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  • A Color-Based System For Short-Term Trading?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using the Sp d r S&P 500 exchange traded fund as an example, here's how you can apply a simple swing trading system that utilizes the colors of volume bars.

  • A Short-Term 2B Bottom In Oil Service

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through to the downside provides an opportunity for a bounce in OIH.

  • A Short-Term Bear Rally For Newmont Mining?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Newmont Mining has rebounded off of this month's lows but will likely make one final move to the downside before the short-term downtrend reverses.

  • A Short-Term Buy Setup On Chevron

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A combination of setups provides guidance for a short-term trade.

  • A Short-Term Buy Signal For The DJIA by John Toombs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Short-Term Buy Signal For The DJIA by John Toombs Buying the first retreat in prices following a strong move up in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is often profitable. Three questions are involved in doing so, however. What constitutes a ""str

  • A Short-Term View Of Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A number of Fibonacci levels are nearby that may affect the price of gold.

  • A Simple Short-Term Entry Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Legendary trader Marty Schwarz swore by the 10-day EMA. Here's an application of his "red light/green light" approach on an intraday basis.

  • Advanced Scale-In Strategies For Short-Term Traders by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Advanced Scale-In Strategies For Short-Term Traders by David Penn How can short-term traders add an edge of as much as 10% to their per-trade win rate? High-probability exchange traded fund (Etf) trading is a quantified strategy of buying Etfs after

  • Amphenol's Short-Term Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad markets likely to stage a modest bounce in the next few sessions, low-risk momentum plays can be a wise choice.

  • An 8-Day Pattern For Short-Term Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a continuation pattern that could help swing traders capture some gains in stocks or ETFs that are trending

  • Anticipating A Short-Term Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Santa Claus rally has been true to its namesake. Stocks have climbed in the period between Christmas and the New Year. But what happens next?

  • CBOE 10-Year Treasury Note Is In A Short-Term Congestion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Prices are testing the 2004 high.

  • Carnival Develops Short-Term Congestion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock has initiated a rebound that could move prices toward a big down gap.

  • Constructing an efficient short-term timing model by Marcus S. Robinson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Constructing an efficient short-term timing model by Marcus S. Robinson You can use two sets of ratios to forecast short-and intermediate-term turning points in stocks and commodities . In my trading, I look for these ""change in trend"" (CIT) days usin

  • Day trading and short-term trading techniques Part 2 by Kent Calhoun

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Day trading and short-term trading techniques Part 2 by Kent Calhoun In my three years of day trading markets in Chicago, not one person who opened an account strictly for day trading purposes lasted more than six months. Yet, the most successful trader

  • Elections As The Most Powerful Short-Term Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What you don't know about politics could cost you plenty.

  • Fannie Mae Consolidates Near Short-Term Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock is consolidating and in the intermediate term, a bullish head & shoulder formation is developing.

  • Ford Motor: Short-Term High Approaching?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since bottoming out on February 25, 2013, shares of Ford Motor (F) have begun to trace out a pattern of higher highs and higher lows.

  • GM: A Short-Term Adam And Eve Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...General Motors is close to its all-time lows and is developing a short-term reversal setup.

Getting Clear With Short-Term Swings by Ron Black

  • Gold's Bullish Short-Term Flags Explain Gold Confusion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many gold traders are perplexed by the apparent sluggish action of gold lately relative to the diving main indices.

  • Goldman Sachs And The Short-Term Put Sale Op

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad markets finding short-term support over the last two sessions, now may be the time to consider selling near-term, out-of-the-money puts on Goldman Sachs shares.

