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  • .DXY Ready For A Swing Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Contrary to what many hard-money devotees may believe, the US dollar may not be all washed up after all.

  • A Possible Swing Trading Method For Pfizer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Pfizer, Inc., have been surging higher since mid-November 2012. Can the stock break above its previous high of 26.09 sometime between now and late January 2013?

  • An Up Swing In Citrix Systems

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a robust bullish breakout, Citrix Systems (CTXS) headed north and covered a relatively long distance establishing strong support.

  • Applying The IRSTS Swing Trading Rules

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This seven-part series has thus far provided the components of the indicator rules for a swing trading strategy (IRSTS), from color-coding candlesticks to smoothing oscillators to creating an expert system. Now that all of the components have been detail

  • Bearish Failure Swing For The Dow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow suffered its largest two-day decline since 26-Sept and a key momentum oscillator flashed a sell signal. Even though the near-term outlook is cloudy, any decline from current levels would still be deemed a correction within a larger uptrend.

  • Bull Flag Swing Trading Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Missed your entry on a big breakout? A trend continuation could give you a second chance. Here's how to spot a pattern that gives you the opening you need

  • Bullish Divergences, Daily Swing Trading Opportunity For USO

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has crude oil finally bottomed? The technical and fundamental evidence says "Definitely maybe." Bottom or not, here's a low-risk swing trading setup in USO.

  • CM Has Short Swing Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial sector stocks are still weak, and here's a look at one that looks ready to fall further.

  • Charting The Market: Swing Rule by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:4 (10-15): Charting The Market: Swing Rule by David Penn What do the measuring rule for double bottoms, head & shoulders tops and bottoms, cups with handles, double tops, rectangle bottoms and tops, ascending and descending tr

  • Consol Energy Intraday Play Based On A Daily Swing Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the wake of Consol Energy's 84% plunge, the stock of one of the US's largest coal miners is setting up for a low-risk intraday move.

  • Devon Energy Long Swing Setup Possible

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Standard & Poor's 500 typically putting in a strong year-end performance for the majority of the years since 1980, scouting the market horizon for low-risk swing trade setups might be a good investment of time.

  • ETF Arbitrage Swing Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the July 2019 issue in this column, ETF arbitrage for daytrading was presented. This month, the same concept is applied to swing trading. Find out how

  • Eastman Chemical: Swing CD Heads South

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Fibonacci swing ratios can help you better forecast high probability support/resistance points in most liquid stocks and exchange traded funds.

  • Essentials Of Technical Analysis by Larry Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:13 (62-64): Essentials Of Technical Analysis by Larry Swing Technical analysis doesn't have to be complex. Here's a reminder to keep it simple. We have a hard time making fast decisions with complicated information. That is w

  • GS: Failure Swing Hints At Bigger Pullback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting a five year high in early November 2014, shares of Goldman Sachs are reversing lower in the wake of a failure swing.

  • Gamestop: Fibonacci Swing Ratios Reveal Next Support Levels

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gamestop Inc. 'A' shares have been hammered hard for the past nine weeks, but a key leading indicator can help uncover where its next major price support level is.

  • Gann Weekly Swing Chart by Jerry Favors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gann Weekly Swing Chart by Jerry Favors Newsletter publisher Jerry Favors presents another Gann method, this time the weekly swing chart, as a timing tool with which to track individual stocks. One of the methods that W.D. Gann used to determine and t

  • Indicator Rules For Swing Trading Strategies, Part 1

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's volatile markets, making money consistently is a challenge. You need a good strategy with reliable trading rules. This seven-part series will discuss such a strategy and its trading rules. In this, the first part, an overview is presented.

