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  • 20-Week Cycle Still Bullish In Diamonds?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that the Dow 30 industrials have cleared 18,000, how much higher can it run?

  • Airlines Still Heading Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite losing more than 50% since October 2003, bearish continuation patterns are still emerging in the Dow Jones Airline Index.

  •'s Weekly Chart Says It's Still A Jungle Out There

    ARTICLE has had a good run off its lows and the ascending triangle is potentially a bullish formation BUT ...

  • Apex Still In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apex Silver (SIL) suffered a big setback in mid-April, but the long-term picture is still bullish.

  • Are Railroads Still On The Fast Track?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It may have been a challenging year for the economy but you would never know it by looking at railroad stocks.

  • Baker Hughes Still Going Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Energy stocks keep on rising, and with crude oil near $106 per barrel, shares of Baker Hughes are offering a very nice stock buy-write opportunity.

  • Bank Index Still In Correction Mood?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Philadelphia Bank Index failed to sustain the consolidation range and the strong support as well, with the correction from this area leading to retesting previous lows. Will the correction continue?

  • Broad Markets Still Looking Healthy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been nearly four weeks since the broader market indexes reversed higher near their anticipated weekly cycle lows, but do these markets have enough staying power to keep the bull trend intact through the end of the summer?

  • CCI 12/10 System Still Pulling Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The CCI 12/10 trading system returned good set of historical performance stats over a 19-year test on a diverse group of large-cap stocks. But how has the system performed in the nine months since the article in which it was introduced was written?

  • COT Indicator Says Market Still A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As non-priced based indicators go, the Commitment of Traders' positions are as good as some, better than most. The indicator gave a buy signal on the S&P 500 in early October that was confirmed to still be in force by this week's data.

  • Commodity-Linked ETFs Still Outperforming Broad Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Compared to most other stock industry groups, commodity-linked ETFs are still standing tall. Are good trading opportunities still available here?

  • Do Chart Patterns Still Work? Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do Chart Patterns Still Work? Thomas Bulkowski Has the failure rate of chart patterns increased in recent years? IN the last several years, have you found it more difficult to make money in the stock market? Do you get the feeling that indicators are l

Do The Dogs Still Have BITE? by John Devcic

  • Do The Dogs Still Have Bite?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Take a look at the past performance of the Dogs of the Dow.

  • Does Gold Still Have Room To Run? by Teresa Fernandez

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many investors are hesitant about investing in gold. Memories of the stratospheric and unexplained rise to the unchartered territory of the high $800s in January 1980, followed by several limit-down days, still haunt baby boomers, many of whom ha

  • Dow Diamonds Still Holding Pitchfork Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent advance in the Dow diamonds may lack a certain power, but pitchfork support is still holding and higher prices are expected.

  • Dow Point & Figure Chart Still In Bull Mode

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the decline over the last few weeks, the Dow Jones industrials remains in a clear uptrend on the P&F chart with support close at hand.

  • EA: Still Powering Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Electronic Arts, Inc. are up by more than 52% in the past nine weeks, with even more upside possible before a reversal.

  • Fidelity Select Gold Still Outperforming

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Based on longer-term relative strength rankings, the Fidelity Select Gold fund appears to be on track for further gains.

  • FuelCell Energy Still Chugging Along

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FuelCell continues to rally, but the stock is now coming up on an inflection point.

  • Gasoline Futures Still Showing Pain Ahead For Consumers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Momentum is signaling higher pump prices as technical analysis points to slow, if any, economic growth.

  • Gold Still Bullish But Due For A Breather

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The XAU gold index and most golds have had quite the run since the successful pullback test. Daily charts and a softening of spot price both suggest a small retracement is likely before the next upthrust.

  • Gold Still Golden

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold still appears to be in an intermediate-term position for buying. The channel helps determine the future price target.

  • Gold Still Shining, But For How Much Longer?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold seems to have upside potential left, but how far will it go?

  • Gold To Crude Ratio Still Favoring Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After making a breathtaking, parabolic move toward 25, the gold/crude oil ratio has consolidated, tracing out what could be the early stages of a pennant or wedge pattern.

  • HAL: Channelling Still Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Halliburton Co. are trending higher in a stable bullish channel, but is there room for yet another surge upward?

  • How to be wrong and still profit by David L. Caplan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How to be wrong and still profit by David L. Caplan Why bother learning and using professional option strategies? Why spend the time and energy to learn how and when to use options and option strategies when, in trading futures, all you have to do is us

  • Is AutoZone Still a Strong Long Play?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a break of resistance negate AutoZone's long term trend line break?

  • Is Berkshire Hathaway B Shares Still A Market Leader?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In an earlier article, I compared Bershire Hathaway B shares to the S&P 500 and concluded that the shares could be used as a market leader. Is that still the case?

  • Is Gold Still Golden?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold appears to be in a prime spot for a reversal.

