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  • A Cycle Peak And An Intraday Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After rising more than 105% since the October 2008 lows, USEC may now be offering an intraday short setup.

  • A Lulu Of An IPO

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is this a company loved by its customers, or is it well managed?

  • A Share To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the present craziness in the stock market, having a list of shares to keep an eye on for a future buy is a must.

  • A Share To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the chart of a share rises strongly over a number of years, it becomes a share one should own for the long term.

  • A Share To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every now and again, a share captures your attention as an indicator triggers a buy or a sell.

  • A Stock To Keep An Eye On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shopify empowers entrepreneurs from all over the world.

  • ADX: An Indicator And Trading System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The average directional movement index can be both. Here's how.

  • Advance-decline divergence as an oscillator by Arthur A. Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Advance-decline divergence as an oscillator by Arthur A. Merrill Which indicators signaled the crash last October? One that had been shouting a warning was A-D Divergence. This is one of our most venerable indicators. The Advance-Decline Divergence Osci

  • Air Products Hits An Air Pocket

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting long-term resistance, Air Products suffered a momentum reversal and trendline break that point to weakness in the coming weeks.

  • Airlines Index Remains An Underperformer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Airlines Index has been correcting since mid-September. The short-term moving average support converted to resistance. Will the index continue the bearish rally and remain an underperformer?

  • An 8-Day Pattern For Short-Term Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a continuation pattern that could help swing traders capture some gains in stocks or ETFs that are trending

  • An ABC Correction For Electronic Arts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Electronics Arts has been trending lower the last seven to eight months, but the decline looks like an ABC correction and the stock is showing signs of firmness.

  • An ABC Correction For Linear Tech

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After tracing out an ABC correction, Linear Technology surged with good volume, and this could foreshadow a breakout that ends the correction.

  • An ABC For MID

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 400 MidCap Index traced out an ABC correction, and a big surge off a key retracement could kickstart a rally.

  • An Advance Block For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Standard & Poor's 500 is forming a head & shoulders top near the 200-day simple moving average. An advance block pattern is helping to complete the right shoulder.

  • An All-Weather Portfolio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here, we'll look at how you can structure a portfolio to achieve a good balance between gains and volatility, and how you can program a backtest for it using code in the Python language

  • An Alpha Indicator for Bonds by Frank Ritchie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Alpha measures the performance of a stock compared with the stock market. Here, the alpha between a cyclical stock group and the Treasury bond market is used as an indicator for trading T-bonds to signal trends. By Frank Ritchie The alphaY´ of a stock h

  • An Alternative Methodology

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Geometric technical analysis is something that technical analysts have been slow to embrace. Here's a look at how it can be effectively applied to your trading. Who knows; you may find it worthy of consideration.

  • An Analysis For Lionbridge Technologies Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You read Stocks & Commodities magazine every month, perhaps searching for the "Holy Grail" of trading. If so, here is a suggestion for finding that cherished cup.

An Anchored VWAP Channel For Congested Markets

  • An Applied Glimpse Of Gann

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Let's have some fun with astrology and the financial markets

  • An Ascending Triangle For The Aussie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a big surge over the last two weeks, the Australian Dollar Index broke resistance levels in two time frames and looks as though it will be heading higher.

  • An Autumn Of Infamy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A catastrophic terrorist attack on the United States sets the stage for a not entirely unexpected stock market collapse.

  • An Early Trend Failure For Gold Or A Bounce Setting Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders who anticipated the likelihood of a possible double top move towards the troughline test were rewarded.

  • An Early Warning From the Broadening Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last Thursday when Compuware Corporation (CPWR) tumbled from $11.10 on Wednesday's close to a low of $7.51 on Thursday many were wondering what happened. This 32% loss in one day demonstrates the fragility of today's markets.

  • An Early Warning System, Part 1

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Irrational human behavior influences stock prices, and this behavior can lead to predictable outcomes. Here's a trading system that takes advantage of overreactions in the market, which could give you a trading edge

  • An Early Warning System, Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some trading signals are better than others. In this second part of a three-part series, we'll describe a filter that'll help identify optimal swing trading buy/sell points

  • An Early Warning System, Part 3

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this final part of a three-part series, we'll describe a swing trading system that provides traders with a simple, straightforward set of rules to help anticipate price trends based on significant volume increases

  • An Elliott Wave Count In Housing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Those looking for an end to the boom in housing can begin by plotting the upside of housing stocks.

