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WTI Weekly: Buyers Chasing Trend Trap Near Key Resistance Halting A Rally. 
Taylor Ireland -- 12/30/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rally from key support on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. Market structure an...(more)

WTI Weekly: Selling Activity Near Key Resistance Targeted Key Statistical Support Below 
Taylor Ireland -- 12/23/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the selloff from key resistance in Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Market structure...(more)

WTI Weekly: Market Data Signaled Rally Continuation To Statistical Resistance Was Likely 
Taylor Ireland -- 12/03/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rally through key resistance on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Market stru...(more)

WTI Weekly: Market Structure Signaled The Selloff To Statistical Support Was Halted 
Taylor Ireland -- 11/12/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rally from key support on Thursday, October 15, 2020. Market structure and...(more)

WTI Crude Weekly: Statistical & Structural Resistance Confluence Held As An Early Rally Failed 
Taylor Ireland -- 08/06/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into breakout and its subsequent failure in Thursday, May 7, 2020's auction. Market...(more)

WTI Weekly: Despite Large Prior Declines Market Structure Continued To Point Lower 
Taylor Ireland -- 07/23/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the selloff in Tuesday, April 14, 2020's auction. Market structure and order f...(more)

WTI Weekly: Key Support Fails Driving Price Lower To The Daily Statistical Low Target 
Taylor Ireland -- 07/01/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rotation between resistance and support in Tuesday, April 7, 2020's auctio...(more)

WTI Weekly: Overnight Flush To Key Statistical Support Finds Buying Interest. 
Taylor Ireland -- 06/11/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rotation between resistance and support in Monday, April 6, 2020's auction...(more)

WTI Weekly: In Times Of Uncertainty A Dual Probability Path Is Important In Risk Management 
Taylor Ireland -- 06/03/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rotation between resistance and support in Monday, March 30, 2020's auctio...(more)

WTI Weekly: Heightened Volatility Saw Rotation To Both Statistical Resistance And Support 
Taylor Ireland -- 05/14/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rotation between resistance and support on Thursday, March 20, 2020. Marke...(more)

WTI Weekly: Key Support Fails As Correction Unfolds To Daily Statistical Support Target 
Taylor Ireland -- 05/01/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the buy-side continuation for Wednesday, March 17, 2020 which ultimately faile...(more)

WTI Weekly: Key Resistance Failed As Price Discovery Higher Developed To Statistical Resistance 
Taylor Ireland -- 04/16/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the buy-side continuation for Wednesday, March 4, 2020 which ultimately failed...(more)

WTI Weekly: Key Resistance Failed 
Taylor Ireland -- 04/02/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side continuation for Tuesday, March 3, 2020's auction following an i...(more)

WTI Weekly: Despite Initial Aggressive Price Discovery Lower, Market Structure Implied Continuation 
Taylor Ireland -- 02/20/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side continuation for Thursday, January 9, 2020 following an initial...(more)

WTI Weekly: The Iran Attacks Drive Price Higher, Then Lower As Market Structure And Order Flow Guide 
Taylor Ireland -- 01/30/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and market structure data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into initial breakout higher and subsequent price discovery lower for Wednesday, Ja...(more)

WTI Weekly: Key Resistance Held As Sell Excess Formed, Driving Price Lower To Statistical Support.
Taylor Ireland -- 01/02/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side defense of key resistance and subsequent price discovery lower f...(more)

WTI Weekly: Key Resistance Held Targeting Statistical Support Below
Taylor Ireland -- 11/21/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side defense of key resistance and subsequent price discovery lower f...(more)

WTI Weekly: Dual Probability Path Provides Insight Into Failure Of Key Market Level
Taylor Ireland -- 10/31/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the breakdown below key support and subsequent sell-side price discovery for W...(more)

WTI Weekly: Dual Probability Prevents Cognitive Bias Regarding Trend Direction
Taylor Ireland -- 10/08/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side defense near key resistance and subsequent price discovery lower...(more)

WTI Weekly: Balance Leads To Imbalance As Market Structure Provides Insight Into Pending Trend
Taylor Ireland -- 09/19/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the breakout above key resistance and subsequent buy-side price discovery for...(more)

WTI Weekly: Bullish Market Structure Guides Way To Buy-Side Continuation
Taylor Ireland -- 08/30/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the establishment of a structural low and subsequent buy-side price discovery...(more)

WTI Weekly: Bullish Fundamentals Vs. Bearish Market Structure: Structure Wins
Taylor Ireland -- 08/22/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side price discovery and establishment of key resistance for Wednesda...(more)

