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  • A Cycle Peak And An Intraday Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After rising more than 105% since the October 2008 lows, USEC may now be offering an intraday short setup.

  • An Intraday 2B Test

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More than just a tool for top- and bottom-picking trends, the 2B test is one way for aggressive traders to trade sloppy, sideways markets.

  • An Intraday Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A test of the successful breakout from this intraday cup with handle bottom in the e-mini S&P 500 sets the stage for continued gains.

  • An Intraday Diamond In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A diamond top in the 60-minute S&P 500 chart sets the stage for a short-term correction in stocks.

  • An Intraday Double Bottom In USD/JPY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A positive divergence between the MACD indicator and the greenback/yen pair provides an intraday buying opportunity.

  • An Intraday Dow Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...January came in like a lion. Does an intraday reversal pattern anticipate that January will go out like a lion as well?

  • An Intraday Emini 2B Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic reversal pattern anticipates weakness and a test of the lows.

  • An Intraday Flag In The Emini S&P

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 waved its freak flag high as an early morning bounce caught bears by surprise. Frantic short-covering ensued.

  • An Intraday Head And Shoulders Top In EUR/USD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An old rally, a MACD negative divergence, a 1-2-3 trend reversal ... after bouncing at the beginning of August, the euro starts to slip against the greenback.

  • An Intraday Nasdaq Head And Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This bullish chart pattern suggests new 52-week highs in the Nasdaq in the near term.

  • Automated Techniques For Intraday Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's fair to say that technical analysis has made its biggest strides in relation to price-based forecasting rather than time-based studies. Moreover, when time-based techniques are developed, they are applied to higher time frame charts. The

  • Baker Hughes: Waiting For Intraday Pullback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learning to scan for stocks that are trending in the same direction on adjacent time frames can help make your trading workflow more productive.

  • Candlesticks And Intraday Market Analysis by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Candlesticks And Intraday Market Analysis by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny Can the much-ballyhooed candlestick method be helpful in intraday trading? To find out, Gary Wagner and Brad Matheny went through one day's trading via candlesticks for o

  • Choosing A Time Bar Length In Intraday Trading by Cynthia Kase

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Choosing A Time Bar Length In Intraday Trading by Cynthia Kase Most intraday technical traders use charts based on hours or fractions of an hour. Most trading days, however, don't divide evenly into hours or conventional time fractions such as 30 or 45

  • Coca-Cola: Sharp Intraday Fizzle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Coca Cola stage a sudden, late session reversal on Wednesday March 19, 2014.

  • Consol Energy Intraday Play Based On A Daily Swing Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the wake of Consol Energy's 84% plunge, the stock of one of the US's largest coal miners is setting up for a low-risk intraday move.

  • Cycle Analysis And Intraday Trading by John F. Ehlers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cycle Analysis And Intraday Trading by John F. Ehlers Veteran S TOCKS & COMMODITIES contributor John Ehlers explains how to make use of cycles analysis in intraday trading, heretofore a rarity. Take a look. Intraday traders have long had most of the tec

  • Detecting Breakouts In Intraday Charts by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Detecting Breakouts In Intraday Charts by Markos Katsanos Here's an important enhancement to the finite volume elements indicator that's especially useful with intraday minute charts. In the April 2003 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, I introduced the finite volu

  • Detecting Flags In Intraday Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you apply flags to intraday charts? Once you do, how can you determine the optimal price target? Here is a system that will help you identify flag formations as well as enter and exit them at the right time.

  • Diamonds in the Intraday S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Diamond continuation patterns act as distribution areas in declining trends.

  • Estimating the Market Profile Value Area for intraday trading by Donald L. Jones

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Estimating the Market Profile Value Area for intraday trading by Donald L. Jones T he prime question for every trader is whether to get into a market, or if in, whether to stay in or get out. Since these questions must be decided on the basis of inadequ

  • Facebook Intraday Bullish Money Flow Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Facebook, Inc., seen as "the IPO flop that continues to drop," or is it viewed by value investors as a solid long-term growth story?

