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  • A Flexible Strategy For Volatile Markets by John Manley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Flexible Strategy For Volatile Markets by John Manley Profit from option spreads on the S&P 500 by applying the same tactic as you would playing chess. Here's how. Good chess players are always focusing on a couple of moves in advance of the current

  • A Tale of Two Stock Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How to trade a stock market moving in two directions at the same time.

  • Advanced Beginners And The Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Beginning traders and advanced beginning traders focus on the basics of trading to profit, while everyone else tends to chase the latest gimmick.

  • Affine Geometry Of The Markets by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Affine Geometry Of The Markets by Viktor Likhovidov Think the market doesn't have a memory? Think again. bout five years ago, I came across an interesting article concerning the channeling behavior of market charts. I don't remember much about the arti

  • Air Canada Taking Off Despite Market's Storm Front

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chart and recent news suggest a turnaround in the making for Canada's dominant airline.

  • Aligning Trading Systems And Markets - Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Indicators used in trending markets will be different from those used in trendless markets.

An Anchored VWAP Channel For Congested Markets

  • Applying Technical Analysis In Nonliquid Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can technical analysis be used in low volume markets? Of course it can.

  • Are The Markets Random?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's the question of the ages. Are stock and commodity price movements random?

  • As Markets Spike, So Does Volatility

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks and oil markets saw large price moves in the week of February 25, 2011, and volatility indexes tracking these markets also experienced large swings.

  • Basic Materials, Agriculture ETFs Outperform Broad Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Based on a 12-month weighted ranking system, many of the top performing exchange traded funds hail from the metals, emerging market, and agricultural industry groups.

  • Beat The Markets With McNeel And Lynch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two viewpoints, both resulting in spectacular gains.

  • Beating The Currency Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It may seem impossible, but it can be done. Find out how.

  • Bond Markets & FX Effects

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The actions of the central banks have significant effects on the financial markets. In this article, we look at the bond markets to see how they can impact the forex markets

  • Broad Markets Finally Break Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The noticeable trading range market behavior of the past few months appears to have given way to another leg down in the broad US markets.

  • Broad Markets Preparing For Another Push Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad markets have been unpredictable of late, but the weekly charts seem to imply that the bias is toward further gains.

  • Broad Markets Still Looking Healthy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been nearly four weeks since the broader market indexes reversed higher near their anticipated weekly cycle lows, but do these markets have enough staying power to keep the bull trend intact through the end of the summer?

  • Broad US Markets Break Higher From Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a month of sideways price action, the broad US stock indexes have finally tipped their hand, breaking higher on big volume and wide ranges.

  • Broad US Markets On Track For Further Gains

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Today's action in the broad US market indexes should leave little doubt that they've all embarked on a meaningful bear market rally.

  • CRASH As In The Movie, Not The Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The chart hinted at the surprise win on the last trading day before the Academy Awards.

  • Channels In The Forex Markets by Gareth Burgess

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The foreign exchange markets are an arena of competing forces constantly in conflict with each other. The markets are torn apart by worry, uncertainty, doubt, fear and greed, not to mention profit. As a consequence, many traders get shaken out

  • Charting The Markets by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Charting The Markets by David Penn MOMENTUM Momentum? The Big Mo? Is there anything in the physical world more exciting than momentum? If you're going slowly and you gain momentum, you're going faster. If you're already going fast and you gain momentum

  • Confirming Bear Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a down market, the only question as important as "How low will we go?" is "Will we know when we're there?"

  • DCXM Resisting the Market's Gravity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market seems ready to implode but one stock is resisting it's gravitational pull to the downside

  • Disk Drive Index Moves Against Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Disk Drive Index moves completely against the direction of the financial market. The index is forming descending triangles on its long-term chart.

  • Does History Repeat Itself In The Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seasonality or repeating patterns in financial data can come in many shapes and sizes and can put the probabilities on your side. Or does general market unpredictability ultimately undermine that edge? Here are some ideas on looking for time-based patter

  • Does News Really Drive The Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At first glance, the news of Dubai's default woes appears to have been the cause of Friday's big intraday plunge in the gold market. Or was this just a simple catalyst, one that triggered a price decline that was already baked into the technica

  • Fibonacci Retracements And Runaway Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Measuring pullbacks with Fibonacci retracements can mean different things as far as the strength of the trend is concerned, plus one added secret if you know what to look for.

