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  • A Crude Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences in the MACD histogram anticipated the late January bounce in crude oil prices.

  • A Crude Pause

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A pause in the crude oil bounce as oil stocks test historic highs.

  • A Double Top Looms Over Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The continuous contract on crude oil is now showing signs of weakness after failing to rise above the peak made in mid-June. The seasonality cycle of crude oil usually causes prices to rise in the summer months. Could crude oil prices have already peaked

  • A Head And Shoulders Top For May Crude Oil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...May crude oil has been hitting new highs in recent months but the head and shoulders breakdown could indicate a correction in the near-term.

  • A Head and Shoulders Top in Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The summer ascending triangle breakout runs into a head and shoulders top.

  • A King-Sized Wave Count For Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has crude oil entered a pain-free zone for black gold bulls?

  • A Major Confluence Of Support For Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Light sweet crude is approaching a key support zone, which could act as a significant reversal point for prices.

  • A Trend Change For Crude Oil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite signs of weakness, crude oil prices have rallied recently. Has the short-term downtrend reversed?

  • A Wild Six Months for Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though crude oil prices have been up and down this year, predicting the various cycles has been easier than you might think.

  • Analyzing Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We'll combine RSI, the rate of change indicator, and Bollinger bands in a different way to see if crude oil is likely to move up or down.

  • Are Reversals Under Way For Crude Oil and Natural Gas?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is this it? Is this the major low for 2009 for the energy market bear?

  • Betting On Crude Oil, With Favorable Odds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On December 5, 2008, front-month crude oil closed below $41, the lowest price in nearly four and a half years. Does the bear market in oil have more downside, or is selling an out-of-the-money put a relatively safe bet?

  • Birth of a Crude Oil Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Evidence from all four market dimensions imply a bull market has begun for Crude Oil.

  • COT Trend Could Spell A Forthcoming Bottom In Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market sentiment says a rebound in oil prices is likely.

  • Caution For Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading sentiment could indicate a top in crude oil prices and the possibility of a pullback in the near term.

  • Crackin' Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic anticipated the reversal in oil stocks.

  • Cracks In The Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 2B top at the weekly level and a pair of negative divergences at the daily level suggest that the upside in crude might be limited in the near-term.

  • Crude Charges Into Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though the recent surge in oil shows tremendous strength, crude is quickly becoming short-term overbought and entering a resistance zone.

  • Crude Comes In

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Running negative stochastic divergences all but assure lower crude oil prices in the immediate-term.

  • Crude Comes In (Again)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bouncing off support from a years-long trend channel, crude oil's short-term weakness could be a prelude to longer-term strength.

  • Crude Cruise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Measuring the long-term view of crude oil futures market.

  • Crude Firming At Key Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a three-month decline, crude oil reached key support that could make or break the long-term uptrend.

  • Crude Likely To Stay In Trading Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil is likely to extend its three-year trading range, which forecasts a short-term drop in the price.

  • Crude Oil And Candlesticks by Gary S. Wagner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude Oil And Candlesticks by Gary S. Wagner The rise and fall of oil prices have a global effect on all aspects of the markets. Here we look at this historical price movement through the eyes of candle patterns. he underlying psychology of market sen

  • Crude Oil And Stock Market Connection

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The relationship of Crude Oil and Stocks could reveal economic weakness.

  • Crude Oil And The MACD Histogram

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The MACD histogram gives good signals. The slope of the MACD histogram is used to determine if a trend is safe. Divergences between the MACD histogram and prices can identify shifts in momentum. Center line crossovers can also pinpoint changes in trend.

  • Crude Oil Barrier

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why Price, Time, Sentiment, and Momentum dimensions indicate Crude Oil is near significant resistance.

  • Crude Oil Finally Cracks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A negative divergence sets up a sharply downward turn in crude oil futures.

  • Crude Oil Finally Cracks (Again)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having broken down from above $30 highs in September, December crude breaks down again in late October.

  • Crude Oil Futures Break Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil has broken out of consolidation patterns both on the weekly and daily charts. Breakouts on two time frames simultaneously lead to powerful moves. One thing is sure: Crude oil has broken out of a strong base for this rally and it is unlikely t

  • Crude Oil Hits Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The light crude oil rally has temporarily halted. The temporary bearish rally is likely to create a new buy setup.

