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  • 10 Signs That Tell You When To Stop Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Everybody is hunting for the best buy signals, but this focus ignores a major trading reality: You don't earn a penny until you sell. And you won't keep it if you don't know when to sit on your hands.

  • 10 Signs That Tell You When To Stop Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Everybody is hunting for the best buy signals, but this focus ignores a major trading reality: You don't earn a penny until you sell. And you won't keep it if you don't know when to sit on your hands.

  • A Burst Of Joy (Global, That Is)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Joy Global is a worldwide mining machinery and services company. And the stock price is breaking out.

  • About That Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ever throw a "call the bottom" party and EVERYBODY came?

  • About That Breakdown, Dow Transports Division

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The transports signaled the possibility of a breakdown in late October, but a retreat from shooting star candlesticks turned into a reversal to the upside.

  • About That Breakdown: Transports, Take Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Entry discipline avoided the nonbreakdown and provided an opportunity to join the ride higher.

  • About That Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bearish engulfing candlestick and a negative stochastic divergence suggested lower. But natural gas bulls would have none of it.

  • About That Telecom Turnaround

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 1-2-3 trend reversal setup in Comverse Technology sets up the potential for another rising stock in the telecom sector.

  • All That Glitters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With gold moving above $500 per ounce for a brief intraday moment, gold bugs became excited, but on November 11, in a article on gold, I wrote...

  • Anatomy Of A Trade: The One That Got Away

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Have you ever traded with exceptionally bad timing? Here's one to ponder

  • Armstrong World Industries: It's The Pattern, Not The Name, That Matters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Different analysts can see different patterns in charts, but all analysts should agree on whether the patterns are bullish or bearish.

  • Bon-Ton: A Beaten-Down Retailer That May Have Bottomed

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Midpriced retailers are likely to do well in the coming months, as their customers get rebate checks under Congress' recently passed stimulus package.

  • Buying That Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a symmetrical triangle pattern appears, and the share price breaks out, do you buy?

  • Catch That Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is instinct all it takes to succeed in the markets? Do you really need to use indicators, chart patterns, and trading systems? Find out how this trader's approach is just a little different from the way most traders approach the market.

  • Follow That Trend by Michael Covel and Justin Vandergrift

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:2 (32-36): Follow That Trend by Michael Covel and Justin Vandergrift Even if you are a trend-follower, you still have to be a systematic trader. Here's why you still have to manage drawdowns when the market is not trending. A

  • Get That Edge In Your Trading by Clem Chambers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:7 (58-61): Get That Edge In Your Trading by Clem Chambers When knowing the bid and ask is not enough, electronic order books like NASDAQ TotalView can give retail traders the tools to succeed. There is no such thing as too mu

  • Ho Ho Ho, Is That An Xmas Rally I See?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will there be a Xmas rally this year?

  • How Much Did That Really Cost?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Figure 1 tells the whole story; this is just the translation. The biggest challenge is making sure your kids read it too. And your nieces and nephews, and the kids next door. This is the kind of life-changing and habit-altering information that has alway

  • Interview: Denham Ward & Marge Sherald On Machines That Think

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How can the intelligence of machines help you in your trading? As it turns out, with the help of neural networks, you can use your software to mimic how you think. To help shed light on the subject, we picked the brains of two people who have the knowled

  • Is Silver The Shine That Is Golden?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Silver Wheaton, it appears so.

  • Is That A Triangle I See Before Me?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US stock market has been depressing as Europe struggles to get back on its feet.

  • Is That Positive Rate Of Return Pie-In-The-Sky?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Don't let overly positive rates of return obscure the real picture. Try a rule of thumb to estimate time value of money.

  • Is That Price Right?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Have you ever looked at the price of a stock and wondered whether it's worth that much? Understanding pricing theory will help you determine if a company is likely to experience growth and whether its stock is indeed worth the price you pay.

  • Is Trading That Simple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Like many traders, I first learned of Dan Zanger in a December 2000 Forbes article entitled "My stocks are up 10,000 percent!" that described how the former swimming pool contractor made stock market history by parlaying $10,775 into $1

  • It 's What You Keep That Counts by Ted Tesser, CPA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's What You Keep That Counts by Ted Tesser,CPA Trader status, which has always been one of the hottest but least understood topics whenever taxes are discussed, has always left market participants confused. Here's a certified public accountant who al

  • Looking At Two That Were Way Up There Once

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are two shares that were way up there and are now way down there.

  • Patterns that detect stock market reversals by Bill Ohama and Melanie Bowman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Patterns that detect stock market reversals by Bill Ohama and Melanie Bowman Full-speed ahead on its maiden voyage and presumably protected against disaster, the Titanic sank in the chilly North Atlantic Ocean, shattered by an undetected iceberg. In the

  • RJR Tobacco Holders - Is That Smoke?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...They say where there is smoke, there is fire and this one could be getting out of hand.

  • Taking That Gamble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yelp, Inc. is an American company that operates an "online urban guide" and business review site.

