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  • 2B Test Of Bottom In The US Dollar-Swiss Franc

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the US dollar continues its slow-motion, spontaneous combustion before our very eyes, an important test against the Swiss franc looms.

  • A 2B Bottom Test In The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the long-sought-after bottom in the DJIA finally at hand?

  • A 2B Test Of Bottom In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The same formula that noted a bottom in March hints at another one in June.

  • A Big Test For Microsoft

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Microsoft bounced recently, but a resistance test is at hand and the stock formed a potentially bearish wedge over the last few weeks.

  • A Big Test Looms For The Naz

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ came crashing down on Tuesday, February 27, but support is at hand and the November–December 2006 lows hold the key to a medium-term reversal.

  • A Breakout, And Now A Test For The Dow Diamonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The flag breakout for the Dow diamonds remains the dominant signal, and the current pullback has reached its make-or-break point.

  • A Major Support Test For The Nikkei

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei is trying to firm near its March lows, but momentum has yet to turn up and traders should watch for a signal line crossover in the MACD.

  • A Portrait of General Electric as a 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A favorite technique for spotting potential market tops and bottoms appears as shares of General Electric test their June highs.

  • A Support Test For THQI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...THQ Inc. is testing support from its prior low, and traders should be on guard for a bounce and a potential double bottom.

  • ABT Anticipating A Move Higher After Support Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Unlike most stocks, Abbott Labs only recently made its major low. Is this stock staging a turnaround, or is this latest rally a fakeout?

  • An Intraday 2B Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More than just a tool for top- and bottom-picking trends, the 2B test is one way for aggressive traders to trade sloppy, sideways markets.

  • Apollo Group Bullish Breakout After Support Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by more than 40% from its mid-January 2012 high, shares of Apollo Group have begun a significant, bullish price reversal.

  • Australian Dollar -- Support Test In Progress

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Australian dollar appears to be successfully testing important support levels now and may be in position to recover as the US dollar falters.

  • Bank Index Closing In On Another Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The last time this index look precarious, the markets hit a downleg and now it's showing another interesting juncture.

  • Bank Index Under Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...$BKX is on moving average support but under previous high resistance. So although technical conditions on charts are positive, the resistance might change the picture.

  • CCJ's Successful Support Test Completed?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 30% in fewer than three months, shares of Cameco Corp. may be setting up for yet another push higher.

  • Citigroup: Major Support Test Imminent?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Citigroup shares have finally started to correct, but will a fast-approaching support area have what it takes to stop a further decline?

  • ConocoPhillips Channel Support Test Soon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ConocoPhillips stock has risen steadily within the confines of a fixed price channel for more than four months now. Are the shares preparing for another channel support test?

  • Copper Approaches Major Support Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price action in copper since July 2008 has been horrific, but an important support test may be in the offing.

  • December Corn's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the CRB Index heads toward resistance, the grains struggle to keep their bull markets alive.

  • Double Bottom For ST Assembly Test Services Ltd.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the close just above the stop-loss level, now could be a good time to buy STTS.

  • Dow Likely To Test Downside Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The candlestick formations, tweezer top and bearish engulfing pattern, have the Dow primed for some downside action.

  • Facebook's Pregnancy Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yahoo shares fall after CEO Marissa Mayer reveals she is pregnant. Will Facebook shares follow suit with Mark Zuckerberg's pending paternity leave?

  • For PBG, Is Gap Support Test A Go Or No-Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock with solid fundamentals suddenly gaps higher, there is usually a good reason for the upward surge. Let's examine Pepsi Bottling Group's price action in the aftermath of one such gap.

  • For Terex Corp., Major Support Test Looms Large

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Terex Corp. may be preparing to make a major retest of support near the $22 price zone.

  • HAL Breaking Higher After Test Of Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Building upon a steadily rising period of accumulation, Halliburton appears ready to move higher after a favorable test of support.

  • Is Gold Ready To Test New Highs?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Gold BUGS Index says it is.

  • July Platinum's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does a successful test of the May highs mean lower prices for platinum?

  • Key Support Test For UPS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...UPS is testing key support. A downside break would be most bearish for the stock and the Dow transports.

  • MCK Ready To Rise After Support Test?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of McKesson Corp. rose by more than 222% between late November 2008 and mid-April 2012. Does this stock have some more bullish ground to cover, or is a major trend reversal coming up?

  • Magna International Twice Fails Pullback Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian international auto parts giant can't beat the important and telling 200-day EMA barrier.

  • Major Support Test Soon For FCX?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Being aware of major price cycles and key areas of support and resistance in your favorite stocks can help you stay abreast of potentially profitable price moves.

  • May Coffee's 2B Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does a short-term 2B test of bottom anticipate an upswing in coffee futures?

  • NOV: Major Support Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now at an important AB=CD price target, will shares of National Oilwell Varco be able to regain some of their recent decline?

  • Nasdaq Headed For A Pattern Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the party over or is this a normal and healthy correction for the tech index?

  • Neckline Test For Morgan Stanley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a nice advance since March 2003, Morgan Stanley (MWD) is approaching a key retracement and appears to be at a critical juncture.