  • An Elliott Wave Count Of The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The saying goes that one peek into the future is worth 1,000 finesses, so does our Elliott wave count give us that peek?

  • An Elliott Wave Look At The Canadian Income Trust Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The first rule in Elliott wave analysis? The wave count must look right.

  • An Elliott Wave Variation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In all my years of studying Elliott wave charts, I have come across the following wave count variation a number of times.

  • An Elliott Wave perspective: DJIA 400 or 6000? by Elliot Brenner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Elliott Wave perspective: DJIA 400 or 6000? by Elliot Brenner To put the stock market's present wave structure into perspective, I believe it is helpful to examine an important rule of Elliott Wave analysis--the Rule of Equality. This rule has been co

  • An End Of The Bull Run For DJIA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged to a neckline support. Will the index ignore the pattern and surge higher or will it break down?

  • An Exhaustion Gap For E Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...E Trade gapped down in mid-April but filled that gap with a high-volume advance. The stock's downtrend over the last few months is reversing.

  • An Exhaustion Gap For Radio Shack?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Radio Shack remains in a downtrend, but managed to firm immediately after a big gap -- which may turn into an exhaustion gap.

  • An Expensive Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Coty, Inc. (COTY) has been in the news recently because of the story from Forbes alleging that the value of Kylie Cosmetics was inflated. COTY's shares took a hit because in January, it had forked over $600 million to buy a 51% stake in Kylie Cosmet

  • An Expert Of A System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this sixth part of a seven-part series, we look at an expert trading system that color-codes candlesticks to simplify entry & exit decisions.

  • An Extended Harami For Pulte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a big surge in January, Pulte Homes hit resistance with an extended harami and looks ripe for a resumption of the bigger downtrend.

  • An FX Strategy For Catching Falling Knives

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When there's a considerable decline in a relatively short period of time, can that become a trading opportunity? It's all about timing, and you can't rush it. Here's how to go about it

  • An In-Depth Look At Weekly Options

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you're hesitant about trading options, it's best to try them slowly, one contract at a time

  • An Indicator To Follow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sylvain Vervoort is a market analyst that has developed market trading strategies.

  • An Indicator To Look At

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders are always looking for an indicator that will give them successful buy/sell signals. Here is a strategy that you can consider.

  • An Interesting Macro Market Risk Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As a number of macro indicators have hit extremes of late, here is another interesting signal to consider.

  • An Intermediate Double Top in September Wheat

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a short, sharp rally at the beginning of May, wheat futures are headed back down.

  • An Interplanetary Marriage

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The quest to continually improve and update a trading strategy is often part of a trader's mission--and can be a rewarding one at that, on many levels. Presented here is a new version of a strategy for trading two futures contracts, along with two new in

  • An Interview With Fund Manager Louis Navellier

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With more than 15 years of experience behind him, Louis Navellier, founder and president of Navellier & Associates, Navellier Management, and editor of MPT Review is a well-known figure in the investment world. He makes frequent appearances on Wall $

  • An Intraday 2B Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More than just a tool for top- and bottom-picking trends, the 2B test is one way for aggressive traders to trade sloppy, sideways markets.

  • An Intraday Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A test of the successful breakout from this intraday cup with handle bottom in the e-mini S&P 500 sets the stage for continued gains.

  • An Intraday Diamond In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond top in the 60-minute S&P 500 chart sets the stage for a short-term correction in stocks.

  • An Intraday Double Bottom In USD/JPY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A positive divergence between the MACD indicator and the greenback/yen pair provides an intraday buying opportunity.

  • An Intraday Dow Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...January came in like a lion. Does an intraday reversal pattern anticipate that January will go out like a lion as well?

  • An Intraday Emini 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic reversal pattern anticipates weakness and a test of the lows.

