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  • A Buy For Apple

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How high can the price of Apple stock go? That is the big question.

  • A Buy For Micron Technologies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On July 11, 2014 Micron Technologies (MU) announced the introduction of a new component.

  • A Buy In May?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The maxim is "Sell in May and go away." Here is one stock that is suggesting the opposite.

  • A Buy Signal For Cache Inc.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Receiving a buy signal for Cache Inc. -- is this a sign of recovery?

  • After The Big Drop, Is Silver A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Silver fell more than 20% last week, and bottom pickers must be wondering if it's due for a bounce. Testing says probably not.

  • Alcoa Setting Up For A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some stocks rally quickly after making a major low, but others -- like Alcoa Aluminum -- just seem to take their sweet time.

  • Aqua America Close To A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Aqua America, one of the strongest stocks in one of the strongest industry groups, is getting close to a buy setup as it pulls back in a strong uptrend.

  • COT Indicator Says Market Still A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As non-priced based indicators go, the Commitment of Traders' positions are as good as some, better than most. The indicator gave a buy signal on the S&P 500 in early October that was confirmed to still be in force by this week's data.

  • CarMax: A Buy After A Mini-Decline?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Buying/selling pullbacks near short-term oversold/overbought extremes can still be a viable trading strategy.

  • Citigroup Is A Buy Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock has been hit by bad news underperforming the sector. Buying supports could be a profitable strategy.

  • DELL Waiting For A Buy Trigger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having sold off hard during May 2012, shares of Dell may be ready for a short-term bounce up toward resistance.

  • Emera, Inc. A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is investing in clean power the way to go in the future?

  • Finally! A Buy & Hold Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When should you sell a long-term holding? Here's a trading setup that answers that question

  • For MAS, Two Systems Agree On A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by a mind-boggling 296% in less than six months, two powerful trading systems have both fired new long entry signals for Masco Corp., a leading home-improvement and building supply company.

  • GMED: 3/10 Oscillator Signalling A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Globus Medical Inc. are setting up for a new long swing trade entry.

  • GW Pharmaceuticals A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a company worth looking at that could be a long term hold.

  • Groupon A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies. After hitting a high of $31.30 in November 2011, what went wrong?

  • Is Apple A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a safe, long-term investment is always a must.

  • Is Apple, Inc. A Buy Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple, Apple, and once again Apple. The company appears to be going from strength to strength. Is it time to buy the company's stock again?

  • Is British Petroleum A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Everyone is aware of the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Will BP come out of it a company worth owning?

  • Is Cellcom Israel A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's uncertain market, one settling down after a Presidential election, when we receive a buy signal, it is better to analyze the share.

  • Is Costco Wholesale Corp. A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Let's take a look at the charts and find out.

  • Is Disney A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Dow correcting as expected, buying when everyone is selling becomes the strategy. What to buy is the problem.

  • Is First Solar A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This former stock market high-flier has had some hard times lately. But with Warren Buffett now on board, has the picture changed?

  • Is Gold A Buy Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US dollar is strong, which is one of the many reasons gold has fallen.

  • Is Gold A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold was a safe haven to a falling US dollar, but is it still one if the US dollar were to strengthen?

  • Is Goldman Sachs A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An inverted head & shoulders pattern at a top is unusual. Does it suggest a buy?

  • Is Hewlett Packard A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We all know that Hewlett Packard has changed management, and that the company is consolidating itself. Is it worth a buy?

  • Is I-Flow Corp. Worth A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I-Flow Corp. triggered a buy on my daily/weekly strategy analysis. Why?

  • Is Intel A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you receive a tip, either from a friend or a stock market expert, should you go ahead and buy the stock without doing your own research?

  • Is JC Penny A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at what the charts are telling us.

  • Is Lexmark A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With today's bull market, we are always looking for stocks to buy for both the long term and the short term. Lexmark has been tipped by a number of newsletters and even advisors. Is it truly a buy?

  • Is LinkedIn Now A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the price of a share falls like a stone, do you catch a falling knife?

  • Is LyondellBaseel Industries A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The LyondellBasell Board recently authorized an interim dividend. Is this a trigger to buy the stock?

  • Is Mattel Swell Enough To Be A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a program to look for future buys is always a must and should be looked at carefully.

  • Is Nike Still A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share price goes up and up and up, when is it going to start going down?

  • Is Rambus A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is going on with Rambus?

  • Is Range Resources A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This program to find buy signals gave a 5.4% return in July and a 6.1% return in August.

  • Is Sony Corp. A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sony gave a buy signal in a market where the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 200 points.

  • Is Tesla A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Tesla are very volatile. Are the shares worth a buy and hold?

  • Is Value Vision A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The past six weeks have been truly depressing for the markets.

  • Is Visa A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Television announcers on Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, or any other financial TV channel look at fundamentals, but do the technicals agree with what they say?

  • Is Vodaphone Worth A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a company becomes a take-over target, is it worth a buy or should you wait?

  • Kepple Corp. Worth A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The share price of Kepple Corp. has made a strong V bottom. Is it worth a buy?

  • Lululemon Is A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the price of a stock traces a saucer bottom, you better put it on your watchlist.

  • Microsoft... Is It A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Xbox -- a winner this Xmas for Microsoft?

  • Morgan Stanley Emerging Market Debt A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Fund operates as a nondiversified, closed-end management investment company. Is it worth a look?

  • Netflix Signals A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix has been a volatile stock over the past year. Is it worth investing in?

  • So, Is Microsoft A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In August 2013, Steve Ballmer announced that he would resign as CEO of Microsoft, Inc. within 12 months.

  • So, Is Tesla A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Tesla motorcar caught fire because of an impaled battery. Has this affected the growth in the share price?

  • Staar Surgical Shows A Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The breakout and support-resistances levels make Staar Surgical a strong candidate for your watchlist.

  • SunOpta Canada A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market has been correcting down. The maxim is to buy on a correction, but what do you buy?

  • Technicals, Fundamentals, And A Discount To Value Make BCF A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Closed-end funds are an often-overlooked trading vehicle, despite the wealth of available fundamental data that can be used to lower risk.

  • Telus A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Telus has formed a symmetrical triangle.

  • Texas Instruments A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Texas Instruments increased its dividend. Is it a buy?

  • Toll Brothers A Buy Or A Sell?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is this home builder a sell or a buy?

  • Twenty Percent Of SP 500 Components Trigger A Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some rallies are fakers, while others become real moneymakers. With a full 20% of the S&P 500 component stocks flashing daily RMO swing buy signals on September 1, 2010, this rally might end up in the moneymaker category.

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