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  • A Gann Study of A Bull Move In Wheat by Richard Diaz

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Gann Study of A Bull Move In Wheat by Richard Diaz Gann's methods have been studied for years and applied by many to trading stocks and commodities. Here, Richard Diaz of Refco, Inc., provides us with his Gann analysis of a bull market in wheat. Whe

  • ABT Anticipating A Move Higher After Support Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Unlike most stocks, Abbott Labs only recently made its major low. Is this stock staging a turnaround, or is this latest rally a fakeout?

  • ATI: Bullish Continuation Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a large run up and subsequent consolidation pattern, shares of Allegheny Technologies are surging higher once again.

  • Ag Prices Ready To Move Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The GS Agriculture Index ($GKX) has held key support and broken resistance to signal a continuation higher.

  • Alcan Aluminium Making A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock of Alcan, the world's second-largest producer of primary aluminum, may be entering a bullish phase.

  • Apple Poised For Sharp Move As Investors Weigh Conflicting Macro Forces

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple is set to break out from a technically important area, but in which direction?

  • Are Natural Gas Prices Ready To Move Higher Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Natural gas may have put in a significant top earlier this month but there are a number of signs pointing to higher prices in the near-term.

  • Beat The Breakout: Histogram Patterns Anticipate The Move Higher In High-Grade Copper

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wouldn't you rather already be long when the market breaks out?

  • Big Blue Is On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM has recently broken above its $90.00 resistance area. How far will it go?

  • Biotechnology Index Completes Reaction Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By forming a bullish wedge, the biotechnology index gets ready to continue the bull run.

  • Bombardier Makes a Strong Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canada's builder of planes, trains and recreational products has surged past the $5 mark with some conviction but it's a long way back to the old highs of $25.

  • CLB On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A year ago, this stock fell apart and was dismissed by Wall Street but, now, the Street is taking notice again and so should you.

  • Can The GDP Move The Market Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The latest GDP numbers are now out and they were better than expected. Investors are starting to get optimistic about the economy, but will the positive GDP data move the stock market higher?

  • Canadian Solar Energy Is On the Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the last year, CSIQ jumped more than 4000%. To paraphrase the great Winston Churchill, is this the end, the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning for this solar powerhouse?

  • Citigroup: Bearish Continuation Move Probable?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The transition from bull to bear market can take time, but is observable to a skilled technician.

  • Continental Resources On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Basic materials and commodities are experiencing a boom while the rest of the market remains lackluster. One stock is showing great strength and is on the move, so don't miss out.

  • DANG: Continuation Move Down Into Cycle Low?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of e-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. are down by more than 33% in the last three weeks, but could be descending into a major cycle low near an important support area.

  • DJ US Chemical Index May Move In Narrow Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...$DJUSCH is forming a continuation pattern at higher levels, so the index may move in a narrow range till the formation matures if lower support is held.

  • Dell Consolidates Before Next Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dell Computer consolidated after a sharp move down, and the components of the average directional movement index can be used to identify a breakout.

  • Do Nike and Footlocker Move in Lockstep?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nike, Inc (NKE) makes up about two thirds of Foot Locker's (FL) purchases, therefore it would make sense if the stocks of these two companies moved in lockstep. So, is this the case?

  • Do You Need Volume To Move Stocks Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many analysts are pointing to lower than average volume in stocks as a reason to expect a price decline. This seems logical, but test data works better when it comes to making investing decisions.

  • Dollar On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US dollar may be starting to move up within a Fibonacci arc pattern.

  • Dollar Poised To Move Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Markets climb a wall of worry, and few markets are more worrisome than the US dollar.

  • Dow Theory And Confirming The Transport's February Down Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Averages continue to thrash about, neither able to confirm the moves of the other.

  • DuPont Gears Up For A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...DuPont gears up for a move, and we should be ready for it.

  • Forest Oil Set To Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A convergence of technical indicators suggests that Forest Oil Corp. is ready to continue its trend up.

  • Four Reasons Why Stock Prices Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Why do stock prices move?

  • GILD Bullish Continuation Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Gilead Sciences have just blasted higher from a well-defined consolidation pattern. Does this key health sector issue have enough buying pressure to keep surging higher?