  • An Intraday Flag In The Emini S&P

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 waved its freak flag high as an early morning bounce caught bears by surprise. Frantic short-covering ensued.

  • An Intraday Head And Shoulders Top In EUR/USD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An old rally, a MACD negative divergence, a 1-2-3 trend reversal ... after bouncing at the beginning of August, the euro starts to slip against the greenback.

  • An Intraday Nasdaq Head And Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This bullish chart pattern suggests new 52-week highs in the Nasdaq in the near term.

  • An Introduction to Maximum Entropy Method (MEM) Technical Analysis by Anthony W. Warren, Ph. D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Introduction to Maximum Entropy Method (MEM) Technical Analysis by Anthony W. Warren, PhD RESEARCH Preface to Maximum Entropy Articles A reasonable assumption concerning the motivation of subscribers to Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities

  • An Inverse Head & Shoulders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a chart of an exchange traded fund suggests an inverse head & shoulders formation, with a larger one in the offing, is this a signal of what is to come overall?

  • An Island Reversal For Amgen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After forming an island reversal on high volume, Amgen looks poised to break resistance and head higher.

  • An Island Reversal For Ann Taylor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ann Taylor formed an island reversal, and the stock is on the verge of reversing a two-month uptrend.

  • An Island Reversal For Smith International

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Smith International bounced off support with an island reversal, calling for a move back to resistance.

  • An Island Reversal For WDC

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The island reversal has short-term bearish implications for Western Digital, which could lead to long-term complications.

  • An Issue/Volume Weighted Long-Term Arms Index by Jack Rusin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Issue/Volume Weighted Long-Term Arms Index by Jack Rusin Consider, if you will, two vastly simplified trading days on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). On the first day, 10 issues advance and 10 decline with 100 shares of up volume and 200 shares o

  • An MACD Parallax View by Edward Donie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An MACD Parallax View by Edward Donie Fundamental to technical analysis are indicators and signals, such as moving averages. Here are situations where variations of these indicators are helpful in decision-making for traders. Fundamental to technical a

  • An Old Dominion Freight Line Buy Signal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Old Dominion Freight Line has given me an RSI buy signal. Should we buy the stock now?

  • An Oversold Bounce For The Greenback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index shows signs of firming and looks ripe for an oversold bounce. However, the bigger trend is down--will resistance be around?

  • An Oversold Breakout For Wachovia

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term trend remains down, but Wachovia became oversold and a recent flag breakout suggests more room to the upside for this bounce.

  • An Overview In Elliott Terms by Mark Thompson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Overview In Elliott Terms by Mark Thompson I began to plot a chart in January 1987 in an effort to discover exactly where the stock market would peak. Basically, I agreed with Robert Prechter's long-term wave counts. But to my surprise I came to a co

  • An Overview Of The TRIN

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The TRIN can help traders spot overbought and oversold market conditions.

  • An Up Swing In Citrix Systems

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a robust bullish breakout, Citrix Systems (CTXS) headed north and covered a relatively long distance establishing strong support.

  • An Update On Honeywell International

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, Honeywell bounced off key support this week. Now the stock faces short-term resistance.

  • An Update On Plains Exploration & Production

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, Plains Exploration and Production held support at lower levels but is now running into potential resitance.

  • An Update On Silver Standard Resources And The Underlying Commodity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A potential bottom in silver prices and a similar setup in Silver Standard Resources could point to a good buying opportunity.

  • An Update On Talisman Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Talisman Energy is bumping up against downtrend resistance once again.

  • An Update On The Oil Services Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A test of this month's high will likely lead to an upside breakout for the Oil Services Index.

  • An Update On The Precious Metal Bullish Percent

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The precious metal bullish percent continues to hover below the 30 percent level. As such, the sector has yet to give a buy signal.

