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  • 3D Printers - Is The Game Back On?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain

  • Are Gold Shares On The Way Back?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold shares are slowly starting to look like a good investment once again.

  • BAM Holds Back The Breakout Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The breakout of Brookfield Asset Management shows a reluctance to surge higher.

  • Back Testing The Daily Sentiment Index by Lee Ang

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V13:06: (255-259): Back Testing The Daily Sentiment Index by Lee Ang Market traders and advisors use sentiment surveys as a tool to identify extreme bullishness or bearishness. Here, then, is one trader's research into identifying what the best levels o

  • Back To Averages by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back To Averages by John Sweeney Getting back to the subject of averages skimming tops and bottoms of price curves (Settlement, STOCKS & COMMODITIES, February 1991), two readers, C. Skelley of Tucson, AZ, and John Ehlers of Goleta, CA, wrote to explain

  • Back To Basics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the stock market at the bottom and ready to start a new bull market, or is the stock market bottom still ahead of us? Let's go back to the basics of technical analysis to answer this question.

  • Back To Basics In Trading Stocks by Gregory J. Kuhn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back To Basics In Trading Stocks by Gregory J. Kuhn Identifying the once or twice a year that the market is ready to embark on a very profitable move is the ultimate quest of anyone trading stocks. But in this day and age of artificial intelligence, wit

  • Back To Basics?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As tech gets toppy, will the rotation turn toward basic materials stocks for the upside?

  • Back To School?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When times are tough, like now, and people are being handed pink slips, is it time to go back to school?

  • Back To The August Lows?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failing new year-to-date highs in the Industrials, the next Dow theory event could well be a test of the August lows.

Back Trak High Tech

  • Back to Basics With Quantitative Analysis by Anthony J. Macek

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Back to Basics With Quantitative Analysis by Anthony J. Macek Ever notice how we seem to want to do things the hard way? Anthony Macek, publisher of the ""Just the Facts"" newsletter, has, and he's proposed a solution to simplify our lives using quantit

  • Back to the CRB's Bullish Flag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish flag in the commodities index is back. Will higher commodity prices return, as well?

  • Ballard Power Systems Back In A Trading Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Ballard Power up for another break past its trading range?

  • Beans Bounce Back: Divergence To BOSO To MACD Histogram Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three technical setups helped traders game the market for November soybeans.

  • Bearish Candles Turn Cisco Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cisco (CSCO) led the market higher in May, but cannot break through key resistance as bearish candlesticks form on each attempt.

  • Black Gold Is Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakouts in oil stocks appear as the group moves toward a seasonal sweet spot.

  • Blackberry - Giving Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While Blackberry remains in a long-term upward trend, an intermediate-term statistical analysis shows that Blackberry is ready to give back some of its recent gains.

  • Bonds Bounce Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A positive stochastic divergence following a 1-2-3 rule reversal sends bonds up and rates down in August.

  • Citigroup: Correcting Back To Support?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a major year-long rally, Citigroup shares appear to be in the initial stages of a proportional correction.

  • Computer Hardware Index Back To Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The index has reach its historical resistance, which has till now restricted the upward path. The index is still too weak to violate the stronger resistance.

  • Consumer Staples Bounce Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLP moved smartly above resistance with strong support and heavy volume.

  • Copper Comes Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An island bottom and rising MACD point toward higher copper prices going forward.

  • Crude Oil May Bounce Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The sharp plunge in oil prices since July brought great relief across the financial markets. The commodity has cooled almost $40 from the highs. Can the oversold stochastic result in a price bounce?

  • Duke Energy Pulling Back To Key Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Further price weakness in the near term could create an excellent buying opportunity for this stock.

  • First Energy Near Back Of Relative Strength Pack

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...No matter if a reversal in the S&P 500 was a fluke. Tracking the weakest stocks in this index may alert you to potential shorting opportunities.

  • First Health Back In The Pink?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock took a dive around Halloween but it appears that investors may have overreacted to a make-believe ghost. Those with stronger nerve have been slowly but surely picking this one up and now the word's getting out.

  • FuelCell Energy Pulling Back To Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FuelCell Energy broke out of a bullish triangle formation last month and is now pulling back to long-term support levels.

  • Google May Retrace Back To Support Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The uptrend in Google is well developed and easily sustainable. Some minor twists suggest profit-booking for safe trade, as support can get retested.

