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  • A Bear Trap For The Russell 2000

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 broke support on Monday but quickly sprang back to lay the foundations of a bear trap.

  • A Bear Trap For The Swiss Franc

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Swiss franc appeared to break support in November, but a robust recovery and a gap puts the ball back in the bullish court.

  • A Bearish Trading Range For The Nasdaq 100?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq 100 shares have bounced off the $34.00 level several times the past year but the current consolidation pattern may point to a break of support here.

  • A Big Test Looms For The Naz

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ came crashing down on Tuesday, February 27, but support is at hand and the November–December 2006 lows hold the key to a medium-term reversal.

  • A Breakdown For The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After failing at a key resistance point, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a key support level to reverse an uptrend that started in mid-March.

  • A Breakout Attempt For The CRB

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The CRB Index broke daily chart resistance but failed at weekly resistance, and the large trading range remains.

  • A Breakout For The Dow Diamonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a consolidation above broken resistance, the Dow diamonds broke out on good volume and appear to be headed higher.

  • A Breakout, And Now A Test For The Dow Diamonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The flag breakout for the Dow diamonds remains the dominant signal, and the current pullback has reached its make-or-break point.

  • A Bullish Flag For The US Dollar Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index has declined the last few weeks, but the pattern looks similar to that seen in July-August 2005, and support is at hand.

  • A Different But Feasible Elliott Count for the Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As I have written before, Elliott wave analysis is far more obvious after an event than before an event. Forecasts using wave analysis to predict future movement in the market are always interspersed with the words "if this happens," then &quot

  • A Double Top For The Dow Transports

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow transports met resistance around 5000 twice in the last three months, and a rather large double top is brewing.

  • A Feasible Wave Count For The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I have always believed that the Dow is tracing a B-wave upwards simply because of the time scale, where the trend from January 2000 downtrend ending in October 2002 was wave A of an ABC downtrend with the high in January 2000 being a fifth wave top.

  • A Fundamental Lesson For The Technically Minded

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For decades, there have been two major schools of thought when it comes to stocks. First came the fundamental analysts, who believe that stock prices are a product of revenues and earnings. Then came the technicians, who believe that all they need to kno

  • A Fundamental Lesson For The Technically Minded

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For decades, there have been two major schools of thought when it comes to stocks. First came the fundamentalists who believe that stock prices are a product of revenues and earnings. Then came the technicians who believe that all they need to know is co

  • A Gamble For The Future

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of the cheapest 3D printer dropped from $18,000 to $400 within 10 years.

  • A Head & Shoulders Negative For The DJIA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pattern is there, a very obvious head & shoulder pattern.

  • A Major Breakdown For The DAX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The German DAX Index held out longer than most, but finally succumbed to the bear with a breakdown and major trend reversal.

  • A Major Support Test For The Nikkei

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei is trying to firm near its March lows, but momentum has yet to turn up and traders should watch for a signal line crossover in the MACD.

  • A Method Of Statistical Analysis For The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows the downward trend of the dollar weakening but may continue to move lower at a slower rate.

  • A Mini Diamond For The DIA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After leading the market higher, the Dow Diamonds formed a mini-diamond consolidation, and the subsequent break will provide the next signal.

  • A Pattern Completion For The Weekly Dow Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the DJIA plunged 2,000 points in four weeks, it fulfilled a topping pattern.

  • A Possible Bull Count For The Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On June 7, in the article "A Demise In The Dow," I offered an Elliott wave count showing how the Dow could fall in a bear market. After hearing Alan Greenspan's recent remarks, I present to you a count for a bull market.

  • A Potential Downside Target For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 Index looks to be headed lower in the near-term but when will the bleeding stop?

  • A Reverse Head And Shoulders Formation For The Oil Services Index?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another potentially bullish pattern for the Oil Services Index could lead to a resumption of the long-term uptrend.

  • A Rising Wedge For The SOX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Semiconductor Index bounced with the rest of the market over the past few weeks, but the move looks like a bearish wedge.

  • A Seismic Spike For The VIX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market has had a sinister selloff as investors have become dispirited and depressed. Each time a rally occurs, their hopes of a recovery are quickly dashed as more panicked investors sell into the rally. But the volatility index could be sending us a

  • A Shake Or Break For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A fracture of the lower channel line on the daily S&P 500 may be nothing more than an attempt to shake out weak longs -- or does this trend break signal more downside to come?

