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Article Archive For Keyword: Divergences

  • 2B Bottoms And Positive Divergences: Cotton's August Bounce Buoys Commodity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 2B bottom in the second half of August is confirmed by positive divergences, sending December cotton soaring into September.

  • 2Bs And Negative Divergences: Silver Stalls At The Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through on the move above $14 creates potential for reversal or consolidation.

  • A Closer Look At Divergences by Clive Roffey, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Closer Look At Divergences by Clive Roffey, Ph.D. In 1972, the investor and well-known goldbug James Dines produced a 600-page treatise called How The Average Investor Can Use Technical Analysis For Stock Profits. I regard this book, unfortunately now

  • A Peak In Wheat? Negative Divergences Suggest A Turn In Early October

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a year and a half of soaring wheat prices, is the MACD histogram hinting at reversal?

  • Bearish Divergences Abound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...US stocks could decline 15% in one month.

  • Blockbuster's Bullbusting Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up strongly over the past month, shares of Blockbuster have joined the broader market in warning of lower levels.

  • Bounding Into Resistance: Positive Divergences Send December Natural Gas Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences in both the MACD histogram and the stochastic anticipated a move higher in natural gas futures in October.

  • Bullish Divergences Abound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Multiple bullish divergence in oil and stocks point to higher prices for both.

  • Bullish Divergences For Newmont Mining Corp.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) has pulled back roughly 20 percent over the past month but there are signs of the short-term downtrend reversing.

  • Bullish Divergences Lead Cattle Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Month-on-month positive stochastic divergences anticipate a reversal in cattle futures.

  • Bullish Divergences, Daily Swing Trading Opportunity For USO

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has crude oil finally bottomed? The technical and fundamental evidence says "Definitely maybe." Bottom or not, here's a low-risk swing trading setup in USO.

  • Channel Tops And Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Those ominous divergences in the S&P 500's hourly chart are beginning to show up on the daily.

  • Confirming Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Divergences help you spot potential tops and bottoms in the market. Confirmation helps you trade them.

  • Copper Diamonds And Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond top sent copper futures down in May. But the subsequent bounce had to be seen to be believed.

  • December Crude Crosses The Line: New Highs And Negative Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A strong bull market in 2007 took December crude to levels not seen since August 2006. Is it time for crude to come in?

  • Defying The Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Everybody hates drug stocks. But for weeks, the pharmaceutical HOLDRS resisted succumbing to repeated negative stochastic divergences. At least, until now.

  • Dial "D" For Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are all divergences created equal? Here's some instruction for catching turns in market direction.

  • Diamonds And Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again, stochastic divergences help anticipate the direction of a chart pattern breakout.

  • Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the DJUA failed to break out, many component stocks fell fast.

  • Divergences 1, Candlesticks 0

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A negative stochastic divergence compels the emini S&P 500 lower in spite of signs of buying strength.

  • Divergences And The Bush Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All the post-hoc stock and election analysis you'll need is summed up in one chart and two stochastic divergences.

  • Divergences And The Dow Jones Utilities Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences in the second half of July helped create a bottom in the falling DJUA.

  • Divergences And The Housing Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The first negative divergence led to sideways trading in the housing index. The second? So far, a sharp reversal.

  • Divergences Don't Always Work

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders know that nothing works 100% of the time, but market context can help avoid bad signals.

  • Divergences Drive Motorola Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Motorola's contributions to the gadget-led tech rally have been signature. And so has the negative divergence in November, which led to lower prices in December.

  • Divergences Drive OIH Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A running positive divergence propels oil service HOLDRS to new highs.

  • Divergences Drive The Dollar Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic bring about a badly needed bounce in the greenback.

  • Divergences In Cotton

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's summertime. Do positive divergences in the stochastic and moving average convergence/divergence histogram mean that cotton will be high this year?

  • Divergences In Stocks Starting To Appear

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rate of change and sentiment are trending opposite to the price action of the S&P 500.

  • Divergences In The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences in the US Dollar Index suggest a pullback and potential test of the May lows.

  • Divergences In Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A take on a tale of two divergences in the late January rally in the NYSE.

  • Dollar Divergences: Up And Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences took the dollar down in October. Will positive divergences bring the dollar back up a year later?

  • Dow Theory Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the Transports plunge toward multi-month lows, what happens if the Industrials fail to follow suit?

  • Fibonacci, Trendlines, Divergences — Recipe For Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Not every intraday trade setup works out this well, but the technical dynamics leading up to it are worth a second look.

  • First Majestic Silver Corp: Bullish Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of First Majestic Silver Corp. have been bludgeoned by the market during the first half of 2013; will the second half of this year see a meaningful reversal in this stock?

  • IWM Looking For Intraday Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It takes patience to identify and wait for divergence situations to play out, but the process can be worthwhile for committed traders.

  • Index Divergences Pointing To Potential Market Drop

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Broad market indexes are weaker than the headline indexes, a condition that has preceded market declines in the past.

