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  • $XTC Has A Long Way Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The North American Telecommunication Index is in a completely bullish mood.

  • A Big Double Top In Long Term Rates

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 30-year Treasury bond yield is testing support from a large double top, and further weakness would increase the chances of a Fed pause.

  • A Long In AGYS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's never a shortage of systems firing buy or sell signals in MetaStock. Here's a look at one of the more promising systems in the program.

  • A Long Trade In A Declining Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even as the market averages move into bear market territory, long trades can be found using technical trading strategies.

  • A Reversed MACD Long Entry Signal For ORLY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the better-performing NASDAQ 100 stocks during the 2007-09 bear market, a specific mechanical trading system has fired a long entry signal on O'Reilly Automotive.

  • A Trading Method For The Long Haul

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can apply this model to any time frame on any equity. The best part is that it's so simple that anyone can implement it.

  • A Trading Method For The Long Haul

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of UGI Corp. appear to be on track to making a major multicycle low in the near future.

  • ARQL Long System Says Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Mechanical trading systems aren't necessarily the best way to trade the markets, but they can help enforce a measure of self-discipline that can make the path to profitability a bit easier.

Adjusting A Long Call With The Synthetic Straddle by Chris Tyler

  • Apple Has A Long Way Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Inc. has recovered from its historical correction. The indicators and price charts show more appreciation in the share value.

  • Autoliv Offers Long Retracement Entry Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the broad market indexes pause to catch their breath, some fundamentally attractive, high relative strength stocks are offering another chance to get on board.

  • Bond. Long Bond.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it "rational exuberance" that's driving long-term interest rates lower? Or something more ominous?

  • Bristol Myers Squibb And The Long Congestion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Prices are engaged in a very long congestion. The breakout should develop a volatile and directional move in the short term.

  • CHKP Surges From Long Consolidation Period

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Check Point Software Technologies has been consolidating in a wide range for the past few years, and the stock is likely to witness a bright future.

  • Combining Long And Short Funds by Norman J. Brown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining Long And Short Funds by Norman J. Brown Obtain better profits and reduce your risks by using this method to select mutual funds for trading. In the June 2003 issue of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, in my article "A Mutual Fund Trading Method," we saw

  • Core Laboratories' Pending Long Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Core Laboratories (CLB) seems to have self-destructed and busted its bullish trend but it may be signaling to go long once again.

  • DANG: A Prime Long Re-Entry Point?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. have covered a great deal of ground over the past nine weeks, with a new buying opportunity now appearing.

  • Devon Energy Long Swing Setup Possible

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Standard & Poor's 500 typically putting in a strong year-end performance for the majority of the years since 1980, scouting the market horizon for low-risk swing trade setups might be a good investment of time.

  • Exxon Mobil Long Term Trend Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows that the Exxon Mobil long-term upward trend could be nearing an end with a long-term reversal downward a possibility.

  • FTI Consulting Takes A Long Rest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long consolidation, FTI Consulting is showing signs of life and continuation higher looks imminent.

  • Four Market Leaders Under Pressure But For How Long?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since bottoming in late 2008 a few tech giants have for the most part led the market. But this leadership began to break down in 2013. Does it signal a changing of the guard?

  • Going Long vs. Going Short by Zvi Benyamini

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Going Long vs. Going Short by Zvi Benyamini There's a world of difference between uptrends and downtrends. Here's a look at different setups and how you can use them to succeed in long and short positions. When I first began selling short a few years b

  • Has The Long Correction Ended For Gap Inc.?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The decline in Gap Inc. from July 2004 to July 2006 looks like a massive correction that the October breakout just ended.

  • How Long Will The Trend Last?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All trends begin and eventually end, but the rate at which they end is not the same across all time frames. Find out how incorporating trend failure rates into your trading can make you a more effective trader.

  • Is AutoZone Still a Strong Long Play?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a break of resistance negate AutoZone's long term trend line break?

  • Long Dollar, Short Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-anticipated turn in the US dollar appears to be underway. But is this a tradable move?

  • Long Summer for Grain Farmers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...March is typically a strong month for corn and soybean futures. However, when counter seasonal weakness occurs it often foreshadows continued weakness into summer.

  • Long Term Gold Hitting Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last month gold finally closed above $400, something it hasn't done since 1996.

  • Long Term Returns: What's Realistic And What's Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is a 10% annual return possible year after year? Maybe not every year. Definitely not every fund. But you'll be surprised at what you can get.

  • Long Term Trend Of The Dow Nears End

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average is nearing the end of its long-term upward trend.

  • Looking At Oil For The Long Run

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Monthly charts can offer traders a different perspective.

  • Macdonald Dettwiler A Hold For The Long Term?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market is falling and the bears are running rampant, so it is time to look for stocks you would like to own and hold for the long term.

