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  • A Big Double Top For FTSE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The FTSE has gone nowhere for over a year and a big double top is taking shape. Waning momentum suggests that this pattern will soon be confirmed.

  • A Big Double Top In Long Term Rates

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 30-year Treasury bond yield is testing support from a large double top, and further weakness would increase the chances of a Fed pause.

  • A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A double bottom usually represents a buying opportunity. Are we seeing one now?

  • A Double Bottom For Hovnanian?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hovnanian has a huge double-bottom pattern working over the last seven months and a high-volume surge off support points to a big resistance test ahead.

  • A Double Bottom For LUV

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Southwest Airlines formed a double bottom over the last few months, and further strength could forge the breakout needed to confirm this pattern.

  • A Double Bottom For Unisys

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Unisys successfully tested support from its October 2005 low, and a large double bottom is taking shape.

  • A Double Bottom Pattern For Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a 62% plunge since the May high, the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF appears to have formed a double bottom on its daily chart.

  • A Double Bottom Rally For Pioneer Natural Resources

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After putting in a double bottom last month, Pioneer Natural Resources has continued to rally. What's the outlook in the longer term?

  • A Double Bottom To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share rises off a double bottom it is worth a watch.

  • A Double Bottom in Utilities

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time for another thirty points in the Dow Jones Utilities Average?

  • A Double Head And Shoulders For Bombardier?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bombardier, Inc. is a manufacturer of business jets, regional aircraft, rail transportation equipment and motorized recreational products. In Canada it is considered a blue chip company, but since 911 it has fallen on hard times as the purchase of aircra

  • A Double Low Chart Pattern On eBay

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After testing support, eBay's stock is now consolidating.

  • A Double Pattern Breakout For Spinnaker Exploration

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A triangle breakout and pitchfork strength both indicate a resumption of November's uptrend.

  • A Double Top For DR Horton

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This home-builder stock is testing support from its October 2005 lows, and a break below this level would confirm a double-top formation.

  • A Double Top For Dollarama

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The share price of a double top is characterized by two peaks.

  • A Double Top For The Dow Transports

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow transports met resistance around 5000 twice in the last three months, and a rather large double top is brewing.

  • A Double Top For XLU?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The utility SPDR failed at resistance, and a break below the February low would confirm a double top.

  • A Double Top In October Hogs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The payoff was swift for bears circling around the double top in lean hog futures.

  • A Double Top In Telecom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The North American Telecom Index is challenging its prior high, but a big negative divergence in the moving average convergence/divergence means traders should also be on guard for a double top.

  • A Double Top Looms Over Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The continuous contract on crude oil is now showing signs of weakness after failing to rise above the peak made in mid-June. The seasonality cycle of crude oil usually causes prices to rise in the summer months. Could crude oil prices have already peaked

  • A Double Top for Siebel Systems

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The short-term future for Siebel Systems Incorporated looks weak.

  • A Potential Double Bottom In Bananas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chiquita Brands surged off support over the last few weeks, and a double bottom could be taking shape.

  • AAXJ Forming Top Double?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The robust rally of AAXJ has reached its previous high resistance. Will the stock breach resistance or form a double top?

  • Adam & Adam Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Adam & Adam Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski If you see this type of double bottom, it may mean you need to make a quick exit. discussed the Eve & Eve double bottom chart pattern in the November 2002 STOCKS & COMMODITIES. If the Eve & Eve double botto

  • Adam & Eve Double Bottoms by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Adam & Eve Double Bottoms by Thomas Bulkowski Here's the final part of a four-part series discussing double bottoms. If you read my article in the January 2003 STOCKS & COMMODITIES about the Eve & Adam double bottom, you can guess that an Adam & Eve do

  • American Express Flirts With Double Top Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...American Express (AXP) formed a double top in 2006, but support is refusing to go quietly and the pattern has yet to be confirmed.

  • American Tower's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to take a second look?