  • Identifying Short-Term Bottoms In Bull Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a market drops sharply, do you find yourself unable to make trading decisions for fear of losing money? You're not alone. In such situations, you need to be able to come up with a method that helps you make trading decisions more confidently. Here,

  • Interview: Short-Term Trader Jeff Cooper by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 22:4 (66-73): Interview: Short-Term Trader Jeff Cooper by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Few people have succeeded in trading the way Jeff Cooper has. His first book, Hit And Run Trading, is often referred to as the bible of the short-t

  • Intraday Short-Term Trading Tactics by Ron Walker

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intraday Short-Term Trading Tactics by Ron Walker Enter and exit trades the right way based on familiar chart patterns. wing trading prospects occur when price patterns form. Even though traders might be familiar with many chart patterns, they may not

  • Is RR Donnelley Short-Term Oversold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even when a stock gets hammered, there are often brief rebounds back up toward key resistance levels that skilled traders can learn to profit from.

  • Janus Breaks Out Of Short-Term Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a good example of an inverse head & shoulders formation on the chart for Janus Capital Group (JNS).

  • JetBlue Airways: Short-Term Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock has developed an interesting bullish reversal pattern, although general market conditions are negative.

  • KLA-Tencor Short-Term Mechanical Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The entire technology sector has been near the top of the list in terms of relative strength for some time now. Here's a short-term swing trade buy signal for one of the biggest names in the semiconductor fabrication business.

  • Keeping Track Of Short-Term Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the broad markets begin to pause and/or correct, it may be beneficial to discern which industry groups are beginning to accelerate to the downside.

  • Large Caps For Short-Term Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volatile tech stocks are usually considered as favorites among short-term traders. Large caps could also be considered as trading candidates.

  • Larry Williams And The Art Of Short-Term Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Larry Williams has taught thousands to trade the markets, won many trading championships, and has been the only futures trader in the world to repeatedly trade $1 million of his own money live at seminars around the globe.

  • Long-Term Cycles Offer Short-Term Warnings For Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cycles point to a correction and then strong gains in stock prices through the end of the year.

  • Markets Try to Hammer Out a Short-Term Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the uncertainty over geopolitical concerns, these charts suggest a bounce attempt is likely.

  • McDonald's Tests For Short-Term Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A hammer candlestick formation associated with the oversold stochastic indicates that a short-term reversal could be on the horizon.

  • NASDAQ Short-Term Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recent commentary of market analysts has them looking at NASDAQ support as a possible market bottom. However, this is only a short-term area of support with much further to go on the downside.

  • News Corp. Shows A Short-Term Reversal Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The media giant displayed a positive divergence of the Bollinger indicator %b and developed a reversal formation.

  • Oil At A Short-Term Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of oil has risen dramatically this year, with analysts attributing much of the rise to geopolitical concerns. While unrest in Iran and terror attacks in Niger are likely to continue, traders seem to be less concerned about their impact on the s

  • Profit-Taking And Resets Part 2: Short-Term Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trends can be useful for longer-term trades but what about short-term trades? Do they work just as well? Here's a look at a trading system that can be applied successfully to shorter-term trends

  • Psychology Of A Short-Term Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Had I taken a short-term position in GE, now would be the time to close out the trade. Why?

  • Really? A Short-Term R2K Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bear market is far from complete, but for intraday traders, there are always plenty of bullish setups in various small-scale time frames. Here's a look at a potentially bullish setup in the emini Russell 2000 futures contract.

  • Short-Term 2B Bottom In Hourly QQQQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A correction ends with a classic bottoming pattern.

  • Short-Term 2B Bottom In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In another sign of waning momentum to the downside in the S&P 500, a 2B pattern appears.

  • Short-Term Buy For Career Education?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A possible short-term buy for a quick profit?

Short-Term Gap Trading by Jay Kaeppel

  • Short-Term Interest Rates And The Moon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An interesting lunar cycle has correctly forecast rate drops 10 out of 12 times in the past year.

  • Short-Term Look At The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This analysis shows that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is losing its upward momentum and looks to be in a topping process that could reverse its direction soon.

  • Short-Term Moment Of Truth For The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average has corrected over the last three days, and this correction is nearing its make-or-break point.

  • Short-Term Pattern: 3L-R

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Michael Harris' price pattern is useful to profit from short-term reversals.

