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Article Archive For Keyword: Apple

  • A Buy For Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How high can the price of Apple stock go? That is the big question.

  • A Dead Cross For Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the NASDAQ popped over the last five days, Apple remained stuck in a trading range near support and shows no signs of strength.

  • A Harami And Divergence For Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has formed a potentially bearish harami, and traders should watch the relative strength index to confirm this pattern.

  • A Look At Apple And Facebook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two companies that have performed extremely well are Apple and Facebook. What does the future trend look like for them?

  • All Aboard Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A MACDH spike and a bull flag suggest the possibility of upside in shares of Apple Computer.

  • Another Bite Of The Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Apple watch has proved to be a no-no, so Apple has reduced its retail price and brought out a smaller iPhone. Is this the winner?

  • Another Look At Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2011 was a year of high volatility and stress. What about 2012?

  • Another Look At Apple, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Apple going to give us another bite in the near future?

  • Apple - Looking Technically Strong But...

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since peaking in September 2012, Apple has been working to mount a comeback. But the stock chart is facing some challenges.

  • Apple -- A Market Leader At A Critical Level

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the past year, shares of Apple doubled. With its stock price sitting right at a trendline, this market leader should be watched for clues on the short-term direction of the market.

  • Apple Above Upper Bollinger Band

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The extensive bullish rally in Apple has surged above its upper Bollinger band. Will the rally continue?

  • Apple At New High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple made an all-time high recently. Will the stock sustain at the new high or undergo a corrective rally?

  • Apple Breaks Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Computer (AAPL) has been leading the market in 2004 and just signaled another continuation higher.

  • Apple Building Bullish Chart Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since bottoming around $390 range in mid-2013, Apple Inc. has posted an admirable rally. Look what the stock is doing now.

  • Apple Computer : Sudden Sell-Off; More Losses Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Apple Computer recently enjoyed a nice two-month rally, surging higher by more than 30%; however, Wednesday's bearish gap is suggesting that the party is officially over.

  • Apple Computers' Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The latest offering from Steve Jobs & Company has critics and fans buzzing. But the stock market seems less than impressed.

  • Apple Consolidates Near Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple is holding up better than the broader market as it consolidates near support, but a range break is needed to trigger the next signal.

  • Apple Cup & Handle Update

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has made an enviable recovery since its breakdown in September 2012. But what impact has January weakness had on the stock?

  • Apple Enters The Reversal Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple led the market lower over the last two to three months, but recently, it entered a reversal zone. The correction could be nearing its end.

  • Apple Falling Farther From The Tree?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There has been much ado, primarily fundamentally driven, that the drop in Apple from its September 2012 highs is overdone. Technically speaking, however, here is a case that the correction still has a way to go.

  • Apple Forms Stronger Base

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Before beginning the bullish rally, Apple Inc. formed a strong bottom. The surge shows positive signals from all indicators in the charts.

  • Apple Getting Cooked?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How many times have we seen a high-flying stock drop even though the fundamentals looked strong, only to learn much later that there were problems?

  • Apple Has A Long Way Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Inc. has recovered from its historical correction. The indicators and price charts show more appreciation in the share value.

  • Apple Hits 17-Month Low

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple, Inc., has now made a 17-month low and is ready for a bounce. Once this market corrective bounce is complete, the stock should head for a price target of $67.60 to $50.70 per share.

  • Apple In Established Long-Term Downward Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows Apple established in a long-term downward trend.

  • Apple Inc. Cycle High Soon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Apple Inc. rebounded nicely over the past eight weeks, but is the stock descending to the mid-$500 price zone?

  • Apple Is Ready To Turn Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple looks to be in a topping process. By looking at price patterns, price momentum, and volume, we can come to a clear understanding about the technical condition of this security.

  • Apple Near Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Inc. is heading toward the lowest support. Can the stock form a bottom?

  • Apple Poised For Sharp Move As Investors Weigh Conflicting Macro Forces

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple is set to break out from a technically important area, but in which direction?

  • Apple Selloff Under Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has been in a bull market since 2003, but it now appears that this bull market ended at the end of 2007, and Apple could sell off to as low as $80 per share.

