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Article Archive For Keyword: Relative Strength

  • A Look At Relative Strength In The ETF World

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Keeping tabs on which industry groups and sectors are hot -- and those that are not -- is a sound way to build a solid foundation for your trading and investing decisions.

  • APC And Weak Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Anadarko Petroleum are leading the S&P 500 lower, but this beleaguered stock might find an area of support near $31, possibly setting up some put sale opportunities.

  • Applying Relative Strength To ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a nontraditional approach to relative strength, we find that QQQQ is a buy.

  • Big Blue Shows Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM is showing some relative strength lately and should be watched closely for a potential breakout that could revive the tech sector.

  • CHRW Weak Relative Strength, Strong Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of C.H. Robinson began faltering well in advance of the recent stall in the S&P 500 and have now issued a very strong sell signal.

  • Calculating Relative Strength Of Stocks by Robert L. Hand Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calculating Relative Strength Of Stocks by Robert L. Hand Jr. Heavy on consumer stocks? You may want to rethink your strategy and make some adjustments to your portfolio. Robert Hand addresses the shift of leadership early this year from consumer stocks

  • Can Relative Strength Be Used In Portfolio Management? by J. Lewis, M. Moody, H. Parker, & A. Hyer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:9 (24-29): Can Relative Strength Be Used In Portfolio Management? by J. Lewis, M. Moody, H. Parker, & A. Hyer The concept of relative strength is part of the foundation of technical analysis, but can it be used successfully wh

  • Cigna's High Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cigna Corp. has one of the highest 13-week relative strength rankings versus the Standard & Poor's 500. Is there an opportunity here for traders or investors?

  • Combine MACD And Relative Strength To Time Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength is a powerful trading tool, but its signals can be difficult to interpret. Applying indicators to relative strength can help.

  • Dupont Shows Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a big reversal in January, Dupont consolidated near resistance and continued relative strength points to a breakout.

  • Eldorado Gold Tops Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 23% in one month, shares of Eldorado Gold Corp. are outperforming .HUI and GDX by a wide margin.

  • Entergy Shows Weak Relative Strength And Strong Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a shock selloff in a stock, there is usually a minor rebound, which is frequently followed by a secondary selloff down to retest the initial low. Shares of Entergy may be about to embark on that ride to a retest -- and soon.

  • Fidelity Energy Services Top Fund Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even the most hard-hit market sectors can recover given enough time. Here's a technical take on one of these "worst to first" market situations.

  • Fidelity Relative Strength Leader Falters

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fidelity Select Sector Gold still has the best all-around comparative relative strength rating among its peers, even though a significant Fidelity Select trend reversal is under way.

  • First Energy Near Back Of Relative Strength Pack

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...No matter if a reversal in the S&P 500 was a fluke. Tracking the weakest stocks in this index may alert you to potential shorting opportunities.

  • For AMZN, Top Relative Strength Among RMO Buys

    ARTICLE shares are offering a potentially bullish trade setup, one based on a proven trading system's long entry signal.

  • GILD Weak Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Was today the top in the S&P 500? Who knows, but here's a look at one of the weaker large cap issues that looks ripe for further declines.

  • GSS Top Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Of the 18 precious metals mining stocks that are outperforming their parent ETF over the past four weeks, none are stronger than shares of Golden Star Resources.

  • Group Relative Strength Analysis by Jaime V. Behar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Group Relative Strength Analysis by Jaime V. Behar This equity trader and computer consultant presents an intriguing use of statistical analysis to measure the performance of stock groups for the purposes of asset allocation. To even the most casual of

  • IAG Weakest Relative Strength Among Gold Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of IAMGold Corp. are attempting to hammer out a double-bottom pattern against a heavy tide of selling pressure.

  • Iamgold High Relative Strength vs. Broad Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad markets may look a little shaky right now, but the gold/silver industry group is still chugging higher. Here's a look at one of the better performers in the precious metals complex.

  • Immucor Shows Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market has been hit hard over the last few two to three months, but Immucor has held up well by forming a potentially bullish consolidation.

  • Improving The Win-Loss Ratio With The Relative Strength Index by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Improving The Win-Loss Ratio With The Relative Strength Index by Thomas Bulkowski Here's a refresher on the relative strength index, and how to improve your win-loss ratio. Technical analysts can be divided into two basic camps -- those who rely on cha

  • KST And Relative Strength by Martin J. Pring

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...KST And Relative Strength by Martin J. Pring In previous articles, technician and author Martin Pring has analyzed the KST indicator, an oscillator designed to identify market turns based on time cycles. This month, he explains how to use the KST in gau

  • Lexmark Shows Distribution Amid Weak Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a rally from late October to early December, Lexmark failed to break resistance, and key indicators point to weakness ahead.

