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  • A Diamond For WestJet Airlines?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investing in an airline is always risky. As the price of oil rises, so do their costs.

  • A Diamond In The Yen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond pattern that developed in yen futures suggests higher prices for the Japanese currency in the near term.

  • A Mini Diamond For The DIA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After leading the market higher, the Dow Diamonds formed a mini-diamond consolidation, and the subsequent break will provide the next signal.

  • A(nother) Diamond In The Yen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can speculators anticipate the direction of a likely break from this diamond consolidation pattern?

  • An Intraday Diamond In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond top in the 60-minute S&P 500 chart sets the stage for a short-term correction in stocks.

  • An Intraday Dow Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...January came in like a lion. Does an intraday reversal pattern anticipate that January will go out like a lion as well?

  • Are Diamond Patterns Friend Or Foe?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so goes the song. Are they a trader's, though?

  • Caterpillar's Diamond Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A December diamond consolidation leads to higher prices in January.

  • Cattle's Diamond Continuation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A big volume breakdown in live cattle futures turns a consolidation into a bearish continuation.

  • Copper's Diamond Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond top appears to have finally put a stop to the mesmerizing bull market in copper.

  • Cup With Handle Becomes Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A failed breakout sets up a diamond consolidation in the Dow transports.

  • Diamond Offshore Drilling: Major Bullish Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After enduring a 62% decline over the past 26 months, shares of Diamond Offshore Drilling are reversing higher.

  • Diamond Offshore Drilling: Setting Up For Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Diamond Offshore Drilling are off by more than 30% since July 2013 but have begun to bounce from major support.

  • Diamond Offshore Getting Ready To Blow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a number of factors in its favor, not the least of which is upward pressure on oil prices, is this stock getting ready to break out?

  • Diamond Offshore: Bullish Reversal Near

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Diamond Offshore Drilling (DO) may be close to a sizable bounce as the stock approaches key support/swing termination levels.

  • Diamond, Sawtooth, And Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...About the curiously bullish year-long commodity odyssey.

  • Gold's Diamond Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nearly four years in the making, is the diamond bottom in gold a sign of higher prices to come?

  • HCA's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nothing lasts forever ... not even the year-long advance of healthcare stocks.

  • Heating Oil's Diamond Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bounce after a shallow correction helped form the support line that was broken by recent price action.

  • Honeywell Is A Diamond In The Rough!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Honeywell (HON) is definitely on the move higher, but the question is when to jump into a long position while the general market conditions are short. Examining the monthly, weekly and daily charts will help you make a better decision.

  • January Lumber's Diamond Continuation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tops and bottoms notwithstanding, a diamond in a trend often suggests more of the same.

  • July Cotton's Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the two-month diamond consolidation at the top of the cotton rally a signal that a top is near?

  • Lennar's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Housing bubble? Maybe not, but the stocks are in trouble.

  • Nasdaq's Diamond Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A consolidation early in June sets the stage for a Nasdaq rally in July.

  • P&F Breakdown For Diamond OffShore

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After consolidating for a few weeks, Diamond Offshore broke support to trigger a point & figure sell signal.

  • Return of the Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Remember the two-year diamond top hovering over the Dow Jones Industrial Average that peaked in November 1999? The bears do.

  • S&P 500: Diamond Up or Down?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Starting October with a rally, the S&P 500's next move may be on the other end of a diamond.

  • Shine On Silver Diamond?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond pattern forming in the wake of silver's sharp December correction threatens to send prices even lower.

  • The December Dollar's Diamond Bottom: Pullback or Failure?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What started as a diamond bottom reversal has begun to retrace as quickly as it broke out.

  • The Diamond In Lincoln National

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does the diamond top in Lincoln National anticipate broader weakness through the insurance industry?

  • The Diamond in the Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow 30 is breaking out from a 16-day diamond. But is the break up or down?

  • The Diamond's Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The wide-range bar on April 1 was the first tipoff that this pattern might develop. But are there any clues about the direction any break from this diamond will travel?

  • The Dow's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nearly 20 months in the making, a diamond top towers over the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  • The Euro's Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An important test of top awaits the euro.

  • The Retail HOLDRs Diamond Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time for bargain-hunting in the retail sector?

  • The S&P 500's Intraday Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bulls jump up to get beat down as an early breakout to the upside leads to a late afternoon market meltdown.

  • The S&P 500's Make or Break Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The break from an intraday diamond formation should tell traders and investors all they need to know about the S&P 500's near-term direction.

  • The Ten-year Treasury Yield's Diamond Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lower long rates look likely in the short term. But after that, a run up to 5.6% or higher might be what the market is gearing up for.

  • The Wheat Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond breakout in September wheat begins another leg higher.

  • Tibco Software Diamond Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock was a high flyer in 2000 but if this pattern is any indication, there are better days on the horizon again for the company.

  • United Tech Forms A Large Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...United Technologies has been in a holding pattern this year, but the pattern is looking bearish and momentum is breaking down.

  • Will A Diamond Break The Banks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bank rally has led the entire market higher throughout March, but two important patterns may be the driving forces that end this breath-taking rally. A tristar candle pattern formed on the XLF daily chart as a diamond chart pattern emerged on its hou

  • Will This Diamond Play Sparkle Once Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This volatile diamond hunter is starting to show very early signs of better times ahead by virtue of its contracting triangle formation and the DI (directional movement indicator).

  • Yen Diamond: Friend Or Foe?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Japanese yen strength has been on the radar of most market players due to the currency's wide-ranging implications from Japanese exporters to US Treasury traders. The market appears at an important juncture.

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