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  • .SPX Confirms Mid-Term Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a momentous six-month rally, the S&P 500 appears to have begun a correction that may take prices down toward support near 1340 -- or even lower.

  • 2B Top In The Standard & Poor's 100

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through to the upside after the move higher at the end of August could bring an end to the summer rally.

  • 2B Top Meets Freaky Friday

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Would Friday be a bullish or bearish event? Early on, the markets tipped traders off to the bear.

  • 2Bs And Negative Divergences: Silver Stalls At The Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through on the move above $14 creates potential for reversal or consolidation.

  • 3D Printers Flashing Top Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In February, I wrote that 3D printing stocks looked to have resumed rally mode again after a sizable correction. But now with the appearance of bearish topping patterns, that rally looks to be in jeopardy.

  • A 2B Top In The Euro?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through above the December 2006 highs provides an opportunity for correction or reversal in the EUR/USD.

  • A 2B Top In The Industrials?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can't catch a reversal much faster than you can by correctly anticipating a bull trap.

  • A 2B Top Or Continuation?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On March 5, 2013, the DJIA registered a new all-time high. But before we celebrate, let's determine if it's sustainable and what the trading opportunities are if it is not sustainable.

  • A 2B Top Threatens S&P Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through to the upside after the August 4th breakout was an ominous sign for S&P bulls.

  • A Big Bad Banking Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head & shoulders top appears to be a bearish work in progress over the Banking Index.

  • A Big Double Top For FTSE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The FTSE has gone nowhere for over a year and a big double top is taking shape. Waning momentum suggests that this pattern will soon be confirmed.

  • A Big Double Top In Long Term Rates

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 30-year Treasury bond yield is testing support from a large double top, and further weakness would increase the chances of a Fed pause.

  • A Blow-Off Top For American Express

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A high-volume surge and bearish candlestick reversal point to a blow-off top for American Express.

  • A Double Top For DR Horton

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This home-builder stock is testing support from its October 2005 lows, and a break below this level would confirm a double-top formation.

  • A Double Top For Dollarama

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The share price of a double top is characterized by two peaks.

  • A Double Top For The Dow Transports

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow transports met resistance around 5000 twice in the last three months, and a rather large double top is brewing.

  • A Double Top For XLU?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The utility SPDR failed at resistance, and a break below the February low would confirm a double top.

  • A Double Top In October Hogs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The payoff was swift for bears circling around the double top in lean hog futures.

  • A Double Top In Telecom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The North American Telecom Index is challenging its prior high, but a big negative divergence in the moving average convergence/divergence means traders should also be on guard for a double top.

  • A Double Top Looms Over Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The continuous contract on crude oil is now showing signs of weakness after failing to rise above the peak made in mid-June. The seasonality cycle of crude oil usually causes prices to rise in the summer months. Could crude oil prices have already peaked

  • A Double Top for Siebel Systems

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The short-term future for Siebel Systems Incorporated looks weak.

  • A Generational Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's possible that the Dow Jones Industrial Average set a top in 2000 that won't be broken anytime soon.

  • A Head & Shoulders Top Awaits Confirmation On The Russell 2000

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head & shoulders top on the Russell 2000 could be hinting that a major top is setting up in the market.

  • A Head & Shoulders Top In Housing Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The homebuilding boom bumps up against a classic reversal pattern.

  • A Head & Shoulders Top In Oil Service?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Car bombs in Iraq, nuclear profileration in Iran, airstrikes in Lebanon ... so why aren't these oil stocks smiling?

  • A Head & Shoulders Top In REITs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the great REIT rally finally run out of upside?

  • A Head & Shoulders Top In Retail?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An autumn consolidation in the retail HOLDRS hints at the possibility of a move lower for retail stocks.

  • A Head And Shoulders Top For May Crude Oil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...May crude oil has been hitting new highs in recent months but the head and shoulders breakdown could indicate a correction in the near-term.

  • A Head And Shoulders Top In IGT

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A reversal pattern develops after two months of gains in the gaming stock.

