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  • A Big Short On Big Lots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a strong upward move over the last few months, is BIG in a position to short?

  • A New Short Signal For LLY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Weak stocks in weak industry groups can offer good short-sale opportunities, but you need a well-grounded plan of action in order to identify opportunities and implement a sound trading strategy.

  • A Short Guide To Exchange-Traded Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Exchange-traded funds are an interesting alternative for many investors.

  • A Short Setup When Giants Trip

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders have an edge in the market, and if they know how to use two indicators to short stocks during a downward move, they can make explosive profits.

  • AK Steel And The Near-Term Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad markets hit a speed bump on June 14, 2010, setting up a number of interesting short-sale situations. Here's a look at one of the more promising plays.

  • Abbott Labs : Potential Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Abbott Laboratories, Inc. have met up with strong resistance after a two-week rally.

  • Alliance Data Systems: Easy Short Into Support?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Alliance Data Systems (ADS) are heading lower after breaking a key support level.

  • Analysts Sometimes Get It Right — Short BT

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyst downgrades are often a signal that a stock's decline is over, but in the case of BT, this might just be the beginning of a steeper decline.

  • Are The QQQQs Close To Being A Short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can the chart of the Qs tell us which way the market is going?

  • As Broad Market Peaks, A Possible Short For MOT

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When big-name stocks severely lag the broad market indexes, look for possible short setups as the S&P 500 maxes out on the current upswing.

  • As Gold Stocks Peak, A Possible Short Play With UXG

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume is an oft-overlooked technical tool, one that traders can use to help anticipate turns in any market.

  • BAC's Compelling Short Setup?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most of the time, a trader is better off not adding too much (if any) extra trade entry confirmation to an otherwise successful trading system's signal output. But it's still nice to have some attractive chart patterns and dynamics working in t

  • CAT: Low-Risk Short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Caterpillar, Inc. may be preparing for another decline as a daily cycle high meets with weekly chart resistance.

  • CHS: Setting Up For A Short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Chico's Fas Inc. have been struggling to regain lost ground in the wake of its summertime sell-off, but its near-term pathway looks to be back down to test a key support level.

  • CM Has Short Swing Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial sector stocks are still weak, and here's a look at one that looks ready to fall further.

  • Cameron Int'l New Short Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Cameron International are already in the midst of a substantial down swing. Is this latest Raff MarketSpace stock system sell signal too late?

  • Classic Short Sell Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an example of a classic short setup for daytraders.

  • Classic Short Sell Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Figure 1 is an example of a classic short setup for daytraders. This is a real bread & butter strategy used time and again. To set up this Monday morning trade, the premarket news was bearish with rumors of the country's credit rating likely

  • Combining Long And Short Funds by Norman J. Brown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining Long And Short Funds by Norman J. Brown Obtain better profits and reduce your risks by using this method to select mutual funds for trading. In the June 2003 issue of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, in my article "A Mutual Fund Trading Method," we saw

  • Common Themes in Trading Systems -- Daily Ranges and Short Sequences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Cole and Weinberg as a basis for a trading system isn't the only place you'll find the use of daily ranges and short sequences.

  • Coventry Health's Short Setup?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Raff-MarketSpace Stock System, one of the expert advisors contained in MetaStock 11, has issued an interesting short signal in Coventry Health.

  • DHI: Short Setup Forming

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of DH Horton are setting up for a near-term short play.

  • Dollar Tree On Short Watchlist

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dollar Tree is in a strong intermediate-term downtrend but could be setting itself up for a short-term corrective bounce. A shorting opportunity exists once the short-term downtrend resumes.

  • Election Cycle Bearish For Stocks And Bonds In The Short Term

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is a well-documented cycle in markets related to Presidential elections. This pattern suggests stock and bond market weakness in the short term.

  • Emerson Electric New Short Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Emerson Electric appear to be on the verge of another decline as a new short trading signal fires on its daily chart.

  • February Favors The Short Sellers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the market trending higher and higher, February favors the short sellers.

  • Finding The Stocks To Buy Or Short

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Finding stocks to buy or short is easy, since there are many programs out there that offer tips. But how good are those tips?

  • For TNA, A Short Put Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When fear gets factored into market prices, option premiums become expensive. Learn to use this dynamic to your advantage.

