Energy (THY-T) In Toronto Has Broken Out
Andrew Hetherington -- 11/12/03
Watch the volume as Thunder Energy completes an ascending triangle and double bottom formation....(more)

Compuware Corporation At A Critical Point
Andrew Hetherington -- 10/27/03
The daily chart of Compuware (CPWR) shows an intriguing 6-month ascending triangle. The volume on this triangle is far from perfect; however, it does diminish from left to right....(more)

Tibco Breaks Neckline Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 10/20/03
Tibco Software (TIBX) signaled a continuation higher with a neckline breakout confirmed by volume and relative strength....(more)

JNJ Trying To Strike A Double Bottom
Arthur Hill -- 10/17/03
JNJ's recent gap on high volume solidifies support and opens the door to a resistance test and possible double bottom breakout....(more)

PF Chang's Confirms Double Top
Arthur Hill -- 10/02/03
The long-term trend remains up for P.F. Chang's (PFCB) as the stock is trading comfortably above the September 1st trendline. However, a recent double top support break projects at test of this import...(more)

SPY Flag -- Still Awaiting Confirmation
Matt Blackman -- 09/15/03
On September 2, the chart pattern on the SPY broke out on higher volume giving a bullish signal. But the 102-support line was broken a week later. Until we see higher volumes and a sustained move abov...(more)

Put/Call Ratio On Target
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/12/03
The put/call ratio is simply the number of put options contracts traded in a given day divided by the number of call options contracts traded that same day. The put volume divided by the call volume y...(more)

Sycamore Networks Has Seen the Light
Andrew Hetherington -- 07/14/03
Like so many other stocks, Sycamore Networks (SCMR) has bottomed out. A 7-month bottom reversal-ascending triangle has formed on their daily chart with perfect volume on the creation of the pattern....(more)

Have the Energies Had Enough?
David Penn -- 06/24/03
Six-week trendline breaks to the downside and volume oscillators turning lower are among the factors that contribute to a bearish outlook on the energies....(more)

Coffee Grinding Down
David Penn -- 06/23/03
After a rally in late spring, coffee futures are making new contract lows. What will it take for a turnaround?...(more)

PAL Takes Some Well-Deserved R&R
Arthur Hill -- 06/20/03
After a big trendline break with big volume North American Palladium (PAL) consolidates its gains below key resistance....(more)

Is It "Now Time" For Natural Gas?
David Penn -- 06/19/03
A dead-cat bounce in a volume indicator suggests that natural gas may be headed lower....(more)

MMM Forms Bearish Flag
Arthur Hill -- 06/13/03
MMM confirms key support at 120 with another bounce and rising flag on low volume....(more)

Checkpoint Completes Reversal
Arthur Hill -- 05/08/03
After a large symmetrical triangle consolidation, Checkpoint Software broke resistance on expanding volume to usher in a significant trend change....(more)

QQQs and the SPDR Technology Index ETF
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/29/03
XLK is an exchange traded fund found on the AMEX. ETFs are index mutual funds that can be bought and sold just like common stock and are traded on the American Stock Exchange along with Standard & Poo...(more)

Is Juniper Networks on the Brink of Breaking Out?
Andrew Hetherington -- 03/21/03
A triangle formation on Juniper Nerworks (JNPR) chart has a bullish tendency but it will not break out unless the volume continues to increase....(more)

Vouching for Volume
David Penn -- 03/07/03
High-volume trendline breakdowns aren't always all they're cracked up to be....(more)

Vodaphone and On Balance Volume
Koos van der Merwe -- 03/06/03
Using my on balance volume setup, Vodaphone is giving a sell signal....(more)

The Arithmetic Nasdaq Versus the Semi-Logarithmic Nasdaq
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/25/03
With all the uncertainty in the world today, investors are scared to take the plunge and market moves in either direction- up or down- are on low volume. A semi-logarithmic chart of the Nasdaq once ag...(more)

Microsoft: Where Will It Go?
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/21/03
In the good old days, long before Enronitis, a company's worth was measured by its earnings per share. Then along came Microsoft and changed the way we looked at a company....(more)

Analyzing the Market for a Winner
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/03/03
A strategy to find a winner in the market using price and volume....(more)

A Painful Head and Shoulder is Lurking for Merck & Company
Andrew Hetherington -- 09/26/02
A head and shoulders pattern with diminishing volume signals a shorting opportunity....(more)

A Perfect Triangle for SERENA Software
Andrew Hetherington -- 08/15/02
The stock price for SERENA Software broke below its triangle formation recently. A quick look at volume can help you judge the strength of the triangle formation....(more)

Which Way Will J.B. Hunt Services Go?
Andrew Hetherington -- 08/01/02
Volume plays an important role when analyzing a breakout from a chart pattern. Here's a recent example on the chart for J.B. Hunt Transport Services (JBHT)....(more)

Possibilities and Probabilites: An Ascending Triangle and Descartes Systems Group
Gary Grosschadl -- 06/06/02
This battered Canadian tech stock (a logistics solutions provider) trading on Nasdaq and Toronto is starting to look interesting. It trades with better liquidity on the Canadian exchange and can suff...(more)

Rational Software Corp. is Head and Shoulders Above the Crowd!
Andrew Hetherington -- 05/28/02
A rush of volume should push Rational Software as well as several other equities into finishing their patterns....(more)

Early Hints at General Motors' Weakness
Gary Grosschadl -- 05/10/02
Multiple negative divergences are often an early sign of trouble ahead. Some are starting to appear for GM and traders should watch for additional confirming weakness via price action and pattern viol...(more)

Intraday Intensity
Dennis D. Peterson -- 12/10/01
Some would call it Accumulation/Distribution, but whatever the name there is some useful insight to be gained by examining it....(more)

