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  • $BTK Forming Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bearish rally of the biotechnology index is consolidating. Will the index initiate a fresh bullish move?

  • 10-Year Treasury Notes Work Toward A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences suggest that the downside in 10-year yields may be increasingly limited.

  • 2B Test Of Bottom In The US Dollar-Swiss Franc

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the US dollar continues its slow-motion, spontaneous combustion before our very eyes, an important test against the Swiss franc looms.

  • A 2B Bottom In Airlines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Falling oil stocks contribute to a sense of "bottom" in plummeting airline stocks.

  • A 2B Bottom In December Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As gold slides toward a cyclically bullish period, is this reversal pattern signaling the all-clear?

  • A 2B Bottom Test In The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the long-sought-after bottom in the DJIA finally at hand?

  • A 2B Test Of Bottom In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The same formula that noted a bottom in March hints at another one in June.

  • A Bond and its Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the 30-year bond the most bullish buy around?

  • A Bottom And A Bounce In Bonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do divergences mean that the bond market's long nightmare has finally ended?

  • A Bottom For Meridian Resources?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bottom reversal has occurred, but what is its magnitude?

  • A Bottom in Grains?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond bottom in corn and a developing head and shoulders bottom in wheat suggest near-term higher prices for grains.

  • A Breakup From The Bottom For Intel?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The semiconductor group got hit pretty hard in July and August, but a bullish breakout in shares of Intel Corp. now seems to imply that a rally may have begun.

  • A Developing Bottom For Ford Motor Co.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analysts and investors have been betting against Ford Motor Co. in recent months but don't let the negative sentiment fool you.

  • A Developing Bottom For Frontier Oil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Frontier Oil's five-month downtrend could be coming to an end, making the stock an attractive buy in the near-term.

  • A Developing Bottom For Wachovia Corp.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bullish divergences and pessimistic market sentiment both point to a forthcoming reversal.

  • A Developing Bottom for Marvel Enterprises

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Marvel Enterprises has experienced a steep decline in recent weeks but this may be coming to an end.

  • A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A double bottom usually represents a buying opportunity. Are we seeing one now?

  • A Double Bottom For Hovnanian?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hovnanian has a huge double-bottom pattern working over the last seven months and a high-volume surge off support points to a big resistance test ahead.

  • A Double Bottom For LUV

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Southwest Airlines formed a double bottom over the last few months, and further strength could forge the breakout needed to confirm this pattern.

  • A Double Bottom For Unisys

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Unisys successfully tested support from its October 2005 low, and a large double bottom is taking shape.

  • A Double Bottom Pattern For Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a 62% plunge since the May high, the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF appears to have formed a double bottom on its daily chart.

  • A Double Bottom Rally For Pioneer Natural Resources

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After putting in a double bottom last month, Pioneer Natural Resources has continued to rally. What's the outlook in the longer term?

  • A Double Bottom To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share rises off a double bottom it is worth a watch.

  • A Double Bottom in Utilities

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time for another thirty points in the Dow Jones Utilities Average?

  • A Head & Shoulders Bottom In Triple H?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the long, year-to-date nightmare in Internet stocks finally passed?

  • A Head And Shoulders Bottom In Natural Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Countertrend bounce or new bull market, natural gas is poised to move higher.

  • A Head and Shoulders Bottom in Beans

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the CRB Index going parabolic, May soybeans look to break out from a five-month bottom.

  • A Market Bottom Pattern for S&P Futures by Tushar S. Chande

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Market Bottom Pattern for S&P Futures by Tushar S. Chande The S&P futures market is dominated by anti-trend traders. It's a fact: It's a tough market to trade using trend-following approaches. But if you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em? The trading

  • A Pan American Silver Corp. 2B Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A hammer candlestick puts the finishing touches on a picture-perfect 2B bottom in early October.

  • A Potential Bottom Reversal For Anadarko Petroleum?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Anadarko Petroleum has seen a sharp sell-off in its stock price the last several weeks but there are signs of a potential bottom being put in.

  • A Potential Double Bottom In Bananas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chiquita Brands surged off support over the last few weeks, and a double bottom could be taking shape.

  • A Short-Term 2B Bottom In Oil Service

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through to the downside provides an opportunity for a bounce in OIH.

  • A Trader Catches A Bottom Reversal On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Catching tops and bottoms is difficult but can be rewarding/punishing depending on the outcome.

