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Market Volatility and the INDU
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 10/06/22
On Friday, August 25, 2022, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) dropped a whopping 1000 points. This was a direct reaction to Jeremy Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve's hawkish stance on...(more)

Bubblenomics - A Textbook Example?
Matt Blackman -- 05/20/21
"For as long as markets have existed, bubbles have formed. And whenever one of those bubbles begins to leak, it typically needs years to deflate, causing enormous economic damage as it does." David L...(more)

Green Rush Continues Undaunted
Matt Blackman -- 03/19/21
As February wound down and March began, a lot of air had come out of tech stocks. But the EV IPO train is still rolling down the track...(more)

FuelCell Energy - Will This Time Be Different?
Matt Blackman -- 12/17/20
This stock has experienced numerous booms and busts. Another boom looks underway....(more)

Ballard Power - Hydrogen Fuel Poster Child?
Matt Blackman -- 07/23/20
This company has a 41 year history developing hydrogen power. Its stock chart speaks volumes....(more)

VIX Cycles
Mark Rivest -- 06/05/20
See how the VIX performs in bull and bear markets....(more)

WTI Weekly: Heightened Volatility Saw Rotation To Both Statistical Resistance And Support
Taylor Ireland -- 05/14/20
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rotation between resistance and support on Thursday, March 20, 2020. Marke...(more)

When Fear Breaks Out!
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 04/09/20
The week of February 24, 2020 will go down in history as one of the most volatile in the stock market's history. The S&P 500 fell almost 400 points to close below 3,000 for the first time since Octobe...(more)

Renewable Energy Group on a Tear
Matt Blackman -- 02/27/20
The stock suffered a big drop in 2019 but looks to be reaching for new highs....(more)

Using The CBOE Volatility Index In Bull And Bear Markets
Mark Rivest -- 03/21/19
Techniques to discover trend changes....(more)

Stocks Could Face Challenging Year
Fawad Razaqzada -- 01/10/19
If the two periods of vicious sell-offs late last year are anything to go by, then 2019 should be a year of high volatility....(more)

Going For Income
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/21/18
With the recent volatility in the stock market, where should one put one's money ?...(more)

Where Next for the Dow?
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 05/11/18
The last few months have seen increased volatility in the stock market. When caught up in the stress that several hundred points in daily swings can bring, it is tempting to wade deeper into the tall...(more)

Amazon: A Strong Stock
Chaitali Mohile -- 01/20/16 is weathering the storm of high volatility in the global financial market....(more)

Looking For Guidance
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/01/15
With the extreme volatility we have seen in the stock market over the past two weeks, finding guidance is calming....(more)

Bollinger Bands And Volatility Signals
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 01/02/15
Traders use bands around price to help them determine when the price has strayed too far away from their average, either up or down. The construction of trading bands is relatively simple. Bands are p...(more)

The Fear Index Or The VIX
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 12/23/14
The VIX is a volatility index registered by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) which has come to be known in the popular press as the fear index or the fear gauge.

VXX: Will Volatility Continue To Spike?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/13/14
Whenever the S&P 500 index makes a sharp, persistent correction, the volatility indexes can rally sharply....(more)

Can The VIX Be Used To Help Identify Pending Stock Reversals?
Matt Blackman -- 03/07/14
The CBOE Market Volatility Index or VIX is popular with traders as a measure of fear in the market. But given just how volatile it is, how can it be used as a stock market indicator?...(more)

Do You Follow The Vix?
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/07/14
Is the Volatility Index (VIX) forecasting the movement of the market?...(more)

VXX: Pausing Before Another Spike?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/05/13
Volatility in the S&P 500 index is heating up as a major, broad market correction in US stocks is setting up....(more)

Bearish Pattern Setting Up on Facebook
Matt Blackman -- 11/25/13
Less than four months after its IPO, Facebook bottomed at $22.67 before rallying 140% to hit a peak of $54.83 on October 18, 2013. But now the stock looks set to post a pattern that should concern any...(more)

The Volatility Index
Koos van der Merwe -- 10/16/13
Is the Volatility Index a market leader or is it a follower?...(more)

Shaking Out Nervous Investors
Billy Williams -- 10/10/13
The market looked ready to dive but a closer look shows that it may be just shaking out nervous investors....(more)

