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  • A Bullish Continuation Pattern For GILD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gilead Sciences is challenging resistance from a bullish continuation pattern, and a breakout would signal a continuation of the prior surge.

  • A Bullish Pattern For ExxonMobil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a stellar run in 2004, ExxonMobil began a long consolidation period that traced out a bullish ascending triangle.

  • A Bullish Pattern For Large-Cap Growth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The July surge in IVW completed the right shoulder of a bullish continuation pattern, and volume patterns are pointing to a breakout.

  • A Double Bottom Pattern For Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a 62% plunge since the May high, the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF appears to have formed a double bottom on its daily chart.

  • A Double Low Chart Pattern On eBay

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After testing support, eBay's stock is now consolidating.

  • A Double Pattern Breakout For Spinnaker Exploration

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A triangle breakout and pitchfork strength both indicate a resumption of November's uptrend.

  • A Look at LOOK's Complex Chart Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...LookSmart (LOOK) is a search engine that is one of the few Internet companies that are showing a profit. Their price has moved up strongly from $0.79 in October to above $3.00 today. Is it worth buying?

  • A Market Bottom Pattern for S&P Futures by Tushar S. Chande

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Market Bottom Pattern for S&P Futures by Tushar S. Chande The S&P futures market is dominated by anti-trend traders. It's a fact: It's a tough market to trade using trend-following approaches. But if you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em? The trading

  • A Master Systems And Pattern Tester by Leslie N. Masonson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Master Systems And Pattern Tester by Leslie N. Masonson Chris Manning has spent thousands of hours poring over published systems, models, and charting patterns. Now he is a widely recognized systems expert who regularly appears on the CNBC and the Blo

  • A Morphing Pattern For Continental Airlines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Continental Airlines broke head & shoulders support in late February, but the decline is morphing into a falling wedge, and a break back above the neckline would be bullish.

  • A Pattern Completion For The Weekly Dow Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the DJIA plunged 2,000 points in four weeks, it fulfilled a topping pattern.

  • A Potential Cup With Handle Pattern For Brigham Exploration?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Brigham Exploration looks to be forming a cup with handle pattern but there are factors to consider when trying to confirm this.

  • A Reverse Head-And-Shoulders Pattern For Brigham Exploration?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Given support at slightly lower levels and a potentially bullish consolidation pattern, investors should continue to hold these shares.

  • A Simple Pattern Forecasts A Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn how a simple, yet effective price pattern can help you forecast likely turning points in the markets you follow.

  • AAPL: Close To Pattern Completion?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Apple, Inc. have been in a major rally since June 2013, but may now be near an important turning point.

  • AAPL: Monthly Five Wave Elliott Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) stunning 12-year old bull run may finally be reaching its exhaustion stage; as this stock is often considered a bellwether for the US economy as a whole, major moves up or down in this mega-cap issue's share price can affec

  • AEM A Saucer Pattern Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold stocks have seen a modest rebound over the past two weeks; which ones are showing the most relative strength?

  • Adam And Eve Pattern For DELL

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...News about Dell's battery recall and the company's second-quarter earnings release have occurred in a technically interesting situation, where the stock has printed a pivot low and developed a short-term reversal formation. However, an ongoing

  • Alltel Forms A Big Bad Bearish Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A negative divergence and a bearish engulfing at resistance spell reversal for Alltel.

  • Amgen and the Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes there's a lot more going into a candlestick pattern than just the formation.

  • An 8-Day Pattern For Short-Term Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a continuation pattern that could help swing traders capture some gains in stocks or ETFs that are trending

  • Another Bullish Holding Pattern For ExxonMobil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, ExxonMobil Corp. has proceeded higher after last December's channel breakout. Oddly enough, the stock has formed another bullish trading range, indicating more upside potential in the near-term.

  • Apache Corp. Offers a Good Example of a Shakeout Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apache Corp. (APA) broke a significant top in the $57.00 to $58.00 range last month. The positive relative strength and shakeout pattern indicated a further move to the upside.