  • About That Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ever throw a "call the bottom" party and EVERYBODY came?

  • Adam & Adam Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Adam & Adam Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski If you see this type of double bottom, it may mean you need to make a quick exit. discussed the Eve & Eve double bottom chart pattern in the November 2002 STOCKS & COMMODITIES. If the Eve & Eve double botto

  • Agilent Showing Signs of a Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Agilent (A - NYSE) is on the move again but this time it looks to be heading upward.

  • Airline Index Testing a Bottom Hammer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A previous pattern has come into play again as this index tries for another bounce up via the recent bottom hammer.

  • American Tower's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to take a second look?

  • An Intraday Double Bottom In USD/JPY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A positive divergence between the MACD indicator and the greenback/yen pair provides an intraday buying opportunity.

  • An Intraday Nasdaq Head And Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This bullish chart pattern suggests new 52-week highs in the Nasdaq in the near term.

  • Andrew Corporation Working On A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The weekly chart shows this stock at a key level with upside implications.

  • Another Airline Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the second time this year the Dow Jones Airline Index (DJUSAR) confirmed a double bottom. The first one failed and the second one remains above the trees for now.

  • Are Italy iShares Forming A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...EWI has been trading in a wide range and is oversold as well after a prolonged fall. The bottom formation could be a sign of an upcoming rally.

  • Are We Finally at a Bottom? SPY Buy Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DeMark sequential is set up to provide a potential buy signal in the SPY.

  • Are We Seeing a Bottom Hammer?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since peaking in the mid-twenties, this stock has been free falling to multi-year lows. Now it is trying to hold its previous low -- a candlestick "bottom hammer" -- but will it stick ?

  • Avnet's Telling Gaps And Tricky Bottom Hammers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once the real bottom hammer came into play, a nice trend reversal occurred for Avnet (AVT). Gaps on this chart add fuel to direction.

  • Ballard Power Systems Struggles With Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the last four months this alternative energy play has tested a bottom three times. Is this third time charmed?

  • Banking On A Double Bottom For XLF

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ailing financial sector successfully derailed and shelved the recent market rally off the November lows. The market has become important from the weakening financial sector. XLF has helped lead the assault on the bulls, but now that XLF is testing i

  • Big MO's 2B Double Bottom Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nearly 10 points higher from our last look at Altria Group, the stock formerly known as Philip Morris moves into a triangular consolidation and threatens to move higher.

  • Big MO's Double Bottom: 2B Or Not 2B?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Declines in September test lows were established in May. Will a lack of downside followthrough spell a reversal and double bottom for shares of Altria Group?

  • Boeing Co. Tries To Hammer Out A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Boeing, like many others, fell below its 50-day EMA as the overall markets tunrned south. The hammer signal formed on March 16, hints at a possible bounce here.

  • Bonds Near Intermediate Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After falling in recent weeks, the 20-year Treasury Bond Fund ETF may be nearing a significant support level.

  • Bottom Fishing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is tempting to look at the price of a stock and think that if it is cheap, then it is a bargain. This is a trap novice investors often fall into because it is easy to confuse price with value.

  • Bottom Fishing & The Ugly Double Bottom Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profiting from bottom fishing is notoriously difficult, but this setup may help

  • Bottom Fishing & The Ugly Double Bottom Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profiting from bottom fishing is notoriously difficult, but this setup may help

  • Bottom Fishing In Starbucks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Starbucks has been trending lower since November, but the stock is showing signs of firmness and follow-through on a candlestick reversal.

  • Bottom Fishing The Right Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Under Armour, Inc. (UA) fell on hard times, but if you approached bottom fishing from a trader's perspective you could have made out like a bandit.

  • Bottom Fishing With Technical Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calling a bottom is always a risky bet. But a lot of technical indicators point to higher prices ahead for Steelcase.

  • Broadcom Signals A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having failed brief support at $30, Broadcom dove to $22.50.

  • Building A Better Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the days after the market meltdown, the Standard & Poor's 500 continues to forge a bottom from oversold conditions and positive divergences.

  • Bullish Belt Holds Bolster A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A series of bullish candlesticks hints that we may have reached capitulation and that the market could be setting up a double-bottom pattern.

  • Bullish Engulfing Piercing Pattern Bottom Baby

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With apologies to Tom Wolfe, the late August reversal in the SPDRs provided plenty of clues for those short to become long.

