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  • .DXY Ready For A Swing Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Contrary to what many hard-money devotees may believe, the US dollar may not be all washed up after all.

  • A Big Triangle For A Big Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a big advance in 2005, Google consolidated in 2006 with a big triangle, and the subsequent break will decide this bellwether's fate.

  • A Spreadsheet For A Trend-Following Approach

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a template for a spreadsheet that anyone can use to set up a simple trend-following system

  • A Stock Looking For A Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock rises, and rises and continues to rise, surely there must be a correction?

  • AAPL: Recipe For A Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Apple, Inc. may be overextended, preparing for a pullback.

  • AAR Corp. Getting Ready For A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting a 52-week high, AAR Corp. is struggling to surge into a fresh bullish zone.

  • AGII Poised For A Bull Run?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term downtrend of AGII has reversed.

  • ALL Heading For A May Cycle Low?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will shares of Allstate Corp. manage another run higher after its recent consolidation, or is the downward pull of multiple price cycles going to be the determining factor in the stock's near-term direction?

  • AUD/USD: Setting Up For A Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After enduring a month-long decline of more than 8%, the Australian Dollar/US Dollar currency pair may be setting up for a bullish reversal.

  • Aberdene Mines Ltd. Poised For A Topple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back in early December 2003, Aberdene Mines Ltd. (ABRM) was selling for less than $.50 per share. In just six months, this stock has rocketed to close on Thursday at $4.24. Now it seems to be topping out, and it could make at least a short-term correct

  • Alcoa Setting Up For A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some stocks rally quickly after making a major low, but others -- like Alcoa Aluminum -- just seem to take their sweet time.

  • Analyzing the Market for a Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A strategy to find a winner in the market using price and volume.

  • Applied Materials, Inc. (AMAT) - Poised For A Trend Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Applied Materials, Inc. [AMAT] has started showing signs of strength. Is it a buy?

  • Are You Looking For A Bank To Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You have to be strong to buy when prices are bad.

  • Are You Looking For A Speculative Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Eastman Kodak, once the king of the photograph, is now in the doldrums -- but is it?

  • Are You Trading For A Living Or Living For A Trade?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sound trading practices wean much of the excitement out of trading.

  • Are You Trading For A Living Or Living For A Trade?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sound trading practices wean much of the excitement out of trading.

  • Autos Buckle Up For A Fall

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Auto Parts and Auto Manufacturing indexes are breaking down, and this entails an outsized move for the Auto Parts group.

  • Bucking For A Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A rebound from intraday lows sets up the possibility of higher prices in stocks by the Memorial Day weekend.

  • Bucking For A Breakout?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does the triangular consolidation in the hourly chart of the S&P 500 suggest that a significant move to the upside is likely in the near term?

  • Buy Retailers For A Seasonal Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thanksgiving and Christmas seasonal trades are well known. But this same idea can be applied to sectors, and we find a surprising seasonal strategy for January.

  • Buying For A Risky Yield

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market is due for a correction. The maxim "Sell in May and go away" is on everyone's mind. So what do you buy?

  • Buying For A Risky Yield, Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Previously, I wrote suggesting a high-risk purchase of Royal Bank of Scotland Preferred ADRs as a high-yield investment. Here's another preferred share to look at that is also paying a yield of about 15%.

  • CHS: Setting Up For A Short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Chico's Fas Inc. have been struggling to regain lost ground in the wake of its summertime sell-off, but its near-term pathway looks to be back down to test a key support level.

  • Cabela's Inc. Ready For A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cabela is a stock to watch. The potential bullish breakout is likely to attract many traders.

  • Carpenter Technology Due For A Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trying to catch a falling knife usually isn't wise, but it's still smart to be prepared for an upside reversal in a stock that has had a normal pullback.

  • China Large Caps Set For A Rebound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The major selling panic seen in large-cap Chinese stocks since April 2015 is over — for the next few weeks, anyway.

  • Combining DMI and Moving Average For A EUR/USD Trading System by Rombout Keerstens

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining DMI and Moving Average For A EUR/USD Trading System by Rombout Keerstens Here is a simple trend-following system where profits are realized in a relatively small number of lucrative trades. IN a world in which we are inundated with informati

  • Commodity Market Ready For A Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that the commodity market remains in a long-term uptrend, but that it is ready to correct for its recent gains.

  • Could Symantec be Ripe for a Fall?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why this technology stock could decline forty percent in one year.

  • DELL Waiting For A Buy Trigger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having sold off hard during May 2012, shares of Dell may be ready for a short-term bounce up toward resistance.

  • DK Ready For A Fresh Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakout rally of Delek US Holding stock is likely to start another strong bullish trend.