WTI Weekly, OPEC, NOPEC: A Look At Market Structure & Order Flow v Fundamental Expectations.
Taylor Ireland -- 07/18/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side price discovery and failure of support for Tuesday, July 2, 201...(more)

WTI Weekly: Mind The Gap - How Market Structure And Order Flow Can Confirm Directional Potential
Taylor Ireland -- 06/20/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side price discovery and development of support for Wednesday, June 1...(more)

WTI Order Flow Weekly: A Double-Top Confirmed By Order Flow Sees Price Discovery Lower
Taylor Ireland -- 05/02/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side price discovery and development of support for Monday, April 15,...(more)

WTI Order Flow Weekly: Structural Insight In The Market Profile Provide Trend Continuation Clues
Taylor Ireland -- 04/24/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the development of support for Thursday, April 11, 2019's auction. Market stru...(more)

WTI Order Flow Weekly: A Look Into The Market Insights Into This Week's EIA Release
Taylor Ireland -- 03/22/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the development of support for the Wednesday, March 20, 2019 auction. Market s...(more)

Anatomy Of A Low: Order Flow And Order Book Data Provide Insight
Taylor Ireland -- 03/14/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the development of support for Thursday, March 7, 2019. Market structure and o...(more)

June Crude Oil: Low Risk Swing Buy Zone?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/24/14
With bullish agreement on two key time frames, June 2014 crude oil futures look set to rally in the near term....(more)

Crude Oil: Hourly Chart Breakout
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/04/14
The April 2014 crude oil futures contract has completed a successful - and powerful - bullish breakout on its hourly time frame....(more)

US Dollar Index: Bullish Reversal
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/08/13
The US Dollar futures sold off steadily over the past month but have now reversed higher after successfully testing a key support area....(more)

Gas Prices Finally Set Up For A Fall
Mike Carr, CMT -- 04/11/12
After a gain of almost 30% in three months, gas futures finally look like they are a short....(more)

The Dollar Points To Cheaper Gas
Mike Carr, CMT -- 04/05/12
Over the long term, the US dollar has shown a tendency to peak several months ahead of peaks in the price of unleaded gas futures....(more)

Another Sign Of A Market Top?
Matt Blackman -- 03/08/12
On February 15, my Advantage article discussed the soaring S&P 500 and a falling VIX, which together with eurodollar futures and some other indicators pointed to a top in US stocks. Here i...(more)

Bullish Sentiment For NASDAQ 100
Mike Carr, CMT -- 12/08/11
Small speculators and commercials have very different opinions about the NASDAQ 100, and the divergence is bullish for stocks....(more)

Crushed Soy
Austin Passamonte -- 10/03/11
Here's the midterm outlook for ZS soybean and ZC corn futures....(more)

Slippery Slopes Of Crude
Austin Passamonte -- 10/03/11
Here's the midterm price outlook for crude oil futures....(more)

Austin Passamonte -- 09/30/11
Here's the midterm outlook for 6E, 6B, and 6C currency futures....(more)

Large Specs Selling To Commercials
Mike Carr, CMT -- 09/29/11
Several futures markets show a similar pattern of speculator selling being met by commercial buying....(more)

Gasoline Futures Still Showing Pain Ahead For Consumers
Mike Carr, CMT -- 09/12/11
Momentum is signaling higher pump prices as technical analysis points to slow, if any, economic growth....(more)

Swiss Franc Fall Signaled By COT Data
Mike Carr, CMT -- 09/08/11
The weekly Commitment of Traders report provided by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission can sometimes be useful to help spot trading opportunities....(more)

Bear Break?
Austin Passamonte -- 08/30/11
Here's the technical outlook for ES and YM futures markets....(more)

Gas Prices at the Pump Should Fall under $3.10
Mike Carr, CMT -- 06/28/11
Futures prices are directly related to the price consumers pay at the pump....(more)

Big Stock Drops. What Happens Next?
Mike Carr, CMT -- 05/11/11
Testing inspired by silver's big plunge last week showed that futures are just as likely to drop further as they are to rebound after a crash. Testing in the stock market finds buying big drops works...(more)

Currency Wars
Austin Passamonte -- 05/03/11
Here's a midterm outlook for the Australian dollar and Swiss franc futures....(more)

Plowed Up
Austin Passamonte -- 05/02/11
Here's a midterm outlook for soybean and corn futures markets....(more)

Broken Neck
Austin Passamonte -- 04/29/11
Here's the near-term view of the S&P 500 futures market....(more)

Gold Standard
Austin Passamonte -- 04/27/11
Here's the midterm price outlook for Comex gold and silver futures....(more)

The Euro And The Dollar, Midterm
Austin Passamonte -- 04/27/11
Here's a midterm outlook for the euro and the US dollar index futures....(more)