  • GERON CORP. Is it a short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Geron Corporation announced, on April 1, 2003, that they had published research results describing the production of hepatocytes (basic functional cells of the liver) from human embryonic stem cells. As important as this announcement is for the medical w

  • Going Long vs. Going Short by Zvi Benyamini

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Going Long vs. Going Short by Zvi Benyamini There's a world of difference between uptrends and downtrends. Here's a look at different setups and how you can use them to succeed in long and short positions. When I first began selling short a few years b

  • How To Profit In The Short Term

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull run is still climbing, and you can use this unique pattern in the short term to help you pile up the profits.

  • Interview: Short Swings In Futures With Markus Heitkoetter by J. Gopalakrishnan and B. Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As founder and Ceo of Rockwell Trading, Markus Heitkoetter has shared his trading methods and ideas with more than 300,000 traders in over 196 countries. Heitkoetter started trading stocks 19 years ago, using point & figure charts from numbers pub

  • Is Excelon Energy A New Short Op?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Excelon Corp. have been forming a noticeable triangle pattern in the aftermath of January's sharp selloff.

  • Is Force Protection A Textbook Short Squeeze In Action?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This is a clear example of how shorts, both legal and naked, can decimate the value of a stock. It is also an example of the explosive short squeeze rally that a heavily shorted stock can experience when positive news is combined with compelling technica

  • Is Tanger Factory Outlets Another Short Squeeze Candidate?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a rough ride for markets and there will undoubtedly be more turbulence ahead. But here is a stock with excellent potential to rally when the inevitable bounce comes.

  • JDS Uniphase — Short Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...JDS Uniphase seems to have fallen on hard times, falling from a high in March 2006 after an attempted recovery.

  • Jabil Circuit Possible Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The RMO swing trade system has just issued new sell signals for 18 of the S&P 500 component stocks. Using relative strength analysis, we'll locate the weakest of these potential short sale candidates.

  • Kinross Gold Has Short Strangle Op

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Option volatilities are still high, and here's an interesting trade setup in one of the gold mining industry's better-performing stocks.

  • Long Dollar, Short Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-anticipated turn in the US dollar appears to be underway. But is this a tradable move?

  • Member and public short selling by Arthur A. Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Member and public short selling by Arthur A. Merrill Total short sales figures, published by the New York and American stock exchanges, are a useful set of figures for gauging market moods. Total short sales figures are reported in The Wall Street Journ

Moving Averages: Long On Talk, Short On Action by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D.

  • Pfizer Ready To Short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pfizer Inc. is an established downtrend. Has its recent upside correction put it in a position to short?

  • Portrait Of A Short Squeeze

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From Cindy to Katrina, piggish bears have overplayed their hand in September.

  • Potential Short Squeeze In Jefferies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This investment bank may see at least a short-term rise if short-sellers are forced to buy in at current levels.

Product Review: Meyers Short Term Systems and Indicators, version 1.5

  • Public/member short selling by Arthur Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Public/member short selling by Arthur Merrill The statistics on shorting by professionals and by the public can be combined into revealing and successful indicators. The basic figures are published, two weeks late, in Barron's and The Wall Street Journa

Quick Scan: Hit and Run Trading, The Short Term Traders' Bible

Quick Scan: The Art of Short Selling

  • Radio Shack Possible Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Triple-bottom setups within the context of a major consolidation pattern may offer short-sale opportunities for patient traders.

  • Russell 2000 Awaiting Short Sell Trigger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most traders and serious investors would be likely to agree with the assertion that the broad US market is very close to either a significant rally or decline. Which scenario is more likely?


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SHORT INTEREST AND LEVEL OF PAIN Generally, short interest is a monthly statistic presented on a current-month versus previous-month basis. Viewing one or two months of short interest data is, unfortunately, a tantalizing but less than satisfying experi

  • Several Systems Agree -- Short March Soybeans

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two noteworthy trading systems have flashed simultaneous sell signals in March 2010 soybeans. Is this a trade setup worthy of consideration?

  • Shanda Interactive: A Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the market looking vulnerable, an online gaming company based in China is worth looking at as a short candidate.

  • Short Entry Failure, Or How To Reenter A Short Move If Stopped Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shorting a stock is not a game for amateurs, and even skilled traders struggle with trading during a bear market, but using this three-step process can put the odds greatly in your favor.

  • Short Entry Failure, Or How To Reenter A Short Move If Stopped Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shorting a stock is not a game for amateurs, and even skilled traders struggle with trading during a bear market, but using this three-step process can put the odds greatly in your favor.

  • Short Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) indicator has recently risen to its zero line and is now turning back down, setting up an ideal short-selling position for gold.