  • Google To Pull Back?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Google shares have experienced a substantial gain since putting in a minor double bottom pattern in mid- to late June 2012. Can the stock continue to rise near term?

  • How Anchoring Can Hold Us Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is anchoring and why do traders need to understand it?

  • How The Dollar Gets Its Groove Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Near-term rallies in the euro and aussie may presage a rally in the US dollar.

  • How The Utilities Got Their Groove Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intraday positive divergences in the stochastic helped traders in utilities shares find a bottom.

  • Is Oil Headed Back Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders should always be wary of trading patterns before they breakout/breakdown because failed patterns can lead to large moves in the opposite direction. In this article, I will demonstrate how a failed head and shoulders in oil may now be leading to

  • Is The Bear Going Back To Sleep?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Several weeks ago, the bear woke up. Is winter over, or is the bear going back to sleep?

  • Is Value Investing Back In Vogue?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Value investing is a conservative -- perhaps the most conservative -- way to invest, but some have considered it the most boring. Is it? Or is it the safest way to keep flush?

  • Johnson & Johnson Corrects Back To Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the decline in Johnson & Johnson a mere correction, or is it the start of something bigger? Here's what to look for.

  • Lexmark Turning Back At The Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lexmark (LXK) broke support with a big gap and both are now returning to haunt the stock on its recovering.

  • Look Back Before You Leap by Richard Bergner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Look to the past to predict the future: It's a new way to predict commodity price action as you study a chart. How can you find good trading opportunities? Imagine, if you will, all the ways you've read or heard about how to do so. But if you're aware o

  • Midcap ETF Turned Back At Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P Midcap ETF was turned back at resistance for the third time, and a bearish triple top is taking shape.

  • Nasdaq A/D Line Holding Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ moved to a new reaction high in August, but the A/D line failed to confirm and remains well below its prior high.

  • Nasdaq Turned Back At Formidable Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Nasdaq's impressive rise (similar to other indices) was finally halted by its overhead resistance line - the 200-day exponential moving average.

  • Nexen Inc. Pulling Back to a Key Support Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nexen Inc. has been on a tear after breaking out of a seven-month trading range back in May. Now that the stock has proceeded to pull back, I would look to accumulate shares at near-term support levels.

  • Nonconfirmations And Back Again

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nonconfirmations follow nonconfirmations ... will the transports follow the industrials?

  • Oracle Turned Back At Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oracle surged at the beginning of January, but failed in the gap zone and currently remains just short of a breakout.

  • Ruby Tuesday Back In A Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ruby Tuesday had been consolidating for over three months and recently broke to the upside. The ADX has started rising after being below both the +DI and -DI. This indicates that the stock is going to continue its uptrend.

  • Taiwan iShares Back At Crossroads

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Taiwan iShares is tangling around the resistance area -- which direction should it move now?

  • Texas Instruments Turned Back At Key Moving Average

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Texas Instruments is dragging the semiconductors sector lower with a break below a key moving average.

  • The Biotech Bet Is Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does the current test of support mean that biotech stocks are finally ready to move?

  • The Count Comes Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The first rule of wave counting: when wrong, go long(er).

  • The Nasdaq's "Don't Look Back" Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakout beyond and test of resistance at a 20-day high signals more upside ahead for the Nasdaq.

  • The Return Of How The Dollar Gets Its Groove Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a positive stochastic divergence in September result in a rally in U.S. dollar futures?

  • The S&P 100 Index Bounces Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...$OEX has turned positive, leaving behind some of its resistance.

  • Trading Back Into A Range by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Back Into A Range by John Sweeney Last month in Settlement, I wrote briefly about some simple ideas for defining nontrending periods. Although exotic approaches are possible, simple things are easier to teach to computer packages. The program I'

  • When A Step Back Is Revealing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For many intermediate-term traders, the daily charts often provide sufficient information for trades. But there are times when the additional information provided by weekly charts can be invaluable.

  • Wilder's back Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wilder's back Technical Analysis, Inc. An in-depth interview with J. Welles Wilder, developer of the popular Relative Strength Index and other technical indicators. It's not often that truly original discoveries are made in technical market analy

  • Will Business Services Bounce Back?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From corporate bankruptcy and reorganization to private corrections, business services companies may be the next industry to boom.

Working Money: Is Value Investing Back In Vogue? by Clem Chambers

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