  • Oil Service Stocks Test Support Of Trend Channel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the advance in oil prices stalls, oil service stocks move to the low end of a trend channel that has contained prices for months.

  • PCG: Important Support Test At Hand

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of PG&E may soon have the opportunity to test two important support levels as October approaches.

Quick Scan: Best Test Simulated Trading by John Sweeney

  • Retail HOLDERs Heading for Neckline Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Retail HOLDRs (RTH) kept pace with the broader market from March to October, but the stock has faltered over the last three months. Volume is increasing on the downside and a potential head and shoulders pattern hints at further weakness.


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Heat test to show profitability over a range of set sizes.

  • SIDEBAR: Test parameters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SIDEBAR: Test parameters Parameters needed to use a Bezier program or to test curves by hand.

  • Sandisk: Head & Shoulders Or Just A Support Test?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sandisk has a potentially bearish pattern working, but the stock is assumed bullish until the bear is confirmed.

  • Schlumberger Support Test Under Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having tested its 200-day exponential moving average three times since early August 2012, shares of Schlumberger Ltd. may be preparing for another swing higher into early November 2012.

  • September Crude's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the world waits anxiously for thousands of barrels of Iraqi oil to enter the market, this technical indicator suggests that cheaper oil may be coming--one way or the other.

  • Sidebar: MetaStock Codes: System Test, Flags & Pennants by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:5 (48-57): Sidebar: MetaStock Codes: System Test, Flags & Pennants by Markos Katsanos This sidebar contains: METASTOCK CODE: SYSTEM TEST, FLAGS & PENNANTS METASTOCK CODE FOR VFI FORMULA, and METASTOCK EXPLORATION FOR FLAG

  • Starbucks Undergoes A Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lower peaks in the MACD histogram and rate of change reveal that momentum to the upside is beginning to wane for Starbucks, the largest coffee shop chain in the world, causing SBUX to undergo a test of its rising trendline and 20-day MA.

  • Surviving The Test of Time With J. Welles Wilder by Brian Twomey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Surviving The Test of Time With J. Welles Wilder by Brian Twomey J. Welles Wilder is an author, market technician, and inventor of indicators and trading systems that have become classics over time. Without Wilder's contributions to technical analysis,

  • Test And Retreat For Retail HOLDRS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of the retail stock HOLDRS broke down in April and retested a support-turned-resistance level early in May.

  • Test Of Resistance For Micron Technology

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A shooting star candlestick pattern indicates at least a pause in the uptrend.

  • The Critical Head & Shoulders Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the most reliable chart patterns is the venerable head and shoulders. The markets are set to put this technical mainstay to the test once more. If it passes, the bears will roar. If it fails, get ready for a stampede of the bulls. Either way, is

  • The DJIA's Double Top Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently trying to find support from its 50-day moving average. This coincides with a possible double-top formation.

  • The DJIA's Test Of Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The intraday charts magnify the short-term tug-of-wars between the bulls and the bears that causes day-to-day price fluctuations. The intraday charts provide a swing trader a wealth of information, such as key levels of support and resistance. But the in

  • The Greenback's 2B Test of Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar index approaches a major test of lows set back in October 1998.

  • The Nasdaq's 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does failure to follow-through on the April 29th highs mean the Nasdaq is finally headed lower?

  • The Nikkei's Technical Litmus Test?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the Nikkei rises to test its down trendline, will it get a reversal at resistance? Or will prices break out? A technical litmus test should be applied to any breakout to determine if it is legitimate.

  • The Q's Hourly Double Bottom And Successful Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...March came in like a lion ... with a market bottom in tow.

  • The S&P 500's 2B Test of Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How could a technician have caught the mid-March rally?

  • Transports Test October Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With all attention on the sagging blue chips, the Dow Transports are staging an important test of the October lows.

  • Trendline Test For The Dow Jones Industrial Average

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So far in 2006, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has swung up 1,000 points, only to lose it all again. Where is it going now?

  • Triangle Top Test For Petro-Canada

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From 2002 to 2004, this Canadian oil giant has doubled in price from $35 to $70. Now it's off its peak.

  • US Dollar Index Pullback Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The USD at a critical point here and outcome may influence overall indices as market confidence also reflected in the strength or weakness of the greenback.

  • VALE: Key Support Test Underway

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Vale Sa. are off by nearly 29% since early January 2013, with more declines possible if key support fails to hold.

  • Verisign Nears A Pattern Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting a two-year high in the mid-$30 range and a low of $16, where is this stock headed?

  • Vulcan Materials Break Higher After Support Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The basic materials sector has rebounded strongly since March 2009. Here's a key player from that sector that just signaled a fresh buying opportunity for daily traders.

  • Weekly Nasdaq Engaged In A Trendline Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The current hesitantcy in the markets is aptly represented by the Nasdaq's current battle with a multiyear trendline.

  • Will Bonds Test A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences set up the 10-year note for a correction and possible test of the summer 2006 bottom.

  • With BMC Software, Successful Test Of Gap Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will shares of BMC Software follow through, rising in the wake of a successful test of gap support?

Working Money: The Critical Head & Shoulders Test by Matt Blackman

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