Forex Focus: The Intraday Trade by Alexander Sabodin

  • Gann Swings And Intraday Trading by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gann Swings And Intraday Trading Swing trading is one of the oldest technical methods in technical trading literature. Even though it's little used these days, this classic technique is hardly outmoded and can be useful in trading today's volatile stock

  • IWM Looking For Intraday Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It takes patience to identify and wait for divergence situations to play out, but the process can be worthwhile for committed traders.

  • If On An Intraday Correction A Divergence ...

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How much of a surprise was the August 16th "surprise" rally?

  • Intel: Intraday Failure Of An Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The semiconductor stock printed on Friday the worst performance of the DJIA--is weakness ahead in the short term?

  • Intraday 2B Tops In The June Emini S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."What we have here is a failure to follow through..."

  • Intraday DLB Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An excellent example of the "Don't Look Back" breakout develops in a five-minute chart of the emini S&P.

  • Intraday Diamonds And Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Indicators and chart patterns help traders anticipate market moves.

  • Intraday Dueling Triangles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The five-minute chart reveals how a pair of triangles, the first ascending and the second descending, anticipated a day's worth of market movement.

  • Intraday Flags, Pennants, & Wedges

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Skilled traders recognize the basic price pattern on their charts. Repeated sequences of price bars in distinct pattern formation are merely human emotions of fear & greed measured with real money at work in the markets. Basic chart patterns have exi

  • Intraday Intensity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some would call it Accumulation/Distribution, but whatever the name there is some useful insight to be gained by examining it.

  • Intraday Market Forecasting by Lee Leibfarth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:8 (34-37): Intraday Market Forecasting by Lee Leibfarth How do you find high-probability daytrading setups fast? Successful daytraders must have the ability to react as soon as favorable conditions in the market develop. Bein

  • Intraday Momentum Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Let "up" days and "down" days dictate market opportunities.

  • Intraday Or Swing Trader?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you be a swing trader and an intraday trader at the same time? Find out how this trader combines these two time frames to create a logical trading plan.

  • Intraday Pennant Breakout For TNA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading triangle/pennant breakouts that occur in the wake of successful support/resistance tests can be a pathway to consistent trading profits.

  • Intraday Short-Term Trading Tactics by Ron Walker

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intraday Short-Term Trading Tactics by Ron Walker Enter and exit trades the right way based on familiar chart patterns. wing trading prospects occur when price patterns form. Even though traders might be familiar with many chart patterns, they may not

  • Intraday Swing Trading Basics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does "intraday swing trading" sound like a contradiction in terms? Well, it may actually not be because it combines the best of both worlds. Find out how this approach can solve some of the trouble spots of both daytrading and swing trading and ultimatel

  • Intraday Tops And Bottoms In The USD/JPY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A popular reversal set-up shows itself--twice!--within six days, once from the bottom then again from the top.

  • Intraday Trading In The First Hour

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This system could allow you to earn consistent profits by trading during the first market hour.

  • Intraday Trading With 100 Shares

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since the birth of the American stock market, one pattern has always recurred: Major booms follow sharp crashes. The best-known example began on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929, the day when the market started to plummet. During the following th

  • Intraday swings with wave charts: The Wyckoff method of trading stocks part 12 by Jack K. Hutson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intraday swings with wave charts: The Wyckoff method of trading stocks part 12 by Jack K. Hutson The serious follower of Wyckoff, a trader who embraces the entire scope and intricate details of this methodology, has not completed his or her analytic ars

  • Intraday trading techniques by John W. Labuszewski and John E. Nyhoff

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intraday trading techniques by John W. Labuszewski and John E. Nyhoff Many analysts find that the charting techniques that they rely on for inter-day trading are somewhat less useful on an intraday basis. As a result, these analysts often rely on other

  • Looking For Big Intraday Decliners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Keeping intraday tabs on stocks that are making substantial gains or losses may help active traders seize opportunities in real-time.

