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Trading The Moving Average Convergence Divergence
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 11/20/14
The moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a popular indicator found on just about all software trading packages. Even though it is widely used, sometimes it is useful to return to basics, to...(more)

RIG: Bearish Daily And Weekly Momentum
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/21/14
Down by more than 16% since making a significant swing high in November 2013, shares of Trans Ocean Ltd. once again have heavy bearish momentum working against them....(more)

Crude Oil: More Downside this Fall Season?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/30/13
Crude oil's technicals and seasonality trends suggest there may still be more downside as the fall season progresses....(more)

Facebook Facing Up?
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 08/30/13
Shares of Facebook have been bullish of late. Can we expect a continuation going forward?...(more)

MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates Ltd.
Koos van der Merwe -- 07/12/13
Investing in Canadian stocks can provide an advantage, and when a stock signals a buy signal, it's worth looking at....(more)

Combine MACD And Relative Strength To Time Trades
Mike Carr, CMT -- 06/15/12
Relative strength is a powerful trading tool, but its signals can be difficult to interpret. Applying indicators to relative strength can help....(more)

Simple Strategy With 80% Winners
Mike Carr, CMT -- 05/02/12
Traders often look for complex strategies but simple could be profitable, and this simple idea points to further gains in stocks....(more)

Six Months To Double
Mike Carr, CMT -- 11/15/11
In the past six months, two stocks have provided triple-digit gains. Pizza Inn and have some traits in common. Let's take a look....(more)

Berkshire Hathaway As One Of History's Biggest Winners
Mike Carr, CMT -- 11/10/11
Warren Buffett has built great wealth for himself and his investors with a buy & hold philosophy, and traders would be hard-pressed to keep up....(more)

Can You Spot A Ten-Bagger In Advance?
Mike Carr, CMT -- 11/02/11
Analyst Peter Lynch noted the really big money comes from finding the biggest potential winners. Are there real-time tools that could help buy winners before they run higher?...(more)

Corn Jumped, And Could Go Higher
Mike Carr, CMT -- 01/20/11
The USDA crop report was bullish for corn and other grains, and corn futures rose almost 9.6% in a week....(more)

Reversed MACD System Continues To Perform In NEM
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/14/10
Back in April, we took a look at the performance of the reversed MACD trading system on shares of Newmont Mining. Here's a brief look at how the system has performed since then, using the same system...(more)

Reversed MACD System Continues To Perform
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/19/10
The reversed MACD trading system, originally described in the March 2009 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, continues to perform well....(more)

Macdonald Dettwiler A Hold For The Long Term?
Koos van der Merwe -- 07/06/10
The market is falling and the bears are running rampant, so it is time to look for stocks you would like to own and hold for the long term....(more)

NEM In Tune With Reversed MACD System
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/05/10
The reversed MACD trading system provides profitable results on most stocks, with its three-year performance record with Newmont Mining of particular interest....(more)

The VIX Hints Of Irrational Exuberance
Ron Walker -- 03/26/10
A bullish P-p-P pattern on the MACD histogram hints that volatility is on the rise. But market sentiment remains very bullish at these levels as the indexes make fresh highs, drawing the bulls into a...(more)

Adventures At Wally World
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/23/10
Continuing with last week's test theme of applying the reversed MACD trading system to a variety of high- and low-volatility stocks, this week we look at a three-year backtest of the system on a more...(more)

The Histogram And A Hollow Red Candlestick Heighten Volatility
Ron Walker -- 01/22/10
When the VIX, a contrarian indicator of the stock market, turns bullish, that implies that volatility in stock market is on the rise. A bullish P-p-P on the VIX's MACD histogram and a hollow red candl...(more)

Starbucks Undergoes A Test
Ron Walker -- 01/11/10
Lower peaks in the MACD histogram and rate of change reveal that momentum to the upside is beginning to wane for Starbucks, the largest coffee shop chain in the world, causing SBUX to undergo a test o...(more)

Long Dollar, Short Gold
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/14/09
The long-anticipated turn in the US dollar appears to be underway. But is this a tradable move?...(more)

SPY's Bearish m-M-m Setup
Ron Walker -- 11/23/09
A downtick in the MACD histogram and a downward sell hook in the stochastic oscillator suggest lower prices for SPY.

