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  • $DJUSCH Readies To Break Out From Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Chemical Index has formed an ascending triangle on daily and weekly time frames and is now ready to break out.

  • : Curtis Faith And Trading From Your Gut by J. Gopalakrishnan & B. Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Curtis Faith is best known for getting his start as a member of the Turtles, the elite Chicago trading group. In his early 20s, Faith earned more than $30 million as a member of the renowned group that started as a bet between its founders, Richard

  • A Breakup From The Bottom For Intel?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The semiconductor group got hit pretty hard in July and August, but a bullish breakout in shares of Intel Corp. now seems to imply that a rally may have begun.

  • A View Of 2004 From The Inside

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It was another great year for corporate insiders to cash in their company's stock, and they did so in a big way. It is important that the trader understand how insider signals work and under what conditions they generate the best results. Here&apo

  • A helping hand from the Arms Index by James Alphier and Bill Kuhn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A helping hand from the Arms Index by James Alphier and Bill Kuhn It was just about 20 years ago when Richard W. Arms, Jr. published in the pages of Barron's his new index number which combined upside and downside volume with the traditionally watched s

  • Amazon Breaking Higher From Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After three months of mostly sideways price action, shares of Amazon broke decisively higher on July 27, 2012 -- and on big volume.

  • An Early Warning From the Broadening Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last Thursday when Compuware Corporation (CPWR) tumbled from $11.10 on Wednesday's close to a low of $7.51 on Thursday many were wondering what happened. This 32% loss in one day demonstrates the fragility of today's markets.

  • Apple Falling Farther From The Tree?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There has been much ado, primarily fundamentally driven, that the drop in Apple from its September 2012 highs is overdone. Technically speaking, however, here is a case that the correction still has a way to go.

  • Apple, From Soft To Sour

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two weeks ago, I made the case for more downside on Apple. After mounting a weak rally, it resumed its downtrend with a vengeance.

  • Are Drug Stocks Suffering From Hypertension?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term wedge formations that have developed in the pharmaceutical indices may very well be nearing an end. Look for a breakout to predict future moves.

  • Are There Benefits From Buying Alternative Energy Technology?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With California's power crisis and the recent volatility in oil prices, it's tempting to buy alternative energy technology stocks. But are they profitable investments?

  • Barr Labs Breaks Down From Consolidation Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most stocks or commodities cannot maintain a sharp rise or fall for an extended period of time. Sharp moves in any direction are often followed by a consolidation pattern, with an eventual breakout or breakdown in the same direction. The Barr Labs chart

  • Broad US Markets Break Higher From Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a month of sideways price action, the broad US stock indexes have finally tipped their hand, breaking higher on big volume and wide ranges.

  • CAT Jumps Down From Here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Earnings are good and Caterpillar's long-term prospects appear to be bright, but cyclical analysis suggests that the stock may be due for a significant pullback in the near term.

  • CHKP Surges From Long Consolidation Period

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Check Point Software Technologies has been consolidating in a wide range for the past few years, and the stock is likely to witness a bright future.

  • Can You Profit From The Energy Crisis?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From telecommunications to electric power, deregulation in the utilities industry is opening up a wealth of opportunities - and challenges - for retail investors.

  • Citigroup Breaks Down From A Broadening Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial stocks are generally the first casualty of rising interest rates. Citigroup's (C) chart has broken down from a broadening top and is likely to see lower levels in the days to come.

  • Critical Lessons From July 2011

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There were critical lessons to be learned from July 2011 for a trader that could affect your trading either positively or negatively, depending if you truly know what they are.

  • DISCA: Breakdown From Three-Month Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having recently breached the downside of a three month old trading range pattern, shares of Discovery Communications appear to be setting up for yet another leg down.