  • A Share For The Watch List

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the present uncertainty in the stock market, looking for a stock to invest in for the long term is a must.

  • A Short-Term Buy Signal For The DJIA by John Toombs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Short-Term Buy Signal For The DJIA by John Toombs Buying the first retreat in prices following a strong move up in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is often profitable. Three questions are involved in doing so, however. What constitutes a ""str

  • A Trading Method For The Long Haul

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can apply this model to any time frame on any equity. The best part is that it's so simple that anyone can implement it.

  • A Trading Method For The Long Haul

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of UGI Corp. appear to be on track to making a major multicycle low in the near future.

  • A Triple Top For The Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow appears to have made a triple top. Does this lead to a collapse, or....?

  • A Working Wave Count For The Greenback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The correction in the US dollar since November 2005 looks to be more than halfway completed.

  • A Working Wave Count For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A late June bottom sets the stage for the last move higher in the bull market that began in March.

  • A new indicator for the S&P stock index futures by Daniel E. Downing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A new indicator for the S&P stock index futures by Daniel E. Downing Little is new in the field of technical analysis. Even with a staff of seven analysts, my firm can take credit for developing only three entirely new technical tools for the markets. W

  • A"map" for the trading jungle by Grant D. Noble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A""map"" for the trading jungle by Grant D. Noble Most of the common methods used by traders can be classified under three main theories. Noble outlines these trading methods, then recommends a strategy for choosing those that best fit your trading styl

  • Aeropostale, A Shop For The Teens

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DJIA is officially in a recession but the S&P/TSX Composite index of Canada is not, mainly due to the price of oil and gold. Today's teenagers have yet to find this out. Aeropostale is an example.

  • An Advance Block For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Standard & Poor's 500 is forming a head & shoulders top near the 200-day simple moving average. An advance block pattern is helping to complete the right shoulder.

  • An Ascending Triangle For The Aussie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a big surge over the last two weeks, the Australian Dollar Index broke resistance levels in two time frames and looks as though it will be heading higher.

  • An Oversold Bounce For The Greenback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index shows signs of firming and looks ripe for an oversold bounce. However, the bigger trend is down--will resistance be around?

An ultimate oscillator program for the HP-41C(V) by Charles F. Johnson

  • Another Breakout For The Hang Seng

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Hang Seng Index has been moving higher for five years, and this trend looks set to continue after another resistance breakout.

  • Another Chance for the S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A major bearish head & shoulders top pattern that began forming in 1998 is still alive and well, but a smaller version of its bullish twin is taking shape. Could it be sign that this bear market is about to turn or just another false alarm?

  • Another Negative For The US Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On February 15, I argued that the US dollar has further to fall. Here is another chart and another argument that suggests just how low.

  • April: A Month Of Renewal For the SPX?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistically, April is one of the best-performing months for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). It could serve as a springboard for the market to break higher, and it could also take one stock, Carriage Services, even higher than the 75% return it

  • Be Ready For The End Of The Recession

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With economists now predicting that the recession should be brief and shallow, traders may want to consider relative strength strategies to be ready to profit from the recovery.

  • Bearish Failure Swing For The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow suffered its largest two-day decline since 26-Sept and a key momentum oscillator flashed a sell signal. Even though the near-term outlook is cloudy, any decline from current levels would still be deemed a correction within a larger uptrend.

  • Bearish Months For The Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Could September and October 2019 be down months for US stocks?

  • Breakout Under Threat For The S&P MidCap Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P MidCap Index broke flag resistance a week ago but quickly met resistance. This breakout is up for a big test. Will it hold?

  • Bullish Breakout For The Triple Q's

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq 100 Shares recently broke out of a bullish trading range, indicating the likelihood for further price appreciation in the near-term.

  • Bullish Or Bearish Pattern For The U.S. Dollar Index?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The U.S. Dollar Index has temporarily bottomed out but is the recent action indicative of a move higher?

  • Bullish Signs Abound For The Oil Services Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lackluster performance by oil service stocks the past year has done little to attract investors but looking at the bigger picture, this is one place you will want to be when all is said and done.

  • Callaway Golf Hits For The Green

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We all know that Callaway Golf Co. makes golf clubs, competing with Taylor Made, which is probably the most popular.

  • Candlestick Warning For The NASDAQ Composite

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The high-tech index looks vulnerable here. A downturn would not be a surprise, but what are the targets?