  • Apache's Recent Topping Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apache Corp. (APA) recently topped out around the $69.00 level, as my prior analysis predicted. What's next for this oil and gas company?

  • Apple Building Bullish Chart Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since bottoming around $390 range in mid-2013, Apple Inc. has posted an admirable rally. Look what the stock is doing now.

  • Applying statistical pattern recognition to commodity trading systems by Scott Brill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Applying statistical pattern recognition to commodity trading systems by Scott Brill Statistical pattern recognition (SPR) is a subfield of artificial intelligence concerned with automatic recognition of meaningful regularities in noisy or complex envir

  • Armstrong World Industries: It's The Pattern, Not The Name, That Matters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Different analysts can see different patterns in charts, but all analysts should agree on whether the patterns are bullish or bearish.

  • BNI Traces Out An ABC Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Burlington Northern Santa Fe formed an ABC pattern over the last two months, and a big bearish engulfing pattern signals the end of wave C.

  • Barr Labs Breaks Down From Consolidation Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most stocks or commodities cannot maintain a sharp rise or fall for an extended period of time. Sharp moves in any direction are often followed by a consolidation pattern, with an eventual breakout or breakdown in the same direction. The Barr Labs chart

  • Barrie Hetirachi's Five Point Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Five Point Pattern is part of the Wave59 drawing tools. This drawing tool was developed under the guidance of Barrie Hetirachi, who has 20-some years of experience with the markets.

  • Bearish Pattern Setting Up on Facebook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Less than four months after its IPO, Facebook bottomed at $22.67 before rallying 140% to hit a peak of $54.83 on October 18, 2013. But now the stock looks set to post a pattern that should concern anyone who thinks the stock is a hold.

  • Bearish mMm Pattern Breaks The Greenback/Swissy Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A break below support at the 50-day EMA and a confirming close make for a lower USD/CHF.

  • Bottoming Tailbar As A Classic Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Why the bottoming tailbar is such a powerful reversal signal.

  • Bowl Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bowl pattern is a reversal pattern that frequently occurs in financial markets. It can be a strong predictor of price increase. Also known as a saucer pattern, the bowl can have an opposite called an inverted bowl which can be a strong predictor for pr

  • Bowl Pattern Confirmation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On-balance volume and money flow are two commonly used indicators. Understanding how to use them can provide additional confirmation of a pattern.

  • Bullish Engulfing Pattern: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you see a familiar chart pattern on a price chart, should you automatically do what the pattern suggests, or should you look at it more closely before making the decision? Here are some scenarios that could play out when a bullish engulfing pattern

  • Bullish Engulfing Piercing Pattern Bottom Baby

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With apologies to Tom Wolfe, the late August reversal in the SPDRs provided plenty of clues for those short to become long.

  • Bullish Or Bearish Pattern For The U.S. Dollar Index?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The U.S. Dollar Index has temporarily bottomed out but is the recent action indicative of a move higher?

  • Bullish Shakeout Pattern For Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's recent sell signal could actually be a reason to buy.

  • CLF: Trendline Break And ABCD pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After rising in a bear market rally, shares of Cliffs Resources Inc. have broken a key trendline to the downside.

  • Candlestick Corner - The Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This major reversal pattern is simple to use. You don't even need additional indicators. Find out how.

  • Cascade Bancorp Has A Bullish Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CACB is in an intermediate downtrend. Will a bullish engulfing pattern really offer a reliable buying opportunity?

  • Chart Pattern Failures

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this fable of two double bottoms, the moral is: wait for the breakout.

  • Chart Pattern Surprises by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chart Pattern Surprises by Thomas Bulkowski What chart patterns are really reliable, portending significant moves? This S&C author did some research,and we present the results from his survey of some 15,000 patterns. In exploring and answering question

  • ChevronTexaco's Double Pattern Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ChevronTexaco's diamond breakout and symmetrical triangle breakout both indicate higher prices in the near-term.

  • Cisco Systems Bottoms Out Into A Basing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Leaders of a previous bull market often get slaughtered in the subsequent bear market, and that is exactly what happened to technology stocks and to Cisco Systems.