  • An Intermediate Double Top in September Wheat

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a short, sharp rally at the beginning of May, wheat futures are headed back down.

  • An Intraday Double Bottom In USD/JPY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A positive divergence between the MACD indicator and the greenback/yen pair provides an intraday buying opportunity.

  • Andrew Corporation Working On A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The weekly chart shows this stock at a key level with upside implications.

  • Another Airline Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the second time this year the Dow Jones Airline Index (DJUSAR) confirmed a double bottom. The first one failed and the second one remains above the trees for now.

  • Another Double Divergence In Copper

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the second time be the charm for copper bears?

  • Apple Computers' Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The latest offering from Steve Jobs & Company has critics and fans buzzing. But the stock market seems less than impressed.

  • Banking On A Double Bottom For XLF

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ailing financial sector successfully derailed and shelved the recent market rally off the November lows. The market has become important from the weakening financial sector. XLF has helped lead the assault on the bulls, but now that XLF is testing i

  • Best Buy Co. Testing A Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the markets bounce, many stocks will try to follow, including Best Buy Co.

  • Big MO's 2B Double Bottom Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nearly 10 points higher from our last look at Altria Group, the stock formerly known as Philip Morris moves into a triangular consolidation and threatens to move higher.

  • Big MO's Double Bottom: 2B Or Not 2B?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Declines in September test lows were established in May. Will a lack of downside followthrough spell a reversal and double bottom for shares of Altria Group?

  • Bottom Fishing & The Ugly Double Bottom Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profiting from bottom fishing is notoriously difficult, but this setup may help

  • CFFN Moves Out With Double Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When Capitol Federal Financial forms similar patterns on more than one time frame, more strength is accumulated for the next directional move.

  • CH Robinson Confirms Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CH Robinson broke double-top support on big volume, and the forecast is for lower prices in the coming months.

  • CIEN: Double Bottom Or Dead Cat Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume and momentum suggests that the recent bounce in Ciena may be more than the dead cat variety.

  • ChevronTexaco's Double Pattern Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ChevronTexaco's diamond breakout and symmetrical triangle breakout both indicate higher prices in the near-term.

  • Classic Reversal: A Double Bottom by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Classic Reversal: A Double Bottom by Thom Hartle The major commercial interests are involved in markets as a business. Large amounts of money are committed to managing the risk that is faced by these companies. Companies on the cash side of markets will

  • Cocoa's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After falling over eight hundred points from its January peak, cocoa looks ready to rally.

  • Coffee's Double Bottom Comeback?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do a positive MACD divergence and moving average support point to higher coffee prices?

  • Coming Late: Buying Double Bottoms During Bearish Price Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This pattern can present a good buying opportunity for stocks. Here's what to look for

  • Compaq's Double Bottom Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a brutal, year long, 80% decline and an all-but-aborted merger with Hewlett-Packard, shares of Compaq look to rebound on their own.

  • Cree's Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Adam & Adam double top over the summer leads to declines near season's end.

  • Dell's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dell bounced off support from its prior low with big volume, and now, a potential double bottom is taking shape.

  • Double Bottom For ST Assembly Test Services Ltd.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the close just above the stop-loss level, now could be a good time to buy STTS.

  • Double Bottom On UPS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What has "Brown" done for you lately? How about a double bottom with a pair of positive stochastic divergences?

  • Double Bottom Or Breakdown Ahead for NYA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New York Composite Index still has a number of bearish technicals holding it back, but a few rays of hope are shining through.

  • Double Bottom Or Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sure looks like a double bottom on the daily chart of the Russell 2000 index, doesn't it? Might we get a sustainable rebound in its aftermath?

  • Double Bottom Pattern: Selling Earlier?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you enter a trade based on a chart pattern such as the double bottom, sometimes you may exit too early or sit on it for too long. Here's a look at different exit scenarios using the double bottom pattern

  • Double Bottom Patterns: Increasing The Odds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Any trading strategy can be improved. Here's a look at how trading double bottom patterns can be modified to give you better trading results

  • Double Bottom, Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How effective is a double top and a double bottom?