  • Flowing With The Markets by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Flowing With The Markets by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D. Imagine yourself flowing down a river, only you don't know that you are. You do, however, notice that when you move in one direction, with the flow of the river, you move rapidly. When you move in another

  • Forecasting Markets With Elliott And Kondratieff

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wave cycles may send you to the future or back to the drawing board.

  • Fundamental Risk In Emerging Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With technical signs of a top developing, EEM should be added to a list of potential short candidates.

  • Gold Rally Cools Amid Impressive Resilience Of Stock Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold goes in consolidation mode after recent sharp gains as investors await direction from stock markets and central banks, with the coronavirus lockdown measures easing a little in a few places.

  • Harnessing The (Mis)Behavior Of Markets by Rick Martinelli

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:6 (21-30): Harnessing The (Mis)Behavior Of Markets by Rick Martinelli Do market prices vary due to large numbers of random effects such as the whims of individual traders? In 1900, Louis Bachelier was awarded a doctorate from

  • Healthy Markets Led By Growth Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength can help spot sustained bullish and bearish moves in stocks.

  • Historical Perspective On Bull Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A major bull run may form in the next six to 18 months, and you need three things to succeed.

  • Identifying Short-Term Bottoms In Bull Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a market drops sharply, do you find yourself unable to make trading decisions for fear of losing money? You're not alone. In such situations, you need to be able to come up with a method that helps you make trading decisions more confidently. Here,

  • Inherent Return In Futures Markets by Charles R. Lightner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Inherent Return In Futures Markets There has been a long-running controversy about the source of returns to futures market investors. With that in mind, consider new data in support of the theory that there is an inherent return to the noncommercial inv

  • Intermarket Wrap - What Are Other Markets And Asset Classes Telling Us?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks (and bonds) have been the biggest beneficiaries of Quantitative Easing efforts but lately, stocks have been struggling. So what's next?

  • Interview: Larry Connors On How Markets Really Work by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 22:12 (74-79): Interview: Larry Connors On How Markets Really Work by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Laurence Connors is chairman and chief executive officer of, a financial markets information company he founded in 1

  • Interview: Looking At Markets With Fawad Razaqzada

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fawad Razaqzada is a market analyst and economist who has worked for several leading brokerages as a market analyst in London, specializing in forex, commodities, stock indexes, and cryptocurrencies. He uses his knowledge of economics together with funda

  • Interview: Master The Markets With Gatis And Grayson Roze

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you live and breathe the markets, it's not unusual to be a big influence on your family. Because of his deep interest in the financial markets, Gatis Roze had an impact on spreading that passion to his son Grayson. The two have a special bond becaus

  • Interview: Tom Rietz Of Iowa Electronic Markets by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trade The Future(s) Tom Rietz Of Iowa Electronic Markets Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) are real-money futures markets in which students and professionals trade contracts of everything from US politics to Federal Reserve monetary policy to computer retur

  • Is Sotheby's BID-ding The Markets Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market pundit and author Vikram Mansharamani first introduced auction house Sotheby's as an advance market indicator. Here's what that indicator is saying now.

  • Left brain/right brain, reality and trading the markets by R.E. McMaster, Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Left brain/right brain, reality and trading the markets by R.E. McMaster, Jr. The starting point for success in trading the markets profitably is to perceive market reality accurately. While this may sound obvious enough, most traders enter the marketpl

  • Looking At Other Markets by Gail Mercer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking At Other Markets by Gail Mercer Most new traders gravitate to the S&P mini because of its average price range. But here's a look at daily price movement in the currency futures vs. that of the S&P 500. Which one has larger price movements? any

  • Market Types, Sideways Markets, And Trading With Bollinger Bands

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can increase your odds of adapting your strategy to the market type in effect.

