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  • A(nother) Diamond In The Yen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can speculators anticipate the direction of a likely break from this diamond consolidation pattern?

  • Advanced Neuromodulation System, Inc. (ANSI) Tries Another Cup & Handle Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cup with handle formations (originated by William O'Neil) are considered bullish continuation patterns.

  • Allergan Inc. (AGN): Another Run At A New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Allergan Inc. shares prepare to push higher in a classic AB=CD Fibonacci swing pattern.

  • American Eagle Outfitters Ready For Another Summit?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's had its ups and downs in the last few years but from a technical point, this stock could be getting ready for a summit attempt.

  • Amgen Has Another New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Amgen are trading at the highest levels since early 2007, offering a low-risk covered-call setup for conservative traders.

  • Another "Foreign" Investment?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On August 15, I wrote an article, "Investing Foreign?" where I stated that if you want to invest outside the United States, there was no better country to consider than Canada. Here is another income trust worth looking at.

  • Another 35% Dip On The Horizon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Watch out below! Markets took a dive early on Monday, May 22, 2000 following a week of selling due to interest rate woes created by the Federal Reserve Bank. Hold on tight- this could be a bumpy ride.

  • Another Airline Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the second time this year the Dow Jones Airline Index (DJUSAR) confirmed a double bottom. The first one failed and the second one remains above the trees for now.

  • Another Bearish Omen With AUS/USD?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Markets have been giving mixed signals, but there have been some signs that a correction may be in the offing. Here is another.

  • Another Bearish Sign On SPY?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last week it was market leader Google. This week, the S&P 500 ETF SPY put in a bearish head & shoulders top pattern. Another bearish omen for US stocks?

  • Another Bite Of The Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Apple watch has proved to be a no-no, so Apple has reduced its retail price and brought out a smaller iPhone. Is this the winner?

  • Another Breakout For The Hang Seng

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Hang Seng Index has been moving higher for five years, and this trend looks set to continue after another resistance breakout.

  • Another Bullish Holding Pattern For ExxonMobil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, ExxonMobil Corp. has proceeded higher after last December's channel breakout. Oddly enough, the stock has formed another bullish trading range, indicating more upside potential in the near-term.

  • Another Buy For Citigroup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Citigroup announced quarterly results on January 18, 2011, but missed its estimates.

  • Another CRB Support Level

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The CRB has fallen to a significant Fibonacci retracement level. Look for a bounce near here.

  • Another Chance With Breakaway Gaps by John Crane

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another Chance With Breakaway Gaps by John Crane Suppose you've been monitoring the market for weeks, faithfully updating your daily charts and studying your favorite indicators. The criteria for your trade are met and, at long last, a buy signal is gen

  • Another Chance for the S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A major bearish head & shoulders top pattern that began forming in 1998 is still alive and well, but a smaller version of its bullish twin is taking shape. Could it be sign that this bear market is about to turn or just another false alarm?

  • Another Double Divergence In Copper

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the second time be the charm for copper bears?

  • Another Fibonacci Warning?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is another significant warning of a potential market top indicated by Fibonacci numbers.

  • Another Flag For OEX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Standard & Poor's 100 formed its second flag in the last three months, and this one may fail as well.

  • Another Long-Term Stock Indicator Stuck On The Ceiling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There has been a debate raging over the last year about whether stock prices are getting too expensive. Here is another indicator that says they are.

  • Another Look At Amazon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How successful is a double top formation?

  • Another Look At Amazon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Amazon has grown and grown and grown, but is the company reaching its limit?

  • Another Look At Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2011 was a year of high volatility and stress. What about 2012?

  • Another Look At Apple, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Apple going to give us another bite in the near future?

  • Another Look At Bank of America

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Bank of America getting its house in order? Is it a BUY at current levels?

  • Another Look At Duke Realty Corporation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On July 14, 2013, I wrote asking whether it was time to start reinvesting in the realty market. I concluded that it was a must and Duke Realty Corporation (DRE) did recover, but then promptly fell more than its recovery. Is it a must again or is DRE an e

  • Another Look At FANG

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What are FANG Stocks? FANG is the acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

  • Another Look At FANG

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can FANG stocks tell us where the market is going? Let us have a look.

  • Another Look At Facebook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Facebook, facebook, facebook — A company on almost everyone's computer, but does that mean you should invest in the stock?

  • Another Look At Facebook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So, with the stock market suggesting negativity, is Facebook a buy?

  • Another Look At Facebook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The shares of Facebook are up 38% year-to-date compared to the S&P 500's gain of 10%.

  • Another Look At Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold is usually a hedge against inflation and global turmoil.

  • Another Look At Japan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long bear market and last year's devastating earthquake, Japan's economy and market is rising fast.