Austin Passamonte -- 04/25/11
Here's a short-term outlook for the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 emini futures....(more)

Gas Prices Nearing Record
Mike Carr, CMT -- 04/15/11
At a recent level near $3.25 a gallon, the price of unleaded gas futures is within a small move of its all-time high....(more)

Excessive Demand?
Austin Passamonte -- 04/13/11
Here's the near-term price outlook for WTI crude oil futures....(more)

Southbound & Down?
Austin Passamonte -- 04/12/11
Here's a midterm view of Standard & Poor's 500 (ES) and Russell 2000 (TF) index futures....(more)

Euro Zoned
Austin Passamonte -- 04/04/11
Here's the near-term price outlook for euro currency futures index....(more)

Holey Macro
Austin Passamonte -- 04/04/11
Here's the near-term price outlook for S&P 500 index futures....(more)

Whole Grain Season
Austin Passamonte -- 03/31/11
Here's the midterm price outlook for electronic grain futures....(more)

Interesting Rates
Austin Passamonte -- 03/30/11
Here's the midterm outlook for 30-year bond and 10-year note futures....(more)

Night Moves
Austin Passamonte -- 03/28/11
Here's the midterm price outlook for NYMEX crude oil futures....(more)

Kiss Goodbye?
Austin Passamonte -- 03/28/11
Here's a midterm price direction for the Standard & Poor's 500 index futures....(more)

Into Thin Air
Austin Passamonte -- 03/28/11
Here's a midterm view of price direction for the Russell 2000 index futures....(more)

Supporting Soybeans
Austin Passamonte -- 03/16/11
Here's a midterm price outlook for soybean futures markets....(more)

Nuclear Reaction
Austin Passamonte -- 03/16/11
Here's the midterm price forecast for crude oil futures and related markets....(more)

Broken Arrow
Austin Passamonte -- 03/15/11
Take a look at the midterm price direction for the Russell 2000 index and futures contract markets....(more)

The Future's So Bright: New Opportunities In MSCI Indexes
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/10/11
Never before has the typical futures market participant had so many trading opportunities available -- and all under one roof....(more)

Gold Futures System Music To The Ears?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/04/11
Some markets tend to trend intraday, while others look more like financial market meat grinders. Using the right kind of trading system can help you exploit the potential in nearly any kind of market....(more)

Corn Jumped, And Could Go Higher
Mike Carr, CMT -- 01/20/11
The USDA crop report was bullish for corn and other grains, and corn futures rose almost 9.6% in a week....(more)

Profits From Higher Gas Prices
Mike Carr, CMT -- 01/10/11
According to some analysts, prices at the pump will certainly hit $4 a gallon in the coming year and may even top $5. The futures market is one way to benefit from such a rise....(more)

Silver Futures Reversal At Hand?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/05/11
Silver has managed to keep grinding higher for five consecutive months, rising in value by nearly 80% between July 28 and January 3. Is this rally in the terminal phase, or is there reason to believe...(more)

Unleaded Gas Quietly Surging
Mike Carr, CMT -- 01/03/11
Oil has hit resistance levels near $90 a barrel, while unleaded gas futures have recently pushed through resistance but also faces challenges to a sustained bull run....(more)

Profiting From the Gap With Overnight Trading
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/02/10
Do you hate entering a new trading position first thing in the morning, especially after the market has already staged a big rally in the overnight session? Why not investigate ways to trade both the...(more)

Silver Reaction Rally Nearing Detrend Extreme
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/19/10
After every sharp selloff, it's normal to see a reaction move higher into resistance areas. The silver futures market may be at such a juncture at this moment....(more)

Gold's Monthly Chart Warns Of More Downside
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/19/10
Gold ran up from $681 to more than $1,423 in a little more than two years; after hitting previously forecast resistance levels, the gold futures market is beginning to turn lower. Where are the critic...(more)

Copper Getting Overbought?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/28/10
Commitment of Traders' net position analysis suggests that a intermediate-term top may arrive sooner rather than later in the copper futures market....(more)

Silver More Evidence Of A Possible Reversal
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/12/10
Most trend reversals give several warning signals before the turn finally comes. Here's another high-probability reversal setup in COMEX mini silver futures....(more)

Gold Hiccup Or Reversal?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/08/10
Here's an inside look at the reversal now under way in the gold futures market, through the eyes of a system trader....(more)

Gold Stocks And Silver Outperforming Gold
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/04/10
Metals -- are they at some sort of a top, or are they destined to run still higher through year-end? No one really knows, but right now, silver futures and gold equities are substantially outperformin...(more)