  • Candlesticks For The Wise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The engulfing formation, three black crows, and three white advancing soldiers, along with few more candlestick patterns can make trading more interesting and more profitable.

  • Classic Technical Analysis For The NASDAQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two classic patterns in technical analysis was at work in the NASDAQ, pointing to a continuation of the May decline.

  • Climbing Mount 10,000 For The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can the Dow Jones Industrial Average sustain a rally past the 10,000 level?

  • Correction Targets For The DJIA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up substantially over the last few months, and a correction back toward its resistance breakout is a plausible scenario.

  • Correction Time For The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences signal a slowdown in the greenback's six-week ascent.

  • Crossroads For The Qs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes in our analysis of the stock market, or an individual stock, we come to a crossroads, a split in the direction of the trend where it is possible for price to take one of two differing paths. The QQQQs are at such a crossroad. It is possible th

  • Dancin' Days For The Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bouncing off the lows as gold suffers through a major correction, how much upside does the greenback have left?

  • Deja Vu For The All Ords

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The current setup in the All Ords looks similar to the June-July flag and breakout that preceded an 8% surge.

  • Designing Trading Systems For The Stock Market by Roger Altman, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Designing Trading Systems For The Stock Market by Roger Altman, Ph.D. System designers are aware that the traditional methods used to select parameter values are prone to overfitting. What, then, can be done about it? Stocks & Commodities Roger Altman p

  • Diamonds in the Rough for the Drug Sector

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The diamond at the bottom of the decline in the S&P Pharmaceuticals Index could mean reversal. But further declines are more likely.

  • Does The Cycle High Approach For the Russell 2000?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 stock index is up by more than 110% since March 2009. Is this jig up?

  • Dow Jones Utility Average Waits For The Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Utility Average has narrowed its move with a smaller range and increasing uncertainty in market. The positive divergence provides an optimistic view.

  • Down For The S&P 500's Upstroke

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Present weakness in the market most likely presages future strength.

  • End Game for the Stock Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time cycles and momentum hint the bull market could be nearing an end.

  • Falling Wedge Formation for the AMEX Oil Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Oil Index looks to be completing a falling wedge formation, which would indicate a potential upside breakout in the near-term.

  • Final Countdown for the Stock Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why the bottom made on September 14, 2016 could signal the end of the bull market.

  • For The 30-Year T-Bond Contract, The Correction Might Be Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bonds hit a double low and presented divergences in the short and intermediate term.

For The US Dollar, New Climate, Same Weakness by Darrell Jobman

  • For the US Dollar, New Climate, Same Weakness

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some things never change. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes that's not.

  • Forex EUR/USD: What's Next For The Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Katrina's potential impact on the economy could affect investors' attitude.

Forex Focus: New President, New Trend For The Dollar? by Brent Donnelly

  • Half A Dollar For The DX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's the midterm outlook for the US Dollar Index.

  • Hammer Time For The Hourly S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hammer candlesticks help traders trade trend reversals and corrections alike.

  • Is A Breakout For The US Dollar Index In The Cards?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index is consolidating after an extensive advance rally.

  • Is Glaxo Smith/Kline Medicine For The Bull?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Glaxo Smith/Kline is a research-based pharmaceutical company that may be worth watching.

  • Is Oil Headed For The Dumps?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recently oil has shown signs of a top. But perhaps the larger question traders should be asking is what do falling oil prices mean for stocks?

  • Is Recovery in Sight for the Euro?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Finally the faltering Euro saw an explosive upside move triggered mainly by the US joining forces with Japan and Europe to intervene into the currency markets to help boost the Euro.

  • Is This The Bottom For The NYSE Composite?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making a new low today, the NYSE Composite index staged a major turnaround. But is this truly the end of the major downtrend that began a year ago?

  • Is Two Harbors Investment Corp Headed For The Rocks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been rough seas from some residential REITs and Two Harbors is no exception. And although the stock price has been rising since early October 2014, a chart pattern that has been building indicates possible trouble ahead.

  • Is there a next support level for the Nasdaq?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Well, it looks like the Nasdaq has taken a rough beating, rougher than what was imaginable.

  • Island Reversal Pattern For The Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Island reversals are topping formations, rather uncommon they often portend considerable downside action.

  • Key Support For The AMEX Oil Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Limited downside potential offers a good buying opportunity in integrated oil companies.

