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Article Archive For Keyword: Energy

  • A Break Of Key Support For Reliant Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A recent break of support could lead to further weakness for Reliant Energy.

  • A Double Bottom Pattern For Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a 62% plunge since the May high, the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF appears to have formed a double bottom on its daily chart.

  • A Gamble On Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Summer holidays are approaching, and the price of gas has started rising. Is it time to buy energy shares?

  • A High-Yield Dividend Play For Energy Bulls

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The energy sector is still struggling to find a solid base to build upon after falling for the better part of five months. Here's a setup on an ultra-high yield stock in the oil & gas pipeline industry group.

  • A Trading Range For TransGlobe Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...TransGlobe Energy's failed triangle breakout last month has created additional buying opportunities for the stock.

  • Alon Energy USA Divergence Signal Near Major High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of ALJ have had a strong bullish run since June 2012 but may be due for a proportional pullback to support soon.

  • Alternative Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an option to approach new technologies that favor a cleaner environment.

  • An Update On Talisman Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Talisman Energy is bumping up against downtrend resistance once again.

  • Analyzing Starpoint Energy Trust

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In Canada, income trusts offer one of the highest sources of sustainable recurring cash yield in equity and fixed-income markets and are therefore the preferred structure for many retirees.

  • Antrim Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the price of oil going up as the market slowly moves into the recession, oil companies are the obvious choice as investment/speculative vehicles.

  • Applying The JM Strategy To Torrent Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the price of oil appearing to settle at the $50 level, all companies involved in energy have come under the spotlight.

  • Are Energy Stocks Powering Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive directional movement in the daily chart of energy stocks suggests more bounce for energies.

  • Are There Benefits From Buying Alternative Energy Technology?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With California's power crisis and the recent volatility in oil prices, it's tempting to buy alternative energy technology stocks. But are they profitable investments?

  • Atlas Energy Lost Previous Gains

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the developed uptrend of Atlas Energy on edge to reverse?

  • Can You Profit From The Energy Crisis?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From telecommunications to electric power, deregulation in the utilities industry is opening up a wealth of opportunities - and challenges - for retail investors.

  • Canadian Solar Among Clean Energy Stocks To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is worth keeping a close eye on stocks in the renewable energy sector as the race towards cleaner energy intensifies.

  • Canadian Solar Energy Is On the Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the last year, CSIQ jumped more than 4000%. To paraphrase the great Winston Churchill, is this the end, the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning for this solar powerhouse?

  • Center Point Energy (CNP) Topping Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This energy play shows several signs of topping out, making it a prudent sell.

  • Chesapeake Energy - Buy Puts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once in a while, it makes sense to buy put options for speculative trade purposes. Here's one such opportunity.

  • Consol Energy Intraday Play Based On A Daily Swing Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the wake of Consol Energy's 84% plunge, the stock of one of the US's largest coal miners is setting up for a low-risk intraday move.

  • Consol Energy: Bearing Down On Key Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Consol Energy are down markedly in the last five weeks and are now approaching a major support level.

  • Constellation Energy Group And A Low Risk In A Volatile Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the market having lost nearly 10% in recent weeks, safety should be a consideration for all investors.

  • Detecting Energy Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's all about identfying strong energy in support & resistance levels on a price chart. Here's one tool that helps uncover the strong energy of support & resistance, giving a trader more clarity when it comes to making trading decisions

  • Devon Energy Closing In On A Major Low?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Devon Energy appear to be getting close to an important price reversal area, and with numerous technical dynamics aligning in bullish fashion, the anticipated rally in this large-cap energy player's stock could provide plenty of opportunit

  • Devon Energy Long Swing Setup Possible

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Standard & Poor's 500 typically putting in a strong year-end performance for the majority of the years since 1980, scouting the market horizon for low-risk swing trade setups might be a good investment of time.

  • Devon Energy Testing Key Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Devon Energy faces a tough task in the near term.

  • Devon Energy: Due For Pullback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A number of S&P 500 index stocks are manifesting short-term reversal patterns, including shares of Devon Energy.