Morgan Stanley Emerging Market Debt A Buy?
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/06/09
Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Fund operates as a nondiversified, closed-end management investment company. Is it worth a look?...(more)

Looking At Futures With Volume-Weighted MACD Histogram
Mike Carr, CMT -- 10/19/09
Combining volume with momentum is a tool used to spot trend changes in stocks that can be applied to futures markets as well....(more)

Crude Oil And The MACD Histogram
Ron Walker -- 09/28/09
The MACD histogram gives good signals. The slope of the MACD histogram is used to determine if a trend is safe. Divergences between the MACD histogram and prices can identify shifts in momentum. Cente...(more)

The NYSE Summation Index Suggests A Summer Selloff
Ron Walker -- 06/17/09
The McClellan summation index of the NYSE is diverging with the NYSE Composite. The summation index gave a much earlier crossover signal than many other trend-based indicators such as the MACD, giving...(more)

Reversed MACD Trading System Issues New Signals
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/05/09
For those comfortable with trading mechanical systems, the reversed MACD system has just issued four new buy signals....(more)

A Reversed MACD Long Entry Signal For ORLY
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/12/09
One of the better-performing NASDAQ 100 stocks during the 2007-09 bear market, a specific mechanical trading system has fired a long entry signal on O'Reilly Automotive....(more)

ExxonMobil Ready To Break Higher
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/06/09
After two months of choppy consolidation, ExxonMobil has a number of bullish technical measurements in agreement....(more)

ACIW Loses Momentum At Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 12/05/08
After bouncing back to broken support, ACI Worldwide formed a bearish candlestick pattern and the MACD turned lower. This all suggests that resistance will hold and that the stock is headed lower....(more)

A Major Support Test For The Nikkei
Arthur Hill -- 09/23/08
The Nikkei is trying to firm near its March lows, but momentum has yet to turn up and traders should watch for a signal line crossover in the MACD....(more)

RIMM Hits Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 08/26/08
Research in Motion is meeting resistance from a big gap, and a recent MACD crossover signal points to lower prices....(more)

A Breakdown For The Dow
Arthur Hill -- 05/30/08
After failing at a key resistance point, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a key support level to reverse an uptrend that started in mid-March....(more)

Short Gold
Alan R. Northam -- 05/05/08
The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) indicator has recently risen to its zero line and is now turning back down, setting up an ideal short-selling position for gold....(more)

A Dow Divergence
Arthur Hill -- 03/17/08
The Dow Jones Industrial Average moved to a new low recently, but a key momentum oscillator sported a positive divergence. What will it take to trigger a signal?...(more)

US Dollar Index Perks Up
Arthur Hill -- 01/23/08
After holding above its November low, the US Dollar Index looks poised for a run toward long-term resistance....(more)

Microsoft Hits The Gap Zone
Arthur Hill -- 12/06/07
After returning to its gap zone, Microsoft is showing signs of firmness. Is it poised for a breakout?...(more)

Evening Star In December Gold Awaits Bearish Confirmation
David Penn -- 10/24/07
Negative divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic support potential for correction in the yellow metal....(more)

Beans Bounce Back: Divergence To BOSO To MACD Histogram Reversal
David Penn -- 10/19/07
Three technical setups helped traders game the market for November soybeans....(more)

Merrill Lays Low
Arthur Hill -- 10/18/07
Merrill Lynch continues to underperform the broader market, and this points to a continuation of the July–August decline....(more)

10-Year Treasury Yields: Up, Up, And Away?
David Penn -- 10/16/07
A confirmed BOSO breakout follows both a MACD histogram positive divergence and a sizable MACD histogram peak....(more)

A Peak In Wheat? Negative Divergences Suggest A Turn In Early October
David Penn -- 10/09/07
After a year and a half of soaring wheat prices, is the MACD histogram hinting at reversal?...(more)

Bounding Into Resistance: Positive Divergences Send December Natural Gas Higher
David Penn -- 10/04/07
Positive divergences in both the MACD histogram and the stochastic anticipated a move higher in natural gas futures in October....(more)

