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Long-Term Fibonacci Time Relationships
Mark Rivest -- 06/29/22
See why US stocks may have begun a multi-year bear market....(more)

US Stock Bull Market Could End in December 2021
Mark Rivest -- 11/24/21
Time cycles and momentum indicate a major top could be forming.


S&P 500 - Nexus Point
Mark Rivest -- 08/19/21
An important turn point could forecast the end of the bull market....(more)

Fibonacci Price And Time Relationships
Mark Rivest -- 06/30/21
Could long-term Fibonacci relationships identify a major top for US stocks?...(more)

Entering The End Game - Part Two
Mark Rivest -- 01/29/21
Long-term Fibonacci price relationships could be major resistance for US stocks....(more)

Dawn of the Bear Market?
Mark Rivest -- 03/26/20
Deep retracements of stock indices could be the start of a larger decline....(more)

Forecast For US Stocks In 2020
Mark Rivest -- 01/09/20
Several factors hint at another bullish year for the major US stock indices....(more)

Setting Trading Targets
Mark Rivest -- 06/28/19
Guidelines for primary and alternate targets....(more)

Discovering Support Levels
Mark Rivest -- 05/16/19
How to use Fibonacci analysis to find high probability bottoms....(more)

Fibonacci Extension Clues From Past Retracements
Fawad Razaqzada -- 04/04/19
Using the Fibonacci tool on price action that has already unfolded can provide us with clues in terms of what to expect next when price breaks out of a range....(more)

Fibonacci Time Sequences
Mark Rivest -- 03/14/19
See how time could be used to find market turns. RN Elliott not only discovered the wave principle but also discovered that market movements can be measured using the Fibonacci sequence. Utilizing th...(more)

Fibonacci Confluence With Other Tools Provide Better Trading Signals
Fawad Razaqzada -- 03/07/19
Examining Fibonacci levels and confirming technical tools....(more)

Discovering Market Tops With Fibonacci Extensions
Mark Rivest -- 03/01/19
See how major peaks could be found months, or years, in advance....(more)

Death of a Bull Market?
Mark Rivest -- 01/03/19
How to trade US stocks at the beginning of 2019....(more)

How High is UP? - Part Two
Mark Rivest -- 10/10/18
See where important resistance could be for the S&P 500 and FTSE 100....(more)

S&P 500 - Deadly Ground
Mark Rivest -- 02/15/18
Fibonacci analysis reveals the most important point on the S&P 500 chart....(more)

Crude Oil Barrier
Mark Rivest -- 12/01/17
See why Price, Time, Sentiment, and Momentum dimensions indicate Crude Oil is near significant resistance....(more)

The Price is Right
Mark Rivest -- 05/10/17
Three Fibonacci price coordinates could indicate the end of the eight-year stock bull market....(more)

Stock Bull Market Enters Twilight Zone
Mark Rivest -- 04/05/17
Stocks have bottomed at a bulls-eye target date, see when the next turn could come....(more)

Bond Yield Decision Point
Mark Rivest -- 03/22/17
Yield for US 30-Year Treasury Bonds has reached powerful resistance. What are sentiment and momentum indicators telling us at this juncture?

The most interesting market to watch for the remain...(more)

Discovering Fibonacci Price Targets
Mark Rivest -- 03/15/17
Techniques to find precise price targets in any market.


Say Goodbye to 20,000
Mark Rivest -- 01/04/17
The end of 2016 tells us why we may not see Dow Jones Industrial Average 20,000 for several months....(more)

Stock Market Lessons from Mr. Fibonacci - Part Three
Mark Rivest -- 09/15/16
The incredible string of Fibonacci turn dates continues. See why September 14, 2016 could be the next bottom....(more)

Stock Market Lessons from Mr. Fibonacci - Part Two
Mark Rivest -- 09/09/16
See why the September 1, 2016 bottom could be the prelude to a major stock market peak....(more)

Stock Market Lessons From Mr. Fibonacci
Mark Rivest -- 08/29/16
See why September 1, 2016 could be a bottom for US stocks....(more)

S&P 500 Near A Ceiling
Mark Rivest -- 08/17/16
Evidences continues to indicate US stocks are near an intermediate top. Fibonacci analysis could hold the answer of where a down turn could begin....(more)

The Brexit Factor
Mark Rivest -- 06/24/16
Can the Brexit vote effect the trend of US stocks? Technical analysis has the answer.


