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  • ANTM: Cycle Highs On Three Time Frames

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by as much as much as 199% between November 2012 and March 2015, shares of Anthem, Inc. are now in prime position to stage a proportional correction.

  • Candlestick Close-up: Three White Soldiers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This candlestick formation is hundreds of years old, but it can still help you predict changes in a price trend.

  • Citigroup Breaks a Three Year Trendline

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does Citigroup (C) have enough power to keep on going?

  • Comparing Three Indicators by J.R. Davis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Comparing Three Indicators by J.R. Davis Three trend-following indicators swing charts, random walks and moving averages are compared as separate mechanical trading methods. Although the markets that we trade are (arguably) fractal in nature and so not

  • Dow Trading Strategies, Three Types Of Trends To Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average offers exciting opportunities for traders, but only if you understand the three types of trends that are common to this market.

  • Dow Utility's Three Black Crows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Utility Average is extremely sensitive to interest rates, and the recent move higher in yields has resulted in a few cracks emerging in the index.

  • Eaton Corp. And The Falling Three Methods Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The formation of a bearish candle pattern in Eaton Corp. suggests that the current short-term downtrend will probably resume its course.

  • Enerplus Resources Fund: Three Chances to Gain, Modest Risk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For those still bullish on the North American oil and gas sector, Enerplus offers a chance to profit in three ways.

  • FTI Consulting Forms Three Black Crows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FCN Consulting had bearish reversal signals on its weekly chart while three black crows were developing.

  • Four Lessons From Three Decades Of Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you had the opportunity, why not learn a thing or two from those who have already figured out what works and what doesn't? Here's a chance to soak up some wisdoms as one trader shares lessons he learned as he traveled along his 30-year trading journey

  • General Dynamics Bullish On Three Fronts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the same trading system issues simultaneous buy signals on the same stock in three separate time frames, something big may be about to happen.

  • Gold's Three Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bullish long-term, bearish intermediate term ... what does a near-term breakout mean for gold going forward?

  • Looking At Three Banks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market has started recovering, and the banks have moved up with the market.

  • Nasdaq Retracement: Three Not-so-easy Steps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a Bush rally? A year-end rally? It's going to take a major retracement to make the dreams of Nasdaq bulls come true.

  • One For Three Ain't Bad At All

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you want to trade a system successfully, you need to stay in the game to come out a winner.

  • PPH And The Three Bears

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three bearish patterns point to further weakness in the Pharmaceutical HOLDRs (PPH).

Product Reviews: Three Neural Net Evaluations by John Kean

  • QQQQ's Falling Three Methods Candle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bulls recently got a rude awakening as the bears revolted, sending QQQQ into a tailspin. But a bearish falling three methods candle pattern suggests that the selling may not quite be over yet.

  • S&P 500 Fails on the Third Fan Line (The Power of Three)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The power of three is pervasive throughout many forms of technical analysis. Triple tops and bottoms, head and shoulder formations, fibonacci retracements (occurring in one third increments), three white soldiers and three black crows in candlestick term

  • Stock Market Lessons from Mr. Fibonacci - Part Three

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The incredible string of Fibonacci turn dates continues. See why September 14, 2016 could be the next bottom.

  • Swing Trading With Three Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You've heard it time and time again: You need to have a trading plan. But how do you create one? You have to start somewhere, and here's one system that can lift you into the world of system traders.

  • Swing Trading With Three Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You have to start somewhere.

  • Tembec Inc. Bounces Off Three Year Low

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian forest products company hit hard times as it is embroiled in the Canada-U.S. softwood lumber dispute.

  • The Falling Three Method

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This candlestick pattern, which is quite rare and usually reliable, has provided some wrong signals lately.

  • The Nasdaq And Three Elliott Wave Counts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Elliott wave theory is simply that: a theory--and yet so many analysts swear by it. ...

  • The Three 2Bs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For picking tops and bottoms, always bet on 2B.