Grain Elevator
Austin Passamonte -- 08/06/10
Here's the mid-term outlook for soybean futures pricing....(more)

Flagged Day(s)
Austin Passamonte -- 08/05/10
Here's a short-term outlook for ES and TF emini futures....(more)

Natural Gas Seasonal Low In Place?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/27/10
For the past 20 years, the seasonal pattern in natural gas futures confirms that this energy commodity usually trades at its lowest price of the year sometime between mid-July and late August. Will th...(more)

Really? A Short-Term R2K Rally?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/08/10
The bear market is far from complete, but for intraday traders, there are always plenty of bullish setups in various small-scale time frames. Here's a look at a potentially bullish setup in the emini...(more)

Summertime Soy
Austin Passamonte -- 06/23/10
Here's the midterm price view of the soybean futures market....(more)

Leveled Off In Crude
Austin Passamonte -- 06/14/10
Here's the midterm price analysis of crude oil (CL) futures....(more)

Drilling Range For Crude Oil Futures
Austin Passamonte -- 05/11/10
Here's a market outlook for the crude oil futures index....(more)

Copper Approaches 200-Day EMA
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/08/10
No doubt, the copper futures market is in the midst of a substantial trend reversal, one that commenced four weeks ago. Might we get a tradable bounce higher in copper regardless?...(more)

Canadian Dollar Futures Descending Toward Support
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/29/10
Canadian dollar futures enjoyed a nice bull run in 2009, but the technicals now suggest that it may take a while for the loonie to meet or exceed its October 2009 highs....(more)

Time To Drop Copper?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/27/10
Up nearly 200% since 2008's bear market low, high-grade copper futures appear to be running out of steam. Where are the most solid support levels for this essential commodity?...(more)

Gold Pennants, Breakdowns, Washouts, Reversals
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/12/10
Take an intraday trip through the gold futures market, using the three- and fifteen-minute charts as a road map....(more)

Natural Reserve
Austin Passamonte -- 10/27/09
Here's the short-term to near-term outlook for natural gas futures....(more)

Heating Up
Austin Passamonte -- 10/19/09
Here's the short-term to near-term outlook for heating oil futures....(more)

Looking At Futures With Volume-Weighted MACD Histogram
Mike Carr, CMT -- 10/19/09
Combining volume with momentum is a tool used to spot trend changes in stocks that can be applied to futures markets as well....(more)

Rounding Out Recovery?
Austin Passamonte -- 10/14/09
Here's a short-term to near-term view of the high-grade copper futures market....(more)

How Sweet Is It?
Austin Passamonte -- 10/14/09
Here's the near-term to medium-term outlook for sugar futures....(more)

Corn Flaked
Austin Passamonte -- 10/13/09
Here's a short-term to near-term view of corn futures....(more)

Bean Sprouts
Austin Passamonte -- 10/13/09
Here's the short-term to near-term outlook for soybean futures market....(more)

Millennium Gold
Austin Passamonte -- 10/06/09
Near-term to mid-term outlook for gold futures index....(more)

Kiss Crude Oil Goodbye?
Austin Passamonte -- 10/06/09
Short-term and mid-term outlook for crude oil futures....(more)

Crude Cruise
Austin Passamonte -- 08/14/09
Measuring the long-term view of crude oil futures market....(more)

Traders, Take (10-Year) Note
Austin Passamonte -- 08/14/09
Here's a long-term chart view of the 10-year note futures....(more)

Dollar Discount
Austin Passamonte -- 08/14/09
Here's a long-term chart view of the euro currency futures contract....(more)

Hard Hat Zone
Austin Passamonte -- 08/13/09
Here's a long-term chart view of price measurement per the NASDAQ 100 index futures....(more)

Swiss Cheese Rally?
Austin Passamonte -- 08/13/09
Measuring price-action potential direction in the S&P 500 futures market....(more)

Russell 2000 Emini Futures
Austin Passamonte -- 06/16/09
The S&P 500 futures are the king of emini index markets. But popularity as measured by volume does not always mean superiority of profit potential. Other emini markets exist for valid reasons -- some...(more)

PCU = Low Risk?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/04/09
Copper appears to be under heavy accumulation by the major commercial segment of the futures market. Here's a low-risk option play on one of the better long-term copper stocks....(more)

Natural Gas, Equities Nearing Major Support
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/13/08
Although the stocks in the natural gas industry group have fallen sharply, they, along with natural gas futures, may be near critical support....(more)

Stockpickers Can Profit In Commodities Too
Mike Carr, CMT -- 12/20/07
The proliferation of exchange traded funds gives traders a chance to profit from moves in commodities without the risk of leveraged futures contracts....(more)

