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  • $COMPQ At New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recently, $COMPQ breached historical resistance. Can a small bearish rally discourage the bullish breakout?

  • A Bristol-Myers Squibb New RMO Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A new RMO swing buy signal in Bristol-Myers stock has occurred in the wake of an important test of key support.

  • A New 52-Week High For BBT

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bank stocks have simply not been performing, but there are the exceptions.

  • A New Advance-Decline Line by Daniel E. Downing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A New Advance-Decline Line by Daniel E. Downing Here's a trading tool that uses a unique version of the daily advance-decline line of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This version helps in our short- and long-term trading of index options and stock i

  • A New Buy Near A New High With NVLS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Novellus have risen nearly 88% since October 4, 2011, and with a new long buy signal waiting to be triggered, the stock may see $50 sooner rather than later.

  • A New Buy Near A New High With NVLS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Novellus have risen nearly 88% since October 4, 2011, and with a new long buy signal waiting to be triggered, the stock may see $50 sooner rather than later.

  • A New Exit Strategy by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A New Exit Strategy by Adam White Most traders search for entry signals for trading systems and use a reversal of the entry signal for exits. Sounds simple enough, right? But what about developing exit strategies separate from your entry method? Here, t

  • A New Market Index by Dan Downing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A New Market Index by Dan Downing Technicians are always looking for leading indices and indicators. We continually search for tools that will give us some advanced warning of the direction of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) or the Options Excha

  • A New Method For Picking Stocks Using P/E Multiples

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using screening criteria that incorporates stock valuation variables can prove to be an asset to a technical analyst. Here's an intuitive and simple technique you can incorporate into your stock selection process

  • A New Setup For Novellus, But Will It Follow Through?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Novellus broke sharply higher late in the week. Will this new long trade setup trigger soon?

  • A New Short Signal For LLY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Weak stocks in weak industry groups can offer good short-sale opportunities, but you need a well-grounded plan of action in order to identify opportunities and implement a sound trading strategy.

  • A New Slant On Head And Shoulders by Charles E. Miller

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A New Slant On Head And Shoulders by Charles E. Miller Here's a detrending technique that will help you visualize slanted head and shoulder top patterns more clearly. When the good old reliable head and shoulders (H&S) pattern emerges simultaneously in

  • A New Trend For Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After trading range-bound for three months, Target broke through resistance to signal the start of a new trending phase.

  • A New Utility Average Stock Market System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A New Utility Average Stock Market System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D. This month, Meyers uses a daily indicator based on the Dow Jones Utility Average as a market timing system for the Standard & Poor's 500 index. In the August 1995 STOCKS & COMMODITIES,

  • A new cycle analysis trading technique by Russell L. Miller

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A new cycle analysis trading technique by Russell L. Miller This article describes a novel cycle-based day trading system that, under testing, turned in nearly a 300% annualized profit on equity. In most cases, trading with cycles involves entering a po

  • A new indicator for the S&P stock index futures by Daniel E. Downing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A new indicator for the S&P stock index futures by Daniel E. Downing Little is new in the field of technical analysis. Even with a staff of seven analysts, my firm can take credit for developing only three entirely new technical tools for the markets. W

  • ALXN, The New Kid On The S&P 500 Block

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ALXN has been added to the Standard & Poor's 500, and it has arrived as the new kid on the block, along with a lot of profit potential.

  • ATAC Creates New Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Aftermarket Technology is ready to move toward its previous high with a bullish engulfing pattern on its chart.

  • Alcoa's New Journey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Alcoa, Inc. has entered a new phase. Will it continue in this new direction or will it restart its previous journey?

  • Allergan Inc. (AGN): Another Run At A New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Allergan Inc. shares prepare to push higher in a classic AB=CD Fibonacci swing pattern.

  • Amgen At New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Amgen has sustained a new high.

  • Amgen Has Another New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Amgen are trading at the highest levels since early 2007, offering a low-risk covered-call setup for conservative traders.

  • Another New High For Kimberly Clark

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A stock that continues to make new highs is probably doing so for a very good reason.

  • Apple At New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple made an all-time high recently. Will the stock sustain at the new high or undergo a corrective rally?

