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  • 3M Looking Tired

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite nearby support, this stock may slip lower.

  • A Stock Looking For A Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock rises, and rises and continues to rise, surely there must be a correction?

  • Alcoa Looking Vulnerable

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad market in a clear distribution pattern, it may prove beneficial to locate stocks already leading the way lower. Here's a look at the stock of one of the US's metal manufacturing giants.

  • All Ords Looking Toppy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Australian All Ords Index ($AORD) has been one of the top performers over the last 12 months, but the index just met a major resistance level with slowing momentum.

  • Amazon Also Looking Toppy...

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With January market weakness, a number of leading stocks look to be exhibiting topping chart patterns. Here's another one. What does it mean?

  • Apple - Looking Technically Strong But...

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since peaking in September 2012, Apple has been working to mount a comeback. But the stock chart is facing some challenges.

  • Are You Looking For A Bank To Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You have to be strong to buy when prices are bad.

  • Are You Looking For A Speculative Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Eastman Kodak, once the king of the photograph, is now in the doldrums -- but is it?

  • Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB) Rise Looking Dubious

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock is looking toppy in a rising channel.

  • Brewers Index Looking Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A double bottom breakout and bullish continuation pattern point to higher prices for the Dow Jones US Brewers Index.

  • Broad Markets Still Looking Healthy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been nearly four weeks since the broader market indexes reversed higher near their anticipated weekly cycle lows, but do these markets have enough staying power to keep the bull trend intact through the end of the summer?

  • Broadcom Corp. Looking Bearish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Broadcom enjoyed a two month gain taking it from $34 to $44. Since then it has consolidated in a recognizable pattern.

  • Centex Corp. Looking To Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This resort developer broke ground today for Oahu's first new beachfront condominium homes in more than two decades. A traditional Hawaiian blessing and this chart may indicate brighter things ahead after this recent downturn.

  • Computer Associates Looking To Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yes, it does look like the big, bad bear is back -- for a while, anyway. But even a bear market can offer some surprising, bullish bounces back to resistance areas.

  • Corn Futures Looking For Another 33% Upside

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Corn futures have formed a rounding bottom over a period of eight years and are now breaking out. A sharp gain of 33% can be expected immediately if futures maintain over 2922.

  • Dell Looking Toppy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dell has risen nicely since it vaulted past $36.50 in early November, but now it's looking to retrace.

  • Dow Industrials Looking Bearish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After breaking key support at 12,000, the next thousand-point move in the Dow Jones Industrial Average is more likely to be down than up.

  • E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company (DD) Are Looking Weak!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trend channels within a larger head and shoulders formation make this stock tradable in a number of ways.

  • FuelCell Energy Looking Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rally in FuelCell Energy will likely continue.

  • Gold Stock Looking To Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many gold stocks are looking anemic but this Canadian gold company is due for an upleg attempt as suggested by this chart.

  • HPQ: Looking Vulnerable Near Key Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hewlett Packard common shares rose by more than 180% between November 2012 and January 2014, but the smart money seems to have bailed out of the stock since the spring of 2013.

  • IWM Looking For Intraday Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It takes patience to identify and wait for divergence situations to play out, but the process can be worthwhile for committed traders.

  • Interview: Looking At Markets With Fawad Razaqzada

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fawad Razaqzada is a market analyst and economist who has worked for several leading brokerages as a market analyst in London, specializing in forex, commodities, stock indexes, and cryptocurrencies. He uses his knowledge of economics together with funda

  • Is Lucent Looking Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does a positive stochastic divergence suggest brighter times ahead for the beaten and battered shares of Lucent?

  • Looking Again At Sony

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my article about Sony of August 17, 2011, I wondered if Sony was another Apple waiting for someone with imagination and vision. Has that time come?

  • Looking At 10-Year Stock Price Patterns by Lewis Carl Mokrasch, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking At 10-Year Stock Price Patterns by Lewis Carl Mokrasch, Ph.D. Many temporal cycles have some influence on the stock and commodity markets. One, the decennial pattern, receives more attention near the beginning and end of decades. Studying stock

  • Looking At A Dog

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share is newly listed on the market and then drops 80% plus, do you look at it for a future buy?

  • Looking At A Gold Nibble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of gold has fallen dramatically over the past year. Is it time to start loading up on gold shares?

  • Looking At A Head And Shoulders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head and shoulder formation is pretty accurate in suggesting a target.

  • Looking At A Weekly Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you rely on a program to analyze the market, how do you identify which shares to look at?

  • Looking At Allied Properties REIT

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When in doubt, stay out, or as is done in today's uncertain market, buy interest-bearing stocks.

  • Looking At Canada Through i-Shares' MSCI Canada Index Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canada is in the throes of a political crisis. How is this reflected in the market?

  • Looking At Canadian Bonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a market starts suggesting negativity, looking for a safe investment becomes a must.

