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  • A Theory Of $20 Oil Or Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For a lasting economic turnaround, many hope for cheaper oil prices to act as a catalyst. Here is a plausible chart view to sustain the above notion.

  • Alcoa Drags Materials Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though Dow and Dupont are the two biggest components of the Materials SPDR (XLB), recent weakness in Alcoa (AA) is pulling the sector lower.

  • Climbs Up On Lower Volume, Overheated ADX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New high on Amazon stock was achieved with reducing volume and slow price momentum.

  • Apple Is Ready To Turn Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple looks to be in a topping process. By looking at price patterns, price momentum, and volume, we can come to a clear understanding about the technical condition of this security.

  • Best Buy Leading Retail Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Best Buy (BBY), an important retailer and cyclical stock, led the market higher in 2003, but the early signals in 2004 point to weakness that could extend into the industry and sector.

  • Big Blue Has Lower Targets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since topping out at the first of the year, IBM has faltered. Lower targets are in sight as two technical tests approach.

  • Boeing Breaks Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...High oil prices and travel anxiety add fuel to a breakdown.

  • Bond Yields Headed Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 10-year Treasury note yield broke long-term support to confirm a bearish continuation pattern that points to sharply lower yields over the next few weeks and months.

  • Broad Markets Finally Break Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The noticeable trading range market behavior of the past few months appears to have given way to another leg down in the broad US markets.

  • Cabot to Head Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Like many stocks, Cabot (CBT) enjoyed a nice run off October lows. It now looks like it is getting set to resume its long-term downtrend.

  • Can The GBP/USD Currency Pair Go Much Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The GBPUSD currency pair has been in a strong downtrend since mid-July. Lately, an important line was broken. Is this a signal for more short-selling?

  • Comerica Consolidating At The Lower End

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the stock form a strong bottom to initiate a bullish rally?

  • Crude Warns Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A major MACDH trough suggests that the top in crude oil futures may be in.

  • Early Sign Of Lower Oil Prices?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A company supporting offshore drilling is breaking down, possibly signaling that lower oil prices lie ahead.

  • Energy Sector Trading At Lower Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Due to the weak trend, the bullish rally of XLE gradually plunged below its major support levels. The range-bound movement of the sector index is likely to affect the breakout of Chesapeake Energy Corp.

  • FedEx Drags Transports Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume is expanding as FDX declines and a bearish reversal pattern is taking shape.

  • Ford Leads Market Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A confirmed head & shoulders top and relative weakness point to lower prices for Ford Motor Co.

  • Gap Continues Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gap Inc. looked like it was basing a few months ago, but a recent support break signals a continuation of the long-term downtrend.

  • Head And Shoulders In Hewlett Packard Forecasts Lower Prices

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hewlett Packard (HPQ) completed a head and shoulders pattern that forecasts lower prices for this hardware manufacturer. Prices had not fallen much before hitting an old support level. But other factors suggest this is only a temporary stop in a longer-t

  • Higher Highs & Lower Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spotting emerging trends, defining correction periods, and anticipating reversals can benefit your trading in many ways. Here's a look at a trading system that uses momentum indicators to define trend direction

  • How Much Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The "sell in May" correction could be in its final stages, but September is around the corner.

  • IAI Leads Stock Market Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Broker/Dealer Index has a longstanding reputation as a stock market leader. In good times, the index leads the stock market higher, while in bad times it leads the stock market lower. These appear to be bad times.

  • Is Coffee Creeping Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A descending triangle is one hint that a test of the lows is likely.

  • Is Lumber Headed Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakdown from this head and shoulders top could see lumber prices near 344.

  • Is PMC-Sierra Heading Higher or Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's always very tricky playing long or short within the pattern. Here's an example with PMC-Sierra that demonstrates this scenario.

  • Is Sotheby's BID-ding The Markets Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market pundit and author Vikram Mansharamani first introduced auction house Sotheby's as an advance market indicator. Here's what that indicator is saying now.

  • Is USO Ready To Turn Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...USO has been in a bull market since 1999. However, there is a high probability of overhead resistance that could turn this fund downward for a selloff of as much as 62%.

  • It Can Always Go Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...During the summer in Pamplona, Spain, there is a festival known locally as the San Fermin festival. The highlight of this festival is the Encierro, or running of the bulls. The running of the bulls involves running in front of about six, sometimes ten ca

  • JP Morgan Chase Drags Finance Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A recent trendline break and momentum downturn spell lower prices for JP Morgan Chase.

  • Liberty Global May Tumble Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As Liberty Global Inc. breaks important support, downside targets are being considered for this NASDAQ 100 company.

  • Liz Claiborne Continues Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A confirmed descending triangle and a new 52-week low confirm the downtrend for Liz Claiborne and point to even lower prices ahead.

  • Long-Term Rates Trending Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 10-year Treasury note yield found support over the last two months but remains short of a reversal, and the odds favor a move lower for interest rates.

  • Lower Before Higher For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does a long-term sideways correction in gold need more downside?

  • Lower Prices Ahead For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been working its way higher since early February. However, a negative divergence has developed over the last month, forecasting that this market could see lower prices ahead.