  • Do The Indexes Call For A Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We know that a correction is on the cards. But what do the daily indexes tell us?

  • DuPont Gears Up For A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...DuPont gears up for a move, and we should be ready for it.

  • ENDP: Prepping for a Breakdown?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a well-defined, major consolidation fails to result in a continuation of the previous trend, look for a high probability move in the opposite direction.

  • Earthlink Heading For A Cycle Low Near $7?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With shares of Earthlink failing to take out their February 2012 high, is this stock now destined to drop down toward $7 again?

  • Euro Ripe For A Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The euro has endured a healthy correction since late December and appears poised to resume the uptrend.

  • Gas Prices Finally Set Up For A Fall

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a gain of almost 30% in three months, gas futures finally look like they are a short.

  • Getting Ready For A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does history say anything about the potential for a bottom, given that the Dow Jones 30 is down more than 20% this month?

  • Gold SPDR Set Up For A Trend Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Besides the pitchfork, Alan Hall Andrews developed many other lesser-known methods of technical analysis. Among these is the sliding horizontal line. The sliding horizontal line along with the pitchfork shows that the Gold Shares ETF is now set up for a

  • Gold Still Bullish But Due For A Breather

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The XAU gold index and most golds have had quite the run since the successful pullback test. Daily charts and a softening of spot price both suggest a small retracement is likely before the next upthrust.

  • Hang On! We're In For A Bumpy Ride

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hang On! We're In For A Bumpy Ride

  • Imax Readies For A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IMAX Corp. sports a bullish continuation pattern, and signs of accumulation point to a breakout in the stock.

  • InfoSys Searches for a Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After plunging from 115 to less than 55 in three months at the beginning of the year, shares of InfoSys are still trying to find a bottom. The developing descending triangle may help.

  • Intel Gears Up For A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intel consolidates and prepares for its next move. Its on-balance volume points to a breakout, but the stock must first fill a gap.

  • Intel Overdue For A Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by nearly 31% since early May 2012, shares of Intel Corp. may be getting ripe for a bullish trend reversal.

  • Interest Rates Basing for a Breakout?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See where the next big interest rate rise could begin.

  • Is Amazon Due For A Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Amazon has recently been testing the $250 level, a new all-time high.

  • Is Apache Corp. Preparing For A Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now trading at a new 52-week low, shares of Apache Corp. may be approaching a significant bullish reversal zone.

  • Is Autodesk Preparing For A Measured Move Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The projection of a measured move from one price level to another isn't a new technical concept, but it's still one that has merit.

  • Is Entergy Corp. Setting Up For A Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Support and resistance are converging, but the longer-term trend may dictate which way prices break.

  • Is FRX Setting Up For A Continuation Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After tracing out a well-formed consolidation pattern, will the new bullish breakout in shares of Forest Labs, Inc., lead to a continuation move?

  • Is Harman International Ready For A Pause?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks with high relative strength attract a lot of attention, helping drive prices even higher -- until the remaining buying power begins to diminish.

  • Is Natural Gas Ready For A Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Natural gas has corrected significantly since the May high but prices could be due for a bounce in the near-term.

  • Is Nike Due For A Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The share price of Nike (NKE) has gone up and up and up. Is the share price now due for a correction?

  • Is The Market Poised For A Turndown?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For some time now, I have been suggesting that the market could start turning down, moving into a new bear market that will last two to three years.

  • Jupitermedia Corp. Poised For A Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After an upmove, Jupitermedia Corp. (JUPM) consolidated for three to four months and then broke out for the next upmove. On a weekly basis, the stock is moving up from a 3-year base.

  • Looking For A Consistent, Profitable Trading Strategy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders are always looking for a strategy that will give them consistent profits, no matter which direction the market is going. Here's one that you may approve of.

  • Looking For A Gold Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been battered lately so it's time once again to consider buying the next gold bounce.

  • Looking For A Leader

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With technical analysis, we are always looking for an indicator or index that leads the market. This is not as easy as we think.

  • Looking For A Share To Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the start of the year 2017, and a new President taking over in the United States of America, looking for a share to buy and hold is not that easy.

  • Looking For A Stop Loss Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Should you buy & sell a stock just because the relative strength index says so?

  • Looking For A Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the stock market behaving the way it has since January 2018, how does one find a winner?

  • Looking For A Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With only 4 days left before the US Presidential election, and uncertainty as the outcome, finding a share to invest in is not that easy.

  • Looks Like the Dow is Set for a Possible Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A previously identified broadening pattern is now coming into play and a candlestick pattern hints at short term outcome.

  • MXIM: Prepping For A Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. have declined by nearly 15% in the last month but may now be nearing a critical support test.