S&P 500 At The Crossroads
Mark Rivest -- 05/19/16
Will important support hold? The Fibonacci .236 retrace level for the S&P 500 (SPX) February-to-April rally is at 2040.03. On May 6th, the SPX hit 2039.45 and proceeded to rally for three days. As of...(more)

Buy In May And Stay
Mark Rivest -- 05/09/16
The S&P 500 and Shanghai Composite could soon give signals for an important bottom....(more)

FCX: Major Support And Strong Money Flow
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/02/14
Shares of Freeport McMoran Copper And Gold are trading just above a high probability support area at a time of bullish money flows....(more)

AAPL: Close To Pattern Completion?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/25/14
Shares of Apple, Inc. have been in a major rally since June 2013, but may now be near an important turning point....(more)

Alliance Data Systems: Easy Short Into Support?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/12/14
Shares of Alliance Data Systems (ADS) are heading lower after breaking a key support level....(more)

AAPL: Bearish Reversal Commences
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/12/14
Shares of Apple, Inc. jumped by 30% between April and July of this year; now comes the proportional correction to support....(more)

YELP: A Stock in Need of Help?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/04/14
Shares of Yelp, Inc. appear to be on target to move below the $60 level in the near future....(more)

CMG Ready To Hit Profit Target
Billy Williams -- 07/02/14
Chipotle Mexican Grill has been on a roller coaster ride in recent years but is poised to hit a big profit target....(more)

IHS, Inc. - The Comeback Kid
Billy Williams -- 06/27/14
Considered down-and-out at one time, IHS has powered back to leadership status and setting up for a new bull run....(more)

Allergan Inc. (AGN): Another Run At A New High
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/09/14
Allergan Inc. shares prepare to push higher in a classic AB=CD Fibonacci swing pattern....(more)

TSLA: Prepping For A Rebound?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/30/14
Shares of Tesla Motors have experienced two significant corrections since October 2013; the latest one may be nearing its end, with a tradable rally soon to appear....(more)

Eastman Chemical: Swing CD Heads South
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/01/14
Using Fibonacci swing ratios can help you better forecast high probability support/resistance points in most liquid stocks and exchange traded funds....(more)

Facebook: Corrective Wave Patterns
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/26/14
After completing a five-wave Elliott sequence, shares of Facebook are still seeking support....(more)

DAL Reaching Maximum Safe Altitude?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 03/06/14
Currently in the midst of a stunning 16-month rally, shares of Delta Air Lines may soon reach terminal velocity....(more)

3D Printers - Is The Game Back On?
Matt Blackman -- 02/24/14
"Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain...(more)

BestBuy: Will Its Next Support Level Hold?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/04/14
Every stock has a period of correction and/or consolidation after enjoying a strong rally phase, but in the case of BestBuy (BBY), its current selloff is a major bearish trend reversal, rather than a...(more)

Gamestop: Fibonacci Swing Ratios Reveal Next Support Levels
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/16/14
Gamestop Inc. 'A' shares have been hammered hard for the past nine weeks, but a key leading indicator can help uncover where its next major price support level is....(more)

TSLA: B-Wave Bounce Done?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/23/13
Tesla Motors shares may be ready to reverse lower again after its current B-wave bounce completes....(more)

IMAX : Heading For Support?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/19/13
Shares of IMAX Corp. are off by nearly 14% since late May 2013; is this stock due to meet up with major support soon?...(more)

Gold Bugs Index Nearing Possible Support?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/08/13
Down by 40% in little more than six months, the ARCA gold bugs index is now in the vicinity of two important support areas....(more)

Decker Outdoor On Track For Its Best Annual Performance Ever
Matt Blackman -- 03/29/13
The year 2012 was the toughest year ever for DECK, even worse than 2008. But lately, the chart is looking downright bullish. Could this be the company's best year ever?...(more)

Is A Morgan Stanley Pullback Due?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/06/12
Since putting in a double bottom this summer, Morgan Stanley shares have rebounded nicely; is a pullback due now that Fibonacci resistance has manifested?...(more)

Using Fibonacci Time Zones
James Kupfer -- 06/26/12
Fibonacci time zone charts are an underutilized tool that can forecast potential turning points....(more)