  • A Head And Shoulders Top On The NASDAQ A/D Line?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The A/D line is an effective gauge in determining the overall strength of the stock market. It is by far the most commonly used measure of market breadth.

  • A Head and Shoulders Top in Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The summer ascending triangle breakout runs into a head and shoulders top.

  • A Head and Shoulders Top in Hogs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a bull market run from under 61 in October to over 68 in March, a head and shoulders top looks ready to take June hogs back down.

  • A Megaphone Top For Anadarko Petroleum?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Anadarko Petroleum's broadening triangle formation indicates a potential forthcoming top in the stock price.

  • A Portrait of General Electric as a 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A favorite technique for spotting potential market tops and bottoms appears as shares of General Electric test their June highs.

  • A Rectangle Top For Apollo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apollo Group broke rectangle support with high volume, and the long-term outlook is now bearish.

  • A THIRD Take on March Sugar's Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A failed 2B test of top and a severe trendline break suggested sugar was headed lower. But somebody forgot to tell sugar.

  • A Temporary Top In Disney?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again, negative divergences and failed follow-through after a new high hint at lower prices for shares of Disney.

  • A Top In Telecom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the telecom index surges into a secondary trend channel, negative stochastic divergences emerge.

  • A Top in Transports?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How the Dow Transports handle a nearby resistance level might tell investors all they need to know about the resilience of this bear market rally.

  • A Triple Top For The Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow appears to have made a triple top. Does this lead to a collapse, or....?

  • AAXJ Forming Top Double?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The robust rally of AAXJ has reached its previous high resistance. Will the stock breach resistance or form a double top?

  • AIG's Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Given the topping action in American International Group, the stock may want to take out an insurance policy on itself.

  • Abbott Labs Awesome 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The war between pharma and biotech looks to claim another victim.

  • Adobe Systems' Triangle Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a great run from $26 to $40, Adobe has reversed course.

  • American Express Flirts With Double Top Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...American Express (AXP) formed a double top in 2006, but support is refusing to go quietly and the pattern has yet to be confirmed.

  • American Express' Rounding Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rounding top in American Express has taken almost all of 2000 to develop. Will the upside breakout be worth the wait?

  • Amex Composite Forming Head & Shoulder Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Amex Composite may see a major downside with a head & shoulders top reversal pattern. Is the right-shoulder formation complete, or are multiple shoulders getting constructed?

  • Amgen's 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it the beginning of the end for the biotech rally revolution?

  • An Intermediate Double Top in September Wheat

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a short, sharp rally at the beginning of May, wheat futures are headed back down.

  • An Intraday Emini 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic reversal pattern anticipates weakness and a test of the lows.

  • An Intraday Head And Shoulders Top In EUR/USD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An old rally, a MACD negative divergence, a 1-2-3 trend reversal ... after bouncing at the beginning of August, the euro starts to slip against the greenback.

  • Anatomy of a Stock Market Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Patterns from four stock market peaks could reveal the near future.

  • Another Sign Of A Market Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On February 15, my Advantage article discussed the soaring S&P 500 and a falling VIX, which together with eurodollar futures and some other indicators pointed to a top in US stocks. Here is another reason for concern.

  • Apple Computers' Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The latest offering from Steve Jobs & Company has critics and fans buzzing. But the stock market seems less than impressed.

  • April Heating Oil's Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...April heating oil has formed a characteristic pattern as it beats a hasty retreat from its October 2000 peak.

  • Barrick Gold's 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Look, Ma, no indicators! How resistance, new highs, and a failure to follow through helped traders trade the top in ABX.

  • Best Buy Co. Testing A Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the markets bounce, many stocks will try to follow, including Best Buy Co.

  • Blow Off Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rare stock market spike up presents rare profit opportunity.

  • Blow Off Top or Kick Off Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See what the indicators and price pattern reveal about the post-election stock market rally.