The Blue Sky Index - Another Market Top Warning Signal
Matt Blackman -- 08/08/13
If you suspected that markets might be getting frothy a few months ago, this should interest you....(more)

Navigating The Turns With The VIX
Billy Williams -- 05/28/13
The market is in a constant state of motion, trading up and down, but using the VIX you can navigate the turns for low-risk trades with lots of profit potential....(more)

Is Trading Volatility A Worthwhile Plan?
Matt Blackman -- 05/07/13
We've all heard of the VIX which measures market volatility. When it's falling, stocks go up and vice-versa when stocks drop. And now thanks to a host of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange trad...(more)

PENDY'S PICKS: August 23, 2012
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 08/23/12
The .OEX starts to see more intraday volatility, seeking out a likely pathway for its next tradable swing....(more)

Stocks Getting Toppy?
Matt Blackman -- 02/15/12
There is an adage in the stock market that says the market is near a top when everybody is bullish. It is assumed that the bulls have already gone long, leaving very few buyers on the sidelines to do...(more)

Long-Term Perspective On The S&P 500
Mike Carr, CMT -- 01/09/12
Traders often focus on short-term charts but could benefit from looking at weekly and even monthly charts to identify the long-term trend....(more)

Another Look At Apple
Koos van der Merwe -- 01/09/12
The year 2011 was a year of high volatility and stress. What about 2012?...(more)

EWP In Dense Volatility Cloud
Chaitali Mohile -- 12/09/11
The long-term symmetrical triangle is increasing the volatility of Spain ishares....(more)

Volatility Still Bullish
Mike Carr, CMT -- 10/20/11
Traders look for volatility to rise as markets fall, but profiting from that insight can be a challenge. Even if you don't trade volatility, you should still follow this reliable market indicator....(more)

Volatility With Prices And VIX
Mike Carr, CMT -- 10/03/11
Stock market volatility is high, as we can see with a chart of the S&P 500 or with the volatility index....(more)

VIX Double Tops And Market Reversals
Billy Williams -- 09/26/11
The markets are like oceans where violent storms can flash across the horizon, but if you know how to spot extreme price levels, you can profit and protect yourself at the same time....(more)

Volatility Shifts Among Markets
Mike Carr, CMT -- 09/22/11
Recently introduced indexes allow traders to easily spot the changes in sentiment visible in volatility....(more)

Alternate Dow Count?
Koos van der Merwe -- 08/17/11
The volatility of the past week stressed the first rule of Elliott wave theory -- namely, the chart must look correct....(more)

Stocks Half As Volatile Now As In Great Crashes
Mike Carr, CMT -- 08/11/11
The recent market turmoil feels like it is unprecedented in terms of volatility for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but it's not even close to what traders experienced in 1987 or 1929.


How To Spot And Trade Congestion Patterns
Billy Williams -- 07/25/11
Congestion patterns form when volatility declines and traders are unwilling to take control of the trend, but it is in these pauses in between trading that breakouts can occur....(more)

Volatility In The News, But Not The Market
Mike Carr, CMT -- 07/21/11
Large daily swings in the major stock market indexes seem to be grabbing headlines, but indicators show volatility is unusually low.


XLE In Intermediate-Term Downtrend
Alan R. Northam -- 05/25/11
Statistical analysis shows that XLE has entered into an established intermediate-term downtrend. Unless volatility subsides, however, this downtrend could be short-lived....(more)

When The Market Falls, Look For Income
Koos van der Merwe -- 05/19/11
The market is falling. You can either go to cash and earn a low interest, or you can look for a stable share that pays a reasonable interest....(more)

Lumber As A Trader's Dream
Mike Carr, CMT -- 05/02/11
Traders need volatility to make money, and lumber has been offering large price moves in short time frames....(more)

Dell Shows High Volatility
Chaitali Mohile -- 03/17/11
The gap up failed to build a bullish path for Dell. The stock is stuck in a tight range....(more)

As Markets Spike, So Does Volatility
Mike Carr, CMT -- 03/02/11
Stocks and oil markets saw large price moves in the week of February 25, 2011, and volatility indexes tracking these markets also experienced large swings....(more)

Oil Has A VIX
Mike Carr, CMT -- 02/08/11
Equity traders have long used the volatility index to monitor the volatility of the market. Oil and gold have similar measures....(more)

