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  • 10 Reasons Traders Lose And What To Do About It

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Awareness - it's your best friend. When you start trading, don't get discouraged with your losing trades. Be aware of why those losses occurred. You'll find that the losses were often caused by your emotions. Relate your trading to the 10 reasons provide

  • 3D Printing Stocks: What Does this Parabolic Blowoff Mean?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...3D printing has taken the world by storm, and lately stocks in this space have been on fire. But even the best things must come to an end. Does the recent parabolic blowoff mean the industry's best days are over?

  • Big Stock Drops. What Happens Next?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Testing inspired by silver's big plunge last week showed that futures are just as likely to drop further as they are to rebound after a crash. Testing in the stock market finds buying big drops works best in bear markets.

  • Breadth Statistics: What Do They Tell You? by Tom McClellan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 22:12 (68-72): Breadth Statistics: What Do They Tell You? by Tom McClellan Let's revisit the advance/decline line. Advance/decline (A/D) statistics have been used since 1926, when they were first analyzed by Col. Leonard Ayres a

  • Buy American? What You Don't Know About Investing Overseas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...According to Kornitzer Capital Management's Tom Laming, some of the best international investments come from US companies. Confused? Read on.

  • Can Technical Factors Gauge What Works In The Stock Market? by Mark Vakkur

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can Technical Factors Gauge What Works In The Stock Market? by Mark Vakkur In the second part of this series we look at the technical factors you can use to gauge the magnitude and direction of the trends in the S&P 500. Using only month-tomonth, close

  • Earnings and Cash Flow: Watching What Matters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price-to-earnings and price-to-cash flow are among the most common ways to measure a company's health. What are these ratios and how can you use them to invest in the best companies?

  • Fuelcell Is Supercharged, But What Else Is Going On?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oil is heading higher, and it is pulling a whole array of stocks with it. Here is one stock that also has some compelling technicals in its favor.

  • Futures Margins: What, Why, And How

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most traders are familiar with how margins on equities work, but what about margins on futures? Here, we look at the unique characteristics of futures margins to understand their nuances

  • If Beta Doesn't Work, What Does? by William G.S. Brown, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If Beta Doesn't Work, What Does? by William G.S. Brown, Ph.D. Beta not doing it for you? Try the price regression line. Conventional wisdom says that a stock (or stock fund) having a beta close to 1.0 will follow the market. Is that true? This piece of

  • In A Down Market What Do You Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Warren Buffet announced that he bought stocks when the market crashed on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

  • Intermarket Wrap - What Are Other Markets And Asset Classes Telling Us?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks (and bonds) have been the biggest beneficiaries of Quantitative Easing efforts but lately, stocks have been struggling. So what's next?

  • Interview Henry Hank Pruden: What The Future Holds by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview Henry Hank Pruden: What The Future Holds by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Hank, why don't you start by telling us how you got interested in the Wyckoff method. What attracted me to the Wyckoff method can be summarized under my notions of Wyckoff th

  • Interview: What Is The Future Of Trading? by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Is The Future Of Trading? by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan At The Start Of Our 20th Year, We Ask: What Is The Future Of Trading? The trading exchanges have been going through various changes lately, shifting from member-sponsored entities to for-profi

  • Is Silver Bubbling Or Just Doing What It's Supposed To?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Given the meteoric rise of silver over the last year, many pundits have proclaimed the gray metal in bubble territory. But there is interesting evidence to indicate this is probably not the case.

  • Is The A-B Base What The Bottom Will Look Like?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is this A-B base the future market bottom picture?

  • Is This What A Capitulation Bottom Feels Like?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This has been a tough market no matter which way you slice it, with signals to confuse even the most stalwart traders. But here is one pattern that looks promising.

  • It 's What You Keep That Counts by Ted Tesser, CPA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's What You Keep That Counts by Ted Tesser,CPA Trader status, which has always been one of the hottest but least understood topics whenever taxes are discussed, has always left market participants confused. Here's a certified public accountant who al

  • Juniper Networks (JNPR). . .What Is The Right Strategy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Juniper Networks (JNPR) is in the midst of confusion. There is a struggle between supply and demand with the supply side winning at this point.