  • Buying At The Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the years, I have learned that the simplest strategies always give the best results. Here is a strategy that I read about recently that was so underemphasized, it almost slipped by me unnoticed. I have tested it, improved on it, and I must say, it

  • CIEN: Double Bottom Or Dead Cat Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume and momentum suggests that the recent bounce in Ciena may be more than the dead cat variety.

  • COT Trend Could Spell A Forthcoming Bottom In Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market sentiment says a rebound in oil prices is likely.

  • Classic Reversal: A Double Bottom by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Classic Reversal: A Double Bottom by Thom Hartle The major commercial interests are involved in markets as a business. Large amounts of money are committed to managing the risk that is faced by these companies. Companies on the cash side of markets will

  • Cocoa's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After falling over eight hundred points from its January peak, cocoa looks ready to rally.

  • Coffee's Double Bottom Comeback?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do a positive MACD divergence and moving average support point to higher coffee prices?

  • Colgate's Cup With Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A deep MACDH trough and a gap up above the 50-day EMA suggest higher prices ahead for the stock of this consumer noncyclical goods company.

  • Commodity Bottom Finally Here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Have commodities finally seen an intermediate-term bottom?

  • Compaq's Double Bottom Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a brutal, year long, 80% decline and an all-but-aborted merger with Hewlett-Packard, shares of Compaq look to rebound on their own.

  • Crude Oil Triple Bottom Close To Completion?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can it be? Is the developing triple-bottom pattern on the crude oil daily chart for real? If so, how far might crude prices rise?

  • Dell Tries To Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...DELL firmed over the last two months, and a recent rise in the accumulation-distribution line shows signs of accumulation.

  • Dell's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dell bounced off support from its prior low with big volume, and now, a potential double bottom is taking shape.

  • Dollar Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While analysts have been calling for a bottom in the US dollar for some time, this time might be different.

  • Double Bottom For ST Assembly Test Services Ltd.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the close just above the stop-loss level, now could be a good time to buy STTS.

  • Double Bottom On UPS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What has "Brown" done for you lately? How about a double bottom with a pair of positive stochastic divergences?

  • Double Bottom Or Breakdown Ahead for NYA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New York Composite Index still has a number of bearish technicals holding it back, but a few rays of hope are shining through.

  • Double Bottom Or Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sure looks like a double bottom on the daily chart of the Russell 2000 index, doesn't it? Might we get a sustainable rebound in its aftermath?

  • Double Bottom Pattern: Selling Earlier?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you enter a trade based on a chart pattern such as the double bottom, sometimes you may exit too early or sit on it for too long. Here's a look at different exit scenarios using the double bottom pattern

  • Double Bottom Patterns: Increasing The Odds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Any trading strategy can be improved. Here's a look at how trading double bottom patterns can be modified to give you better trading results

  • Double Bottom, Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How effective is a double top and a double bottom?

  • Double Top Or Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share price forms a double top and a double bottom, which one do you follow?

  • Eve & Eve Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Eve & Eve Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski Here's a look at one of the four combinations of double bottoms. You may be familiar with double bottoms, but have you ever heard of an Eve & Eve double bottom? I hadn't heard of them myself until a few years

  • FCX Sliding Toward A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For a large-cap stock, Freeport McMoran can really make some aggressive moves. Will its latest slide soon find meaningful support near $34?

  • FTSE: Double Bottom Or Rising Flag?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though the FTSE broke resistance at 5800 and this break is holding, the pattern does not look like a robust double bottom and traders should be on guard for a failed breakout.

  • Finally A Bottom For Stillwater Mining?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After retracing 80% of the last major rally, shares of Stillwater Mining may finally have made a major multicycle low.

  • Financial Select SPDR Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLF is close to completing an ABC zigzag market correction. Will it mark the bottom for the financial sector or if it is simply a part of a much larger market correction?

  • Financials Select SPDR Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By casual observation, XLF looks like it is forming a double bottom, but don't be taken in. XLF has found some short-term support, but the main trend is still down, and here's why.

  • First Philippine's Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down as much as 90% in the wake of the emerging markets fallout, countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines look ready to rebound.

  • Five-Year Note Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The five-year US Treasury note often represents a good barometer for the US yield curve and recently completed a double bottom, suggestive of higher yields.

  • For GDX, Is A Major Bottom At Hand?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When an area of support holds after three widely spaced tests, it may be time to start looking for signs of a bullish breakout.

