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  • $XTC Has A Long Way Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The North American Telecommunication Index is in a completely bullish mood.

  • Apple Computer : Sudden Sell-Off; More Losses Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Apple Computer recently enjoyed a nice two-month rally, surging higher by more than 30%; however, Wednesday's bearish gap is suggesting that the party is officially over.

  • Apple Has A Long Way Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Inc. has recovered from its historical correction. The indicators and price charts show more appreciation in the share value.

  • Are Retail Stocks Signaling Tougher Times Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the broad market still about 30% below its all-time highs, retailers are actually a little stronger and are only 25% off theirs.

  • Biotech Breakdowns Dead Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Falling below major moving averages suggests pullbacks and corrections in biotechs across the board.

  • Bond Market Correction Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows that the bond market will continue higher, but shorter-term analysis shows a correction straight ahead.

  • Breakdown Dead Ahead In Transports?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the upside in the Dow Jones Transportation Average all but run its course?

  • Capital One Financial Pullback Just Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Capital One Financial have enjoyed a steady, yet choppy uptrend since early June 2012, but a significant pullback may be imminent.

  • DJIA Trend Reversal Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that a trend reversal in the Dow Jones Industrial Average lays ahead.

  • Diffusion Index Suggests Market Reversal Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average diffusion index suggests that a market reversal lays ahead. However, until volatility increases the Dow could continue to move higher.

  • Double Bottom Or Breakdown Ahead for NYA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The New York Composite Index still has a number of bearish technicals holding it back, but a few rays of hope are shining through.

  • Emini NASDAQ: Weakness Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Prices tested resistance levels and started a correction.

  • Entergy Looks Like A Major Slide Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trying to catch a falling knife isn't usually a good idea in the kitchen, nor is it a suggested stock market strategy -- most of the time.

  • Exxon Mobil is Forging Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This one almost seems too easy. Naturally, this will be cursed since I said this. Nonetheless, this industry behemoth is ready to spring higher.

  • ExxonMobil: Bearish Turn Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of ExxonMobil have traced out an incredible, potentially bearish, Fibonnaci-derived chart pattern.

  • Fibonacci Rules To Get Ahead Of The Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Getting a feel for when market trends begin and end is a great skill to have. Gain some insight into market price moves using Fibonacci rules.

  • Financial Select SPDR Correction Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLF made a market top in May 2007 and has been trading lower ever since. Now it looks as if XLF is close to a market correction that could retrace from 38% to 62% of the ground lost in the decline.

  • Flipping The Coin And The Road Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Events are under way that could create massive changes to the market, but if you understand what they are, then you'll know how to play them into the end of the year.

  • Freeport-McMoran: More Rally Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With such strong support in the 30.00-31.00 area, might FCX be pulling back one more time before a major rally ensues?

  • Full Steam Ahead For Canadian Pacific Railway

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) is a transcontinental carrier operating in Canada and the US. Second quarter earnings propelled the stock upward.

  • GM Chart Shows More Trouble Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As an overall indicator, General Motors stock has much to say about the health of the market.

  • Gasoline Futures Still Showing Pain Ahead For Consumers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Momentum is signaling higher pump prices as technical analysis points to slow, if any, economic growth.

  • JPMorgan Chase Correction Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This statistical analysis shows that over the long term, JPMorgan Chase still has farther to go on the downside, but over the shorter term it could correct for its losses.

  • LUV: Warning Of Decline Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Southwest Airlines suddenly reverse after hitting a major supply zone.

  • Lockheed Martin Ahead Of Schedule?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Lockheed Martin reached a new multiyear high on Wednesday, October 24, and may be setting up to move even higher.

  • Lower Prices Ahead For Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been working its way higher since early February. However, a negative divergence has developed over the last month, forecasting that this market could see lower prices ahead.

  • Lower Stock Prices Ahead For Priceline?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some sell signals are more appealing than others, depending on the broader context in which they appear.

  • More Rebound Ahead For CAT?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Caterpillar Inc. are up about 6% after making a major multicycle swing low in mid-July 2012. Is there more of a rally in store?

  • NFLX: Cycle High Complete, Decline Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With its bear market rally now complete, shares of Netflix, Inc. prepare to turn lower once more.

  • Platinum Futures Break Out Ahead Of The Pack

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Platinum futures have broken out of a consolidation pattern while their more illustrious cousins gold and silver continue to consolidate. Breakouts of stocks and commodities in the same sector should be taken as a hint that similar breakouts will occur

  • Price, Volume, And The Road Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market is showing some interesting price action and looks like it's making an attempt to trade higher but, like everything in life, you have to consider the context surrounding certain events.

  • RIMM Correction Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This statistical analysis shows that Research In Motion is setting itself up for at least a bounce.

  • Second Market Crash Is Straight Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ completed its bull market runup in 2000 and is in a market correction that could last until 2010. It could fall to as low as 617.

  • Slow Down: Equity Curve Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The equity curve judges the success or failure of your system. What makes an equity curve good or bad? What does it take to achieve a good equity curve? We'll take a look.

  • Southwestern Energy Bounce Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the more useful explorations in MetaStock 11 has identified a potential oversold setup in shares of Southwestern Energy.

  • Stronger Dollar Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The rebound of the euro vs the US dollar could be almost over.

  • The Challenge Ahead For The US Dollar Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index has fallen substantially in the past two years. Now it faces some challenges if it hopes to turn around.

  • The DJIA Signals Better Days Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DJIA has had a nice run from its March low, but does the move have longevity? The DJIA chart indicates there should be plenty more upside.

  • The Haul Ahead For HHH

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the May rally gone too far, too fast? Not as far as the Internet sector is concerned.

  • The Road Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a cynical outlook as 2012 began, the market has steadily risen but with pessimism in the air. The question remains: What lies on the road ahead?

  • The Road Ahead In October

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...October has been referred to as the "jinx month," but for traders, it can offer spectacular profits if you are prepared.

  • The Road Ahead With Two Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market is entering a new phase that can lead to enormous profits or massive drawdowns based on Keltner channels and Bollinger Bands.

  • The World Of Technology: QQQ Powering Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you want to participate in the possible future growth of technology stocks without having to take on the effort and risk of individual stock selection? Here's a close-up look at the QQQ, the ETF that holds many Nasdaq technology stocks. We look at its

  • Tough Days Ahead For The NASDAQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stiff overhead resistance for the high-tech composite index looks likely.

  • Tough Times Ahead For The Dow 30?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Was last week the start of the meltdown?

  • Tough Times Ahead For The Dow, Updated

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...My question for November 11, 2007: "Was last week the start of the meltdown?" Looks like it was.

  • USD/JPY: Consolidation Of Prices Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An impulse to the downside indicates the possibility of lower prices in the medium term.

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