  • Crude Oil Index Is Under Pressure

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The light crude oil index has moved sideways after an exclusive advance rally. Let us check out the future stability of the consolidation range.

  • Crude Oil Looks Bearish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rate of change is bearish for crude oil on monthly and daily charts.

  • Crude Oil May Bounce Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The sharp plunge in oil prices since July brought great relief across the financial markets. The commodity has cooled almost $40 from the highs. Can the oversold stochastic result in a price bounce?

  • Crude Oil Moves Slowly And Surely Upwards

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking at their weekly chart, Crude Oil futures are ready to break out of a head and shoulder consolidation pattern. This consolidation occurred over the last four years and now seems headed towards $47.

  • Crude Oil Plunge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why Crude Oil could continue to trend lower.

  • Crude Oil Set To Fall

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With fears of Iran receding to the back of newspapers, the risk premium in oil could drop and the trend seems to be changing directions.

  • Crude Oil Spike

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why attack on oil installation may not result in $100 a barrel Crude Oil.

  • Crude Oil Triple Bottom Close To Completion?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can it be? Is the developing triple-bottom pattern on the crude oil daily chart for real? If so, how far might crude prices rise?

  • Crude Oil Trying To Overcome Key Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a potentially bullish consolidation pattern finally lead to a break of key resistance?

  • Crude Oil's Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up from a November 2001 low of 19, crude oil has gained over 57%. Does an upside triangle breakout mean there's even higher ground ahead?

  • Crude Oil's Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A double-pattern breakout indicates higher crude oil prices in the long term.

  • Crude Oil's Bullish Consolidation Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil prices have settled into a bullish trading range since early January, indicating the potential for higher prices ahead.

  • Crude Oil's Hourly Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at crude oil through the lens of the 60-minute chart suggests a possible reversal in crude oil's bull run.

  • Crude Oil's Triangle-In-Progress

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The symmetrical triangle in continuous crude oil futures is well worth watching.

  • Crude Oil: Hourly Chart Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The April 2014 crude oil futures contract has completed a successful - and powerful - bullish breakout on its hourly time frame.

  • Crude Oil: More Downside this Fall Season?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil's technicals and seasonality trends suggest there may still be more downside as the fall season progresses.

  • Crude Oil: Roar Or Death Rattle?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With crude oil making a new all-time NYMEX high today, you can be sure that plenty of people are going to start chirping about it again, and much of the discussion will likely assume a grim tone given the quickly expiring oil reserves. However, does thi

  • Crude Warns Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A major MACDH trough suggests that the top in crude oil futures may be in.

  • Crude oil tests $20

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of crude oil has collapsed over the past few weeks and the selling resumed after a brief respite. You don't need to be an economist to know why oil has been falling. It is very simple: there has been a massive imbalance in global demand an

  • December Crude Crosses The Line: New Highs And Negative Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A strong bull market in 2007 took December crude to levels not seen since August 2006. Is it time for crude to come in?

  • December Crude Oil Showing Signs of Recovery

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...December crude oil has been in a downward spiral for the last month-and-a-half. Though the contract failed to confirm a bottom last week, there were some positive technical developments on Monday.

  • December Crude Oil is Stuck in a Trading Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...December crude oil has been stuck in a week-long trading range since selling off late last month. A break out of this trading range will determine whether or not prices continue their downward trend.

  • Drilling Range For Crude Oil Futures

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a market outlook for the crude oil futures index.

  • Evening Star Patterns In Light Crude?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Light-Crude Oil Index is likely to lose its past week's gains under the bearish shadows.

  • Gold Outperforming Crude By Wide Margin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though each of these inflation-sensitive commodities has fallen from their respective highs, gold is outperforming crude oil by a wide margin.

  • Gold To Crude Ratio Still Favoring Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making a breathtaking, parabolic move toward 25, the gold/crude oil ratio has consolidated, tracing out what could be the early stages of a pennant or wedge pattern.

  • Has December Crude Oil Put in a Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...December crude oil broke out of a bearish rectangle formation early last week. However, the contract bounced off a key retracement level, which could signal a potential bottom in crude oil prices.

  • How High For Crude?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As of late spring 2011, the varied response to geopolitics has pushed already firm Ny m e x Wt i crude oil prices to more than $100 per barrel. Sensing the speculation, major media and news outlets have caught the "how high will crude oil go" bug

  • How Low Can Crude Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bearish flag sets the stage for lower lows in crude in the spring of 2006.