  • Lilly Winds Up For The Pitch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Eli Lilly has been consolidating since early June and the coil is winding ever tighter ahead of an impending breakout.

  • Long-Term Uptrend Remains Intact For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the recent pullback in the S&P 500, the index's long-term uptrend remains intact, meaning that investors should continue to hold.

  • Looking At Oil For The Long Run

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Monthly charts can offer traders a different perspective.

  • Looking For The Best

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the American political agenda creating so much uncertainty in the stock market, what is the best indicator to watch?

  • Looking For The NASDAQ Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the NASDAQ now in a bear market trend, it is possible to use Elliott wave theory to forecast when the downward trend will come to an end.

  • Looking For The Stock To Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's uncertain market, investors look for stocks offering solid dividends to buy and hold. Traders, on the other hand, look for stocks to buy and sell for a profit.

  • Macdonald Dettwiler A Hold For The Long Term?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market is falling and the bears are running rampant, so it is time to look for stocks you would like to own and hold for the long term.

  • Minor Rally Or Significant Fall For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The major market indexes are nearing a critical juncture that will lead to either a minor rally or a significant fall. But which one?

  • Mission 1100 For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Near-term market outlook for S&P 500.

  • Mixed Signals For The Canadian And U.S. Dollar Indexes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Canadian and U.S. Dollar Indexes have been moving in opposite directions for three years now and while this trend may continue in the near-term, there are signs of long-term trend reversals further down the road.

  • Mutual Funds For The Not So Dumb - Eric Tyson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At first glance, Eric Tyson appears to know as much about finance as he does about, well, dummies. After all, in addition to being an award-winning personal finance journalist and guest on programs such as PBS's Night Business Report, CNBC, and NBC&

  • New Oriental Education & Technology Group Looks For The Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...EDU has formed a symmetrical triangle and is trying to break out toward the upside.

  • Next Resistance For The NASDAQ 100 Shares

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ 100 shares have overcome several short-term obstacles.

  • Next Support for the Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Given the current weakness of the technology sector and the typical October activity, many may be thinking that you can't go wrong buying at these prices.

  • October Bottom For The Stock Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's an abundant amount of evidence gathering that indicates October 2015 could have a significant bottom, let's take a look at what's developing.

  • Point & Figure For The Computerized Trader

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Point & figure charting evolved as a way to quickly chart stocks, bonds, and commodities by hand long before the day of the computer. But does this technique offer value to the computerized trader today?

  • Product Review Bloomberg For The iPad by Wallace Wang

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most traders spend their time in front of a desktop computer with a high-speed Internet connection. But when you're traveling or just stepping away for lunch, you may not want to cut yourself off from the latest market news. Fortunately, with

Product Review: FastTrack For The Web by David Penn

  • Product Review: NASDAQ OMX Portfolio Manager for the iPad by Wallace Wang

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Real-time data is crucial for accurate and timely trading, but in the past, to get real-time data you had to pay a monthly fee. Now, however, if you have either a wi-fi or 3G Internet connection and an iPad, you can retrieve real-time data us

Quick-Scan: Options for the Stock Investor

  • Reg FD is Bad for the Market and for Technical Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), has leveled the information playing field, but costs are potentially devastating to both large and small traders.

  • Rest Time Again For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every rally has its cycles. In a bull, prices move up for a period, take a rest and then continue to move higher. Its rest time again for the S&P 500 and traders are watching to see if it will be a brief catnap or deep slumber.

  • Robots For The Military

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The war against terrorism in the world is causing the US Army to use robots more and more.

  • Search For The 10-Bagger Fundamentals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though they may not be particularly rare, these elusive stocks hold promise nonetheless.

  • Setting Up an Excel Spreadsheet for the Forecast Oscillator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This article is reprinted from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Volume 10, Issue 5 to supplement my recent article "Forecast Oscillator".

  • Short Setups For The S&P 500's Head & Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The classic head & shoulders pattern has a very high success rate, triggering the expected result 74% of the time. What's it say about the market ahead?

  • Short-Term Moment Of Truth For The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average has corrected over the last three days, and this correction is nearing its make-or-break point.

  • Silver: Up For The Downstroke?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a completed breakdown from a rising wedge, silver has moved to multimonth highs. Does that make it time to turn bullish?

  • Smart Trader's Guide For The Next Nasdaq/DOW Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The main indices are coming due for a rally. Here is a prudent strategy for traders taking their cue via technical analysis.