  • Mini Gold: Setup for a Major Fall?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This may not be 'the' top in the gold market, but the balance of the technical evidence still suggests that traders should be prepared for the possibility of more downside.

  • NRG Fueled Up For A Run Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of NRG Energy, Inc., appear to have been given a go-ahead long entry setup on its daily time frame.

  • Nasdaq Headed For A Pattern Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the party over or is this a normal and healthy correction for the tech index?

  • Networking Index Due For A Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The networking index and the networkers have been beaten up badly, however it looks primed to at least give us a bear rally.

  • Nikkei Poised For A Powerful Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei has had the weight of a sumo wrestler on its shoulders in 2004 with a strong yen and high oil prices. Could 2005 provide some relief?

  • OSX Looks Ripe For A Measured Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent rally in the Oil Services Index ($OSX) looks like a corrective advance, and a breakdown from here would call for a measured move lower.

  • Plumbing For A Bottom In Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The beginning of October 2014 was a tough one for traders and investors. So what happens next?

  • Prepare For A Slow Bull

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull is definitely there. The matador, however, is frustrated by the lack of action as the bull just yawns and relaxes. What can he do to get it moving?

  • Programming for a global perspective by Charles Milmoe

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Programming for a global perspective by Charles Milmoe Today's global economy requires a global perspective. In March, when Drs. Pons and Fleischmann's cold fusion announcement directed my attention to palladium, I used the improved capabilities of toda

  • R2K Ripe For A 21-Day EMA Retest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Based on current internal strength readings and other technical criteria, the Russell 2000 index appears to be at or very near the start of a corrective move lower.

  • Real Networks Readies For A Real Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent gap by Real Networks is certainly positive, but one more hurdle needs to be cleared.

  • Russell 2000 Gears Up For A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 remains in a tight consolidation, and the impending break could have far-reaching consequences.

  • Ryland Group Looking For A Move On Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hard to believe, but some homebuilding stocks are actually on a tear.

  • Selecting Stocks For A Portfolio by Donald Stewart and Kenneth Stewart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Selecting Stocks For A Portfolio by Donald Stewart and Kenneth Stewart As redundant as it may sound, following the stock market is in reality following a market of stocks. And surveying a market of stocks can present a challenge. The brothers Stewart, u

  • Semi HOLDRS Heading For A Whole Lot Of Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The semiconductor HOLDRS is closing at the top of its 2005 range, and a reversal may be in the offing.

  • Sounding For A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the recent maelstrom in stocks, it is tempting to declare bottom with the first or second big rally. Here is why it pays to wait for confirmation.

  • Swiss Franc Index Poised For A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The decline in the Swiss franc index over the last few months looks like a correction, and a surge off support suggests that the correction is ending.

  • TSLA: Prepping For A Rebound?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Tesla Motors have experienced two significant corrections since October 2013; the latest one may be nearing its end, with a tradable rally soon to appear.

  • Tells For A Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The top in 2000 was preceded by a running negative stochastic divergence on the monthly charts. Now, a similar pattern is emerging in the autumn of 2005.

  • The S&P 500's Fibonacci Foraging For A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a key Fibonacci retracement level provide support for the falling S&P 500?

  • Time For A Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With April coming to an end, and the "sell in May" mantra out there, is it time to take profits and sit back?

  • Time For A Decision For Russell 2000?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ParaSar trading system has just gone short on IWM on its 60-minute time frame. Is it time to dump small caps?

  • Time For A NASDAQ Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the broad indexes are now likely to resume the bear market over the long run, in the short term the market looks ready to bounce.

  • Time For A NetFlix Pit Stop?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my January 10th article when the stock was trading around $86 ("Is The Worst Finally Over For Netflix?"), I presented an argument about why it might be time to buy the stock. Now with the stock and market looking a little toppy, it may be ti

  • VIP Ready For A Bullish Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Vimpel Communications is ready to resume a bullish rally.

  • Walgreens Co. : Prescription For A Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Walgreens Co. had risen nearly 80% since last summer's major low, but now appear to have hit a major supply area and are in the early stages of a correction.

  • Xerox Setting Up For A Bullish Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Xerox Corp. are in a near-term downtrend but may be approaching a key support and/or reversal zone soon.

  • YDKN Halts For A While

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish run of Yadkin Bank may be ready to reverse.

  • Zions Bancorp Ready For A Tumble?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While some financial sector stocks have recovered a portion of their summer losses, shares of Zions Bancorporation have not, and in fact appear to be setting up for another leg lower.

  • iShares Silver Trust Races For A Pennant

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After enduring a major multimonth bear market, iShares Silver Trust is forming a potentially bullish pattern.

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