  • Another Look At Lululemon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lululemon Athletica, Inc., known by all, is a self-described yoga-inspired athletic apparel company.

  • Another Look At Marijuana Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the legalization of marijuana stocks in Canada just around the corner, is it time to buy?

  • Another Look At Starbucks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Discussing the economy today is all politics. This is influencing constructive analysis.

  • Another Look At The Gold Price

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the recent name calling and threats between President Trump, North Korea and Iran, another look at the gold price is necessary. Historically, gold has traded inversely to the US$ but this is no longer the case. Gold is becoming a hedge against world

  • Another Look At The Indexes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The book emFire and Fury/em by Michael Wolff has taken over the news. Will it affect the market?

  • Another Look At The K-Wave

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Kondratieff Wave is a long-term economic cycle. How accurate is its prediction?

  • Another Look At The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are many bears out there. To what extent are they justified in their viewpoint?

  • Another Look At Wave Theory

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What do the swings on a chart really mean? Maybe organizing them into groups based on their size can help answer that question

  • Another Look At Westmoreland Coal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a share that suggested a failed bull symmetrical triangle in May 2011.

  • Another Look at the Amex Gold Bugs Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On October 29, 2002, I wrote the article "Anyone for Gold?" In it, I used a triangle formation to help determine not only a target price, but a time target as well. Here's a look at what has happened since.

  • Another Low, Another Punk Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The January lows held as the markets fell on April 1. But who were the markets making a fool of?

  • Another Low, Another Punk Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The January lows held as the markets fell on April 1. But who were the markets making a fool of?

  • Another Negative For The US Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On February 15, I argued that the US dollar has further to fall. Here is another chart and another argument that suggests just how low.

  • Another New High For Kimberly Clark

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A stock that continues to make new highs is probably doing so for a very good reason.

  • Another Rate Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seen through the lens of two screens, the 10-year Treasury note looks as if it's headed lower--with a corresponding rally in yields.

  • Another Rectangle Break For Texas Industries

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Texas Industries broke rectangle support for the second time in six months, signaling yet another continuation of the long-term downtrend.

  • Another Rise Due For KLAC-Tencor?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the recent bullish reversal in the broad markets still holding strong, it's time to look at big-cap names with high relative strength.

  • Another Rumor To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another rumor hit the street today - shares of BlackBerry Ltd. soared 8.5%.

  • Another Run Higher For Micron Technology?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 110% since early October, shares of Micron Technology may be ready to tack on even more gains.

  • Another Sign Of A Market Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On February 15, my Advantage article discussed the soaring S&P 500 and a falling VIX, which together with eurodollar futures and some other indicators pointed to a top in US stocks. Here is another reason for concern.

  • Another Stock Split

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again my ears perk up with the announcement of a 10 for 1 stock split by Mastercard.

  • Another Triangle in Treasuries

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakout from a symmetrical triangle takes the 10-year Treasury into an ascending triangle.

  • Bank Index Closing In On Another Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The last time this index look precarious, the markets hit a downleg and now it's showing another interesting juncture.

  • Bombardier Gives Another Shorting Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canada's builder of planes, trains and recreational products is in the throes of completing a classic pattern - a head and shoulders top.

  • Broad Markets Preparing For Another Push Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad markets have been unpredictable of late, but the weekly charts seem to imply that the bias is toward further gains.

  • Brookfield Asset Management - Another Good Green Tech Bet?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...March was a tough month in the markets, but some companies have come through the bear better than others. Here are two sustainable technology examples.

  • Cambior (CBJ-T) Is Another Solid Gold Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The medium-term prognostication for this equity will be to eventually reach the resistance area in the $6.50 area. Here's how to watch the chart for an advantageous entry point.

  • Corn Futures Looking For Another 33% Upside

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Corn futures have formed a rounding bottom over a period of eight years and are now breaking out. A sharp gain of 33% can be expected immediately if futures maintain over 2922.

  • Dell Testing Another Layer Of Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One area of key support has already been taken out. Can Dell hold the next line?

  • Eon Labs, Another One To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs is far higher in the United States than in Canada, which has led many Canadian Pharmaceutical companies to tap the U.S. market via e-mail and offer cheaper prescription drugs. This is upsetting the drug

  • FTEK Ready For Another Drop?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by 50% since October 2009, shares of FTEK have recently managed a feeble bounce higher. Is this stock bottoming out, or is this another chance at a low-risk short sale?

  • For Allergan, Another New High, But With A Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many times, buying a stock with a new 52-week high can be a nice, conservative way for traders and investors to make some money. But sometimes a different course of action may be warranted.

  • For NNBR, A Pause Before Another Surge Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Small-cap stocks can sometimes make explosive moves, up or down. Here's a look at a small-cap issue that may be preparing for a big move -- but in which direction?