  • Smith International Waiting For The Breakdown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you trade a trend-following system, it's usually best to wait for follow-through before initiating your position.

  • Stock Analysis And Investing For The Small Investor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's some advice and wisdom for small investors seeking to invest in the stock market for the first time.

  • Stocks For The Long Term? Looking At Value Line

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Value Line Index shows that stocks have gone nowhere for 16 years, but traders have enjoyed sizable moves in both directions.

  • Support For The Yen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the yen really turning around?

  • Support Is Close At Hand For The FTSE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some indicators suggest that support is close at hand for the FTSE and that traders should prepare for a bounce.

  • Synaptics Consolidates For The Next Upmove

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks moving in strong uptrends correct sideways when the overall market corrects, and they continue their uptrends once the markets start rallying again. Synaptics (SYNA) has consolidated while the markets corrected and now may be ready to move up.

  • TA For The Longer Term With Boon Chin Low

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...BC Low has been a teacher and practitioner of technical analysis since the 1980s. He is one of Singapore's earliest practitioners to attain the Chartered Market Technician credential. At Singapore Polytechnic, he created and taught two modules of "Techni

  • Technical Analysis For The Masses

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From charts and breakouts to trends and moving averages, technical analysis offers average investors a window looking onto Wall Street.

  • TerraForm Power - A Short-Term Trade Or One For The Long Haul?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This new economy stock is rallying. But can it keep up this performance?

  • The Aroon : A Case For The Bears

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Aroon recently flashed a bearish signal. Could we be headed for a bear market?

  • The Big Picture For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How will the head & shoulders pattern play out in the days ahead for the S&P 500?

  • The Challenge Ahead For The US Dollar Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index has fallen substantially in the past two years. Now it faces some challenges if it hopes to turn around.

  • The Financial Volume Index Expanded For The l990s by Patrick Cifaldi, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Financial Volume Index Expanded For The l990s by Patrick Cifaldi, C.M.T. The financial volume index, which was first introduced by Patrick Cifaldi in the pages of STOCKS & COMMODITIES in 1989, takes on and uses the study of volume, surprisingly unde

  • The Importance Of Pitchfork Analysis For The Oil Services Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pitchfork analysis has been accurate in determining support and resistance levels for the index. Where could prices be headed next?

  • The Moment Of Truth Looms For The FTSE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The FTSE is holding its uptrend, but the August pullback carried it back to key support, and a big test looms.

  • The NASDAQ 100 Winds Up For The Pitch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A narrowing consolidation can't last forever, and the NASDAQ 100 looks poised to break the recent trading range. Here's what to look for.

  • The Next Leg Up For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish consolidation pattern and a recent break in resistance could lead to higher prices for the index.

  • The Next Step For The QQQs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On July 18, I wrote an article about the QQQs and suggested that we should start accumulating them.

  • The Search For The 10-Bagger Begins

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...These promising stocks are elusive but not particularly rare.

  • The Short- And Long-Term Trading Itinerary For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 looks poised to rally for the short term, but such a rally may prove to be its demise over the long term, should a large head & shoulders pattern form on the daily chart.

  • Three Alternative Elliott Wave Counts For The S&P 500 Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyzing a chart using Elliott waves is not always easy.

  • Three Red Flags For The Nasdaq Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three strikes and you're out. Could this be the fate for the Nasdaq?

  • Three Strikes For The NASDAQ?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock or index is overextended, it can suddenly correct at the first candlestick warning or defy gravity a while longer.

  • Time For The Bear Market To Resume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ as well as the overall stock market has been in a secular bear Market since 2000. However, from early 2009 to the present the NASDAQ has been moving upward in a bear market correction. It is now time for this correction to end and the bear m

  • Tough Days Ahead For The NASDAQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stiff overhead resistance for the high-tech composite index looks likely.

  • Tough Times Ahead For The Dow 30?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Was last week the start of the meltdown?

  • Tough Times Ahead For The Dow, Updated

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...My question for November 11, 2007: "Was last week the start of the meltdown?" Looks like it was.

  • Trend Ending For The Dow Jones Industrials?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average is nearing the end of its long-term upward trend.

  • Trend Reversal for the Nasdaq?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does the action in the Nasdaq Composite during the last few days indicate a trend reversal?

  • Trendline Test For The Dow Jones Industrial Average

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So far in 2006, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has swung up 1,000 points, only to lose it all again. Where is it going now?