A Near-Term Bounce Due For HES?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 06/07/12
Down by more than 38% since late February 2012, shares of Hess Corp. may be approaching an area of Fibonacci support....(more)

PAAS To Turn Higher?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/10/12
Down by 60% since peaking in April 2011, shares of Pan American Silver may be at or near an important turning point....(more)

Toromont Industries Signal Says Buy
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/25/12
A buy signal is given on the vote line. Let us study the charts....(more)

Gold Still Shining, But For How Much Longer?
James Kupfer -- 03/01/12
Gold seems to have upside potential left, but how far will it go?...(more)

Dollar Ready To Rally?
James Kupfer -- 02/16/12
The US Dollar Index has retraced from its January 2012 highs and is at a low-risk entry point....(more)

Is Gold Losing Its Shine?
James Kupfer -- 02/02/12
After a strong start for gold in 2012, the precious metal is facing a convergence of Fibonacci levels that could cause a pause in its upward move....(more)

Will Fibonacci Support Hold For DBA?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/18/12
Some say Fibonacci is science and others say it's numerology, but one thing is for certain: traders do pay attention to key Fibonacci support/resistance levels....(more)

S&P 500 Another 100 Points Until A Bottom?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/09/11
The bear is back, much to some analysts' surprise. Based on cycle and Fibonacci analysis, traders and investors shouldn't expect to see a major rally again in the .SPX until the 1000-1025 area is conv...(more)

Fibonacci Retracements And Runaway Markets
Billy Williams -- 07/27/11
Measuring pullbacks with Fibonacci retracements can mean different things as far as the strength of the trend is concerned, plus one added secret if you know what to look for....(more)

Do Fibs Work?
Mike Carr, CMT -- 07/13/11
Fibonacci ratios have a mythical quality among many traders. Ten-year interest rates are a current example of Fibonacci retracements....(more)

Is Teradyne Overextended Or Just Pausing?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/09/11
How high is high, anyway? Shares of Teradyne just seem to keep cranking higher -- and higher. Is the stock a buy right now, and if not, why not?...(more)

Is R2K Closing Out 2010 At Yearly High?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/01/10
The Russell 2000 is less than 20 points shy of exceeding the April 2010 high of 745.95. Does this key small-cap index have enough fuel left to close out 2010 at its highest price of the year?...(more)

Does The S&P 500 Have A Seasonal Shot At 1220?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/03/10
The stock market is truly independent with no real agenda to push, and very hard to get a straight answer from at times. But it may be tipping its hand, offering traders a fairly low-risk long setup....(more)

Using Fibonacci-Level Breaks To Identify Reversals
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/22/10
Here is a very simple, reliable way to help identify a true trend reversal -- and maybe make some trading profits, too....(more)

The Dow Revisited
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/19/10
Yes, I do watch the Dow like a hawk, simply because top analysts preach the bear on CNBC....(more)

How To Profit From A Deep Stock Decline
Billy Williams -- 09/23/10
Learn how to tell whether a stock will resume its trend after a decline and how to enter early on with low risk....(more)

Is It Time To Buy Morgan Stanley?
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/09/10
Investors are worried that history will repeat itself just two years after the banking sector spectacularly imploded....(more)

Time For A NASDAQ Bounce
James Kupfer -- 07/07/10
While the broad indexes are now likely to resume the bear market over the long run, in the short term the market looks ready to bounce....(more)

S&P 500 At Resistance
Chaitali Mohile -- 06/22/10
The S&P 500 is stuck between support and resistance....(more)

Russell 2000 At 79% Fibonacci Support - Will It Hold?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/26/10
Tuesday's intraday reversal off of major Fibonacci support looks like a hopeful development, but just how far might the Russell 2000 index travel before stalling again?...(more)

Where To Now For The S&P 500?
James Kupfer -- 05/25/10
The broad market indexes have tumbled significantly in the last few weeks, so how much lower can they go?...(more)

Russell 2000 Potential Support Soon?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/21/10
What a month! The big bad bull is on the run, but several key Fibonacci support levels may help stop the current slide....(more)

It's Hammer Time For S&P 500
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/07/10
Trend reversal? What trend reversal? This is another "buy the dips" pullback, right? Think again....(more)

With Russell 2000, Fibonacci Time Zone Nails Turn
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 04/28/10
Just like the circus, the stock market features a "big top." Here's a look at the next likely stopping places for the Russell 2000 index as this reversal unfolds....(more)