  • An Updated Market Outlook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's world, it may seem as though computer-generated trading should have removed most of the human emotion from the market, which could mean that classic wave patterns no longer apply. But that may not be the case. Here's why

  • An advance/decline line for commodities by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An advance/decline line for commodities by Thom Hartle One of the first technical lessons in stock market investing is understanding the relationship between the movements of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the advance/decline (A/D) line for

  • An after-Christmas story by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An after-Christmas story by Ron Jaenisch Santa completed his rounds at Christmas and went on a one-month vacation in Mexico. When he got back to the North Pole he realized that it was once again time to raise funds for the Christmas toys. Since it was o

  • An assist in market timing by Irving Lehren

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An assist in market timing by Irving Lehren Determining turning points and changes in the stock market often requires looking back at how the market reacted under similar circumstances. But aberrations occur in most cycles and a trader must formulate so

An ultimate oscillator program for the HP-41C(V) by Charles F. Johnson

  • Are High Yield Corporate Bonds An Asset Class Worth Considering?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...High yield corporate bonds, better known as junk bonds, are under appreciated which may have something to do with their popular handle. But have they been given a bum rap?

  • Are Office Supplies, The Paper Kind, An Indicator Of A Recovery?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...History has shown that when a stock market enters a recovery phase, more paper is used. The reason is simple; invoices, and writing on those invoices, use ink, pens, pencils and other such office supplies, and when that company uses recycled materials, t

  • Assessing Risk In An Equity Portfolio by Jean-Olivier Fraisse, C.F.A.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Assessing Risk In An Equity Portfolio by Jean-Olivier Fraisse, C.F.A. Portfolio management is a balancing act -- enhancing returns by systematically investing in the most promising assets while simultaneously limiting the variance of returns (that is, ri

  • BNI Traces Out An ABC Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Burlington Northern Santa Fe formed an ABC pattern over the last two months, and a big bearish engulfing pattern signals the end of wave C.

  • Baxter Int'l Is Undergoing An Unstable Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish reversal signal at the bottom of the declining rally has not been able to strengthen the potential bullish rally of Baxter International.

  • Bearish On Microsoft - Is An Industry Shake-Up At Hand?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Earnings for companies in the personal computer space have been under pressure lately. But is this a temporary setback or lasting trend?

  • Beating The Market With An Expert Trading System by Jerry Felsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Beating The Market With An Expert Trading System by Jerry Felsen A mathematically provable trading system (MPTS) can be defined as a trading method for which superior expected performance can be proved scientifically. I measure system performance by mea

  • Betting On An Oil Rebound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the recent drop in oil prices, is USO a good short-term buy?

  • Bioscrypt Inc. Makes An Impression

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian micro cap is a biometrics provider of fingerprint recognition software and scanning equipment.

  • Broadening Patterns: An Overview

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...These patterns are relatively rare, but traders must be aware of their potential profit opportunities.

  • Can The U.S. Dollar Index Make An Upleg?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the markets surged upwards last week many traders were anticipating the USD to follow with its own bounce.

  • Catching An Early Bullish Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nothing is more prized than catching the beginning of an emerging bullish trend, but you have to know what to look for and have a game plan to succeed.

  • Cisco An Underperforming Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Among the technology stocks, Cisco has been bitterly affected and could continue its bad performance during the downtrend.

  • Commodity Spreading: An Art of Price Differentials by DR. BASIL VENITIS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Commodity Spreading: An Art of Price Differentials by DR. BASIL VENITIS A Commodity Spread or Straddle is a combination of a long position and a short position in related commodity futures. It is a sort of arbitrage between futures. (The same way hedgin

  • CompuDyne Corporation Breaks Out Of An Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ascending triangles are different from other triangles. They give an indication of the direction of their breakout before the event. An ascending triangle breakout on heavy volume is a good reason to be long on a stock and CompuDyne Corporation's c

  • Constructing an efficient short-term timing model by Marcus S. Robinson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Constructing an efficient short-term timing model by Marcus S. Robinson You can use two sets of ratios to forecast short-and intermediate-term turning points in stocks and commodities . In my trading, I look for these ""change in trend"" (CIT) days usin

  • Copart Forms An Ominous Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a sharp decline in June, Copart bounced in July and hit a key retracement zone that could spell the end of the bounce.

  • Copper Fundamentals, Technicals, And An Option Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The copper market was hit especially hard during the massive commodity slide of 2008, but now that the dust has settled, some signs of life remain.

  • Cotton Prints An Outside Reversal Day

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price patterns tend to offer an incomplete picture of any market.