Cattle's Diamond Continuation
David Penn -- 11/09/01
A big volume breakdown in live cattle futures turns a consolidation into a bearish continuation....(more)

Intel Corporation's (INTC) Upside Triangle Breakout
Jason K. Hutson -- 08/03/01
In the last three months, the narrowing price range on this security has been penetrated with a semi-significant price movement upwards while the daily volume has almost doubled....(more)

Lennar's Head and Shoulders Top
David Penn -- 06/21/01
High volume on the left shoulder of this topping formation adds to a bearish picture for this downwardly sloping H&S top....(more)

Volume Rules: CACI International's Spring Climb
David Penn -- 05/25/01
As CACI International advances from 28 to 43 in less than two months, CACI longs celebrate the benevolent dictatorship of volume....(more)

Volume Analysis (Part IV of IV)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/21/01
Volume tells us how many shares are traded and thus gives us a measure of buying and selling enthusiasm....(more)

Volume Analysis (Part III of IV)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/21/01
Volume tells us how many shares are traded and thus gives us a measure of buying and selling enthusiasm....(more)

Volume Analysis (Part II of IV)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/21/01
Volume tells you how many shares are traded and thus provides a measure of buying and selling enthusiasm....(more)

Volume Analysis (Part I of IV)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/18/01
Volume tells us how many shares are traded and thus gives us a measure of buying and selling enthusiasm....(more)

Nasdaq's Technical Knockout
David Penn -- 05/07/01
Declining prices meet rising volume in a winner-take-all prizefight in May....(more)

Chubb: Volume, Price and Money Flow
David Penn -- 11/02/00
Has the summer buying interest in Chubb Corporation returned as a search for sturdy autumn shelter?...(more)

Setting Up an Excel Spreadsheet for the Forecast Oscillator
Dennis D. Peterson -- 10/26/00
This article is reprinted from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Volume 10, Issue 5 to supplement my recent article "Forecast Oscillator"....(more)

Negative Volume Index
Dennis D. Peterson -- 09/28/00
Negative volume index (NVI) claims to be an index that reflects what smart money is doing. Whether it's smart money or not might be debatable, what isn't debatable is whether it can work....(more)

Upside Breakouts-A Good Time to Buy?
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 08/31/00
In any given day you are likely to find one stock that has gone up in price on higher than average volume. Is there any way of knowing whether this is a pump and dump or a genuine upside breakout tha...(more)

Dennis D. Peterson -- 08/16/00
The accumulation/distribution indicator can be very useful to confirm the accumulation and distribution phases of a stock's buying and selling, better than on-balance volume (OBV) in many instances....(more)

The Power Of Price And Volume Trends
Han Kim -- 08/15/00
To get a better sense of where the security's price is headed, you should consider volume along with price changes. Price changes are viewed with more significance when the volume accompanying the cha...(more)

Bowl Pattern Confirmation
Dennis D. Peterson -- 07/17/00
On-balance volume and money flow are two commonly used indicators. Understanding how to use them can provide additional confirmation of a pattern....(more)

Improve Timing With On-Balance Volume
Sean Moore -- 06/02/00
The on-balance volume (OBV) indicator provides an effective means for measuring cumulative volume as it relates to price....(more)

Taking Advantage Of Market Volume
Sean Moore -- 05/26/00
Trends in market volume can provide helpful insight into market activity. One effective way to recognize these volume trends is with the use of a volume oscillator....(more)

Broadening Formations
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 05/22/00
Broadening formations, also known as broadening triangles, are defined as a series of higher highs combined with lower lows. Trading volume tends to expand during the widening phase, and signal a bre...(more)

Code For PVI & NVI Indicators
Han Kim -- 05/19/00
In a continuation of my previous article, "Positive Volume Index Or Negative Volume Index", I'm supplying the code for both indexes in Easylanguage (ELA), for TradeStation, and as an Excel spreadsheet...(more)

Positive Volume Index Or Negative Volume Index?
Han Kim -- 05/19/00
Which one should you use? Why not both! Determining market direction by using only half the data doesn't make any sense. Use all of it to ensure the highest probability of success....(more)

Jason K. Hutson -- 04/01/00

Download these PDF pages on VOLUME.

V.11:1 (27-29): The Volume Oscillator by Martin Pring
Price and volume are important for technical analysis of markets. Here's how noted author and technician Martin Pring presents two of his favorite ways of looking at volume. By Martin Pring

V.11:3 (118-121): Put Volume Indicator by John Bollinger
Although it has been mined for many years, one of the richest veins in technical analysis remains the sentiment area. Here, money manager and market analyst John Bollinger discusses one such indicator. By John Bollinger

V.11:3 (118-121): SIDEBAR: Formulas
Put/call ratio, Hines ratio, Bollinger, put/volume indicator, and technician's oscillator.

V.11:4 (162-165): Combining Volume And Market Change by Anthony J. Macek
Price and volume is a never-ending fount of ideas for judging the market's current technical condition. Here, newsletter publisher Anthony Macek combines the magnitude and direction of price change with volume to produce a technical indicator. By Anthony J. Macek

Market Volume Impact indicator.

V.12:6 (235-239): Price-Volume Rank by Anthony J. Macek
Imagine receiving a warning when the market was likely to collapse or being alerted when one of your favorite stocks was about to rally. What if these signals came from analysis that was simple enough to do without a computer and took only a few minutes a day to update, using just two pieces of information found in virtually any newspaper? Is this a dream? Maybe not. By Anthony J. Macek

V.12:7 (303-305): On-Balance Volume Indicator by Bruce R. Faber
Of all the factors in trading that technicians learn to analyze, surely price and volume are the first two. Here, the basics behind this classic technical tool are explained. By Bruce R. Faber

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