  • Short-Term Pattern: ADX Gapper

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This reliable retracement pattern profits from fading the gap in a strongly trending market.

  • Short-Term Pattern: Adam And Eve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This pattern provides big profit opportunities when the reversal occurs at the end of parabolic rallies.

  • Short-Term Pattern: GAP2H

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Strategies based on price patterns are an alternative to complex formulas.

  • Short-Term Pattern: ID/NR4

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Range contractions often anticipate high-volatility movements.

  • Short-Term Pattern: Jack In The Box

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jeff Cooper's Hit and Run methodology profits from a pause after an expansion breakout bar.

  • Short-Term Patterns: 80-20

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This pattern provides interesting short-term trading opportunities.

  • Short-Term Patterns: Turtle Soup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Swing trading with short-term high volatility patterns can provide good opportunities for profits.

  • Short-Term Profits With Gap Trading by Glaister Welsh

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-Term Profits With Gap Trading by Glaister Welsh Mispriced stocks are often caused by gaps, which you can take advantage of by applying a strategy that generates above-average returns while reducing your risk. Check it out. A convergence trading s

  • Short-Term QQQQ Sell?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What happens when long-term bulls become short-term bears?

  • Short-Term Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A pattern based on the market facilitation index can help traders identify reversals.

  • Short-Term Strategies: Fading The Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistics provide elements for successful strategies.

  • Short-Term Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the market's not favorable for longer-term trading, you may want to consider short-term trading techniques as a way to generate profits.

  • Short-Term Trading With SVAPO by Sylvain Vervoort

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-Term Trading With SVAPO by Sylavain Vervoort The trading rules I will discuss here are based on an eight-bar shortterm volume and price oscillator (SVAPO) period with a 1/1,000 minimum price change and with an upper standard deviation channel at 1

  • Short-Term Trading: Trading Pullbacks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jeff Cooper's methodology is based on profiting from pullbacks in a strongly trending market.

  • Short-Term Trend Change For Valero Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, Valero Energy has broken to the upside from its falling channel formation, thus confirming a short-term bottom for the stock.

  • Short-Term Trend Still Downward

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This analysis shows that the Dow Jones Industrial Average remains in a short-term downtrend.

  • Short-Term Trend Trading by Russell Rhoads, CFA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-Term Trend Trading by Russell Rhoads, CFA This basic system can be traded profitably on a short-term basis. Some of the most basic systems can be the most effective means of making money in the futures markets. In this article I will demonstr

  • Short-Term Volume And Price Oscillator by Sylvain Vervoort

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-Term Volume And Price Oscillator by Sylvain Vervoort Using the turning points in the oscillator gives profitable trades. Come look. Before telling you about the construction and application of the short-term volume and price oscillator (SVAPO) I

  • Short-term 2B Tests of Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are making significant tests of near-term lows.

  • Short-term Trouble for Gold Bugs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A retracement in the Gold Bugs Index suggests patience for owners of gold stocks.

  • Silver Standard Resources Has Short-Term Setup Based On Long-Term Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold and silver stocks have rebounded strongly since making a major low in October 2008. Here's a look at a fundamentally intriguing stock that's currently offering a fairly low-risk trade setup.

  • TerraForm Power - A Short-Term Trade Or One For The Long Haul?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This new economy stock is rallying. But can it keep up this performance?

  • The Short-Term Outlook For Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude oil prices recently bounced off support around the $45.00 level but now face resistance at $50.00.

  • The Short-Term Rally Of GS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Goldman Sachs Group is extremely bullish.

  • Using The Tick In A Short-Term Indicator by Daniel E. Downing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using The Tick In A Short-Term Indicator by Daniel E. Downing The tick index, the net difference of the number of stocks last traded on an uptick from those last traded on a downtick, is a well-known indicator, but it's got a problem. The raw number res

WM: Elections As The Most Powerful Short-Term Cycle by Matt Blackman

  • Wal-Mart Near Short-Term Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock of the retailing giant has been moving in a trading range during the past year.

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