  • Combining Statistical and Pattern Analysis by Walter T. Downs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Patterns are one of the oldest forms of technical analysis. Yet, because patterns can often be subjective, few of us take the time to combine statistical information with this type of market analysis. Mathematical definition and detailed statistical an

  • Comcast Firms With Bullish Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a normal correction, Comcast shows signs of firming with a bullish reversal pattern taking shape.

  • Commodity-Linked ETFs Nearing Chart Pattern Completion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An equal-weight ETF index composed of agricultural commodities, gold miners, oil/gas producers, and steel makers is very close to a major support test of a large daily based head & shoulders pattern.

  • Continuation Pattern: Symmetrical Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This formation is common when assets consolidate before resuming the original trend.

  • Continuation Pattern: The Flag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a basic chart pattern that provides good insight about consolidation phases within trends.

  • Continuation Pattern: Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wedges are chart patterns that provide reliable indications to traders.

  • Crude Oil's Bullish Consolidation Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil prices have settled into a bullish trading range since early January, indicating the potential for higher prices ahead.

  • DJIA Diffusion Index Completes H&S Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average Diffusion Index signals that the DJIA is ready to turn down.

  • Developing and using pattern recognition by Tom Johnson and Mark Boucher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Developing and using pattern recognition by Tom Johnson and Mark Boucher Do you find yourself getting drawn into the game of predicting market trends? Are you awash with newsletters, TV programs and news stories about ""gurus"" calling the markets? Such

  • Digging Into The Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What do you really know about this classic chart pattern?

  • Digging Into The Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What do you really know about this classic chart pattern?

  • Double Bottom Pattern: Selling Earlier?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you enter a trade based on a chart pattern such as the double bottom, sometimes you may exit too early or sit on it for too long. Here's a look at different exit scenarios using the double bottom pattern

  • Eaton Corp. And The Falling Three Methods Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The formation of a bearish candle pattern in Eaton Corp. suggests that the current short-term downtrend will probably resume its course.

  • European Telecom Giant Shows A Mature Basing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Deutsche Telekom is a huge international player in the wireless market, with international holdings that include T-Mobile in the US.

  • Failure Of A Bottoming Out Pattern In Peoplesoft Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Peoplesoft Inc. was forming a head and shoulders pattern on the weekly chart, indicating a bottom formation. But the pattern seems to be failing as prices refuse to cross the neckline.

  • Following A Reverse Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does a possible reverse head & shoulder pattern tell us what to expect?

  • Form And Pattern As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Form And Pattern As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner Pattern recognition has been the topic of much technical literature. From the Elliott wave theory to Edwards and Magee, traders have been told that some fairly well-defined chart patterns indicate the m

  • GD - Bullish Or Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a brief tutorial on what to be aware of when evaluating a potential channel breakout setup in stocks.

  • Gap Inc. Tracing Out Reversal Head And Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gap Inc. (GPS) was featured on September 25 with a rising flag (magenta trendlines). The stock broke rising flag support to signal a continuation lower, but suddenly found support at 17 and then advanced to around 20. The flag failed to produce the expec

  • Gaps: A Common Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This short-term pattern provides good trading opportunities.

  • Gartley 222 Pattern Taking Shape For Ford

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After staging a powerful rally from its bear market lows, shares of Ford Motor Co. (F) have been correcting on declining volume. A distinctly bullish price pattern is now evident on the chart, one worth a second look.

  • Halliburton's Bullish Consolidation Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Halliburton's potentially bullish trading range could mean much higher prices in the long-term.

  • Harami Candlestick Pattern: Ford

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock prints the pattern with the stochastics oversold

  • Head & Shoulder Pattern Reverses The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head & shoulder pattern has developed and signals a major trend reversal for the S&P 500.

  • Head & Shoulders Pattern Plays Out For 3M

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...3M was featured at the end of April with a potential head-and-shoulders pattern. The stock held neckline support, but another bearish pattern is taking shape.