  • DANG: An Instructive Chart Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learning what to look for when evaluating a breakout stock candidate can help make your pathway to profits much easier.

  • Developing An Edge by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Developing An Edge by John Sweeney Once you've developed something with an edge on the market, it's only natural to want to exploit it mercilessly, making hay while the sun shineth, so to speak. The simplest way I know to do this is to add more position

  • Developing An Expert System To Forecast The Stock Market by Mike Flanagan, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Developing An Expert System To Forecast The Stock Market by Mike Flanagan, Ph.D. Nowadays, computers are often used to develop rule-based trading strategies. Frequently, these rules will be based on work provided by experts; such rule-based models are g

  • Does The RSI Give You An Edge? by Larry Connors & Ashton Dorkins

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does The RSI Give You An Edge? by Larry Connors & Ashton Dorkins The relative strength index has been heavily used since its creation, but does it work for you? The relative strength index (RSI) is one of the most popular tools used by traders. As such

  • EchoStar Breaks Out Of An Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakout of an ascending triangle on good volume gives good reason to be long this stock.

  • Electronic Arts An Attractive Buy Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes, a number of bullish factors converge in one place at the same time. This may be one of those times in shares of Electronic Arts.

  • FSAGX Gold Stocks Do An About-Face

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having risen by more than 275% between October 2008 and December 2010, shares of the Fidelity Select Gold mutual fund now appear to be seeking firm support after such a powerful rise.

  • Facelift for an Old Favorite by Gregory L. Morris

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Facelift for an Old Favorite by Gregory L. Morris ""There are many ways in which the Relative Strength Index can be adjusted and redefined."" Technical analysts who have not heard of J. Welles Wilder, Jr., and more specifically, his Relative Strength I

  • Ford, The Survivor Of An American Industry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This company is the sole survivor of the US auto industry, and the charts show it.

  • Forex Focus: An MACD Trading System by Alexander Sabodin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Forex Focus: An MACD Trading System by Alexander Sabodin This simple trading system was applied successfully to forex pairs using the moving average convergence/divergence. See if it'll work for you. Today, we see advertisements of different automatic

  • Fourier Transforms As An Aid To Decision-Making by Alok Srivastava

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:2 (56-59, 63): Fourier Transforms As An Aid To Decision-Making by Alok Srivastava Interested in improving the performance of your indicators? It may be worth your while to gain an understanding of Fourier transforms, frequency

  • Gap Inc. Forms an Inverse Head and Shoulders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is GPS with the mother of all inverse H&S patterns (well, maybe).

  • Gold - An Unexpected Sale

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is regarded as a safe haven in times of an uncertain market, but when a strong sale occurs out of the blue?

  • Gold Consolidates But Remains In An Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold moves into a medium-term consolidation but maintains its uptrend. If it can move above 445, it could then move to 496.

  • Goldman Sachs Is Consolidating After An All-Time High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Prices are developing a congestion at the end of a long move up.

  • Grow An Apple With Steve Jobs?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back when I first wrote about Steve Jobs and Apple on October 28, 2004, I said, "Accumulate." Have I changed my mind?

  • Grow And Protect: An Investment Strategy For Retirement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's one way to earn double-digit returns while preserving a retirement nest egg.

  • Head and Shoulders: An Introduction to Reversal Patterns by Timothy A. Maguire

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Head and Shoulders: An Introduction to Reversal Patterns by Timothy A. Maguire ""A picture is worth a thousand words""- Chinese proverb. The first thing a novice to the stock market would likely notice about individual security prices is that they are

  • Ho Ho Ho, Is That An Xmas Rally I See?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will there be a Xmas rally this year?

  • How To Be An Investment Survivor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The battle for investment survival has endured throughout the years.

  • If On An Intraday Correction A Divergence ...

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How much of a surprise was the August 16th "surprise" rally?

  • Intel: Intraday Failure Of An Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The semiconductor stock printed on Friday the worst performance of the DJIA--is weakness ahead in the short term?