  • Short Interest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short Interest

  • Short Interest Ratio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short Interest Ratio

  • Short Interest by Arthur A. Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short Interest by Arthur A. Merrill Short interest ? the sale of borrowed stock ? is one of the most useful tools of the technician. Short sales are made by pessimists, who expect prices to fall. If prices fall, the short seller can buy shares at a lowe

  • Short Selling JKHY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the current turbulent global financial markets, traders may find attractive selling opportunities. Here is one stock that could be a good guideline.

  • Short Setups For The S&P 500's Head & Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The classic head & shoulders pattern has a very high success rate, triggering the expected result 74% of the time. What's it say about the market ahead?

  • Short SmallCap 600 Starts Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis show the Proshares Short SmallCap 600 ETF (SBB) has now started its first upward leg.

  • Short Squeeze Alert - Is It Time To Buy Silver?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Precious metals have struggled of late and many are calling for a bear market. But here is some compelling evidence to the contrary.

  • Short Term Opportunity in Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The $XAU gold index collapsed with a triple failure and this has set up a possible trading opportunity.

  • Short Verizon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All indicators point toward Verizon as a possible shorting candidate.

  • Southwestern Energy Low-Risk Short Setup?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Southwestern Energy shares are falling, and the stock has even issued a new RMO swing sell signal to boot. Here's a look at a simple option strategy designed to take advantage of this stock's current downdraft.

  • Sprint Nextel New Short Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are shares of Sprint Nextel on track to make a new all-time low, even below its 2008 post-crash low of $1.35?

  • Starbucks: Making The Short Case

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Love it or hate it, Starbucks has been a star stock performer since it went public more than 20 years ago. But there are growing signs that the stock's future may not be so bright.

  • TLT Short Sale Alert

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some market analysts feel that the top of the bond market is already in. But after having declined so rapidly, is there another opportunity to short TLT, the long-term bond exchange traded fund?

  • The Long And The Short Of Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whereas my long-term view for gold is not that positive, my short-term forecast is very positive. What do I mean by long term and what do I mean by short term?

  • The Short Squeeze

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a company is heavily shorted with expectations that its poor fundamentals will push the stock's price lower, the large number of shorts can be a reason for the exact opposite to occur; a quick rise in the stock. This is called a short squeeze.

  • The Short- And Long-Term Trading Itinerary For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 looks poised to rally for the short term, but such a rally may prove to be its demise over the long term, should a large head & shoulders pattern form on the daily chart.

  • Time To Short Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again, the bears circle Campground Apple hoping for easier pickings this time around.

  • Time To Short Avon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock shows signs of topping and presents a short opportunity to hedge long exposure in today's volatile markets.

  • To Short Or Not To Short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...That is the question. Here's a detailed discussion of short selling.

  • To Short Or Not To Short?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...That is the question. Here's a detailed discussion of short selling.

  • VRSN: Beware The Bouncing Short

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Be wary of selling into an extended decline, particularly as a stock approaches a major support zone.

  • WFR A Possible Short Put Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It can be difficult to consider a short-term bullish play on a stock that has dropped by more than 43% in 10 weeks, but sometimes the trades that are hardest to take can be the ones that can provide a pleasant surprise.

  • Watching The Divergences: Picking A Short Point In The December T-Note Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Waiting for a confirming close can make all the difference between getting whipsawed and getting rewarded in the market.

  • Weak Money Flow In SIVB Creates Potential Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the regional banks industry group continues to weaken, at least one of its component stocks is on the verge of offering an attractive short sale setup.

  • What's in Your Portfolio? A Short Capital One Strangle, Of Course

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Raff MarketSpace Stock System has issued a bevy of new short signals in numerous S&P 500 stocks. Here's a glance at an interesting short setup in Capital One Financial shares, one that can be played a couple of different ways.

  • When is it Safe to Short a Stock? Air Canada May Be Losing Altitude

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since topping out at the $8 area, Canada's dominant airline is now in a potentially bearish pattern - a descending triangle.

  • Will This Short Setup Trigger A Sell For Computer Associates?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the minor broad market bounce now under way, there are still stocks flashing sell signals.

Working Money: A Short Guide To Exchange-Traded Funds by Paolo Pezzutti

Working Money: To Short Or Not To Short by Neil A. O'Hara

Working Money: To Short Or Not To Short by Neil A. O'Hara

  • XME: Long Or Short? Let The Market Decide

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a nearly 50% rise in only five weeks, XME is either consolidating gains or breaking down.

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