Another Fibonacci Warning?
James Kupfer -- 04/26/10
Here is another significant warning of a potential market top indicated by Fibonacci numbers....(more)

A Fibonacci Fan Warning
James Kupfer -- 04/20/10
Fibonacci fans can be powerful tools to identify potential resistance points, and one looms on the DJ30....(more)

Resistance Levels In Trending Markets
James Kupfer -- 03/30/10
Fibonacci lines are normally used to project support and resistance zones for retracement moves, but as we can see on the DJIA, they may also prove useful for identifying resistance levels for trendin...(more)

Will The DJIA Reach 11,000?
Koos van der Merwe -- 03/19/10
CNBC is calling for votes on whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average will reach 11,000. What do you think?...(more)

Price And Time Targets
Alan R. Northam -- 02/19/10
By using the Fibonacci retracements and the Andrews pitchfork, a price and time relationship can be determined to forecast when a price target should be reached....(more)

Bounce Likely In The R2K: Fact Or Fib?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 02/09/10
Now that the market's fear factor is back in force, skilled technicians can use Fibonacci time cycles and EMA support to locate low-risk countertrend trade setups....(more)

Silver Downtrend Strengthens
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/28/10
As silver approaches an important support area, traders begin to take sides for the ensuing battle....(more)

Minor Pullback Due In March Silver
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/05/10
Silver is in the midst of a brief rebound, one that may still have room to rise. Several solid support areas may offer traders a low-risk reentry point....(more)

AMD Flying High At Year-End
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/04/10
With one of the highest relative strength rankings versus the Standard & Poor's 500, AMD finished out 2009 on a high note. Will this stock still be a buy if it retraces some of its recent gains?...(more)

Fibonacci, Trendlines, Divergences — Recipe For Reversal
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/08/09
Not every intraday trade setup works out this well, but the technical dynamics leading up to it are worth a second look....(more)

What About The NASDAQ?
Koos van der Merwe -- 08/12/09
When the technology sector crashed in 2000, the NASDAQ index crashed heavily along with it. But in the recovery phase, the Elliott wave B-wave , the index rose only as far as the 38.2% Fibonacci corre...(more)

Dollar On The Move
James Kupfer -- 03/27/09
The US dollar may be starting to move up within a Fibonacci arc pattern....(more)

A Short-Term View Of Gold
James Kupfer -- 03/25/09
A number of Fibonacci levels are nearby that may affect the price of gold....(more)

Oil All Dried Up?
James Kupfer -- 02/27/09
Shares of USO may be breaking out of a Fibonacci fan pattern....(more)

New Lows Approaching?
James Kupfer -- 02/20/09
Where in support should the Dow Jones 30 break the November 2008 lows?...(more)

Bonds Near Intermediate Bottom?
James Kupfer -- 01/29/09
After falling in recent weeks, the 20-year Treasury Bond Fund ETF may be nearing a significant support level....(more)

Golden Support Levels
James Kupfer -- 01/16/09
Gold is continuing to drop. Where might it find support?...(more)

Dow Jones 30 Rally Done?
James Kupfer -- 01/09/09
Is the rally in the Dow Jones 30 done for? Analysis of multiple indicators would indicate that it likely is....(more)

Is The DJIA Starting A New Leg Up?
James Kupfer -- 12/17/08
The DJ 30 appears to have started a new leg up. How much further might be left?...(more)

Archer Daniels Midland: Momentum Vs. Resistance
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/01/08
Will strong overhead Fibonacci resistance turn ADM back down, or will the power of an established trend power right on through the barrier?...(more)

Australian Dollar -- Support Test In Progress
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/03/08
The Australian dollar appears to be successfully testing important support levels now and may be in position to recover as the US dollar falters....(more)

How Far Up?
James Kupfer -- 10/30/08
Fibonacci retracement levels can help target how much of a bounce we may get in the Dow Jones 30....(more)

Newmont And The Gold Bugs Are Very Oversold
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/29/08
After enduring months of record selloffs, Newmont Mining and the Gold Bugs index may be close to a reversal zone....(more)

Is Gold Still Golden?
James Kupfer -- 10/28/08
Gold appears to be in a prime spot for a reversal....(more)