Markets Don't Trend, They Burst by K.D. Angle

  • Markets Looking Overbought

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Across the board, indexes have moved up handily since March 10, much of it fueled by war relief. Where they go from here will be a good indicator of underlying market strength.

  • Markets Try to Hammer Out a Short-Term Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite the uncertainty over geopolitical concerns, these charts suggest a bounce attempt is likely.

Measuring The Markets With Pivots by Austin Passamonte

  • Modeling the Markets with Nelson Freeburg by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INTERVIEW - Modeling the Markets with Nelson Freeburg by Thom Hartle I never could claim that I was a very good technical trader using conventional chart patterns. This absence of positive results in my own trading, combined with my academic background

  • Modeling the markets with Bezier curves by Mark Angel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Modeling the markets with Bezier curves by Mark Angel The Bezier curve, also known as a B-curve, is a mathematical construct for tracing a smooth path between a series of key support and resistance points. B-curves, which were created as an industrial e

  • Navigating The Markets With Josh DiPietro

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Josh DiPietro knows about the challenges traders will face on the road to trading successfully. He wrote about it in his 2009 book "The Truth About Day Trading Stocks: A Cautionary Tale About Hard Challenges," based on first-hand experiences. Here, he sh

  • Nikkei And NASDAQ: Two Bear Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock market in Japan peaked in 1989 and is still down 80%. Could that happen to the NASDAQ?

  • Oversold Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Oversold" does not mean "Buy now."

  • Oversold Markets Can Stay Oversold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With momentum indicators oversold, isn't the market due for a bounce?

  • Peak performance in volatile markets Part 2 by Susan Arenson and Neal Weintraub

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Peak performance in volatile markets Part 2 by Susan Arenson and Neal Weintraub In any area of pursuit, setting goals can give you a greater sense of direction, help you feel more productive, better mobilize your efforts and direct your attention to the

  • Peak performance in volatile markets, Part 1 by Neal Weintraub and Susan Arenson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Peak performance in volatile markets Part 1 by Neal Weintraub and Susan Arenson Man alone, of all the creatures of the earth, can change his own pattern. Man alone is the architect of his own destiny. The greatest discovery in our generation is that hum

  • Phases In Bull Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bull markets ebb and flow like the ocean tide, but there is a big difference in how a bull run begins versus the one that is in force now.

  • Play The Markets And Keep Your Day Job

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Not ready to be a full-time trader? Here's a high-probability, part-time trading strategy that will help you master the markets before you commit to it full time.

  • Position Sizing In The Spot Forex Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wouldn't you like to know exactly how much you are risking before you enter a trade? Find out how to do just that before placing your next trade.

Product Review: GlobalView in the Energy Markets

  • Profiting From Inverse ETFs In Bear Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the market heads down, there are still ways to profit that don't require taking an outright short position. Here's a look at some of the inverse ETFs available, how they have performed, and what risks are involved

  • Profiting From Volatile Markets With OOPS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This famous Larry Williams trade setup can be especially profitable when markets are making wide intraday swings.

  • Protecting Yourself in Tough Markets by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Protecting Yourself in Tough Markets by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D. Things may be going great for you now, but what happens when the tide turns and you face hard times in the market? Here's how to protect yourself. Recently, I encountered a man who was close

  • Quantifying Your Markets by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Quantifying Your Markets by Thom Hartle After you've gained some experience with trading, you'll begin to notice that the market you trade has some typical characteristics. Have you ever considered quantifying them? Here are some ideas on the subject.

Quick Scan: Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

Quick-Scans: Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow by Bruce Faber

  • Quiet Markets And Gathering Storms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Housing has been quietly building strength, and one company is registering on the market's radar as a potential leader to rise out of the housing market's ashes.

  • Ranking The Currency Markets by Tim Hayes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ranking The Currency Markets by Tim Hayes The very idea of trading the currency markets can make the most seasoned traders shudder a little, but in truth, doing so could be lucrative when combined with a solid technical system. You can rank currencies b

  • Resistance Levels In Trending Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fibonacci lines are normally used to project support and resistance zones for retracement moves, but as we can see on the DJIA, they may also prove useful for identifying resistance levels for trending markets.