  • Interview: Classic Swing Trading With Linda Bradford Raschke by J. Gopalakrishnan and B. R. Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview: Classic Swing Trading With Linda Bradford Raschke by J. Gopalakrishnan and B. R. Faber Hers is a name that you've probably heard or read any number of times if you've been interested in or involved in technical analysis for very long. Linda B

  • Interview: Deron Wagner and Rick Pedicelli On Swing Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A former hedge fund manager, author of several swing trading books, and frequent guest speaker at various trading and investing conferences, Deron Wagner founded Morpheus Trading Group (MTG), a trading newsletter and education service, in 2002 to share s

  • Interview: Michael "Trader Mike" Seneadza: From Swing Trading to Daytrading by J. Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:7 (62-67): Interview: Michael "Trader Mike" Seneadza: From Swing Trading to Daytrading by J. Gopalakrishnan Atlanta, GA?based independent stock trader Michael Seneadza received a bachelor of science degree in electrical engine

  • Intraday Or Swing Trader?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you be a swing trader and an intraday trader at the same time? Find out how this trader combines these two time frames to create a logical trading plan.

  • Intraday Swing Trading Basics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does "intraday swing trading" sound like a contradiction in terms? Well, it may actually not be because it combines the best of both worlds. Find out how this approach can solve some of the trouble spots of both daytrading and swing trading and ultimatel

  • JNPR: Swing Buy Setup Approaching?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Still outperforming the S&P 500 index over the past three months, shares of Juniper Networks appear to be close to a major support area and possible bullish reversal.

  • June Crude Oil: Low Risk Swing Buy Zone?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With bullish agreement on two key time frames, June 2014 crude oil futures look set to rally in the near term.

  • Mean-Reversion Swing Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This month, we take a look at a technique for entering a long position in a trend continuation following a pullback after a breakout

  • Multiple Time Frame Trading Using Swing Channels by Robert Krausz, MH, BCHE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Multiple Time Frame Using Swing Robert Krausz, who was featured in Jack Schwager's New Market Wizards, follows up his previous article on the new Gann swing chartist with a detailed presentation on using channels for setting up trading opportunities. In

  • Mylan. Inc. Triple-Top RMO Swing Buy Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Triple-top breakout buy patterns can be very powerful, especially when confirmed by other technical tools. Here's a possible triple-top buy setup in shares of Mylan. Inc.

  • Netflix: Minor Pause In Strong Bullish Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Netflix have paused slightly, but the bullish swing that commenced two weeks ago is still looking strong.

  • Praxair New RMO Swing Buy Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Praxair fires off a new long trading signal, perhaps alerting traders of some more room to run on the upside.

  • Price Projection Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Finding technical breakout entries using the patterns we covered in earlier columns can be helpful. It is equally important, if not more so, to know your exits by identifying likely technical targets when you are managing your trades. Using box trading r

  • Product Review: MarketGauge The Complete Swing Trading System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MarketGauge is a robust trading enterprise. In an earlier St o c kS & co m m o d i t iE S review, I examined Market Gauge's Opening Range Success Formula trading system. The Opening Range course focuses on strategies for daytrading, while the

  • RSI: Platinum's Failure Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using the relative strength index to spot potential turns in the market.

  • Risk-Free Trade Now In USD/JPY Swing Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After the first profit target is hit, we now have a risk-free trade.

  • SIDEBAR: Building swing charts by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SIDEBAR: Building swing charts by Technical Analysis, Inc. How to build a swing chart, with example.

  • SMH: Failure Swing Forecasts Pullback

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of the Market Vectors Semiconductor ETF are beginning a turn lower toward the $50.00 area.

  • Scaling In To Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Position sizing is an important concept in trading. Here is a look at using multiple entry points to reduce the risk of any one entry point

  • Scaling Into Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a favorite decision-support strategy for swing trading that uses a unique visual pattern

  • Scanning For Swing Trade Setups

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock is leading the market higher on a given day, scanning for intraday swing trade setups may uncover additional opportunities.