Diffusion Index Suggests Market Reversal Ahead
Alan R. Northam -- 02/03/11
The Dow Jones Industrial Average diffusion index suggests that a market reversal lays ahead. However, until volatility increases the Dow could continue to move higher....(more)

The VIX Triggers A New Sell Signal
Ron Walker -- 01/25/11
The VIX is known as the fear gauge and is a contrarian indicator. It is a yardstick that measures the markets expectations of near-term volatility. The recent low readings on the VIX suggests that the...(more)

Trade Patterns With The Trend
Billy Williams -- 12/07/10
Chart patterns are both a reflection of volatility and market psychology, which can offer easy entry points in the direction of the market....(more)

Trading News-Driven Events With Option Straddles
Billy Williams -- 11/09/10
Learn to make huge gains with option straddles where you can control risk, even when market direction is uncertain....(more)

Comerica Under Bearish Pressure
Chaitali Mohile -- 09/24/10
It appears that bulls are under pressure in Comerica....(more)

Spotting Price Reversals With The VIX
Billy Williams -- 09/08/10
Crowds are often wrong, particularly in the market. Use the CBOE Volatility Index to be on the right side....(more)

Invert The VIX And Then Compare
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/23/10
The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, a popular measure of the implied volatility of S&P 500 index options, has something to say.

Option Volatility Surges In TNA
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 05/13/10
When markets drop hard and fast, option volatilities can rise dramatically, and right now, option premiums are some of the fattest available since the market volatility of 2007 to 2009....(more)

The VIX Hints Of Irrational Exuberance
Ron Walker -- 03/26/10
A bullish P-p-P pattern on the MACD histogram hints that volatility is on the rise. But market sentiment remains very bullish at these levels as the indexes make fresh highs, drawing the bulls into a...(more)

Two Bearish Reversals Of XLB
Chaitali Mohile -- 02/08/10
Many indexes, sectors, and stocks may be facing tough trading sessions and huge volatility. XLB has the same challenge....(more)

The Histogram And A Hollow Red Candlestick Heighten Volatility
Ron Walker -- 01/22/10
When the VIX, a contrarian indicator of the stock market, turns bullish, that implies that volatility in stock market is on the rise. A bullish P-p-P on the VIX's MACD histogram and a hollow red candl...(more)

The Dollar And The Risk
Mike Carr, CMT -- 12/09/09
As usual, we want to look at things with different tools. The dollar will be the subject of our analysis today as we look at the volatility of its volatility....(more)

For TNA, A Short Put Play
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/05/09
When fear gets factored into market prices, option premiums become expensive. Learn to use this dynamic to your advantage....(more)

Roller-Coaster Thrills With Triple-Leveraged Small-Cap ETFs
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 10/30/09
If you can handle the volatility, consider taking the Direxion Small Cap Bull 3x Shares ETF for a ride through the small-cap markets....(more)

More Gains Possible For China Automotive Systems?
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 09/21/09
Up about 360% since making a bear market low last November, China Automotive Systems has been racking up impressive gains, despite noticeable volatility at times. Does this stock have what it takes to...(more)

Bullish Belt Holds Bolster The Bears
Ron Walker -- 09/02/09
A series of bullish belt hold candlesticks have materialized on the daily chart of the VIX reinforcing a new base of support. But will these bullish belt holds bolster the bears?...(more)

Don't Underestimate The Power Of The VIX
Ron Walker -- 07/21/09
The recent runup in the stock market since the March lows still has the bulls giddy. But their bearish cohorts can make a pretty persuasive argument for a summer selloff in the stock market. Over the...(more)

BWLD Has Surged
Chaitali Mohile -- 02/19/09
Buffalo Wild Wings has violated the upper Bollinger band with the huge gap-up breakout. The Bollinger band is one of the reliable technical tools that can be used to identify the trading directions an...(more)

Volatility Dominant Theme In Stocks
Mike Carr, CMT -- 02/19/09
The market may be setting up for a period of consolidation.