  • MIDAS And Intraday Charts by Andrew Coles and David Hawkins

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MIDAS And Intraday Charts by Andrew Coles and David Hawkins In this third and final part of this series, we will look at how to apply the TB-F algorithm to intraday charts. by Andrew Coles and David Hawkins Like Midas, which is an acronym for market i

  • March Cocoa's Intraday Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While coffee continues to languish, cocoa makes a move to the upside.

  • Mini-Dow Intraday Domed Top Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More than a few technicians are in agreement that the mighty Dow may be at or approaching a major trend reversal zone. Is this noticeable intraday domed top pattern one of the first confirmations of a bearish turn?

  • OIH: Intraday Bullish Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The oil services group is likely at the start of another rally phase as 2013 comes to a close.

  • R2K Intraday Rally, Stall, Fall

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By watching the reaction of prices in areas of trendline/Fibonacci support and resistance levels, traders can gain extra confidence as they anticipate strong reversal and continuation moves.

  • SPY: Bearish On Two Key Intraday Time Frames

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 index may be setting up for its next swing trade move - down toward the 1,810.00 level.

  • Scanning For Big Intraday Gainers/Losers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a brief tutorial on how to identify short-term momentum trade setups in a basket of gold mining stocks.

  • Spotting Intraday Trends In Real-Time

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you're an equities daytrader, it makes sense to keep abreast of the strongest and weakest daily performers in your watchlist.

  • TD Sequential And Ermanometry For Intraday Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time-based techniques are effective and can be applied to intraday trading, but unless they are automated, they require a great deal of tending and tracking on the part of the trader. The Fibonacci and Lucas techniques, which we explored in the pre

  • The Impeccable Timing Of Intraday Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A good trader is always looking for clues of a reversal, trying to piece together the technical jigsaw puzzle.

  • The QQQQ's Intraday Head & Shoulders Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rally in the NASDAQ 100 lasted almost a month before a head & shoulders pattern signaled a correction.

  • The S&P 500's Intraday Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A pair of 2B tops helps mark the upper boundary of an ascending triangle.

  • The S&P 500's Intraday Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bulls jump up to get beat down as an early breakout to the upside leads to a late afternoon market meltdown.

  • The S&P 500's Intraday Pennant

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An eight-hour consolidation in the S&P 500 helped the market resume its bullish ways.

  • The S&P's Intraday 2B

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 2B bottom and a positive divergence show how the SPOO got its groove back in time for the New Year -- the Chinese New Year, that is.

  • The S&Ps Not-So-Symmetrical, Not-So-Perfect Intraday Triangle Breakdown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pattern perfection is sometimes not all it's cracked up to be.

  • Trading An Intraday Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When volatility has been running high, an early morning contraction can lead to explosive results.

  • Trading IBM Intraday by Dennis Meyers, PhD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading IBM Intraday by Dennis Meyers, PhD Here's how to develop a trading system that measures the real price dynamics of the market. The fading memory polynomial was first introduced in one of my previous articles, titled "The Yen Recursed." In that

  • Trading In Restrictive Intraday Price Ranges by A. Trongone, Ph.D., CFP, CTA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:10 (34-36): Trading In Restrictive Intraday Price Ranges by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D., CFP, CTA When the commodity markets are moving in a narrow price range, are there any trading opportunities? Discover how you can find them a

  • Tuning Intraday Strategies by Lee Leibfarth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:2 (64-67): Tuning Intraday Strategies by Lee Leibfarth Developing a daytrading strategy that is consistent across all markets is impossible. But here are some things to keep in mind when assessing your daytrading strategy. Th

  • Useful Intraday Trading Tactics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes, if the conditions are right, an intraday scalp is just what the market ordered for aggressive daytraders.

  • Using The Arms Index In Intraday Applications by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using The Arms Index In Intraday Applications by Richard W. Arms Jr. A few weeks ago, I received a call from an analyst who had read a number of my recent articles in STOCKS & COMMODITIES and had an interesting question. ""I've developed a new index to

  • Variable Cycle Lengths And Intraday Candlestick Analysis by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Variable Cycle Lengths And Intraday Candlestick Analysis by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny Trading methods often use different length filters for generating trades, both entries and exits. The most common filters are moving averages with differen

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