  • At The Close: New Margin Rules (Part II) by J.L. Lord

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At The Close: New Margin Rules (Part II) by J.L. Lord New Margin Rules (Part II) AS I wrote in the June 2007 issue of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, while the new margin rules are a powerful addition to retail traders, they do not imply there is free money to b

  • Autozone At A New High And Climbing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do you argue with a stock that is making new highs, seemingly week after week? The simple answer is you don't.

  • Bank of America's New 52-Week High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bulls kick off 2013 with a powerful rally, with shares of Bank of America leading the charge higher.

  • Bearish Signals Point To New Lows For AIG

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a very short oversold bounce, a host of short-term bearish indications surfaced on the AIG chart, and the stock looks like it is headed for new lows.

  • Boeing Soars To New Multiyear High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Boeing Company continue to gain altitude, setting yet another new multiyear high.

  • Bristol Myers Squibb New 52-Week High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks that make new yearly highs even as the broad market declines are certainly worth investigating by serious traders and investors.

  • Bristol Myers Squibb New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Not only have shares of Bristol Myers Squibb rebounded nicely from August 2011's panic selling, they've also managed to make a fresh multiyear high.

  • CELG New Buying Opportunity Soon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having already risen by nearly 56% in less than eight months, is the current decline in Celgene Corp. setting up a new buying opportunity?

  • CNET Breaks Out To New 52-Week Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks breaking out of consolidation or continuation patterns are always the surest trades. In this example, CNET breaks out of a flag pattern on very heavy volume to hit new 52-week highs.

  • Calculating Momentum A New Way by Darryl W. Maddox

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calculating Momentum A New Way by Darryl W. Maddox Traditionally, the calculation of market momentum has been a difference calculation. Thus, a momentum indicator for the Dow Jones Industrial Average is calculated by subtracting the closing value on one

  • Cameron Int'l New Short Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Cameron International are already in the midst of a substantial down swing. Is this latest Raff MarketSpace stock system sell signal too late?

  • Can AAPL Make A New High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price cycle analysis correctly anticipated the recent 11% decline in shares of Apple Inc. So what are the cycles in this stock predicting next?

  • Can CNQ Make A New High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canadian Natural Resources made a double top at its highest level last year. Will it make a new high in its current period?

  • Can CRY.TO Sustain Its New High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crypotologic, Inc., made a new high. But can it maintain it?

  • Chevron Corp. : A New 52-Week High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Chevron Corp. have posted a fresh 52-week high; is there much upside potential remaining before a correction?

  • Concho: The New King Of The Oil Patch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Concho Resources, Inc. is setting up shop in a major oil shale reservoir. Is it time to buy its stock?

  • DJIA Starts The New Year In Final Upward Stage

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average is starting the new year in a final long-term upward stage.

  • December Crude Crosses The Line: New Highs And Negative Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A strong bull market in 2007 took December crude to levels not seen since August 2006. Is it time for crude to come in?

  • Dell In New Direction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A healthy bullish rally initiated an intermediate uptrend for Dell Inc. After refilling a small gap down, the stock stands at a crucial support.

Detecting New Trends Early by David R. Steckler

  • Dow Theory: Nonconfirmations And New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the Dow transports soar toward new YTD highs, the Dow industrials struggle to surpass the highs of April.

  • Dow Transport Index New High Prediction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Transportation Average has made a price high in July 2007 and in May 2008. The transports could now be set to make one more run at yet another new high in the very near future.

  • Dow Utilities Ready For New High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If so, how could this affect the broader stock market?

  • Downtrend New No More For COLB

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Columbia Banking System is likely to see more downside in the near future.

  • Dr. Reddy's Labs At New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish breakout of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories has hit new highs. Can the stock be traded at higher levels?

  • Duke Energy At New 52-Week High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Electric utility stocks may not be the biggest movers in the market, but they are still a good way to add diversity and stability to a stock portfolio.

  • Emerson Electric New Short Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Emerson Electric appear to be on the verge of another decline as a new short trading signal fires on its daily chart.

  • Enphase Energy - New Economy Shiner?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This solar components company has been a star performer this year. But can it keep it up?

  • Facebook: A Pause Before A New Multi-Month High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Facebook shares continue to remain strong, shrugging off the recent weakness in the broad markets with ease. Is a correction overdue or does this stock still have more ground to gain?

  • Fair Isaac New Buy Setup Awaits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the year-end rally begun? Sure looks like it, and here's one of the better long trade setups available now.