  • Low-Flying Aflac and Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Aflac Incorporated have managed to advance over 50% since July without suffering dramatic overbought reversals.

  • MAS Has Weak Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P building products group has the worst 13-week relative strength vs, the S&P 500. Here's a look at one of the weaker stocks in this group.

  • MRVL's High Relative Strength Vs. NASDAQ 100

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Marvell Technology Group shares are in a bullish weekly trend, handily outperforming most other components in the NASDAQ 100.

  • McDonalds Shows Good Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A triangle breakout and good relative strength bode well for the Big Macs.

  • Momentum And Relative Strength Index by Stuart Evens

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Momentum And Relative Strength Index Last month, we examined the theory of price momentum. This time, we'll look at two common and popular indicators based on this theory, and how they can be used to enter and exit a market. ""Momentum oscillator" is a

  • ORH: Superior Relative Strength Vs. Broad Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at Odyssey Re Holdings, the strongest stock in the strongest industry group compared with the New York Composite Index.

  • PENDY'S PICKS: Relative Strength Signals, June 22

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thursday, June 21's market plunge may see the S&P 100 plunge into a major multicycle low. The big question now is when.

  • Pharma Index Shows Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the market recently bounces off multimonth lows, the Amex Pharmaceutical Index is challenging resistance and showing relative strength.

  • Point & Figure Relative Strength by Michael J. Moody and Harold B. Parker

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Point & Figure Relative Strength by Michael J. Moody and Harold B. Parker STOCKS & COMMODITIES contributors Michael J. Moody and Harold B. Parker suggest using point and figure and relative strength as a way to identify strong and weak stocks. It has o

  • Profit With High Relative Strength Mutual Funds by Gerald Gardner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profit With High Relative Strength Mutual Funds by Gerald Gardner This timing method will maximize profit and reduce drawdown. Correlation of equity funds phenomena manifests itself in many stock data series. For this study, I explored the correlation

  • Ranked Relative Strength by Jeff Parent

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ranked Relative Strength by Jeff Parent How do you know which sectors to trade? Here's a system that will identify the strongest sectors so you know what you should be chasing. When Charles Dow started recording his average in the late 19th century (Fi

  • Relative Strength As A Selling Tool

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength is well known as a screening tool and a valuable component when it comes to making a buy decision. But what about using it for your sell decision?

  • Relative Strength In The Gold Mining Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold mining shares continue to show weakness. Should traders focus on the gold exchange traded fund or on individual gold stocks?

  • Relative Strength Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While RSI is limited in its application, it does share characteristics in common with other measures. Learning an effective way of overcoming those limitations could be beneficial.

  • Relative Strength Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As an indicator, J. Welles Wilder's relative strength index (RSI) is extremely useful in predicting tops, bottoms, and reversals, and finding support and resistance lines.

  • Relative Strength Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative Strength Index

  • Relative Strength Index Versus Stochastic

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are times when the relative strength index (RSI) performs better than the stochastic oscillator, especially at market tops or bottoms.

  • Relative Strength Index and Stochastics Can Help Confirm Tops

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though Apache Corp. (APA) recently hit a new 52-week high, the relative strength index (RSI) and stochastics pointed to a potential top in the stock price.

  • Relative Strength Index by Peter Aan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative Strength Index by Peter Aan Rules and Formulas: The formula for computing the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is well-known and computerized by dozens of commercial software packages. Briefly, to compute a 14-day RSI, you must first collect 14 d

  • Relative Strength Investing by Robert L. Hand Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative Strength Investing by Robert L. Hand Jr. Many believe that the stock market is rigged and the average small investor has no chance against the institutional investors. In reality, the stock market gives the individual investor more opportunity

  • Relative Strength by Martin J. Pring

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative Strength by Martin J. Pring What to short and what to buy -- you should always know the choices the market's giving you. Relative strength measures the relationship between two securities. By security, I am referring to any freely traded entity


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CALCULATING RELATIVE STRENGTH Calculating relative strength performance in a spreadsheet is easy. Ours example, sidebar Figure 1, uses the closing price of Pepsico (column A) versus the closing price for the S&P 500 (column B). Any two items can be comp

  • SNDK Highest Relative Strength In S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad market may run into resistance soon, but don't discount the ability of strong relative strength stocks to go faster and further than you might imagine.