  • Breakaway Gaps At The Top: Selling Plays

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using candlestick patterns and indicator divergences can help traders reinforce their assessment when trying to identify breakaway gaps.

  • CH Robinson Confirms Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CH Robinson broke double-top support on big volume, and the forecast is for lower prices in the coming months.

  • CSX: Triple Top Buy Setup Triggers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The late triple top buy setup in shares of CSX Corp. has taken more than four months to materialize, but for patient traders it may prove to be well worth the wait.

  • Can Financials Provide Warning Of A Market Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In past market tops, the financial sector has turned down first. It happened in the October 1987 meltdown and again at the 2000 top. So how has the financial sector been doing lately?

  • Citigroup Breaks Down From A Broadening Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial stocks are generally the first casualty of rising interest rates. Citigroup's (C) chart has broken down from a broadening top and is likely to see lower levels in the days to come.

  • Coeur d'Alene's 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the yellow metal flirting with levels not seen since 1987, the gold stocks remain chaste.

  • Conexant Systems' Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the Semiconductor index starts to round over, shares of Conexant Systems start to head south.

  • Cree's Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Adam & Adam double top over the summer leads to declines near season's end.

  • Crude Oil's Hourly Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at crude oil through the lens of the 60-minute chart suggests a possible reversal in crude oil's bull run.

  • Crude's 2B Top Comes To The Dailies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bearish reversal pattern that appeared on crude oil's weekly chart is now making an appearance on the daily chart.

  • Crude's High Altitude 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are we closer to a top in crude oil than we think?

  • DJ Vu: Where Is the Next Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Continuing an exploration of the similarities between today's market environment and the Great Depression leads to a price target for this move up.

  • DJIA Close In On Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average has now hit the 10,000 market again. Now, will the market continue higher or will it reverse and move lower? The Elliott wave theory is calling for a market top.

  • December Corn's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the CRB Index heads toward resistance, the grains struggle to keep their bull markets alive.

  • Double Bottom, Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How effective is a double top and a double bottom?

  • Double Top For Bank Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Philadelphia Bank Index responded very well to a previous double bottom and is now looking to possibly repeat with its bearish counterpart - a double top.

  • Double Top For QualComm?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a spectacle run, Qualcomm (QCOM) recently ran into resistance at 70 twice this year, with the indicator flashing a yellow light.

  • Double Top For Unisys Corporation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This information technology player has enjoyed a huge run since its October bottom of $6 to a recent high of $11.50. Now it's showing a potential double top formation on its daily chart.

  • Double Top Formation on the Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...April proved to be a tumultuous month for the technology-based Nasdaq Composite Index. From a charting standpoint, the sharp April sell-off within the index followed a picture-perfect double top formation.

  • Double Top Or Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share price forms a double top and a double bottom, which one do you follow?

  • Electronics for Imaging's Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."E" may stand for effort. But shares of Electronics for Imaging, Inc. (EFII) have corrected sharply after three attempts to close above 30.

  • Exxon Mobil Forms Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XOM has formed a strong complex double-top trend reversal pattern. A decisive close below the pattern's confirmation line will signal a major trend reversal from up to down.

  • Federated's Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gapping down past a confirmation level, shares of Federated Department Stores may become the victims of an early spring/early summer double top.

  • Fedex's Hourly Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What do you do when a pattern absolutely, positively has to be a reversal?

  • Fidelity Energy Services Top Fund Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even the most hard-hit market sectors can recover given enough time. Here's a technical take on one of these "worst to first" market situations.

  • For AMZN, Top Relative Strength Among RMO Buys

    ARTICLE shares are offering a potentially bullish trade setup, one based on a proven trading system's long entry signal.

  • From Consolidation To Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Consolidations in trends are often resolved by further movement in the direction of the previous trend. This is not one of those consolidations.

  • GSS Top Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Of the 18 precious metals mining stocks that are outperforming their parent ETF over the past four weeks, none are stronger than shares of Golden Star Resources.