Copper Fundamentals, Technicals, And An Option Play
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/28/09
The copper market was hit especially hard during the massive commodity slide of 2008, but now that the dust has settled, some signs of life remain....(more)

Playing The Commodities Rebound With Options
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 01/13/09
Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan's dramatic decline appears to be over. Here's an interesting option play on this agriculture sector giant....(more)

High Volatility Makes GM A Purchase Possibility
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/16/08
For aggressive traders who are hopeful of an eventual turnaround in General Motors, ultra-high volatility opens up the possibility of acquiring GM shares very cheaply very soon....(more)

VIX In Double Jeopardy
Ron Walker -- 12/16/08
The VIX, a contrarian indicator, measures the implied volatility of the S&P 500 index options and can be used for spotting turning points in the market. When it peaks, the stock market is near a botto...(more)

Kinross Gold Has Short Strangle Op
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 12/16/08
Option volatilities are still high, and here's an interesting trade setup in one of the gold mining industry's better-performing stocks....(more)

Colgate Breaks After Volatility Contraction
Arthur Hill -- 12/12/08
After going through a Bollinger band contraction, Colgate-Palmolive broke support to signal the start of a leg lower....(more)

Technically Challenged Cameco Yields Option Opportunity
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/25/08
After an 80% plunge in five months, Cameco's inflated option premiums may offer creative profit opportunities for traders and investors....(more)

Southern Copper: High Implied Volatility Offers Opportunity
Donald W. Pendergast, Jr. -- 11/21/08
Despite a 75% drop since October 2008, industrious traders can still find potential for gains in Southern Copper....(more)

Finding Buys In A Bear Market
Mike Carr, CMT -- 11/18/08
As markets continue to plummet and volatility increases, stocks in tight trading ranges can offer safety and potential upside....(more)

A Seismic Spike For The VIX
Ron Walker -- 10/29/08
The market has had a sinister selloff as investors have become dispirited and depressed. Each time a rally occurs, their hopes of a recovery are quickly dashed as more panicked investors sell into the...(more)

The Bailout Plan And The VIX
Koos van der Merwe -- 09/25/08
Is the VIX telling us that the bailout plan will be passed by Congress? Is this plan an effective-enough Band-Aid?...(more)

AT&T In Volatile Consolidation Phase
Chaitali Mohile -- 07/15/08
After establishing strong support, AT&T is likely to undergo a volatile bullish consolidation....(more)

Utilities Select Sector In Trading Range
Paolo Pezzutti -- 06/17/08
An increase in volatility could initiate a new directional move....(more)

Market Volatility Alarms Participants
Koos van der Merwe -- 03/19/08
The market has been hit by bad news almost every day. When will the market calm down?...(more)

Baidu Stalls After Support Break
Arthur Hill -- 03/07/08
After breaking double-top support in January, BIDU stalled over the last few weeks as volatility contracted. The stock is winding up for a move, but which way?...(more)

Pfizer Trading In Narrow Range
Chaitali Mohile -- 02/27/08
The volatility has turned wild as this stock started to trade in a narrower range, experiencing choppy trading sessions....(more)

Dow Chemical Is Wound Tight
Arthur Hill -- 02/26/08
After a big surge at the end of January, Dow Chemical moved into a trading range that has tightened over the last few weeks. This volatility contraction could precede a volatility expansion and a sign...(more)

Coal: Volatility And Strength
Mike Carr, CMT -- 02/21/08
With coal companies continuing to surge higher, now might be a good time to explore using covered call strategies....(more)

The Breakout In JPM Tumbled
Chaitali Mohile -- 02/19/08
The upside breakout would have been much more successful under healthy technical conditions. The stock is back below its historical resistance with a huge gap down, so what does that say about the tra...(more)

VIX Breakout Could Signal Further Market Weakness
Kevin Hopson -- 01/24/08
Even though the VIX is finding resistance around last August's high, the recent pattern breakout could act as a catalyst for higher prices....(more)

Bulls In CEDC Are Losing Their Hold
Chaitali Mohile -- 01/24/08
The directional move in Central European Distribution Corp. is about to end on negative indicators, so a small bullish pattern may also undergo high volatility....(more)

Chaitali Mohile -- 01/09/08
The stock failed to climb high, instead drifting down to the retracement levels before giving up all major supports....(more)

Apple Struggles Near Support
Chaitali Mohile -- 09/11/07
A strong technology stock like Apple, Inc., can go jittery when volatility returns to the NASDAQ Composite....(more)

HongKong iShares May Remain Choppy
Chaitali Mohile -- 09/06/07
The intraday fall has retraced the Hong Kong iShares below resistance, leading to volatile sessions and a wide-range consolidation on the daily chart....(more)