  • Scanning for Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This month, we present a breakout strategy for finding swing trade entries based on characteristics of trend, volume, and 15-day price range. This professional trader explains what to look for

  • Set Up Your Trades With The Swing Indicator by Teresa Lo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V. 22:9 (46-56): Set Up Your Trades With The Swing Indicator by Teresa Lo Knowing when and where classic chart patterns tend to form is as important as identifying the patterns themselves. Here's how one trader uses a combination of indicators and simpl

  • Silver And A Swing Trading View

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even in the hottest commodity markets, swing trading systems can and do go flat -- for a little while, that is.

  • Swing Charts by J.R. Davis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Swing Charts by J.R. Davis A profitable trade has two dimensions: time and space (which, for our purposes, will be known as price change). A trade that occurs in a few seconds is extremely difficult to cash in unless you are directly on the floor. On th

  • Swing Expectations by Arthur A. Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Swing Expectations by Arthur A. Merrill Market moves are plagued by the ""noise"" of short-term vibrations. I've found it useful to clean up the moves by using a simple 5% filter for the market averages and a 10% filter for individual stocks. All swings

  • Swing Low Swiss Franc

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bounce in the September Swiss franc may set up further declines.

  • Swing Prediction (Part 1 of III)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wouldn't it be nice to have an idea when-- that is the date-- the next swing might change direction? Some ideas might prove more profitable than others.

  • Swing Prediction (Part II of III)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a system that incorporates swing strength with time.

  • Swing Prediction (Part III of III)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spreadsheets and formulas.

  • Swing Prediction Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A new tool makes the analysis of future pivot peaks or valleys easier.

  • Swing Time for Currencies and Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold often swings with the US dollar and the Euro, and it looks like this dance may continue.

  • Swing Trading 10-Point Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some numbers have an important psychology attached to them. Find out how you can use this to your advantage in swing trading

  • Swing Trading 100SMA Pivots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn to combine a classic moving average crossover technique with a specific daily candle signal to confirm a pivot entry

  • Swing Trading 50/200 SMA Channels

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Could a moving average channel help you find stocks that are reversing and have some momentum behind them? Try this technique for finding entries and exits while avoiding false breakouts

  • Swing Trading Bull Flags & Pennants

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Finding strong swing trading breakouts is often a matter of looking for exceptionally volatile chart patterns, like the flags and pennants you'll be learning about in this month's column

  • Swing Trading Four-Day Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When trading breakouts, one challenge is to find charts that will continue to move in your favor. Here's one pattern that could help you identify those strong moves

  • Swing Trading MACD Pivots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After sustained selling, you may be interested in purchasing shares of a stock that is starting to pivot back to the upside. Here is a signal you can use to help time that

  • Swing Trading With Engulfing Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Candlesticks can help you pick low-risk trade setups, especially when using other indicators as filters.

  • Swing Trading With Momentum On Your Side

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seeing a simple breakout may convince you to place a trade, but how do you know if a breakout is really a breakout? Here's one way you can jump into a trade and not get caught off-guard.

Swing Trading With Swing Charts by Teresa Lo

Swing Trading With Swing Charts by Teresa Lo

  • Swing Trading With Sylvain Vervoort

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sylvain Vervoort was involved with computers and software since the early days of microcomputing. He has always been fascinated by computer hardware, computer programming, and later on, technical analysis of the stock market. Many of his S&C articles ove

  • Swing Trading With Three Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You have to start somewhere.

  • Swing Trading With Three Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You've heard it time and time again: You need to have a trading plan. But how do you create one? You have to start somewhere, and here's one system that can lift you into the world of system traders.

  • Swing Trading With Trendlines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All trends, whatever they are, last only so long.

  • Synthetic Swing Trading by Carley Garner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:10 (44-50): Synthetic Swing Trading by Carley Garner Trading successfully means being aware of support & resistance levels. Here are some examples to help you understand the world of option trading. Because markets tend to tr

  • TGT New RMO Swing Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shorting the market may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those experienced with that discipline, this short setup in Target shares looks fairly attractive.