  • Interview: An Insight Into Cycles With Ed Easterling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Navigating the financial markets can be a science and an art. Ed Easterling, founder and president of Crestmont Research, is able to combine the science and art of market analysis and come up with some interesting perspectives on the markets. He shares h

  • Interview: An Interview With Jake Bernstein by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview: An Interview With Jake Bernstein by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Cycles expert Jake Bernstein's analytical eye has seen the tide of the markets ebb and flow for more than 30 years. Many of the long-term social, political, and economic forecasts Be

  • Interview: Build Your Trading Skills: An Interview With Alex Spiroglou

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although his interest in the markets started much earlier, Alex Spiroglou began his trading career 20 years ago and it changed his life forever. Since then he has earned a long list of accomplishments and designations including the CFTe from the Internat

  • Interview: Gavin McMaster: Living Life As An Options Trader

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You don't have to be an aggressive trader to make it as an options trader, says this "master" of options trading. After learning as much as he could about trading options, Gavin McMaster decided to take the task into his own hands and start trading optio

  • Investing: An Objective-Based Primer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For those just starting out in the world of finance (long before reaching the world of technical analysis) or for the youngsters in your life, here is the first part of an ABC on investing

  • Is "Insured Savings" An Oxymoron?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A closer look at the generally low-return passbook savings accounts in the US is not encouraging. With the twin nemeses of inflation and taxes, most guaranteed savings become guaranteed losers.

  • Is .SPX An Effective Trading Model?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading systems do not need to be expensive or complicated, but traders still need to know when their chances of success are best when relying on one.

  • Is CLX An Attractive Stock?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The current short-term downside move and the potential support are likely to make Clorox a good trading stock.

  • Is Coast Wholesalers An Indicator Of Housing Starts?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Coast Wholesale Appliances Income Trust has been a disaster almost from the start of its listing, and yet it is a viable profitable business. Why then its poor performance?

  • Is It Time To Keep An Eye On The Nikkei?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei seems to have bottomed out for a while; look to enter a breakout for a decent move.

  • Is JDA Software An Interesting Gap Retracement Play?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having recently gapped higher, JDA Software also boasts excellent relative strength versus the broad market.

  • Is JNPR An Opportune Shorting Situation?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A new daily RMO swing sell signal has just fired. Is this a low-risk shorting opportunity?

  • Is This An Inverse Head & Shoulders Or A Flag?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Goldman Sachs: the share price at $153.51 is enough to scare anyone away.

  • Is This The End Of An Era For GM?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...GM losses reach US$15.5 billion – is this the end of the American automaker?

  • It's An IDCC Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...InterDigital is one of those stocks that frequently undergo wide gap breakouts for breaching the support-resistance levels.

  • Keeping An Eye On Avnet Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The chart suggests keeping an eye on Avnet Inc.

  • Keeping An Eye On The Janus Mutual Fund Family

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Founder and CEO Tom Bailey has always maintained a positive, hands-on approach that focuses on teamwork and camaraderie.

  • Krispy Kreme Part II- A Closer Look at an Inflated Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (KKD) has been one of the few bright spots in the past year's nightmarishly bear market. But as the stock market bottoms out and other companies begin seeing profits again, how long will KKD continue its strong upward tr

  • Measuring An Indicator's Forecasting Ability by George R. Arrington

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Measuring An Indicator's Forecasting Ability by George R. Arrington Indicators are used to forecast a market. Traders have their favorite indicators. How can a trader determine whether an indicator leads the market? How can we tell whether one indicator

  • Micron Technology: An Attractive Covered Call Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Micron Technology's bullish breakout appears to have plenty of money flow fuel in its tank to travel to higher price levels.

  • NOVICE SPECULATOR: An Anti-COMMODEX System by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...NOVICE SPECULATOR: An Anti-COMMODEX System by John Sweeney One observation I made when starting technical analysis was that there were relatively few bits of data to work with: price, volume, and open interest for a given futures contract and its relate

NYSE Bullish Percent As An S&P Indicator by Thomas J. Dorsey

  • Networking Index Traces out An ABC

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long decline in the Amex Networking Index looks like a normal ABC correction that may have just ended.

