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  • A Gap Waiting To Be Filled

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you see a gap occur on a price chart, it is likely that the gap will be filled at some point.

  • Asking The Trillion-Dollar Question: Will There Be A QE3?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...According to economist David Rosenberg, there is an 86% correlation between the size of the Federal Reserve balance sheet (read: stimulus programs) and the S&P 500. Quantitative Easing 2 ends in June. So what then?

  • Be Aware Of Pin Risk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you're a futures or option trader, this is one risk you should be aware of. Find out how to manage your positions to lessen the possibility of pin risk

  • Be Like Buffett

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the past seven years, money manager Doug Davenport and The Wisdom Fund have offered investors a chance at investing in stocks "Warren's way."

  • Be Ready For The End Of The Recession

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With economists now predicting that the recession should be brief and shallow, traders may want to consider relative strength strategies to be ready to profit from the recovery.

  • Be Rich or Be Right? CTCR's Courtney Smith by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trader Courtney Smith has added publisher and editor of Commodity Traders Consumer Report to his long list of accomplishments. S&C spoke with him on why traders lose and how to change that. So when did you start in the business? I started trading in

  • Be Rich or Be Right? CTCR's Courtney Smith by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trader Courtney Smith has added publisher and editor of Commodity Traders Consumer Report to his long list of accomplishments. S&C spoke with him on why traders lose and how to change that. So when did you start in the business? I started trading in

  • Be Very Afraid

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes the best time to enter a long position is when others are afraid. Because we are all mostly wired alike, being very afraid might not be a bad gauge to add to your tools to help you determine when a long trade might be at its most attractive.

  • Be Your Own Hedge Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Think being your own hedge fund is out of reach? Maybe it's time to rethink it. It could be a lot simpler than you expected

  • Beleaguered Biovail (BVF.TO) May Be Close To Turning Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Ontario based pharmaceutical company has had its share of woes but the chart hints at a possible turn developing.

  • Best Buy Co. May Be Best Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This huge specialty retailer of consumer electronics may be poised for another large move.

  • Can Copper Be Topped?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the "never too high to buy" thesis struck again?

Can Price Patterns Be Objective Tools? Recognia's Kathryn St. John Tells You by J. Gopalakrishnan a

  • Can Relative Strength Be Used In Portfolio Management? by J. Lewis, M. Moody, H. Parker, & A. Hyer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:9 (24-29): Can Relative Strength Be Used In Portfolio Management? by J. Lewis, M. Moody, H. Parker, & A. Hyer The concept of relative strength is part of the foundation of technical analysis, but can it be used successfully wh

  • Can Retail Be Trusted To Break Out?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The retail stock HOLDRS wedged higher, but negative divergences frustrated progress.

  • Can The VIX Be Used To Help Identify Pending Stock Reversals?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The CBOE Market Volatility Index or VIX is popular with traders as a measure of fear in the market. But given just how volatile it is, how can it be used as a stock market indicator?

  • Coca Cola Should Be On Your Buy List

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the last few days, when most stocks were falling, one stock on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) showed great performance. Technical analysis tells us that there is room for more upside.

  • Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) May Be Ready To Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of material handling products has had a deeper correction than the overall markets and now appears ready to rebound.

  • Correction Is Due Sometime Soon, So Be Careful Out There

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We all know that that a correction is due. The problem is, when is it going to happen?

  • Could Symantec be Ripe for a Fall?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why this technology stock could decline forty percent in one year.

  • Could Tesla be Going to Mars?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See what factors could cause its stock to rise dramatically.

  • Could The Wave Count Already Be Completed?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recently, I wrote an article based on the S&P 100 about why I am not a bear. Here is a varying view on that Elliott wave count and market forecast.

  • DELL Recovery May Be On Horizon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The name is synonymous with computers. Charts are suggesting the company, recently in the doldrums, may have found a path upward.

  • FANG Stocks are Faltering - Should we be worried?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Four stocks have effectively powered the Nasdaq Composite higher since this rally began. They have struggled of late. Is the rally finally over?

  • For The 30-Year T-Bond Contract, The Correction Might Be Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bonds hit a double low and presented divergences in the short and intermediate term.

  • General Electric Double Bottom Attempt Could Be Tradable

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the markets looking to make a possible reversal, this General Electric Co. (GE) chart looks like a good time to try a double bottom attempt.

  • Gold & Silver Index Could Be Topping Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold & Silver Index has been chugging higher the last several months but the technicals are indicating a potential reversal in the near future.

  • Gold Moves Sideways, May Be Distributing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Except in extraordinary cases, tops and bottoms take time to form. This is because large traders and investors tend to distribute their holdings to retail traders just when these retail traders expect prices to hit new highs again.

  • Head & Shoulder Warnings Should Not Be Ignored

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On August 2, I warned that head & shoulders top patterns were popping up on a number of major indexes and ETFs. So what does that mean?

  • How To Be An Investment Survivor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The battle for investment survival has endured throughout the years.

  • How to be wrong and still profit by David L. Caplan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How to be wrong and still profit by David L. Caplan Why bother learning and using professional option strategies? Why spend the time and energy to learn how and when to use options and option strategies when, in trading futures, all you have to do is us

  • Inverted Head & Shoulders. Should We Be Jumping For Joy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wherever I look, I see this pattern on shares. Is it a pattern that can be ignored?

  • Is Mattel Swell Enough To Be A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a program to look for future buys is always a must and should be looked at carefully.