  • Historical Volatility And Pattern Recognition

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A market tends to move swiftly from periods of price consolidation to new levels. Here's how to recognize the setup before a market moves out of a short-term consolidation, from the authors of Street Smarts: High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies

  • Honeywell's Piercing Pattern Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic "two-stick" candlestick pattern augurs a bounce in Honeywell.

  • How To Spot And Trade A Bullish Triple-Bottom Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Triple-bottom patterns are one of the highest-performing reversal patterns you can trade if you know how.

  • In Baker Hughes, A Triangle Pattern To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a significant triangle pattern approaches completion, breakout traders begin to plan their method of engagement.

  • Infosys Shows Conflicting Head-And-Shoulders Pattern On Daily And Weekly Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Infosys bottomed out on the daily chart, breaking out of a bullish head-and-shoulders pattern. On the weekly chart, it seems to be forming a bearish head and shoulders, unconfirmed as of yet. The weekly chart is defining a $60-80 range for the stock.

  • International Paper's Positive Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stochastic divergence precedes a nondirectional chart pattern, that pattern is not likely to remain nondirectional for long.

  • Island Reversal Pattern For The Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Island reversals are topping formations, rather uncommon they often portend considerable downside action.

  • Janus Breaks Out Of Short-Term Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a good example of an inverse head & shoulders formation on the chart for Janus Capital Group (JNS).

  • Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition is a MetaStock plug-in developed under the guidance of technician Greg Morris. I first encountered Morris's work when I started reading his book Candlestick Charting Explained. It had all the usual images of candlestic

  • KLA Tencor Forms Big Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long consolidation, KLA Tencor formed a big bullish engulfing at support, and follow-through above resistance would confirm this pattern.

  • Kenneth Cole Has Potential Bullish Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Head and shoulders reversal patterns are the Labrador retrievers of chart formations--reliable and popular. Kenneth Cole Productions is setting up for a bottom head and shoulders reversal pattern.

  • Long-Term Volatility Pattern A Concern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Key resistance levels are holding for the volatility index, but the long-term pattern indicates an eventual breakout.

  • MELI Inverse Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Both independent thinking and being able to spot strong chart patterns can help you profit more than following the herd.

  • Micron Technology: Approaching Upside Pattern Targets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Micron Technology shares are up by 330% since October 2012 but may be due for a correction soon.

  • Mini-Dow Intraday Domed Top Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More than a few technicians are in agreement that the mighty Dow may be at or approaching a major trend reversal zone. Is this noticeable intraday domed top pattern one of the first confirmations of a bearish turn?

  • Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Forms Bullish Continuation Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a big run in 2004, Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial consolidated for several months and looks poised to continue higher.

  • MmM Pattern Breakout In December Silver Sends The Precious Metal Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A confirmed close serves as confirmation for a BOSO setup to the upside as well as a similarly bullish setup in the MACD histogram.

  • Modeling with pattern recognition decision rules by Ted C. Earle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Modeling with pattern recognition decision rules by Ted C. Earle Empirical decision rules can help you recognize patterns in price actions. Earle provides detailed buy and sell rules along with examples using data on gold price changes over time. Most

  • NASDAQ's Tricky Pattern Could Go Either Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last autumn, the NASDAQ displayed a bearish pattern, but then the bear went into hibernation. Now that the bear is awake and flexing his muscle, was the pattern right all along?

  • NFLX: Harmonic Pattern Proving Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Harmonic price patterns can be powerful, especially when other key technicals are in agreement.

  • NFLX: Major Weekly Chart Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using weekly charts to locate high probability patterns on the verge of a new swing/trend move can be time well spent.

  • Nasdaq Composite Breaks Down From A Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq composite broke down from a bearish head and shoulders pattern on both the daily and weekly pattern. It has returned from the upper end of its weekly range to continue trading in a consolidation range.

  • Nasdaq Headed For A Pattern Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the party over or is this a normal and healthy correction for the tech index?

  • Natural Gas: Trading The June Top With The 8-wave Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A basic 8-wave pattern, along with the Fibonacci ratios and a few other indicators, can be used to trade a market top. In this example, I will use the NYMEX August 2003 futures contract to show how the June 6 market top could have been traded.