  • Two Bullish Breaks For The NASDAQ 100

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakouts above a three-month downtrend line and a one-month uptrend line are positives.

  • Two Counts For The S&P 100

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Elliott waves are only a signpost in the wilderness and can change at the next sign.

  • Two For The Price Of One

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's how you can enhance a momentum indicator to show momentum and congestion

  • Two Pattern Tests For The S&P 500 Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This broad index is testing two patterns at the same time. Success or failure here could result in a bold move up or down. Which will it be?

  • Two Reversal Candlestick Patterns For The US Paper Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...$DJUSPP reflects the effect of two reversal candlestick formations.

  • Two Wave Counts For The Canadian TSX Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at long-term charts of the DJIA and S&P 500 shows a recovery after the recent correction lasting into 2007 before a strong autumn. Two possible counts for the index are both suggesting strength AFTER a spring general election in Canada. Who wi

  • Using Scaling Laws For The Development Of FX Trading Models

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can the fractal properties of financial time data be used to develop effective trading models? Here's a look at using scaling laws, which describe fractal behavior, for the development of trading models for forex

  • Value At Risk For The Small Investor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Protecting your capital and limiting losses is fundamental to trading. But how can you estimate your possible losses for better risk management? Here's a method you can use

WM: Search For The 10 Bagger Fundamentals

  • Waiting For The Fed

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How are monetary-based stock market timing models holding up in the Age of the Bear Market?

  • Waiting For The Fed by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Waiting For The Fed by David Penn How are monetary-based stock market timing models holding up in the Age of the Bear Market? One of the most powerful tools for analyzing the financial markets is an understanding of the Austrian School of economics. W

  • Waiting For The Harvest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When selecting a trading system or method, be sure you can actually learn to live with its advantages and disadvantages.

  • What Next for The Juggernaut That is Amazon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Amazon's (AMZN) recent purchase of Wholefoods Market, it looks like there is no stopping this juggernaut of a stock. But what does a study of the price chart reveal about the performance of this stock?

  • What Now For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is now no doubt that the S&P 500 is in a new bull market, but ...

  • What's Next For The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund has ignored typical bearish patterns on the chart by continuing to move higher. However, there are some key price levels to watch in determining which direction the fund will move next.

  • What's Next For The Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thanks to falling yields and de-escalation in US-China trade dispute, the S&P 500 has hit fresh uncharted territories. But with corporate earnings outlook deteriorating, a correction could be on the way soon. For now, dip buyers are in control.

  • What's Next For The World's Energy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With oil prices this high scaring us away from the gas pumps, what's next on the cards?

  • When GE Bottoms Out, It Bodes Well For The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...GE broke out of weekly head and shoulders pattern and is now heading towards $44. When GE, a heavyweight on market indexes, bottoms out and breaks out into a new 52-week high, the entire market is strengthened.

  • Where Next for the Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The last few months have seen increased volatility in the stock market. When caught up in the stress that several hundred points in daily swings can bring, it is tempting to wade deeper into the tall grass amid all the uncertainty and lose sight of the f

  • Where To Now For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad market indexes have tumbled significantly in the last few weeks, so how much lower can they go?

  • Which Way For The Forex Carry Trade? by Brian Twomey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Which Way For The Forex Carry Trade? by Brian Twomey Apply this very popular trading strategy to 2009 trades. The foreign exchange carry trade has been a popular trading strategy for the past 10 years due to growing economies and rising interest rates.

  • Which Way For The NASDAQ Composite?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While moving in a downward channel, $COMPQ established support at a low pivot and a moving average.

  • Will A 1-2-3 Trend Reversal Mark The Top For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Identifying price shifts in the market at the earliest possible moment can lead to big profits and allow you to trade in the direction of the trend. By using the 1-2-3 trend reversal methodology, we can confidently know the exact moment a trend changes.

Working Money: Candlesticks For The Wise by Chaitali Mohile

Working Money: Stock Analysis And Investing For The Small Investor by Daniel Subach

Working Money: The Search For The 10-Bagger Begins by Thomas Maskell

  • Xerox, Another for the List

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Xerox is another stock that can be added to my "would like to own" stocks as the market falls in anticipation of a war in Iraq. Stocks on the list are those I believe can be purchased at bargain prices in an uncertain market, and should be hel

  • Yuan For The Money

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Chinese currency's worth much more than it's pegged -- but that's only part of the story.

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