The Noose Tightens On Sandisk
Arthur Hill -- 06/19/07
The Bollinger Bands are narrowing on Sandisk, and traders should prepare for a directional move as volatility contracts....(more)

Bollinger Bands Tighten On UPS
Arthur Hill -- 04/17/07
Trading has gotten quiet in United Parcel Service, and such periods often precede a sizable directional move....(more)

Remember The Volatility Index?
Arthur Hill -- 01/03/07
The NASDAQ 100 Volatility Index has been slowly building a base, and traders should watch for a resistance breakout to solidify a trend change....(more)

Continental Airlines Prints A Broadening Formation
Paolo Pezzutti -- 10/24/06
The airline stock is tagging the upper trendline of a broadening formation, and volatility is increasing....(more)

Goodyear Tire & Rubber In Congestion
Paolo Pezzutti -- 10/16/06
This stock is moving within a tight congestion, characterized by a low volatility level. From here, a new trend will emerge soon....(more)

The Copper Triangle
David Penn -- 08/25/06
A symmetrical triangle in copper futures sets up the possibility for a dramatic increase in volatility when prices break free....(more)

A Bollinger Band Contraction For RIMM
Arthur Hill -- 08/08/06
Research In Motion consolidated over the last two months, and this type of volatility contraction often precedes a directional move....(more)

Launching Pads
David Penn -- 06/28/06
An hourly symmetrical triangle in the S&P 500 suggests opportunity in volatility....(more)

The Volatility Index As A Forecasting Tool
Koos van der Merwe -- 05/24/06
Can the volatility index be used to predict market direction?...(more)

Intel Returns To Dullsville
Arthur Hill -- 04/13/06
Contracting volatility in Intel should put traders on alert for a big move. But which way?...(more)

Vexing $VIX Breakdown
David Penn -- 12/16/05
Another new low in the CBOE Volatility Index suggests the market is in the mood for a move higher....(more)

S&P Index: The Risk Is Getting Higher For Bulls
Paolo Pezzutti -- 12/02/05
New medium-term highs are printed in a record low-volatility environment and with multiple MACD divergences....(more)

Bollinger Bands Grow Tighter
David Penn -- 11/07/05
Contracting Bollinger Bands on a weekly chart of the 10-year note yield suggest the potential for greater volatility in the near term....(more)

Stock Market Volatility: What Next?
Paolo Pezzutti -- 10/03/05
Volatility is at its lowest levels in years. Although structural changes might be ongoing, a high-volatility environment appears to be back....(more)

Walt Disney Company: The Entertainment Leader
Paolo Pezzutti -- 08/11/05
Prices have little directionality and low volatility....(more)

John Bollinger: The Squeeze
Paolo Pezzutti -- 08/05/05
This volatility-based method makes use of an indicator derived from Bollinger Bands....(more)

VIX Confirms Strength In S&P 100
Arthur Hill -- 07/18/05
Stocks continue to march higher as volatility continues to move lower....(more)

Citigroup: A Trend Is About To Emerge
Paolo Pezzutti -- 06/15/05
Prices have no directionality and low volatility, providing the expectation for a new trend to be born soon....(more)

Trading Range For Delta Airlines
Luis Ferro -- 06/13/05
Following a downtrend that lasted for six months, Delta Airlines found support at 2.5, a level that had already acted as support for this stock. Subsequently, prices rose very fast until they reached...(more)

Bullish Triangles: Trading Scenarios
Paolo Pezzutti -- 05/17/05
Bullish triangles forecast a volatility expansion--but not always on the upside....(more)

Short-Term Patterns: Turtle Soup
Paolo Pezzutti -- 05/02/05
Swing trading with short-term high volatility patterns can provide good opportunities for profits....(more)

Long-Term Volatility Pattern A Concern
Kevin Hopson -- 03/28/05
Key resistance levels are holding for the volatility index, but the long-term pattern indicates an eventual breakout....(more)

Rambus Slows To A Crawl
Arthur Hill -- 03/01/05
Rambus has been noticeably absent from the recent run in semiconductors, but shows signs of support and a volatility contraction....(more)

What The VIX And S&P 100 Could Be Telling Us
Kevin Hopson -- 01/24/05
The VIX and OEX are both approaching key price levels, which could dictate if the market sees a bounce in the near term or the January correction continues....(more)