  • Detecting Breakouts From Flags & Pennants by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:5 (48-57): Detecting Breakouts From Flags & Pennants by Markos Katsanos Here's a system to identify and trade flag and pennant formations. In my previous article, I wrote about the measuring implications, duration, and identi

  • Determining stock value from price and earnings by Paul T. Holliday

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Determining stock value from price and earnings by Paul T. Holliday The value of stocks and stock indices are generally derived from such fundamentals as earnings and return on investment. The value that investors place on a stock or stock index may als

  • Don't Always Take Investment Advice From The Radio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The commercial advertisement says to buy natural gas now because it always goes up in the winter...but data shows that's only true for part of the winter.

  • Dow Jones Utility Average Moves Down From Bearish Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DJUA has formed a bearish wedge, so keep an eye out on this index.

  • FSHOX From Worst To First

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the Fidelity Select sector fund universe, the construction and homebuilding fund is now the one with the strongest relative strength versus the broad market.

  • FedEx Bursting Higher From A Range?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Staying on top of the trend reversals and changes in the markets you follow is of vital importance. Here's a look at a smart way to keep track of them.

  • Fibonacci Extension Clues From Past Retracements

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using the Fibonacci tool on price action that has already unfolded can provide us with clues in terms of what to expect next when price breaks out of a range.

  • Five Key Trading Principles From The Great Bear

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Considered to be the greatest trader who ever lived, Jesse Livermore and his trading career offers five key trading principles to help guide your success.

  • Forex Focus: Profiting From The Gartley by Todd Gordon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:11 (14-18): Forex Focus: Profiting From The Gartley by Todd Gordon Access to foreign exchange trading has opened up exciting trading options for the retail trader. You can now trade alongside corporations and institutions in a

  • Four Lessons From Three Decades Of Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you had the opportunity, why not learn a thing or two from those who have already figured out what works and what doesn't? Here's a chance to soak up some wisdoms as one trader shares lessons he learned as he traveled along his 30-year trading journey

  • From Baby Bells To Telcos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a competitive market, only the strong survive. Soon we'll be able to separate the pretenders from the contenders in telecommunications.

  • From Breakout To Pullback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After breaking out in mid-February and reaching its minimum upside price projection, the S&P 500 retraced nearly 50% of its gains. Now back at the breakout highs, the bulls find themselves bucking for more.

  • From Consolidation To Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Consolidations in trends are often resolved by further movement in the direction of the previous trend. This is not one of those consolidations.

  • From Flat To Zigzag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How the rule of alternation warned bears of a sharp reversal near the end of September.

  • From Greed & Fear To Grow & Protect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the markets are rallying, little thought is given to protecting your assets. But what happens when the markets turn and start quickly moving down? In this first part of a two-part series, find out how this author follows a set of guidelines to prote

  • From Greed & Fear To Grow & Protect, Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In part 1 of this two-part article, you were introduced to rules you could apply in various markets, including markets recovering from a decline. Here in part 2, we'll see how well the rules work.

  • From KORS to CPRI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Michael Kors acquired Jimmy Choo for $896 million in 2017 and Versace for $2.1 billion in 2018. The company also changed its name to Capri Holdings (CPRI). With these two acquisitions, CPRI looks set to overhaul the existing power structure of global fas

  • From Nile to NYSE by Radha Panini

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:2 (44-48): From Nile to NYSE by Radha Panini Here's an analysis of the profitability of an indicator based on the Hurst exponent. In researching and developing trading systems, we came across an indicator based on fractal con

  • From Pain To Gain

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most traders fail to adjust their trading strategy to match the current market. Here are five ways to identify when a trending market changes direction

  • From Plain Vanilla To Exotic: So Many Options!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pack your bags! Whether you're looking for adventure or assurance in your options, spouses and tulip bulbs are no match for today's exotic varieties.

  • From Strategy To System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A system seems to be an algorithm of the interaction of three subsystems: strategy, signal system, and sizing.

  • From Zigzag To Triangle?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Elliott wave theory to game the correction of January/February 2005.