  • TGT: Nearing Swing Price Target?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by nearly 25% since July 2013, shares of Target Corp. may be nearing completion of a significant corrective wave pattern.

  • TSLA: Failure Swing Playing Out?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As expected, shares of Tesla Motors Inc. staged a solid rebound rally from the 200-day average, but the run-up now appears to be out of gas.

  • The 10% Swing Filter by Mark Vakkur, M.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 10% Swing Filter by Mark Vakkur, M.D. Price filters identify trends while eliminating noise below a certain percentage change. Here's a trading method using a 10% price filter for the S&P 500 stock index. Although trend-following systems work well

  • The 350 Swing Trade by Barbara Star, PhD.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 350 Swing Trade by Barbara Star, PhD. This indicator can help you identify the beginning and end of a price swing. When markets exhibit greater and greater volatility, traders move away from longer-term trading methods with their potentially dev

  • The Accumulative Swing Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rather than using the closing prices alone to determine market trends, the accumulative swing index incorporates the relationship between the open, close, high, and low of each day's trading to give a more complete picture of market activity.

  • The Accumulative Swing Index by Bruce R. Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Accumulative Swing Index by Bruce R. Faber Here's an indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder that determines the true direction of the market by comparing today's trading range with yesterday's activity. Each day a market has an opening, high, low

  • The Alter Ego Of Swing Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With so much coverage of blue-chip companies coming from popular media channels, tweets, or social chat rooms, traders often overlook small-cap stocks, which provide wider spreads and more liquidity. Find out how to capitalize on them

  • The Engulfing Pattern For Swing Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This swing trading strategy can be applied to currency markets, common stocks, and exchange traded funds that track commodities and track indexes.

  • The Gann Quarterly Swing Chart And Trend Duration by Jerry Favors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gann Quarterly Swing Chart And Trend Duration by Jerry Favors The Gann quarterly swing chart - which is a trend-following indicator and not a trading system as presented in the August Stocks & Commodities - is best used as a compliment with other an

  • The New Gann Swing Chartist by Robert Krausz, MH, BCHE

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New Gann Swing Chartist by Robert Krausz, MH, BCHE This is more than an article that teaches technical analysis. It's also a story about how one professional trader, a New Market Wizard, came into possession of a rare technical method, and the steps

  • The QQQQ Gets A Top Failure Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The relative strength index gave an early signal to the current weakness on the QQQQ by forming a top failure swing. Additional clues in other time frames suggest that there may be further downside to come.

  • The Swing Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a technique that looks for a particular pattern of price swings to project a price target as the exit

  • The Swing Thing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Swing rule targets in the hourly Standard & Poor's 500 and Nasdaq anticipate a showdown with trend channel support.

  • Trading In The Swing Of Things

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This science teacher-turned-trader is still learning and still teaching, but these days, about the science of trading.

  • Trading The Cup & Handle by Larry Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Cup & Handle by Larry Swing Guidelines For A New Classic...Cup & handle patterns may be tricky to identify. But if you follow these guidelines you will be able to identify them more easily and accurately. Although it didn't come from the tr

  • UPS Forms Bearish Failure Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...UPS has been one of the top market performers, but waning volume and momentum could foreshadow a reversal.

  • Unisys Corp. - Swing Buy Setup Forming?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Unisys Corp. are once again trading just above a key support level; will a new buy signal soon result?

  • VZ: Cycle Swing CD In Process

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Verizon Communications are setting up for a high probability swing buy trade that has many technical dynamics working in its favor.

Working Money: Daytrading With The NYSE Tick Indicator by Larry Swing

Working Money: The Power Of Drawing Tools by Larry Swing

Working Money: Trading In The Swing Of Things by Darrell Jobman

Working Money: When And Where To Take Profits by Larry Swing

WorkingMoney: Swing Trading With Trendlines by Phillip S. Duke, Ph.D.

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