  • Apple Settles After Support Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has consolidated over the last two weeks and is likely to make a significant move sooner rather than later.

  • Apple Stock Pushed Higher With News Of Steve Jobs' Health

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Inc. is a stock to watch with news about Steve Jobs' health.

  • Apple Struggles Near Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A strong technology stock like Apple, Inc., can go jittery when volatility returns to the NASDAQ Composite.

  • Apple Up Against Strong Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has rallied into a price area laden with multiple lines of resistance forming strong resistance that will most likely turn this market back down.

  • Apple and IPhone X

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On September 12, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, announced the iPhone X. Is it time to buy Apple shares?

  • Apple, From Soft To Sour

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two weeks ago, I made the case for more downside on Apple. After mounting a weak rally, it resumed its downtrend with a vengeance.

  • Apple, Steve Jobs, And My Two Bits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Steve Jobs is facing criticism over the iPhone reception because of a badly placed antenna. Will I give up my iPhone and iPad because of it? Not a chance.

  • Apple: A Case For Retracement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While Apple remains in a long-term downward trend, an intermediate-term statistical analysis shows that Apple may be ready to shed some of its excess losses.

  • Apple: Intial Stages Of A Sizeable Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a weekly and monthly cycle top at around the same time, expect a tradable correction to soon follow.

  • Bullish Head & Shoulders For Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the daily time frame for Apple Computer, the bullish reversal formation now needs confirmation with a breakout of the neckline.

  • Comcast Corp. Waits On Apple Rumors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's a rumor going around that Apple TV, when it is available, might be accessible via the Internet and not cable. How's Comcast reacting to those whispers?

  • Follow the Leader - Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple appears to have begun a decline. Where are the support levels and what effect could this have on the broader stock market?For several years Apple Inc. (AAPL) has been one of the main leaders in the stock market. As of September 22, 2017, AAPL is

  • Grow An Apple With Steve Jobs?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back when I first wrote about Steve Jobs and Apple on October 28, 2004, I said, "Accumulate." Have I changed my mind?

  • Is Apple A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a safe, long-term investment is always a must.

  • Is Apple Near A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I've written four bearish articles about AAPL since November 2012. But lately the chart has been looking a lot less gloomy.

  • Is Apple Set To Fall?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has seen a massive runup and correction in the stock. Are its best days behind it?

  • Is Apple, Inc. A Buy Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple, Apple, and once again Apple. The company appears to be going from strength to strength. Is it time to buy the company's stock again?

  • Is It Time To Bite Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple to start India manufacturing soon.

  • Is It Time To Buy Apple Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Those faithfuls who love Apple never ever sold.

  • Is It Worth Taking A Bite Out Of Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What does the future hold for Apple, now that cofounder Steve Jobs has passed away?

  • Market Taking A Bite Out Of Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a mammoth runup, how much higher does Apple really have left to run?

  • The Apple Split

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In late April, the iPhone and iPad maker announced plans to split its stock for the first time in nine years.

  • The Apple Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An ascending triangle interrupts a rally in shares of Apple Computer. Is it the pause that refreshes?

  • Time To Short Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again, the bears circle Campground Apple hoping for easier pickings this time around.

  • Uptrend Ends For Apple, Inc.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With November closing out, Apple is likely to form a hanging man pattern with a declining relative strength index from the overbought area.

  • Using ProfitTaker by Terry Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using ProfitTaker by Terry Apple Currently, numerous software packages are available that employ optimization to create technical models for futures trading. Every day I receive calls from traders around the country who are considering buying one of the

  • WD Gann's Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at Apple Inc. the way WD Gann would have seen it.

  • What's Up With Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Barclays Bank cut their target for Apple shares from $121 to $115 last week.

  • What's Up With Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AAPL stock looked like it was ready to bottom in early March 2013, but then the picture changed. So what's next for this troubled tech?

  • Would You Buy Apple Today?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Steve Jobs is no longer around. Tim Cook is trying his best to emulate him, but is he doing the job?

  • iPad And The Price Of Apple Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that Apple has launched its new iPad, how will this affect the future price of Apple?

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