  • Finding New Energy With Ivanhoe Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Albert Einstein said, "Energy can not be created," so finding a new source of energy is always profitable.

  • For Allergan, Another New High, But With A Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many times, buying a stock with a new 52-week high can be a nice, conservative way for traders and investors to make some money. But sometimes a different course of action may be warranted.

  • For Citigroup, A New CEO But The Same 80-Day Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Citigroup have made a new yearly high, celebrating a change in the banking giant's top brass, but its key price cycles warn of a sharp correction soon.

  • For Costco, New High Prior To Big Decline?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of retail giant Costco made another new high on October 10, 2012, but a sharp intraday decline soon followed. Is Costco ready for a major correction?

  • For ExxonMobil, A New High, Then A Cycle Low?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ExxonMobil stock has enjoyed a steady uptrend for more than 17 weeks now, but a pullback is likely due soon.

  • For LSI, A New High After A Big Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though the broad markets have made a nice run already, there is no reason why stocks making new highs should not be on your watchlist.

  • For Pfizer, A New High, But A Pullback Awaits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Already in an uptrend for more than 15 months, shares of Pfizer Inc. have fired yet another buy signal.

For The US Dollar, New Climate, Same Weakness by Darrell Jobman

  • For the US Dollar, New Climate, Same Weakness

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some things never change. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes that's not.

Forex Focus: New President, New Trend For The Dollar? by Brent Donnelly

Forex Focus: New President, New Trend For The Dollar? by Brent Donnelly

Gold And The New Technical Triad by Gary S. Wagner

  • Goldman Sachs And Its New 18-Month High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Among financial sector stocks, few are hotter right now than shares of Goldman Sachs, and it appears to be poised for even bigger gains.

  • Goodyear Issues New ParaSar Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad US markets remaining strong, it might be wise to buy only the strongest relative strength stocks, like Goodyear Tire and Rubber.

  • Google's New Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Google have flashed a new buy signal in the wake of October's rapid decline. Will this nascent rally have staying power?

  • Halliburton Breaks To New 52-Week High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After three weeks of range-bound price action, shares of Halliburton have just made a decisively bullish breakout.

  • Halliburton: New System Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Halliburton are surging higher after finding support on a proportional pullback.

  • Hannon Armstrong Profiting From The New Economy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my never-ending search for companies that will prosper in the new renewable energy and technology economy, I came across this momentum stock. And it looks to be breaking out to new all-time highs on above average volume again.

  • High Hopes For New Highs In Healthcare

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hope springs eternal. And spring often brings high hopes for the stocks of health-care providers. How is 2007 shaping up in that regard?

  • How Do The New IRA Rules Affect You?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thinking about taking out money from your IRA? If so, take heart. With the new 2001 required minimum distribution rules, it's easier than it used to be.

  • How to Find New Stock Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Institutional traders have enormous advantages over the individual trader but there is one advantage the retail trader has that trumps all of them.

  • Hudson City Bancorp New Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Hudson City Bancorp are down sharply since the start of the year, but one trading system still thinks it's a good time to initiate a new short position.

  • Huey Needs A New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The index of unhedged gold stocks, $HUI, looks vulnerable to a 1-2-3 trend reversal in the daily charts.

  • IBB: New Multiyear High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Biotech/drug stocks are leading the S&P 100/500 indexes higher, and in a big way.

  • INMD Set To Lead in New Year

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Iran, impeachment, trade wars have started the New Year off to a rocky start but

  • Inco Breaking Out To New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Inco's recent breakout on big volume argues for continued strength over the next few months.

  • Investing In The New Millennium

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investing In The New Millennium

  • Is CAT The New GM Market Proxy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment, where Caterpillar stock goes tells us much about the state of the market. So what is CAT telling us now?

  • Is COCO Seeing A New Uptrend?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Corinthian Colleges charts are showing a bearish reversal candlestick pattern and also illustrates the beginning of a new uptrend in terms of formations and trend indicator.

  • Is Excelon Energy A New Short Op?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Excelon Corp. have been forming a noticeable triangle pattern in the aftermath of January's sharp selloff.

  • Is Gold Ready To Test New Highs?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Gold BUGS Index says it is.