MmM Pattern Breakout In December Silver Sends The Precious Metal Higher
David Penn -- 09/26/07
A confirmed close serves as confirmation for a BOSO setup to the upside as well as a similarly bullish setup in the MACD histogram....(more)

PpP Patterns And The MACD Histogram: Soybean Meal Makes Its Move
David Penn -- 09/19/07
A bullish pattern in the MACDH develops just as the December contract closes over its 50-day EMA, signaling an opportunity to the upside in bean meal....(more)

Overbought Breakout Sends Bean Oil Toward Contract Highs
David Penn -- 09/12/07
A MmM pattern in the MACD histogram hints at a buying opportunity as December bean oil rallies into September....(more)

A Cocoa Pop? Positive Divergence And Seasonal Trends
David Penn -- 09/11/07
A positive divergence in the MACDH anticipates the seasonal "September rally" in cocoa futures....(more)

Not So High On The Hogs: Divergences And Breakdowns In The October Contract
David Penn -- 09/11/07
Negative divergences in the stochastic and the MACD histogram anticipated a late summer correction in lean hog futures....(more)

September Greenback: Histogram Hints Higher
David Penn -- 08/23/07
The MACD histogram peak in the second half of August suggests that the US dollar's advance has more room to run....(more)

A Momentum Breakout For Carbo Ceramics
Arthur Hill -- 08/08/07
Carbo Ceramics remains range-bound on the weekly chart, but a high-volume breakout on the daily chart points to higher prices and a breakout on the weekly chart....(more)

Positive MACDH Divergence At Support
David Penn -- 07/20/07
The US dollar/Swiss franc pair hints at reversal as year-to-date lows are tested in mid-July....(more)

Negative Divergences And The Bond Bounce
David Penn -- 06/29/07
Lower peaks in the MACD histogram accompany the advance in the September Treasury note....(more)

A 2B Bounce In Johnson & Johnson
David Penn -- 06/11/07
Corrections following surge peaks in the MACD histogram are worth watching....(more)

Biogen Returns To The Breakout
Arthur Hill -- 05/24/07
After breaking resistance with a gap and a surge in April, Biogen Idec returned to the scene of the crime. This level should offer support....(more)

Tollgrade Gaps Up
Arthur Hill -- 03/27/07
A gap up and MACD crossover point to higher prices for Tollgrade Communications....(more)

RIMM Shows Weakness In Range
Arthur Hill -- 03/13/07
Research In Motion has a flat flag working on the 60-minute chart, and a break below support would signal a continuation lower....(more)

A Big Test Looms For The Naz
Arthur Hill -- 02/28/07
The NASDAQ came crashing down on Tuesday, February 27, but support is at hand and the November–December 2006 lows hold the key to a medium-term reversal....(more)

Four Points High And Rising
David Penn -- 02/06/07
Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic both point to higher long-term rates in the weekly chart of the $TNX....(more)

A Crude Bounce
David Penn -- 01/31/07
Positive divergences in the MACD histogram anticipated the late January bounce in crude oil prices....(more)

Yahoo! Surges Off Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 01/05/07
After a six-week decline, Yahoo! firmed in a key retracement zone and then surged. This is bullish and points to higher prices....(more)

Crackin' Crude
David Penn -- 01/04/07
Negative divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic anticipated the reversal in oil stocks....(more)

Transports Take A Hike
David Penn -- 12/21/06
Negative MACD histogram divergences and a breakdown from a consolidation suggest lower prices ahead....(more)

The Gold Bugs Index Hits Support
Arthur Hill -- 12/14/06
The December decline in the Amex Gold Bugs Index hit support and recent firmness could foreshadow a break higher....(more)

Waning Money Flow For Hewlett Packard
Arthur Hill -- 11/16/06
Momentum and money flow failed to confirm the latest high in Hewlett Packard, and trouble could be brewing....(more)

PowerShares WilderHill Prints Positive MACD
Paolo Pezzutti -- 11/13/06
Renewable energy could benefit from the outcome of the elections and high energy prices....(more)

BEA Systems Making A Breakout Bid
Arthur Hill -- 08/25/06
BEA Systems is on the verge of an important breakout after a gap and high-volume surge....(more)