  • General Electric Double Bottom Attempt Could Be Tradable

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the markets looking to make a possible reversal, this General Electric Co. (GE) chart looks like a good time to try a double bottom attempt.

  • Getting Ready For A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does history say anything about the potential for a bottom, given that the Dow Jones 30 is down more than 20% this month?

  • Gold Stocks Seeking A Multiyear Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ARCA gold bugs index is in the midst of its largest selloff since 2008, but it may soon meet with a formidable support level.

  • Gold's Diamond Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nearly four years in the making, is the diamond bottom in gold a sign of higher prices to come?

  • Google Trying To Hammer Out Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a bearish candlestick reversal in July and a decline below 285, Google is trying to hammer out a bottom and a bullish reversal.

  • Hammering Out A Bear Market Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What a shooting star took away from the 10-year Treasury note yield, a hammer threatens to bring back.

  • Hammering Out A Potential Double Bottom With Wal-Mart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wal-Mart completed a powerful candlestick reversal pattern, the hammer, on September 23, 2004, which was reinforced by the fact that it marked a rejection of yearly lows at 51.08 from August 9.

  • Has December Crude Oil Put in a Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...December crude oil broke out of a bearish rectangle formation early last week. However, the contract bounced off a key retracement level, which could signal a potential bottom in crude oil prices.

  • Has Homebuilders Put In A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reports are that the economy may be on the road to recovery as homebuilding picks up. Has homebuilding stocks bottomed and a new bull market emerged, or is homebuilding stocks setting themselves up for a fall?

  • Has the AMEX Oil Index Put in a Significant Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Oil Index (XOI) has been in a two-year downtrend but is now showing signs of reversing course.

  • Have Natural Gas Prices Put In A Significant Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Natural gas prices have been declining for several months now but there are indications that the trend has reversed.

  • Have The Internets Hit Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Strength in mid-February could anticipate a positive stochastic divergence.

  • Honeywell's Piercing Pattern Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic "two-stick" candlestick pattern augurs a bounce in Honeywell.

  • IBM - Potential Head & Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM has remained in a steady downtrend since February this year after topping out around the century mark. Is a new uptrend about to commence?

  • InfoSys Searches for a Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After plunging from 115 to less than 55 in three months at the beginning of the year, shares of InfoSys are still trying to find a bottom. The developing descending triangle may help.

  • Inverse Complex Head & Shoulders Patterns Form A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All the major averages recently moved above overhead resistance, breaking out of inverse complex head & shoulders patterns. They are now resting right below their intermediate downward trendlines as handles are forming off the patterns. Do the indexe

  • Is Apple Near A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I've written four bearish articles about AAPL since November 2012. But lately the chart has been looking a lot less gloomy.

  • Is Dell Bouncing Off A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investors fear rate hikes -- political tension -- economic slowdown. Investors fear... fear .... fear... . Is it time to buy?

  • Is The A-B Base What The Bottom Will Look Like?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is this A-B base the future market bottom picture?

  • Is The Bottom In Yet For CSC?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a long-running bullish money flow/price divergence finally shows signs of playing out, sharp traders and investors start to take notice and then take positions carefully.

  • Is The Bottom Near? - Mike Byrum Of Rydex Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the market bottom near? That's one of the questions we asked Mike Byrum, chairman of the Rydex Investment Strategy Committee, which oversees investment activity for all Rydex Funds. He is also the portfolio manager for the Rydex OTC Fund. Byrum w

  • Is The Lehman Treasury Fund Finding A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman Treasury Fund has bounced off key support levels but are prices ready to rally?

  • Is The Market Building A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One good overall measure of the market is the Vanguard Total Market ETF. What is it telling us about the market?

  • Is The Stock Market Bottom Here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...News reporters, economists, and stock market forecasters view the current low in the stock market as the stock market bottom. There are many ways to measure to find out if it is. Here is one way.

  • Is This The Bottom For The NYSE Composite?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making a new low today, the NYSE Composite index staged a major turnaround. But is this truly the end of the major downtrend that began a year ago?

  • Is This What A Capitulation Bottom Feels Like?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This has been a tough market no matter which way you slice it, with signals to confuse even the most stalwart traders. But here is one pattern that looks promising.

  • JDS Uniphase Makes Fast Gains Off Its Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When looking for reversal patterns, double bottom formations can provide the basis for excellent short-term gains.