  • Most Of What You Need To Know About Technical Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS.... . . You learned in elementary school.

Quick Scans: What Works on Wall Street

Quick Scans: What Works on Wall Street -- The Software

  • SIDEBAR: WHAT IS A FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM? by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...WHAT IS A FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM? by Technical Analysis, Inc. There is an intuitive appeal in the concept that cycles are apparent in price data. The cycles do not appear to be consistent, but more of a combination that are longer- and shorter-term cycl

  • SIDEBAR: What about lags?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SIDEBAR: What about lags? What about the lags introduced by triangular moving averages? An example is the best way to study them. The index in Article Figure 2 is a sine curve with a period of 40 observations and an amplitude of 10.

  • SIDEBAR: What is Chi Square?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is Chi Square? If, in the past, records show that the market exhibited more rises than declines at a certain time, could it have been by chance? Yes. If a medication produced cures more often than average, could it have been luck? Yes. If so, how m

  • September Strategy And What A Difference A Month Makes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Beginning in August, weakness from July's trading was carrying over but now it's spreading like a contagion. Learn how to prepare and profit.

  • So What IS The True Elliott Wave Count?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We should stick to the rules.

  • Stock Market Volatility: What Next?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volatility is at its lowest levels in years. Although structural changes might be ongoing, a high-volatility environment appears to be back.

  • Symmetrical Triangle & Fan Lines: What happened to Citigroup?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The best investment advice you will receive -- if a certain Prince is interested in buying long then you should be selling out your long position or shorting the equity!

  • TWM Hits Median Line, So What Next?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 Inverse ETF has now hit the median line of the Andrews pitchfork but failed to hit its initial price target. What next? Should we expect TWM to reverse back down or continue up to hit its initial price target?

  • The Real Reason Traders Lose Money (And What To Do About It)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Why do traders lose money? The answer may surprise you. Here's a look at the core of the problem and how you can arrive at a profitable strategy.

  • The Recent Potential 2B Top And What It Means For Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Trader Vic" Sperandeo wrote about a pattern that he said had been a big money maker for him over the years. It recently appeared on a number of indexes. What does it mean?

  • The Yield Curve and What It Can Tell Us About Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In every major correction, rumors surface that a recession is in the wings. These same rumors have been circulating of late. If we are indeed in a true bear market and headed for recession, the yield curve will provide valuable warning.

  • This Is What Makes Hindsight 20/20?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes we look at a chart and clearly see the trend. We wish we had only seen it earlier, when it had broken out from its basing pattern and begun its up/down trend. If only, we think, if only we had seen it when it was breaking out, we could have sta

  • Top Spotting: Knowing What You Need To Stay Out Of Trouble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since April 2013, the S&P 500 index has put in a series of higher highs. So how high is too high? The end of the rally may be closer than you think.

  • Trade What You See

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trade what you see, not what you think you see.

  • Trading Tactics: What to Look For When Taking a Long Position

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The general market trend seems to be changing. Here's an example of how to take advantage of it.

  • Vacation Time Is Over. What Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...School holidays are over. September, traditionally the quietest month of the year, is upon us, with the notoriously volatile October ahead. What now?

  • Volatility: What They Don't Teach You In Grad School

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You're most likely not going to engage in a conversation about "lognormal volatility" at a cocktail party. But you may have come across the term in financial texts. This may or may not surprise you: When it comes to the stock market, what you read may no


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...WHAT TEXTBOOKS NEVER TELL YOU by Jesse H. Thompson Post Pattern Activity Most texts on market form or activity describe certain price patterns that occur with great frequency; these texts also define the implications of these price patterns and their p

WM: Most Of What You Need To Know About Technical... by Matt Blackman

  • What A Breakout Looks Like?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Deciding when to enter a position for a long trade can be confusing. Knowing what to look for in a healthy breakout can help.