  • Sell Relative Strength Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders accumulate profits trade by trade, with the goal of maximizing profits. But selloffs happen and when they do, you see significant price drops that are fast. Here's an indicator that uses the profit accumulation size to estimate subsequent selloff

  • Silver Wheaton Tops In Relative Strength Among Miners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by nearly tenfold since making a major low in late 2008, shares of Silver Wheaton boast of very high relative strength versus its mining peer group. But can this rally continue?

  • Steel Dynamics Shows Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Steel Dynamics formed a big outside reversal at support and a relative strength breakout points to higher prices for the stock.

  • The Breakout Relative Strength Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's not easy to determine if the price of a stock is about to break out. Here's one way you can determine the relative strength of a breakout, enabling you to act early and realize higher profits

  • The Relative Strength Index (RSI) by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here, one of the most popular indicators found in most analytical software packages is explained. When the relative strength index (RSI) became popular in the 1980s, it was touted as the indicator that led every turn in the market. Indeed, for certain f

  • The Relative Strength Index by Bruce Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Relative Strength Index by Bruce Faber Here's a primer on the relative strength index, which helps identify market reversals and trends. The relative strength index (RSI), which was created by J. Welles Wilder, was first presented in his New Conce

  • The Relative Strength Index by J. Welles Wilder, Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Relative Strength Index by J. Welles Wilder, Jr. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a tool which can add a new dimension to chart interpretation when plotted in conjunction with a daily bar chart. Some of these interpretative factors are: Tops an

  • The Relative Strength Ratio-MACD Crossover by Gilbert Raff

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Relative Strength Ratio-Macd Crossover by Gilbert Raff Here's an indicator to identify positive and negative trading signals for stocks and mutual funds. The heart of the indicator involves applying an oscillator to the relative strength line. Tradi

  • The Slow Relative Strength Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...J. Welles Wilder's classic relative strength index has enjoyed a large following of technical analysts over the years. Here's a slow version of it.

  • The relative strength quality factor by Donald Jones and Tod Stromquist

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The relative strength quality factor by Donald Jones and Tod Stromquist The relative strength index (RSI), as popularized by J. Welles Wilder in his book and later by a chart service, is possibly the most widely used technical indicator in futures tradi

  • Tracking Relative Strength In Four Dimensions

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength has more information embedded within it than meets the eye. Here is a way to identify and compress several dimensions of relative strength into one single scalable value, the RS4r, which allows you to compare and then rank securities fo

  • Trading Relative Strength Instead Of Price

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is possible to profit from relative strength charts, basing buy and sell decisions only on this indicator instead of looking at price.

  • Trendlines And Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trendlines and relative strength help an investor decide if a market, or sector of a market, is doing well and what to expect.

  • Using Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's how to use relative strength as a buy or sell indicator.

  • Using Relative Strength To Avoid Losers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While Frontier Airlines surprised investors with a bankruptcy announcement, relative strength investors would have steered clear of this disaster in the making before then.

  • Using Relative Strength To Outperform The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Take advantage of the performance differential of a stock versus the market with this new indicator

  • Weak Relative Strength Stocks In The .SPX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We've seen a nice relief rally in the .SPX over the past few sessions. Now is the time to start getting your list of weak relative strength stocks to sell short list going again.

  • Whirlpool and the Relative Strength Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three successively higher peaks don't mean a thing when the relative strength index has a failure swing . . . Here is a tale of two trends.

  • Wireless Telecom Industry Group Strong In 13-Week Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The wireless telecom industry group is currently #1 in 13-week relative strength versus the Standard & Poor's 500. Is it too late to buy now, or to add on to an existing long position?

Working Money: Relative Strength As A Selling Tool by Michael J. Carr, CMT

Working Money: Using Relative Strength by Steve Watkins

  • Wyckoff Part 2: Determining Relative Strength And Weakness

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once you've identified and predicted the current market trend, you must decide whether it's time to enter the market, exit the market, or abstain from the market altogether. Looking at a security's relative strength or weakness in compari

  • Wyckoff: Relative Strength And Weakness by Craig Schroeder

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wyckoff: Relative Strength And Weakness by Craig Schroeder In his course in stock market science and technique, Richard D. Wyckoff stated the basics of his method in five steps: Step 1: Determine the present position and probable future trend of the ma

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