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  • $XTC Has A Long Way Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The North American Telecommunication Index is in a completely bullish mood.

  • A Simple Way To Trade Seasonality

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can locate patterns to perform seasonal trades--although they won't necessarily be where you expect. Here's a way to uncover consistent patterns you can use to trade, not just on futures but also on some seasonal stocks

  • A Simple Way To Use Money Flow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Money flow for XTO Energy has been negative recently but the trend may be ready to reverse.

  • A better way to smooth data by J.S. Payne, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A better way to smooth data by J.S. Payne, Ph.D. What every trader desires is indicators that give strong signals with no misleading period-to period jitter, or noise. We all know what noise is to a trader, but let's restate it. Noise is something in yo

  • Apple Has A Long Way Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Inc. has recovered from its historical correction. The indicators and price charts show more appreciation in the share value.

  • Apple Selloff Under Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has been in a bull market since 2003, but it now appears that this bull market ended at the end of 2007, and Apple could sell off to as low as $80 per share.

  • Are Gold Shares On The Way Back?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold shares are slowly starting to look like a good investment once again.

  • Are Reversals Under Way For Crude Oil and Natural Gas?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is this it? Is this the major low for 2009 for the energy market bear?

  • Are The Preferred Shares The Way To Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's collapsing market, yields of preferred shares are reaching astronomical levels.

  • Aroon Points The Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Don't let the intimidating look of this indicator keep you from exploring its capabilities.

  • Atmel Corp. Fakeout Rally Under Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Atmel Corp. are up by more than 60% over the past three months, but the smart money appears to have already abandoned ship in this key semiconductor issue.

  • Bottom Fishing The Right Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Under Armour, Inc. (UA) fell on hard times, but if you approached bottom fishing from a trader's perspective you could have made out like a bandit.

  • Calculating Momentum A New Way by Darryl W. Maddox

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calculating Momentum A New Way by Darryl W. Maddox Traditionally, the calculation of market momentum has been a difference calculation. Thus, a momentum indicator for the Dow Jones Industrial Average is calculated by subtracting the closing value on one

  • China Continues To Lead The Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How the Shanghai Composite could signal a global stock market bottom.

  • China Leads The Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Shanghai Composite can be a guide to trading US and international stock indexes. Here's how.

  • Chips Lead The Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Watching certain sectors within a broader index can prove useful. Could a recent rally in the Semiconductor sector be a sign of good things to come for the Nasdaq?

  • Do The Math The RSI Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though there are scores of indicators, the relative strength index and the divergence still work.

  • Does China Lead The Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many analysts claim that Chinese stocks lead the world markets at major turning points. The chart says that's true -- at least one time.

  • Dow Composite Leading The Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) shows signs of breaking down, its broader cousin, the Dow Jones Composite Average (DJC), remains strong.

  • ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Which Way To Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even short-term traders will have some investments they hold for the longer term. But even those longer-term investments need some monitoring from time to time. Here's how you can apply a momentum strategy using technical analysis tools to help select mu

  • Empirical Mode Decomposition by John F. Ehlers and Ric Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Empirical Mode Decomposition by John F. Ehlers and Ric Way Is the market trending or is it in a cycle mode? Identify the mode of the market and trade accordingly. Even the most casual chart reader will be able to spot the times when the market is cycli

  • FSLR: Which Way Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of First Solar Inc. made great upward progress in February and early March 2014 but are now close to a major make or break point.

  • GLD: Which Way for Pennant Break?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a major pennant formation well under way on the daily chart of gold, can price cycle analysis provide some guidance as to which way price will break?

  • Intermarket Analysis: Alternative Way Of Spotting Opportunities In FX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for divergences between correlating markets can lead to FX trading opportunities.

  • Interview: Charting Your Way With Steve Bigalow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stephen W. Bigalow has more than 40 years of investment experience, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms: Kidder, Peabody & Company, Cowen And Company, and Oppenheimer & Company. This was followed by 15 years of commodity t

  • Interview: The Way Of Trading With Ian Murphy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ian Murphy trades his own account using trend-following, swing trading, and daytrading strategies. He studied under experienced traders such as Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn. Working in metal recycling early in his career led him to precious metals a

  • Is NASDAQ Showing The Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I have been writing that the market is in a new bull market for more than a year now. Is the QQQQ confirming this?

  • Is Overnight Trading A New Way To Daytrade? by Thomas K. Carr, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:7 (22-30): Is Overnight Trading A New Way To Daytrade? by Thomas K. Carr, Ph.D. Is the pattern daytrading regulation an obstacle to your daytrading? There may be a way around it. On September 28, 2001, the Securities and Exch

  • Is The NASDAQ Calling The Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trying to find market direction by looking at today's indexes is not easy.

  • Looking At The NASDAQ In A Simple Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes we are inclined to overlook what charts are telling us because we need to be convinced by complexity. Here is a chart staring us in the face and shouting, "Watch me!"

  • Looking At Two That Were Way Up There Once

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are two shares that were way up there and are now way down there.

  • More Google Gains Under Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Google shares now trading at their highest level since January 2008, is the stock ready to surge even higher?