  • Looking At Canfor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The housing market is slowly recovering. Is it time to look at companies that produce wood needed in the building of houses?

  • Looking At Cloud

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cloud computing is becoming popular as a way to save data and make it available to the numerous computers, cell phones, and tablets you may have in your possession.

  • Looking At Cycles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We live in a world of cycles and many believe there is a correlation between cyclical movements and our emotional ups and downs. Here's a look at some of the different types of cycles as they relate to the financial markets.

  • Looking At Cycles Through Gann

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...W.D. Gann left so much material behind when he died that nobody is quite sure what strategy he used to amass his fortune. Here is one strategy he may have used.

  • Looking At Family Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Welcome to Family Dollar stores, your neighbourhood dollar discount store.

  • Looking At Ford Again

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It does look as though Ford Motor Co. is hinting at a buy.

  • Looking At Futures With Volume-Weighted MACD Histogram

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining volume with momentum is a tool used to spot trend changes in stocks that can be applied to futures markets as well.

  • Looking At Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last week, analyst after analyst interviewed on Canadian television was bullish on gold for the long term. Why, then, am I long-term bearish?

  • Looking At Gold Through The Eyes Of Gann

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been making new highs as the market has been falling.

  • Looking At McDonald's

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Walk into any McDonald's and you always have to stand in line to be served.

  • Looking At Momentum With TRIX by Ed Downs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking At Momentum With TRIX by Ed Downs The TRIX oscillator has unique properties that make it ideal for identifying direction of trend as well as cyclical entry points. Last month, Ed Downs showed us how various oscillators can be tuned to the person

  • Looking At Oil For The Long Run

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Monthly charts can offer traders a different perspective.

  • Looking At Other Markets by Gail Mercer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking At Other Markets by Gail Mercer Most new traders gravitate to the S&P mini because of its average price range. But here's a look at daily price movement in the currency futures vs. that of the S&P 500. Which one has larger price movements? any

  • Looking At Pfizer On A Shorter Time Scale

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a short-term outlook to Pfizer, using short-term indicators.

  • Looking At Qualcomm

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Action around the Consumer Electronics Show got under way on January 7, with a preshow press event for Qualcomm Inc.

  • Looking At Qwest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Qwest making a comeback, and will it reach the glorious heights of April 2000 once more?

  • Looking At REITs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A REIT is a security that sells like a stock on the major exchanges and invests in real estate directly.

  • Looking At The Indexes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reaching a high of 26153.42 in January 2018, the Dow Jones Index has since fallen. What now for the future?

Looking At The Market With Auction Market Analysis by Tom Alexander

  • Looking At The NASDAQ In A Simple Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes we are inclined to overlook what charts are telling us because we need to be convinced by complexity. Here is a chart staring us in the face and shouting, "Watch me!"

  • Looking At The Sign In The Road. . .

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On June 15th, I presented an article, "New Bull Market. . . Or?" In it, I showed my preferred Elliott Wave count, but every Elliottician has an alternate strategy ready to pull it out at a moment's notice. Here are two of mine.

  • Looking At Three Banks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market has started recovering, and the banks have moved up with the market.

  • Looking At Time Warner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (FOXA) made a bid for Time Warner, Inc. (TWX) but it was rejected.

  • Looking At Two That Were Way Up There Once

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are two shares that were way up there and are now way down there.

  • Looking At Western Lithium Canada

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...First announced 10 years ago, cold fusion has been largely dismissed by the scientific community.

  • Looking For A Consistent, Profitable Trading Strategy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders are always looking for a strategy that will give them consistent profits, no matter which direction the market is going. Here's one that you may approve of.

  • Looking For A Gold Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been battered lately so it's time once again to consider buying the next gold bounce.

  • Looking For A Leader

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With technical analysis, we are always looking for an indicator or index that leads the market. This is not as easy as we think.

  • Looking For A Share To Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the start of the year 2017, and a new President taking over in the United States of America, looking for a share to buy and hold is not that easy.

  • Looking For A Stop Loss Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Should you buy & sell a stock just because the relative strength index says so?

  • Looking For A Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With only 4 days left before the US Presidential election, and uncertainty as the outcome, finding a share to invest in is not that easy.

  • Looking For A Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the stock market behaving the way it has since January 2018, how does one find a winner?

  • Looking For Big Intraday Decliners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Keeping intraday tabs on stocks that are making substantial gains or losses may help active traders seize opportunities in real-time.

  • Looking For Buy & Hold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking to buy & hold? Here are two stocks you may be interested in.

  • Looking For Buys

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyzing the share market, looking for buy signals can be a tough job.

  • Looking For Guidance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the extreme volatility we have seen in the stock market over the past two weeks, finding guidance is calming.

  • Looking For Income

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the market falls, money moves from looking for growth to looking for income and security.

  • Looking For Income

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The saying goes, "when in doubt, get out."