  • Double Bottom, Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How effective is a double top and a double bottom?

  • Double Bottoms Plus a Cup & Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It looks like Goodyear Tire & Rubber has finally established a bottom via an intriguing looking pattern.

  • Double Bottoms Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chart patterns are often thought of as subjective, but there are ways to look at them objectively. Here, we evaluate the double-bottom pattern to see how reliable it is

  • Double Bottoms and Big Caveats

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is the Telecoms HOLDRS with a big double bottom and a big caveat.

  • Double Bottoms by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Double Bottoms by Thomas Bulkowski The mirror image of a double top, the double bottom is a more profitable longer-term play. Find out why. At first, I thought double bottoms were just double tops flipped upside down, but I was wrong. It's not the for

  • Double Breakdown For 3M

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...3M's recent price action led to a breakdown from a small, short-term congestion pattern. At the same time prices also completed a long-term double top pattern.

  • Double Calendars And Condors by John A. Sarkett

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:6 (36-39): Double Calendars And Condors by John A. Sarkett In this, the second part of a series based on an option seminar with trader Dan Sheridan, we look at the double calendar and condor strategies. With a stock at 50, an

  • Double Diagonals And Butterfly Spreads by John A. Sarkett

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading With Dan Sheridan (Part 3) Double Diagonals And Butterfly Spreads by John A. Sarkett The third part of this series with trader Dan Sheridan looks at double diagonals with long, protective wings one or more months out from the short options, as

  • Double Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again, the S&P 500's rally challenges a running negative stochastic divergence.

  • Double Double With JP Morgan Chase

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...JP Morgan Chase has shown a double bottom. Is it a buy?

  • Double Double With JP Morgan Chase

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...JP Morgan Chase has shown a double bottom. Is it a buy?

  • Double Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investing isn't just about long-term rewards. This investor has turned her passion for the investing game into a paycheck.

  • Double Smoothed-Stochastics by William Blau

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Double Smoothed-Stochastics by William Blau The stochastic oscillator devised by George Lane is one of the most useful and widely used tools in technical analysis. This oscillator is based on the current close in relation to the highest and lowest price

  • Double Smoothing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For noisy data this is a useful technique.

  • Double Top For Bank Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Philadelphia Bank Index responded very well to a previous double bottom and is now looking to possibly repeat with its bearish counterpart - a double top.

  • Double Top For QualComm?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a spectacle run, Qualcomm (QCOM) recently ran into resistance at 70 twice this year, with the indicator flashing a yellow light.

  • Double Top For Unisys Corporation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This information technology player has enjoyed a huge run since its October bottom of $6 to a recent high of $11.50. Now it's showing a potential double top formation on its daily chart.

  • Double Top Formation on the Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...April proved to be a tumultuous month for the technology-based Nasdaq Composite Index. From a charting standpoint, the sharp April sell-off within the index followed a picture-perfect double top formation.

  • Double Top Or Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share price forms a double top and a double bottom, which one do you follow?

  • Double Top Or Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share price forms a double top and a double bottom, which one do you follow?

  • Double Tops by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Double Tops by Thomas Bulkowski It takes more than twin peaks to make a double top. Here's a refresher on the formation. Double tops aren't hard to identify. Novice investors with just a smattering of technical knowledge can identify any two peaks clo

  • Double Trouble For Applied Materials, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Applied Materials, Inc. (AMAT) has moved below recent support and in doing so has violated two important thresholds.

  • End Of Day Trading With Double Bottoms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On February 19, published my article on the trading strategy "Buying At The Bottom." Below is a chart showing how to trade both long and short using this strategy.