  • Netflix: Hourly Consolidation Pattern Before Breakout?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now in a consolidation pattern after a sharp six week rally, shares of Netflix (NFLX) look to be setting up for a bullish continuation move.

  • Pactiv Corp Has Different Trading Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pactiv Corp. is in a steady uptrend. The breakout pattern of the stock is very different.

  • Pattern Recognition And Candlesticks by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pattern Recognition And Candlesticks by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny Here's a look at the new order of artificial intelligence linked with the old order of candlestick charting By now, who hasn't heard of the Japanese form of charting called c

  • Pattern Recognition In Time Series by Rick Martinelli

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pattern Recognition In Time Series by Rick Martinelli Here's how to use a spreadsheet as a pattern recognition tool. The spreadsheet can be used to identify the cup-and-handle formation on daily closing prices over a given number of days. Pattern reco

  • Pattern Recognition and T-Bond Futures by Scott W. Barrie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V.13:08 (352-358): Pattern Recognition and T-Bond Futures by Scott W. Barrie Pattern recognition is used to standardize and categorize market behavior into quantifiable market movements. After a collection of patterns have been identified, the market mo

  • Pattern Recognition, Price And The RSI by John Knaggs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pattern Recognition, Price And The RSI by John Knaggs Here's how to combine price and relative strength index patterns for trading signals. Patterns can be found between price formations and such mathematical trading tools as the relative strength ind

  • Pattern Success or Failure - Follow the "Elephant Tracks"

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...PeopleSoft Inc. illustrates a good example of bullish pattern failure. To the alert and flexible trader, it didn't matter which way it went. The move was tradable.

  • Petrifying Pattern In Gold & Silver Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold and Silver Index has produced a stealth-like rally from early May this year; is its luster fading?

  • Precision Drilling's Double Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian oil field services company has had a small head and shoulders pattern fuflilled and now may test a much bigger pattern.

  • Price Pattern Signals For Pullback Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading pullbacks lets you get better entries than momentum trading alone, but you need to know what patterns to look for.

  • Price pattern studies Part 1 by Toby Crabel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price pattern studies Part 1 by Toby Crabel Do prices tend to move consistently in one direction from open to close, given the previous day's price pattern, and do these patterns of intraday bias lend themselves to profitable trading systems? To answer

  • Corrective Wave Pattern After Massive Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After rising by more than 7,000% in eight years, shares of are now firmly in corrective wave mode.

  • Five-Wave Pattern Near Completion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of may be close to reaching their ultimate high of a well-defined Elliott Wave pattern.

Product Review: Chart Pattern Recognition by Dennis D. Peterson

  • Product Review: Pristine Pattern Method Scan by Dennis D. Peterson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Pristine Pattern Method Scan plugin comes with screening filters, expert commentary, chart annotation, and templates to help find patterns that fit with the Pristine approach. The Pristine Method was covered in two earlier reviews in the Fe

Product Review: Red Rock Pattern Strategy by Dennis D. Peterson

Product Reviews: Pattern Recognition Workbench, version 2.1

  • Product review: Harmonic Pattern Collection

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Want to trade using harmonic patterns such as Gartley, butterfly, or crab? The biggest problem is just finding them. Divergence Software, a third-party eSignal developer, has the answer. Harmonic Pattern Collection is an eSignal add-on that comes with ni

  • Pulte Home Firms With Piercing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pulte Home managed to firm over the last few months, but bulls have yet to prove their mettle. Here's what to watch for.

  • QQQ: Hidden Divergence And Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent bounce in the Nasdaq 100 index may be in termination mode now, with a fresh bearish reversal soon to appear.

  • QQQQ Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Along with all the major US market averages, the NASDAQ tracking stock QQQQ has formed a bullish engulfing candlestick pattern.

  • QQQQ's Falling Three Methods Candle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bulls recently got a rude awakening as the bears revolted, sending QQQQ into a tailspin. But a bearish falling three methods candle pattern suggests that the selling may not quite be over yet.