  • Looking For Income?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Keg is not only a restaurant that serves good food, it also provides a very comfortable monthly income.

  • Looking For Inefficiently Priced Stocks by Thomas K. Lloyd

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking For Inefficiently Priced Stocks by Thomas K. Lloyd The story is the same everywhere: Find the inefficiency and take advantage of it. This author presents some ideas on how to recognize market inefficiencies by analyzing stock charts and making u

  • Looking For Interest? Look At LBS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the market as volatile as it is at the moment, investors are always looking for interest. Take a look at this stock.

  • Looking For Intrinsic Value - Clyde McGregor of Oakmark Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As a portfolio manager for Harris Associates, LP, a Chicago-based investment management firm that serves as advisor to the Oakmark Family of funds, Clyde McGregor searches for stocks trading below intrinsic value for the funds he oversees.McGregor was an

  • Looking For Leadership

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When looking for an economic recovery, a good place to start is with big cap stocks. A quick look at some big cap charts may give a little insight into where the market (and economy) is headed.

  • Looking For The Best

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the American political agenda creating so much uncertainty in the stock market, what is the best indicator to watch?

  • Looking For The NASDAQ Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the NASDAQ now in a bear market trend, it is possible to use Elliott wave theory to forecast when the downward trend will come to an end.

  • Looking For The Stock To Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's uncertain market, investors look for stocks offering solid dividends to buy and hold. Traders, on the other hand, look for stocks to buy and sell for a profit.

  • Looking For Yield

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In uncertain times, it is best to look for stocks that give a good dividend or interest return.

  • Looking Forward With Jeff Parent by J. Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking Forward With Jeff Parent by J. Gopalakrishnan Jeff Parent has been providing wealth management services to his high net worth clients since 1992. From many years of experience, he has become proficient in portfolio management techniques and has

  • Looking Forward With Yesterday's Action by Anthony Trongone, PhD, CTA, CFP

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you determine how prices will move after looking at yesterday's price action? This analysis measures price movement on the S&P 500 Sp d r exchange traded fund for the next three days.

  • Loudeye Technologies Looking Like A Noise Maker

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This volatile penny stock has formed a large trading range and is currently coming off an important low.

  • Markets Looking Overbought

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Across the board, indexes have moved up handily since March 10, much of it fueled by war relief. Where they go from here will be a good indicator of underlying market strength.

  • Moving Average Crossovers: Looking Under The Hood

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's one of the most popular charting tools and is commonly used for trading signals. Make sure you are using moving average crossovers the most effective way by paying attention to one very important component. Find out what that is

  • NetFlix Outlook Looking More Negative

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After putting in what looked like a strong base, Netflix has broken trend. But how far will it drop from here?

  • Novellus Looking Weak

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Nasdaq 100 stock is showing a descending triangle which is bearish.

  • Progress Software Looking Solid

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the market gives mixed signals on whether this is just another bear rally or a real bottom, a number of technology companies are looking downright impressive. Could the techs be trying to lead markets out of the woods?

  • Ryland Group Looking For A Move On Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hard to believe, but some homebuilding stocks are actually on a tear.

  • Schwab Looking For Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a big move in August, Schwab finds itself with a nice reversal pattern in search of volume for confirmation.

  • Sierra Wireless ( Looking Weak

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian wireless play is showing early signs of weakness.

  • Software Looking Soft

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a period of indecision and consolidation, the iShares Software Index Fund appears to have made up its mind.

  • Solar Energy Looking Dim

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of solar energy stocks have been on a run recently. Is it time to buy?

  • Stillwater Mining Still Looking Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stillwater Mining, despite having been pummeled in the great selloff of 2008, is manifesting positive money flow and trend characteristics.

  • Stocks For The Long Term? Looking At Value Line

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Value Line Index shows that stocks have gone nowhere for 16 years, but traders have enjoyed sizable moves in both directions.

  • TLC Laser Eye Centers Looking Like A Rebound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back in the bubble years, this stock traded at $25 and the company changed Tiger Woods' legally blind (without glasses) status to 20/20 vision.

  • Things Are Looking Up For Natural Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Natural gas looks to have put in a significant bottom, as October's falling wedge breakout has held up thus far.

  • UEX Corp. Still Looking Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, UEX bounced off key support recently and is once again in rally mode. So what is next for the stock?

  • US Dollar Index Still Looking Bullish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index is at a key juncture, and technicians, traders, and investors are all eager to determine the next likely move of this critical instrument.

  • UnitedHealth Group Looking Healthy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of UnitedHealth have moved up nicely in recent weeks, a trend that seems likely to continue.

  • Vintage Petroleum Looking To Break Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A break of key resistance at current levels could signal higher prices down the road.

  • What Now, Dow? Looking For Our Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So we know that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is in a wave 4 correction of a Wave III. What should our strategy be?

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