  • Duke Energy At New 52-Week High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Electric utility stocks may not be the biggest movers in the market, but they are still a good way to add diversity and stability to a stock portfolio.

  • Duke Energy In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Duke Energy Corp. has been offering good buying opportunities for all types of traders and investors.

  • Duke Energy Pulling Back To Key Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Further price weakness in the near term could create an excellent buying opportunity for this stock.

  • Energy Sector Consolidates

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the Energy Select Sector undergo a bullish breakout or drop down to previous lows?

  • Energy Sector SPDR Undergoing Trend Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Energy Select Sector SPDR has formed a descending triangle. Can the upward breakout of the bearish pattern sustain, indicating a major trend reversal?

  • Energy Sector To Continue Higher Near Term

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis of the energy market sector shows that over the near term, this market should continue to move higher. However, a market correction or even a long-term downtrend reversal looms on the horizon.

  • Energy Sector Trading At Lower Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Due to the weak trend, the bullish rally of XLE gradually plunged below its major support levels. The range-bound movement of the sector index is likely to affect the breakout of Chesapeake Energy Corp.

  • Energy Sector and S&P 500: A Look At Pairwise Correlation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you develop a trading strategy out of a correlation pattern between two assets? Here we analyze the movement of the S&P 500 index with its various sectors to find out if any correlation patterns stand out

  • Energy Select SPDR Forming Triangle?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a huge decline, XLE is consolidating in a converging range. Which pattern is being built?

  • Energy Select SPDR Has Peaked

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull market in XLE that started in 2002 came to an end in May 2008. XLE has broken the up trendline and is now in a market correction that could see XLE fall to 50 or more.

  • Energy Select Sector Has Robust Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLE shows the bullish symptoms to continue the upward rally by entering the new uptrend with a gap-up breakout.

  • Energy Select Sector May Undergo Some More Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLE has moved into the overbought area, and the daily price chart has formed a rising wedge. The sector is likely to witness a correction during the uptrend.

  • Energy Stock Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the five-year energy stock bear market finished?

  • Energy Stocks Power Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the DJU testing post-WTC attack lows, a number of energy stocks are working their way upward.

  • Enphase Energy - New Economy Shiner?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This solar components company has been a star performer this year. But can it keep it up?

  • ExxonMobil Lags Energy Sector

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite new highs in the energy sector, ExxonMobil remains well below its March high and shows poor relative strength.

  • Falling Channel For Valero Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Valero Energy has been stuck in a falling channel since mid August but things are starting to look up for this refiner.

  • Fidelity Energy Services Top Fund Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even the most hard-hit market sectors can recover given enough time. Here's a technical take on one of these "worst to first" market situations.

  • Finding New Energy With Ivanhoe Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Albert Einstein said, "Energy can not be created," so finding a new source of energy is always profitable.

  • Finding New Energy With Ivanhoe Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Albert Einstein said, "Energy can not be created," so finding a new source of energy is always profitable.

  • First Energy Near Back Of Relative Strength Pack

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...No matter if a reversal in the S&P 500 was a fluke. Tracking the weakest stocks in this index may alert you to potential shorting opportunities.

  • Fossil Fuels Vs. Clean Energy: Time To Shift Your Money?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's a lot of talk these days of "clean energy" companies as revenues slowly begin to rise in this sector. Want to get in on this upcoming arena? Here's a look at some of the newer technologies and how returns are stacking up against more traditionall

  • FuelCell Energy - Will This Time Be Different?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock has experienced numerous booms and busts. Another boom looks underway.

  • FuelCell Energy Looking Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rally in FuelCell Energy will likely continue.

  • FuelCell Energy Pulling Back To Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FuelCell Energy broke out of a bullish triangle formation last month and is now pulling back to long-term support levels.

  • FuelCell Energy Showing Signs Of Bottoming Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A break of short-term resistance last week may have confirmed a bottom reversal in FuelCell Energy.

  • FuelCell Energy Still Chugging Along

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FuelCell continues to rally, but the stock is now coming up on an inflection point.

