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  • A Neural Network System For Reliable Trading Signals by Marlowe D. Cassetti

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Neural Network System For Reliable Trading Signals by Marlowe D. Cassetti For those of you who have complained that you have to be a rocket scientist to understand what we run in Stocks & Commodities, here's a rocket scientist to explain it to you.

  • ACS Signals Continuation Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long bullish consolidation, Affiliated Computer (ACS) broke above resistance to signal a resumption of its long-term uptrend.

  • ARMH, Pocket Pivot Signals, Income Strategies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If trading stocks can be compared to playing checkers then trading options is like playing chess and can give you a big edge.

  • Analyst Upgrades Aren't Always Buy Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When an analyst upgrades a stock, he or she is usually recognizing a company's improving fundamental conditions. Technicians can take short-term profits from recommendations by digging deeper.

  • Avoiding False Signals by Joe Luisi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some people may think that technical analysis doesn't work anymore, but here's one author's solutions to today's challenging modern markets. by Joe Luisi Having been involved with technical trading for several years, I've noticed that technical analysis

  • Bearish Signals Point To New Lows For AIG

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a very short oversold bounce, a host of short-term bearish indications surfaced on the AIG chart, and the stock looks like it is headed for new lows.

  • Bitcoin Clear Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis helps to chart the path of a cryptocurrency.

  • Bollinger Bands And Volatility Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders use bands around price to help them determine when the price has strayed too far away from their average, either up or down. The construction of trading bands is relatively simple. Bands are placed above and below an average often using a fixed p

  • Broadcom Signals A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having failed brief support at $30, Broadcom dove to $22.50.

  • Bullish Engulfing Patterns: Powerful Buy Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Candlestick signals are merely the graphic depiction of investor sentiment during trend movements. Use them to your advantage.

  • Buy & Sell Signals Using Stochastics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining moving averages with stochastics can generate reliable buy and sell signals. Find out how you can use them to identify attractive trading opportunities in stocks and ETFs.

  • Capitulation Confirmed With Massive Wave Of S&P 500 Component Buy Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bear market reversal in the S&P 500 appears to have some staying power. More than 40% of this index's component stocks flashed a buy signal over the past two sessions.

  • Ciena Signals A Continuation Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the Nasdaqs are trading well above their January 2003 highs, Ciena (CIEN) has struggled most of 2003 and only recently moved above its January 2003 reaction high. The stock forged a 52-week high this month and the recent breakout projects higher pr

  • Classic Trading Signals On The NASDAQ Composite

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are some very clear trading signals, including two reversal patterns.

  • Combined Trend and Oscillator Signals by Jeremy G. Konstenius

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining Trend and Oscillator Signals by Jeremy G. Konsten Most trading systems fall into two categories. One, the most popular, is the trend-following method, where the signals are oriented toward putting the trader on board long-term trends. The prof

  • Convergence Of Bullish Signals In HCLP

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...HCLP has been on the rise but has recently stalled so is it time to exit or go long? The answer may surprise you.

  • Detecting hidden signals by Clifford J. Sherry, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Detecting hidden signals by Clifford J. Sherry, Ph.D. Do you have a signal, such as a particular pattern of price movements, that is buried in noise like random fluctuations or seasonal trends? If you believe this signal is time-locked to some internal

  • Evaluating Algorithmic Trading Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you using an objective, unbiased, and globally applicable method to evaluate the performance of your algorithmic trading signals? If not, then this article may be your cup of tea.

  • Falling Wedge Signals NASDAQ Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ has been in a downward trend since October 2007, but now, this market has broken out of a falling wedge pattern. This breakout is signaling a reversal in trend from down to up.

  • Fibonacci Confluence With Other Tools Provide Better Trading Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Examining Fibonacci levels and confirming technical tools.

  • General Electric's ADX Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ADX triggered several great entry points on General Electric, but which one offered the best entry point for a short-term swing trade?

  • Gold Index Showing Mixed Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive action in the main indices has brought the golds understandably down and gold traders are in a quandry as to their next move.

  • Identifying High-Probability Buy Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's rare but possible to generate profits with 97.5% probability of success. We can achieve this by adapting some industrial engineering tools, like Six Sigma, to the field of technical analysis. Here, we look at one approach you can use to take advanta

  • July Signals New Money Inflows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...July is the best-performing month of the summer, but wait! That is not a signal by itself to jump in with both feet into equities. If you know a few key factors, you can profit handsomely at this key time of year.

  • KEG, IEZ Displaying Conflicting Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fakeout or breakout? Even though the broad market is crumbling (again), at least one stock in the Oil Services industry group along with its parent exchange traded fund (ETF), IEZ, are suggesting that a bottom may be reached sooner rather than later for

  • Mixed Signals For Motorola

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since bouncing off its 200-period EMA in April, Motorola has enjoyed a 20% gain. Is this leading to a breakout or a reversal?

  • Mixed Signals For Silver Standard Resources

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the recent correction, the long-term uptrend still points to higher prices.

  • Mixed Signals For The Canadian And U.S. Dollar Indexes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Canadian and U.S. Dollar Indexes have been moving in opposite directions for three years now and while this trend may continue in the near-term, there are signs of long-term trend reversals further down the road.

  • Mixed Signals for Denbury Resources

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Denbury Resources broke out of a long-term bullish triangle in May but now that the stock has proceeded higher, there are conflicting signs as to which way prices will move in the near-term.

  • Netflix Signals A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix has been a volatile stock over the past year. Is it worth investing in?