  • German DAX Index Forms Double Top Near Key Retracement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After almost doubling since Mar-03, the German DAX Index ran into a wall of resistance and formed a potential bearish reversal pattern.

  • Gilead's Head & Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As signs of weakness emerge in biotechnology indexes, bearish reversal patterns appear in a number of biotech stocks.

  • Goldman Sachs' HUGE Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The developing head and shoulders top in Goldman Sachs might not complete itself until the spring of 2001. But a downside breakout could send share prices plummeting to levels not seen since 1999.

  • Goldman Sachs: From 2B Top To Stochastic Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Best in breed" broker or "penultimate hedge fund"?

  • Google's Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the world's greatest search engine become the speculator's greatest short?

  • HCA's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nothing lasts forever ... not even the year-long advance of healthcare stocks.

  • Has Cadence Design Systems Signaled A Possible Double Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cadence Design Systems is the world's leading electronic design automation technologies and engineering services company.

  • Head & Shoulders Top For FSAVX?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad market indexes falling so quickly, it helps to have a scorecard to keep up with the various rates of descent in the weakest industry groups. Some big changes appear to be in the offing.

  • Head and Shoulders Top in European Currencies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Look out below for the euro ... and the Swiss franc, too. Both of these alternatives to the American dollar appear headed for correction.

  • Heating Oil's Diamond Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bounce after a shallow correction helped form the support line that was broken by recent price action.

  • Hollinger International Near Top Of Trajectory?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock of the newspaper empire led by ex-CEO Conrad Black, has done very well since March and recent speculation of a sale has driven it higher. With legal troubles looming and Black on the hot seat, could it be time to sell?

  • How To Stay On Top Of The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders move from euphoria to terror as markets that were once on a bullish run turn bearish at the drop of a dime. But if you understand a few concepts, you won't be caught flat-footed.

  • Is The Top At Hand?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many methods can be used to determine if the stock market is still in a bull market or if a new bear market is just now getting under way. The method used here analyzes each stock within the S&P 500 and draws a conclusion as to the whole of the stock

  • July Platinum's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does a successful test of the May highs mean lower prices for platinum?

  • July Soybeans Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After breaking out from a seven-month consolidation, soybeans' higher days may be behind it.

  • Lennar's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Housing bubble? Maybe not, but the stocks are in trouble.

  • Lennar's Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...High volume on the left shoulder of this topping formation adds to a bearish picture for this downwardly sloping H&S top.

  • Light Crude Tests Rally Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting a bottom in November, June crude has gained more than 20%. Does a second failed test of the rally high mean the party's over for the bulls?

  • Lockheed Martin Close To A Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Lockheed Martin are up by nearly 40% since August 2011; cycles and money flow analysis suggest that a pullback is due soon.

  • MEMC Electronics' Complex Head & Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Insiders have sold a whopping 170 million shares in this company in the last three months and their chart is forming a complex head & shoulders top signal. Coincidence?

  • Magna International: Lower Top, Lower Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Magna Int'l is showing a falling trend, and further downside can't be ruled out.

  • March Crude Oil - A Pause Or A Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes a chart pattern can be interpreted a number of ways. Knowing how to see the big picture can help make the job easier.

  • Market Breadth - Divergence Key In Picking The Next Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stock indexes can't continue to soar higher without the support of an increasing number of new highs in stocks. But how will breadth tell you when the music is about to stop?

  • Microsoft Double Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Microsoft has hit a previous resistance level just above $31. A confluence of candlesticks, symmetry, and indicators suggests a possible early warning of potential double top on this 17-month weekly chart.

  • Mini-Dow Intraday Domed Top Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More than a few technicians are in agreement that the mighty Dow may be at or approaching a major trend reversal zone. Is this noticeable intraday domed top pattern one of the first confirmations of a bearish turn?

  • More Signs Of A Market Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Insider selling continued at a brisk pace in November. The ratio of shares sold to purchased dropped slightly but overall sales were up significantly. There are other signs that the market may be at, or at least very near, a top.