  • That '70s Show

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do a little dance, make a little love. . . inflation is back in vogue.

  • That Big Bad Bear Shows Its Face

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CNBC's Maria Bartiromo interviewed Robert Prechter of Elliott wave fame, and the Dow fell. Coincidence?

  • That Blackstone Group

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pressure increases on Michael Dell as Carl Icahn mulls tie-up with Blackstone in bid for PC company.

  • That Cat In The Bag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Wave 5 top signals the end of a bull trend and can be followed by a nasty correction.

  • That Contradiction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Transportation Index is said to be a leader.

  • That Dead Cat Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many experts refer to a dead cat bounce after the market falls dramatically. How does this apply to the current market?

  • That Dodd-Frank Act

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How much of an impact does change in policy have on the underlying technicals on a chart? Here's an interesting observation that looks at wave patterns

  • That Elusive Dow 20,000

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market is waiting for the Dow to break above 20000.

  • That Heart Throb... Zoll Medical

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Zoll Medical manufactures not drugs, but machines that save lives. Is that why the stock has skyrocketed?

  • That Lulu Of A Lululemon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lululemon Athletica discovered the Oprah effect on November 19, 2010. At least that's what the various financial newspapers wrote.

  • That Pesky Nasdaq

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq composite has been playing the teasing game of late. It raises investors hopes by going up drastically for a few days only to be followed by declining values that shatter all hopes.

  • That RSI Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The RSI divergence pattern is a pattern that strongly suggests the start of a bull run.

  • That Signpost Down The Road

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It looks as if the indices have come to the next signpost.

  • That Stock Of Facebook, Again!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Facebook has exploded upwards. The question everyone is asking is, 'How much higher can it go?'" That is the question I asked on September 26, 2013.

  • That Wave 5

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One Elliot wave rule is that a wave 5 is equal to a wave 1.

  • That Word, Trumponomics.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How much longer can the market continue to rise under Trumponomics?

  • The Bill That Didn't Pass

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So why isn't your IRA limit $5,000 instead of $2,000?

  • The Bird That Shrunk After Swallowing Its Rival

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...May 18th, 2016 makes it a year since Ascena (ASNA) announced its acquisition of ANN stores for a mixture of cash; financed by debt and stock. The deal created one of the largest specialty retailers in North America with a total of over 4,900 stores. In

  • The Rally That Was

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intermediate top patterns suggest declines are nearer than further advances.

  • The Reversal That Didn't Reverse

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What the MACD appears to giveth, it also can taketh away.

  • The i-Unit That Is Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Tuesday, February 7, the morning fix of the London gold price dropped suddenly from $568.25 to $548.65, a drop of 3.45%. What happened?

  • Those Losses that the Trader Creates by Adrienne Laris Toghraie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Those Losses That The Trader Creates by Adrienne Laris Toghraie Traders may move from periods of success to periods of loss, but the losses may be created by the trader and not the markets. Here are some guidelines to identifying this problem and how to

  • Three Fundamental Metrics That Matter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A trader's job is to find the best indicators for entering and exiting trades. Here are three fundamental metrics that you can't afford to ignore.

  • Top 10 Candles That Work

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my last article, I described 13 candlesticks that worked best as reversal or continuation patterns. That means price closed above the top of the candle pattern or below the bottom of it, signaling a reversal or continuation not just once, but

  • Two Charts That Matter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As stocks continue to set new highs, there are some signs emerging to keep traders on their toes.

  • Two Fundamental Metrics That Matter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders have a habit of discounting fundamental data. But here are two that should not be ignored.

  • VMWare, That Virtualization Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...VMWare, Inc., is a provider of virtualization software. Is it a buy for your portfolio?

  • Was That A Bear Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Almost every stock decline of 5% leads to the question about whether a new bear market is under way. The steep drop in August prompts that question once again.

  • What Next for The Juggernaut That is Amazon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Amazon's (AMZN) recent purchase of Wholefoods Market, it looks like there is no stopping this juggernaut of a stock. But what does a study of the price chart reveal about the performance of this stock?

  • When Should You Sell That Stock?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's one of the toughest and loneliest decisions for an investor to make.

  • When Should You Sell That Stock? by Michael B. Patterson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When Should You Sell That Stock? by Michael B. Patterson It's one of the toughest and loneliest decisions for an investor to make. When it comes to buying a stock, there's no shortage of advice, both useful and otherwise. Virtually every investment mag

Working Money: Is Trading That Simple?

  • Working Money: That '70s Show by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: That '70s Show by David Penn These must be confounding times for those who have spent the past five years alerting the investing public to dangers of deflation. Deflation -- the process through which a currency becomes overvalued relative

  • Yelp, Buy That Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A share price should always fall or rise to fill a gap. Should you buy or sell when that happens?

  • eMAGIN Corporation.... Not That Imaginary

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's market, with the liberation and occupation of Iraq affecting the market adversely, it is not easy finding a company that looks interesting as far as good profits are concerned. Here is one possibility that has shown up quite clearly on my

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