The Tide Is Turning At Tidewater
Arthur Hill -- 08/02/06
A recent gap off support with big volume and a strength in two key indicators point to higher prices for Tidewater....(more)

Medicals On The Move
David Penn -- 07/28/06
A bullish engulfing pattern in Zimmer Holdings is confirmed by positive divergences in both the stochastic and the MACD histogram....(more)

Retesting The Lows
David Penn -- 05/31/06
Assuming the market doesn't crash in the last week of May and first week of June, the NYSE is setting up for an ideal test of the recent lows....(more)

Dow Nears Support Zone
Arthur Hill -- 05/22/06
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has entered a support zone that marks the make-or-break level for the medium-term uptrend....(more)

All Aboard Apple?
David Penn -- 04/14/06
A MACDH spike and a bull flag suggest the possibility of upside in shares of Apple Computer....(more)

Divergences Drive The Dollar Higher
David Penn -- 02/28/06
Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic bring about a badly needed bounce in the greenback....(more)

Here Comes Coffee
David Penn -- 02/22/06
Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic suggest opportunities in the hourly chart of July coffee....(more)

The S&P 500's Bernanke Bounce
David Penn -- 02/09/06
Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic hint that an end to the first major correction of 2006 may be at hand....(more)

A Long-Term Look At The S&P 500
David Penn -- 02/06/06
A monthly view of the 2002–06 bull market in stocks suggests that the higher we go, the weaker we get....(more)

The Cocoa Correction Cometh
David Penn -- 01/30/06
Negative divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastics augur a change in course for March cocoa's nearly two-month advance....(more)

Bids In Gold?
David Penn -- 01/16/06
Reversals in the MACD histogram in gold, gold stock indexes, and mining shares suggest yellow metal leadership in the market's next leg up....(more)

Dow Jones Utilities Index And Positive Expectations
Paolo Pezzutti -- 01/03/06
In the intermediate term, the utilities sector could benefit from the end of the rate hikes....(more)

Housing And Histograms
David Penn -- 01/03/06
Divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic accompany a test of the 61.8% retracement of the $HGX July-October decline....(more)

Qwest Prices Consolidate
Paolo Pezzutti -- 01/02/06
The stock has printed a dark cloud cover pattern on the daily time frame....(more)

Johnson & Johnson: Close To Medium-Term Supports
Paolo Pezzutti -- 12/28/05
Johnson & Johnson is printing multiple MACD positive divergences....(more)

Meet Google's Histogram
David Penn -- 12/08/05
Although not confirmed by the stochastic, the MACD histogram's negative divergence still suggests softer prices in the near term for Google....(more)

Oil And Gas Bound Higher
David Penn -- 12/05/05
Positive divergences in both the MACD histogram and the stochastic suggest that lower energy prices are still at least a rally away....(more)

S&P Index: The Risk Is Getting Higher For Bulls
Paolo Pezzutti -- 12/02/05
New medium-term highs are printed in a record low-volatility environment and with multiple MACD divergences....(more)

The Euro's September Top
David Penn -- 11/04/05
Negative divergences in the stochastic and MACDH anticipated an end to the EUR/USD's summer rally....(more)

Buying The Dips
David Penn -- 11/03/05
The oldest trick in the trend trading book provides entries in Apple....(more)

About That Bottom
David Penn -- 10/26/05
Ever throw a "call the bottom" party and EVERYBODY came?...(more)

Deeper Into October
David Penn -- 10/18/05
MACD histogram troughs in the first half of October suggest that the market's move downward is not yet over....(more)

About That Gas
David Penn -- 10/06/05
A bearish engulfing candlestick and a negative stochastic divergence suggested lower. But natural gas bulls would have none of it....(more)

Texas Instruments Shows An MACD Negative Divergence
Paolo Pezzutti -- 10/05/05
Goldman Sachs has downgraded Texas Instruments to underperform, assuming margins are at their cyclical peak....(more)

Are The Dollar Bears Done?
David Penn -- 09/27/05
Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and the stochastic suggest limited downside for the US dollar....(more)