Oil vs. Airlines: Airlines Poised To Take Flight?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/27/08
The Oil Index and Airline Index charts suggest that airlines are the stronger sector of the two -- for the moment....(more)

Another CRB Support Level
James Kupfer -- 10/16/08
The CRB has fallen to a significant Fibonacci retracement level. Look for a bounce near here....(more)

Ready To Resume Shorting?
James Kupfer -- 10/15/08
A bottom of meaningful significance seems to have been made in the major equity indexes. Where are the significant resistance points going forward?...(more)

Time To Buy SPY
James Kupfer -- 10/07/08
The S&P 500 has moved into prime short-term buying territory with today's move....(more)

Further To Fall On The S&P 500
James Kupfer -- 09/29/08
As I write this, the S&P 500 is down more than 3% to 1172. With the broad market continuing to fall, when might we see some relief?...(more)

Bear Market Isn't Over Yet
Alan R. Northam -- 09/17/08
Depending upon how the Fibonacci retracement tool is used, there is a range of possible support areas that could turn the S&P 500 back upward. However, what we need to be looking for is a trend revers...(more)

Gold's Fall From Grace
James Kupfer -- 08/20/08
Gold's speculative bubble has burst. Where are we headed from here?...(more)

Could Oil Fall Even Further?
Alan R. Northam -- 08/12/08
Oil is now in an established downward market correction that could see oil drop to $81.50 per barrel. There exists a possibility that oil could fall even further.

A Warning On American Express
James Kupfer -- 08/01/08
American Express stands at a critical Fibonacci retracement level, but will it hold?...(more)

NASDAQ 100 At Support
James Kupfer -- 07/16/08
The NASDAQ 100 is weak and just keeps getting weaker, but is it ready to turn? And if so, where might it go to?...(more)

A Big Short On Big Lots
James Kupfer -- 07/09/08
After a strong upward move over the last few months, is BIG in a position to short?...(more)

Conflicting Signs On The S&P 500
Ron Walker -- 05/23/08
The intraday 60-minute chart on the S&P 500 has developed a bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern, while its daily chart has formed a bearish rising wedge. Moreover, the daily chart is in an uphil...(more)

Fibonacci Levels Show S&P 500 At A Turning Point
Mike Carr, CMT -- 05/23/08
The market is caught between Fibonacci support and resistance levels, with bulls and bears battling for control....(more)

Fibonacci Levels Can Identify Support And Resistance
Mike Carr, CMT -- 05/16/08
Many floor traders look at these price points to take action, and screen traders can also benefit from this indicator....(more)

Biotechnology Index Crushed In Crucial Areas
Chaitali Mohile -- 04/21/08
The pullback rally has turned sideways in between the two Fibonacci retracements levels for the biotech index. This support-resistance area is also intercepted by the moving average hurdle....(more)

Financial Market To Lead Broader Market Up
Alan R. Northam -- 03/21/08
The financial market looks as if it is ready to turn higher, indicating that the broader stock market could turn higher as well within the next few months, if not sooner....(more)

Where Will The SPY Land?
James Kupfer -- 03/14/08
In the likely event that the S&P 500 and other equity indexes continue to fall, we can calculate support levels for them based on Fibonacci levels....(more)

Dow's Dangerous Doji
Gary Grosschadl -- 01/08/08
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is not reflecting a happy new year. Here's why....(more)

Correction Targets For The DJIA
Arthur Hill -- 06/08/07
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up substantially over the last few months, and a correction back toward its resistance breakout is a plausible scenario....(more)

S&P Seeking Support
Austin Passamonte -- 05/30/07
Measuring support and resistance zones via Fibonacci and retracement tools....(more)

Betting On The Bounce
David Penn -- 03/01/07
A 50-plus point decline in the S&P 500 leaves traders looking for clues on when to climb back in....(more)

The S&P 500's Fibonacci Foraging For A Bottom
David Penn -- 02/27/07
Will a key Fibonacci retracement level provide support for the falling S&P 500?...(more)

American Tower Corp. Revisited
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/20/07
I wrote about American Tower Corp on March 7, 2003, when the price was in the region of $5.00 per share....(more)

Biotech Comes In
David Penn -- 02/15/07
Negative divergences, engulfing candlesticks, and Fibonacci resistance conspire to send the biotechnology HOLDRS lower in mid-February....(more)