  • Lower Stock Prices Ahead For Priceline?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some sell signals are more appealing than others, depending on the broader context in which they appear.

  • Lumber Leading Housing Index Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A longstanding correlation between lumber and home builder stocks points to lower prices for the builders.

  • Magna International: Lower Top, Lower Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Magna Int'l is showing a falling trend, and further downside can't be ruled out.

  • Magna International: Lower Top, Lower Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Magna Int'l is showing a falling trend, and further downside can't be ruled out.

  • Microsoft Ready To Move Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows that Microsoft is in a long-term and intermediate-term downtrend and that it is now ready to move lower.

  • NVDA Leading The Charge Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making an astounding run higher in late 2010 and early 2011, shares of Nividia Corp. appear to be homing in on a vitally important support area.

  • Natural Gas Warns Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Deep MACDH troughs point to lower prices ahead for December natural gas.

  • Oil Services HOLDRs Projected Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recent trendline breaks on the daily and weekly charts point to lower prices for the Oil Service HOLDRS.

  • QQQQ To Move Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis of the technology market sector shows that QQQQ is ready to move lower.

  • Qualcomm Inc. is Heading Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Daily, weekly, and monthly charts are showing formations indicating a drop in Qualcomm's price.

  • Retail Sector Leads Economy Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Retail sales account for two-thirds of the economy. By looking at the retail sector of the stock market we can look into the future and see that the economic plan that Congress has been working on so hard to pass is not a quick fix, and the economy still

  • S&P 500 To Head Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Elliott wave theory shows that the S&P 500 has much farther to go on the downside before we can consider the market ready to start moving higher.

  • S&P 500 To Thrust Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 is currently in a wave 2 market correction. Once this correction is completed, the S&P 500 will thrust downward to a new price low.

  • SVU A Better Buy At Lower Prices?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Supervalu, a major regional grocery chain, have been falling for the past three months. Is a turnaround finally at hand?

  • Semi's Drag Nasdaq Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq broke above 2040 with a surge on high volume, but lack of help from the semiconductor group is weighing.

  • Sierra Wireless Heading Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Several candlestick warnings hint at the coming downside.

  • Silver Ready To Move Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Silver Standard Resources made a market top in late 2007 and has been trading lower this year. Over the last few months, SSRI has been in a narrow trading range that looks ready to break down and move lower.

  • Silver Signals Higher ... And Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the third triangle be the charm?

  • Southwest Airlines On Approach To Lower Altitudes?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the last few months, the selling pressure in the shares of Southwest Airlines has been relatively mild yet persistent. Will the newest swing sell signal in the stock precipitate a plunge to lower price levels?

  • Tech And Small Cap Point Toward Lower Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bull markets are usually led higher by stocks in the NASDAQ and small-cap stocks. But not right now.

  • The Volatility Index Continues To Point To Lower Stock Prices

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite last week's sharp correction in the equity market, current volatility levels do not indicate a significant bottom in the S&P 100.

  • Transports Driving Market Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Transports often lead stocks at a bottom since they are quicker out of the starting gate when the economy starts to shows signs of picking up. When they weaken ahead of the industrials, it shows that the economy is encountering growing headwinds.

  • Triangles and Fan Lines: Are All the Box Makers Heading Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at Gateway Inc. and Apple Computer Corporation brings up the question, is a weak sector getting weaker?

  • Two Bearish Patterns Spell Lower Prices For Nucor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nucor recently broke pennant support and is now testing neckline support of a head-and-shoulders reversal.

  • Using The Lower Low Strategy Plus Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Finding a share out of the many thousands listed on the exchanges that could be a profitable trade is a matter of determining a trading strategy to use. There are many out there, and I have written a number of articles on various strategies, but one stra

  • WTI Order Flow Weekly: A Double-Top Confirmed By Order Flow Sees Price Discovery Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side price discovery and development of support for Monday, April 15, 2019. Market structure and order flow provide insight

  • WTI Weekly: Despite Initial Aggressive Price Discovery Lower, Market Structure Implied Continuation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side continuation for Thursday, January 9, 2020 following an initial aggressive decline. Market structure and order flow pr

  • WTI Weekly: Key Resistance Held As Sell Excess Formed, Driving Price Lower To Statistical Support.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side defense of key resistance and subsequent price discovery lower for Friday, December 20, 2019's auction. Market st

  • WTI Weekly: The Iran Attacks Drive Price Higher, Then Lower As Market Structure And Order Flow Guide

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and market structure data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into initial breakout higher and subsequent price discovery lower for Wednesday, January 8, 2020 as the Iran attack narrative became know

  • Walmart: Guaranteed Lower Prices?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since peaking in 2000, Walmart share prices have drifted sideways, but a pattern break has recently occurred.

  • Waves Working Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An updated wave count takes a look at the S&P 500 since the August top.

  • Whole Foods Market Breaking Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Whole Foods Market are moving lower on several time frames, suggesting larger declines to come.

  • Why The S&P 100 Could See Much Lower Prices

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A lack of fear in the marketplace could indicate lower prices for the S&P 100.

  • Will Dean Foods Be A Safe Haven If S&P 500 Goes Much Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some stocks seem to have an ability to act as safe havens during times of recession and major stock market declines. Is this one?

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