  • Eve & Adam Double Bottoms by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Eve & Adam Double Bottoms by Thomas Bulkowski If you read this author's first two articles about the Adam and Eve combinations of double bottoms, the Eve & Adam combination should be a snap. It combines elements from the Eve & Eve and Adam & Adam double

  • Eve & Eve Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Eve & Eve Double Bottom by Thomas Bulkowski Here's a look at one of the four combinations of double bottoms. You may be familiar with double bottoms, but have you ever heard of an Eve & Eve double bottom? I hadn't heard of them myself until a few years

  • Exxon Mobil Forms Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XOM has formed a strong complex double-top trend reversal pattern. A decisive close below the pattern's confirmation line will signal a major trend reversal from up to down.

  • FTSE 100 Nears Double Fibo Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FTSE 100 works its way high towards key retracements and remains in uptrend.

  • FTSE: Double Bottom Or Rising Flag?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though the FTSE broke resistance at 5800 and this break is holding, the pattern does not look like a robust double bottom and traders should be on guard for a failed breakout.

  • Federated's Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gapping down past a confirmation level, shares of Federated Department Stores may become the victims of an early spring/early summer double top.

  • Financials Select SPDR Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By casual observation, XLF looks like it is forming a double bottom, but don't be taken in. XLF has found some short-term support, but the main trend is still down, and here's why.

  • Five-Year Note Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The five-year US Treasury note often represents a good barometer for the US yield curve and recently completed a double bottom, suggestive of higher yields.

  • General Electric Double Bottom Attempt Could Be Tradable

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the markets looking to make a possible reversal, this General Electric Co. (GE) chart looks like a good time to try a double bottom attempt.

  • German DAX Index Forms Double Top Near Key Retracement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After almost doubling since Mar-03, the German DAX Index ran into a wall of resistance and formed a potential bearish reversal pattern.

  • Hammering Out A Potential Double Bottom With Wal-Mart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wal-Mart completed a powerful candlestick reversal pattern, the hammer, on September 23, 2004, which was reinforced by the fact that it marked a rejection of yearly lows at 51.08 from August 9.

  • Has Cadence Design Systems Signaled A Possible Double Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cadence Design Systems is the world's leading electronic design automation technologies and engineering services company.

  • Head and Shoulders Double Take


  • JDS Uniphase Makes Fast Gains Off Its Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When looking for reversal patterns, double bottom formations can provide the basis for excellent short-term gains.

  • JNJ Trying To Strike A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...JNJ's recent gap on high volume solidifies support and opens the door to a resistance test and possible double bottom breakout.

  • Microsoft Double Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Microsoft has hit a previous resistance level just above $31. A confluence of candlesticks, symmetry, and indicators suggests a possible early warning of potential double top on this 17-month weekly chart.

  • NASDAQ Double Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ appears to be forming a double-bottom trend reversal pattern, but by a more detailed analysis, the future direction of this market still looks downward.

  • Nasdaq Double Top Threat

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On December 3rd the Nasdaq touched 2000 for the first time in nearly two years. But instead of a bullish milestone, a poor close and warnings from several indicators spell the beginning of a likely downleg.

  • Nasdaq Presents Possible Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences may drive this index down again.

  • Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom There are different types of double bottoms, as Thomas Bulkowski's article "Eve & Eve Double Bottoms," will attest. The notable difference between the classic double bottom and

  • Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Novice Traders' Notebook: The Eve & Eve Double Bottom Vs. The Double Bottom There are different types of double bottoms, as Thomas Bulkowski's article "Eve & Eve Double Bottoms," will attest. The notable difference between the classic double bottom and

  • Novice Trader's Notebook - The Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Novice Trader's Notebook -- The Double Top Consider a security or a futures contract that is in an uptrend. The price reaches a point at which all of the buyers' demand is met, and the sellers, whether traders taking profits or aggressive short sellers,

  • PF Chang's Confirms Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term trend remains up for P.F. Chang's (PFCB) as the stock is trading comfortably above the September 1st trendline. However, a recent double top support break projects at test of this important support line and volume patterns are bearish.

  • Possible Double Top For CSX Corp.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A topping pattern may be in for this freight transportation company owning the largest rail network in the eastern United States.