  • Is Overnight Trading A New Way To Daytrade? by Thomas K. Carr, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:7 (22-30): Is Overnight Trading A New Way To Daytrade? by Thomas K. Carr, Ph.D. Is the pattern daytrading regulation an obstacle to your daytrading? There may be a way around it. On September 28, 2001, the Securities and Exch

  • Is The DJIA Starting A New Leg Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DJ 30 appears to have started a new leg up. How much further might be left?

  • JNPR Heading Toward New 2011 Lows?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by more than 17% since early March, shares of Juniper Networks look primed for even more declines as the broad market tanks.

  • July Signals New Money Inflows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...July is the best-performing month of the summer, but wait! That is not a signal by itself to jump in with both feet into equities. If you know a few key factors, you can profit handsomely at this key time of year.

  • Kellogg Co. Hitting New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock of Kellogg Co. looks as healthy as its products.

  • Kohl's Makes A New Six-Month High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Kohl's shares have just made a new six-month high. Can traders and investors move this retailer's common stock even higher?

  • MKSI Entering New Downtrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MKS Instruments looks reluctant in bullish territory.

  • Market Leaders Making New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks like Hansen Natural and Sturm, Ruger & Co. have led the market to the upside and still show strength.

  • McDonald's Prints New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The fast-food chain stock is developing an uptrend in the intermediate time frame. Pushed by earnings news, the stock has printed what could be an exhaustion up gap after an extended move.

  • Microsoft Enters New Downtrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Microsoft, which has been in an upward correction for more than a month, is once again headed lower.

  • More Words Of Advice For New Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's some more advice and tips for those seeking to take their trading to a more profitable level.

  • Mutated Variables Volatility And A New Market Paradigm by Walter T. Downs, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Mutated Variables Volatility And A New Market Paradigm by Walter T. Downs, Ph.D. Markets move through phases during which volatility fluctuates. Here's how to measure the shifts in volatility and then use that data as a filter for a trading system. Ma

  • NKE: New Wave V Buy Setup Playing Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Nike Inc B are moving higher in a wave V rally, with weekly price cycles in full agreement.

  • NYSE Net New Highs Waning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even thought NYSE Composite remains strong, net new highs on the NYSE are waning as fewer stocks participate in the advance.

  • Nasdaq New Highs and Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fifty two week new highs and new lows are a traditional breadth indicator to determine when a market has reached a new bottom or top.

  • Nasdaq New Highs and Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New 52-week highs and lows is a useful indicator to time market entries and exits.

  • Natural Gas Issues New Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can it be true? A tentative bottom in the natural gas market may finally be here, and a convincing long-trade setup is now beckoning.

  • New Bull Market. . . Or?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market, as shown by the S&P 500 index, appears to be entering a new Bull market - or is this a sucker play? You decide. Here are the clues.

  • New Dimensions In Market Charts by Salvatore J. Chiappone, DDS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Like the markets, technical analysis evolves. This article details the construction and use of bar-chart types beginning with a short review of older forms -- bar charts, candlesticks and Equivolume -- and a presentation of two new forms, flagbars and time

  • New Gold Upleg?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The gold price made a sizeable upswing from April to June where it ran from $322 - $375. After a healthy retracement, it may be ready to climb back up.

  • New High Territory For Ultra Petroleum Corp.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the hottest oil stocks around, this one ran from $5 in 2003 to $70 in only three years. Now it's attempting to go higher.

  • New Highs and New Lows by Tim Hayes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INDICATORS New Highs And New Lows The number of new highs and new lows is a classic stock market indicator, and here are ways that this market statistic can be modified to build a number of market indicators. By Tim Hayes, CMT Market breadth and the

  • New Highs and New Lows by Tim Hayes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INDICATORS New Highs And New Lows The number of new highs and new lows is a classic stock market indicator, and here are ways that this market statistic can be modified to build a number of market indicators. By Tim Hayes, CMT Market breadth and the

  • New Insights From Classic Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analysts have developed hundreds of technical indicators over the years. Sometimes new indicators help technical analysts discover success. Other analysts find success by looking at old indicators in new ways. Here, we explore a popular indicator from a

  • New Lows Approaching?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where in support should the Dow Jones 30 break the November 2008 lows?