Will Lumber Find A Soft Landing?
David Penn -- 10/12/07
January lumber futures retest contract lows in October....(more)

Bounding Into Resistance: Positive Divergences Send December Natural Gas Higher
David Penn -- 10/04/07
Positive divergences in both the MACD histogram and the stochastic anticipated a move higher in natural gas futures in October....(more)

A Cocoa Pop? Positive Divergence And Seasonal Trends
David Penn -- 09/11/07
A positive divergence in the MACDH anticipates the seasonal "September rally" in cocoa futures....(more)

Not So High On The Hogs: Divergences And Breakdowns In The October Contract
David Penn -- 09/11/07
Negative divergences in the stochastic and the MACD histogram anticipated a late summer correction in lean hog futures....(more)

King Corn
David Penn -- 03/21/07
Will corn futures ever correct?...(more)

Cocoa's Spring Offensive
David Penn -- 03/20/07
After putting in a seasonal bottom in October, cocoa futures continue to ramp higher into March....(more)

Cotton Rising?
David Penn -- 03/01/07
It's far from summertime, but May cotton futures appear to be establishing a bottom that could see higher cotton prices over the next several weeks....(more)

Is Coffee Creeping Lower?
David Penn -- 10/20/06
A descending triangle is one hint that a test of the lows is likely....(more)

The Fall Of Feeder Cattle
David Penn -- 09/29/06
Cattle futures tumble toward a source of potential Fibonacci support....(more)

The Sugar Triangle
David Penn -- 08/25/06
A look at how a symmetrical triangle in sugar futures heralded the end of a major rally....(more)

The Copper Triangle
David Penn -- 08/25/06
A symmetrical triangle in copper futures sets up the possibility for a dramatic increase in volatility when prices break free....(more)

Cup (Of Sugar) With Handle
David Penn -- 04/25/06
The year-to-date consolidation in sugar futures could be hinting at more historic highs to come....(more)

Crude Oil's Triangle-In-Progress
David Penn -- 04/06/06
The symmetrical triangle in continuous crude oil futures is well worth watching....(more)

Bears Lay Wood To Lumber
David Penn -- 03/02/06
As lumber futures plummet toward a 61.8% retracement of their August–December rally, would-be buyers find themselves looking for a bounce....(more)

Trendlines, Light Volume, And Live Cattle
David Penn -- 03/01/06
A trendline break and a bounce on light volume spell reversal for February cattle futures....(more)

Silver Spurred
David Penn -- 01/27/06
A cup with handle consolidation from December through January leads to a breakout in silver futures....(more)

Another Double Divergence In Copper
David Penn -- 01/02/06
Will the second time be the charm for copper bears?...(more)

Get Support Or Die Tryin'
David Penn -- 12/16/05
After retracing 50% of its advance from the September lows, the US Dollar index futures are begging for a bounce....(more)

Is Crude Oil Ready To Run?
David Penn -- 10/18/05
With crude oil futures correcting toward the lower end of their multimonth trend channel, oil stocks continue to warn of weakness....(more)

The Parable Of Coffee And The Blind Traders
David Penn -- 09/02/05
The end of a downtrend and the resumption of an uptrend loom in coffee futures....(more)

Golden Nonconfirmations
David Penn -- 08/05/05
When gold stocks fail to confirm a new high in gold futures, contrarians and gold bugs alike should take notice....(more)

Bullish Divergences Lead Cattle Higher
David Penn -- 08/01/05
Month-on-month positive stochastic divergences anticipate a reversal in cattle futures....(more)

Copper Diamonds And Divergences
David Penn -- 06/27/05
A diamond top sent copper futures down in May. But the subsequent bounce had to be seen to be believed....(more)

September Crude's Bearish Divergence
David Penn -- 06/24/05
As oil stocks bound to new highs, crude oil futures show signs of weariness....(more)

Sweet Divergences
David Penn -- 06/07/05
A positive stochastic divergence sends sugar futures higher....(more)

US T-Bond: Is It Time To Be Contrarian?
Paolo Pezzutti -- 06/07/05
The 30-year interest rate of this futures contract is at its all-time highs....(more)

Pork Bellies: From Poke To Broke
David Penn -- 05/10/05
The post-negative divergence decline was severe. And resistance at the 10-day EMA suggests more downside is possible....(more)

Cotton Comes Down
David Penn -- 04/01/05
A 2B top anticipates a reversal in cotton futures....(more)

A Head (And Shoulders) Of Cattle
David Penn -- 11/04/04
A nearly five-month topping pattern in December live cattle futures looks set to resolve itself in a breakdown....(more)