  • Northern Energy Boom: An Unlikely Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lots of companies are trying to profit in energy but one company is servicing them all and breaking higher right now.

  • Oily Slope Near An End?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil prices have dropped 50% since June. Is the worst over or is there more downside to come?

  • On an All Time High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the S&P 500 new high the end of the bull market or the beginning of an upside breakout?

  • Par Pharma Has An Inverse H&S

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Par Pharmaceutical chart is showing an inverse head & shoulders pattern.

  • Placing An Online Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The benefits of online brokerages can be enormous -- you just have to know what to do.

  • Point and figure charts: an overview by Charles Idol

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Point and figure charts: an overview by Charles Idol The popularity of the personal computer has given rise to a bewildering number of charting techniques. In addition to a profusion of moving averages of one kind or another, we have linear regressions,

  • Possibilities and Probabilites: An Ascending Triangle and Descartes Systems Group

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This battered Canadian tech stock (a logistics solutions provider) trading on Nasdaq and Toronto is starting to look interesting. It trades with better liquidity on the Canadian exchange and can suffer from bouts of lower volume. However, since a basing

  • RF Micro Devices's Chart Shows An Upleg Developing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Nasdaq-traded stock may be working on a large double bottom pattern. If so, attractive upside targets may present themselves.

  • RSI As An Exit Tool by David Cartwright

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...RSI As An Exit Tool by David Cartwright Over the past 12 years of futures trading, I have taken a singular approach to the use of the relative strength index (see sidebar, ""RSI""). I have discovered that RSI is unreliable for market entry. For exiting

  • RaS: An Alternative Charting Technique

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysts rely on charts to make their trading decisions. Some prefer to look at bar charts, others prefer candle charts, renko charts, line charts, or ... There are many options to choose from. Here's another one to add to your list. It combine

  • Retro Investing With An Eisenhower-Era Approach

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's something for those with a nostalgic bent.

  • Rice Energy: An Interesting New Energy Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Energy stocks have been on a tear since early February. Here's a new energy play that looks ready to soar.

  • S&P Fuel Gauge: An Introduction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ever thought about how much energy a rally in the S&P 500 has? Here's a technique that could help measure that energy and may even give you the edge you're looking for

  • SIDEBAR: AN MACD VARIATION by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AN MACD VARIATION by Technical Analysis, Inc. The method used is a variation of the original moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) indicator. Longer-term exponentially smoothed moving averages (EMA) have been used in the calculation of the MACD.

  • SIDEBAR: CALCULATING AN 11-PERIOD CCI by Thom Hartle, Editor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CALCULATING AN 11-PERIOD CCI by Thom Hartle, Editor The commodity channel index (CCI) can be calculated using any lookback period chosen by the trader. The Excel spreadsheet shown in sidebar Figure 1 is an 1 l-period CCI for the Dow Jones Industrial Ave

  • SIDEBAR: Calculating an 11-period CCI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CALCULATING AN 11-PERIOD CCI The commodity channel index (CCI) can be calculated using any lookback period chosen by the trader. The Excel spreadsheet shown in sidebar Figure 1 is an 11-period CCI for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The first step is

  • SIDEBAR: Calculating an 11-period CCI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CALCULATING AN 11-PERIOD CCI The commodity channel index (CCI) can be calculated using any lookback period chosen by the trader. The Excel spreadsheet shown in sidebar Figure 1 is an 11-period CCI for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The first step is

  • SIDEBAR: Calculating an 11-period CCI by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calculating an 11-period CCI by Thom Hartle Combining two classic indicators, the commodity channel index (CCI) and Bollinger bands, can be a potent timing tool for options trading. This author was inspired by John Bollinger's article ""Bollinger Bands"

  • SIDEBAR: Calculating an 11-period CCI by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calculating an 11-period CCI by Thom Hartle The commodity channel index (CCI) can be calculated using any lookback period chosen by the trader. The Excel spreadsheet shown in sidebar Figure 1 is an 1 l-period CCI for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Th


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FIGURING THE NUMBER OF PERIODS IN AN ANNUITY Often, investors anticipate a need for a given amount of funds at some future date. One way to guarantee that such funds will be available is to put aside a series of payments at predetermined intervals, know


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SETTING UP AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET Following is an example of setting up an Excel spreadsheet for creating a forecast using a five-day linear regression for tomorrow's close. Sidebar Figure 1, Column A, lists the dates and Column D lists the closing prices

  • Setting Up an Excel Spreadsheet for the Forecast Oscillator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This article is reprinted from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Volume 10, Issue 5 to supplement my recent article "Forecast Oscillator".

