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  • Down Five Weeks In A Row -- What's Next?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stock market indexes have fallen five weeks in a row. Backtesting can show if that is bullish or bearish.

  • Forex EUR/USD: What's Next For The Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Katrina's potential impact on the economy could affect investors' attitude.

  • Long Term Returns: What's Realistic And What's Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is a 10% annual return possible year after year? Maybe not every year. Definitely not every fund. But you'll be surprised at what you can get.

  • Long Term Returns: What's Realistic And What's Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is a 10% annual return possible year after year? Maybe not every year. Definitely not every fund. But you'll be surprised at what you can get.

  • Merck and Company (MRK). . . What's Happened?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term trend for Merck and Company has been in jeopardy since it broke through its support line in December of 2001. What is the new outlook for this company?

  • Merck and Company (MRK). . . What's Happened?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The long-term trend for Merck and Company has been in jeopardy since it broke through its support line in December of 2001. What is the new outlook for this company?

  • Silver's Going Up But What's The Best Way To Play It?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Following its $48 high in April 2011, silver got hammered, dropping to a low of $18.51 in June 2013. Now that it's rising again, where is the best place to be?

  • So What's A Bear Market Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In Elliott wave theory, a bear market is usually described as an A-B-C correction.

  • Trading Vs. Forecasting: What's The Difference?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading is about recognizing present opportunities where the risk-to-reward is favorable. Forecasting, on the other hand, is outcome dependent. Find out how you can use both and take advantage of those opportunities

  • Volatility: What's The Best Measure?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volatility has often been measured by standard deviation but there are other ways to look at volatility. Here we look at how true range can be used as a reliable volatility measure

  • What's (Not) Up With Biotechs?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In Q1-2104, biotech companies are up nearly 15% YTD. But they were up nearly 35%. What happened?

  • What's Controlling The Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Fibonacci levels are in line, what's it telling you? Let's take a look at the Dow's history and see if its movements are truly random

  • What's Cooking At Citigroup?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Vikram Pandit resigned abruptly last month as CEO of Citigroup. The bank paid him a bonus of $6.7 million for work he did for the bank this year.

  • What's Cooking In The Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using simple indicators in combination, such as Bollinger bands and Keltner channels, can show you what's cooking in today's market.

  • What's Happened To Coke?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Large and powerful formations are not always invulnerable to outside forces, and Coca-Cola is a case in point.

  • What's In A Trend?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trendlines, moving averages, and directional movement: three ways of knowing which way is up--or down.

  • What's In Store For DNA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Genentech Incorporated (DNA) has been a good long trade since early 2003, going from the $16.00 area in March to a $68.00 high in March of 2004. Currently, it is in a good short position.

  • What's Next For Crude?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Crude scaled back substantially from its $49 high, but has sinced regained some ground, as it has consolidated and inched back up to the $45 level. What's in store for the next couple of weeks?

  • What's Next For Immune Response?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Keep your eye on some key price levels to determine which way the stock will move.

  • What's Next For Natural Gas?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, natural gas prices broke to the upside from a falling wedge formation but is there more steam left in the rally?

  • What's Next For Netflix?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my article a href="""Is It Time To Sell Netflix?"/a I made the case for selling Netflix. The trade didn't work out as the stock defied a sky-high valuation, fallin

  • What's Next For The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund has ignored typical bearish patterns on the chart by continuing to move higher. However, there are some key price levels to watch in determining which direction the fund will move next.

  • What's Next For The Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thanks to falling yields and de-escalation in US-China trade dispute, the S&P 500 has hit fresh uncharted territories. But with corporate earnings outlook deteriorating, a correction could be on the way soon. For now, dip buyers are in control.

  • What's Next For The World's Energy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With oil prices this high scaring us away from the gas pumps, what's next on the cards?

  • What's Next, More Rally Or A Major Stall?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even the strongest bull market rallies need time to pause and regroup before continuing higher. Is the current action in the broad markets a consolidation or a major top?

  • What's The Best Way To Play The Gold Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting bottom in late June, gold and precious metal prices have posted impressive gains. But the best way to play this rally may be to not buy the metals themselves.

  • What's The Best-Fit?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The linear regression trendline and linear regression channel can help identify market trends as well as areas of support and resistance.

  • What's The Fib Pinball?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you pull the lever in pinball, the ball caroms between the game's bumpers, like stock market prices zigzagging within price channels and meeting resistance at Fibonacci levels. Here's a look at how market sentiment, Elliott wave analysis, and Fibona

  • What's The Next Target For Dow?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The immediate target for a particular stock or index can be measured by using simple technical tools or trendlines. A long-term and very short-term target for the DJIA can be identified using these simple techniques.

  • What's The Problem With Cannabis Stocks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the last year cannabis stocks can't seem to do anything right. They have mostly been on a decline with some stocks losing 50% and more of their valuations from their 2018 peaks. This article will take a look at one such stock, Canopy Growth Corp

  • What's Up With Amazon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AMZN stock has been on fire since bottoming in November 2008. But the same can't be said for revenues and earnings. So why has the stock soared?

  • What's Up With Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Barclays Bank cut their target for Apple shares from $121 to $115 last week.

  • What's Up With Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AAPL stock looked like it was ready to bottom in early March 2013, but then the picture changed. So what's next for this troubled tech?

  • What's Up With Canadian Natural Resources?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...January wasn't a great month for US stocks but this resource company has strongly outperformed since the beginning of 2014. In this article we examine what's behind this strength.

  • What's Up With Cisco Systems?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A triangle formation bodes well for higher prices in the near-term for Cisco.

  • What's Up With EVC?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It isn't often that a $6 stock exhibits a combination of a bullish chart pattern and strong fundamentals. Here's one that has both.

  • What's Up With Lucent?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lucent Technologies (LU) bottomed on October 11, 2002 at 0.55 cents. Since that time it bounced up as high as $2.75 on May 29, 2003. Of course, all equities have come way off of the bottom, but some, like Lucent, have taken their time to form consolida

  • What's Up With The Intermarket Disconnect?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks continued to ignore the usual September perils to mid-month. But here is another indication that not all is going swimmingly in global markets.

  • What's Wrong With Microsoft?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Microsoft reports good numbers. The share price rises, but then drops. Why?

  • What's Your 'Worst Case' Scenario?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a strategy to make money from a 'blue chip' stock while the Dow is in a trading range.

  • What's Your Bias?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bias is a common hurdle facing all beginning traders. How will you conquer it?

  • What's in Your Portfolio? A Short Capital One Strangle, Of Course

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Raff MarketSpace Stock System has issued a bevy of new short signals in numerous S&P 500 stocks. Here's a glance at an interesting short setup in Capital One Financial shares, one that can be played a couple of different ways.

  • What's The Difference by John F. Ehlers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:3 (28-29): What's The Difference by John F. Ehlers What's the difference between the median and the average? It's what drives this new adaptive smoothing filter. Remember back in school when your teacher asked you what the di

  • What's Your Trading Price? by Alexander Sabodin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's Your Trading Price? by Alexander Sabodin The most important element of a trading system is managing risk. Here's how you can understand the risks of the forex market and other financial markets. Novice traders tend to think of trading as a uniqu

  • What's Your Trading Style? by Martha Stokes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's Your Trading Style? by Martha Stokes Find out which trading style will work for you. There is considerable confusion among traders as to the difference between a strategy, a trading style, and a trading system. A trading style is not a strategy

Working Money: What's In A Trend? by David Penn

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