  • GBP/USD Rising From Consolidation Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The British pound/US dollar forex currency pair has been range-bound since June 2009, offering daily based swing traders with a fresh long entry opportunity.

  • Gilbert Raff: From Medicine To Money Management by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gilbert Raff: From Medicine To Money Management by Thom Hartle Stocks & Commodities readers have suggested that we interview someone who did not start his or her career in the financial community but was successful enough in the markets to change career

  • Gold Breaking Out From Weekly Flag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's corrective move may finally be over, and a bullish breakout from its weekly flag pattern may imply substantially higher prices.

  • Gold's Fall From Grace

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's speculative bubble has burst. Where are we headed from here?

  • Gold: Protection From Market Crashes?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are many sayings and wisdoms about the markets, and many of them exist for good reason. But technical analysts never assume; rather, they put things to the test. Here's a quick analysis on whether gold retains its value during market downturns

  • Goldman Sachs: From 2B Top To Stochastic Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Best in breed" broker or "penultimate hedge fund"?

  • HP: Expecting A Bounce From Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Truly an epic market performer during 2012/2013, shares of Helmerich & Payne may be nearing the end of a proportional pullback to support.

  • Hannon Armstrong Profiting From The New Economy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my never-ending search for companies that will prosper in the new renewable energy and technology economy, I came across this momentum stock. And it looks to be breaking out to new all-time highs on above average volume again.

  • How Much Can I Really Make From Trading?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We trade because we want to make money, but how much can a trader realistically make per day, week, month, quarter, or year? Read on to find out what goal you should set

  • How To Profit From A Deep Stock Decline

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn how to tell whether a stock will resume its trend after a decline and how to enter early on with low risk.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock market has experienced a short-term downswing for more than one month. This downswing has cost investors a quick 35% on their investments. During the shakeout of this high volitility period an investor can take a small amount of risk by trading

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Symantec Corporation has been in a $48-$70 trading range over the last four months.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 3

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ebay, Inc. has been in a $130-$170 trading spanning the last eight months.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 4

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Computer has been in a $110-$130 trading range over the last eight months.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 5

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Compaq Computer Corp. has been in a $24-$30 trading range over the last five months.

  • Imclone Systems (IMCL) From A Long-Term Perspective

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long and the short of it for Imclone.

  • In A Topping Market, Small Caps Have Diverged From Industrials

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my last article, "Another Sign Of A Market Top?," we saw how the transports had diverged from the industrials, which is a Dow theory warning sign that a reversal may be in the offing. A falling Russell 2000 small-cap index adds more weight t

  • Interview: A Unique Perspective From Jonathan Rose Of

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Taking what he has learned from being a floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade and turning it into actionable trading ideas has made Jonathan Rose the trader he is today. His ability to hunt for opportunities that coul

  • Interview: From The Pit To The PC: Lewis J. Borsellino by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From The Pit To The PC Lewis J. Borsellino The current, never-before-seen bull market in stocks has led to tremendous growth in trading the Standard & Poor's 500 futures pits. One top S&P trader, Lewis Borsellino, has been a runner, a clerk, a broker, a

  • Interview: Get The Gann Skinny From Hima Reddy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trader, educator, author, and mentor Hima Reddy, CMT, was introduced to trading by her late father and has continued on that path since the day she laid eyes on her first price chart. She applies Gann's price and time analysis to the markets with a more

  • Interview: Michael "Trader Mike" Seneadza: From Swing Trading to Daytrading by J. Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:7 (62-67): Interview: Michael "Trader Mike" Seneadza: From Swing Trading to Daytrading by J. Gopalakrishnan Atlanta, GA?based independent stock trader Michael Seneadza received a bachelor of science degree in electrical engine

  • Interview: Tales From The Front: Robert Zellner by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tales From The Front: Robert Zellner Robert Zellner, whose career has ranged from academic to institutional trader to business manager before settling on full-time private trader, started off with his sights aimed on academia, despite a grandfather who

  • Is A Sherwin Williams Breakout Looming From Consolidation?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Sherwin Williams appear to be in prime position to rally along with the rest of the broad market after Thursday, October 20's notable intraday reversal.