  • NASDAQ's Tricky Pattern Could Go Either Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last autumn, the NASDAQ displayed a bearish pattern, but then the bear went into hibernation. Now that the bear is awake and flexing his muscle, was the pattern right all along?

  • New Wave Of Selling On The Way For LLY?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock gaps sharply lower after a substantial gain, the party may be over.

  • OppenheimerFunds - The Right Way To Invest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...OppenheimerFunds focuses on providing investors with long-term performance across a range of funds. The resulting variety of styles and objectives offers true opportunities for diversification - both today and as investment needs change over time.

  • Pall Stair-Stepping Its Way Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some stocks trend smoothly and steadily, while others more or less stair-step their way higher, gaining ground one yard at a time.

  • Parabolic Stop and Reverse: The Other Way of Stopping

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A creation of the futures markets, the parabolic stop and reverse helps traders get out (or in) while the getting is good.

  • R2K On The Way To 200-Day EMA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every market finds an enduring bottom at some point. Here's one way to help identify the start of a new bull market.

  • Rising All The Way Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are bear market rallies worth the bother?

  • SBUX Rebound Under Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Starbucks Corp. increased by more than 770% between November 2008 and April 2012. Is its current decline just the start of a major reversal lower, or is this a good buying opportunity?

  • Schlumberger Support Test Under Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having tested its 200-day exponential moving average three times since early August 2012, shares of Schlumberger Ltd. may be preparing for another swing higher into early November 2012.

  • Silver's Going Up But What's The Best Way To Play It?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Following its $48 high in April 2011, silver got hammered, dropping to a low of $18.51 in June 2013. Now that it's rising again, where is the best place to be?

  • That's One Way To Bet On A Falling Market Without Having To Sell Short!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Borrowing stock to sell short has limited upside if you get it right but unlimited downside if you're wrong. Here is a way to bet on a correction while limiting risk.

  • The Other Way Of Stopping (A Decline)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bears were livid as a piercing pattern put an end to a three-day decline in Yahoo.

  • Three Rules, One Easy Way To Trade ETFs by Larry Conners and David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three Rules, One Easy Way To Trade ETFs by Larry Conners and David Penn Here's a short-term trading strategy to trade exchange traded funds. A famous trader once remarked that he could publish the secrets to his winning trading strategy in the newspape

  • Trading Forex: Charting Your Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Much forex trading by speculators is based on technical analysis. In this third part of an article series on trading forex, we'll look at what technical tools you should focus on.

  • US Dollar Leads The Way Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Again the USD shows a turn in market direction. Clues as to how far the Dow and Nasdaq run may be revealed in this chart.

  • US Small Cap Stocks Lead the Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 small cap stock index has been leading the way up. See why it may soon lead the way down.

  • WTI Weekly: Bullish Market Structure Guides Way To Buy-Side Continuation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the establishment of a structural low and subsequent buy-side price discovery for Tuesday, August 13, 2019's auction. Market st

  • Wave (3) Down Under Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Standard & Poor's 500 has now completed an upward correction composed of wave (2) and wave (3) downward under way.

  • What's The Best Way To Play The Gold Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting bottom in late June, gold and precious metal prices have posted impressive gains. But the best way to play this rally may be to not buy the metals themselves.

  • Which Way For Oil?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil again spikes high--is it peaking?

  • Which Way For The Forex Carry Trade? by Brian Twomey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Which Way For The Forex Carry Trade? by Brian Twomey Apply this very popular trading strategy to 2009 trades. The foreign exchange carry trade has been a popular trading strategy for the past 10 years due to growing economies and rising interest rates.

  • Which Way For The NASDAQ Composite?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While moving in a downward channel, $COMPQ established support at a low pivot and a moving average.

  • Which Way For Tibco Software?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This company was hit by the meltdown of 2000. Is it making a comeback now or is it a good trading opportunity?

  • Which Way Goes StreetTracks Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When in doubt, buy gold.

  • Which Way Is The Nasdaq Headed?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A descending right triangle seems to have formed.

  • Which Way Will J.B. Hunt Services Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume plays an important role when analyzing a breakout from a chart pattern. Here's a recent example on the chart for J.B. Hunt Transport Services (JBHT).

  • Which Way Will Nike Run?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nike Inc. has been in a rising pattern formation. Problem is, it's a bearish formation.

  • Which Way Will The Market Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you've ever looked at a stock price chart, you know that prices can move erratically. Take advantage of oscillators to determine the momentum of this price change. Knowing when to use them and which ones to use is critical.

  • Will GDX Summer Slump Give Way To Autumn Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most gold bugs already know that gold mining stocks tend to rally for an extended period during the latter part of the year. But what about this year?

  • Will The US Lead The Way To Recovery?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How much farther can the Standard & Poor's 500 fall?

Working Money: Do The Math The RSI Way by Ron Walker

Working Money: Rising All The Way Down by David Penn

  • Wrong Way For Right Management Consultants Inc.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish pattern contained in a larger bearish one suggests that this could be traded successfully but may have limited upside.

  • ZMH : Breakout Approaches - But Which Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Zimmer Holdings appear to be close to a meaningful breakout, and a key support test will likely determine their near-term direction.

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