  • Is Gold Still a Barometer by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the gold market still an indicator of other trends? Here's a look at the past relationships of gold to the dollar, the Consumer Price Index and the CRB. Analysts often cite intermarket relationships when touting a market's prospects. An analyst migh

  • Is Nike Still A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share price goes up and up and up, when is it going to start going down?

  • Microstrategy Inc, Is Still Under A Dark Shadow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MSTR stands on major support after a bad week, but an increase in bullish pressure would bring in a relief rally.

  • NY Composite Technicals, Breadth Still Positive For 2009 Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having gained as much as 29% since making a major low in November 2008, the New York Composite Index now resides near its 50-day exponential moving average. Is another downleg due, or is this just a pause before running even higher?

  • Netflix: Red Hot And Still Rising

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 350% since August 2012, shares of Netflix may soon make it back up to their 2011 pre-crash highs.

  • Nikkei Still Lagging

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a big move last year, the Nikkei 225 remains in a long-term downtrend and is still underperforming the S&P 500. These indexes are quite similar as the Nikkei 225 represents large-caps in Japan while the S&P 500 represents large-caps in th

  • Nortel Networks Still In Trouble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Going along with the communication sector, Nortel's chart shows bearish tendencies.

  • Oracle Declines To Key Retracement, But Still Bearish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oracle is firming near a key retracement, but needs a catalyst before turning bullish.

  • Outlook For JDS Uniphase Still Bearish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite what appears to be a four to five month base for JDS Uniphase, the outlook clearly favors the bears.

  • Pioneer Natural Resources Still Range-Bound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish consolidation pattern and increasing pessimism may be a winning recipe for Pioneer.

  • Retail HOLDRS Still Firming At Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The retail HOLDRS formed an island reversal at support, adding to the parade of bullish reversal patterns over the last two months.

  • SPY Flag -- Still Awaiting Confirmation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On September 2, the chart pattern on the SPY broke out on higher volume giving a bullish signal. But the 102-support line was broken a week later. Until we see higher volumes and a sustained move above 105, we remain in no-man's land.

  • Short-Term Trend Still Downward

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This analysis shows that the Dow Jones Industrial Average remains in a short-term downtrend.

  • Small Caps Still Bullish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a bearish divergence in MACD, the S&P SmallCap Index remains in a strong uptrend that has yet to be proven otherwise. What would it take to prove otherwise?

  • Spinnaker Exploration Still Looks Poised For New Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spinnaker Exploration (SKE) continues to be stuck in a long-term downtrend. Given the recent break of support at the $20.00 level and weakening technicals, the stock is still on course to hit new lows.

  • Still A Bear Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Much commentary of late suggests that we are now in a new bull market. However, the basics of technical analysis says otherwise.

  • Stillwater Mining Still Looking Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stillwater Mining, despite having been pummeled in the great selloff of 2008, is manifesting positive money flow and trend characteristics.

  • Teacher, Trader Still Teaching: Joseph Stowell by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V.13:07 (304-310): Teacher, Trader Still Teaching: Joseph Stowell by Thom Hartle Many STOCKS & COMMODITIES readers dream of trading for a living; they fantasize about giving up their humdrum day-to-day job and focusing on the opportunities in leveraged

  • Tesoro's Trading Range Still Intact

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tesoro Petroleum is still stuck in a trading range, which could be good news for those traders who have yet to go long.

  • The Computer Technology Index Still Bearish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After the descending triangle breakout, the Computer Technology Index is undergoing bearish consolidation.

  • The Dollar To Move Higher Still

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that the dollar is in an uptrend with an expected price target of 25.

  • The TSX Energy Index Still Gushing Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2007 will be remembered by Canadian traders for two main events. First, this year the TSX rose above the DJIA for the first time (currently at 14,332 vs. Dow 13,888). In addition, the loonie started trading higher than the US dollar, which is re

  • UEX Corp. Still Looking Strong

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, UEX bounced off key support recently and is once again in rally mode. So what is next for the stock?

  • US Dollar Index Still Looking Bullish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index is at a key juncture, and technicians, traders, and investors are all eager to determine the next likely move of this critical instrument.

  • Volatility Still Bullish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders look for volatility to rise as markets fall, but profiting from that insight can be a challenge. Even if you don't trade volatility, you should still follow this reliable market indicator.

  • When America Sneezes, Does The World Still Catch Cold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The saying is, "When America sneezes, the world catches a cold," but considering the current worldwide turmoil, is this still true?

  • Why Oil Service Stocks Are Still The Place To Be

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though the recent correction in oil service stocks may not be over, we have probably not seen the ultimate top in prices.

  • Why Oil Service Stocks Are Still The Place To Be

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Until investors become more optimistic on oil services stocks, this group has higher to go.

  • Wireless Index Still Holding Important Trendlines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Wireless Communications Index (DJUSWC) remains in both a long-term and medium-term uptrend with important trendlines still holding.

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