  • Gold & Silver Index Move In Narrower Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The symmetrical triangle on the $XAU chart is likely to contract the Index range.

  • Gold Making A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the first time this summer, the price of gold is back above $410 and gold bugs are hopeful of a good move developing.

  • Gold Stocks On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Inflation is alive and well, and gold is responding

  • Gold Tries A Daring Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The TSX Gold Index shows a potentially powerful pattern developing.

  • Gold's Super Bull Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the gold price at the doorstep of $1,000 per ounce, it makes me want to look back and see if that possibility was reflected on earlier charts.

  • How Far Will Microsoft Move? The $64 Question

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A double bottom reversal pattern on the price chart for Microsoft [MSFT] may provide some technical clues for future price targets.

  • Hunting Down Stocks On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At first glance, it seems like the market is gathering support and trying to mount another bull run, but a closer look reveals that all is not what it seems.

  • Hyliion Holdings Corp - A Laggard On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it finally catch-up time for this clean energy truck manufacturer?

  • Intel Gears Up For A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intel consolidates and prepares for its next move. Its on-balance volume points to a breakout, but the stock must first fill a gap.

  • Is Autodesk Preparing For A Measured Move Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The projection of a measured move from one price level to another isn't a new technical concept, but it's still one that has merit.

  • Is Baker Hughes A Continuation Move In Progress?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that shares of Baker Hughes have made their initial thrust lower out of a large pennant pattern, will the continued selling in the broad markets help speed the stock toward the lower $30 range?

  • Is Cimarex Energy Poised To Move Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-term indicators predict a forthcoming bottom reversal, while the long-term pattern points to higher prices.

  • Is Crude Ready to Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Could an upside breakout from an intermediate head and shoulders bottom put October crude above 30?

  • Is Entergy Corp. Setting Up For A Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Support and resistance are converging, but the longer-term trend may dictate which way prices break.

  • Is FRX Setting Up For A Continuation Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After tracing out a well-formed consolidation pattern, will the new bullish breakout in shares of Forest Labs, Inc., lead to a continuation move?

  • Is Sunoco Poised To Move Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sunoco currently has one of the highest relative strength ratings versus the S&P 500. Can this energy stock move even higher?

  • Is TJX Ready To Move Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After building an extended base, TJX looks ready to move higher.

  • Lightspeed POS - Point Of Sale Software Company On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tech stocks were in big demand as 2020 came to a close. So what's next?

  • Lucent Technologies Making A Slow Move Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head and shoulders points to downside for Lucent Technologies.

  • Materials Move Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a brief, three-day pullback, basic materials stocks look to resume their advance.

  • McDonald's - Fast Food Or Fast Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...McDonald's is no longer the darling stock it once was, although it continues to pay dividends. The reason for its loss of luster could be the competition in the cheap and fast dining arena.

  • Mead Johnson Nutrition Move Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Mead Johnson Nutrition appear to be in position for a possible move higher.

  • Measuring the Move by Michael Kahn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chartists often use techniques to set profit objectives as well as determine their risk points in putting on a trade. Here, then, are some guidelines for your own trading. When a market breaks out of a technical trading pattern, traders need to correctl

  • Medicals On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish engulfing pattern in Zimmer Holdings is confirmed by positive divergences in both the stochastic and the MACD histogram.

  • Microsoft Ready To Move Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although this equity doesn't jump like it once did, a move towards the $35.00 - $40.00 areas is likely in the short to medium term.

  • Microsoft Ready To Move Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows that Microsoft is in a long-term and intermediate-term downtrend and that it is now ready to move lower.

  • Move Begins In Hewlett-Packard

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having formed an ascending triangle, Hewlett-Packard is now ready to break out.

  • Nikkei Poised For A Powerful Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei has had the weight of a sumo wrestler on its shoulders in 2004 with a strong yen and high oil prices. Could 2005 provide some relief?

  • Nortel on the Move - Time to Snag this Bottom Fish?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are both fundamental and technical clues that Nortel's worst trading days may be behind it. It would be a gutsy move but one that could reap handsome rewards if the telecom dog days are finally over.