  • Making Sense Of Fractals by Erik Long

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Making Sense Of Fractals by Erik Long What is chaos? Here's a tool you can use to trade on the cutting edge of chaos and fractal theory. haos is evident just about everywhere: in lightning, weather patterns, earthquakes, and financial markets, to name

Moving Averages: Long On Talk, Short On Action by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D.

  • NEV Undergoing Long Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...NEV is likely to ignore bearish indications while consolidating. This technical chart can help newer traders recognize breakout conditions.

  • OIH: New Long Trade Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After being in consolidation/pullback mode for the past eight weeks, the stocks in the oils services industry group look ready to stage a long breakout.

  • OIS Possible Long Pullback Entry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oil States International shares are fast approaching their major uptrend line, signaling a short-term buying opportunity. Will the long-term trend remain intact, or is this the start of a major round of selling?

  • SIDEBAR: The long wave

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sidebar: The long wave According to Charles Kirkpatrick's award-winning ""Charles Dow looks at the long wave,"" there is a fourth wave or a cycle of a longer-term nature beyond the ""three well-defined movements,"" as Charles H. Dow himself referred to

  • SanDisk Long Breakout And ParaSar Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The entire technology sector has been extremely strong over the past few months, offering a steady stream of long trading opportunities. Here's a look at another promising long setup in the tech sector.

  • Small-Cap Growth Setting Up A Long Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Small-cap growth stocks often lead the way higher after bear market declines.

  • So Long, Silver

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakdown from a rising wedge may be the second of many more declines ahead for gold's shiny little sister.

  • Soybean Futures Ready For Long Consolidation?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In bull runs traders and investors often forget about corrections and consolidations. A high ADX should caution traders not to buy at higher levels as a consolidation can happen at any time. Soybean futures seems to be heading into one such consolidat

  • Stocks For The Long Term? Looking At Value Line

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Value Line Index shows that stocks have gone nowhere for 16 years, but traders have enjoyed sizable moves in both directions.

  • Stop and Reverse: Lumber's Long Slide

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After oscillating through a five-month consolidation between 325 and 360, lumber broke through the bottom of its range, losing 38% on its way to a low of 200. In spite of the occassional one-day rally, lumber is still falling.

  • Technical Indicators Add Up To A Long For Korn/Ferry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As layoffs mount, staffing companies can profit by helping to locate replacements for senior managers and offering consulting services to help with the changing corporate culture. That's what Korn/Ferry can do.

  • TerraForm Power - A Short-Term Trade Or One For The Long Haul?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This new economy stock is rallying. But can it keep up this performance?

  • The Bull Is Dead, Long Live The Bull - Part Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Additional evidence US stocks may have begun a multi-month rally.

  • The Bull is Dead, Long Live the Bull

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why the 2020 crash could be the shortest bear market in US history.

  • The Long And The Short Of Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whereas my long-term view for gold is not that positive, my short-term forecast is very positive. What do I mean by long term and what do I mean by short term?

  • The Long Turn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See how the Gold bear market of 1980-1999 could provide clues to the direction of the US Bond market in 2018.

  • The US Long Wave

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...History plays an important role. Can 224 years of US economic history predict the stock market for the next seven years?

  • The US Long Wave Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Want a long-term cyclical outlook for the US stock market? Here's one way to do it

  • Time To Go Long For VLO?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to go long on Valero Energy?

  • Time To Take (A Long Position In) FITB?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks making new multimonth highs are always a topic of interest for serious momentum traders.

  • Time Warner Telecom Long Term?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do we invest for the long term using a weekly chart? It sure looks like it.

  • TradeStation, A Potential Long Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This well-known trading platform and brokerage firm is trading at a price equal to less than the cash on its books, and is a technical buy.

  • Trading Tactics: What to Look For When Taking a Long Position

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The general market trend seems to be changing. Here's an example of how to take advantage of it.

  • Twitter - On The Comeback Trail But For How Long?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since its launch in 2013, Twitter (TWTR) has had its ups and downs. But could the worst now be over for this newest Internet poster child?

  • Walgreen Goes Long

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Walgreen, one of the largest retail pharmacy outlets in the US, is offering short-term traders an interesting long setup in its common stock.

  • When Candlesticks Cast Long Shadows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Not all candlestick patterns are statistically significant. Some, such as the various stars, hammers, and hanging men, occur too frequently, in all possible places: in the beginning, middle, and end of stocks trading in trends and ranges. But sometimes

Working Money: Bond. Long Bond. by David Penn

  • Working Money: When Candlesticks Cast Long Shadows by Sharon Yamanaka

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When Candlesticks Cast Long Shadows by Sharon Yamanaka Not all candlestick patterns are statistically significant. Some, such as the various stars, hammers, and hanging men, occur too frequently, in all possible places: in the beginning, middle, and end

  • World's Cheapest Trading System Goes Long

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The world's cheapest trading system has once again decided to go long the Russell 2000 index. Will you be along for the ride?

  • XME: Long Or Short? Let The Market Decide

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a nearly 50% rise in only five weeks, XME is either consolidating gains or breaking down.

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