  • JNJ Trying To Strike A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...JNJ's recent gap on high volume solidifies support and opens the door to a resistance test and possible double bottom breakout.

  • July Silver: Bottom Or Breakdown?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Silver spent April going down in nearly a straight line. Will silver spend June moving back up?

  • KO Accumulation, Triple Bottom, And Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a four-month period of sideways to down price action, rising money flows in the midst of a triple-bottom pattern have resulted in a convincing bullish breakout for Coca-Cola, the king of colas.

  • Kellogg Co. Shows A Head And Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The head and shoulders formation is the most intuitive bottoming or topping out pattern. In it, the weaker of the bulls and bears prior to the pattern wins the post-pattern battle. On the strength of this pattern Kellogg Inc. is set to touch $43 in the

  • LaBranche Forming Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...LaBranche is forming a base for a bullish rally.

  • Lehman Bond Fund Puts In A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The short-term downtrend has been broken, but resistance is standing in the way.

  • Lifeway Foods Bottoms Out (Rounding Bottom)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After an extended period of falls, Lifeway Foods went into a dull rounding bottoming process. The stock recently exploded on the upside on heavy volume, indicating that strong hands have been accumulating the stock in the past few months.

  • Live Cattle's Cup with Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rebounding from a seven-month downtrend, livestock futures finally start moving up.

  • Looking For The NASDAQ Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the NASDAQ now in a bear market trend, it is possible to use Elliott wave theory to forecast when the downward trend will come to an end.

  • MXI Forms Potential Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a piercing line pattern formed, MXI suggests a new bullish rally.

  • Magna International: Lower Top, Lower Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Magna Int'l is showing a falling trend, and further downside can't be ruled out.

  • March Cocoa's Intraday Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While coffee continues to languish, cocoa makes a move to the upside.

  • March Sugar's Triple Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The June rally in sugar resumes in September.

  • Markets Try to Hammer Out a Short-Term Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the uncertainty over geopolitical concerns, these charts suggest a bounce attempt is likely.

  • Mediacom Moves Off Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Mediacom Communications breaks out of a low trading range but what comes next?

  • Microsoft's Ugly Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You don't have to call it a head and shoulders bottom. But this bottoming movement in Microsoft may boost the Software King to 80 or more.

  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals Moves Off A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock is ready for a bounce, how far can it go?

  • Mr. Softy's Head & Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakout meanders before gapping higher on the day of options expiration.

  • NASDAQ Bottom? Not Yet!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ recently made a huge upward move of 9.53% and market analysts are saying that the bottom of the bear market may be at hand. However, the NASDAQ has further to go on the downside before the market bottom is found.

  • NASDAQ Composite Forming A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...$COMPQ is consolidating at the lowest support, forming a base with higher lows that may help accumulate some bullish strength.

  • NASDAQ Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ appears to be forming a double-bottom trend reversal pattern, but by a more detailed analysis, the future direction of this market still looks downward.

  • Netflix And Bottom Fishing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix has collapsed, but does that mean it is a buy?

  • Nike Trying To Hammer Out A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the lone hammer, larger bearish patterns still dominate Nike, and the hammer needs confirmation.

  • Nikkei Tries To Hammer Out A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A hammer at support and indicator divergence could foreshadow a bounce in the Nikkei.

  • Nortel on the Move - Time to Snag this Bottom Fish?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are both fundamental and technical clues that Nortel's worst trading days may be behind it. It would be a gutsy move but one that could reap handsome rewards if the telecom dog days are finally over.

  • Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom There are different types of double bottoms, as Thomas Bulkowski's article "Eve & Eve Double Bottoms," will attest. The notable difference between the classic double bottom and

  • Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom There are different types of double bottoms, as Thomas Bulkowski's article "Eve & Eve Double Bottoms," will attest. The notable difference between the classic double bottom and

  • October Bottom For The Stock Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's an abundant amount of evidence gathering that indicates October 2015 could have a significant bottom, let's take a look at what's developing.

  • Oil Hits Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a previous article entitled "Is The Oil Uptrend Over?" published on 07/23/08, I wrote that oil could fall to as low as $53 per barrel. Today, I am reporting that oil has fallen to a low of $50.44 and a low in oil could be in place.

  • Oil Index Shows Possible Bottom Hammer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a very good run this index has retraced and now the previous bull run may resume.

  • Oracle's Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Larry Ellison's software outfit headed for higher ground?

  • Picking A Bottom In Bonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As sharp as the decline in bonds has been, a key momentum oscillator has positive divergence working and support is at hand.