  • Nortel on the Move - Time to Snag this Bottom Fish?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are both fundamental and technical clues that Nortel's worst trading days may be behind it. It would be a gutsy move but one that could reap handsome rewards if the telecom dog days are finally over.

  • Nortel on the Move All Right!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Scottish poet, Robbie Burns once said, "the best laid plans of mice and men come oft t'glay." It is something traders can never forget. As we see from my last alert on Nortel, it is imperative to have a 'plan B' close at hand and

  • OSX Looks Ripe For A Measured Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent rally in the Oil Services Index ($OSX) looks like a corrective advance, and a breakdown from here would call for a measured move lower.

  • Pfizer - Big Move Up In October?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why an interesting historical precedent could provide clues in 2020.

  • PpP Patterns And The MACD Histogram: Soybean Meal Makes Its Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish pattern in the MACDH develops just as the December contract closes over its 50-day EMA, signaling an opportunity to the upside in bean meal.

  • QLogic (QLGC) Makes A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...QLGC is showing the first good sign of a early bullish trend change since its previous meltdown.

  • QQQQ To Move Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis of the technology market sector shows that QQQQ is ready to move lower.

Quick-Scans: Major Market Move Indicator, Translator, Tradefinder, and More

  • Russell 2000 Gears Up For A Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 remains in a tight consolidation, and the impending break could have far-reaching consequences.

  • Ryland Group Looking For A Move On Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hard to believe, but some homebuilding stocks are actually on a tear.

  • SLV Continuation Move Soon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of the iShares Silver Trust rose by more than 34% between late June and late September 2012, with even more gains possible over the next few weeks.

  • Short Entry Failure, Or How To Reenter A Short Move If Stopped Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shorting a stock is not a game for amateurs, and even skilled traders struggle with trading during a bear market, but using this three-step process can put the odds greatly in your favor.

  • Silver Ready To Move Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Silver Standard Resources made a market top in late 2007 and has been trading lower this year. Over the last few months, SSRI has been in a narrow trading range that looks ready to break down and move lower.

  • Staples Ready To Make A Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Staples' price chart on a weekly basis has closed at a new all-time high. What transpires next should be a tradable move, but traders need to see some confirmation. Show us the money!

Steve Nison's Profiting In Forex: Using Candlesticks To Catch The Next Move

  • Symantec Rests Before Its Next Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Symantec consolidating over the last seven days, a consolidation breakout would signal a continuation higher.

  • Tesla's Next Big Move Underway

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lots of traders think Tesla's best days are behind it, but perhaps its biggest move may be underway.

  • The Alarming Oil-Light Crude Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long rally, crude oil is consolidating and is ready for breakout. This breakout may lead to a bloodbath in global financial markets.

  • The Dollar To Move Higher Still

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that the dollar is in an uptrend with an expected price target of 25.

  • The Yen's Power Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent surge in the yen reversed a 14-month downtrend to signal a continuation of the multiyear uptrend.

  • Timing The Move by Lorne W. Rae

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Timing The Move by Lorne W. Rae All traders want to know in advance how long a price trend will last. Try predicting it with this technique. A note in Robert Edwards and John Magee's Technical Analysis Of Stock Trends states, "Volume is of the utmost i

  • Tupperware Snaps Higher On Breakout Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tupperware may not be involved in the most glamorous of businesses, but apparently many traders and investors see the stock as a great place to put their trading capital.

  • UTX To Expect A Continuation Move?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of United Technology enjoyed a powerful two-day rally in the wake of Thursday's QE3 announcement by the Fed, and a continuation move is likely.

  • WPI On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The third-largest generic drug maker just got a shot in the arm that could take it higher -- and the market with it!

  • When Mutual Fund Managers Move On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does changing mutual fund management improve performance?

  • Will Bed & Bath Move Beyond?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If Bed Bath & Beyond breaks past its symmetrical triangle, a larger move can evolve.

Working Money: Do You Need Volume To Move Stocks Higher? by Michael Carr

  • XOMA Ltd. - A Biotech Play On The Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This biopharmaceutical development company is showing several interesting formations on its daily and weekly chart.

  • ZTS: Bullish Continuation Move Launches

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Zoetis Inc. have completed a successful breakout from a bull flag pattern, one that could lead to even more gains soon.

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