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The Dow Is Down. Is It Time To Buy?
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/24/14
The Dow has fallen heavily, but with so many companies coming out with excellent financial results, is it time to start bottom picking?...(more)

So, Is It Time To Start Buying Gold?
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/26/13
The Iranian nuclear threat seems to be fading....(more)

Where Now, Dow?
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/02/12
Analyzing the future is not easy, but technical analysis, especially a combination of Elliott wave theory and Gann analysis, does help....(more)

A Look At S&P 500 Using Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 03/09/12
Analyzing the S&P 500 using a Gann square....(more)

The Beauty Of A Gann Fan
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/29/12
I have always believed in a Gann fan as an indicator forecasting the future....(more)

Looking At Cycles Through Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/30/11
W.D. Gann left so much material behind when he died that nobody is quite sure what strategy he used to amass his fortune. Here is one strategy he may have used....(more)

Is It Time To Buy Gold?
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/26/11
W.D. Gann's time cycle count seems to think so....(more)

Looking At Gold Through The Eyes Of Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 08/22/11
Gold has been making new highs as the market has been falling....(more)

WD Gann's Apple
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/21/11
Here's a look at Apple Inc. the way WD Gann would have seen it....(more)

Using Gann Lines
Koos van der Merwe -- 03/30/11
Looking for a system to use for investment purposes can always be a challenge....(more)

Is The Correction Over?
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/28/11
Global unrest was the cause of the expected correction in the market. With the DJIA going strongly positive on February 28, is this suggesting the correction is over?...(more)

Gannett High-Yield Covered Call Op
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/04/11
The bull market keeps hanging in there. Instead of trying to call the exact top, why not just try to make the most of the stocks that are still moving higher?...(more)

For GCI, A Pre-Earnings Buy Signal
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 07/16/10
Sometimes it pays to sell a stock that has had a strong run just before earnings are released. In the case of Gannett Co. (GCI) shares, there appear to be plenty of bullish reasons to buy in anticipat...(more)

Using Gann To Trade Bombardier
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/23/10
W.D. Gann is reputed to have made millions of dollars in his share trading. Here's his technique as applied to Bombardier.

VMWare, That Virtualization Stock
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/01/10
VMWare, Inc., is a provider of virtualization software. Is it a buy for your portfolio?...(more)

Is The Time Right For Fossil?
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/13/10
Fossil offers fashion accessories all over the world, but how's the stock look?...(more)

What W.D. Gann Says About Gold
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/06/08
Is gold to be used as a hedge against inflation?...(more)

What Has October Got To Do With The Bailout?
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/06/08
September is known as the month the market usually slows down, and October is known as the month for drama. What does a Gann chart say?...(more)

Will The US Lead The Way To Recovery?
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/03/08
How much farther can the Standard & Poor's 500 fall?...(more)

Is Gold Do Or Die?
Koos van der Merwe -- 03/10/08
Gold is a US$ play. Take a look....(more)

Playing The Forex Game
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/05/07
"The forecaster is like an entrepreneur..."...(more)

A Gann Look At The S&P 500
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/10/07
Financial events of the past few weeks have suggested that the US economy is headed for a recession. What do Gann charts have to say about it?...(more)

Gannett Looks To Break Out
Arthur Hill -- 10/10/06
Gannett sports an inverse head & shoulders pattern and signs of accumulation point to a breakout....(more)

Does The Future Lie In Canada?
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/29/06
All charts of the DJIA, S&P, and NASDAQ point to a market selloff in the months and years ahead, but is the chart of the Toronto Stock Exchange suggesting otherwise for the Canadian market?...(more)

The Canadian Dollar
Koos van der Merwe -- 05/23/06
Is the recent strength in the Canadian dollar a type I or a type II move?...(more)

The Elusive B-Wave Of The S&P Index
Koos van der Merwe -- 05/04/06
Here are some adages to remember: "Sell in May and go away." "The second year of a Presidential cycle sees the most corrections."

Astec A Profitable Road?
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/02/06
In a rising oil price environment, are our roads becoming too expensive to maintain? What will the substance filling the potholes in the road consist of in the future?...(more)

John Ehlers And The Fisher Transform
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/28/05
I bought the first MESA program sold by John Ehlers sometime in 1985-86 when I was looking for something other than Gann fans and Fourier analysis to determine cycles. That's when I first learned abou...(more)

Value Line Arithmetic And Geometric Indexes
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/29/05
In my September 22nd article, "Analyzing The S&P 500 Index Using Gann," I concluded that the index is due for a major correction, and that the US economy will inevitably collapse. It is simply waiting...(more)

Analyzing The S&P 500 Index Using Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/22/05
Hurricanes, hurricanes, hurricanes. As if the US economy doesn't have enough problems.