Portrait Of A Short Squeeze
David Penn -- 09/09/05
From Cindy to Katrina, piggish bears have overplayed their hand in September....(more)

Bye-Bye Beans?
David Penn -- 07/28/05
Deep MACDH histogram troughs suggest that the soybean correction has more room to run....(more)

Big Trouble In Little Histograms
David Penn -- 06/24/05
Are moving average convergence/divergence histograms in the major averages warning that the rally is ready to roll over?...(more)

Negative Divergences Enjoin The Gold Rally
David Penn -- 06/22/05
While more upside is still likely, the easy money might already have been made in gold stocks....(more)

Nikkei Fails A Major Resistance
Arthur Hill -- 04/18/05
The Nikkei 225 failed at neckline resistance and upside momentum continues to wane....(more)

A Triple Bearish Play Hits The Nasdaq
Arthur Hill -- 03/17/05
After running in place for two months, the Nasdaq has started breaking down with momentum and money flow confirming....(more)

The S&P 500 Nears A Major Decision Point
Jason Braswell -- 03/04/05
As of late, discussion about the Standard & Poor's 500 index has been rife with citations from THE STOCK TRADER'S ALMANAC that cede 2005 to the bears based on its poor January performance. Unfortunate...(more)

Colgate's Cup With Handle Bottom
David Penn -- 12/14/04
A deep MACDH trough and a gap up above the 50-day EMA suggest higher prices ahead for the stock of this consumer noncyclical goods company....(more)

The MACDH And Copper's Autumn Correction
David Penn -- 11/10/04
A major MACDH trough in the daily chart of December copper suggests lower prices to come. But first, a word from the countertrend bounce ......(more)

Cotton Keeps Crashing Down
David Penn -- 10/14/04
Deep MACDH troughs and resistance at major long-term moving averages suggest that the correction in cotton futures is not yet done....(more)

Natural Gas Warns Lower
David Penn -- 07/16/04
Deep MACDH troughs point to lower prices ahead for December natural gas....(more)

July Silver: Bottom Or Breakdown?
David Penn -- 06/10/04
Silver spent April going down in nearly a straight line. Will silver spend June moving back up?...(more)

Crude Warns Lower
David Penn -- 06/07/04
A major MACDH trough suggests that the top in crude oil futures may be in....(more)

Coca-Cola Breaks Falling Wedge Trendline
Arthur Hill -- 04/23/04
Coca-Cola (KO) sports a long-long term falling wedge breakout confirmed by MACD....(more)

Dell Corrects In A Downward Channel
Ashwani Gujral -- 04/02/04
Strong stocks tend to correct in sideways channels. Divergence in the MACD histogram and the stock price are a signal that the consolidation may be ending and the next move is likely to be a continuat...(more)

Misleading Divergences In The S&P SmallCap Index
Arthur Hill -- 03/05/04
When the trend is strong and up, bearish divergences in MACD and other momentum oscillators are often misleading....(more)

Home Starts, Homebuilders And Histograms
David Penn -- 02/19/04
MACD histogram peaks near the 50-day moving average can be a bearish sign of things to come....(more)

Precious Metals Turn Up
David Penn -- 01/29/04
Tick ups in the MACD histogram and upward "buy hooks" in the stochastic oscillator point to higher prices for silver and gold in the near-term....(more)

MEDI and the MACD
David Penn -- 01/29/04
The MACD histogram can be an effective tool in spotting short opportunities as well as longs....(more)

Ashwani Gujral -- 01/08/04
Different indicators need to be used in trending and trading markets. Do not use trend following indicators in trading markets, or oscillators in trending markets....(more)

Materials Move Up
David Penn -- 01/07/04
After a brief, three-day pullback, basic materials stocks look to resume their advance....(more)

Treasury Yields And MACD Histogram Peaks
David Penn -- 01/06/04
An extremely high MACD histogram in the weekly chart of the ten-year Treasury note yields back in August suggests that rates are going significantly higher....(more)

Semiconductors Lead Nasdaq Bounce
David Penn -- 12/23/03
The November double top caught the attention of bears. But bulls liked the positive stochastic divergence and rising MACD histogram....(more)