  • New Market Wizard Robert Krausz by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INTERVIEW Trading with the Conscious and Subconscious Minds: New Market Wizard Robert Krausz by Thom Hartle Robert Krausz, who was featured in Jack Schwager's The New Market Wizards, is many things: He is a trader, a student of the market, and a practi

  • New Oriental Education & Technology Group Looks For The Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...EDU has formed a symmetrical triangle and is trying to break out toward the upside.

  • New Sell Signal For DNR As Broad Market Tumbles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Denbury Resources appear to only have just begun to initiate the second wave of a selloff that got under way in early April 2011.

  • New Support Of XLI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish rally of the Industrial Select Sector has turned down various forms of resistance formed by the previous corrective rally. How far can the index run?

  • New System Concept For DHI?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes, the best trading system is the one you create on your own. Here's a look at a potentially effective blend of ingredients for a good system.

  • New Tricks With Old Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders are always looking for ways to refine their tools. Here, we'll reshape and redesign two familiar, classic indicators. The result is something new that could improve your ability to identify oversold buying opportunities.

  • New Tricks With the Dogs of the Dow by Mark Vakkur, M.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."The Dogs of the Dow," a popular strategy based on purchasing the highest-yielding stocks each year, is reviewed here using a longer lookback period than originally used, as well as detailed analyses of the risks and rewards. On Beating the Dow, Michael

  • New Wave Of Selling On The Way For LLY?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock gaps sharply lower after a substantial gain, the party may be over.

  • New high and new low indicators by Mike Burk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New high and new low indicators by Mike Burk I use new high and new low indicators to help define cycles. My new high and new low indicators, which I developed with a computer and represent graphically, are exponential moving averages of the daily new h

  • New high and new low indicators by Mike Burk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New high and new low indicators by Mike Burk I use new high and new low indicators to help define cycles. My new high and new low indicators, which I developed with a computer and represent graphically, are exponential moving averages of the daily new h

  • New highs/new lows by Arthur A. Merrill, C. M. T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New highs/new lows by Arthur A. Merrill, C. M. T. Each day the number of stocks making new highs and the number making new lows are reported in the financial press. Are these statistics useful? To find out whether they were, I constructed an index of ne

  • Nextel Partners Inc. Just Broke New Two Year High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With price slightly above breakout point, this trade presents an excellent risk/reward ratio.

  • OIH: New Long Trade Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After being in consolidation/pullback mode for the past eight weeks, the stocks in the oils services industry group look ready to stage a long breakout.

  • OVR - a new indicator by Fred Purifoy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...OVR - a new indicator by Fred Purifoy On-balance volume (OBV) has two generally recognized goals: to serve as a filter for trending and non-trending markets, and to anticipate reversals by divergence from the price trend. (OBV, recall, is the cumulative

  • Oneok's New RMO Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Buying a stock after a strong move up might seem illogical, but sometimes it still pays to buy high, sell higher.

  • Opportunities In New Index Additions

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New stocks are deleted and added each week or month to the indexes, and knowing this fact can present a lot of opportunities for reliable trades.

  • PBG Scores New High On Buyout News

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pepsi Bottling Group's shares rocketed to a new six-month high on news that PepsiCo wants to buy the remainder of the shares in the bottler that it does not already own. What are the charts saying about today's price spike?

  • PSA New Fractal 2 Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the more unique MetaStock systems has just gone long on shares of Public Storage.

  • Praxair New RMO Swing Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Praxair fires off a new long trading signal, perhaps alerting traders of some more room to run on the upside.

  • Price path: a new volatility measure by Joanne Hill, Ph.D. and Matthew Celebuski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price path: a new volatility measure by Joanne Hill, Ph.D. and Matthew Celebuski Many trading strategies rely on market levels or changes in those levels for allocation among asset classes. In an option replication program, such as portfolio insurance,

  • Pulte Homes In New Buy Signal Near Major Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Which will win out, a new Rahul Mohindar swing buy signal or a multimonth technical resistance barrier?

  • RMO New Buys And Sells In Currencies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Rahul Mohindar trading system has flashed new swing trade signals -- long for the US Dollar Index and short for the Canadian dollar.

  • ROST Blasting To A New 52-Week High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When stocks blast to a new 52-week high on wide range and heavy volume, there's probably a good reason. Ross Stores is an example.

  • RSI Points Toward New Bull

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Monthly charts are rarely analyzed in today's daytrading environment, but monthly signals are rare and reliable.