  • GS Energy Index Breaks Triangle Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The GS Energy Index broke triangle support, but a potentially bullish wedge is forming and a wave C may be ending.

  • Higher Prices Could Prevail For Talisman Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock has met its initial price target based on January's trading range breakout. Does this mean a second price target will come into play?

  • How Low Will Devon Energy Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Devon Energy has been in a corrective mode the last few weeks but investors could have gotten out at higher levels if they had noticed the warning signals.

  • Husky Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the oil price falling so badly over the past year, is it time to start looking at energy stocks as a possible buy?

  • Hydrogenics Corp. And Clean Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Taking a cue from US President George Bush's recent speech on energy conservation, here is another company to watch.

  • In Sector Funds, Transportation Is Hot, Energy Not

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad US markets likely getting close to an interim (maybe even major) cycle top, here's a look at the strongest and weakest funds in the Fidelity Select Sector mutual funds complex.

  • Investing In Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the price of oil reaching new highs, is investing in Energy Savings Income Fund the way to go?

  • Is Cimarex Energy Poised To Move Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-term indicators predict a forthcoming bottom reversal, while the long-term pattern points to higher prices.

  • Is Excelon Energy A New Short Op?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Excelon Corp. have been forming a noticeable triangle pattern in the aftermath of January's sharp selloff.

  • Is The Rally In Devon Energy Almost Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though Devon has reached my ultimate upside target, current market sentiment is not indicative of a significant top.

  • Micro Cap UTS Energy Corporation on the Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recognizing a cup and handle formation can be a difficult task. Here are some steps for identifying cup and handle and rounding bottom patterns.

  • Noble Energy Takes Off

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Buying into strength may not seem logical at first glance, but it all depends on the big picture.

  • Northern Energy Boom: An Unlikely Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lots of companies are trying to profit in energy but one company is servicing them all and breaking higher right now.

  • Ormat Technologies - Clean Energy Leader

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since December 2018, Independent Power Producer Utility stock Ormat has gained more than 50%. Can it keep up the pace?

  • Oversold Signals In Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using the energy SPDR as an example, the stochastic oscillator can be used to identify oversold situations and opportunities to partake in the larger uptrend.

  • Pan Orient Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The technical chart pattern of Pan Orient Energy looks interesting.

  • Peabody Energy: Bullish Money Flow Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by more than 40% since late October 2013, shares of Peabody Energy may now be under accumulation.

  • Possible Upside Targets For FuelCell Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recent uncertainty has given way to higher prices for FuelCell Energy.

  • Potential Head And Shoulders Top For Devon Energy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Devon Energy looks to be completing the right side of a head and shoulders pattern, which could indicate a recent top in the stock price.

Product Review: GlobalView in the Energy Markets

  • Renewable Energy ETFs: Saving the World

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Renewable energy ETFs have become a popular investment category in the past year with returns greater than those of the S&P 500 index. And during the coronavirus market plunge, these ETFs held up well. Investors have a choice of very concentrated ETFs or

  • Renewable Energy Group Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock has gone parabolic. So what's next?

  • Renewable Energy Group on a Tear

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock suffered a big drop in 2019 but looks to be reaching for new highs.

  • Result Energy: Another Canadian Oil And Gas Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last week, I wrote about Rival Energy as a probable oil and gas investment. Here is another oil and gas company that looks interesting.

  • Rice Energy: An Interesting New Energy Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Energy stocks have been on a tear since early February. Here's a new energy play that looks ready to soar.

  • Rice Energy: An Interesting New Energy Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Energy stocks have been on a tear since early February. Here's a new energy play that looks ready to soar.

  • Rival Energy: A Play On Oil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The former energy advisor of US President George W. Bush predicts oil prices could reach as much as US$250 per barrel over the coming years.

  • Rockyview Energy — A Possible Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Rockyview Energy signaling a rise ahead of the summer holidays?

  • Short-Term Trend Change For Valero Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, Valero Energy has broken to the upside from its falling channel formation, thus confirming a short-term bottom for the stock.

