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  • A Breakout, And Now A Test For The Dow Diamonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The flag breakout for the Dow diamonds remains the dominant signal, and the current pullback has reached its make-or-break point.

  • And Now, The Bears Take Center Stage

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fundamentals cannot be outrun in the market, and there are numerous factors that are creating big opportunities on the short side right now.

  • Andrews Pitchfork Predicts Higher Trend -- For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...According to the pitchfork formation that Alan Hall Andrews became famous for, the S&P 500 will be reaching higher highs — for the moment.

  • Broadcom Peaked, Now Trying To Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock has seen a dramatic rise and fall. Is there a bounce in the offing?

  • Do You Buy Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some indicators are looking overbought. Do you buy now when you receive a buy signal, or do you wait?

  • Dollar Dazed, Yen Unfazed -- For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that the highly anticipated reversal of the recent US dollar rally has occurred, how low might it go? Will the mighty yen keep on rising, without any setbacks?

  • FSLR: Which Way Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of First Solar Inc. made great upward progress in February and early March 2014 but are now close to a major make or break point.

  • FTSE Outperforming For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent breakout in the FTSE is bullish, but the CAC 40 and DAX have failed to follow suit and could become a drag.

  • Facebook Holding 200 MA For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Monday saw shares in Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google drop sharply on the back of reports regulators in the US were preparing to investigate whether these tech giants have misused their market power to harm competition.

  • Facebook Now Looks Promising

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By all accounts, the Facebook initial public offering was a poor showing. But now that the bloodletting appears to be over, can this stock join the ranks of Internet high-fliers?

  • For Gold, The High Is In - For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the gold bull market dead? No one knows, but the probabilities favor at least a corrective move down toward $1,150 -- at a minimum.

  • Frontier Oil is at a Key Juncture Right Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The chart for Frontier Oil is painting two different pictures. Though some of the technicals are indicating significant resistance at current levels, others are projecting higher prices.

  • Gold Tops: Then And Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at the 1987 peak in gold suggests that the barbaric relic remains in bull market mode in 2005.

  • Goodyear? Up Until Now, Anyway

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 100% since June 2012, is it time for shares of Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Inc. to take a breather?

  • How Now Fine Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What with a mad cow, an orange alert for possible terrorist attacks, and a winter that in some parts of the country has been far more trying than previous years, what else can go wrong with the market? The chart of the Dow gives an idea of what to expect

  • How Now Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been demonetized. In the past, world economies based the strength of their currencies on the price of gold. For the past ten years or so, this has no longer been the case.

  • How Now Uncertain Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head and shoulders pattern is a well known technical tool. How accurate is this chart pattern? One look at the Dow shows exactly how accurate this pattern can be.

  • How Soon Is Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up to your ears in credit debt? Try timing your debt down to size.

  • Is Citigroup Worth Buying Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From a high of $57 in 2006, Citigroup fell to a low of $1.22 by March 2009. After that ...

  • Is Gold A Buy Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US dollar is strong, which is one of the many reasons gold has fallen.

  • Is It "Now Time" For Natural Gas?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A dead-cat bounce in a volume indicator suggests that natural gas may be headed lower.

  • Is It "Now Time" For Nokia?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Moving averages, envelopes and more moving averages provide questions, answers and more questions.

  • Is LinkedIn Now A Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the price of a share falls like a stone, do you catch a falling knife?

  • Is Now a Good Time to Buy General Motors?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With GM's recent announcement that it would be shutting five manufacturing plants in America and eliminating almost 15,000 jobs in North America, amounting to 15% of its workforce, would now be a good time to get into the stock? Let's look at

  • Met-Pro Corp. Now In A Downtrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that Met-Pro Corp. (MPR) has closed below its most recent low of $15, it is officially in a downtrend.

  • Now And Yen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A massive head and shoulders bottom in the Japanese yen suggests that the bull market in yen is on.

  • Now, Set Up The Process

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last time, we covered the basics of what a system is, why you need one, and how to find one. This time, you will learn how to design and test a system, whether it is your own or someone else's.

  • Research In Motion Now BlackBerry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We all know the saying, "Buy on rumor and sell on fact." Is this happening to Research In Motion (RIM)? RIM announced its new BlackBerry phones on January 30. It also changed its company name to BlackBerry.