  • Nasdaq Double Top Threat

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On December 3rd the Nasdaq touched 2000 for the first time in nearly two years. But instead of a bullish milestone, a poor close and warnings from several indicators spell the beginning of a likely downleg.

  • Nasdaq Presents Possible Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences may drive this index down again.

  • Natural Gas: Another Look At The Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Was the summer correction in natural gas only the beginning of an even deeper descent?

  • Natural Gas: Trading The June Top With The 8-wave Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A basic 8-wave pattern, along with the Fibonacci ratios and a few other indicators, can be used to trade a market top. In this example, I will use the NYMEX August 2003 futures contract to show how the June 6 market top could have been traded.

  • Newmont's Head & Shoulders Top Redux

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another year, another head & shoulders top sends gold stocks on a correction course.

  • Newmont's Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does weakness in the stocks anticipate weakness in the metal?

  • Novice Trader's Notebook - The Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Novice Trader's Notebook -- The Double Top Consider a security or a futures contract that is in an uptrend. The price reaches a point at which all of the buyers' demand is met, and the sellers, whether traders taking profits or aggressive short sellers,

  • October Cotton's Island Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a vertigo-inducing rally in early June, an island reversal threatens to send October cotton futures from whence they came.

  • Oil At A Short-Term Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of oil has risen dramatically this year, with analysts attributing much of the rise to geopolitical concerns. While unrest in Iran and terror attacks in Niger are likely to continue, traders seem to be less concerned about their impact on the s

  • PF Chang's Confirms Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term trend remains up for P.F. Chang's (PFCB) as the stock is trading comfortably above the September 1st trendline. However, a recent double top support break projects at test of this important support line and volume patterns are bearish.

  • Possible Double Top For CSX Corp.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A topping pattern may be in for this freight transportation company owning the largest rail network in the eastern United States.

  • Potential Head And Shoulders Top For Devon Energy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Devon Energy looks to be completing the right side of a head and shoulders pattern, which could indicate a recent top in the stock price.

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  • Pulte Plays with Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The homebuilders have been leading the market for some time, but signs of distribution are starting to surface in one of the leaders.

  • Putting The Top Down On Convertibles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As bonds or stocks, convertible securities can provide investors with the security of fixed income or the growth of equities. Can they work for you?

  • QQQs 24-Hour Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whether you're looking at a weekly chart or a five-minute chart, a head and shoulders top spells trouble for the bulls.

  • Qualcomm - Twenty-Year Double Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why this stock could be a bearish signal for the US stock market.

  • Recent Top in Denbury Resources Proved To Be Correct

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Denbury Resources recently topped out around the $14.00 level, as expected, but the near-term outlook is uncertain.

  • Recognizing The Double Top Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do you tell the difference between a correction and a reversal at the top before it's too late? Being able to recognize the double top pattern could be to your advantage.

  • Regional Banks Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Regional Bank HOLDRS (RKH) have performed exceptionally well over the last few months, but a potential double top with waning momentum and poor breadth could stymie further upside.

  • Revisiting the "S&P 500's 60-minute Complex Head and Shoulders Top"

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How a bearish complex top got even more complex--and more bearish.

  • Rounding Top at Wal-Mart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Throughout these past two difficult years Wal-Mart (WMT) has held up considerably well. As WMT approaches its September low it is difficult to believe it will smash through this area, but it will happen.

  • Selecting Top Performers by Jongseon Kim

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 22:11 (14-20): Selecting Top Performers by Jongseon Kim Too often we enter a trade only to find that the stock price just isn't going anywhere. Here's how you can avoid falling into this trap. When should you trade and when shou

  • September Crude's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the world waits anxiously for thousands of barrels of Iraqi oil to enter the market, this technical indicator suggests that cheaper oil may be coming--one way or the other.

  • Shipper Slips From Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many stocks in this group bottomed in December 2004 and spent January 2005 in rally mode. In this stock, a failed topping pattern helped anticipate the advance.

