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Dawn of the Bear Market?
Mark Rivest -- 03/26/2020
Deep retracements of stock indices could be the start of a larger decline....(more)

Fibonacci Extension Clues From Past Retracements
Fawad Razaqzada -- 04/04/2019
Using the Fibonacci tool on price action that has already unfolded can provide us with clues in terms of what to expect next when price breaks out of a range....(more)

Wells Fargo Revised
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/28/2016
With the Wells Fargo fraud hitting the news, we now know the reason for the weakness forecasted in my June 6th article....(more)

A Completed Head & Shoulders
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/05/2015
When a head & shoulders formation has completed its retracement, do you buy the stock?...(more)

MAT: Bear Market Bounce
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/31/2014
Once Mattel's current bear market bounce completes, expect another wave of selling to commence....(more)

Apple: A Case For Retracement
Alan R. Northam -- 03/21/2013
While Apple remains in a long-term downward trend, an intermediate-term statistical analysis shows that Apple may be ready to shed some of its excess losses....(more)

A Look At Retracements
Bruce Tintelnot -- 05/30/2012
No one can immediately recognize when retracements are beginning or how long they will last, but some methods have been developed that attempt to help traders and analysts arrive at estimations.

Fibonacci Retracements And Runaway Markets
Billy Williams -- 07/27/2011
Measuring pullbacks with Fibonacci retracements can mean different things as far as the strength of the trend is concerned, plus one added secret if you know what to look for....(more)

Do Fibs Work?
Mike Carr, CMT -- 07/13/2011
Fibonacci ratios have a mythical quality among many traders. Ten-year interest rates are a current example of Fibonacci retracements....(more)

NVDA Complete Retracement Of The 2010 Decline
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/07/2011
While it's always a thrill to see a stock launch into a near-vertical, parabolic rise, wise traders and investors will want to do some technical and fundamental investigation before blindly jumping on...(more)

Can The US Dollar Rally Last?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/17/2010
The US dollar tends to trend reliably across time frames, but is this new daily chart rally just a minor retracement of an emerging downtrend or is the bull run that began in December 2009 starting to...(more)

Russell 2000 Rally To Continue?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/14/2010
The Russell 2000 has just completed a successful 38% retracement of the March 2009 to April 2010 bull run, and now, two volume-based indicators suggest that this key small-cap index may have another f...(more)

Resistance Levels In Trending Markets
James Kupfer -- 03/30/2010
Fibonacci lines are normally used to project support and resistance zones for retracement moves, but as we can see on the DJIA, they may also prove useful for identifying resistance levels for trendin...(more)

Price And Time Targets
Alan R. Northam -- 02/19/2010
By using the Fibonacci retracements and the Andrews pitchfork, a price and time relationship can be determined to forecast when a price target should be reached....(more)

Autoliv Offers Long Retracement Entry Setup
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/11/2009
As the broad market indexes pause to catch their breath, some fundamentally attractive, high relative strength stocks are offering another chance to get on board....(more)

Is JDA Software An Interesting Gap Retracement Play?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/29/2009
Having recently gapped higher, JDA Software also boasts excellent relative strength versus the broad market....(more)

Halliburton Hugs Support
Arthur Hill -- 11/20/2008
With Halliburton locked in a tight trading range near support, a breakdown would confirm a descending triangle, while a breakup would argue for a retracement rally....(more)

How Far Up?
James Kupfer -- 10/30/2008
Fibonacci retracement levels can help target how much of a bounce we may get in the Dow Jones 30....(more)

Myriad Genetics Holds Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 10/21/2008
After finding support near a key retracement, Myriad Genetics surged above its 50-day and triggered an impressive breakout....(more)

Another CRB Support Level
James Kupfer -- 10/16/2008
The CRB has fallen to a significant Fibonacci retracement level. Look for a bounce near here....(more)

QLogic Firms At Support
Arthur Hill -- 10/07/2008
QLogic Corp. formed a bullish engulfing pattern at support, and an upturn in the stochastic oscillator would argue for a retracement of the prior decline....(more)

Bear Market Isn't Over Yet
Alan R. Northam -- 09/17/2008
Depending upon how the Fibonacci retracement tool is used, there is a range of possible support areas that could turn the S&P 500 back upward. However, what we need to be looking for is a trend revers...(more)

S&P 100 Has More Downside
Chaitali Mohile -- 08/27/2008
The S&P 100 has retraced back to 38.2% retracement levels. The correction may hit the lowest level....(more)