  • Oversold Signals In Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using the energy SPDR as an example, the stochastic oscillator can be used to identify oversold situations and opportunities to partake in the larger uptrend.

  • PENDY'S PICKS: Relative Strength Signals, June 22

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thursday, June 21's market plunge may see the S&P 100 plunge into a major multicycle low. The big question now is when.

  • Precious Metal Sell Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A multi-month topping process for Gold, Silver and Platinum may be complete.

  • Precious Metal Sell Signals - Part Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold's February 24, 2020 peak could be the cusp of a bear market.

  • Price Pattern Signals For Pullback Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading pullbacks lets you get better entries than momentum trading alone, but you need to know what patterns to look for.

  • Qualcomm Signals a Continuation Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Qualcomm (QCOM) may be poised for a bullish move. The stock's chart suggests that a run towards the December 2002 high is likely.

  • RMO Trading System Signals Market Turn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The RMO swing-trading system has issued an unusually large number of sell signals in a wide range of S&P 500 component stocks.

  • Reading RSI Overbought/Oversold Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders often use overbought/oversold signals generated by an indicator like the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) to place contrarian bets. But sometimes sticking with the trend is far more profitable.

  • Reversed MACD Trading System Issues New Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For those comfortable with trading mechanical systems, the reversed MACD system has just issued four new buy signals.

  • SMH: Locating Exhaustion & Reversal Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF has rebounded from its strong September/October selloff, but signs of weakness still abound.

  • She flashes signals from the pit at CBT by Phyllis Brock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...She flashes signals from the pit at CBT by Phyllis Brock At precisely 8:00 a.m. Central Time a buzzer sounds and the financial floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBT) bursts into life. Runners scurry about carrying messages between traders, brokers an

  • Signals And Confirmation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading well is all about reading charts with a cynical cold eye. The further away we move from our emotions, the more we are able to see and assess. Many people say candlestick signals do not work. They are right, sometimes. And then again what about th

  • Signals And Confirmation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many people say candlestick signals do not work. Or maybe they just didn't know what confirmation to look for

  • Signals From The Hang Seng

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why this index could give clues for a global stock market decline.

  • Silver Signals Higher ... And Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the third triangle be the charm?

  • Smoothing Techniques For More Accurate Signals by Tim Tillson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Smoothing Techniques For More Accurate Signals by Tim Tillson More sophisticated smoothing techniques can be used to determine market trend. Better trend recognition can lead to more accurate trading signals. Here's how. After studying his first stock

  • Sonar Trio Signals Potential Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As stocks gain momentum, traders are wondering whether the bottom is in. Here is a set of indicators to help you decide.

  • Stock Market Signals From The Sentiment Dimension

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Simple methods to measure sentiment of the US stock market. Every market has four dimensions: Price, Time, Momentum, and Sentiment. The Sentiment dimension delves into the realm of investor/trader psychology by discovering bullish and bearish extremes.

  • Stop-Losses Using Candlestick Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most investment professionals advise you to cut your losses short and let your profits run. But how do you do it?

  • Swiss Franc Futures Give Contrary Daily And Weekly Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the weekly and daily charts show contradictory signals, weekly patterns generally prevail. The Swiss Franc futures shows a bearish daily chart and an upward channel on the weekly chart. The first step to trading such patterns is to reduce your tra

  • Technical Signals In The S&P

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the S&P in an uptrend or a retracement? The average directional movement index and other indicators can show you where the market is going.

  • The DJIA Signals Better Days Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DJIA has had a nice run from its March low, but does the move have longevity? The DJIA chart indicates there should be plenty more upside.

  • The MACD And False Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a single indicator to trade is not a wise decision. Here is an example of a possible false signal for Ebay Corporation (EBAY).

  • Three Signals Are Better Than One

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Correlating signals in multiple time frames increases the odds of a successful trade. Selecting a quality setup, like a reversal chart pattern in a micro time frame along with it, offers a trader endless opportunities to create wealth and protect capital

  • Three Signals For Selling A Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Selling begets more selling in today's financial markets, and it is vital for you to know when to sell a position before the market moves against you. If you know these three signals for selling a stock, you can avoid getting caught flat-footed by a

  • Three-Line Break Reversal Signals by William Arnold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This charting technique is a simple but effective technique for determining the direction of the trend as well as changes in the trend. With volatility in the stock market increasing, many new and elaborate methods have been developed to predict market

  • Trading Signals With Darknet Channels

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How can patterns not be visible to the naked eye when the chart is in front of you? You'll be surprised. Here's a process that identifies such patterns and identifies trading signals.

  • Trading Signals and the Commodity Channel Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Donald Lambert developed the Commodities Channel Index, which as the name implies was originally intended to be used with commodities trading. However, this indicator has been successfully applied to other markets, including stocks.

  • Trend Analysis Made Easy With Candlestick Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What are candlesticks telling you? Candlestick signals can identify price reversals, producing simple methods to analyze market trends and doing so accurately.

  • WFR New RMO And ParaSar Sell Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When two time-tested trading systems agree on a sell signal, it may be time to pay attention.

  • Wave Of RMO Buy Signals In Gold And Silver Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When 10 of the biggest stocks in the precious metals mining industry group flash simultaneous RMO swing buy signals, there's good reason to expect significant follow-through.

  • With RMO Sell Signals, Current Selloff To Continue

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With 17% of the S&P 500 component stocks flashing new RMO swing sell signals, there can be little doubt that the broad US markets have put in a significant weekly high.

Working Money: Technical Signals In The S&P by Charles B. Schaap, D.O.

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