  • Plumbing For A Bottom In Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The beginning of October 2014 was a tough one for traders and investors. So what happens next?

  • Predicting The Shape Of A Cycle Bottom by Michael R. Burk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Predicting The Shape Of A Cycle Bottom by Michael R. Burk I define a cycle as what happens between peaks in my New Low Indicator. Since the beginning of 1978 there have been 24 complete cycles averaging a little over 120 trading days, or 24 weeks. Cycl

  • Procter and Gamble's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After spending much of 2000 on the canvas, Procter and Gamble has spent much of 2001 fighting back.

  • Retail HOLDRS Forming Candlestick Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a sharp decline, the retail HOLDRS firmed in September and formed at least three candlestick reversals in the last few weeks.

  • Retail Sector Says Market Bottom Not In Yet

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are many ways to measure if the current low in the market is the bottom. Among these is the major trend direction of the retail market sector.

  • Revenge of the Euro: A Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the "since-inception" euro bear market end with a H&S bottom?

  • Revisiting The Triple Bottom Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Would a steep pullback in the S&P 500 set the stage for a resumption of the bull market?

  • Revisiting the Cotton Club Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Double bottom becomes cup with handle, but cotton stays high.

  • Revisiting the Yen's Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the land of the rising yen, it appears as if the bottom is in.

  • Rio Forming Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Companhia Vale do Rio Doce is range-bound for the past couple of months. Will the consolidation lead to a strong bottom formation?

  • Risky Bottom Reversals And Directional Movement - Kasten Chase

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The directional movement indicator (ADX) is a trend strength indicator that can be used in a variety of ways including spotting potential bottom reversals (an inherent higher risk play).

  • Russell Corporation's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Following the business cycle and focusing on top sectors helped uncover Russell Corporation's rebound from lows not seen since 1987.

  • S&P 500 Another 100 Points Until A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bear is back, much to some analysts' surprise. Based on cycle and Fibonacci analysis, traders and investors shouldn't expect to see a major rally again in the .SPX until the 1000-1025 area is convincingly tested.

  • SBC's Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SBC Communications has been struggling to put in a bottom since falling from nearly 60 per share in November 2000 to under 40 by April 2001.

  • SPX: Triple Bottom Breakout or Belated Retracement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though the recent resistance break at 965 is technically bullish, SPX is starting to get overbought and stalling around 1000.

  • Sears: Anatomy Of A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At a low during a major bear trend, Dow standby Sears and Roebuck [S] rallied from an intermediate trend double bottom to reach highs of nearly $44 in late April 2000. But a selling climax and weak rally have caught Sears between either a major upside r

  • Short-Term 2B Bottom In Hourly QQQQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A correction ends with a classic bottoming pattern.

  • Short-Term 2B Bottom In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In another sign of waning momentum to the downside in the S&P 500, a 2B pattern appears.

  • Short-term 2B Tests of Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are making significant tests of near-term lows.

  • Signs Of A Nikkei Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the 16-year bear trend ended for the Nikkei?

  • Silver Futures Bottom Out After A Massive Fall

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Silver fell by 40% in April 2004, and then formed an accumulation pattern. If it breaks out above 6770, it should see a target of 7470. With the uncertainity in global markets and the terror alerts, silver prices will stay firm.

  • Silver's Cup With Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a perilous drop in April from over $8 to under $6, is silver ready to rally?

  • So, Is The Bottom Around The Corner?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock market has fallen heavily over the past few weeks. When will it start recovering?

  • So, Where And When Is The Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The correction looks as though it is here. If it is, then where is the bottom?

  • Sonar Trio Signals Potential Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As stocks gain momentum, traders are wondering whether the bottom is in. Here is a set of indicators to help you decide.

  • Sounding For A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the recent maelstrom in stocks, it is tempting to declare bottom with the first or second big rally. Here is why it pays to wait for confirmation.

  • Swiss Franc's Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull market in the Swiss franc looks due for a mild correction.

  • Symantec Rising Off Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After peaking past $33 in 2004, this stock suffered a decline to $14.70 this summer. Now things are starting to look up again.

  • Sysco Corp. Marks A Bottom On Its Daily Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sysco Corp. has been on a downtrend since slipping below its 200-day exponential moving average last August.

  • Telus Corp. Marks Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian stock is bouncing off a bottom hammer. How far will it go?