DJIA Finds Support
Chaitali Mohile -- 08/12/2008
The bull run in the Dow Jones Industrial Average halted its upward climb.The correction that began from the new high is likely to find an important support. Can we see a bottom?...(more)

A Warning On American Express
James Kupfer -- 08/01/2008
American Express stands at a critical Fibonacci retracement level, but will it hold?...(more)

Copart Forms An Ominous Wedge
Arthur Hill -- 07/24/2008
After a sharp decline in June, Copart bounced in July and hit a key retracement zone that could spell the end of the bounce....(more)

Bank of America Charges To Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 07/23/2008
Despite an impressive surge over the last two weeks, Bank of America remains in a downtrend overall with resistance close at hand....(more)

Conflicting Signs On The S&P 500
Ron Walker -- 05/23/2008
The intraday 60-minute chart on the S&P 500 has developed a bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern, while its daily chart has formed a bearish rising wedge. Moreover, the daily chart is in an uphil...(more)

A Bearish Candlestick Reversal For Intel
Arthur Hill -- 05/14/2008
Intel rallied to a key retracement area and then formed a bearish candlestick reversal pattern. This points to resistance and possibly even a reversal of the current uptrend....(more)

Biotechnology Index Crushed In Crucial Areas
Chaitali Mohile -- 04/21/2008
The pullback rally has turned sideways in between the two Fibonacci retracements levels for the biotech index. This support-resistance area is also intercepted by the moving average hurdle....(more)

Homebuilders Recovering?
Alan R. Northam -- 04/08/2008
According to an analysis using moving averages to determine the future direction, XHB is now in an established intermediate-term uptrend. However, based upon an analysis using Elliott wave rules and g...(more)

Lubrizol Stalls At Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 03/13/2008
After stalling within a key retracement zone, downside volume is picking and Lubrizol looks like it is putting in a high....(more)

Chaitali Mohile -- 01/09/2008
The stock failed to climb high, instead drifting down to the retracement levels before giving up all major supports....(more)

RIMM Gets Boring
Arthur Hill -- 12/21/2007
Trading has turned boring for Research In Motion as the stock consolidates between a rock (support) and a hard place (resistance). The direction of the break will dictate the next signal....(more)

QQQQ Firms Near Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 11/26/2007
After a sharp decline in early November, QQQQ firmed near a key retracement and formed a pennant consolidation....(more)

Arthur Hill -- 11/14/2007
The S&P 400 MidCap Index traced out an ABC correction, and a big surge off a key retracement could kickstart a rally....(more)

Home Depot On Fast Track
Chaitali Mohile -- 09/04/2007
Home Depot has moved above some resistances, recovering from its previous losses on correction....(more)

DAX Hits Support Zone
Arthur Hill -- 08/30/2007
The German DAX Index hit a big support zone in mid-August, and a break above short-term resistance would revive the long-term uptrend....(more)

A Breakdown In The Nikkei
Arthur Hill -- 07/31/2007
After meeting stiff resistance from its March high, the Nikkei gapped down and broke support to reverse a 12-month uptrend. At the very least, we can expect a retracement of this big rally....(more)

Iris International Is On The Edge Of A Breakout
Chaitali Mohile -- 06/27/2007
Iris international is on the support/resistance zone of the retracement level, so the strong bullish indicators could pull the stock above that area....(more)

S&P Seeking Support
Austin Passamonte -- 05/30/2007
Measuring support and resistance zones via Fibonacci and retracement tools....(more)

A Crude Pause
David Penn -- 05/23/2007
A pause in the crude oil bounce as oil stocks test historic highs....(more)

Measured Moves In Housing
David Penn -- 05/07/2007
How far will the bounce in housing stocks go?...(more)

CLFC Bottoming Out
Chaitali Mohile -- 04/19/2007
After correcting, Center Financial Corp. stops on its reliable supports....(more)

CBRL Recovers, Continues Up
Chaitali Mohile -- 03/22/2007
CBRL Group comes back to its previous high and now appears to be on its way up....(more)

The S&P 500's Fibonacci Foraging For A Bottom
David Penn -- 02/27/2007
Will a key Fibonacci retracement level provide support for the falling S&P 500?...(more)

Yahoo! Surges Off Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 01/05/2007
After a six-week decline, Yahoo! firmed in a key retracement zone and then surged. This is bullish and points to higher prices....(more)

Buying The OIH Pullback
David Penn -- 10/27/2006
Is there ever a good reason to average down?...(more)