  • What A Golden Web We Weave

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking at a chart of the Dow divided by the price of gold can present an argument against a possible Dow collapse.

  • What About The NASDAQ?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the technology sector crashed in 2000, the NASDAQ index crashed heavily along with it. But in the recovery phase, the Elliott wave B-wave , the index rose only as far as the 38.2% Fibonacci correction.

  • What Are Insiders Telling Us?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What corporate insiders do in the stock market can tell us a lot about where they believe the market is going. When corporate executives are buying their company's stock in greater than average amounts, it often means a market bottom of sorts. Whe

  • What Are Pivots?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More than just an alternative to indicators, pivots can be used to better understand market behavior.

  • What Are Those Indicators Really Indicating?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are the stock movements you're trying to predict random or purposeful?

  • What Are You Waiting For?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Patience and discipline -- two buzzwords in trading. But to be patient, you have to know what you are waiting for, and when you know what you're waiting for, it's easier to be disciplined. Here's how you can accomplish this feat.

  • What Big Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Step back to look at the recent rally.

  • What Can Fibonacci and Candlesticks Tell Us About This Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a good run since March 11 for the major indexes. They recently moved from overbought into oversold on the daily charts without the serious meltdown that many were expecting. Here is what two popular analytic tools can tell us and why this

  • What Can Market Cycles Tell Us? by Tim W. Wood, CPA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Secrets Of Cycles And What They Can Reveal What Can Market Cycles Tell Us? by Tim W. Wood, CPA Everything in nature moves in cycles -- the solar system, the migration of geese, sleep patterns. Of more immediate interest to traders are cycles in the a

  • What Can Neural Networks Do For You? by Dima Vonko

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:12 (60-61): What Can Neural Networks Do For You? by Dima Vonko Neural networks can multiply your profits -- if you know how to use them. Neural networks can be created to generate profits. You may think you need vast computer

  • What Can We Learn From Warren Buffett?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders can take cues from investors. Here's a look at mimicking what legendary investor Warren Buffett is doing

  • What Can You Expect, Mathematically? by Stephen Massel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at how mathematical expectation allows for an apples-to-apples comparison of trading systems or strategies regardless of type or style, as well as allowing the tracking of your own trading record. A huge number of different trading

  • What Class Of Trader Are You?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Scalpers, daytraders, swing traders, position traders Ñ they all trade, but they trade differently. Here's a look at the characteristics of each type.

  • What Do Interest Rate Cuts Mean?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...To you they mean plenty.

  • What Do Sector Rankings Tell Us About the Economy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The jury may still be out among analysts regarding whether this rally will be sustained or not but a look at the sectors tells a revealing tale about the state of the economy.

  • What Does Regeneration's Bear Flag Mean?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bear flag is often a bearish signal. Regeneration Pharmeceuticals, Inc. is just completing one - is it too early to tell what this means for the stock?

  • What Does The Junk Bond Sell-Off Mean For Stocks Going Forward?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While large-cap stocks have continued their merry march higher, the same can't be said for other sectors, especially the high-yield bond market. What implications does this have for the stock rally?

  • What Does The Russel 2000 Index Tell Us?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where is the market going from here?

  • What Does The Stock-Commodity Disconnect Mean For Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intermarket analysis tells us that stocks, bonds, and commodities generally move together in trends. Was does it mean when they don't?

  • What Else Does It Do? by STEVE ROSS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Else Does It Do? by STEVE ROSS More and more people are investing in personal computers. But personal computers are often purchased with only one or two real applications in mind. Many personal computer owners are not programmers, and have no inten

  • What Happened To Hewlett-Packard?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The last time I wrote on this equity it had a very nice head and shoulders bottom reversal pattern. I was anticipating it to go higher over the long-term, but. . . things change. The time to sell long positions was when the long-term trendline was brok

  • What Happened To My Profit?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The effects of implied volatility are underestimated by many option traders. It can vary greatly and unpredictably over an option's life and have a negative impact on the profitability of an option position.