Gann And The S&P 500 Index
Koos van der Merwe -- 07/28/05
Many years ago when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I lay in the sun at a hotel swimming pool at a small town called Agatha in the Northern Transvaal of South Africa. Here, I opened my first, of wha...(more)

A Closer Look At
"A Developing Depression. . .Not A Boom"

Koos van der Merwe -- 08/16/04
The above article appeared in the March 2004 issue of "Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES," by Robert R. Prechter and Peter Kendall....(more)

Microsoft: Is It Worth Buying?
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/24/04
Microsoft has been very much in the news the past week. With its billions in cash, Microsoft speculation moves from offering its shareholders a comfortable dividend to a share buyback. Either way, it...(more)

Gann, Elliott And The Dow Revisited
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/22/04
Popular for their predictive power/capacity, Gann and Elliott wave methods reach similar conclusions in their forecasts for the spring of 2004....(more)

Gann, Elliott And The Dow
Koos van der Merwe -- 03/18/04
The terrorist act in Spain has led to a change in government and the threat of a withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Has Al Qaeda won? What does the Dow say?...(more)

Part III: Lessons In Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/08/03
There are many ways to use Gann fans to identify turnings points for a stock. This article shows how to use the fan progressively....(more)

Part II: Lessons In Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/05/03
On December 3, 2003, I presented a report showing the first of three methods using Gann fans to trade. All are part of WD Gann's arsenal. Plotting them on a single chart would make the page so busy th...(more)

A Lesson In Gann
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/03/03
Years of studying the works of W.D.Gann have led me to apply his strategies in ways that may be slightly different to anything found in current books on the great trader. Here is one example of how I...(more)

Call The S&P 500 With Gann And Elliott
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/10/03
When W.D. Gann passed away, he left a study full of papers containing reams of research. He earnestly believed that man's emotions were ruled by planetary and mathematical influences; the planetary r...(more)

The Rule of Eight
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/13/03
Markets have moved to decimals. Is W.D.Gann's Rule of Eight still effective?...(more)

Gann Analysis and Nasdaq
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/02/02
W.D. Gann was probably one of the most controversial market gurus. Rumor has it that he made millions of dollars trading the market with his mathematically-based trading systems. When he died, he left...(more)

Using Gann
Dennis D. Peterson -- 04/20/01
Much of what we do today was either used or started by Gann....(more)

Gann And Fibonacci (Part III of III)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 04/12/01
Gann's basic swing pattern theories have been used by other traders. Here are a few examples of how they were applied....(more)

Gann And Fibonnacci (Part II of III)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 04/06/01
One enigma remains elusive and another less so....(more)

Gann And Fibonnacci (Part I of III)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 04/02/01
One enigma remains elusive and another less so....(more)

The Nasdaq Composite: Where Is It Heading?
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 08/11/00
The Nasdaq composite has been trading sideways ever since its sharp drop in April. A question dwelling on most minds is "When is the Nasdaq going to resume its upward trend?"...(more)

W.D. Gann
Jason K. Hutson -- 04/01/00
W.D. Gann...(more)

Download these PDF pages on GANN.

V.3:5 (177-183): Gann Lines and Angles by Robert Pardo
An introduction to the concepts of Gann including Gann lines, angles, pivot points, support and resistance. Also includes graphic illustrations of these concepts and examples using actual data (pork bellies, British pounds, KC ValueLine). By Robert Pardo; pages 177-183.

V.8:4 (142-144): Trading with Gann lines by David Lamarr
Determine support and resistance areas with Gann lines. By David Lamarr; pages 142-144.

V.10:6 (268-271): SIDEBAR: GANN'S 28 TRADING RULES
Gann's 28 trading rules.

V.10:6 (268-271): The Gann Method by John J. Blasic
W.D. Gann's trading methodologies are not always easy to define or to analyze. But when interpreted correctly, they can be applied to everyday trading principles across many different markets . John Blasic simplifies Gann's techniques in this article into terms more easily understood, sketching out how they can be applied within your overall trading strategy. By John J. Blasic

V.16:2 (57-66): The New Gann Swing Chartist by Robert Krausz, MH, BCHE
This is more than an article that teaches technical analysis. It's also a story about how one professional trader, a New Market Wizard, came into possession of a rare technical method, and the steps he took to turn it into a valid trading plan. Here, then, is Robert Krausz's Basic trading plan, one of four published in his book, A W.D. Gann Treasure Discovered. By Robert Krausz, MH, BCHE

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