Triangle Trouble For December Hogs?
David Penn -- 10/28/04
A narrowing price range after a brief autumn correction locates lean hog futures at the crossroads....(more)

Cotton Keeps Crashing Down
David Penn -- 10/14/04
Deep MACDH troughs and resistance at major long-term moving averages suggest that the correction in cotton futures is not yet done....(more)

Orange Juice's Triangle Triumph
David Penn -- 09/28/04
A few thoughts on the perfection of imperfect chart patterns as orange juice futures rally to new highs....(more)

The Return Of How The Dollar Gets Its Groove Back
David Penn -- 09/24/04
Will a positive stochastic divergence in September result in a rally in U.S. dollar futures?...(more)

Squeezing The Juice
David Penn -- 09/02/04
A month ago, I announced "Run OJ! Run!" in reference to the early stages of a rally in long-beleaguered orange juice futures. And run they did....(more)

For Feeder Cattle Futures Who Have Considered Cup With Handle Patterns When The Rally Wasn't Enuf
David Penn -- 08/16/04
Has the bull market in cattle futures run out of steam? A look at the hourly chart of October feeder cattle suggests not....(more)

Silver Futures Bottom Out After A Massive Fall
Ashwani Gujral -- 08/13/04
Silver fell by 40% in April 2004, and then formed an accumulation pattern. If it breaks out above 6770, it should see a target of 7470. With the uncertainity in global markets and the terror alerts,...(more)

Lumber in August
David Penn -- 07/27/04
Will recent highs in lumber futures mark the top of the bull market?...(more)

Bears Falling on Cotton
David Penn -- 07/26/04
Since breaking down in the spring of 2004, cotton futures have lost a third of their value in four months....(more)

"Run OJ! Run!"
David Penn -- 07/06/04
Was that merely the legendary exhortation to a fleeing celebrity accused of a double homicide? Or the cry of jubilant orange juice futures bulls? We chart. You decide....(more)

Crude Warns Lower
David Penn -- 06/07/04
A major MACDH trough suggests that the top in crude oil futures may be in....(more)

British Pound Futures Break Down
Ashwani Gujral -- 05/20/04
Most currencies are getting weaker as the U.S. dollar strengthens. British Pound futures broke down from a bearish head and shoulders top and the downtrend is likely to gather steam....(more)

Crude Oil Futures Break Out
Ashwani Gujral -- 05/12/04
Crude oil has broken out of consolidation patterns both on the weekly and daily charts. Breakouts on two time frames simultaneously lead to powerful moves. One thing is sure: Crude oil has broken ou...(more)

Canadian Dollar Futures Lead Bearishness In Commodities
Ashwani Gujral -- 05/11/04
The Canadian dollar had shown bearish patterns long before the commodities started their downtrends. Canadian dollar futures have broken down from a head and shoulders pattern, indicating that commod...(more)

A Triangle On The U.S. Dollar Index Futures: Will It Flatter Or Deceive?
Ashwani Gujral -- 04/30/04
The U.S. Dollar is perhaps the instrument most directly affecteted by an actual hike or indications of a hike in U.S. interest rates. The U.S. Dollar Index Futures chart is showing that traders expec...(more)

Island Reversal In Yen Futures
Luis Ferro -- 04/26/04
The yen has displayed volatile behavior lately, leading to the formation of two consecutive island reversals. While the short-term forecast is bearish, the long-term uptrend should still be considered...(more)

Silver's Slippery Symmetrical Triangle
David Penn -- 04/22/04
An early April symmetrical triangle in silver futures produced a vertigo-inducing collapse by mid-month....(more)

Is Coffee Percolating Higher?
David Penn -- 04/16/04
If coffee futures hold support at 6930, then a third wave of much higher prices could be right around the corner....(more)

Soybean Futures Ready For Long Consolidation?
Ashwani Gujral -- 04/13/04
In bull runs traders and investors often forget about corrections and consolidations. A high ADX should caution traders not to buy at higher levels as a consolidation can happen at any time. Soybea...(more)

Swiss Franc Futures Give Contrary Daily And Weekly Signals
Ashwani Gujral -- 04/08/04
When the weekly and daily charts show contradictory signals, weekly patterns generally prevail. The Swiss Franc futures shows a bearish daily chart and an upward channel on the weekly chart. The fir...(more)

Crude Oil Moves Slowly And Surely Upwards
Ashwani Gujral -- 03/26/04
Looking at their weekly chart, Crude Oil futures are ready to break out of a head and shoulder consolidation pattern. This consolidation occurred over the last four years and now seems headed toward...(more)