  • How The U.S. Dollar Relates To Gold And Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The dollar is going through an upward technical correction while in a downtrend, whereas gold and crude oil are going through a downward correction in an uptrend. Has the downtrend ended for the dollar and the uptrend ended for gold and crude? I don&ap

  • Is Crude Oil Ready To Run?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With crude oil futures correcting toward the lower end of their multimonth trend channel, oil stocks continue to warn of weakness.

  • Is Crude Ready to Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Could an upside breakout from an intermediate head and shoulders bottom put October crude above 30?

  • Is Crude Starting Another Upmove? (Bullish Wedge)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil seems to have completed its decline in the last few weeks in the shape of bullish wedge. It seems to have found support at $48. If it sustains the $51 level, it could head to the $61 level.

  • June Crude Breaks Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Signs of slowing momentum in mid-February lead to a trendline break in mid-March.

  • June Crude Oil: Low Risk Swing Buy Zone?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With bullish agreement on two key time frames, June 2014 crude oil futures look set to rally in the near term.

  • June Crude Rally Retreats At Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three months' worth of price consolidation prove a barrier to crude oil's attempt to move higher in early March.

  • Kiss Crude Oil Goodbye?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-term and mid-term outlook for crude oil futures.

  • Leveled Off In Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's the midterm price analysis of crude oil (CL) futures.

  • Light Crude Oil Index Bullish Or Bearish?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term bullish reversal pattern waits for the potential breakout.

  • Light Crude Poised To Resume Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oil has temporarily alleviated the recent overbought condition and inflationary concerns with a seasonal fall in October. It now appears poised for a resumption of the uptrend.

  • Light Crude Tests Rally Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting a bottom in November, June crude has gained more than 20%. Does a second failed test of the rally high mean the party's over for the bulls?

  • March Crude Oil - A Pause Or A Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes a chart pattern can be interpreted a number of ways. Knowing how to see the big picture can help make the job easier.

  • Money Flow and the Comeback of Light Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a descent in late November, February light crude has begun climbing . . . again.

  • NYMEX Crude Oil Continuous Contract: Down To Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Bollinger Bands suggest a trading range is developing.

  • NYMEX Crude Oil: Near All-Time Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Indications are for a continuation of the trading range.

  • Seasonal Play In Crude Brings Cheer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While OPEC deals are all the talk, the real fundamentals moving crude prices are often predictably cyclical. Here is how to capitalize as we start 2017

  • Slippery Slopes Of Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's the midterm price outlook for crude oil futures.

  • Symmetrical Triangle In Light Crude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...$WTIC has formed a symmetrical triangle on the daily chart. The breakout direction will strengthen the rally.

  • The Alarming Oil-Light Crude Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long rally, crude oil is consolidating and is ready for breakout. This breakout may lead to a bloodbath in global financial markets.

  • The Crude Mini Cometh by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V. 22:9 (78-82): The Crude Mini Cometh by David Penn Minis? Energies? For the little guy, trading energy futures just got easier. What were you doing in the autumn of 1990? Well, if you were a futures trader, and it was sometime in late August or early

  • The Light Crude Oil Hits Crucial Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The declining rally of the Light Crude Oil Index has retraced towards robust supports. Will the index surge or break support?

  • The Real Reason Crude Oil Is Dropping

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the price of crude oil is steadily declining you will hear pundits come up with numerous reasons for the decline. Some have merit, but the majority fail to truly understand why the bears are out in full force.

  • The Short-Term Outlook For Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil prices recently bounced off support around the $45.00 level but now face resistance at $50.00.

  • Trade Crude Now by John L. Momsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trade Crude Now by John L. Momsen Don't brush aside a straightforward futures trade just because you think it's too risky. Try combining seasonals with options -- you might be pleasantly surprised. A simple option spread combined with a seasonal trade c

  • WTI Crude Weekly: Statistical & Structural Resistance Confluence Held As An Early Rally Failed

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into breakout and its subsequent failure in Thursday, May 7, 2020's auction. Market structure and order flow provide insight into th

  • What's Next For Crude?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude scaled back substantially from its $49 high, but has sinced regained some ground, as it has consolidated and inched back up to the $45 level. What's in store for the next couple of weeks?

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