  • For Western Digital, Another Attempt At A 52-Week High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though they're up by more than 60% since late November 2011, shares of Western Digital appear ready to make another attempt at a new 52-week high.

  • Google - Another Bullish Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This is the second stock in recent days to post this pattern. What does it mean?

  • Hansen Natural Another 10-Bagger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...HANS offers an example of one of the all-time great stocks with a gain of more than 17,000% in less than 10 years, an annual rate of return of more than 75%.

  • IBM Forms Yet Another Rising Flag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM remains in a downtrend punctuated by rising flags and the stock looks ripe for yet another continuation lower.

  • Is Crude Starting Another Upmove? (Bullish Wedge)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil seems to have completed its decline in the last few weeks in the shape of bullish wedge. It seems to have found support at $48. If it sustains the $51 level, it could head to the $61 level.

  • Is Intel Setting Up For Another Leg Down?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Follow-through to the downside in this leading semiconductor stock could mean an especially bearish October for Intel.

  • Is Tanger Factory Outlets Another Short Squeeze Candidate?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a rough ride for markets and there will undoubtedly be more turbulence ahead. But here is a stock with excellent potential to rally when the inevitable bounce comes.

  • JDS Uniphase Attempts Another Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After failed breakout attempts in May and July, the third time may prove lucky for JDS Uniphase.

  • Jo-Ann Stores: Another Recession-Safe Retailer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some companies can fare well even in a slowing economy. JoAnn Stores is an example.

  • Monsanto And Another 52-Week High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad markets having had a steady rise for more than five weeks now, it might pay to focus on stocks still showing signs of tremendous and/or increasing strength.

  • Natural Gas Due For Another Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Natural gas just broke down out of a major pattern and looks ready to fall further, but key support is in the way. Can prices push through, or are they due for another bounce?

  • Natural Gas: Another Look At The Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Was the summer correction in natural gas only the beginning of an even deeper descent?

  • Negative Divergences In Stocks - Another Warning Sign?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been one heck of a year so far. But there are signs that stocks are due for a rest at the very least. But could a more serious correction be just around the corner?

  • RTI Consolidates For Another Bullish Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting a target on a trend reversal pattern on daily as well as weekly time frames, RTI is consolidating for one more bullish breakout.

  • Result Energy: Another Canadian Oil And Gas Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last week, I wrote about Rival Energy as a probable oil and gas investment. Here is another oil and gas company that looks interesting.

  • Return Of The Son Of Another Rate Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An old support level turned resistance suggests that prices for 10-year notes are likely to continue lower before moving higher.

  • S&P 500 Another 100 Points Until A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bear is back, much to some analysts' surprise. Based on cycle and Fibonacci analysis, traders and investors shouldn't expect to see a major rally again in the .SPX until the 1000-1025 area is convincingly tested.

  • Shifting To Another Dimension by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shifting To Another Dimension by John Sweeney I have spent the last several months tweaking a simple trading system to provide good profits with minimal drawdowns. The underlying idea (""Settlement,"" November 1991 through February 1992) isn't too compl

  • Taking A Chance With Another Company Based In China

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's one company that could take the US markets by storm.

  • Taking Another Bite Out Of AAPL

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you do not own an iPad, then you are showing your age.

  • Telus Corp. May Be Building Another Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is too early to call a head and shoulders top, but the placement of the usually relevant 200-period EMA (exponential moving average) makes this a distinct possibility going forward. In the meantime, traders may be able to position themselves for a pos

  • The Blue Sky Index - Another Market Top Warning Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you suspected that markets might be getting frothy a few months ago, this should interest you.

  • The Nasdaq Powers Higher With Another Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq seems to relish announcing bullish intentions with gaps. If this current gap (11/14/02) doesn't close or start to close in three days, a strong move may be in store.

  • VXX: Pausing Before Another Spike?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volatility in the S&P 500 index is heating up as a major, broad market correction in US stocks is setting up.

  • WMB Gives Yet Another Buy Signal As Market Heats Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the broad market finally gets in gear and starts to move in concert, it's amazing how similar the chart setups look in the various stocks that fire buy signals.

  • XAU Gold Index Attempting Another Upleg

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the second time in the past two weeks the gold sector is trying for another upleg. This time it may succeed.

  • Xerox, Another for the List

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Xerox is another stock that can be added to my "would like to own" stocks as the market falls in anticipation of a war in Iraq. Stocks on the list are those I believe can be purchased at bargain prices in an uncertain market, and should be hel

  • Yet Another Gap For Affymetrix

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Affymetrix gapped lower for the fifth time this year, but a high-volume selloff and an August bounce could make this gap an exhaustion gap.

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