  • Solar Energy Looking Dim

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of solar energy stocks have been on a run recently. Is it time to buy?

  • Solar Energy Update

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a significant fall in solar energy stocks, is this the time to go long?

  • Sound Off: A case for rising energy prices by Joseph Holleman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sound Off: A case for rising energy prices by Joseph Holleman Editor's Note: Mr Holleman was bold enough to write this in mid-June 1985 for our December issue. Whether correct or not, we feel an example of the thinking behind taking an actual position i

  • Southwestern Energy Bounce Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the more useful explorations in MetaStock 11 has identified a potential oversold setup in shares of Southwestern Energy.

  • Southwestern Energy Dropping Hard

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although shares of Southwestern Energy have taken a hit lately, some trading systems are suggesting that a larger decline may be in the cards for this energy stock.

  • Southwestern Energy June Call Sales

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Southwestern Energy shares have been weakening for about four months now, with the daily and weekly charts presenting aggressive traders with a modest-risk call option play.

  • Southwestern Energy Low-Risk Short Setup?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Southwestern Energy shares are falling, and the stock has even issued a new RMO swing sell signal to boot. Here's a look at a simple option strategy designed to take advantage of this stock's current downdraft.

  • Spectra Energy - Flying Below The Radar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Periodically new stock plays come along that have yet to be recognized by the wider investing public. Here's one that you probably haven't heard of yet.

  • Starpoint Energy Trust/APF Energy Trust Deal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Starpoint Energy Trust completes the merger with APF Energy Trust.

  • Starpoint Energy Trust/APF Energy Trust Deal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Starpoint Energy Trust completes the merger with APF Energy Trust.

  • Suncor Energy Heats Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Albert Einstein said that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy we use in our everyday life must therefore be released from wherever it is confined, whether it is in oil, or atoms. Right?

  • Swift Energy Showing Signs Of Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Swift Energy is showing signs of strength, indicating a potential break to the upside from the stock's two-month trading range.

  • TSX Energy Index At A Record High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Canadian Energy Index officially known as the S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index has broken through to a three year high.

  • TSX Energy Index Testing A Breakout Level

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian Energy Index has been lagging its American counterparts and now hints at wanting to go higher.

  • Talisman Energy Approaching Some Key Support Levels

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite meeting its minimum upside target, Talisman Energy may have further to go.

  • The TSX Energy Index Still Gushing Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2007 will be remembered by Canadian traders for two main events. First, this year the TSX rose above the DJIA for the first time (currently at 14,332 vs. Dow 13,888). In addition, the loonie started trading higher than the US dollar, which is re

  • Thunder Energy (THY-T) In Toronto Has Broken Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Watch the volume as Thunder Energy completes an ascending triangle and double bottom formation.

  • Thunder Energy Long-Term View

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With oil markets heating up again the past several weeks, many traders are looking at oil stocks.

  • Topping And The Energy Complex

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recent price trends in crude oil, unleaded gasoline, and heating oil suggest an opportunity to review these techniques for anticipating market tops.

  • Uptrend Ends For Swift Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Swift Energy witnessed a trend reversal with the failed breakout of a bullish pattern. Is the stock likely to enter a new downtrend?

  • Wasting Energy At Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking at wedge formations near resistance levels can help confirm the next market trend.

  • What Will Devon Energy Do Next?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Devon Energy looks to be forming a bullish triangle but the stock has little margin for error if higher prices are going to prevail.

  • What's Next For The World's Energy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With oil prices this high scaring us away from the gas pumps, what's next on the cards?

  • Will Energy Plays Pay Off?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Herrick Payoff Index points to bearish divergences in crude oil futures. Is a reversal in the making?

Working Money: Alternative Energy by Paolo Pezzutti

Working Money: Topping And The Energy Complex by David Penn

  • XLE: Energy Stocks Set For Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Energy sector stocks are now in a prime position to recover even more of their recent losses.

  • iShares Energy Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the collapse of the price of oil, is it now time to look at energy shares?

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