  • What Happened To TZOO?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On July 19, I wrote about TZOO, which Dan Zanger discussed in his newsletter as a potential buy. On July 20, it put in an engulfing bear candlestick pattern and then on July 21, it dropped off a cliff. What happened?

  • What Happened To The Golden Season?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Year-end has historically been a good time to own gold thanks to seasonal jewelry demand. So what happened in 2013?

  • What Has October Got To Do With The Bailout?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...September is known as the month the market usually slows down, and October is known as the month for drama. What does a Gann chart say?

  • What Is A Trend, Anyway? by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Is A Trend, Anyway? by John Sweeney A reader reacting to the Settlement article in January on trading basics (Settlement, ""Trading simply: Minimizing losses,"" Stocks & COMMODITIES, January 1991) asked a key question: What is a trend? How do I ide

  • What Is Googling At Google?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last week it was announced that Yahoo! had more hits than Google.

  • What Is Intermarket Analysis Saying About Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As many traders and investors were forced to relearn in the last financial crisis, no asset class is an island onto itself. Where one goes, the others are sure to take notice. Intermarket analysis says that stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies all

  • What Is It With Barnes & Noble?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's going on with the nation's largest traditional bookseller, which reported fiscal first-quarter results today?

  • What Is It With Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A reader of applied the cycle strategy I used of previous articles (Nasdaq And Cycles of December, 2002) to the London Gold price, and emailed it to me for comment. Below is my analysis.

  • What Is Risk? by Gary Anderson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Is Risk? by Gary Anderson There are many ways to view risk. Some measurements treat risk and reward alike; if a stock is outperforming the market to the upside, there is an implicit expectation that the stock may also outperform the market to the d

  • What Is Sangoma's Chart Telling Us?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sangoma is the South African term for a witch doctor. In this falling market, is the company living up to its name?

  • What Is The Best Purchase Price?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Have you analyzed your trading setup to determine what the best price is for buying a security? Here we explore some ways to do that

  • What Is The VIX Telling Us?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the VIX now telling us to be prepared?

  • What Is Trading?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The idea of making money from the stock market is what attracts us to the markets. But what does it really take? Here's a realistic look

  • What It Takes To Survive by Adrienne Toghraie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:4 (26-31): What It Takes To Survive by Adrienne Toghraie As a trader, you need to be a winner and you also need to be a survivor. Here's why. No matter how good a trader is, he will experience a shattering loss some time in h

  • What K-wave? by Jeff Walker

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What K-wave? by Jeff Walker Cycles -- in things as varied as locusts, sunspots and pig iron production -- are an undeniable part of the universe. The reality of Nicolai Kondratieff's 54-year cycle is rather less certain. A cycle is a more-or-less regular

  • What Market Timing Is - And Isn't by Paul A. Merriman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Market Timing Is -- And Isn't Market timing is supposed to be great at reducing your risk while letting you profit in the bull moves, but is it all it's cracked up to be? This market timer discusses the pros and cons. Market timing -- and market tim

  • What Next for Brinker?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a painful decline lasting all of the past year, has Brinker Intl, Inc. (EAT) finally found support at the low of $29.50 reached on September 7, 2017?

  • What Next for The Juggernaut That is Amazon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Amazon's (AMZN) recent purchase of Wholefoods Market, it looks like there is no stopping this juggernaut of a stock. But what does a study of the price chart reveal about the performance of this stock?

  • What Now Brown Cow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a share to buy as tensions rise around the world.

  • What Now Brown Cow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With all the uncertainty over the past few weeks, where does one put one's money?

  • What Now For Banks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When Donald Trump won the US Presidential election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average immediately rose to a new high, against all predictions. As we search for investing opportunities in this new order, how attractive are the banking stocks? We'll take a

  • What Now For Facebook?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Facebook shares jumped at the end of January, on better than expected results.