  • Rhyming Markets Tell A Troubling Tale

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every once in a while you see a chart that really jumps out at you.

  • Seasonal Patterns In The Markets by Robert Steelman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:2 (72-77): Seasonal Patterns In The Markets by Robert Steelman We are creatures of habit, and that affects how we approach the markets. There are many popular beliefs about how to make money in the financial markets, some pop

  • Seasonality Is Strong In Some Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seasonal tendencies can help deliver profits in some markets, help preserve profits in others, and even illustrate the "Sell in May" rule for stocks.

  • Social Mood And The Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."When the mode of the music changes," wrote Plato, "the walls of the city shake."

  • Spectral Forecasting And The Financial Markets by Denis Ridley, Ph.D..

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spectral Forecasting And The Financial Markets by Denis Ridley, PhD. Ever considered spectral wave analysis to determine cycles in the stock market? Denis Ridley tells you how. As a rule, the financial markets are not easy to forecast. While forecast

  • Spotting Imbalances In Novel Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading opportunities are created when bitcoin and altcoins are traded against the US dollar. And when some of the more popular altcoins are traded against bitcoin, unusual yet predictable trading opportunities may arise. Here's a strategy for one such p

  • Statistics Of Chaotic Markets by Hans Hannula, Ph.D., C.T.A.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For those of us who have had ""chaotic"" days - when everything was topsy-turvy and nothing went the way it should have - maybe the problem isn't in those days; maybe it's in what we expect. - by Hans Hannula, Ph.D., C.T.A. Have you ever had a truly cha

  • Staying with the markets by Eric L. Sharp

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Staying with the markets by Eric L. Sharp Experience is a great teacher, but she charges such horrendous fees. Traders in both the cash and futures markets know that better than anyone. Anything that increases your insight into directions and targets fo

  • Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets by John Sweeney Author: John J. Murphy Publisher: New York Institute of Finance 70 Pine Street New York, NY 10270 (212) 344-2900 Price: $45 plus $2 shipping (U.S. only) Mr. Technician, John Murphy, has writt

  • The Adam theory of markets by Lesley B. Orr

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Adam theory of markets by Lesley B. Orr Author: J. Welles Wilder Jr. Publisher: Cavida Ltd., N.C. The Adam Theory of Markets by J. Welles Wilder Jr. is a book about ""making profits trading...any freely traded markets anywhere in the world."" It s

  • The Copper Road To China And Impact On Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Copper, a powerful indicator of global manufacturing demand, has been falling and not by just a little. Why and what does it mean for markets?

  • The Fed And The Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...During the recent past, the best-performing sectors have been those who benefit from a stable-to-lower interest rates environment, anticipating a change of monetary policy.

  • The Future Of The Financial Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders and market technicians tend to assume that the financial markets will always be available to them. After all, trading markets have existed during much of history, and today's traders have experienced open-access free trading markets of many kinds

  • The Impact of Currency Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Performance of the currency markets can affect stock prices.

  • The Market's Second Chance by Donald Jones

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 22:11 (28-34): The Market's Second Chance by Donald Jones In my STOCKS & COMMODITIES articles on auction market analysis (see suggested reading), I gave examples of making trades with value-based information. Implicitly, these we

  • The Nikkei Outperforms World Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nikkei broke out of the 11,000 level the last week of February 2004 and held that level, moving sideways throughout the correction in the global markets. It is now breaking out from a consolidation at the 11,600 level, ahead of all other markets.

  • The Stock Market's On-Base Percentage

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The key statistic that doubles annual returns!

  • The Strength Of My Beliefs About The Markets, IGD Edition

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I believe that the market is in a Wave II correction before the start of a bull run that will last six years, so can we look at investments that carry a higher risk? Look at ING.

  • The Yield Curve and What It Can Tell Us About Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In every major correction, rumors surface that a recession is in the wings. These same rumors have been circulating of late. If we are indeed in a true bear market and headed for recession, the yield curve will provide valuable warning.

  • Trading Forex: Markets & Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this second part of a six-part series, we look at the characteristics and trading mechanics of the important global markets that forex traders need to keep an eye on.