  • RTN En Route To A New Multimonth High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Raytheon have rebounded from a recent cycle low. Is this yet another surge en route to a new multimonth high?

  • Red Hat New Highs Keep Coming

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Buy high, sell higher" may not seem to be as appealing as "Buy low, sell high," but it's still a valid concept.

  • Reflex: A New Zero-Lag Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For indicators to be useful, the indications they produce can't arrive too late. Toward that all-important goal, here we introduce a new indicator plus a variation on that indicator that you will want to add to your charts

  • Retail Index In New Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish rally of the S&P Retail Index looks promising, with new support levels likely to boost the rally.

  • Reversed MACD Trading System Issues New Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For those comfortable with trading mechanical systems, the reversed MACD system has just issued four new buy signals.

  • Rice Energy: An Interesting New Energy Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Energy stocks have been on a tear since early February. Here's a new energy play that looks ready to soar.

  • S&P 500 Could Set New Highs By Summer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks climb a wall of worry, and the bears could be providing enough worries to drive stocks to all-time highs.

  • SIDEBAR: Old RVI, new RVI and inertia

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...OLD RVI, NEW RVI AND INERTIA The relative volatility index (RVI) is a modified form of the relative strength index (RSI). The original RSI calculation separates one-day net changes into positive closes and negative closes, then smoothes the data and nor

  • SNAP - Snapback Recovery Or New Market Leader?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SNAP was hit hard in the wake of its celebrated IPO in 2017 but has shown an incredible recovery since then. Is the worst over for this new tech darling or is it simply experiencing a snap-back move?

  • SanDisk: Surging To New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of SanDisk are surging higher again, making a near-term covered call play attractive.

  • Semiconductor Index Retracing To New Support?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the Semiconductor Index likely to test the newly formed support or plunge further? Is this corrective rally suitable to trigger fresh long positions?

  • Setting stops: A new approach by John Ehlers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Setting stops -- a new approach by John Ehlers The cliche in golf is ""drive for show, but putt for dough."" The analogy in technical trading is that the ability to pick entry points is highly focused, but scant attention is paid to how to exit a trade.

  • Something Darvas, Something New by Daryl Guppy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:6 (16-22): Something Darvas, Something New by Daryl Guppy In the May 2005 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, Daryl Guppy discussed classic Darvas-style trading. Here, he modifies the technique to fit modern-day markets, given that markets

  • Spinnaker Exploration Set to Hit New Lows?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spinnaker Exploration has been in a long-term downtrend since May of last year. Elliott Wave theory indicates a potential decline to new lows before this trend reverses.

  • Spinnaker Exploration Still Looks Poised For New Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spinnaker Exploration (SKE) continues to be stuck in a long-term downtrend. Given the recent break of support at the $20.00 level and weakening technicals, the stock is still on course to hit new lows.

  • Sprint Nextel New Short Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are shares of Sprint Nextel on track to make a new all-time low, even below its 2008 post-crash low of $1.35?

  • Sprint: New Technology Not Paying Off So Far

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The communications company plans a huge investment to implement a new technology to access the Internet.

  • Stalking The New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the running negative divergences in the Dow Jones Industrial Average end the current rally — or merely slow it down?

  • Starting A New Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows that a new uptrend has begun.

Steve Nison's Candlesticks Re-Ignited: New Tactics To Boost Confidence And Success

  • TGT New RMO Swing Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shorting the market may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those experienced with that discipline, this short setup in Target shares looks fairly attractive.

  • TIE's New RMO Sell Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock or industry group fails to participate in a market-wide rally, technicians and fundamental analysts want to know why.

  • TWX's New Five-Year High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Time Warner are trading at their highest level since the summer of 2007. Are more gains ahead for this stock?

  • Taming The New Zealand Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New Zealand dollar (NZD) often moves in a predictable manner when in a strong trend, and it brings opportunities when it undergoes short-term corrections. Here's a trading method that allows you to recognize those corrections

  • Technology Select Sector Consolidating At New Levels

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLK is undergoing healthy consolidation at all-time highs, leading to a bullish rally.

  • Tesoro Corp.'s New Buy Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad markets still seem to have some potential to go higher, but drilling down to the better-performing component stocks looks like the way to go.

  • The Case for New Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An alternative Elliott wave count suggests that the summer 2006 correction is a prelude to even higher stock prices.