Are Silver Futures Overheated?
Ashwani Gujral -- 03/25/04
Silver is part of the precious metals sector currently in a long-term bull market. With all the uncertainity related to the equity markets and the global terror threat, it has had a vertical upmove i...(more)

Corn Futures Looking For Another 33% Upside
Ashwani Gujral -- 03/24/04
Corn futures have formed a rounding bottom over a period of eight years and are now breaking out. A sharp gain of 33% can be expected immediately if futures maintain over 2922....(more)

S&P E-mini Futures Enter A Downtrend
Ashwani Gujral -- 03/19/04
The S&P e-mini ended its agonizing rally on the daily chart and took the path of least resistance, which was down. This exhaustion pattern is called "Three Little Indians."...(more)

Japanese Yen Futures Ready For More Downside
Ashwani Gujral -- 03/18/04
The Japanese yen futures are in a deep downtrend. The recent respite appears to be forming a bear flag, the breakdown of which will lead to a level of 8500....(more)

The Canadian Dollar Topping Out
Ashwani Gujral -- 03/08/04
A head and shoulders pattern is a very powerful accumulation and distribution pattern. The Canadian dollar futures are showing just such a distribution pattern, both on the daily and weekly chart. T...(more)

Platinum Futures Break Out Ahead Of The Pack
Ashwani Gujral -- 03/04/04
Platinum futures have broken out of a consolidation pattern while their more illustrious cousins gold and silver continue to consolidate. Breakouts of stocks and commodities in the same sector should...(more)

COT Indicator Says Market Still A Buy
Matt Blackman -- 01/05/04
As non-priced based indicators go, the Commitment of Traders' positions are as good as some, better than most. The indicator gave a buy signal on the S&P 500 in early October that was confirmed to sti...(more)

A Diamond In The Yen
David Penn -- 12/04/03
A diamond pattern that developed in yen futures suggests higher prices for the Japanese currency in the near term....(more)

Gold Support And Resistance
Gary Grosschadl -- 12/01/03
This past week has seen gold finally rise to briefly touch the $400 barrier for the futures (Comex) traders while the spot price reached a high of $398....(more)

Are Hogs Headed Higher?
David Penn -- 09/18/03
A mid-summer double top leads to a late summer double bottom as the rally in lean hog futures continues....(more)

Crude Oil Finally Cracks
David Penn -- 09/09/03
A negative divergence sets up a sharply downward turn in crude oil futures....(more)

October Cotton's Island Top
David Penn -- 08/18/03
After a vertigo-inducing rally in early June, an island reversal threatens to send October cotton futures from whence they came....(more)

Natural Gas: Trading The June Top With The 8-wave Pattern
Nabeel Qadir -- 07/25/03
A basic 8-wave pattern, along with the Fibonacci ratios and a few other indicators, can be used to trade a market top. In this example, I will use the NYMEX August 2003 futures contract to show how th...(more)

A Double Top In October Hogs
David Penn -- 07/24/03
The payoff was swift for bears circling around the double top in lean hog futures....(more)

The Summer Correction In Natural Gas
David Penn -- 07/24/03
A negative divergence in the MACD and a broken trendline conspire to send natural gas futures reeling....(more)

December Cotton's June Flag
David Penn -- 07/03/03
A two-week pullback in cotton futures anticipates higher prices in the near-term....(more)

An Intermediate Double Top in September Wheat
David Penn -- 06/26/03
After a short, sharp rally at the beginning of May, wheat futures are headed back down....(more)

Coffee Grinding Down
David Penn -- 06/23/03
After a rally in late spring, coffee futures are making new contract lows. What will it take for a turnaround?...(more)

Has the Gold Bough Been Broken?
David Penn -- 06/16/03
As gold stocks soar toward resistance, gold futures appear to have topped out for the time being....(more)

The Return of Copper Tops
David Penn -- 06/11/03
Bearish in February, bullish in May, is it time to get bearish again on copper futures?...(more)

A Reversal in Juice?
David Penn -- 06/10/03
After a 10-month bear market, orange juice futures are rallying from late spring lows....(more)

Will Energy Plays Pay Off?
David Penn -- 05/30/03
The Herrick Payoff Index points to bearish divergences in crude oil futures. Is a reversal in the making?...(more)

Corn Turns the Corner
David Penn -- 05/15/03
A 1-2-3 trend reversal marks a bottom in corn futures....(more)

May Coffee's 2B Test
David Penn -- 04/07/03
Does a short-term 2B test of bottom anticipate an upswing in coffee futures?...(more)

Revisiting Copper Tops
David Penn -- 03/26/03
A "third strike" looms against the rally in copper futures....(more)