  • Short Setups For The S&P 500's Head & Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The classic head & shoulders pattern has a very high success rate, triggering the expected result 74% of the time. What's it say about the market ahead?

  • Staples Inc. Tests A Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Staples is at a crucial point here, with pattern analysis suggesting a tradable move.

  • Symantec's Triple Top Danger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Several warning signs point to the possibility of a triple top challenge.

  • Take A Top Trader To Dinner?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Have you ever wanted to sit down with one of the rock stars of the trading world? Here's your chance.

  • Telecoms Top Out?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A negative divergence develops from the November leg of SBC's autumn rally.

  • Tells For A Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The top in 2000 was preceded by a running negative stochastic divergence on the monthly charts. Now, a similar pattern is emerging in the autumn of 2005.

  • Texas Tea Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oil has had a remarkable spurt higher in recent days and appears to be the engine of the financial markets. However, a combination of indicators suggests that a correction is nigh.

  • The 10-Year Note's Temporary Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rally in the 10-year Treasury note yield nears its second month amid growing negative stochastic divergences.

  • The 10-Year Treasury Note's Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A temporary respite in long rates flows from a head and shoulders top.

  • The 10-Year Treasury's Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There may be more to trade than the downside breakout when it comes to head and shoulders tops.

  • The 10-Year Treasury's Hourly Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How intraday technical analysis saw the collapse in Treasury notes.

  • The Airlines' Complex Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The latest declines for the airlines industry are only a continuation of a miserable year, as the S&P Airlines Index makes plain.

  • The Blue Sky Index - Another Market Top Warning Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you suspected that markets might be getting frothy a few months ago, this should interest you.

  • The Canadian Dollar's Complex Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even on an intermediate basis, chart patterns often hold form.

  • The DJIA's Double Top Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently trying to find support from its 50-day moving average. This coincides with a possible double-top formation.

  • The Dow Industrial's Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This bearish reversal pattern is just another sign that the October rally is over.

  • The Dow Utilities' Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Like the S&P 500, the DJUA also developed a multi-year head and shoulders top.

  • The Dow's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nearly 20 months in the making, a diamond top towers over the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  • The Dumpling Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This candlestick pattern projects the selloff.

  • The Euro's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An important test of top awaits the euro.

  • The Euro's Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The most recent rally in the common currency has stalled short of the August and September highs.

  • The Euro's September Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences in the stochastic and MACDH anticipated an end to the EUR/USD's summer rally.

  • The Hunt For Tomorrow's Top Performer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even in bad economies, there are companies that can excel and outperform the market such as this compelling stock.

  • The Nasdaq's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does failure to follow-through on the April 29th highs mean the Nasdaq is finally headed lower?

  • The Power of the Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The double top formation can be an early warning of ID (impending doom) to come. A few recent examples of this formation can be seen on the charts of Cisco (CSCO) and Broadcom (BRCM).

  • The QQQQ Gets A Top Failure Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The relative strength index gave an early signal to the current weakness on the QQQQ by forming a top failure swing. Additional clues in other time frames suggest that there may be further downside to come.

  • The QQQQ's 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic reversal pattern helped traders anticipate the February 27th market meltdown in the NASDAQ 100.

  • The QQQQ's Broadening Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This pattern suggests even more upside for the NASDAQ 100.

  • The QQQQ's Intraday Head & Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rally in the NASDAQ 100 lasted almost a month before a head & shoulders pattern signaled a correction.

  • The Recent Potential 2B Top And What It Means For Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Trader Vic" Sperandeo wrote about a pattern that he said had been a big money maker for him over the years. It recently appeared on a number of indexes. What does it mean?

  • The Retail HOLDRs Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time for bargain-hunting in the retail sector?

  • The Rounded Top Of $XTC

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...During the September to November price movement, the North American Telecommunication Index formed a rounded top -- a rare event.

  • The S&P 500's 60-minute Complex Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since its October 10th bottom, the S&P 500 has been half uptrend and half consolidation. But now, the S&P 500 is all top.