Trading An Intraday Triangle
David Penn -- 11/08/04
When volatility has been running high, an early morning contraction can lead to explosive results....(more)

The Volatility Index Continues To Point To Lower Stock Prices
Kevin Hopson -- 08/10/04
Despite last week's sharp correction in the equity market, current volatility levels do not indicate a significant bottom in the S&P 100....(more)

Why The S&P 100 Could See Much Lower Prices
Kevin Hopson -- 08/03/04
A lack of fear in the marketplace could indicate lower prices for the S&P 100....(more)

The Volatility Index: How Low Can it Go?
David Penn -- 07/14/04
Lower now than during the bull market peak in 2000, is this what bull markets are made of?...(more)

What The VIX Could Be Telling Us
Kevin Hopson -- 05/11/04
Though pessimism is growing in the marketplace, the S&P 500 could see further weakness before putting in a temporary bottom....(more)

Squeeze, Pop Goes The S&P
Matt Blackman -- 03/12/04
For those who have been following volatility using Bollinger Bands, an interesting thing happened to the S&P500. . ....(more)

Temporary Triangle Trouble In The Hourly S&P 500
David Penn -- 03/09/04
A symmetrical triangle in the hourly S&P 500 suggests higher volatility in the near-term. But is direction a complete unknown?...(more)

Nortel - Something To Look At?
Koos van der Merwe -- 12/23/03
The period before Christmas, especially when Christmas falls on a week day, means days of low volume and much volatility as traders take profits before the long weekend, and mutual funds adjust their...(more)

Volatility Index Marks A Clear And Present Danger
Gary Grosschadl -- 09/29/03
This index has a strong inverse relationships to the major indexes and traders should note a compelling move here....(more)

A Confluence of Uncertainty and Volatility
Koos van der Merwe -- 05/23/03
The US$ is falling like a stone. The Gold price is going through the roof. Alan Greenspan appears on CNBC and tells everyone in a language few can understand, that the US economy will be fine. The D...(more)

VIX: The Agony of Ecstasy
David Penn -- 04/23/03
The VIX suggests that people are feeling better about stocks. Is that good news for the market?...(more)

VIX Analyzed
Gary Grosschadl -- 03/31/03
The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is used by stock and options traders to monitor the market's anxiety level....(more)

VIX Topping Out Soon May Mean Market Bounce
Gary Grosschadl -- 01/30/03
The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is used by stock and options traders to monitor the market's anxiety level. There is an inverse relationship to market direction. Generally when one...(more)

Volatility Index Examined
Gary Grosschadl -- 11/07/02
The inverse relationship between the volatility index and the direction of the markets is firmly established. What is the VIX saying now?...(more)

VIX Watchers Should Not Get Overconfident
Gary Grosschadl -- 07/30/02
More technical traders pay attention to the volatility index these days, hoping for a lasting turn in the market from bearish to bullish....(more)

Is VIX "Spring" Setting Up to Kick the Nasdaq Down?
Gary Grosschadl -- 03/26/02
The Market Volatility Index's (VIX) new recent lows may mean a potentially explosive move is coming by virtue of the "spring" theory....(more)

VIX's One-Two Punch Timing Model
Gary Grosschadl -- 03/12/02
The Volatility Index (VIX) can be used as a visual tool for improving market timing....(more)

Vexing VIX
Austin Passamonte -- 01/14/02
In the last two years, the Market Volatility Index has been successful in predicting future moves in the broad indices....(more)

Extreme VIX = S&P Profits
Austin Passamonte -- 09/05/01
Index option traders watch for certain repeatable patterns that develop several times a year to offer extremely high-odds for success. Monitoring market volatility and trading the turn in human emotio...(more)

VIX for Victory
David Penn -- 06/25/01
Neither oscillator nor indicator, the CBOE's Market Volatility Index or VIX depicts the mood of the marketplace....(more)

VIDYA and the Nasdaq (Part II)
Dennis D. Peterson -- 11/14/00
In Part II you will find the mathematical and Metastock formulas for VIDYA, the variable index dynamic average....(more)

Dead Cat Bounce
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 06/27/00
Ever experienced a sharp decline in prices? Given the volatility of the markets, it is not unusual for this to happen....(more)

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