  • Trading Limit Markets by Douglas Arend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Limit Markets by Douglas Arend In an effort to maintain orderly markets in commodity futures, many exchanges impose daily trading limits. If prices rise above or fall below the previous session's close by a certain amount, further movement in th

  • Trading Markets With Stochastics by Louis M. Lupo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Markets With Stochastics by Louis M. Lupo There are many systems for trading these days, some of them good, some not. Here's a reliable pattern for trading markets using stochastic. Of the computerized trading systems and discretionary systems

  • Trading primary markets by Allen D. Hanson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading primary markets by Allen D. Hanson Few traders understand the difference between primary futures markets and those that are often called ""secondary"" markets. Sometimes it is not easy to tell the difference between them. As a new futures contra

  • Trend-Spotting In The Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Identifying the beginning and end of trends is a challenge that many traders face. This technique will help you determine when a trend begins and when it ends. Most stock market data can be thought of as combinations of trends of various lengths and d

  • Triple Approach To Forex Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or sentiment analysis: which do you prefer? Find out how you can determine which type of analysis is best suited for you.

  • Turnover & Urgency In The Futures Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you are long or short the market, you'll want to gather clues to help time your exit and maximize your profits. Here, we introduce a new, dimensionless variable called "urgency" that helps quantify how pressing the need is for current shorts or longs

  • Using The CBOE Volatility Index In Bull And Bear Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Techniques to discover trend changes.

  • Volatility Shifts Among Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recently introduced indexes allow traders to easily spot the changes in sentiment visible in volatility.

Weather And The AG Markets by Joseph S. D'Aleo and Todd Crawford

  • What Does The Stock-Commodity Disconnect Mean For Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intermarket analysis tells us that stocks, bonds, and commodities generally move together in trends. Was does it mean when they don't?

  • What Is Intermarket Analysis Saying About Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As many traders and investors were forced to relearn in the last financial crisis, no asset class is an island onto itself. Where one goes, the others are sure to take notice. Intermarket analysis says that stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies all

  • What's Next For The Markets?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thanks to falling yields and de-escalation in US-China trade dispute, the S&P 500 has hit fresh uncharted territories. But with corporate earnings outlook deteriorating, a correction could be on the way soon. For now, dip buyers are in control.

  • Where Are The Markets Headed From Here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Divergence analysis using momentum indicators can assist traders in spotting potential trend changes weeks before they occur. Here, we examine what the Chaikin money flow indicator may be trying to tell us.

  • Where Will The Markets Open? by Ihor Vysotskyy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where Will The Markets Open? by Ihor Vysotskyy Here's how you can use fair value to determine where the market will open. Turn on CNBC before the market opens and you will see the S&P futures quotes. How important are they? If you are an experienced tr

  • Will EM Catch Up With US Markets Amid Trade Optimism?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ongoing US-China trade optimism has not given emerging markets the lift that Wall Street has enjoyed. But could that be about to change?

  • Wizards: minds over markets by Van K. Tharp

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wizards: minds over markets by Van K. Tharp Jack Schwager, commodity trader and confessed system skeptic, has been a familiar name in commodity trading for a number of years. His 1984 book, A Complete Guide to the Futures Market, laid out most tested te

Working Money: Applying Technical Analysis In Nonliquid Markets by Alexander Nikolov

  • Working Money: Beat The Markets With McNeel And Lynch by James Maccaro

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: Beat The Markets With McNeel And Lynch by James Maccaro Two viewpoints, both resulting in spectacular gains. W. McNeel was one of the leading writers about the stock market during the boom years of the 1920s. From 1912 to 1922, he was th

  • Working Money: Confirming Bear Markets by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: Confirming Bear Markets by David Penn In a down market,the only question as important as "How low will we go?" is "Will we know when we're there?" While many technical analysts have relegated Dow theory to that same attic in which the ol

Working Money: Social Mood And The Markets by David Penn

  • Your Last Best Hope For Sunnier Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is plenty to be anxious about in today's markets, but while others hope for sunnier days, you can become your last best hope right now by understanding these key principles.

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