An Intraday Double Bottom In USD/JPY
David Penn -- 08/12/03
A positive divergence between the MACD indicator and the greenback/yen pair provides an intraday buying opportunity....(more)

An Intraday Head And Shoulders Top In EUR/USD
David Penn -- 08/11/03
An old rally, a MACD negative divergence, a 1-2-3 trend reversal ... after bouncing at the beginning of August, the euro starts to slip against the greenback....(more)

Coffee's Double Bottom Comeback?
David Penn -- 08/07/03
Do a positive MACD divergence and moving average support point to higher coffee prices?...(more)

Small Caps Still Bullish
Arthur Hill -- 07/31/03
Despite a bearish divergence in MACD, the S&P SmallCap Index remains in a strong uptrend that has yet to be proven otherwise. What would it take to prove otherwise?...(more)

The Reversal That Didn't Reverse
David Penn -- 07/24/03
What the MACD appears to giveth, it also can taketh away....(more)

The Summer Correction In Natural Gas
David Penn -- 07/24/03
A negative divergence in the MACD and a broken trendline conspire to send natural gas futures reeling....(more)

Revisiting The Triple Bottom Breakout
David Penn -- 07/22/03
Would a steep pullback in the S&P 500 set the stage for a resumption of the bull market?...(more)

The Gold Bug and the Ascending Triangle
David Penn -- 06/27/03
The triangle in the gold bugs index ($HUI) is the best thing going for gold bulls. But the index's bearish divergence with the MACD--along with a declining gold price--give plenty of pause for though...(more)

The S&P 500's MACD Triple Bottom Breakout
David Penn -- 06/09/03
Bears might not like it, but the bulls are taking the S&P 500 higher....(more)

Copper Comes Back
David Penn -- 05/15/03
An island bottom and rising MACD point toward higher copper prices going forward....(more)

MACD (Part II Of II)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/11/01
Analyzing how MACD works makes a good case study for many indicators....(more)

MACD (Part I Of II)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/07/01
Analyzing how MACD works makes a good case study for many indicators....(more)

Using Technical Analysis to Manage a REIT Portfolio Part III -- MACD
Dr. Michael J. Seiler -- 02/14/01
Will the MACD indicator improve results? So far the RSI oscillator and the Parabolic trading systems have been flawed....(more)

Mad About MU's MACD
David Penn -- 08/16/00
All the world's a trend and we are merely traders ... a look at the ascent of Micron Technologies through the eyes of the MACD....(more)

Using The Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence (MACD) Indicator
Jason K. Hutson -- 06/12/00
Look at the chart for International Business Machines(IBM) There seems to be a buy signal created by using the MACD crossover....(more)

The MACD And False Signals
Jason K. Hutson -- 06/09/00
Using a single indicator to trade is not a wise decision. Here is an example of a possible false signal for Ebay Corporation (EBAY)....(more)

Download these PDF pages on MACD.

V.9:10 (391-395): The MACD Indicator Revisited by John F. Ehlers
Here's a unique twist on the moving average convergence/divergence indicator, and how to profit from it. By John F. Ehlers

V.12:11 (451-454): The Relative Strength Ratio-MACD Crossover by Gilbert Raff
Here's an indicator to identify positive and negative trading signals for stocks and mutual funds. The heart of the indicator involves applying an oscillator to the relative strength line. Trading signals result from identifying strong relative strength, which is a positive indication, while weak relative strength is considered a negative sign. Here's how to lower the volatility of returns by applying the popular moving average convergence/divergence (MACD). By Gilbert Raff

V.12:11 (451-454): SIDEBAR: Calculating The Relative Strength-MACD Crossover
Excel spreadsheet of the Relative Strength MACD crossover, using Boeing as an example.

V.15:4 (145-153): The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence by Mark Vakkur, M.D.
Here's a novel way of using the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) histogram to generate buy and sell signals for stock and mutual fund traders. Not only that, included is a simple means of analyzing risk-adjusted trading system performance. By Mark Vakkur, M.D.

V.16:12 (588-593): The MACD Profit Alert by Barbara Star, Ph.D.
The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) is a momentum indicator, and here, it's combined with pattern recognition to help you identify exit points for your system. By Barbara Star, Ph.D.

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