  • The S&P 500's 90-Minute Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the S&P 500 breaks down in mid-March, a growing positive stochastic divergence in the 90-minute chart suggests a bounce may come sooner than later.

  • The S&P 500's Other Head and Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An intraday look at the S&P 500 anticipates a near-term correction in the index's July-August advance.

  • The Top in the Japanese Government Bond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent pullback in the JGB affords another opportunity for bears to get on board for another leg down.

  • Top 10 Candles That Work

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my last article, I described 13 candlesticks that worked best as reversal or continuation patterns. That means price closed above the top of the candle pattern or below the bottom of it, signaling a reversal or continuation not just once, but

Top 10 Trading Habits by Jody Samuels

  • Top Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the greenback retreats from highs not seen since the mid-eighties, should stock investors be concerned?

  • Top Down Investing with S&P's Sam Stovall by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INTERVIEW Top Down Investing with S&P's Sam Stovall Some wander onto Wall Street by mistake, while others seem destined to find their way there. Sam Stovall is a member of Standard & Poor's Investment Policy Committee, editor of S&P's Industry Reports

  • Top Spotting: Knowing What You Need To Stay Out Of Trouble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since April 2013, the S&P 500 index has put in a series of higher highs. So how high is too high? The end of the rally may be closer than you think.

  • Top Three Indicators For Your 2016 Trades (And Beyond)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You'll have more confidence in the trades you place if you use the right combination of confirming indicators. Need a good set to get started with? Here are three you can use to help get your trading geared up for the new year

  • Toward A Temporary Yield Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A late summer consolidation in 10-year Treasury yields may point to a long, waited-for bounce in government long bonds.

  • Trading the Failure of Technical Patterns: Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All is not lost when a reversal chart pattern like a double top fails to materialize.

  • Transports Hesitate At The Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are the Dow transports failing to confirm the new highs in the Dow industrials?

  • Triangle Top Test For Petro-Canada

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From 2002 to 2004, this Canadian oil giant has doubled in price from $35 to $70. Now it's off its peak.

  • Triple Top Or Flag?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...No matter which way you believe it is headed, from both a fundamental and technical perspective, the market is at a critical juncture.

  • Triple Top and Bottom Formations in Gold and the US Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of gold's main influences is movement in the US dollar.This can be readily seen comparing the long term charts of the gold index (XAU) and the US dollar index (USD).

  • Two Takes on March Sugar's Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 1-2-3 Reversal and a 2B test of top both suggest that the rally in sugar is over.

  • Univision's Intermediate Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cabeza y hombros? Call it what you will, but an intermediate head and shoulders top could anticipate a test of year-to-date lows for Univision Communications.

  • UnumProvident Breaks Triple Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A recent recovery and PnF breakout point to higher prices down the road for UnumProvident.

  • Veritas' Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Getting nailed by long tech positions in a Nasdaq nearing 2000? The double top in Veritas Software may help put a hedge between you and the hammer.

  • Walt Disney Warns Of A Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After rising more than $7 in five months, Disney stock looks vulnerable for a downside move.

  • Weyerhaeuser: A Spike At The Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spikes are emotional patterns. When they are printed after a long trending period, they may represent a long-term reversal point.

  • Will A 1-2-3 Trend Reversal Mark The Top For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Identifying price shifts in the market at the earliest possible moment can lead to big profits and allow you to trade in the direction of the trend. By using the 1-2-3 trend reversal methodology, we can confidently know the exact moment a trend changes.

  • Will A 1-2-3 Trend Reversal Mark The Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do I top thee, market? Let me count the ways.

  • Will A Head And Shoulders Top Stop The Bean Meal Bull?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two-thirds of the way through a reversal pattern, May meal develops a running negative stochastic divergence.

Working Money: The Dumpling Top by Stephen W. Bigalow

  • Yahoo: A Double Top In The Making

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though it is far from confirmed, the early signs suggest a double top for Yahoo. Yahoo (YHOO) and a host of internet stocks have been star performers over the last 9-12 months.

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