  • The Three Billion Dollar Fraud

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In February 2020, Wells Fargo (WFC) agreed to pay $3 billion to settle criminal and civil charges which resulted from its fraudulent treatment of some bank customers over a 14-year period, from 2002 until 2016. Because of impossible sales targets set by

  • The Three Major Price Gaps For Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price gaps don't just reflect changes in demand for a stock but can indicate whether a stock will break away, gather momentum, or signal a trend reversal, which is why you need to know these three types of gaps.

  • The Three Real Factors To Profitable Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In an industry where indicators flash buy and sell signals, there are only three real factors that make up successful trading.

  • The Three Things 2011 Teaches You About Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2011 started with a bang and ended up a bust, but for the professional speculator, it left three key lessons on how to approach 2012.

  • Three Alternative Elliott Wave Counts For The S&P 500 Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyzing a chart using Elliott waves is not always easy.

  • Three Basic Chart Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As you develop your chart-reading skills, here are a few basic patterns to master.

  • Three Black Crows - Not A Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ameristar Casinos are having a run of bad luck and candlestick readers had ample warning before the crows flew south.

  • Three Black Crows Making More Frequent Appearances

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When charts start reminding you of a Hitchcock classic then it's time to be concerned with too many crows appearing on your monitor.

  • Three Canadian Dividend Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you looking for a good company that pays a pleasant dividend? Here are some.

Three Common Tools, One Protocol by Charles K. Langford

  • Three Critical Success Factors For Trend Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trend trading can result in large profits, but most traders still get it wrong and lose money. These three tips can help you stay on the winning side of this method.

  • Three Down, Three To Go

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I have defined six statistical signals that when completed provide an overall signal of a reversal in trend. Recent price action of the Dow Jones Industrial Average has now completed three of these statistical signals with three signals left to confirm a

  • Three Down, Three To Go

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I have defined six statistical signals that when completed provide an overall signal of a reversal in trend. Recent price action of the Dow Jones Industrial Average has now completed three of these statistical signals with three signals left to confirm a

  • Three Fundamental Market Monsters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whatever US lawmakers decide to do to prop up the markets, there will be consequences.

  • Three Fundamental Metrics That Matter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A trader's job is to find the best indicators for entering and exiting trades. Here are three fundamental metrics that you can't afford to ignore.

  • Three Important Keys To Understanding Price Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fundamentalists and technicians have long been at war over approaches to profiting from the market, but price patterns have been three keys to sizing up stocks for strong profit potential.

  • Three Indices And Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DJIA is making yearly lows, and because of it, there is a marked divergence with other indices.

  • Three Key Concepts For Profitable Summertime Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Summertime trading presents several challenges, but if you keep in mind three key concepts, then this seasonal pattern can present you with more opportunities.

  • Three Keys To First Stage Base Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Runaway stocks always start from breaking out from a base pattern. There are three keys to help you spot them over and over again.

  • Three Laws Of Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock market is doing so well that it appears too good to be true to some traders, but if you know these three laws of trading, you can come out a big winner in 2013.

  • Three Lessons For Trading In The New Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It has been 14 years since we've had a full-fledged bull market and to maximize your opportunity there are three lessons to keep in mind.

  • Three Little-Known Factors For Stock Selection

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is an art to stock selection, and these three criteria can make the difference between selecting an average stock versus one with runaway potential.

  • Three Market Timing Strategies by Daniel J. Traub

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three Market Timing Strategies by Daniel J. Traub Does market timing work? It depends on how you measure the results, according to this market timer. Here are three simple market timing strategies to help you understand the basics of market timing. Mar

  • Three Months And Three Gaps For Nucor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two gaps validate resistance for Nucor and a big double top is evolving over the last few months.

  • Three Months And Three Gaps For Nucor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two gaps validate resistance for Nucor and a big double top is evolving over the last few months.

  • Three Myths About Trading A Small Commodity Account by K.D. Angle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three Myths About Trading A Small Commodity Account by K.D. Angle The New Timing Device editor Kelly Angle disputes some common notions about trading commodities if you have a small commodity account. What are they? In talking with thousands of clients

  • Three Paths to Profits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...US stock indices are poised for a December decline - Elliott wave theory shows the paths to the next buying opportunity.

