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  • A DJIA Long-Term Momentum Indicator by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A DJIA Long-Term Momentum Indicator by Jay Kaeppel Picking the tops and bottoms of the market has always been the dream of traders. Is it necessary, though? Here are the results of using a long-term momentum indicator based on the Dow Jones Industrial A

  • A Long-Term Analysis Of The DJIA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are the events of the week ended July 27 the start of a major correction in the Dow Jones Industrial Average? A look at the chart presents conflicting evidence.

  • A Long-Term Look At The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A monthly view of the 2002–06 bull market in stocks suggests that the higher we go, the weaker we get.

  • A Long-Term Symmetrical Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Energy Select Sector SPDR has formed a symmetrical triangle on the monthly time frame chart.

  • A Long-Term Trend Reversal for Transocean Inc.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Transocean Inc. (RIG) has been in a two-and-half-year downtrend but pitchfork analysis indicates that a reversal has now occurred.

  • An Issue/Volume Weighted Long-Term Arms Index by Jack Rusin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Issue/Volume Weighted Long-Term Arms Index by Jack Rusin Consider, if you will, two vastly simplified trading days on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). On the first day, 10 issues advance and 10 decline with 100 shares of up volume and 200 shares o

  • Another Long-Term Stock Indicator Stuck On The Ceiling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There has been a debate raging over the last year about whether stock prices are getting too expensive. Here is another indicator that says they are.

  • Apex Still In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apex Silver (SIL) suffered a big setback in mid-April, but the long-term picture is still bullish.

  • Apple In Established Long-Term Downward Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows Apple established in a long-term downward trend.

  • Are Long-Term Bond Prices Headed Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two bullish consolidation patterns not only support the possibility of higher prices, but they also make the scenario likely.

  • BSX Long-Term Money Flow Divergence Plays Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Divergence setups may take a long time to play out, but the better-quality ones might just be worth the wait.

  • Boeing On A Long-Term Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Boeing has been in a strong uptrend for many months. The ascending triangle on the daily charts gives us the target of $74.

  • Chevron Begins Long-Term Bear Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows Chevron starting a new long-term downward trend.

  • December Natural Gas Bounces Off Long-Term Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...December natural gas (NGZ2) has seen a sharp sell off over the last few weeks, as weakness in the crude oil futures market has weighed on prices. However, the contract successfully tested key long-term support in the $3.72 to $3.76 range last week.

  • Deutsche Bank: Long-Term Bullish Chart Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Deutsche Bank stock has broken out from an ascending triangle, hitting a new three-year high of $100. It is moving in a channel with an upward bias. Target for the stock in the medium term is $115.

  • Duke Energy In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Duke Energy Corp. has been offering good buying opportunities for all types of traders and investors.

  • Exxon Begins Long-Term Downward Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows Exxon Mobil starting a new long-term downward trend.

  • Facebook In Long-Term Price Deceleration Stage

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows the downward spiral in the price of Facebook has been slowing, but a long-term reversal in trend from down to up has not yet occurred.

  • Gold Remains In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This long-term statistical analysis shows that gold remains in a long-term uptrend.

  • Gold Remains In Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows gold remains in a strong long-term uptrend.

  • Have Long-Term Rates Bottomed?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Federal Reserve pushing down short-term rates, the bond market seems to be worried about inflation and is resisting the Fed's efforts on the long end of the yield curve.

  • Historical Patterns In The Long-Term Stock Market by James G. Arnold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Historical Patterns In The Long-Term Stock Market by James G. Arnold Stock markets have been around a long time, and historically, markets demonstrate some well-defined patterns. At some levels of averaging, one is even tempted to call the long-term mar

  • Home Depot: Near-Term Overbought, Long-Term Bullish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although Home Depot shares are a bit toppy near-term, the longer term picture looks exceedingly bright.

  • Imclone Systems (IMCL) From A Long-Term Perspective

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long and the short of it for Imclone.

  • Interview: Bill Meridian And Those Long-Term Cycles by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:4 (48-53): Interview: Bill Meridian And Those Long-Term Cycles by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Cycles theorist Bill Meridian began on Wall Street in a most conventional way, as a fundamental analyst at the Value Line Investment Sur

  • Keep It Simple With Long-Term Moving Averages

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Need a basic, no-brainer means of determining the intermediate- to long-term trends of your favorite markets? Here's a handy tool you can start using today.

  • Lehman Brothers: A Pause In The Long-Term Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long rally, prices consolidate in the daily time frame for Lehman Brothers.

  • Long-Term Commodity Trades by Andre Zupans

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Paper And Pencil, For Cotton Long-Term Commodity Trades by Andre Zupans Large commodity firms, commercial producers, and mature speculators know that capturing huge moves in commodity markets may take years. HereÕs that technique, demonstrated n

  • Long-Term Cycles Offer Short-Term Warnings For Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cycles point to a correction and then strong gains in stock prices through the end of the year.

  • Long-Term Fibonacci Support and Resistance by Kevin W. Murphy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a historical review of the major swings in the stock market and the Fibonacci relationships. According to long-term FibonacciÝ support and resistance levels in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), we are approaching a notable resistance leve

  • Long-Term Look At The DJIA For August 2012

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term trend of the stock market does not change very often, but it is advantageous to take a look at the market at least once a month to know what the long-term trend is doing. This analysis will use statistical analysis to determine the present

  • Long-Term Look At The Transports For August 2012

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Use statistical analysis to determine the health of the long-term trend of the Dow Jones Transportation Average.