  • Is Barnes & Inc. Expecting More From Harry Potter?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is not what you feel that gives you profits in the market, it is what you see, and Barnes and Noble does look interesting.


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...LEADING INDICATORS FROM FOURIER SPECTRAL ANALYSIS by William T. Taylor The purpose of this article is to expand upon my previous work July 1984 Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine) into an area not normally discussed as part of Spectral

  • LIN TV - Profits From Election Season?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In an oversold market, bargain hunters can start looking for stocks with good long-term prospects. Lin TV has strong potential in the coming weeks and over the next year.

  • Las Vegas From Home

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gambling is a profession or an addiction, whether at a casino in Las Vegas or in Vancouver, BC, in Canada, where casinos are proliferating.

  • Learn From The Pros

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Professional traders use different analysis techniques to successfully trade price action in the currency markets. How do you achieve that professional status? Learn how one trader transitioned from an amateur trader to a successful trader

  • Learning From Netflix

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Former high-flier Netflix fell sharply. Looking at the chart in hindsight, troubling signs were evident, and there are lessons we can apply in the future.

  • Learning From The Masters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bernard Baruch and Jesse Livermore were the two best-known Wall Street personalities of their eras. Their contrasting approaches to investing and to life still provide useful lessons to the investors of today.

  • Learning From The Past With Silver

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis is based on the idea that history tends to repeat itself and shows up as similar patterns in charts. Other commodities have acted like silver, and their charts may help navigate this current bubble.

  • Messages From The Transportation Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A fresh perspective on a classic Dow Theory signal.

  • Messages From the Transportation Stocks - Part Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dow Jones Transportation Average could signal bull market termination.

  • Messages from a Split Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See what stock market messages were sent on June 9, 2017.

  • Messages from a Split Stock Market - Part Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why Nasdaq 100 underperformance could signal an imminent decline.

  • Monster Reversal From Major Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do the broad US markets still have enough get-up-and-go to recover from the recent round of losses? Perhaps. Here's an encouraging breakout/momentum play in an up-and-coming S&P 500 component stock that's on the move.

  • More Mileage From Margin by John Summa

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V. 22:3 (48-50): More Mileage From Margin by John Summa Looking for ways to get more from your margin? Try this. As an option writer, which by definition produces limited profit scenarios, I am particularly concerned about finding ways to lower my cost

  • Mutual Fund Timing: Lessons From The Past

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Timing the stock market need not be a complex task. Nor should the market timing of mutual funds.

  • Nasdaq Composite Breaks Down From A Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq composite broke down from a bearish head and shoulders pattern on both the daily and weekly pattern. It has returned from the upper end of its weekly range to continue trading in a consolidation range.

  • New Insights From Classic Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analysts have developed hundreds of technical indicators over the years. Sometimes new indicators help technical analysts discover success. Other analysts find success by looking at old indicators in new ways. Here, we explore a popular indicator from a

  • Pork Bellies: From Poke To Broke

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The post-negative divergence decline was severe. And resistance at the 10-day EMA suggests more downside is possible.

  • Profit Leader From Health Care

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reform in health care is coming, and one company is at the forefront from profiting from it.

  • Profiting From Convergence by Ira G. Kawaller

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profiting From Convergence by Ira G. Kawaller Here are three ways to capitalize on the property of convergence -- the fact that futures prices and spot prices will necessarily come together at the futures expiration. The same concept can be applied to ma

  • Profiting From Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If gold continues higher, smaller mining companies offer superior potential.

