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  • A Potential Bottom Reversal For Anadarko Petroleum?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Anadarko Petroleum has seen a sharp sell-off in its stock price the last several weeks but there are signs of a potential bottom being put in.

  • A Potential Cup With Handle Pattern For Brigham Exploration?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Brigham Exploration looks to be forming a cup with handle pattern but there are factors to consider when trying to confirm this.

  • A Potential Double Bottom In Bananas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chiquita Brands surged off support over the last few weeks, and a double bottom could be taking shape.

  • A Potential Downside Target For The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 Index looks to be headed lower in the near-term but when will the bleeding stop?

  • AAPL: Spotting Potential Reversal Zones In Advance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learning to spot high-probability support/resistance zones in advance can help intraday traders gain a valuable edge in the markets.

  • AIG Forms Potential Head And Shoulders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite weakness in the finance sector over the last few months, AIG has held up relatively well. That may be about to change as a potential bearish reversal pattern evolves.

  • AVTR: A REIT With Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets, REITs are worth looking for a splash or two.

  • Abbott Labs : Potential Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Abbott Laboratories, Inc. have met up with strong resistance after a two-week rally.

  • Amgen Enters Potential Reversal Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A price channel, retracement and Elliott count all point to a potential reversal zone for Amgen (AMGN).

  • Analyst Errors And Potential Profits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As long as there have been stock markets, there have been market analysts. And predicting the markets seems to be profitable only for the predictors, assuming they are paid for their advice rather than profiting from their forecasts.

Analyst Errors and Potential Profits

  • Baxter Int'l Approaches A Potential Price Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Baxter International are in the midst of a bullish continuation move at the moment, but this surge higher may be approaching a potential price target.

  • Bottom-Fishing For Potential Winners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market is oversold and could become more oversold, but dividends can provide income in case the decline continues.

  • Dow Forms Potential ABC Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technically, the medium-term trend is down for the Dow, but a potential ABC pattern could make this a big correction within a larger uptrend.

  • Downside Potential In The AMEX Oil Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Oil Index (XOI) looks to have additional downside potential in the near-term but I would consider a further pullback an excellent buying opportunity.

  • General Electric Showing Downside Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...General Electric (GE) may be facing a downleg from here for several technical reasons.

  • Global Crossing: Support And Potential Demand Add Up To Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading near support and just below the squeeze trigger price, Global Crossing may be ready to move significantly higher.

  • Hammering Out A Potential Double Bottom With Wal-Mart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wal-Mart completed a powerful candlestick reversal pattern, the hammer, on September 23, 2004, which was reinforced by the fact that it marked a rejection of yearly lows at 51.08 from August 9.

  • IBM - Potential Head & Shoulders Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM has remained in a steady downtrend since February this year after topping out around the century mark. Is a new uptrend about to commence?

  • Index Divergences Pointing To Potential Market Drop

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Broad market indexes are weaker than the headline indexes, a condition that has preceded market declines in the past.

  • Japanese Stocks: Potential Calamity Or Business As Usual? by Eric L. Sharp

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Japanese Stocks: Potential Calamity Or Business As Usual? by Eric L. Sharp Market calamities can be interesting, profitable and even fun to watch. We've had a few of our own in the U.S., with the savings and loan debacle and the junk bond market hijinks

  • Kenneth Cole Has Potential Bullish Head & Shoulders Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Head and shoulders reversal patterns are the Labrador retrievers of chart formations--reliable and popular. Kenneth Cole Productions is setting up for a bottom head and shoulders reversal pattern.

  • Limited Risk - High Leverage Potential by Richard J. Maturi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Limited Risk - High Leverage Potential by Richard J. Maturi Interested in an investment opportunity with known limited risk and high leverage profit potential? Then silver options may be right for you. Many investors shy away from gold and silver invest

  • MXI Forms Potential Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a piercing line pattern formed, MXI suggests a new bullish rally.

  • NASDAQ 100 Outperforming Russell 2000, Has Breakout Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ 100 index has been outperforming the Russell 2000 for more than six months now, and the technicals appear to support this trend continuing.

  • Nasdaq's Limited Upside Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq may rise above 2000 this week but a confluence of resistance lurks nearby.

  • Overlooked Stocks with Home Run Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One stock in an overlooked part of the market has great potential for high returns if you know how to trade it.

  • Philip Morris Has Safety and Growth Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where can I safely put my money to work and receive a reasonable rate of return? The answer is in Philip Morris (MO). Naturally, there are some negatives attached to this equity, but it's a very strong chart. If you are able to focus on the medium

  • Potential Head And Shoulders Top For Devon Energy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Devon Energy looks to be completing the right side of a head and shoulders pattern, which could indicate a recent top in the stock price.

  • Potential Short Squeeze In Jefferies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This investment bank may see at least a short-term rise if short-sellers are forced to buy in at current levels.

  • Potential Winners For 2012

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Based on characteristics of past stock market winners, we can find stocks that appear to be set up for gains in the year ahead.

  • Price Trends and Solar Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A hungry world craves solar power for energy and one company is helping meet that demand and trending higher as a result.

  • Russell 2000 Potential Support Soon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What a month! The big bad bull is on the run, but several key Fibonacci support levels may help stop the current slide.

  • SPX Slowing Momentum And Potential Trend Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All trends eventually slow down, then consolidate and/or reverse direction; right now, the Standard & Poor's 500 appears to be on the verge of such a trend reversal.

  • Sonar Trio Signals Potential Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As stocks gain momentum, traders are wondering whether the bottom is in. Here is a set of indicators to help you decide.

  • TWTR : Potential For Bullish Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Twitter shares may be prepping for further gains, now that a solid basing pattern is in place.

  • The Nikkei's Potential Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Japanese financial markets are a technician's ideal stage. The Nikkei is no exception and is currently manifesting a symmetrical triangle formation.

  • The Recent Potential 2B Top And What It Means For Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Trader Vic" Sperandeo wrote about a pattern that he said had been a big money maker for him over the years. It recently appeared on a number of indexes. What does it mean?

  • TradeStation, A Potential Long Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This well-known trading platform and brokerage firm is trading at a price equal to less than the cash on its books, and is a technical buy.

  • Two Pathways To Potential Profits For PWE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canadian energy trusts took a tumble in the wake of the Canadian government's Halloween Surprise announcement in October 2006 regarding the tax treatment of these high-yielding securities. Here's a look at one energy trust that is currently set

  • Vaxgen Inc. Has Breakout Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Vaxgen (VXGN) is looking bullish -- provided a breakout on good volume ensues.

  • WTI Weekly: Mind The Gap - How Market Structure And Order Flow Can Confirm Directional Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-side price discovery and development of support for Wednesday, June 12, 2019's auction. Market structure and order flo

  • Weak Money Flow In SIVB Creates Potential Short Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the regional banks industry group continues to weaken, at least one of its component stocks is on the verge of offering an attractive short sale setup.

  • Wyckoff Part 3: Recognizing Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Horizontal formations in point & figure charts can help to signify when a security is likely to make a move. The longer the stock moves in a sideways fashion, the greater the potential for a move. This concept was an important building block for Ri

  • Your Crash Potential by Wolf von Ronik

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Your Crash Potential by Wolf von Ronik One of the fundamental realities of successful trading is the fact that the longer you can stay alive financially in the market, the greater your chance of monetary gain. The key to improving your chance of doing

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