  • May Price And Volume Be With You

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The relationship between price and volume is key to trading profitably. Here's an in-depth look.

  • NIKE Making A Run For It, But Could Be Out Of Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...NIKE deteriorated in the spring as it came off a head and shoulders top and recently has found its second wind.

  • Platinum Could Be The Strongest Metal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Platinum is undervalued on a fundamental basis and is a buy on a technical basis.

  • Pulling The Trigger Can Be Difficult

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We all know markets are fluid. They are constantly moving and we can never be sure what they will do next, so it is tempting for us to constantly change our minds as well, effectively moving the goal post further and further away.

  • RSI Can Be Improved

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many indicators were developed years ago, long before computers allowed for backtesting. Recently, a new form of the relative strength index was introduced, and testing shows it has improved on the older version.

  • Recent Top in Denbury Resources Proved To Be Correct

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Denbury Resources recently topped out around the $14.00 level, as expected, but the near-term outlook is uncertain.

  • S&P 500 Correction May Be Ending

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Markets move sideways about 70% of the time. The S&P 500 has been in a 70-point range of a downward sloping channel since April 2004. Is this resilience in the face of an expected oil shock or is this the lull before the storm? Either way, get read

  • S&P 500 May Be Ending Its Sideways Phase

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Markets often go into sideways trading channels when there are no big triggers to take the market up or down. This seems to have happened with the S&P 500 in the last four months, but it may have finally broken out of the channel.

  • SNAP This: Snapchat Could Be Heading To $20

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Snapchat could be poised for a rally.

  • Sigma-Aldrich May Be Topping

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sigma-Aldrich Corp., a leading life science and high technology company, may be topping in a potentially weak pattern.

  • Telus Corp. May Be Building Another Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is too early to call a head and shoulders top, but the placement of the usually relevant 200-period EMA (exponential moving average) makes this a distinct possibility going forward. In the meantime, traders may be able to position themselves for a pos

  • The Bell May Be Ringing For Cincinnati Bell

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...During the last great bubble of 2000, this was a $40 stock... now it's spent considerable time below $5. However, things are looking perkier now as the stock is coming off a two year low.

  • The Treasury Yield Curve Inverted Again - Should We Be Worried?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since the 1960s, recessions have followed every time 10-year Treasury yields have dropped below 3-month yields and stayed there. This ratio turned negative in May. In this article we explore how to track this indicator using free, publicly available data

  • Trading Stats - Be Aware Of Outliers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Knowing how to interpret your system's key summary statistics is of vital importance. Here are a couple of major ones to consider.

  • Traveliing With A Research Team Can Be Rewarding

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for ways to spice up your vacation, click here.

  • US T-Bond: Is It Time To Be Contrarian?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 30-year interest rate of this futures contract is at its all-time highs.

  • United Technologies Corporation Will Not be Flying High for Much Longer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you are holding this equity in a long position, the time is right to abandon your long holdings and go short.

  • We Want To Be In Financials

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bernanke: Fed intends to maintain highly accommodative policy for the foreseeable future.

  • What The VIX And S&P 100 Could Be Telling Us

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The VIX and OEX are both approaching key price levels, which could dictate if the market sees a bounce in the near term or the January correction continues.

  • What The VIX Could Be Telling Us

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though pessimism is growing in the marketplace, the S&P 500 could see further weakness before putting in a temporary bottom.

  • When Will This Cruel Bear Market Be Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The secrets of cycles combined with Dow Theory is a powerful combination for market forecasting.

  • When is it Safe to Short a Stock? Air Canada May Be Losing Altitude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since topping out at the $8 area, Canada's dominant airline is now in a potentially bearish pattern - a descending triangle.

  • Where Will Support For Japan iShares Be Established?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The downslope continues for Japan iShares. So where will be the support established?

  • Why Oil Service Stocks Are Still The Place To Be

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though the recent correction in oil service stocks may not be over, we have probably not seen the ultimate top in prices.

  • Why Oil Service Stocks Are Still The Place To Be

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Until investors become more optimistic on oil services stocks, this group has higher to go.

  • Why the Rally in Starbucks May Not be Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Starbucks' bullish trading range and "out-of-favor" status with Wall Street may indicate higher prices ahead.

  • Will Dean Foods Be A Safe Haven If S&P 500 Goes Much Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some stocks seem to have an ability to act as safe havens during times of recession and major stock market declines. Is this one?

  • Will It Be Different This Time For GMP Capital Trust?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rule is that the higher the yield, the riskier the bet.

  • Will ParaSar Be On Target?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The tried-and-true ParaSar system is at it again, churning out yet another low-risk buying opportunity, this time in Target Corp., the Minneapolis, MN-based retail giant.

  • Will Retail Be Naughty Or Nice?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Look for the retail sector to react to holiday sales figures. Watching these figures and the charts may lead to some high-odds entry points.

  • Will The New Bear Market Be Mild Or Wild?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 1100 area did offer intraday support for the .SPX, temporarily allowing for a short-covering rally. When the bear starts the mauling again, however, will the ensuing declines be fast and violent or more drawn out and tortuous?

Working Money: May Price And Volume Be With You by Tim Ord

Working Money: When Will This Cruel Market Be Over? by Tim W. Wood, CPA

  • Your Dividends May Be Costing You Money

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Waiting for a payout? Selling your shares? Either way, consider the money management behind the company you've invested in.

  • Zarlink Semiconductor May Be Fighting An Uphill Battle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian semiconductor stock has been enjoying a rising trend but what is the bigger picture revealing?

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