  • Revisiting "Third Waves: Then and Now"

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Extensions and third Elliott waves.

  • Risk-Free Trade Now In USD/JPY Swing Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After the first profit target is hit, we now have a risk-free trade.

  • Russell 2000 Inverse ETF Now In Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ProShares UltraShort Russell 2000 ETF is now in an upward trend. By using the Andrews pitchfork, we can determine an initial target price.

  • Should One Sell Starbucks Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Howard Schultz will step down as Starbucks Chief next year.

  • Should You Buy COP Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Conoco Phillips is on the march and trading at an all-time high, but is now the time to buy?

  • Similarities Between Then And Now? This Isn't 2008

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many traders are looking for similarities between the current market and the precrash market of 2008. History says that the crash is probably over.

  • Stocks Half As Volatile Now As In Great Crashes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent market turmoil feels like it is unprecedented in terms of volatility for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but it's not even close to what traders experienced in 1987 or 1929.

  • Taking A Look At NOW

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ServiceNow (NOW) has recently been notching impressive gains in its share price with its recent quarterly earnings surprise. What do the technicals say about the current trend continuing?

  • The Count Right Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An hourly Elliott wave count of the S&P 500 late in February suggests higher prices in March.

  • The Count Right Now, Redux

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Truncated fifth or extended fifth? What can we make of the March highs?

  • The Return Of The Count Right Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a close above the 1215 level, the S&P 500 closes in on a 100% retracement of the spring declines.

  • Then and Now with Tim Slater by J. Gopalakrishnan & B. Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Before there was TradeStation, before there was MetaStock and eSignal, there was CompuTrac, one of the first technical analysis software programs ever written for a personal computer. The software could process technical analysis on stocks, futures, and

  • Third Waves: Then and Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How real is this countertrend rally? We've been here before ...

  • Trade Crude Now by John L. Momsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trade Crude Now by John L. Momsen Don't brush aside a straightforward futures trade just because you think it's too risky. Try combining seasonals with options -- you might be pleasantly surprised. A simple option spread combined with a seasonal trade c

  • Two Reasons To Buy The USD/JPY Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are two technical indicators trigger for a bullish swing trade.

  • Vacation Time Is Over. What Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...School holidays are over. September, traditionally the quietest month of the year, is upon us, with the notoriously volatile October ahead. What now?

  • What Now Brown Cow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a share to buy as tensions rise around the world.

  • What Now Brown Cow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With all the uncertainty over the past few weeks, where does one put one's money?

  • What Now For Banks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When Donald Trump won the US Presidential election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average immediately rose to a new high, against all predictions. As we search for investing opportunities in this new order, how attractive are the banking stocks? We'll take a

  • What Now For Facebook?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Facebook shares jumped at the end of January, on better than expected results.

  • What Now For Martha Stewart Living?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Everyone knows who Martha Stewart is, and the legal problems she faces. Many investors took a gamble and bought shares of her company, Martha Stewart Living (MSO) when it fell dramatically to a low of $9.32, believing it was oversold. On May 5th the news

  • What Now For The Much Maligned Cruise Industry?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As of April 12, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in over half a million cases in the US and over 20 thousand deaths. While these numbers look set to climb higher, governments around the world have taken unprecedented actions to try to slow the sp

  • What Now For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is now no doubt that the S&P 500 is in a new bull market, but ...

  • What Now, Dow? Looking For Our Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So we know that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is in a wave 4 correction of a Wave III. What should our strategy be?

  • Where Now, Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyzing the future is not easy, but technical analysis, especially a combination of Elliott wave theory and Gann analysis, does help.

  • Where To Now For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad market indexes have tumbled significantly in the last few weeks, so how much lower can they go?

  • Where To Now?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With problems in Europe, the disappointing jobs report in the US, and the oil drama in the Gulf of Mexico, the question is, what's next?

  • Xilinx: Cup Is Half Full For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a little hesitation, the recent breakout in Xilinx (XLNX) remains bullish and further strength should be expected as long as...

  • Yahoo!? Now Hold On Just A Minute

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yahoo gapped up 14% from $48.35 to close at $56.21 in the wake of better than expected earnings. But this looks like a better short than long candidate and proof that markets are more emotional than efficient.

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