Basic Materials? Come On Down!
David Penn -- 10/25/06
Breaking out above the 50% retracement level, basic materials stocks show more room to run....(more)

The Fall Of Feeder Cattle
David Penn -- 09/29/06
Cattle futures tumble toward a source of potential Fibonacci support....(more)

Symantec Rising Off Bottom
Gary Grosschadl -- 08/29/06
After peaking past $33 in 2004, this stock suffered a decline to $14.70 this summer. Now things are starting to look up again....(more)

Gold's 61.8% Limit
David Penn -- 08/28/06
The summer rally in gold fails at a Fibonacci retracement level. Will the June lows be tested next?...(more)

Extended To The Upside
David Penn -- 07/07/06
Lows in June have provided for tradable bounces in many markets. The next measure of strength will be in how these markets handle the inevitable distribution....(more)

Broadcom Peaked, Now Trying To Bounce
Gary Grosschadl -- 06/28/06
This stock has seen a dramatic rise and fall. Is there a bounce in the offing?...(more)

Novavax Rallies On Bird Flu Scare
Gary Grosschadl -- 06/06/06
News that cases of human-to-human transmission of the deadly avian flu may have been discovered sent biotechnology stocks, including Novavax, higher....(more)

Cotton's Come Up(pance)
David Penn -- 06/02/06
A cotton bounce in late 2004 looks to have come to an end in mid-2006....(more)

Fibonacci, Trading Ranges, And A Semiconductor Bounce
David Penn -- 05/23/06
Where will the falling Philadelphia Semiconductor Index find support?...(more)

Google And Fibonacci
David Penn -- 05/17/06
The first major correction in GOOG found support at one Fibonacci level. Will a subsequent correction in GOOG find support at another?...(more)

Ballard Power Systems
Koos van der Merwe -- 04/17/06
With the dramatic increase in the price of oil over the past few years, the only way investors could capitalize on the energy boom was to buy energy stocks. Here's one....(more)

Bears Lay Wood To Lumber
David Penn -- 03/02/06
As lumber futures plummet toward a 61.8% retracement of their August–December rally, would-be buyers find themselves looking for a bounce....(more)

Wal-Mart Price Rollback
Gary Grosschadl -- 01/02/06
Wal-Mart is famous for its rollback pricing, and its stock is also playing the same tune....(more)

Retracing Yen
David Penn -- 10/12/05
Using Fibonacci to gauge pullbacks in the USD/JPY....(more)

Gaming Retracements
David Penn -- 08/23/05
Tracking an intraday retracement with divergences and Fibonacci ratios....(more)

Bungee Jumping With Bunge Ltd.
Gary Grosschadl -- 07/29/05
The daily chart for this largest oilseed processor in the world shows a sizeable short-term retracement....(more)

The Canadian Income Trust Conundrum
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/21/05
Income trusts are popular in Canada, especially in this low interest rate environment....(more)

Rallies And Fibonacci Retracements
David Penn -- 05/27/05
Smashing past the 50% retracement level, the Standard & Poor's 500 races toward a test of year-to-date highs....(more)

Wet Seal Pushes Higher
Gary Grosschadl -- 04/07/05
This specialty apparel maker has broken out of two consolidation ranges. What are the upside targets?...(more)

April (Fool's) Gold
David Penn -- 02/16/05
Measuring the progress of the yellow metal's first-quarter bounce....(more)

Introgen's (INGN) Reversal Attempt
Gary Grosschadl -- 08/16/04
Introgen Therapeutics recently established a 14-month low and is now attempting a reversal....(more)

FTSE 100 Nears Double Fibo Zone
Arthur Hill -- 03/16/04
FTSE 100 works its way high towards key retracements and remains in uptrend....(more)

Hollinger International Near Top Of Trajectory?
Matt Blackman -- 02/20/04
The stock of the newspaper empire led by ex-CEO Conrad Black, has done very well since March and recent speculation of a sale has driven it higher. With legal troubles looming and Black on the hot sea...(more)

Dow Utilities Consolidation At Key Retracement
Arthur Hill -- 10/31/03
The Dow Utilities have performed well over the past year, but the average is meeting resistance near a key retracement point with a potentially bearish pattern emerging....(more)

Natural Gas: Trading The June Top With The 8-wave Pattern
Nabeel Qadir -- 07/25/03
A basic 8-wave pattern, along with the Fibonacci ratios and a few other indicators, can be used to trade a market top. In this example, I will use the NYMEX August 2003 futures contract to show how th...(more)