  • Profiting From Inverse ETFs In Bear Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the market heads down, there are still ways to profit that don't require taking an outright short position. Here's a look at some of the inverse ETFs available, how they have performed, and what risks are involved

  • Profiting From Monthly Trading Cycles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price movement in stocks comes in waves, and within waves are more cyclical waves. What's the best way to analyze them? Here's a look at using a scientific approach to measure cycles

  • Profiting From Protracted Consolidations

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How can a pattern in the USD/JPY indicate what to expect in the EUR/CHF? Find out how you can use it to your advantage.

  • Profiting From Tectonic Shifts In The Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are major shifts under way in the market, and you can reap huge gains if you're on the right side...

Profiting From The Tick Indicator by James Kellndorfer

  • Profiting From Volatile Markets With OOPS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This famous Larry Williams trade setup can be especially profitable when markets are making wide intraday swings.

  • Profiting From the Gap With Overnight Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you hate entering a new trading position first thing in the morning, especially after the market has already staged a big rally in the overnight session? Why not investigate ways to trade both the day and night session automatically or on an "as-

  • Profiting from the Z-Score by Mike DeAmicis-Roberts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profiting from the Z-Score by Mike DeAmicis-Roberts What is the Z-score? You can use it to identify the types of winning and losing streaks in a trading system. Once the nature of the streaks are determined, then you can use different money management a

  • Profits From Higher Gas Prices

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...According to some analysts, prices at the pump will certainly hit $4 a gallon in the coming year and may even top $5. The futures market is one way to benefit from such a rise.

  • Pullback Likely From Extreme For Marathon Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Parabolic rises in stocks eventually fizzle out, usually bringing prices back to a meaningful support level sooner or later. Here's a look at a high-flying energy stock that may have moved too high, too fast and is now likely ripe for a reversal.

Quick Scan: PowerAnalyzer from EZTrade

Quick-Scans: Monthly Updates from Technical Tools

  • Quicksilver Resources: Breaking Higher From Base

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Quicksilver Resources have staged a strong flat-base bullish breakout, with more gains anticipated.

  • Recession Warning From Technical Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technicians usually analyze price moves to trade stocks and other securities. However, they can also apply their skills to economic analysis.

  • Reducing profit variability from technical trading systems by Milton S. Boyd and B. Wade Brorsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reducing profit variability from technical trading systems by Milton S. Boyd and B. Wade Brorsen Some technical traders spend a sizable portion of their time searching for the perfect trading system or the ""optimal"" parameters, hoping the newly discov

  • SCM.V Ready To Break From Bull Flag?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Penny stocks are among the most volatile of all, but for the patient and wise, substantial gains are possible. Here's a fascinating setup in a Canadian precious metals stock.

  • SOX Bounces From Turning Point

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The semiconductor index (SOX) is a useful barometer for the equity market and it has remained in a steady downtrend for 2004. Recently the market has enjoyed a sharp bounce upward, perhaps signaling a change in the downward trend.

  • Shanghai Composite Index Springs From Cycle Low

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Shanghai Composite Index (SSEC) tracks yuan-denominated Class A shares and dollar-denominated Class B shares.

  • She flashes signals from the pit at CBT by Phyllis Brock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...She flashes signals from the pit at CBT by Phyllis Brock At precisely 8:00 a.m. Central Time a buzzer sounds and the financial floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBT) bursts into life. Runners scurry about carrying messages between traders, brokers an

  • Shelter From The Volatility Storm?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market-neutral funds are supposed to shelter investors from market volatility. Do they live up to expectations?

  • Shipper Slips From Head And Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many stocks in this group bottomed in December 2004 and spent January 2005 in rally mode. In this stock, a failed topping pattern helped anticipate the advance.

  • Shouting Silver From The Rooftops?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to start shouting it again?

  • Shrinking From Opportunity by Adrienne Laris Toghraie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shrinking From Opportunity by Adrienne Laris Toghraie Stretch your comfort zone of predictable patterns and look for your shot at the gold ring. Opportunity is all around us. True, occasionally it is a challenge to locate it, when conditions have chang

  • Signals From The Hang Seng

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why this index could give clues for a global stock market decline.