  • Teleflex — A Good Stock For An Uncertain Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If Congress and the Federal Reserve can stimulate the economy, then it's time to buy industrials in anticipation of the recovery.

  • Terex: An Inverted Head & Shoulders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This classic pattern reliably offers defined risk and profitable opportunities.

  • Texas Instruments Shows An MACD Negative Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Goldman Sachs has downgraded Texas Instruments to underperform, assuming margins are at their cyclical peak.

  • The Signature of an Important Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Momentum and sentiment indicators signal that on January 15, 2016 an important bottom for both stocks and Crude Oil may be in place.

  • Timing Stock Buys with an Oscillator by Richard Goedde

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Timing Stock Buys With An Oscillator by Richard Goedde Use this oscillator to calculate buy points for a stock in an upward trend. Oscillators are most useful when prices fluctuate up and down within a horizontal or flat channel (two parallel lines tha

  • Trading An Intraday Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When volatility has been running high, an early morning contraction can lead to explosive results.

  • Trading Like An Insider With Guy Cohen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Guy Cohen is a leading innovator in financial trading. He is the creator of the options volatility indicator (OVI) and the FlagTrader and OptionEasy trading tools. He is the author of the best-selling trading books The Insider Edge, Options Made Easy, Th

  • Trading The Trend In An Overbought Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It can be nerve-wracking when looking to enter a long position in an overbought market, but there are key factors to consider to do it successfully.

  • Trading With An Adaptive Price Zone by Lee Leibfarth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:9 (28-31): Trading With An Adaptive Price Zone by Lee Leibfarth When the markets are moving sideways, it is difficult to identify the turning points. Here's one indicator that can help you do that. Traders are always looking

  • Treasury Bond Put Options As An Intermarket Gauge by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Treasury Bond Put Options As An Intermarket Gauge by Joe Duarte Here, ""Wall Street Detective"" editor Joe Duarte discusses using the Hines ratio, a sentiment indicator based on options activity, on the Treasury bond futures market as a trading tool for

  • Uncovering Value in an Oversold Stock by Tamalyn V. Crutchfield

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This trader walks us through one of her trades, detailing the indicators she used and the decisions she made. The age-old philosophies of "Buy, low, sell high" and "Buy cheap, sell rich" are the investing approaches every investor strives toward. Unfor

  • Understanding An Annual Report

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long considered drudgery to read, annual reports do contain some important information if you know what to look for. Here's a look inside them

  • Uranium Miner On An Upleg

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Denison Mines, trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is one of only two publicly traded companies involved in uranium mining and production in Canada.

  • Using An Inverted Put/Call Ratio To Trade The QQQs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Put/Call ratio is simply the number of put options contracts traded in a given day divided by the number of call options contracts traded that same day. The put volume divided by the call volume yields the Put/Call ratio.

  • Why an Intermarket Perspective is Needed in Technical Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the integration of the financial markets comes a great opportunity to study and focus on intermarket analysis.

  • Will Malaysia iShares Form An Ascending Triangle?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting a major downside target, the Malaysia iShares is likely to form an ascending triangle. Will the pattern undergo a bullish reversal breakout?

  • Working In An Exponential World

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Linear or logarithmic?

Working Money: ADX: An Indicator And Trading System by Ashwani Gujral

Working Money: Working In An Exponential World by Brian Bell

  • XRT Forms An Ending Diagonal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The SPDR S&P Retail Index is forming an ending diagonal corrective wave pattern, signaling that the retail index will continue to move lower in price once this corrective pattern is complete.

  • Zarlink Semiconductor May Be Fighting An Uphill Battle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian semiconductor stock has been enjoying a rising trend but what is the bigger picture revealing?

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