  • What Now For Martha Stewart Living?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Everyone knows who Martha Stewart is, and the legal problems she faces. Many investors took a gamble and bought shares of her company, Martha Stewart Living (MSO) when it fell dramatically to a low of $9.32, believing it was oversold. On May 5th the news

  • What Now For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is now no doubt that the S&P 500 is in a new bull market, but ...

  • What Now, Dow? Looking For Our Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So we know that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is in a wave 4 correction of a Wave III. What should our strategy be?

What Powers Chart Patterns? by Thomas N. Bulkowski

  • What The VIX And S&P 100 Could Be Telling Us

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The VIX and OEX are both approaching key price levels, which could dictate if the market sees a bounce in the near term or the January correction continues.

  • What The VIX Could Be Telling Us

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though pessimism is growing in the marketplace, the S&P 500 could see further weakness before putting in a temporary bottom.

  • What Time Frame Is Right For You? by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:8 (44-47): What Time Frame Is Right For You? by Thomas Bulkowski Finding the right time frame for your trading may make life easier for you -- and your trading successes more sustainable. A trader I'll call Jennifer made big b

  • What To Buy In A Tough Market For Income

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analysts are at loggerheads when it comes to market direction. The bears are shouting sell, but the bulls are saying that when everyone sells, that's the time to buy! So what should you do?

  • What To Expect In 2018

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a market has been strongly bullish, it's easy to get complacent and focus on continuing to grow your net returns. The reality is that markets don't always go up, which is why, as a precaution, it's worth your time to map out the bigger picture. That

  • What Trading Lessons Can We Draw From Facebook?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's next for Facebook, and what lessons can we learn after its rebound from the 200-day moving average?

  • What Type Of Investor Are You?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time frame, capital, patience, assertiveness, rule following, and temperament are all large parts of investment success. In order to make the most of our individual inherent abilities to perform well at certain functions you must ask yourself some very e

  • What W.D. Gann Says About Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is gold to be used as a hedge against inflation?

  • What Will Devon Energy Do Next?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Devon Energy looks to be forming a bullish triangle but the stock has little margin for error if higher prices are going to prevail.

  • What Works, What Doesn't In Stock Market History by Mark Vakkur

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Works, What Doesn't In Stock Market History by Mark Vakkur Using Summary Statistics, In Over 60 Years And here for your education and edification, Standard & Poor's 500 summary statistics from January 1945 to May 2007! Some factors are strongly co

  • What Works, What Doesn't In Stock Market History by Mark Vakkur

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Works, What Doesn't In Stock Market History by Mark Vakkur Using Summary Statistics, In Over 60 Years And here for your education and edification, Standard & Poor's 500 summary statistics from January 1945 to May 2007! Some factors are strongly co

  • What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You -- Will It?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you want your finances to survive inflation, you'd better find out what you don't know.

  • What You Don't Know About Candlesticks by Thomas N. Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In writing my latest book, Encyclopedia Of Candlestick Charts, I made some startling discoveries. I used more than 4.7 million candle lines (price bars) for the research with data going back as far as the 1980s in hundreds of stocks, but not all

  • What You Need To Know About Gaps by Joe Luisi and Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What You Need To Know About Gaps by Joe Luisi and Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Have you ever wondered what gaps are and why they occur? Here are the various types, examples - and an answer. Ever had an open position at the close one day, only to find that a

  • What is the Impact of the S&P 500? by Clifford J. Sherry, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is the Impact of the S&P 500? by Clifford J. Sherry, Ph.D. What impact does the variability of the market have on the price behavior of an individual stock? Technicians often use the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index as a model for the market when

  • What volume is it? by Richard W. Arms, Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What volume is it? by Richard W. Arms, Jr. Markets often seem unpredictable and erratic. They give the impression of being disorganized because they do not always behave as we think they should. We live by clocks and schedules, yet all too often prices

Working Money: What Are Insiders Telling Us? by Matt Blackman

  • Working Money: What Are Pivots? by Dennis D. Peterson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: What Are Pivots? by Dennis D. Peterson More than just an alternative to indicators, pivots can be used to better understand market behavior. The appearance of pivots on a chart suggests the market has made a decision about price action.

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