  • Long-Term Perspective On The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders often focus on short-term charts but could benefit from looking at weekly and even monthly charts to identify the long-term trend.

  • Long-Term Rates Run Into Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term rates have been rising for four and a half years, but that may be about to change as major resistance comes into play and a large double top takes shape.

  • Long-Term Rates Trending Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 10-year Treasury note yield found support over the last two months but remains short of a reversal, and the odds favor a move lower for interest rates.

  • Long-Term Target Of Visa, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock price of Visa, Inc. has been on the long-term buy list for the past month. The stock rose more than 20 percent within the last three weeks. Is the stock ripe for a correction or is more upside possible?

  • Long-Term Trading Using Exchange Traded Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since ETFs track indexes, thus averaging a large number of underlying instruments, price movements tend to be relatively small. This makes it difficult to profitably trade ETFs using daily charts. HereÕs how you can overcome this drawback.

  • Long-Term Trading With Swiss Francs by Andre Zupans

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Paper And Pencil (Hey, It Still Works!) Long-Term Trading With Swiss Francs Didn't you love that little cotton trade we showed you back in May 2000? Want to try again with Swiss francs? Here's your chance. by Andre Zupans In the May 2000 STOCKS

  • Long-Term Trend Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Turtle trading as an analytic tool.

  • Long-Term Uptrend Remains Intact For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the recent pullback in the S&P 500, the index's long-term uptrend remains intact, meaning that investors should continue to hold.

  • Long-Term Volatility Pattern A Concern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Key resistance levels are holding for the volatility index, but the long-term pattern indicates an eventual breakout.

  • Positive Long-Term Cycles For ExxonMobil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that shares of ExxonMobil have moved above recent highs, what's next for the stock price of this global energy giant?

  • Weakening Long-Term Money Flow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If a stock is destined to keep on rising, the long-term money flow trend also needs to be in agreement if the move is to carry significantly higher. In the case of, the money flow trend is signaling that a corrective move is overdue.

  • Scanning For Long-Term Bullish Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MetaStock Explorer can help traders locate stocks that are in long-term bullish trends -- on multiple time frames.

  • Seeking Long-Term Growth With The Power Zone/Dead Zone Approach

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an investing approach that seeks to take advantage of seasonality in the stock market

  • Silver Standard Resources Has Short-Term Setup Based On Long-Term Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold and silver stocks have rebounded strongly since making a major low in October 2008. Here's a look at a fundamentally intriguing stock that's currently offering a fairly low-risk trade setup.

  • Spotting Turns In Long-Term Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength and the concepts behind this strategy offer insights into how to spot potentially big winners.

  • Stochastics and long-term trends by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stochastics and long-term trends by Thom Hartle The price of the bond futures market reacts to changing fundamentals that are global in nature and very complicated--Foreign Central banks' policy on the exchange rate for the dollar, the rate of money supp

  • Stryker Corp. Shows Long-Term Uptrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a sideways market scenario, there are always stock-specific stories that emerge showing strong uptrends. They offer the lowest risk buying opportunities when the market has no underlying trend.

  • The Biotech Index: A Long-Term Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The growth strategy provided very good returns to investors in the long term.

  • The DJI ETF Nears Long-Term Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used here to show that the uptrend of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is in its final stage.

  • The Lazy Man's Guide To Long-Term Investing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you a buy-and-hold believer? Enhance your returns by using this simple technique.

  • The Short- And Long-Term Trading Itinerary For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 looks poised to rally for the short term, but such a rally may prove to be its demise over the long term, should a large head & shoulders pattern form on the daily chart.

  • Thunder Energy Long-Term View

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With oil markets heating up again the past several weeks, many traders are looking at oil stocks.

  • Trading Long-Term Momentum With Price Surges

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading while working full time is a difficult task for the aspiring trader, but if you can spot price surges, you can still achieve higher returns.

  • Trading System Logic: Considering The Power Of A Long-Term Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even a garden-variety trading system can outperform, if you know how or when to deploy it in a strongly trending market. Here are a few ideas that might help improve the performance of the trading systems you use.

  • Transocean's Long-Term Channel Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Transocean Inc. recently broke out of a long-term bottoming pattern, indicating significantly higher prices down the road.

  • Two Long-Term Holds In Telecom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Internet and wireless business is growing exponentially, and here are two stocks that may be worth a long-term look.

  • Utilities Enter Long-Term Downtrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows the utility market sector entering a long-term trend reversal from up to down.

  • Walter Industries, With Buying Based On The Long-Term View

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As this stock moves out of a long-term base, shareholders may enjoy long-term profits from this diversified company.

  • Why Long-Term Bond Prices Show No Signs Of Reversing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, long-term bond prices have broken to the upside. With pessimism still building, prices likely have higher to go.

  • Working Money: The Lazy Man's Guide To Long-Term Investing by R.M. Sidewitz

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: The Lazy Man's Guide To Long-Term Investing by R.M. Sidewitz Are you a buy-and-hold believer? Enhance your returns by using this simple technique. One of the major chall-enges for the long-term investor involves the amount of time and at

  • XLF In Long-Term Downtrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Linear regression analysis shows that Financial Select SPDR ETF is in a long-term downtrend.

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