What Can Fibonacci and Candlesticks Tell Us About This Rally?
Matt Blackman -- 07/08/03
It's been a good run since March 11 for the major indexes. They recently moved from overbought into oversold on the daily charts without the serious meltdown that many were expecting. Here is what two...(more)

AMEX Oil Index Currently Testing Downtrend Resistance
Kevin Hopson -- 05/30/03
The AMEX Oil Index continues to move higher after breaking out of a falling wedge formation. However, long-term downtrend and Fibonacci resistance could turn back prices in the near-term....(more)

Finding a Target for D&K Healthcare
Gary Grosschadl -- 04/15/03
This healthcare play has made a sizeable move from its bottom. How far can it run?...(more)

Fibonacci and Fifth Waves
David Penn -- 02/11/03
When does an Elliott fifth wave end? Often, when a Fibonacci ratio says so....(more)

S&P 500 Fails on the Third Fan Line (The Power of Three)
Gary Grosschadl -- 01/27/03
The power of three is pervasive throughout many forms of technical analysis. Triple tops and bottoms, head and shoulder formations, fibonacci retracements (occurring in one third increments), three wh...(more)

Fibonacci Ratios and the S&P 500 Monthly Index
Koos van der Merwe -- 11/08/02
Much has been written about Fibonacci numbers and ratios, and many believe they are golden -- that charts will always turn at a Fibonacci number or ratio. Are they?...(more)

Fibonacci Retracements
Dennis D. Peterson -- 07/29/02
Following a few simple rules for using Fibonacci retracements should help improve your trading performance....(more)

Fibonacci, Stochastics and Gold
Austin Passamonte -- 10/15/01
Since the September 11th global events, gold investors who believe the precious metal is due a day in the sun, once again have been vocal....(more)

Ford Remains Tired
Austin Passamonte -- 08/14/01
Fibonacci retracement, stochastics and chart patterns are used to analyze future moves for Ford Motor Co....(more)

Gann And Fibonacci (Part III of III)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 04/12/01
Gann's basic swing pattern theories have been used by other traders. Here are a few examples of how they were applied....(more)

Nasdaq & Fibonacci Retracement
Dennis D. Peterson -- 10/05/00
Where is the Nasdaq headed? Do Fibonacci retracement lines give us a clue?...(more)

Trading Retracement
David Penn -- 09/14/00
Use Fibonacci numbers to help figure out when the market has given back too much. Or not enough....(more)

Fibonacci Sequence
Jason K. Hutson -- 04/01/00
Fibonacci Sequence...(more)

Fibonacci Ratio
Jason K. Hutson -- 04/01/00
Fibonacci Ratio...(more)

Download these PDF pages on FIBONACCI.

V.2:2 (66-73): FIBONACCI FORECAST EXAMPLES by Tucker J. Emmett
Teaching by examples, Emmett has prepared a number of sample forecasts in this article based on his investigation of Fibonacci ratio patterns in market price and elapsed time. The subjects he studies cover: hogs, cattle, wheat, sugar, soybeans, Swiss franc, gold and silver futures. By Tucker J. Emmett; pages 66-73.

V.3:2 (77-78): Fibonacci Based Forecasts by Tucker J. Emmett
The Fibonacci mathematical number series can be used to forecast trends in futures. Emmett applies the Fibonacci series to Treasury bonds as an example. By Tucker J. Emmett; pages 77-78.

V.7:5 (143-146): Time, price and pattern by Robert Miner
Elliott, Gann and Fibonacci create a three-dimensional trading plan for less risky profits. By Robert Miner; pages 143-146.

V.7:8 (267-268): Fibonacci profit objectives by Joe DiNapoli
Three simple equations uncover logical profit targets. By Joe DiNapoli; pages 267- 268.

V.7:12 (433-436): Do stock prices reflect Fibonacci ratios? by Herbert H.J. Riedel
Does the Golden Ratio really show up in stock market data or is it all wishful thinking? By Herbert H.J. Riedel; pages 433-436.

V.16:10 (460-464): Long-Term Fibonacci Support and Resistance by Kevin W. Murphy
Here's a historical review of the major swings in the stock market and the Fibonacci relationships. By Kevin W. Murphy

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