  • Intraday Diamonds And Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Indicators and chart patterns help traders anticipate market moves.

  • LOW Negative Money Flow Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Lowe's Cos. are up by nearly 60% since August 2012, but negative price money flow divergences are warning that a significant correction may soon take the stock lower.

  • MACD Divergences And Market Direction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn what divergences in the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) can tell you about which way the market is going.

  • McClellan Summation Index 101 - Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The McClellan summation index for the NYSE just completed a bearish divergence, and traders got the confirmation as it crossed below the 10-day moving average triggering a bearish signal. Meanwhile, the summation index was also grinding through a bearish

  • Misleading Divergences In The S&P SmallCap Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the trend is strong and up, bearish divergences in MACD and other momentum oscillators are often misleading.

  • Negative Divergences And The Bond Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lower peaks in the MACD histogram accompany the advance in the September Treasury note.

  • Negative Divergences And The USD/JPY Breakdown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After two months of appreciation against the yen, the USD/JPY took a hard hit in February going into March.

  • Negative Divergences Enjoin The Gold Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While more upside is still likely, the easy money might already have been made in gold stocks.

  • Negative Divergences In Stocks - Another Warning Sign?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been one heck of a year so far. But there are signs that stocks are due for a rest at the very least. But could a more serious correction be just around the corner?

  • Not So High On The Hogs: Divergences And Breakdowns In The October Contract

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences in the stochastic and the MACD histogram anticipated a late summer correction in lean hog futures.

  • November Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do the looming negative divergences in semiconductor stocks make for a buying opportunity?

  • ORLY: Divergences Near Cycle High

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by 23% in the past four weeks, shares of O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. are at a key cycle high.

  • Price/Oscillator Divergences by W. Lawson McWhorter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price/Oscillator Divergences By W. Lawson McWhorter Have Dow theory divergences always fascinated you? Well, you're in luck. Here's a primer on observing divergence between indicators and prices to generate trading signals. Divergence, or the nonconfir

  • Reverse Divergences and Momentum by Martin J. Pring

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An oscillator's failure to confirm the higher high or the lower low of the market is a red flag to most technical traders. Is there a message when the price diverges from the indicator? This veteran technician thinks there is. Technical analysts are con

  • Semiconductors, Channels, And Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the semiconductor HOLDRS snake their way through a trend channel, a December positive stochastic divergence suggests higher prices ahead.

  • Stochastic Divergences, Diamonds And Elliott Waves

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again, a positive stochastic divergence suggests a low in the S&P 500.

  • Support Tests, Money Flow Divergences, and Scalp Profits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Executing trade entries near strong, well-defined support and resistance areas can be an effective trading strategy, particularly when combined with momentum and money flow divergence analysis.

  • Sweet Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A positive stochastic divergence sends sugar futures higher.

  • TRIX: Divergences And Hooks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The triple-smoothed exponential moving average (TRIX) is a useful momentum oscillator that can provide signals in a number of ways.

  • The Dow's Dragonfly Doji And Double Dose Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis can offer us a glimpse into the future when we spot a divergence or candlestick reversal patterns and they offer clues to potential price swings and fluctuations. Either signal has credibility on its own merits, but when they have a b

  • The NYSE Composite Has Bullish Divergences In Two Time Frames

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Like every other broad market index, the NYSE Composite has taken a severe beating. However, signs of life on both the daily and weekly time frames suggest that a significant low has been made.

  • The Power of Multiple Negative Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When stocks or indexes make or challenge new highs they can possibly foretell coming failure by way of diverging or conflicting signals.Traders can do well following these indications that all is not well with the current rise.

  • Trading Medium-Term Divergences by Sylvain Vervoort

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Medium-Term Divergences by Sylvain Vervoort Detect medium-term divergences by using the zero-lagging exponential moving average, support and resistance lines, and trendlines. When a stock price and an oscillator move in the same direction it's

  • UNG Major Daily Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A significant daily divergence/double bottom pattern may finally be in place for natural gas.

  • USD/CHF: Positive Divergences And Hammer Candlestick Lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."I'm not dead yet!" cried the greenback, as divergences and reversal patterns hint at a bottom.

  • Utilities, Divergences, And The StochRSI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What does Tushar Chande and Stanley Kroll's marriage of the stochastic and the relative strength index tell us about the potential for a bottom in utilities stocks?

  • Watching The Divergences: Picking A Short Point In The December T-Note Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Waiting for a confirming close can make all the difference between getting whipsawed and getting rewarded in the market.

  • When Divergences Work

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spotify Technology (SPOT) is the popular global music streaming platform used by over 190 million monthly active users worldwide as of November 2018. SPOT's Initial Public Offering (IPO) was on April 3, 2018 and despite the fact that on that day it

  • Will Divergences Doom The Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Running stochastic divergences in the hourly chart of the Standard & Poor's 500 suggest that the vertical rally that began in late April might be running out of steam.

Working Money: Confirming Divergences by David Penn

Working Money: Dial "D" For Divergences by David Penn

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