  • Spotting Breakouts From Price Channels

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Explosive breakouts can occur from price channels if you understand how to spot them and use them.

  • Stock Market Lessons From Mr. Fibonacci

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why September 1, 2016 could be a bottom for US stocks.

  • Stock Market Lessons from Mr. Fibonacci - Part Three

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The incredible string of Fibonacci turn dates continues. See why September 14, 2016 could be the next bottom.

  • Stock Market Lessons from Mr. Fibonacci - Part Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why the September 1, 2016 bottom could be the prelude to a major stock market peak.

  • Stock Market Signals From The Sentiment Dimension

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Simple methods to measure sentiment of the US stock market. Every market has four dimensions: Price, Time, Momentum, and Sentiment. The Sentiment dimension delves into the realm of investor/trader psychology by discovering bullish and bearish extremes.

  • Tesla After The Cybertruck Reveal - Where To From here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tesla stock took a hit after the Cybertruck reveal and window demo fail but there are some powerful reasons why this reaction might just be temporary.

  • The Closing Score: Extracting Sentiment From Price

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gauging the emotions and sentiment of traders in any market can be one of the most important predictive indicators you can extract from available information. But what drives sentiment and how can you make any sense of it? Well, that can be a little tric

  • The Inflation Story: Separating Fact From Fiction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Policy makers would have us believe that inflation is contained and that deflation is the greater threat to our economy. Remembering the fate suffered by those who trusted policymakers' statistics and advice on the housing market in 2005 and 2006, i

  • The New Normal & How To Profit From It

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is there such a thing as a "normal" market environment anymore? From the looks of it, probably not, but that may not be a bad thing. There are still opportunities to make a lot of money. We'll explore them he

  • Timing Tops: Lessons From Bubbles Past

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rate of change indicator is often overlooked by technicians, but it can offer timely signals.

  • Tips From TV About COST

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rule is, when everyone is buying, that is the time to sell.

  • Trading Insights From "The Last Samurai"

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders can take some tips from the ultimate warriors.

  • Trading clues from options volatility by Dave Caplan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading clues from options volatility by Dave Caplan The significance of volatility is overlooked and underestimated by most traders in the options area. This includes both the effect of volatility on the premium cost of an option when purchased, and th

  • Transportation Index Surges From Bearish Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bearish flag & pennant pattern saw upside breakout, and the technicals suggest consolidation following.

  • Trendlines: From Support To Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whether as support or resistance, trendlines can play more than one role in bull markets.

  • ULTA Emerging From Sleep

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ULTA has recently emerged from its deep sleep and could have major repercussions for the rest of the market.

  • Verisign Breaks Higher From Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Verisign, a name familiar to all NASDAQ 100 traders, is on the move again, this time breaking sharply higher from a five-week old consolidation pattern.

  • War Stories from Commodex by Philip Gotthelf

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...War Stories from Commodex by Philip Gotthelf Unforgiving is a word frequently used to describe both markets and subscribers to stock or commodity advisory services. When we in the advisory business make profits, it is never enough. When we experience lo

  • What Can We Learn From Warren Buffett?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders can take cues from investors. Here's a look at mimicking what legendary investor Warren Buffett is doing

  • What Trading Lessons Can We Draw From Facebook?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's next for Facebook, and what lessons can we learn after its rebound from the 200-day moving average?

  • Where Are The Markets Headed From Here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Divergence analysis using momentum indicators can assist traders in spotting potential trend changes weeks before they occur. Here, we examine what the Chaikin money flow indicator may be trying to tell us.

  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are we hurtling toward a crash or a bubble?

  • Whirlpool Breakout From The Reverse Head & Shoulders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head & shoulders pattern can be both a consolidation and a reversal. You'll see why.

Working Money: From Plain Vanilla To Exotic: So Many Options by Clem Chambers

Working Money: Where Do We Go From Here? by Thomas Maskell

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