Basic Materials? Come On Down!
David Penn -- 10/25/2006
Breaking out above the 50% retracement level, basic materials stocks show more room to run....(more)

The Fall Of Feeder Cattle
David Penn -- 09/29/2006
Cattle futures tumble toward a source of potential Fibonacci support....(more)

Gold's 61.8% Limit
David Penn -- 08/28/2006
The summer rally in gold fails at a Fibonacci retracement level. Will the June lows be tested next?...(more)

Bears Lay Wood To Lumber
David Penn -- 03/02/2006
As lumber futures plummet toward a 61.8% retracement of their August–December rally, would-be buyers find themselves looking for a bounce....(more)

Housing And Histograms
David Penn -- 01/03/2006
Divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic accompany a test of the 61.8% retracement of the $HGX July-October decline....(more)

eBay Closing In On Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 12/27/2005
eBay is approaching a key retracement and a potentially bearish wedge is forming....(more)

Short-Term Pattern: ADX Gapper
Paolo Pezzutti -- 12/15/2005
This reliable retracement pattern profits from fading the gap in a strongly trending market....(more)

The Consumer Discretionary SPDR Stalls At Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 12/13/2005
After a big move in November, the Consumer Discretionary SPDR has stalled over the last few weeks and underperformed the S&P 500....(more)

Kuala Lumpur Composite Finds Support
Arthur Hill -- 11/03/2005
The Kuala Lumpur Composite has a classic correction working, and the end of the decline could be at hand....(more)

The 62% Key For Micron
Arthur Hill -- 10/28/2005
The 62% retracement has worked well for Micron, and the stock is testing this level yet again....(more)

Bullish Candlestick Reversal Fails To Inspire Pulte
Arthur Hill -- 10/28/2005
Pulte Homes forged a classic retracement but cannot follow through on a bullish candlestick reversal, and lower prices are likely....(more)

Abercrombie & Fitch Firms At Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 10/20/2005
Abercrombie & Fitch is stabilizing at a key retracement point just as a bullish candlestick reversal takes shape....(more)

The QQQQ's 50% Solution
David Penn -- 10/18/2005
Too clever by half? The NASDAQ 100 tracking stock finds support halfway between where the rally began in the spring and where it ended in the autumn....(more)

The Bid In The Bubble
David Penn -- 08/31/2005
Housing bubble or no, an oversold market with plenty of short interest is one that is likely to bounce....(more)

Gaming Retracements
David Penn -- 08/23/2005
Tracking an intraday retracement with divergences and Fibonacci ratios....(more)

AIG Enters Reversal Zone
Arthur Hill -- 08/16/2005
A bearish candlestick pattern forms just as AIG reaches a key retracement zone....(more)

Bungee Jumping With Bunge Ltd.
Gary Grosschadl -- 07/29/2005
The daily chart for this largest oilseed processor in the world shows a sizeable short-term retracement....(more)

Three White Soldiers for Novellus
Arthur Hill -- 07/15/2005
A candlestick reversal off a key retracement spells higher prices for Novellus Systems (NVLS)....(more)

The Return Of The Count Right Now
David Penn -- 06/21/2005
With a close above the 1215 level, the S&P 500 closes in on a 100% retracement of the spring declines....(more)

Dow Reaches Its Moment Of Truth
Arthur Hill -- 06/07/2005
The recent recovery in the Dow Industrials is quite impressive, but this key market barometer is not out of the woods just yet....(more)

The Haul Ahead For HHH
David Penn -- 05/31/2005
Has the May rally gone too far, too fast? Not as far as the Internet sector is concerned....(more)

Rallies And Fibonacci Retracements
David Penn -- 05/27/2005
Smashing past the 50% retracement level, the Standard & Poor's 500 races toward a test of year-to-date highs....(more)

Oracle Declines To Key Retracement, But Still Bearish
Arthur Hill -- 05/17/2005
Oracle is firming near a key retracement, but needs a catalyst before turning bullish....(more)

OEX Is Down, But Not Out Just Yet
Arthur Hill -- 04/19/2005
The S&P 100 broke key support last week, but the decline over the last two months could still turn out to be a normal correction....(more)

The Nasdaq's 50% Solution
David Penn -- 03/10/2005
While the Dow and S&P 500 soar toward new highs, the Nasdaq continues to lag behind....(more)

Schwab Reverses After Classic Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 03/03/2005
After a 50-62% retracement of the prior advance, Schwab found support around 10.5, and buying pressure is on the increase....(more)