  • Three Peaks And A Domed House

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Predicting and timing the tops of bull markets -- both cyclical and secular -- can be accomplished using this well-known pattern developed by George Lindsay.

  • Three Red Flags For The Nasdaq Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three strikes and you're out. Could this be the fate for the Nasdaq?

  • Three Rules To Risk Management

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's not just about how much you make or lose on each trade; it's how you manage those profits and losses that make all the difference in your success as a trader. Here's a look at three rules that may give you a different perspective.

  • Three Rules, One Easy Way To Trade ETFs by Larry Conners and David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three Rules, One Easy Way To Trade ETFs by Larry Conners and David Penn Here's a short-term trading strategy to trade exchange traded funds. A famous trader once remarked that he could publish the secrets to his winning trading strategy in the newspape

  • Three Signals Are Better Than One

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Correlating signals in multiple time frames increases the odds of a successful trade. Selecting a quality setup, like a reversal chart pattern in a micro time frame along with it, offers a trader endless opportunities to create wealth and protect capital

  • Three Signals For Selling A Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Selling begets more selling in today's financial markets, and it is vital for you to know when to sell a position before the market moves against you. If you know these three signals for selling a stock, you can avoid getting caught flat-footed by a

  • Three Strikes For The NASDAQ?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock or index is overextended, it can suddenly correct at the first candlestick warning or defy gravity a while longer.

  • Three Tips For Removing The Noise From Price Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Take your chart-reading skills to the next level with these three tips

  • Three Tips For Trading Consolidation Points

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Points of price consolidation offer you a chance for a great entry into a fast-moving stock, and these three tips will help you time your entries with greater precision and possibly higher profits.

  • Three Tips For Trend Identification

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trend trading is the most reliable way to make money, and using these three tips can help you spot them.

  • Three Tips When The Market Is Doing Nothing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the market is in limbo, when you don't know what to do till the trend emerges, do these three things to succeed.

  • Three Traders by Don Bright

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three Traders by Don Bright What makes them successful? What makes them fail? Here's how these three made it through the good times and the bad. When things are good, we often forget what the bad times were like until they hit again. When the bad times

Three Trend Trading Techniques by Rob Booker

  • Three Trending Stocks To Watch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...To score the highest gains, you have to look for strength in the stock market. Here's a look at three stocks that are currently helping lead the market higher.

  • Three Warning Signs Of Buying IPOs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Facebook is the most anticipated initial public offering in recent years, yet IPOs are often losing trades unless you know the three warning signs to protect you from these trades.

  • Three White Soldier Candlesticks For S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the years, candlestick patterns have proven to be a reliable source of information, giving advanced warning when reversals were about to transpire. Candlesticks have many strong patterns, but it was the three white soldiers pattern that battled agai

  • Three White Soldiers for Novellus

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A candlestick reversal off a key retracement spells higher prices for Novellus Systems (NVLS).

  • Top Three Indicators For Your 2016 Trades (And Beyond)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You'll have more confidence in the trades you place if you use the right combination of confirming indicators. Need a good set to get started with? Here are three you can use to help get your trading geared up for the new year

  • Underdog Of The Three Amigos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As other market leaders have recovered, Apple is struggling.

  • Unisys And The Three White Soldiers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After basing and underperforming over the last three months, Unisys (UIS) is starting to show signs of life.

  • V.14:7 (294-297) Three Turns On The Pivot Point by William Greenspan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V.14:7 (294-297) Three Turns On The Pivot Point by William Greenspan This floor trader updates his previous article on the pivot point technique with additional insight on how he uses the method for day trading S&P futures. Several years ago, I wrote a

  • Winning in the Futures Market (Three ways to beat the system) by Allen D. Hanson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Winning in the Futures Market (Three ways to beat the system) by Allen D. Hanson There are very few successful futures traders. Most winners tend to give back their earnings and many of the people that try the commodity futures markets never really get

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