  • The Future's So Bright: New Opportunities In MSCI Indexes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Never before has the typical futures market participant had so many trading opportunities available -- and all under one roof.

  • The Hot New Mutual Fund Tool

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do exchange traded funds, the newcomer to the investment scene, stack up against index funds? Compare the costs and find out which fund fits your investment strategy.

  • The New Chairman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The new Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, took the reigns of the Federal Reserve with a depleted board and a list of challenges.

  • The New Dow Strategy in 1996-97 by Paul and Carole Huebotter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New Dow Strategy in 1996-97 by Paul and Carole Huebotter The Dow dividend strategy - or, more idiomatically, the ""dogs of the Dow"" - has garnered a lot of attention lately. It, or one of its variations, has been the subject of at least five full-l

  • The New Gann Swing Chartist by Robert Krausz, MH, BCHE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New Gann Swing Chartist by Robert Krausz, MH, BCHE This is more than an article that teaches technical analysis. It's also a story about how one professional trader, a New Market Wizard, came into possession of a rare technical method, and the steps

  • The New Gold Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are gold bugs mis-reading EWT in order to arrive at a bullish outlook for gold?

  • The New Normal & How To Profit From It

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is there such a thing as a "normal" market environment anymore? From the looks of it, probably not, but that may not be a bad thing. There are still opportunities to make a lot of money. We'll explore them he

  • The New Ticker-Tape by CHARLES F. KRINKE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New Ticker-Tape by CHARLES F. KRINKE THERE IS ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE MARKET AND IT IS NOT THE BULL SIDE OR THE BEAR SIDE, BUT THE RIGHT SIDE. --JESSE LIVERMORE These words from one of the world's great traders are even more appropriate today as we ha

  • The New Volatility Futures by Larry McMillan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New Volatility Futures by Larry McMillan They just might be the stock owner's delight. The CBOE has created a new futures exchange (the CBOE Futures Exchange, or CFE) to trade volatility products. Its first and only product at this time is futures

  • The Secret Of (Old and New) Pros

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading secret of the pros: Have a plan before you trade -- Then work it!"It is literally true millions come easier to a trader after he knows how to trade, than hundreds did in the days of his ignorance" - Jesse Livermore, 1923

  • The VIX Triggers A New Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The VIX is known as the fear gauge and is a contrarian indicator. It is a yardstick that measures the markets expectations of near-term volatility. The recent low readings on the VIX suggests that there are too many bulls, which means that the buying pow

  • Three Lessons For Trading In The New Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It has been 14 years since we've had a full-fledged bull market and to maximize your opportunity there are three lessons to keep in mind.

  • Trading the Cusp of a New Year

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking to profit from the new year? Learn what opportunities 2017 offers.

  • Two New Fliers To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In every market, there are almost always new strong stock performers rising through the ranks. Here are two worth watching.

  • V.15:1 (11-19) A Daily A-D New High-New Low Market System by Dennis Meyers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Daily A-D New High-New Low Market System by Dennis Meyers Here's a new system using daily statistics to issue buy and sell signals for the stock market. In the February 1996 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, I presented a stock market timing system called the A

  • WFR New RMO And ParaSar Sell Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When two time-tested trading systems agree on a sell signal, it may be time to pay attention.

  • WYNN Resort Heading Toward New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the bullish breakout of WYNN sustain a new high?

  • Warren Buffett Speaks: New Thoughts On Investing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Berkshire Hathaway annual report brings forth insight from one of the world's richest men, and this year's is no exception.

  • Welcome To The New Year

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What can you expect to happen in the financial markets in 2015?

  • Will The New Bear Market Be Mild Or Wild?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 1100 area did offer intraday support for the .SPX, temporarily allowing for a short-covering rally. When the bear starts the mauling again, however, will the ensuing declines be fast and violent or more drawn out and tortuous?

  • With Family Dollar, The New Highs Keep Arriving

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a tough economy, the dollar stores tend to increase their market share -- and the price of their respective stocks as well.

Working Money: The Case For New Highs by David Penn

  • XL Group New System Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sell signals from proven trading systems that fire amid a backdrop of negative momentum and weak money flow might be just the ticket to profit from further market weakness.

  • XLI In New Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The breakout of XLI is likely to initiate a fresh bullish trend.

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