  • Recognizing The Double Top Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do you tell the difference between a correction and a reversal at the top before it's too late? Being able to recognize the double top pattern could be to your advantage.

  • Reversal Pattern: A Candlestick Bullish Engulfing On Dupont

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pattern started a reversal to the upside in the short term.

  • Reversal Pattern: A Candlestick Hammer On Emini S&P

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pattern failed, squeezing the last bulls before the market reversed to the upside to find a balance at higher levels.

  • Russell 2000 Bullish Gartley Pattern Forming

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A unique chart pattern is in the works on the Russell 2000 index's daily chart, a pattern that has a good track record at forecasting bullish reversals.

  • Russell 2000 iShares Val Index: Bearish Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This pattern indicates weakness in the short term.

  • S&P 500 In A Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the daily chart shows a downleg, it's prudent to consult a longer-term chart (say a weekly one) for further insight.

  • SBC Communications Is Making A Bullish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A large ascending triangle on the chart of SBC Communications could offer profitable trading opportunities.

  • SIDEBAR: PATTERN EXPLICATIONS by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...PATTERN EXPLICATIONS by Technical Analysis, Inc. In Figure 1, the first pattern shown (A), called ""meeting lines,"" is a gap opening and an unchanged close. This pattern indicates that the market direction is unclear or it is the conclusion of a trend.

  • SINA: Bullish Monthly Harmonic Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sina Corp. shares have begun the early stages of a rally and may eventually prove to be a major multiyear bullish trend reversal.

  • STT: Bearish Continuation Pattern Forming?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of State Street Corporation are off to a rough start in 2014, but even larger declines may be just around the corner.

  • Short-Term Pattern: 3L-R

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Michael Harris' price pattern is useful to profit from short-term reversals.

  • Short-Term Pattern: ADX Gapper

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This reliable retracement pattern profits from fading the gap in a strongly trending market.

  • Short-Term Pattern: Adam And Eve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This pattern provides big profit opportunities when the reversal occurs at the end of parabolic rallies.

  • Short-Term Pattern: GAP2H

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Strategies based on price patterns are an alternative to complex formulas.

  • Short-Term Pattern: ID/NR4

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Range contractions often anticipate high-volatility movements.

  • Short-Term Pattern: Jack In The Box

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jeff Cooper's Hit and Run methodology profits from a pause after an expansion breakout bar.

  • Short-Term Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A pattern based on the market facilitation index can help traders identify reversals.

  • Silver Breaks Triangle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is silver invalidating the perfect triangle? It appears so.

  • Silver's King-Sized Cup With Handle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A note on silver's rally above $12 and how it got there.

  • Strength Of Reversal Candlestick Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although certain candlestick formations are commonly found on technical charts, they do affect the price rally.

  • Suntrust Banks Caught In A Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Atlanta-based Suntrust Banks (with assets of $180 billion), one of the nation's largest and strongest financial holding companies, is testing support.

  • TBO Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Discretionary trading is still the preferred manner of attempting to extract profits from the financial markets for many traders, despite the ever-growing popularity of systems, high-frequency, and algorithmic trading methods. One of the most useful skil

  • Targeting Your Pattern by Massimiliano Scorpio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:7 (58-63): Targeting Your Pattern by Massimiliano Scorpio Two-bar patterns: How to select, reorganize, and trade them. Previously, my articles were focused on finding your favorite configurations using EasyLanguage (EL). I st

  • Telus Corp. May Be Building Another Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is too early to call a head and shoulders top, but the placement of the usually relevant 200-period EMA (exponential moving average) makes this a distinct possibility going forward. In the meantime, traders may be able to position themselves for a pos

  • Teradata's Bullish Flag Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Teradata shares have had a nice six-week run, and its nearly perfect bullish flag pattern may be signaling even higher prices to come.

  • Testing The Engulfing Bullish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Identifying chart patterns is often subjective. Is there a way to objectively backtest chart patterns? It can be a challenge but here's one way to do it

  • The Best Chart Pattern Entry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can traders better time the entry?

  • The Bowl Pattern Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The winner for 2005!