  • Precision Drilling's Double Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian oil field services company has had a small head and shoulders pattern fuflilled and now may test a much bigger pattern.

  • Procter and Gamble's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After spending much of 2000 on the canvas, Procter and Gamble has spent much of 2001 fighting back.

  • Pulte Plays with Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The homebuilders have been leading the market for some time, but signs of distribution are starting to surface in one of the leaders.

  • Qualcomm - Twenty-Year Double Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why this stock could be a bearish signal for the US stock market.

  • Recognizing The Double Top Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do you tell the difference between a correction and a reversal at the top before it's too late? Being able to recognize the double top pattern could be to your advantage.

  • Regional Banks Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Regional Bank HOLDRS (RKH) have performed exceptionally well over the last few months, but a potential double top with waning momentum and poor breadth could stymie further upside.

Rotten Apples? Spotting Adam And Eve Double Tops by Thomas N. Bulkowski

  • Russell Corporation's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Following the business cycle and focusing on top sectors helped uncover Russell Corporation's rebound from lows not seen since 1987.

  • Sears: Anatomy Of A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At a low during a major bear trend, Dow standby Sears and Roebuck [S] rallied from an intermediate trend double bottom to reach highs of nearly $44 in late April 2000. But a selling climax and weak rally have caught Sears between either a major upside r

  • Seeing Double At Xerox

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Xerox successfully tested its August low in November, and a double bottom is taking shape. Strong upside volume points to a breakout.

  • Six Months To Double

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the past six months, two stocks have provided triple-digit gains. Pizza Inn and have some traits in common. Let's take a look.

  • Staples Inc. Tests A Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Staples is at a crucial point here, with pattern analysis suggesting a tradable move.

  • Talking Double Tops And Bottoms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A reader asked for further clarification of a double top or double bottom in a recent article about JP Morgan, especially what I did not consider a triangle formation.

  • The DJIA's Double Top Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently trying to find support from its 50-day moving average. This coincides with a possible double-top formation.

The Double Calendar Spread by Jay Kaeppel

  • The Dow's Dragonfly Doji And Double Dose Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis can offer us a glimpse into the future when we spot a divergence or candlestick reversal patterns and they offer clues to potential price swings and fluctuations. Either signal has credibility on its own merits, but when they have a b

  • The Power of the Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The double top formation can be an early warning of ID (impending doom) to come. A few recent examples of this formation can be seen on the charts of Cisco (CSCO) and Broadcom (BRCM).

  • The Q's Hourly Double Bottom And Successful Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...March came in like a lion ... with a market bottom in tow.

  • The Trouble With THC's Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How a bearish engulfing candlestick warned double-bottom bulls that the party was over.

  • Trading the Failure of Technical Patterns: Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All is not lost when a reversal chart pattern like a double top fails to materialize.

  • US Natural Gas Fund ETF Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At the end of a long downtrend, natural gas prices might rebound.

  • VIX Double Tops And Market Reversals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The markets are like oceans where violent storms can flash across the horizon, but if you know how to spot extreme price levels, you can profit and protect yourself at the same time.

  • VIX In Double Jeopardy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The VIX, a contrarian indicator, measures the implied volatility of the S&P 500 index options and can be used for spotting turning points in the market. When it peaks, the stock market is near a bottom, and when it puts in a low, the stock market is

  • Veritas' Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Getting nailed by long tech positions in a Nasdaq nearing 2000? The double top in Veritas Software may help put a hedge between you and the hammer.

  • Wal-Mart Completes Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wal-Mart joined in the re-election euphoria to complete a very reliable reversal pattern -- the double bottom.

  • XM Satellite Traces Out A Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XM Satellite gapped up on high volume to solidify support and open the door to a double-bottom reversal pattern.

  • Yahoo: A Double Top In The Making

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though it is far from confirmed, the early signs suggest a double top for Yahoo. Yahoo (YHOO) and a host of internet stocks have been star performers over the last 9-12 months.

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