Ding Dong! Avon Calling All Bulls
Arthur Hill -- 01/21/2005
With the S&P 500 down, January has been a grim month. However, Avon has a different story to tell....(more)

Golden Bull Or Golden Bear?
Gary Grosschadl -- 12/13/2004
This gold index may be at a crossroads. Is a bigger downleg developing or is this current dip just a normal and healthy retracement?...(more)

This Gold Index Hints At Retracement
Gary Grosschadl -- 11/22/2004
Gold prices have been advancing nicely since breaking above $430 several weeks ago. Now there is a hint of weakness....(more)

Kmart Retracement
Gary Grosschadl -- 07/28/2004
After doubling in price in three months, a retracement is no surprise....(more)

Amgen Enters Potential Reversal Zone
Arthur Hill -- 07/01/2004
A price channel, retracement and Elliott count all point to a potential reversal zone for Amgen (AMGN)....(more)

XAU's (Gold Index) Bold Bounce
Gary Grosschadl -- 06/01/2004
Early in the year when gold neared the $430 mark, the XAU Gold & Silver Index also peaked at 113. This index has made a classic retracement on their weekly chart as the price of gold also slipped....(more)

Pharmaceutical Resources Bottoming Out
Steven Coffey -- 05/20/2004
After completing a 6-month retracement in a long-term uptrend, Pharmaceutical Resources (PRX) now appears ready to resume its upward movement....(more)

German DAX Index Forms Double Top Near Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 05/19/2004
After almost doubling since Mar-03, the German DAX Index ran into a wall of resistance and formed a potential bearish reversal pattern....(more)

Shanghai Composite Remains Range Bound
Arthur Hill -- 05/14/2004
The Shanghai Composite suffered a serious setback over the last few months, but the index has reached an important retracement level within a larger trading range....(more)

Neckline Test For Morgan Stanley
Arthur Hill -- 04/12/2004
After a nice advance since March 2003, Morgan Stanley (MWD) is approaching a key retracement and appears to be at a critical juncture....(more)

Airlines Ready To Fly
Arthur Hill -- 04/09/2004
Despite an overshoot on the way down, the DJ Airline Index (DJUSAR) recovered just in time for a fairly normal retracement and price channel breakout....(more)

Two Wedges For Two Titans
Arthur Hill -- 04/08/2004
The current trend is bullish for both IBM and GE, but current patterns and retracements merit a close watch....(more)

FTSE 100 Nears Double Fibo Zone
Arthur Hill -- 03/16/2004
FTSE 100 works its way high towards key retracements and remains in uptrend....(more)

Barrick Gold Stalls At Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 03/16/2004
Barrick Gold (ABX) suffered a sharp decline in January and the current advance looks like a corrective rally....(more)

Buying Into The Nasdaq On A Dip
Ashwani Gujral -- 02/02/2004
One of the key elements of swing trading and the lowest risk method of trading is buying on a retracement to the main trend. The Nasdaq composite has been correcting for the last few days -- at which...(more)

The Euro Pullback
David Penn -- 01/23/2004
The dollar strenghening, gold slipping ... euro bulls have seen this act before....(more)

How The U.S. Dollar Relates To Gold And Crude Oil
Ashwani Gujral -- 01/19/2004
The dollar is going through an upward technical correction while in a downtrend, whereas gold and crude oil are going through a downward correction in an uptrend. Has the downtrend ended for the doll...(more)

Entering The S&P 500 On Retracements
Ashwani Gujral -- 01/15/2004
Entering a trend on a retracement is a low risk strategy. But how do you know when a retracement will end? There is no one method that gives the exact answer but a variety of methods give a fair ide...(more)

Defense Stocks On The Offensive
David Penn -- 12/02/2003
As the Philly Defense stocks index rallies to new 52-week highs, a number of defense stocks--including the much-beleagured Boeing--look poised to bounce....(more)

Dow Utilities Consolidation At Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 10/31/2003
The Dow Utilities have performed well over the past year, but the average is meeting resistance near a key retracement point with a potentially bearish pattern emerging....(more)

Novellus Declines To Key Support
Arthur Hill -- 10/09/2003
The current trend for NVLS is up, but the stock reached an important long-term retracement with a potentially bearish pattern taking shape....(more)

Lehman Brothers Holding: Nearing Retracement and Getting Overbought
Arthur Hill -- 09/26/2003
With a decline from 76 to 60, Lehman Brothers Holding (LEH) had a bad summer, but appears to be making up lost ground with an autumn advance. However, this advance looks like a rising wedge and its RS...(more)