Copper Tops
David Penn -- 02/28/03
A 1-2-3 trend reversal leads to a 2B test of top for copper futures....(more)

Triangle Trouble for Wheat Futures
David Penn -- 12/03/02
A descending triangle in December wheat may signal the break for which the bears have awaited ......(more)

December Natural Gas Bounces Off Long-Term Support
Kevin Hopson -- 11/18/02
December natural gas (NGZ2) has seen a sharp sell off over the last few weeks, as weakness in the crude oil futures market has weighed on prices. However, the contract successfully tested key long-ter...(more)

A Simple Hedge Strategy
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/24/02
When the market turns bearish, either close out your portfolio or hedge it in the options or futures market. These strategies are normally for players who know what they are doing, are experienced and...(more)

Live Cattle's Cup with Handle Bottom
David Penn -- 09/19/02
Rebounding from a seven-month downtrend, livestock futures finally start moving up....(more)

Diamonds and the CRB
David Penn -- 08/16/02
A July diamond anticipates sizable moves in the commodities index. Will grains continue to gain?...(more)

Petroleum's Head and Shoulders Complex
David Penn -- 07/24/02
Natural gas broke down from a head and shoulders top in July. Will other energy futures follow suit?...(more)

Seasonal Trends - Good or Bad?
Tony Jerebic -- 02/05/02
Here's a look at a few futures contracts that have historic trends in the month of February....(more)

Cattle's Diamond Continuation
David Penn -- 11/09/01
A big volume breakdown in live cattle futures turns a consolidation into a bearish continuation....(more)

30 Years of Trading Wisdom - Part 1
Terry Zis -- 07/09/01
Having been involved in the futures markets for the past 30 years it has never really been obvious to me why some people win and some people lose. But in giving it some more thought, I've made the fol...(more)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Choosing a Broker But Were Afraid to Ask
Joe Fitzgerald -- 06/29/01
Here are some steps to follow and questions to ask when thinking about choosing a futures broker....(more)

Long Summer for Grain Farmers
Scott W. Barrie -- 04/10/01
March is typically a strong month for corn and soybean futures. However, when counter seasonal weakness occurs it often foreshadows continued weakness into summer....(more)

Limit Moves in the Futures Market
Scott W. Barrie -- 03/27/01
Using limit moves to forecast future direction...(more)

Wither Wheat?
David Penn -- 10/26/00
A pair of four-month long trading ranges have characterized the December wheat contract for most of 2000. Is a breakout likely here at the bottom?...(more)

Crude's Rude Bull Mood
David Penn -- 09/18/00
When did YOU think crude was going to hit a top? If the December crude has anything to say about it, the answer just might be: not anytime soon....(more)

Parabolic Stop and Reverse: The Other Way of Stopping
David Penn -- 09/06/00
A creation of the futures markets, the parabolic stop and reverse helps traders get out (or in) while the getting is good....(more)

Download these PDF pages on FUTURES.

Stock index futures used to modify a portfolio's beta.

V.10:1 (35-37): Using Futures And Options to Reshape Portfolio Risk by Jean-Olivier Fraisse, C.F.A.
Portfolio management involves finding the highest possible return while limiting risk. Because economic conditions constantly change, keeping to this goal requires moving assets in and out of the portfolio a time-consuming and (worse) costly procedure. Using stock index futures and options can help. Fraisse uses S&P 500 index futures contracts as a tool with which to quietly increase a portfolio's exposure to market fluctuations if a money manager is bullish or decrease a portfolio's risk if a money manager is bearish. By Jean-Olivier Fraisse

V.10:2 (61-66): A Wyckoff Approach To Future by Craig F. Schroeder
The Wyckoff approach, a standard for decades, is as valid for futures trading as it is for stocks, but even students of the technique appear to be unaware of this use. According to Schroeder, Wyckoff is not simply about price and volume; it is about supply and demand, cause and effect, and effort and result. And of course these three laws apply to all interactions. By Craig F. Schroeder

V.10:10 (427-431): Selecting The Best Futures Price Series For Computer Testing by Jack Schwager
One problem that traders studying commodity markets face is the fact that individual futures contracts have price characteristics that are not continuous with other contracts within the same market. Jack Schwager, author and director of futures research at Prudential Securities, has some suggestions on dealing with this problem. By Jack Schwager

V.12:10 (433-437): The DJIA And The Stock Index Futures Cycle by Christopher Cadbury
Do phases of the three-month futures cycle usually coincide with periods of greatest weakness or periods of substantial strength in the stock market? This American Stock Exchange trader details DJIA performance in relation to the beginning trading periods for the lead stock index futures contracts. By Christopher Cadbury

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