  • The December Dollar's Diamond Bottom: Pullback or Failure?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What started as a diamond bottom reversal has begun to retrace as quickly as it broke out.

  • The Emini S&P's Cup With Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Blood on the streets in Tokyo leads to a short-term buying opportunity in New York.

  • The Greenback Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A cup with handle bottom clashes against a 1-2-3 trendline break to the downside.

  • The Greenback's 2B Test of Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar index approaches a major test of lows set back in October 1998.

  • The Kilroy Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a solution to a serious taxonomic problem. Or maybe not. In any case. . .

  • The Nasdaq Bottom This Spring?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical reasons abound for another countertrend rally.

  • The Nasdaq's Broadening Bottom Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the Nasdaq in a trading range with bullish upside or will it possibly succumb to a potentially bearish broadening formation?

  • The Nasdaq's Failed Head And Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a pattern breaks down, standing aside is one option. Taking the other side is another.

  • The Q's Hourly Double Bottom And Successful Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...March came in like a lion ... with a market bottom in tow.

  • The S&P 500's 2B Test of Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How could a technician have caught the mid-March rally?

  • The S&P 500's 30-Minute Head And Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Did somebody say "bottom"?! The head and shoulders formation in the 30-minute S&P 500 might be the bulls' best bet on an end to the March declines.

  • The S&P 500's Fibonacci Foraging For A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a key Fibonacci retracement level provide support for the falling S&P 500?

  • The S&P 500's MACD Triple Bottom Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bears might not like it, but the bulls are taking the S&P 500 higher.

  • The Signature of an Important Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Momentum and sentiment indicators signal that on January 15, 2016 an important bottom for both stocks and Crude Oil may be in place.

  • The Sonar Trio Bottom Sounder

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many trading programs offer tools that promise to help you pick bottoms. The problem is, a single indicator may work well sometimes but poorly at others. Here is a set of indicators that do a respectable job consistently.

  • The Ten-year Treasury Yield's Diamond Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lower long rates look likely in the short term. But after that, a run up to 5.6% or higher might be what the market is gearing up for.

  • The Thorn At The Bottom by Alexander Sabodin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Thorn At The Bottom by Alexander Sabodin Here's a reversal pattern that occurs frequently but is difficult to discern during its formation. The thorn pattern is encountered quite frequently, but it is difficult to discern while it is being formed

  • The Trouble With THC's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How a bearish engulfing candlestick warned double-bottom bulls that the party was over.

  • The Yen's Head and Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does an appreciating currency suggest more deflation for the land of the rising yen?

  • Tibco Software Diamond Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock was a high flyer in 2000 but if this pattern is any indication, there are better days on the horizon again for the company.

  • Triple Bottom In Yahoo?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yahoo! is back on support, so the bounce may decide whether the formation is a triple bottom.

  • Triple Top and Bottom Formations in Gold and the US Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of gold's main influences is movement in the US dollar.This can be readily seen comparing the long term charts of the gold index (XAU) and the US dollar index (USD).

  • US Natural Gas Fund ETF Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At the end of a long downtrend, natural gas prices might rebound.

  • USD/JPY: Breakout And Pullback Off The Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An ascending triangle bottom in August and September hints at higher prices for the greenback against the yen.

  • Ultra Petroleum Rising Off A Recent Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ultra Petroleum put in a hammer bottom several trading days ago. So what are the upside targets?

  • Wal-Mart Completes Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wal-Mart joined in the re-election euphoria to complete a very reliable reversal pattern -- the double bottom.

  • Weekly 2B Bottom In Humana

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another example of the march forward in health-care providers comes courtesy of an intermediate-term 2B bottom in shares of Humana.

  • Will Bonds Test A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences set up the 10-year note for a correction and possible test of the summer 2006 bottom.

  • Workday, Inc.: Proportional Pullback To Cycle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making a measured correction into a key cycle bottom, shares of Workday, Inc. may be ready for a sprint toward $100 per share.

  • XM Satellite Traces Out A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XM Satellite gapped up on high volume to solidify support and open the door to a double-bottom reversal pattern.

  • XMSR Satellite Radio Holdings Launching Off Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After falling out of a near-$40 orbit early in 2005, this stock cratered down to $10 in the summer of 2006. Now it looks like another launch is under way.

  • iShares Gold Trust: Triple Bottom Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by about 25% since October 2012, the iShares Gold Trust ETF is now close to a major support zone.

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