QQQ Approaches Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 09/08/2003
Both the weekly chart and overall trend for QQQ are clearly bullish, but the retracement, pattern, and resistance-turned-support could spell trouble in the weeks and months ahead....(more)

New Gold Upleg?
Gary Grosschadl -- 07/24/2003
The gold price made a sizeable upswing from April to June where it ran from $322 - $375. After a healthy retracement, it may be ready to climb back up....(more)

Topping Out or Just Taking a Break?
Matt Blackman -- 07/18/2003
The market is showing strong negative divergence again. Is it a pause or the end of another bear rally?...(more)

SPX: Triple Bottom Breakout or Belated Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 07/11/2003
Even though the recent resistance break at 965 is technically bullish, SPX is starting to get overbought and stalling around 1000....(more)

Is Nasdaq Due For Retracement?
Gary Grosschadl -- 06/23/2003
Too many negative divergences to recent movement has this index due for a haircut....(more)

VISX Inc. Breaks Eight Month Consolidation
Arthur Hill -- 04/08/2003
With the advance off the March lows, the major indexes have retraced 50-62% of their Jan-Mar declines. During this same timeframe, VISX Inc. (EYE) outperformed the major indexes by exceeding similar r...(more)

S&P 500 Fails on the Third Fan Line (The Power of Three)
Gary Grosschadl -- 01/27/2003
The power of three is pervasive throughout many forms of technical analysis. Triple tops and bottoms, head and shoulder formations, fibonacci retracements (occurring in one third increments), three wh...(more)

Cisco Systems Retraces To A Buying Opportunity
Gary Grosschadl -- 12/27/2002
This networking leader soared with the markets off October lows only to be stopped by a double top. Now it has made a retracement to a likely key support area....(more)

Time To Take Profits In Magna Entertainment
Gary Grosschadl -- 11/18/2002
Two key divergences and a 62 percent retracement level say it's time to cash in or at least use a trailing stop-loss to lock in profits....(more)

Has December Crude Oil Put in a Bottom?
Kevin Hopson -- 11/11/2002
December crude oil broke out of a bearish rectangle formation early last week. However, the contract bounced off a key retracement level, which could signal a potential bottom in crude oil prices....(more)

Fifty-Percent Retracement Levels Can Provide Good Buying Opportunites
Kevin Hopson -- 10/17/2002
Fifty-percent retracement levels can offer good entry points for traders and investors. The November 2002 natural gas contract provides a good example of this....(more)

Short-term Trouble for Gold Bugs
David Penn -- 10/15/2002
A retracement in the Gold Bugs Index suggests patience for owners of gold stocks....(more)

Elliott Wave: Extensions and Retracements
David Penn -- 10/14/2002
A minute fifth bottom sets the stage for a bullish, a-b-c correction in October....(more)

Gold Still Bullish But Due For A Breather
Gary Grosschadl -- 09/10/2002
The XAU gold index and most golds have had quite the run since the successful pullback test. Daily charts and a softening of spot price both suggest a small retracement is likely before the next upthr...(more)

Fibonacci Retracements
Dennis D. Peterson -- 07/29/2002
Following a few simple rules for using Fibonacci retracements should help improve your trading performance....(more)

Asbestos Risks Measured
Eric Utley -- 01/22/2002
Haliburton (NYSE:HAL) sparked fears of asbestos litigation last fall. That fear is spreading to other industrial concerns. Here's the skinny on the developing situation and how to measure and manage...(more)

Ford Remains Tired
Austin Passamonte -- 08/14/2001
Fibonacci retracement, stochastics and chart patterns are used to analyze future moves for Ford Motor Co....(more)

Nasdaq Retracement: Three Not-so-easy Steps
David Penn -- 12/14/2000
Looking for a Bush rally? A year-end rally? It's going to take a major retracement to make the dreams of Nasdaq bulls come true....(more)

Nasdaq & Fibonacci Retracement
Dennis D. Peterson -- 10/05/2000
Where is the Nasdaq headed? Do Fibonacci retracement lines give us a clue?...(more)

Trading Retracement
David Penn -- 09/14/2000
Use Fibonacci numbers to help figure out when the market has given back too much. Or not enough....(more)

Your Winnings And Retracement
Han Kim -- 05/23/2000
Understanding retracements could save you the agony of closing out your positions too early. How often have you sold a stock only to see the prices bounce right back up? You have just been shaken out...(more)

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