  • The Cat's Ears Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a rare but reliable bearish formation: the cat's ears. A visual hybrid of double-top and failed-cup formations, the cat's ears formation occurs during downtrends, predicting further price decline with a price target.

  • The Cup-with-Handle Pattern by Gregory Kuhn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Cup-with-Handle Pattern by Gregory Kuhn Most technically based traders become familiar with the classic chart patterns because those patterns give the trader visual evidence of the demand/supply balance of a stock. Interpreting the chart accurately

  • The Eight-Year Presidential Election Pattern by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Eight-Year Presidential Election Pattern by Adam White That seasonal patterns exist cannot be denied. But there may be patterns within those patterns, depending on how you look at them. The four-year Presidential cycle is a prime example or are we o

  • The Engulfing Pattern For Swing Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This swing trading strategy can be applied to currency markets, common stocks, and exchange traded funds that track commodities and track indexes.

  • The Island Reversal Pattern: Research In Motion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This chart pattern provides reliable indications of a trend reversal. Here's an example.

  • The Morning Star Candlestick Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Candlestick charts can help traders filter out the noise. This pattern provides useful indications to anticipate market bottoms.

  • The Step Candle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this third part of a seven-part series on indicator rules for a swing trading strategy (IRSTS), we look at how to identify a candlestick pattern that appears at turning points.

  • The US Dollar Index's Bullish Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index completed a bullish engulfing pattern that may stall the decline in the near term.

  • Three-Bar Inside Bar Pattern by Johnan Prathap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This trading strategy uses an inside bar as a three-bar pattern for long and short positions. Find out how it performed on gold, silver, and crude oil contracts. Whether you look at an intraday, daily, weekly, or monthly chart you will, without

  • Time, price and pattern by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time, price and pattern by Robert Miner This article is taken from the notes of my trading log for a closed and open trade in the platinum market. My trading plan is three-dimensional. I look for coincidences of time, price and pattern in market activit

  • Topping Pattern For Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock has made a strong move up since breaking past the $20 level, but now it's looking toppy.

  • Traders' Tips The Step Candle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For this month's Traders' Tips, the focus is Sylvain Vervoort's article in this issue, "The Step Candle Pattern." Here we present the July 2013 Traders' Tips code with possible implementations in various software

  • Trading a Reversal Pattern Using Technical Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading sudden reversal patterns can be high risk/reward. Biomira, a Canadian biotech junior company provides a positive example of how to use several classic technical indicators to capture a lucrative short-term move.

  • Transportation Index Surges From Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bearish flag & pennant pattern saw upside breakout, and the technicals suggest consolidation following.

  • Two Pattern Tests For The S&P 500 Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This broad index is testing two patterns at the same time. Success or failure here could result in a bold move up or down. Which will it be?

  • US Dollar Index and Euro Index Show Rare Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The battle between these currencies is obvious via the mirror image-like moves. They both showed a strong reversal pattern.

  • Using Pattern Failures To Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chart patterns aren't infallible. But when they do fail, what should you do?

  • Vasogen Inc. Nears Pattern Completion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This pharmaceutical stock trades in both side of the border and is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of immune modulation therapy for the treatment of cardiovascular and other inflammatory diseases.

  • Verisign Nears A Pattern Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting a two-year high in the mid-$30 range and a low of $16, where is this stock headed?

  • Wal-Mart: A Bullish Reversal Island Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pattern was completed last Thursday on news of higher September sales.

  • With IWM, A Big Head And Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's a bit sloppy and definitely not a textbook-quality example, but a bearish head & shoulders pattern has been slowly grinding toward completion on IWM's daily chart.

Working Money: The Bowl Pattern Breakout by Sharon Yamanaka

  • Working Money: The Engulfing Pattern by Sharon Yamanaka

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Engulfing Pattern by Sharon Yamanaka This major reversal pattern is simple to use. You don't even need additional indicators. Find out how. Candlestick formations originated in 18th-century Japan, where the market action was explained in much the s

  • iShares Gold Trust: Triple Bottom Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by about 25% since October 2012, the iShares Gold Trust ETF is now close to a major support zone.

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